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Asa has been with the circus for a number of years now. He had joined after he had out lived his entire generation. People he loved and the people he had hated. All of them, dead. Either by forces of nature or mankind. He had out lasted every one. On top of maintaining his precious good looks. He had floated from town to town most of his years, feeding off the sleeping in the silent of the night. Occasionally a loner taking a midnight walk.

Asa rolled his fingers against the table he sat at. His long p ointed nails sticking in the wood, making him have to effortlessly pull them from their holes. His pointed ears stuck out from his witching white hair. One of the tips was missing, a scar going down along his ear. Showings of some past swabbble.

Someone new had joined their freak show. He was debating wether or not to pay this newcommer a visit, it had been a while and he had never cared enough to walk by and say hello. Asa often performed "fun" hypnotic exercises with a chosen "volenteer", often making them do things such as squak ike a chicken or act like a monkey. A waste of his talents.

No one seemed interested in his penurious booth. Everyone wanted to see the new cat-boy. Whatever he was. He gave a disgrunteled scoff, standing to his feet. The top of his head reaching barely six feet. He wondered through the small swarm of people leading up to the cage that held the center of attention. With a small unseen wave of his fingers he was able to make most of the crowd part out of his way the closer toward the cage.

Once up front he leaned against the squared edge, looking at the noisy crowd before the two "actors". Asa glanced down at the boy and let his snakey smile creep across his face. [i "I've heard some things about you. But didn't realize how cute you actually were."] His accent was thick as honey and unplaceable. Yet he spoke clearly.
  Asa / Impius / 4d 4h 14s
[center Ame wasn't like others. He was different, or a freak some might say. Ame never seen himself as rare, but to most humans he was. He had ears and a tail like a cat. He still had human like traits. He even looked mostly looked human, but life for Ame wasn't that simply.

He had been traded around a countless number of times. When really all he wanted was to be free. He wanted to live his own life be left alone. No things weren't that simple. Especial now that his last owner sold him off to a circus.

The circus was always so lively and full of people but Ame hated it. He was stuck in a cage to watch as people passed by with ease. He hated it, he was really starting to hate this place. Ame was fortune enough to be one of the circus main attraction.

Ame sighed softly as he watched people pass by his cage. It was rather tiresome. It had already been a long day. Ame of corse has a tempted to run away. Ever time he was caught and brought back.
  Ame / TwoSidedFox / 9d 16h 53m 32s

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