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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGEXCq6.png]]
[size10 [b He] has just returned from a stint in the war, no longer the bright eyed and happy go lucky male he once had been.
[b She] is his wife, trying her hardest to go back to what they oce were, bearing [i his] child
[b They] both have their own demons, him unable not to face them, and her choosing to ignore them
[b What] is to be of the once young and happy couple?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot.
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced, but id try to keep it limited to 2-3 depending on how active a role they're playing to the story. im posting as 3 people

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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The town was gossiping about Valentina and the alleged affair that was not yet confirmed.It was all here say at that point, but little did they know - it was completely true.

Val had stepped away from Dom only to park that sweet ass on the edge of the bed - head hanging low with her hands covering the face that remained red, puffy and blotchy from all the tears she had shed from the guilt and the pain she had put her husband through.
And - putting Henry through this ordeal, but he was strong - he knew what the consequences were and he was taking them.

He had lost his best friend, his brother...
She, was losing her husband and ripping up their marriage.

Words could not express on how sorry she was.
Words could not express on how much she truely loved Dom with every fibre of her being.

Val opened her mouth and spoke into her hands on how Jane hated her and that their families would be utterly devestated with the news.
Dom continued to stand there, watching his wife and re assured her that Jane did not hate her, that she just wanted to be there to try and stop things ..bad things from happening.

[i “It’s the past now. Just know I will always love you and I’m here now, to protect you. Anyone who says anything about you will have to deal with me.”]

Valentina lifted up her head, moving hands from her face and looked at her Husband.
[b "Really?..."] she spoke softly.
Dom moved in close and sat down beside his wife.

The party was still happening and perhaps all things could be rectified then and there.
They would re connect again.


As the two looked at each other - they kissed softly, Dom's hands caressing her body - her ass, keeping her close as he spoke on faith.
Faith was good.

Tilting head to the side, Val closed her eyes - a few more tears fell upon feeling his lips peck at her neck over and over only to look at him once more due to his hands making her do so.

[i “I don’t want to see you crying. No more crying, okay?”]
[b "Okay, no more crying..."] she spoke, raising a hand and wiped her face, getting rid of the tears and nisffled, trying to regain some sort of composure.

[b "You did a number on Henry's face. Maybe you should call him..."] she spoke, leaning in and gently kissing her husbands jawline, needing to be near him - smell him.
  MeisjeKelly / 4h 28m 50s
Dominic couldn’t even begin to think about the child, yes the child would love him and he would love him too, protect him at all costs, but that didn’t mean that things would be easy. He knew Henry wouldn’t make it easy and there would always be talk amongst the child’s birth, born from a man outside of their marriage. He sighed out, hating himself because a part of him felt resentment. The child would never truly be [I his].
He watched as Valentina removed herself away from him, her words of anguish about becoming an outsider in the town hurting him, as he knew it was the truth. The small town was rooted on tradition; it was a very religious place. He walked over to the bed and sat beside Valentina, his hand reaching for hers. “Jane – she will come around eventually. She doesn’t hate you,” he promised shaking his head. “She’s more so upset with herself, she’s blaming herself for not protecting me.” He rolled his eyes then, “That’s where her anger comes from. You guys used to be close too, she just wishes she was here to stop you. She thinks she’s superwoman,” the man said. Dominic leaned in close to the female, tipping her head up by the chin. “It’s the past now. Just know I will [I always] love you and I’m here now, to protect you. Anyone who says anything about you will have to deal with me.” Dominic said sternly, as long as he was around he wouldn’t tolerate any talk about his wife and their child. He did worry though, about how his parents would react. That though was a problem for the future. They would all be reconnecting at the dinner party in a few days had that’s when this mess could get sorted. Now all he wanted to focus on was Valentina.
“Stop beating yourself up,” he said kissing her then, hands roaming against her backside. “We will move on from this, I have faith.” He kissed her again, wishing he could consume all of the woman. He wanted a distraction, knowing that they couldn’t take it back. All they had was now and the rest of their lives. Why spend it in agony over a stupid mistake? Dominic’s lips traveled against her neck then, gripping her tightly by the waist. “I don’t want to see you crying,” he whispered, drawing his hands up to her chest. He looked at her then, face blotchy. “No more crying, okay?”
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 17h 37m 25s
Valentina did not have sex with Henry.
There was no new musty smell on her body or her hair and she was not moist in between the legs.
The woman could not walk up to her husband quick enough before wrapping her arms around the man she loved more than air.

Deep in the back of her mind she did think about Henry.
How she just left him there in his house while he came to save her, she had to run back to Dominic.
She was torn.
How she left Henry was completely wrong and she knew it but the baby and trying to save her marriage came first above everything else.

Tears fell from her eyes as Val's arms embraced her husband.
Face planted in his shoulder - fabric soaking up the tears before her head was tilted up by Dom's fingers.
Words that escaped her throat could not be more sorry.

Face was gripped and she closed her eyes as she felt Dom's lips kissing her skin. Her forehead, nose, cheeks - eyelids where he tasted her salty tears but did not seem to mind.
Lips were last.

A sweet passionate kiss only to be broken while a hand rested upon her growing stomach.
[b "Dom, this baby - will love you like I do. Maybe even more..."] she whispered softly only to be pulled in closer.

[i I’m sorry for earlier,”]
[b "No, you had every right to do what you did. I don't blame you..at all.."] Valentina spoke, gazing into the eyes of a broken and hurt man.
[i “We’ll make this work, I never want to be without you,”]
[b "You never will be..."]

Sharing another quick kiss, that was when Valentina sighed andmoved away from Dominic.

Towards he bed she shifted too and parked her sweet ass on the end of the bed, head in hands as she looked down.
[b "This town...knows. How am I ever going to show my face here again? Jane hates me...your parents will hate me, mine will be so disappointed and that's even worse than hate."] she spoke, tilting her head up - eyes red, skin blotchy as she stared at Dom. [b 'I just want to take it all back...']
  MeisjeKelly / 1d 8h 49m 10s
He was his, her scent still [I hers]. He at least was glad she hadn’t slept with him, though Dominic knew there was only one place Valentina could end up going which was Henry’s when he kicked her out. She had come back though, professing her love for the male and apologizing. He knew his feels were valid, but he had lashed out and while her actions weren’t the best – he couldn’t foresee himself being able to hate the woman. He had loved her since he was young, they had been together for nearly half their lives. How could he throw away all that time? Dominic knew he could not erase those years of their love. He gripped her face in his hands, kissing the woman hard, his woman, ignoring the salty tears that fell down her face; ignoring the ache in his wrist from the hand that had made a pretty nasty hole in the wall. Dominic kissed at her eyes, her neck, anywhere just to have her skin against his lips.
“I love you,” he told her. He had dropped his hands to her stomach then, anger boiling, but him managing to contain it as he reminded himself that it was not his child inside the woman’s stomach. Dominic’s forehead rested against the woman’s then, still cradling her face between his hands. He shushed her, not wanting to hear her apologies, wanting this to all just be behind them. Though, he knew this was just the beginning of their healing and there would surely be problems and bumps in the road in their progression. Henry still loved Valentina and for her to be carrying her child meant she had some love for him as well. Dominic wanted to write the man out of their lives and yet, it was a small town and he still had rights as a father.
Still all he could think of was Valentina. She had come back to him. She loved him and she had accepted her wrongdoing.
“I’m sorry for earlier,” he said to her, his language and actions less than nice. “We’ll make this work, I never want to be without you,” he said to her, hugging her then close to him. Just like the promise he had made to himself earlier when Val had confessed of her affair, he told himself that he was not going to have his girl taken from him. Val was his wife, his one and only true love. No man could stand between that and he’d die trying to keep her in his hands.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 1d 20h 36m 18s
Valentina remained in the car for some time.
Hands upon the steering wheel and gripped it tight - knuckles turning white as she was afraid.
Biting her lower lip, all she stared at was the house she lived in with Dominic.

The very first house they bought together before they got married. The house that was shared with so much love, people often loved being in because of all the affection and warmth.
Now, it was cold and no longer warm and the love had left it.
It was all her fault.

Turning her left slightly, Val looked at herself in the rear view mirror and wiped her eyes, trying ever so hard to stop the tears that fell and to stop the blotchiness of her skin.
Hands from the wheel, Valentina opened the driver door and got out, closing the door behind her and began to wander the path that headed towards the front door.

Opening up, Val looked around and saw no one in the lounge or the kitchen or the hallway.
Little voices came from up the stairs and that was the way she went,.
Up one step at a time, she found herself at the bedroom door that did harbour secrets.
Bad secrets.

It was standing the doorway that her eyes landed on Jane and Dominic, sharing a hug before they both turned and stared at the woman who betrayed them both.
Jane muttered words to Dom before leaving the room - pushing passed Valentina like trash and did not speak a work to her.
Again, she deserved it.

[b "Dom..."] she spoke, walking into the room and stood in the middle, meeting her husband half way who he too - got up and did something she did not expect.

Dominic stepped forward, made his way to his wife and wrapped his arms around, holding Valentina tight.
Val ran her hands up his body and wrapped arms around his neck, cradling him close - not wanting to let go.
Crying on his shoulder, eyes closed tight as she could smell him, the most beautiful smell in the world.

[b "I love you...I love you, I do..."] she spoke softly - soaking his shirt with tears. [b "You are my life...the whole world, Dom. Baby, im so...so sorry..."]
  MeisjeKelly / 2d 49m 10s
Henry didn’t even have time to kiss the woman back and she was already leaving him, fleeing to the hands of her husband and away from him. He couldn’t even think straight, his head hurting from the nasty punches that Dominic had gotten in. Nursing his wounds, he watched the woman he love walk out the door.
Dominic had awoken from his drunken stupor, hand reaching to the side for Valentina and brows furrowing as he was confused why she wasn’t there. Everything seemed to come back to him then. He had kicked her out, upset with his true love betraying him and with his best friend at that. A stranger, he could accept, but [I Henry?] Jane was already there to settle her brother. She hadn’t left Valentina with a choice and expected the woman to get back here to deal with the mess she had made as this was her marriage, this was her husband as of now at least.
“Val is coming back,’ she told her brother.
“Don’t want her, she’s a whore.”
“Dominic-“ Jane sighed, knowing she too had made a comment about the woman, but she had did so out of anger. She was calming down, more concerned with her brother’s wellbeing and she knew he wouldn’t bother to live without the Val. She also knew that it would’ve been incredibly hard for the woman to deal without being with the Dominic and the stress of not knowing if he would come back. She just wished the woman had been smarter. Why had she allowed herself to be impregnated? Why anyone but Henry? “Dominic, I understand you’re hurting, but you need Val.”
“That’s not even my child,” he said to her, the tears forming in his eyes, he sat up in bed then, staggering out of the bed and toward the bathroom for his pills. Everything hurt: his heart, his hand, his leg. “I can’t do this Jane.”
“Yes you can!” She snapped, watching the male swallow the two pills with a handful of water from the sink. “I already have an appointment for you tomorrow. I just –“
“Oh you’re leaving me too? Everyone abandoning me?”
“Damnit Dominic!” Jane screamed, crying then. “I can’t do this by myself, we can’t – Valentina clearly cant. Give us a fucking break. Get your shit together okay?” The male stood in the entryway then, watching his sister break down – his misery shared and it made senses considering they were so close, only born a year apart. He was the protector, he was the strong one usually – the one she came to kick anyone’s ass if not her father.
“I’m sorry,” he said defeated, walking over to hug the woman. They were still embraced when Valentina had shown up then.
There was anger, but there also a sense of relief at seeing the woman. Jane’s hands were present against his chest after she wiped away her tears.
“Don’t do anything you’ll regret,” she said to him in a low voice. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” Jane had kissed her brother’s cheek, brushing past Valentina without a hello or goodbye, and out of the house.
Dominic watched her then, barely able to stand despite the numbing sensation of the pills, more so just from the turmoil of the day. “Val,” he said, his head hanging then. He was trying to fight it, but couldn’t help walking over to her, hugging her tight to him, inhaling her – hoping she hadn’t been touched by Henry hoping they could somehow get past this.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 2d 6h 9m 11s
[i Val, I love you,’ he told her as he came to a stand. “Look what he did to my face. You’re not thinking straight either. We-“]

That was all that he needed to say.
To be quite honest, Valentina was not ready to hear Henry speak on love. She knew he had loved her from a very young age and that never faded. It was with the phone going on that she sighed and answered it, seeing Jane's name flashing.

Val kept her eyes on Henry who continues to nurse his face that was becoming swollen.
Dominic got a few good punches in.

[b "Jane.."] she spoke into the receiver, Henry making a face and understanding not to speak a word, only to just listen.

[+red “You need to come back,”]
[b "You know I cannot come back. He kicked me out. If I come back, he will hurt me..."] Val replied, still keeping her eyes on Henry for a moment before turning away - packing the kitchen as Jane continued to speak on how she would never forgive her for the actions she had made.
Jane admitted to hating her to which Val sighed - knowing that all these words were well deserved.

Valentina did not expect people to love her and care for her still with everything that she had done.

[b "I understand that and you have every reason to feel that way.."]
[+red “You’re not going to make a fool out of my family. People are already talking of your whorish ways.."]
[b "Jane, please understa---"]
[+red “You get your ass back here, I don’t want you around that man makin my brother look stupid.”]

She had a good point.

Valentina moved the cell phone from her ear and sighed once more - hearing the hang up tone on the other end and she too, closed her phone off and turned to look at Henry once again.
[b "Well, she aint happy..."] she muttered, placing the phone back into her bag and grabbed the strap, puling it off from the counter.

[b "I need to go see Dominic. He isn't doing good. Don't worry, Jane is there... he wont hurt me. I wont let him..."] she spoke, stepping in close to Henry and kissed his cheek. [b "Ill be back later..and don't go to sleep, you might have a concussion. Maybe go see the doctor?..."] Val spoke once more before giving off another kiss on the cheek and wandered out from the house, back into her car and drove away back to the home that was filled with betrayal and anger.

Pulling into the driveway, Val got out and made her way to the front door - opening it up and stepped inside, hearing the two talk in the bedroom.
Up the stairs, she turned the corner and slowly opened the door and stepped inside, seeing Jane and Dominic.

Dom looking a little worse for wear.

[b "Dom..."]
  MeisjeKelly / 2d 7h 37m 39s
“My best friend wouldn’t-“ Henry stopped as he realized he was sounding like an idiot. It had been his fault for actually sleeping with Valentina and continuing the affair with the woman. He still believed though that him and Valentina could be together.
“Val, I love you,’ he told her as he came to a stand. “Look what he did to my face. You’re not thinking straight either. We-“ The male was cut off as Valentina had answered a phone call from Jane.
[center [b _]]
“You need to come back,” she said into the receiver. Jane had placed herself outside, sitting on the stoop and smoking on a cigarette. Her pack was there in her lap, which meant she was bound to smoke another with how stressed she was. “I will never forgive you and I hate you for what you did to my brother, but – Dominic needs you.” She was crying then, silently and wiping he tears away with the back of her hand. She knew though, that she had a job and she couldn’t put that off to be there consistently for Dominic. Her parents were old and definitely wouldn’t be able to stand his rages. He needed care and love and he was thinking straight, but with the years the couple had together there was no way Dominic could just let her go completely.
“I don’t care what he says,” she said, “I can only stay until tomorrow. I have a family to take care of.” [I Family]. That’s what they were supposed to be. She worried, knowing that someone had to watch Dominic and make sure he wouldn’t go after the man who stole his girl and ruin his family.
Jane was quick tempered like her brother, but at least able to control her emotions more. She almost wanted to throw up just at the thought that the child they welcomed would be the child of an affair – innocent and brought into a world of madness. How long did Valentina think she could go without confessing? Without anyone noticing. “You’re not going to make a fool out of my family. People are already talking of your whorish ways,” She took a drag. “You get your ass back here, I don’t want you around that man makin my brother look stupid.” She hung up then, putting the smoke out before she headed back inside the house. Dominic was in the kitchen now and she cleared away the remainder tears. Now if Val decided to come back, all she would have to do is make sure Dominic wouldn’t kill her for what she did, hell she needed to make sure he wouldn’t kill Henry.
  jane / SincerelyLily / 2d 9h 59m 50s
[i “What does it matter?”]
[b "What does it matter? ..Really?...."]

Valentina stepped inside the house, knowing what the interior looked like as she had been there a few times and only seemed to follow Henry down the Hallway towards the kitchen.
He had been there for her when Dominic wasn't.

Henry was the one that got her up and out of bed.
That made the woman shower and get dressed as she was in a depressed state of missing her husband.

[i “What does it matter?”] Henry repeated, grabbing a rag - and opened it up only to fill it with ice that came from blocks in the freezer that he had filled up perhaps a few nights before.
Valentina entered the kitchen and lent up against the counter top - watching Henry placing the ice pack onto his head.

It would be throbbing from the punch, that was for sure.

[i “Now we can move on together, be a real family.”]
[b "You have just lost your best friend, you're not thinking straight..."] she spoke, stepping in closer to Henry, looking at his head and the wound on his face with a sigh.
[i “You’re worried about that psycho and not what he could do to you. Look at my face Valentina! You’re lucky he didn’t hurt you, I can’t risk you going back to him and him hurting you.”]

Henry spoke out with a tone in his voice.
Val raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms.

[b "This whole time, Henry - I have been blaming Dominic for being a monster. I have been blaming him for almost everything when the whole time, it has been me..."] she spoke, speaking in a tone back. [b "Im the one that fucked up the marriage. I am the one that seduced you, fucked you and even got myself pregnant with your baby. I am the one that fucked up, not him. I am the monster, he has every right to be mad!...']

Valentina ran fingers through her hair and stepped away from Henry, eyes closed as she tilted her head back.
She growled at herself in frustration.

[b "I have completely ruined him. I have broken his heart. You should of seen his fucking face..."]

Handbag on the countertop, it was then her cell rang from inside it.
Val shifted to it and reached in - pulled it out while Henry was still minding his head with ice.
Jane's name popped up on the screen and she quickly looked at Henry before swipping across - accepting the call.

[b "Jane..."] she spoke into the receiver.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 3h 6m 12s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/eDEPZ4P.jpg]]
“I wanted to protect you,” Henry said, to her in a low whisper, embarrassed that he hadn’t exactly shown up as the man of the hour the way he looked. Henry had fumbled for his keys from, head ringing as he tried to locate the key to open the door before he was finally able to open it and allow the two inside.
“What does it matter?” he asked her, trying not to yell as his head was ringing. Henry headed through the dining room until he was in the kitchen. It was a bit weird having Valentina here as normally their coupling was at her place. Whenever she was in a mood, when she missed Dominic, when she was so depressed she couldn’t get out of bed. He had been there for the woman, it had been him to help her out and not Dominic. How could he not fall in love with Valentina? She had no place to go now though and it was clear that Dominic didn’t seem to want her near him, which was good as the way he left Henry’s face was a clear indicator that Dominic was obviously out of his mind.
“What does it matter?” He asked as he grabbed a rag from the sink and began to fill it with ice from the freezer. “Now we can move on together, be a real family.” He said as he pressed the ice to his eye. “You’re worried about that psycho and not what he could do to you. Look at my face Valentina! You’re lucky he didn’t hurt you, I can’t risk you going back to him and him hurting you.”
He leaned against the counter then, the blood at least had stopped pouring from his nose, but he would look like shit for the next few days.
[center [b _]]
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/LAlNXbf.jpg]] Dominic was still swinging, the man a drunk blubbering mess. “Stop, please,” Jane had begged of her brother as Henry had managed to get out of the home.
“I want to kill him,” Dominic said as he was lunging for the door, only failing and falling as he collapsed from being drunk and his wound. Jane watched her brother then, a drunken mess and she tried her hardest to not break down herself as she wanted to keep things as collected as possible. She walked over to him to try to lift him up, his weight of course a match for her and she knew now she didn’t have to feel guilty about not going to the gym that morning.
“What happened?” She asked as she got him into a chair at the kitchen table. She was already beginning to tend to his wounds, checking to see that his wrist was at least not broken, but she would have to take him to the doctor. She found the first aid kit and started to tend to the man, figuring she would stay over and take him in the morning, she wanted to get his head sorted anyways and had meant to call about the appointment she set.
“She told me she was sleeping with Henry,” He said as he could barely keep his head up, exhaustion taking over the man. “Baby isn’t mine Jane.” Jane was trying to keep her tears back then, her back turned on her brother. Knowing the rumors were true was killing the woman. It would break her parent’s heart too. “I don’t know what to do. Want her back. She don’t want me though.” Dominic had come to a stand, staggering toward the fridge, upset to recall Valentina had drained the beer he had earlier. “I have to go out, need beer.”
“You need rest!” Jane said, her voice loud and emotions out of control. She turned toward the male then. “Please just rest.” She carried her brother upstairs, watching with relief as he sunk into the bed. Her hand reached into her pocket then, dialing Valentina’s number.
  SincerelyLily / 3d 3h 18m 58s
Whatever had happened when she left, Valentina was unaware.
Oh, how she hoped Henry did not leave the house and go to her house, knowing what Dominic was like right now.

She did not know about Dom calling her a bitch.
She did not know about Dom drinking his sorrows away with hard liqour, nor did she know he called Jane.

Looking at her car that was somewhat now riddled with dust from the dirt road of his farm, Valentina wiped tears away from her face only to hang her head once more - placing it on her knees.
Feet rested on the step.
Ass on the porch as she just stayed their defeated.

Surely Henry was close by.

The longer he was gone, the more her brain told her to leave, to find a hotel - pay and stay there.
When the moment came she had decided to do this, there came a roar of a car down the street that pulled into the driveway. Henry's truck pulled up beside her car and he got out fast upon seeing her.

Valentina looked at the man she had the affair with, who was the father of her child.

[b "Henry..."] she spoke, standing up slowly with a hand on the railing to keep her steady.

[b "I have ruined my marriage...."] Val spoke again, keeping her eyes on Henry, biting her lower lip.
It was while she was facing him that her eyes narrowed before widening, trying to unscramble her thoughts.
Henry's face becoming bruised and bloody for being beaten and it was there that she sighed - closing her eyes.

[b "Oh my god, your face! You went over there? After knowing what happened!....'] she spoke, covering her face with her hands.

[b "We have seriously fucked up, Henry. This cost me my marriage. He kicked me out.."]

Henry ushered forward and opened up his house and Valentina followed - leaving her things in the backseat of her car.
Her heart broken - shattered into a million peices as all she wanted to do was go home and make things right with her husband.

However after seeing Henry's face, maybe some time away would be good otherwise, it might be her he touched and harmed.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 5h 22m 29s
Jane would spit at the man if she wasn’t raised with some type of respect by her parents. He deserved it though and she hated being right, hated that she hadn’t come to Dominic sooner. She had got the door open, the two of them walking in to see Dominic. He hadn’t even looked in Valentina’s direction as she left him, suitcase in her hands. He had wanted to stop her and yet he had to let her know that what she did would not be forgiven. At least he was telling himself that, though he oved the woman with all his heart and hearing the door slam behind her made him hurt.
He was hopeful that she had come back to beg for him, for forgiveness when he heard the door open, only to find that it was Jane, Henry following behind her. The anger was hard to contain as he stood up then, wobbly from the stress he had placed on his leg. Jane already had stood between the two.
“Where is she?” Henry asked, his eyes searching the woman, finding the hole in the wall to be evidence that he did something to the mother of [I his] child.
Dominic had lunged for the male, Jane barely managing to hold him off and if it wasn’t for his bum leg, she would’ve lost that war.
“Probably on her way to screw you!” Dominic could feel the anger raging then again.
“Dominic,” Jane tried to even the male’s temper. “Dominic did you hurt her, Val?”
“Told the bitch to get out,” he said and Jane could see that he was clearly drunk and volatile. She had seen the hole in the wall and was hopeful she hadn’t been hit too, as he did mention she was alive and gone. Where? He didn’t know. Hard to keep control of Dominic had wrestled from his sister’s grip, reaching out for Henry, hands pushing the male against the front door. He was a mess of emotions and the liquor didn’t help.
“How could you?” he asked, Henry resisting and yet refusing to meet his eyes.
“I love her.” The male simply said. It was enough to turn Dominic into a devil and the two were eventually involved in a scuffle, Dominic pounding the male’s face, only pulled away by Jane who couldn’t bear the sight of the blood dripping onto the floor.
“Stop,” she had begged, pulling Dominic away, his fists still swinging.
Henry lifted himself then, blood dripping from his nose, a cut above his head as Dominic was always the better fighter. Best fighter, most charming, stole the woman he loved before him. Valentina was his, unless she didn’t want him, but she carried his child.
“You should leave,” she said to Henry, the man pausing before he staggered out of the house and to his car.
Henry had driven home, staggering out of the truck in a bloody mess to see Valentina on his stoop.
  jane / SincerelyLily / 3d 8h 30m 12s
It was standing in the walk in wardrobe that Valentina stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the clothes.
Her clothes first on what to get, then turning - to see Dominic's on the other side, a side she went too and gently touched his shirts with her fingertips.
The wedding band still on her finger, she glanced at it before taking a step forward - crying into his clothes.

This was all her fault.
This was all her doing for giving into temptation all because she missed her husband, worried sick about her husband who was overseas, fighting for the country and for the women they loved.
[b "Dominic.."] she whispered as she continued to cry but slowly pulled herself together and quickly grabbed her clothes from the hangers and ushered out of the wardorbe quickly, tossing everything from toileties and clothes into the suitcase.

On the floor she dropped it and grabbed the handle, walking out of the bedroom and down the stairs - seeing Dom in the kitchen.
On the ground floor, she kept her eyes on him and did not speak a word, just turned and walked down the hallway and out the door with a secure slam.

Valentina left.
Packed the car and drove away - leaving her home and her husband...

Window down - soft wind poured in, making her hair flow as she cried silently - driving towards the farm where Henry lived.
Down the driveway, the dust from the dirt lifted up as she drove close to the home and got out.

No car to be seen.

Val did not know about the message Dom sent to his friend but ushered up to the door and knocked anyway.
No answer.

Knocking again.
No answer.

Stepping back, slowly she sat down on the steps, head against her knees as she sighed.
Kicked out of her home, no where to go but her lovers place. How she rather go back home to her parents and thatwas something that played on her mind.
To fly back to Miami, since her marriage was over..

Dom hated her.

There was no going back from this...
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 9h 24m 31s
Dominic was true to his word, he found it hard to even face her. Stubbornly wiping tears from his face, trudging over to the sink with a limp leg to wash his hand of the blood. What was he thinking, he was already crippled and a sprained hand wouldn’t do any better. He already casted Valentina out, her scrambling from his rage to pack. He had too much pride to ask her to stay, knowing getting around and doing daily tasks wouldn’t be much easier. He wrapped a towel around his hand then, reaching into his pocket trying to get his phone from his pocket and damn was it hard, working with his left hand.
Dominic had texted his friend, knowing he had no way of keeping himself leveled and if he heard Henry’s voice, Dominic would go into a rage and there would be nothing from stopping him from grabbing the gun he had in his closet and heading to Henry’s for revenge.
[I ‘You were my brother, a friend. You wanted her. You got her’] Dominic then dialed his sister, his hands shaking, his mind a whirlwind. He couldn’t even keep himself standing, finally taking the time to sit at their dining table. He sighed in relief then, glad that his leg had finally had time to settle.
“Domo?” jane asked in surprise, as her brother had been ignoring her calls and now was calling her. “What’s wrong?” She asked as all she could hear were her brother’s sobs. He was a man willing to kill anyone, even if it were himself and at that moment what did he have to live for truly?
“Val,” he had spurted out, “She – I told her to leave – she.” He couldn’t even repeat the words, each time thinking of her and Henry together making him sick.
“Dominic, relax – breathe.”
“Henry! Her and Henry.” There was silence then and his sister did not need a complete sentence to know what was going on and with her brother’s state, even if Val had betrayed him, she didn’t know if that meant he had brought harm to the pregnant woman and she would not accept that.
“What did you do?” She asked him. “Dominic?”
“Nothing,” he had finally responded. “Just please come.” The man and his sister were close, which was why he had backed down from her despite being the oldest, Jane always kept him leveled. He didn’t know what he would do with Valentina gone. He’d go crazy.
[center [b _]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/eDEPZ4P.jpg]]
Henry had just finished working on the farm, hands now being washed from the dirt as he was in his kitchen. The buzzing on the counter alerting a message was a bit of a shock as most of his clients he sold to knew this was after business hours and lately Valentina hadn’t been eagerly responding to his messages since Dominic had returned.
The words on the little screen however answered all questions he had and he admitted he was scared for a moment, his eyes looking out as if expecting his [I friend] to turn up un in tow on his doorstep. He then thought of Valentina, his child, and the fact that she was in the space of a man who had killed before and in anger could do it again to someone he loved. He didn’t even bother to think as he rushed out the house and into his truck, driving past the speed limit to get to the couple’s home, already seeing another car there.
Jane was at the front door, hands trembling as she tried to unlock the door, afraid what lied on the other side.
“Jane-“ The woman looked over with a scowl, eyes red from crying.
“Don’t you say shit to me, this is your fault.” She had finally managed to get the door unlocked. Dominic had found his stash of liquor, and was way too drunk.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 3d 9h 41m 35s
There came a time where a person, when felt extremely guilty had to open their mouth and speak the truth as they felt like they were drowning in it.
It was as if her world was crumbling and all the secrets were crushing, suffocating and Val had to admit, even though the truth was out, it felt good.

Dom had spoken that he loved her back, but how much would that be true once she split the beans.
Val did sleep with Henry.
Dominic's best friend since they were 13, a friend who was more like a brother and did infact get pregnant due to them being foolish and stupid.

The moment Val spoke Henry's name, Doms face changed.
It was if she could hear his heart shatter.

"Val, no..."
[b "I am so sorry Dominic..."] she replied, standing by the countertop in the same place her lover had her earlier in the morning.
He continued to stay in close, telling her to stop lying but the look in her eyes spoke on she was telling the truth - despite not uttering a single word.
It wasn't long until Dom seemed to have figured it all out, keeping his eye on his wife who was fooling around - talking about the baby.

[b "Dom..."]
"You’re a fucking bitch you know that? You make me sick. I cant even look at you."

His words hurt.
More venom.

"I deserve that..." Val spoke softly, watching as Dominic stepped from her and turned so he wouldnt have to face her any longer.
Stepping in close - Val rested against him, head against his back while her hands gently grabbed his arms as she cried.
She had fucked this up royally and would try to do everything in her power to make him forgive her.

[b Please dont leave me...] she spoke - stepping back fast as Dom was no longer playing games.
He turned and backed his pregnant wife against the counter and raised his hand that curled into a fist.
Val placed hands over her face and screamed slightly only to be missed. Fist went passed her head and collided with the wall - a nice big hole radiated for all to see.
Slowly removing her hands, Valentina looked at Dom before turning and stared at the wall.

[b Oh my god...]

“I’m not leaving, you are.” Dom spoke. His words causing the woman to turn around and face her husband. “You can go to him. You don’t love me. If you loved me you wouldn’t have done this to me Val.”

[b No...] she spoke, tears falling.

[b I do love you Dominic. I have loved you since I was 16. The first time you kissed me was the second most happiest day of my life. The first..was when you married me.] She spoke, keeping her eyes on the man she loved but ultimately destroyed. [b I loved you then ...I love you now and I always will. Please dont make me leave...I know in my heart you are the only one for me...."]

Her words seemed to do nothing.
Dom continued to stand there, staring in anger and utter heartbreak and that was when Val hung her head.

[b I'll go get my things...] she whispered - shifting from Dominic and began to wander upstairs - into the bedroom and began to pack clothes in a suitcase - crying her heart out knowing this was all her doing.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 10h 27m 18s

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