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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGEXCq6.png]]
[size10 [b He] has just returned from a stint in the war, no longer the bright eyed and happy go lucky male he once had been.
[b She] is his wife, trying her hardest to go back to what they oce were, bearing [i his] child
[b They] both have their own demons, him unable not to face them, and her choosing to ignore them
[b What] is to be of the once young and happy couple?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot.
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced, but id try to keep it limited to 2-3 depending on how active a role they're playing to the story. im posting as 3 people

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Down the hallway of the house she shared with Henry, it was turning left that she entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her while still holding the glass of gin.
Placing it on the sink, Valentina ran the bath - stripped naked and picked up he gin glass once more and sunk into the water that filled the tub.

There was a lot on her mind.
It was the beginning of when she first laid eyes on Dominic, to the first time she spoke to him and the memory of when they kissed.
They were flashbacks, the good ones and even the bad ones of her making the biggest mistake of her life to Dom cheating only to move on within 24 hours.
Yes, she had made a big mistake in hurting Dom but a beautiful little boy came from it. An innocent little boy who she loved more than anything in the world.

Sinking further into the water, Val continued to drink having to make a choice on if she was going back to see Domini after the confession he had made earlier.

Later on that night, Henry and Valentina were in bed. The male held the woman he loved and wanted to marry as they fell asleep, no sex luckily. With the birth of their son, the two had sex protected. Valentina did not want another child, not for a long time.
Waking up the next day due to Oliver crying, it was the beginning of a beautiful morning. Val had Oliver fed and dressed - carried him to the car and kissed Henry goodbye.

She would go see Dom.
She would show she was not happy with what he did and for that, needed an apology.

Driving through town - Valentina pulled into the street and parked in the driveway of her old home and got out, wandering to the back and took Oliver out along with a bag filled with things she and Oliver would need and headed towards the front door and knocked.
Dominic soon opened and the three headed inside where a new paint job was shown.

Val looked around while still holding Oliver..

[b "You went through with the painting. Are you leaving?..."] she spoke, looking at Dom with a raised eyebrow. [b "If you are, then there is no point in this..."]
As he suspected and like many of nights before, Dominic found it hard to actually fall asleep. He stared up at the ceiling, feeling all kinds of emotions at once. Having Valentina in the home earlier, even if only briefly, felt somewhat normal and he missed that feeling. There was nothing more natural than holding her in his arms and even more so at night. Instead he cradled nothing or no one. The darkness was consuming then and even more so the silence seemed to be turning him mad.
Of course he felt terrible about what he did to her and even more so how he had moved on so soon. Yet, it wasn’t like Valentina didn’t waltz back into Henry’s life. She had her parents; why had she turned to him so soon? Why hadn’t she come back or returned his calls and texts that night when she left? Dominic wondered then if he should’ve moved that time. It was a mistake getting involved with Analise, but he was searching for anything to fill that voice he had after Valentina left him and Dominic in such a vulnerable state had fallen with Analise purely out of convenience.
Now it [I conveniently] seemed to fuck up his life at the moment still. He knew though that Valentina just needed to cool off. She was quick to temper when it came to her doubting if he truly loved her, but that was a problem with both of them. They both were quick to fly off the handle when things didn’t seem to go their way and certainly when their relationship was tested. He had promised though that he was done with Analise and all he wanted was to have her return back into his life as his wife.
Frustrated, the male got out of bed then. It was just a few hours after midnight, but he knew he was not going to get any sleep. Normally the male would spend this time drinking and staring at the tv until he managed to drift off, but Joshua’s habits had changed over the last few months and while he knew Valentina would never want to hear it – Analise had helped him through quite a bit of his problems. Especially when it came to dealing with them in a healthy manner. Lashing out, punching holes in the wall and getting blackout drunk weren’t the only ways to help with easing bad emotions he would have.
Instead, Dominic had changed into something a bit more athletic, grabbing his keys and heading out of the home. He went for a run, which also helped with his past leg wound. It seemed lie hours running in the pitch black, his headphones in before he had finally made his way back home. He was exhausted which was the goal. A quick shower and he was back in bed. He could only hope Valentina wasn’t dissuaded by their conversation and would return the next day.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 23h 32m 23s
Valentina took the news in a not so pleasant manner.
What kind of man who, loved his wife - a wife he knew for over ten years, wanting to work on their marriage would go to the Mistress a day after separation?
Hell, she felt like damaged goods.
All in her mind, thoughts were running - especially the one that hurt her the most and that was being "was she so easy to get over?"

Dominic had always professed his love to Valentina in every way possible. They had a love that could never be broken or forgotten, and yet here he was - saying the truth on what he did.
How could he love her if he went to Analise a day after? Then again, she loved him and still slept with Henry.

Payback was a bitch.

Opening the door, she stopped upon seeing the renovators for a single moment before exiting and left the house as soon as she could as Val was unable to look at him.
Would the renovators still paint the house if Dom was going to stay? The only time they would paint if he was actually going to leave and that was another thought in her mind.

Getting into the car and driving off, Val drove all the way back to the farm, trying to figure out on what to say to Henry.
Truth be told, she couldn't tell him just yet. She would, just not that night as she wasn't sure if the marriage would still happen due to the admission and they needed to actually sit down and speak about it.

Approaching home, parking, Val got out of the car and walked through the door with a sigh, taking off her jacket.
[+red "Back so soon?... What happened?..."] Henry spoke as he entered eyesight, Oliver no where in sight, but rather is his crib, fast asleep. Henry was a great father.

[+red "Did he sign them?..."]
[b "No, he didn't sign them.."] she replied, moving passed Henry and into the kitchen where she poured herself a glass on Gin. Finally, she was able to drink again and she drank, sometimes made up for lost time and to mend a broken heart.
[+red "What do you mean, he didn't sign them? Why?.."]
[b "I don't know, Henry. To piss me off? To keep the marriage going? Because he is a spiteful, asshole?.."] she muttered, bringing the glass to her lips - drinking and clearly lying to her lover and the father of her son.
[+red "Well his bitch, wont like this.."]
[b "He dumped her. Luckily I have more copies of the papers, I'll go tomorrow and force this on him."]
[+red "Did you mention us..wanting to get married? …"]
[b "Henry, you want to get married. I'm not ready, you know that..."] she replied, pouring herself another drink and taking a swig.
Henry remained quiet and again - Valentina sighed.

[b "I'm...going to have a bath. I'm tired.."] she mentioned and started to walk away past Henry, who reached out and patted her ass, watching the woman he loved, walk away - not knowing it was all lies.
Val and Dom were still in love an still wanted one another ever so desperately.

Guilt started to take over.
Drinking helped to make it fade.

Night fell and Valentina laid in bed, unsure if she really wanted to see Dom tomorrow after what he had said to her.
It broke her heart, again.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 1d 4h 50m 26s
Dominic was not surprised at how Valentina took the news of how he and Analise had come together and he knew that she would be unhappy. What could he do though? The truth was the truth and if she didn’t want him to be honest with her than what was the point. If this would’ve come out later, she would’ve gotten even more upset and they would’ve argued. Dominic was tired of arguing and she may not have believed it from his attitude, but he too wanted to move on from this. Dominic had tried to keep up with the female, but she was fueled from anger no doubt and that frustration made it insanely hard for him to catch her in time.
The painters had arrived then, getting in his way and Valentina was already gone. He groaned out then, he was trying his hardest but he really knew this would take some time. He had faith in Valentina and he knew after breaking up with Analise over the phone in front of her that he had managed to regain some trust from his wife. Though after the news he had just given her, he could only hope that she would be able to trust him again. Dominic had texted her in apology. He loved Valentina and whatever he needed to do to keep them on he right track he would.
Dominic had finished up with the painters, it had taken nearly all day but it was worth it. They would return the next day to finish up the master bedroom and bathroom, but the most part it was looking pretty good. Getting a headache from all the paint fumes, Dominic figured he would catch up with his sister who he had somewhat managed to get close with after the whole debacle where she announced the affair to his family – the night everything seemed to go downhill in his marriage. That was a thing of the past though he told himself. Jane had texted him though after hearing from Analise about the breakup. He knew his sister would not be happy to hear about him and Valentina getting back together after what she had done.
He had suggested they go out for lunch and drinks, the male not ready for the conversation but he couldn’t escape it.
Adjusting the sleeves of his shirt, he met his sister at inside where they sat at the bar after enjoying hugs and a kiss on a cheek. She hadn’t given him a chance to sit down and finish ordering his beer before she was breathing down his neck.
“So Analise? Really, you break up with her? I thought things were going well.” Dominic cleared his throat then, a nervous chuckle coming out before he washed down the lump in his throat with a sip of beer. “What’s that about?” Dominic looked over the menu then, trying is hardest not to meet his sister’s eyes. She was not having it though and gave him a whack on the head to get his attention.
“Well . . . Valentina-“ His sister groaned then. “Valentina and I are not going through with the divorce. We think we can make this work.” Jane shook her head then, enjoying a sip of the wine.
“You have got to be kidding me. That girl has been galivanting town with that man. She embarrassed you twice, I don’t know what’s your reasoning behind it.” He knew Jane wouldn’t understand and he was sure she wouldn’t be the last to tell him how ridiculous this was to his face or behind his back. “You know mom is not going to like this. She’s very unhappy, especially about the baby.” Dominic sighed out, he felt bad which was how he had been feeling since Valentina had stormed off.
“Look, it is what it is at this point. The only people that matter in this marriage is me and my wife.” Dominic knew his mother would try to be understanding, but there was not going to be any possibility of her getting back to the friendship she once had. The two ordered their meals then, exchanging different forms of conversation. The only drawback being going home to an empty house. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep and spent his time placing the furniture back to distract him.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 1d 13h 31m 40s
It was as if no matter how much she repeated, the look in Dom's eyes gave off the impression that she would never leave Henry.
Much to be said, that yes - now it was going to be alot harder to up and walk away due to the two of them having a child, but it was something that she would do if it meant happiness with Dominic.

It was going to be a lot harder than she thought as the look did not change.
He needed to have faith in her and their relationship. Having Dom call Analise and break it off over the phone was not appropriate but Do spoke on proving his love for her and that was the way she would believe him that it was her he wanted and no one else.

The two decided to continue their marriage as they felt the connection was still their and it was evident with the way they kissed, looked at each other and made love.
It was looking around the house that was still half hers that she raised an eyebrow - biting her lower lip.

When the time came for the two to sell the home - they always spoke on the giving the wall a lick of paint first to freshen it all up.
Here she was, in a house that was going to get a nice paint job which meant that Dom was up and selling, leaving her.

[b "You're leaving..?"]
[i “I did plan to leave,”]
[b "You did?.."]
[i “I wasn’t sure if you had moved on. I mean, we weren’t really on speaking terms. That night after you left me, I – I figured I would try things with Analise…"]

Val was silent for a moment.
Did she hear correctly?

[b "Wait..you went to Analise the day after we split? Are you kidding me? Am I honestly that forgettable that the ay after you separate from your wife...you start fucking the mistress?..."]

Valentina stepped away from him and the kitchen, bringing a hand to her head and ran fingers through the strands of her hair trying to comprehend what was just admitted.

[b "Um...wow, okay. I'm..going to go...."] she spoke, unable to look at Dominic and started to way down the hallway only to hear a knock on the door to which, she opened up - seeing the Renovators who would be painting the interior.
[b "Painters are here..."] she spoke once again - walking out.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 1d 14h 46m 4s
Dominic knew that in order for him to continue seeing Valentina, Henry would have to be in the picture. He understood, but she had to know that just because he was trying didn’t mean he would have to like it. Though he knew that he loved Valentina and he had to make an effort to try to make things work no matter what it took. He knew she would consistently beat herself up over her actions though and there wasn’t much that Dominic could do to stop it. Of course the dynamic of their relationship had changed since the affair and since the pregnancy. Though no matter what anyone had to say about the odd love triangle that was going on, until he bothered to sign any papers – Valentina would remain to be his wife.
He had made the decision to sell the house and move away. After seeing Valentina and her little family and deciding to break up with Analise, he just felt like there wasn’t anything left in the town for him. Family or not, it would be painful for him as they lived in a small town and they were bound to bump into each other again. He just didn’t want to deal with that, didn’t think he had the strength to continuously face the woman he loved and the man who stole her from him.
Though Dominic and Valentina were planning on getting married once more. Did he still want to leave? They had discussed moving away before and even briefly during her beginning stages of the pregnancy. He didn’t know if they could still manage that with the baby being born and of course because of Henry. Constantly bouncing from home to home as a child was already going to be hard enough, having to travel state to state could be even harder. Though if the child knew they were loved and everyone was trying to make this as easy as possible, maybe it wouldn’t be too difficult.
He was a bit stressed out, but being with Valentina at that moment and having her close, her nose in the crook of his neck seemed to make things easier for him to relax some. Though the thought of having to patiently wait for everything between her and Henry to get settled was less than appealing and a bit upsetting; he couldn’t help but seem a bit turned off, but was trying to just ignore the feelings and enjoy his time with her while she was there.
“I did plan to leave,” he admitted to her then. “I wasn’t sure if you had moved on. I mean, we weren’t really on speaking terms. That night after you left me, I – I figured I would try things with Analise. But once I was sure it was over, I didn’t see the point in staying. I didn’t want to risk seeing you and [I him] together.”
Dominic sighed out then. Soon Valentina would have to leave and he would be left alone then. How else was he meant to feel?
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 1d 19h 58m 6s
[i “How am I not going to have to deal with a man who had a child with my wife?”]
[b "How is that a question? You need to let it sink in, Dominic. I have Oliver. Henry is Oliver's father and if you want to see me, my son will need to come with unless Henry looks after him..."] she spoke, keeping her gaze upon Dom who she knew was biting his tongue, trying ever so hard not to speak his true thoughts. [b "I understand it's hard to comprehend, but please...for me?.."]

Henry would not let her go without a fight and the fight, would be difficult.
If it was just the two of them, the separation would be fine, but now, with having a baby involved - it was going to be harder.

The heart wants what it wants.

[i "You feel bad?.."]
[b "Of course I feel bad. After the mistake I made with you, I promised to never ...ever do something like that again and here I am...doing it. It's only natural to feel bad.."]

Seeing Dom at the supermarket that one time, pregnant and almost about to pop, she wanted to chase after him.
Wanted to try to sort out their marriage but before she could, Dominic vanished into thin air.
The man could not run away fast enough from her.

Valentina remained standing in front of her husband with both hands firmly gripping his ass.

[b "Dom, why are you renovating the house? Are you actually thinking of leaving? We always said...the moment we choose to leave, a coat of paint before we sell.."] she spoke, leaning in and gently kissing his neck, She was showing more affection than he was at this point. He seemed to get a little cold but she tried her hardest to keep him warm.. [b "You're leaving me?"]
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 11h 26m 2s
“How am I not going to have to deal with a man who had a child with my wife?” He asked her with a raised brow. It didn’t make sense to him then and he wondered if it was worth it to back down, but Dominic bit his tongue then though, knowing it best to not go backwards. If they were to be happy with one another in this relationship – this marriage, then it was up to them to keep moving forward. Though whether Valentina was prepared to face it or ignore it, Henry wouldn’t just let her go so easily. Hadn’t she recalled how persistent he was with her even after Dominic became aware of the affair? Men could be territorial and even more so when it came to protecting their family. Dominic could try his hardest to be a father to Oliver, but Henry ultimately was by blood and he didn’t doubt that his ex-best friend would constantly remind him of that.
“You feel bad?” Dominic didn’t know how he felt about that. He himself was happy that she had chosen him over Henry, but the fact that Henry was even an option to her in the first place was disappointing. Though Dominic had no room to talk considering he had instantly started Dating Analise, but even that was simple: no I love yous, she had never even slept in his bed. Valentina had left him and instantly began to form a family with Henry, a family that he wished he had. Had his pride not been in the way or maybe it was a sense of cowardice, he would’ve went after his wife. Yet he found that if she had said it was over and hadn’t returned his calls after she stormed off and ran off – maybe the marriage was over. Seeing her at the restaurant and that passing moment in the grocery store only invigorated the male though to realize there was and would always be love for her and he hated having that taken away. A second chance was given and he was trying not to lose out on it. He didn’t think he and Henry would ever be okay, didn’t know how it would be to raise Oliver with Valentina, but he was all about trying his hardest.
“You’re not a bad person,” he said with a sigh then. “Things just happen, we’re human. All we can learn from it. Sometimes people get hurt in situations like these, but you have to make sure ultimately you’re happy.”
Dominic sighed out then, staring at his wife, the love his life. He wouldn’t allow Valentina to blame herself any longer.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 3d 21h 10m 32s
[b "Yes, patient..."]

For months, Dominic had been with Analise an it did not seem that he even remotely thought of his wife.
He never contacted her, called her - wrote her so in her mind, Dom was never patient so for him to open his mouth and speak on the word patient, with that tone of voice, Val raised an eyebrow.

He did not know.
It was a strange thing.

Months ago, they were happy - intimate and together in great conversation and now, they had to start all over again.
They were still married, legally of course but living together, getting to know each other again from being separated for more than a year, would take some work.
It didn't help that Valentina was with the father of her child.

Living together.
Sleeping in the same bed.
Being intimate, no often but it happened.

As Val opened her mouth and spoke on tomorrow they would get together along with Oliver, the face on Dom seemed to of changed.
Val continued to lean up against the countertop, biting her lower lip before giving out a sigh.

[b "Is that okay?..."]
[i "Alright, tomorrow.."] he spoke [i “Tomorrow works fine.”]

Stepping in closer, the woman wrapped her arms around her husband and tilted her head up - looking into Dom's eyes and did not look away.
[b "You, don't need to deal with Henry, you know. I am the one who ..made the mistake again by cheating but, it doesn't feel like it. It feels like i'm coming home.."] she replied, moving her hands down over his pert and gave it a nice squeeze. [b "I feel awful, don't get me wrong.."]

[b "Am I a bad person?..."]
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 4d 10h 3m 22s
“Patient?” He asked with a raised brow. Just how long would this take. He tried to keep his composure; a bit unsure if it was worth to get so invested if there was a possibility that he wouldn’t be with her so soon. There was a child involved which made it harder and especially so for Dominic as he didn’t want to come off as selfish. He rubbed the back of his neck then. Was he ready to see the child again? Already that first encounter had made him feel some type of way and yet that was a passing moment. He rocked on his heel somewhat. For some reason he was finding it hard to speak or to find any type of words.
“I don’t know,” he finally admitted. The affair was hard enough to get through already and Dominic was still biting his tongue when it came to speaking about it. He had promised to try, but the child was real – a physical reminder of the affair she had with Henry. He promised to love the child, but now with them starting a family technically since the two had split, he didn’t know if he could be the stepfather he wanted to be. How would that work especially when Valentina managed to finally break things off with Henry. They were still married. How hard was it to just pack her things and just move in. Maybe then it would be easier for him to connect with Oliver.
Continuing to remain in that home with Henry only made Dominic feel more of a disconnect. He remembered that child’s face those, his eyes that ever so much reminded him of Valentina’s. He saw her in the little boy’s face and not Henry. What if he didn’t like him? What if the baby squirmed away from him – a stranger. A stranger only due to his fault in cheating causing Valentina to leave and run straight into the arms of a man she said she didn’t love. Yet there was no way there couldn’t have been a bond that the two created. Had she ever told Henry she loved him? He didn’t know if he wanted to ask or if he was at all ready for the answer.
Sighing out, Dominic leaned against the counter then, arms crossed against his chest as he watched Valentina. She had certainly changed since giving birth, looking different and yet that smile, her voice – it was the woman he had fell in love with so long ago. If anything, he owed it to her to try to be the man she had fallen in love with.
“Alright, tomorrow,” he finally said. “Tomorrow works fine.” He just hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with Henry. Eventually he would catch on or Valentina would tell him and that could lead to a fight.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 4d 20h 31m 32s
Valentina had a son to take care of and look after just like a mother should. She also had a partner who treated her like a Princess but it Dominic who treated her like a Queen and continued to hold her on a pedestal.
Never had she ever left his mind.
For those many months, never did Dom ever stop thinking about his wife while she, always had him on her mind.

The pair were to start of fresh.
Consummating their love and their relationship right there, it was decided that they would try to begin a future.
Valentina professed love for him while her hands were gently placed palms down on Doms chest that was full of muscle due to the male working out to pass time..or to stop thinking of her.

Dom admitting loving her just then same.
At the market it was simply to hard to stay and chat. It just hurt her with the way he ran from her.
It was just hard to stay and she understood that.

"When can I see you again?" Dominic spoke to Valentina who simply continued to get dressed, covering her naked body back with items of clothing making it look like nothing even happened.
Running fingers through her now short hair, she looked at Dom and breathed in, thinking.

"Oliver and I can come tomorrow. You can meet him if you like. Because you didnt sign the papers..its an excuse to see you again. It will all be sorted..." she spoke, leaning against the counter.
"A baby is involved so itll be harder to leave Henry. It will happen. Patience. You can be patient, yes?..."
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 5d 10h 52m 16s
She had a son. A [I man] to take care of. She felt bad and he felt even worse knowing he would just he stuck alone in an empty house for another night. He wasn’t intent on ruining a good thing but cursing under his breath in frustration was better than yelling or arguing. He kept his hands on his shoulders, not responding as he knew he had to work through his words if he expected them to come out right. He couldn’t be quick to speaking when upset as he knew that led to him spewing nasty comments and Valentina didn’t deserve that. They starting fresh and that’s what he planned to do. He wanted to keep that promise for her. He focused on her hands then, delicate and soft against his chest. He looked her in the eyes as she professed her love for him and he tried to show that he didn’t have doubts. What if she changed her mind though? What if Henry influences her to change her mind when she admitted to him that he hadn’t signed the papers – Instead he’d ripped them to shreds, the pieces still in the floor to be swept up. He didn’t want to lose Valentina and he had to trust that this would get sorted and they would actually be together once more.
“Well it was hard to see you after so long.” He admitted with a mutter, arms loosely wrapping around her waist, his hand pressing at the small of her back the draw her in closer. He leaned down to kiss her again, lifting her just slightly as he deepened the kiss, moaning as he pulled away then. “I love you too.@ they both had made mistakes before the affair was known and after and even more so the night Valentina learned of him and Analise’s relationship. They were taking ownership and responsibility for these mistakes however and with that would come the possibility of change. She couldn’t stay and Dominic had to remind himself this was only temporary, but he could only take it for so long. “When can I see you again?” He asked her. Eventually that wouldn’t be a question, he would be able to wake up to her face, kiss her to sleep – once this was all settled and he had his Valentina back truly, he was not letting go and no one could get In the way of that.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 6d 5h 10m 51s
Sex with Henry was fun, she would not lie.
Did she favour it more than she did when it came to Dom? No.

No man had ever made her feel the way Dominic did.
No man had the same dick nor could they work there own the way she liked it.

Only Dominic could.
When they had met and fucked for the first time, it wasn't all that great. It was their first time and it took a few times to finally get it right but when they did - it was like the Heaven's opened.
They had only gotten better over time and a fond memory of Valentina's was when they both knew the date he would be deployed - Dom and Val spent a good solid week indoors - fucking each other each way from Sunday.
Dom studied her body.
Studied all the freckles - all the little moles on her flesh when she laid on the bed whether it was on her back or on her stomach.

They were made for each other.
It was even more apparent right then and there, in the kitchen. The had fit together like a puzzle.

[i “Are you leaving soon?”]
[b "I will have to leave soon. I have a son to take care of..."] she replied, leaning up and grabbed a tissue only to wipe herself down getting free of the leaking fluid. [b "And a man at home who is waiting...for me. Oh fuck....I have fucked up again haven't I?.."] she muttered, watching as Dominic moved back and put on his sweat pants while she grabbed her clothes and got dressed.

[b "Please don't curse under your breath, Dom. I know what has just happened, don't ruin a good thing..."] Val sighed, fixing her clothes before taking a step forward and placed both hands on her husband's chest. A man she was reconciling with. [b "I love you, Dominic. I should of told you that when we saw each other the first time at the supermarket, but you were hell bent on getting out of there fast.."]
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 6d 5h 26m 45s
Dominic knee what his wife likes and before she had gotten pregnant they were completely wild in bed. Helm before he left for camp you could t peel them away from one another night or day. No phone calls or visits from family or friends. He spent that week memorizing every inch of his wife, having her in every way. He wanted something to think about when he was away and man did those memories carry him through cold lonely nights while his mates were out sleeping with anything that moved. He had standards though and he knew no one could compare to her. There was no one he wanted more than Valentina. That being why it was even more devastating to hear of the affair. He tried not to think about it though. He had promised Valentina to move on and with the child being born and the possibility of them getting back into their marriage , Dominic figures he could do that if it meant keeping his wife.
He eagerly returned her kiss, chuckling and chest swelling with pride as if not swollen enough from muscles. He was glad Valentina was a fam of what she saw. His arms wrapped around her waist then as he kissed her cheek, nuzzling the woman. Her hair tickled his nose, the strands that hadn’t been stuck to the name of her neck from the sweat inducing session. They really had gone all out.
“I haven’t been able to that in a while. Definitely missed it.” He admitted. Analise was not that experimental and had refused the notion the minute Dominic inquired about the backdoor. She had finally relented and he wondered if it was because she didn’t want to lose him – figuring she had to appease him somehow. He had barely managed to get even partially in before she claimed the pain was too much and that was even after a very succulent amount of foreplay. The sex that night was decent but Dominic thought of Valentina extra as he pounded Analise, the pleasure so intense that he had to release himself into her right throat imagining it was another hole he was interested in.
“Are you leaving soon?” He asked her. His plans with Analise were canceled of course. “I can shower and change. We can head to dinner?” If had occurred to him though that none of her belongings were there and of course Henry would become suspicious. Dominic cursed under his breath then, removing himself from Valentina and pulling his pants up, hard in slowly winding down.
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 6d 5h 48m 36s
Valentina did miss him.
There was no denying it.
There was no fighting it.

She admitted it to him during sex and it honestly felt like weight was lifted up and off her shoulders.
Truth be told, Val wanted to tell Dominic how she felt the moment she saw him at the supermarket. Wanted to tell him even more so again at the restaurant.
It was seeing him with Analise that she knew, all she wanted was him.

[i “You’ll never have to miss this again,”]
[b "Thank god..."] she replied, biting her lower lip and stared at her husband, his fluid flowing inside her body all the while - her hands caressed his body, feeling the muscles that he had acquired by working out.
[b "You have gotten so much bigger.."]

Valentina squeeze the muscles, giving off a seductive smile while Dom smiled and he replied speaking on that he wasn't done and hoped she didn't think he was.
Brought down on her feet, Val was forcibly turned around and bent over the countertop.

Dom slapped and hard spanked her ass, leaving red marks that were raw in feeling.
Spreading cheeks apart, foreplay of touching and spitting onto the hole made way for his appendage to insert in with ease.
Dom was the only man she trusted to go up that way. Henry had asked but Valentina always said no.
That area was for Dom and Dom only.

Valentina squealed out, screamed as she reached over and grabbed the edge of the countertop, hearing the swear words that escaped Dominic's mouth.
He wasn't the only one that was feeling good.

It all felt even better the moment Dom took charge and pulled Valentina back against him - gripping her throat and ruined her body in a rougher way than what they did when she was pregnant.
With no longer being pregnant, Dom went full blast and made Valentina climax, twice just from being in that same position.

Both of the entries soon had fluid in them and she was completely worn out.
Sighing, she collapsed onto the counter - eyes closed as she breathed heavily all the while Dom lent down and nibbled on her shoulder that caused the woman to smile.

Standing up, Valentina turned her head and kissed his lips lovingly.

[b "I haven't been fucked like that in a very...very long time. I almost forgot what it felt like.."]
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 6d 6h 14m 33s

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