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Kora was born into an affluent family,they, from the outside, were perfect in every way. Blonde haired, blue eyed, well dressed and never a hair out of place. That was until Kora, they were appalled by her appearance. Her hair was white, her eyes were golden with silver rims and her skin was deathly pale. Instantly Kora was rejected, seen as a flawed failure. It was planned to hide her away from the world, until it was discovered she also was Forsaken. She was quickly shipped away barely hours after she was born.

The Forsaken were powered people, usually born with gifts, however their powers can also come later in life, or after accidents. Although the ones born with their powers are stronger.

Kora was shipped from one place to another in a matter of days until she ended up at a town called Balenor, it was a refuge for Forsaken. She was placed with a family who would raise her with love and kindness. The only thing her birth parents gave her was a trust fund for when she got older. Other than that, she was raised by her adoptive parents as their own.

Now its 18 years later.

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