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[size10 [b He] is an addict, struggling with sobriety after getting out of prison. Straight and narrow, that was the goal. But, with a temper and a penchant for liquor he's not sure if he'll be able to stay out of trouble.
[b She] is a single mother to a little girl, stuck in a tumultuous relationship with a man who's yet to marry her, but treats her like her property.Too scared to get out of the abusive relationship, she enlists the help of her best friend who sneaks them out to live with her.
[b The friend] just so happens to be the fella's sister. Now the house is filled with an ex con, his sister, and a woman trying to piece together a new life with her daughter.
[b Stuck] in a house together, both dealing their own demons, it's no wonder the two find themselves falling for one another. But can he stay on the right track? Can she manage to keep her daughter safe and finally have a happily ever after?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot.
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced, but id try to keep it limited to 2-3 depending on how active a role they're playing to the story. im posting as 3 people

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
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Harley sighed out then, he was glad at least that Lily had no intention on going back to that monster and definitely not without him at her side. It would be easy for her to get sucked in and looking at the damage that already had been done, he didn’t doubt that Cameron could and quite possibly [I would] kill her if there ever was going to be another chance he had her to himself.
“I promise to protect you and Luna, on my life.” He mentioned to her. There was never going to be another chance and if there was, Harley would stand by his promise to protect both of them. “Of course I love her. She’s a beautiful little girl with a great mother and a promise for a beneficial future,” he said to her. It would be his duty to make sure that she was not going to find herself in the same position as Lily. He didn’t blame Lily though. Men like Cameron were a bit hard to pick out at first. Everything would seem fine and they wouldn’t show their true colors until they had successfully managed to close you off from every friend and family member. First it was just words and eventually it would escalate to physical abuse. That was their life no more and Harley would risk his life to assure that.

“You know I never saw myself as a step dad.” He said with a chuckle. He thought then what he was saying. This was a lot of responsibility. Certainly he had to find other work, Lily didn’t like his [I job] and if he was going to be here to protect her, he couldn’t risk getting in trouble. Was marriage also a possibility ? He blushed then. Him and Lily getting married, a whole beautiful ceremony . . . He had never thought of living the life of a married man and with a kid at that.

“Come on, les head inside and get cleaned up, maybe have some lunch.” He told her. He didn’t want anyone to have any questions about the two of them huddled in the backseat with how they were looking. “Maybe I can get you a nice bath started? I’m sure you can wear something of Olive’s until we go shopping to get you guys some clothes.” The only good out of this at least was that they didn’t need to hide their relationship.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 4d 20h 23m 16s
The last thing she wanted was people to step outside of their houses only to witness a scene between herself and Harley.
Yes, what she had one - in going back to Cameron was a mistake but at that time, it was raining and she had no where to go.
If she was on her own, Lily would of wandered the streets alone but with having her little girl in her arms; Lily needed to find somewhere and quick.

Thinking Cameron could change and perhaps rather be wanting his family back and to never hurt them again was something she wanted to believe. How he was - was even more a monster than what he was when she decided to abandon.

Harley got into the car due to Lily grabbing his wrist and was pulled inside where he closed the door.
If they were to argue, at least no one could hear them.

He had admitted love.
The four letter word that Lily had been craving for a very long time by a man.

It took her by surprise but she could not help but smile at those words and spoke them back.
[b "I love you too.."]

That was all that needed to be said.
With her face gently in his hands, Harley lent in and kissed Lily; an action that she returned and kissed him back ever so deeply with her eyes closed.
Mouth open, tongues dancing along each other's own - it was romantic. It sealed their words on love but it was not long until they pulled apart.
All wonderful and good things had to come to an end.

[i “Don’t you ever leave me again. You got that?”]
[b "I got it. I wont leave, just promise to love me ...and my daughter. Keep us safe. Promise me that.."]

[b "Do you love, Luna?..."] Lily spoke, eyes gazing upon Harley's own with a raised eyebrow.
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 5d 9h 23m 59s
Harley entered the car then, tugged into the space by Lily who wanted nothing more than to be close to him. He leaned into her embrace then, hand reaching out to take hers. They both didn’t look their best, it had literally been the craziest fight ever getting Lily and Luna out of that life. Lily had been brainwashed and didn’t want to leave Cameron and Harley risked his life and his freedom to get her out of that situation even though she had tried to stay. Of course he loved her, and even if he didn’t know her – he he grown up with the values that a woman was not a punching bag and he was not going to sit around knowing that she was stuck in that house of horrors. Lily’s face was swollen, she would be black and blue once the swelling went down and he knew that her mental health was just as affected as her physical.

“I love you,” Harley told her with a smile. It seemed kind of awkward in the moment, but it felt good being honest with his emotions. Harley hang felt this way since being with his last official girlfriend who was the mother of his child, gone in the wind now. No one had heard from her or knew where she was. Harley had the hope that one day she would come back, just so he had a chance to meet his own child. He was willing to China he into a better man. Being in prison or so long had changed him. Though he had fallen back into the crime business, Harley wanted to be on the straight and narrow and he believed that Lily and Luna were responsible for that.

He carefully cradled her face in his hands, kissing Lily deeply then. He himself was sore from his fight with Cameron, but none of that mattered. Harley moaned into the kiss then, he he missed Lily. Her being away from him those weeks had been devastating and knowing that all that time she was being harmed made him feel even worse. His tongue rolled gently against the inside of her mouth before finally he pulled away to gather his breathing. “Don’t you ever leave me again. You got that?” He asked, looking into her eyes as his forehead rested against hers.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 5d 9h 56m 57s
Luna was still a young girl.
She was young enough not to know what her mother was going through and what her father was doing.
She was young enough not to know that she was taken away from Cameron, never to return.

Thank goodness that she did not know.

Looking worse for wear, a face all bruised and battered by a man who did not respect her or women for that matter - looked up at Harley who stood by the car door that was opened.
He held onto the room with both hands as he tilted his head down in between arms and stared at the woman.

[i "Give me ...one good reason why I shouldn't, Harley. And don't say because of all the hurt and suffering...or for Luna's safety. One reason..why…."]

The couple looked at each other.
Silence filled the car.

[b "One."] she replied, breaking the silence.

All she wanted was one damn good reason why she shouldn't...

[i “Because I fucking love you alright?”]

He loved her.

Before Lily could get in a word edge wise, Harley continued to speak on that subject.
The reason.
Harley mentioned he could of killed Cameron for how he touched and treated her.

Grabbing his arm, slowly - Lily moved back to the other seat in the back of the car, pulling Harley in so he was no longer standing outside.
Together, they sat in the backseat.

[b "Out of all you have just said to me....all I hear, was that you love me..."] she spoke softly, keeping her eyes on the man she loved back. [b "That's all I heard..."]

Lily did not look pretty or beautiful in that moment, but she hoped he did not think any less of her for going back to that man.

[b "I love you too, I do... I love you..."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 6d 6h 17m 18s
Luna was young, they were able to lie about why Lily looked the way she did and promised that she would be fine. The words calmed the young girl down and managed to stop the tears from falling. They got lucky. Had Luna been older, this certainly wouldn’t be something that they could brush under the rug. Though, it was hard to say whether this would or wouldn’t be a memory archived in the young girls mind. Olive had sped off as he instructed and he was glad she was smart enough to to start the car while he was inside. His main concern was to get Luna and Lily out. Had Lily not stopped him, Harley certainly would have killed the man and the cops would have been right on his ass. He wondered then if Cameron were the type of man who would have bothered to call the cops when he came to. In his defense Harley was some hoodlum – maybe a scorned lover who had broken in, beat him to death and taken Lily and Luna. With his past, Cameron could lie and claim it was Harley who hit Lily. Would she lie for him ? Despite the fact that the two did have strong feelings for one another.

Olivia and Luna left the car then. Olivia promising the young girl lunch and promising a shopping trip as they didn’t even have a chance to pack bags this time and Olivia knew Harley was not allowing them to go back to that house of horrors. Harley sighed out then, he was aching all over. There was a cut on his cheek throbbing and his skin itches from his knuckles to his neck from dried blood. He hadn’t gotten into an actual fight in a while and his sides were more than likely bruised which meant tomorrow would be a shitty day. He already felt short of breath.

Lily was apologizing when she didn’t need to. This wasn’t really her fault at all she had a shitty choice in men and Harley could maybe be considered in that, but ultimately she didn’t have that great of a selection to choose from. Except one of the men loved her – cared for her and that was Harley. He turns then, cursing at the pain but biting through it. He looked at Lily then, into her eyes, trying to ignore the bruising and the swelling. He got out of the car finally, opening her door to hell her and only pausing at her words. He sighed and placed his hands on top of the car to have some sense of stability, his head ducked as he tried to come up with the words.

“Because I fucking love you alright?” He said. “Because I’m not going to have you getting tossed around like a bag of old luggage. I know I’m not – I know maybe Olive didn’t make me out to be the guy who goes into an office and all that bullshit, but what I felt for you was real Lily. I said I would never hurt you or Luna and I meant it. Seeing you like this –“ he pinched the bridge of his nose then, getting choked up. “I could’ve killed him. I was so close to killing him for what he did to you.”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 7d 2h 42m 35s
Lily did speak.

She had apologized to herself in the corner but she did not realise on loud she was being due to her ear drums being affected by the blows of Cameron's hand.
She had apologized to herself for staying in that house. For keeping Luna in that house with that kind of man and apologizing for being so stupid in thinking she actually loved Cameron enough to go back.

It was Harley she loved.
Her saviour.

Slowly getting up - her body was held by Harley's own hand as he helped her shift to her feet.
Cameron was lying in the hallway completely defeated. He had lost the fight and it showed from the marking on his face, the blood and the holes in the walls from both of them colliding with the plaster.

[b "Luna! ..Where is Luna!.."]
[i "She is with Olivia,”]
[b "Oh, thank god.."] she spoke, falling in his arms as her body was weak - but Harley kept her up and helped her to the car quick smart.

It was not long until the car pulled up in the drive way of the home she once stayed in.
A home that begun the love affair between her and the man who was in the car, looking at her while Olivia and Luna got out and went inside.

Harley had turned and looked at Lily in the backseat of the car and she too, looked back at him with eyes of pure embarrassment.

[b "I'm sorry..."]
[i “You are not going back there. You understand that Lily? I don’t care if you hate me, or you are disgusted but, - you are not going back to that guy.”]

Harley spoke to her in a tone she did not like but she knew she had it coming.
She had left a home of love, a man who respected her and touched her in a way that made her feel like a woman again.
She understood why he was so mad but she still kept her mouth closed.

[i "You understand.."]
[b "Give me ...one good reason why I shouldn't, Harley. And don't say because of all the hurt and suffering...or for Luna's safety. One reason..why…."] she spoke, keeping those eyes on the man she loved in the front seat of the car.

[b "One..."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 9d 12h 24m 6s
Stop. Harley could hear Lily’s voice then and it was telling him to stop. Had he not then Cameron surely would have been dead. If his hand wasn’t fucked up from earlier, it certainly was now and Harley didn’t care. Blood seeped from gashing wounds on his knuckles. His shirt was bloody, his head pounding from rage. He came to finally to find Cameron on the floor in a bloody puddle. He was still alive, but it would take some time for the man to come to. Lily was blathering and blubbering, trying to collect herself from the attack and what she witnessed. All Harley knew was they needed to get out of here and get out quick.

“She is with Olivia,” he told her as he came to a stand. He took her arm then and did not hesitate nor give her time to figure permission. She was leaving this house and he was making damn sure this would be the last time she caught herself in this position. Harley knew her condition wasn’t that great, but how could she expect to hide this from Luna forever. It wouldn’t have been long before she became her father’s punching bag.

He got into the passenger seat, Olivia petrified and concerned about all the blood.
“Drive!” Harley yelled, which she jumped at but did as said. It was a quiet ride, other than Luna crying earlier, but she soon fell asleep. Eventually they pulled up to the house.
“Take Luna inside,” Harley told Olivia, grabbing the sleeping tot gently and heading into the house.

Harley sighed out, his hands were busted and still bleeding, his head throbbing. He looked at Lily in the back seat briefly, her bruised and busted face too much. “You are not going back there. You understand that Lily? I don’t care if you hate me, or you are disgusted but, - you are not going back to that guy.” He turned to face her finally. “You understand?”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 13d 5h 59m 17s
Lily continued to cower in the corner.
Hands - palms against her face as she breathed into them, screamed into them and begging Cameron to stop, but her prayers were left unanswered.
Perhaps he did not hear her pleading from the muffled voice and her words but Cameron continued to lay hands on the female.

The screaming got louder to where she did not hear the door open with a crash.
Harley was a strong man and was able to kick the door down - breaking the lock that secured it and stopped people from entering.
He got in just time to stop Luna dead in her tracks from seeing the commotion that was going on and spoke to her in a stern voice.
It was not long until Luna ran passed her hero and made way to the car that was waiting curb side with Olivia inside.

As her eyes landed on the small girl, Olivia got out of the car quick and wrapped her arms around the little one, keeping her close from harm.
[+green "Why is Mummy screaming?..."] she spoke in a frightened manner.

Lily should of left when the pair gave her the chance too.

The hitting had stopped and while breathing hard, Lily slowly raised her head from her hands and looked ahead - seeing Harley and Cameron fight it out in the lounge room.
Things were getting broke by the ferocity of the two.

[b "Ha...Harley, stop it..."] she spoke softly, dazed and confused as her eyes started to close.
Leaning her head back against the wall - she breathed hard ..speaking in a whisper to try to keep herself going and awake.

[b "I...should of left, with you....oh my god, my head....."]

Opening her eyes slowly, Lily looked around and saw the two men who stopped.
Cameron was on the ground somewhat unconscious while Harley was left, the winner but looking just as she did.

[b "Luna...where is Luna?!"]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 13d 7h 6m 6s
“Tomorrow is going to be too late.” Olivia told him. She could feel it, especially so after seeing Lily’s face when she came out. She looked horrible: bruised and bloody. She was swollen and Olivia couldn’t even fathom thinking about what marks were under her clothing. She couldn’t fathom how Luna slept in that home without nightmares. Just knowing what Cameron did to her friend Lily was enough to make her want to vomit.

“Olivia, if I go back in there, I don’t know what’s going to happen. You managed to stop me outside, but I have a feeling that I most certainly am not going to be able to hold back this time.”
“Maybe that’s not so bad.” Olivia said then and Harley looked to his sister then. She was asking of him to not stop which could mean killing Cameron. Though it wasn’t something he hadn’t done before, Harley had sworn to stay away from that. And what would Lily think of him then?” He would just be proving her right when it came to her thinking of him being a killer and an all-around bad guy. Though, this was for a good cause. This wasn’t just because of money or because of drugs. This was for Lily and Luna. He had vowed that he would protect them, and he wanted to keep that promise.

It was from the corner of his eye he noticed the flutter of the curtain and he could see Cameron striking Lily. “Damnit.” He said as he hit the steering wheel and removed his seatbelt. He looked at Olivia firm then. “Get in the driver’s seat and start the car. Do not – I mean it Olivia – Do not go inside you hear me?” She could see how serious her brother was and nodded her head. They both got out, Olivia switching to his seat and Harley heading back to the front steps, crossing over the droplets of blood that stained the sidewalk.

Harley didn’t knock, not needing an invitation. He’d burst through the door then and in good time as Luna had come out of her room then, probably from all the noise that pierced through paper thin walls and overshadowed the animated program she was watching. It didn’t take the sound of slaps and things crashing for Harley to know which room Lily was crouched in fear in, being brutally hit.

“Harley,” Luna announced as she saw him. He cursed, grabbing the little girl. He knew the only way Lily was going to leave was incitement and her daughter was more than enough.
“You remember my car?” He asked her and she nodded then. “We are going on a trip, go run to my car. Olivia is there, okay?” He told her. She nodded with a smile. Such innocence and so unknowing to what was going on. Luna had run away just in time as Cameron had come to see what the noise was. He stared at the broken door.

“What the fuck? Didn’t I tell you –“ The male didn’t have time to continue as once more they were involved in a fight. Though this time the rage had taken him over and Harley was not as lenient as before. This was Harley of the past, a man of complete rage – a man who could kill with his bare hands if he wanted. At first it was for money and now for . . . love.

All he could see was red and flashes of Lily’s battered face. His ears were ringing, blood everywhere. Was that Lily’s voice? He wasn’t sure.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 14d 20h 49m 39s
The door slammed shut.

Lily remained in the hallway - silently screaming inside her mind and her body for Harley to come crashing through the door and to save the day.
Those things outside that she had spoken, were merely words to satisfy Cameron and for him to no longer hurt her.

And yet, slowly - Cameron turned around from the door and looked at the woman who was scared of him.
Lily looked down and soon, left the hallway and wandered around the house just wanting to escape the sight of him.

It was in the lounge room she came too and stood by the window. A hand slipping inbetween the curtain, Lily pushed the fabric apart and looked out the glass and saw the car - still sitting on the side of the road infront of the house of horrors.
Olivia and Harley were inside it and from what it looked like - talking. Harley more so throwing up his arms, yelling but of course, she could not hear a thing.

Keeping the curtain open, Cameron stood behind her.
[+red "Touching..and love? What was he really talking about Lily. And don't you dare speak on the lie of Luna..."]
[b "It was not a lie. I swear..."]

Cameron raised a hand and hit Lily upside the head, a sight that one could see through the crack of the curtain.
Stepping away from the window, the male pushed Lily back and demanded the truth.
Lily continued to lie through her teeth, pleading for Cameron to stop as she could not take anymore.

[b "Please Cameron..please no more!....."] she screamed as she coward in a corner, sliding down the wall to finally sitting on the floor - covering her face.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 15d 8h 33m 43s
Calling the cops was a dangerous but Harley didn’t care. Lily and Luna were in danger and Lily was just too brainwashed by Cameron to see it. He was never going to change, and he was just going to continue to put her life in danger. Harley didn’t know what to do at that point really. He was already heading back toward the car.

“We can’t just leave her” Olivia announced as she followed after her brother, catching his elbow then with the hope that Harley would just turn around and retrieve her.
“What do you want me to do Olive? She is obviously out of her mind if she has it left.”
“We need to help her.”
“You can’t help someone who refuses to be helped. She won’t go with us willingly. You want me to drag her out of the house and make an even bigger show? I will be locked up by morning. If she is still protecting him, she will be on his side and claiming we kidnapped her.”
“Harley, she is in danger. She doesn’t – “
“Olivia!” His little sister paused then, both of them standing in front of his car and her shrinking in fear. He felt bad. He hadn’t meant to turn his anger on her. it wasn’t her fault, and neither was Lily to blame. It was understandable though frustrating why she was the way that she was.
“Look, I will come back tomorrow okay? Without you – “
“Harley –“
“It’s her or me okay Olive? I’ve had my chance, doesn’t look like happiness is foreseen in my future. If I end up in jail, well – that’s just what has to happen.”

Olivia was torn then. She wanted her best friend safe but is sounded like Harley was out for blood and she hated the thought that she could lose her brother forever.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 15d 12h 35m 39s
Lily knew how toxic the relationship was.
She knew how damaging it was but she could not leave. She could not possibly go back to a house that would have the Mob have a visit now and again for money.

How could Lily put Luna in that environment - but then again, there she was living in a house with her mother who was getting bashed and hurt by Cameron.
Slowly, the male stood up from the ground and wandered towards Lily and moved behind her - wrapping an arm around her fragile waist that caused the female to jump, thinking she was going to get hurt again.
Instead, it was a tactic to make Harley, even angrier but he was happy at the fact the woman said she was not going to leave.

Lily wanted too.
She loved Harley, very much but would never admit it.

[+green "Your home? He’s really unscrewed the bolts in that noggin.”]
[b "This is my home Olivia. This is Luna's home too. Cameron has not unscrewed anything. He has just made me realise..."] she spoke, knowing it was coming off as someone who was brainwashed, but she had to think about her daughter.
It was a bad choice to stay, Lily knew that but there was no way Cameron was ever going to let her go.

[+red “You know what it feels like to be cared for. You know what it’s like to be touched with love and not with the intent to hurt you.”]
[i "Touched with love? What is he talking about Lily?..."] Cameron spoke in response to Harley.
[b "I don't know. I'm assuming Luna's cuddles that are filled with love.."]

It was then Harley threatened to come to the house every day. Cameron did not like that.

[i "Get off my property before I call the cops. Lily, get inside - now...."] she spoke pushing Lily toward the front door - taking one last look at Harley and Olivia before he too - entered the house with a slam of the door.
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 15d 14h 5m 40s
Harley was breathing hard as he came to a less than sturdy stand. Bleeding profusely and of course he was still filled with rage. Just looking at Lily made it hard for him to not want to just kill Cameron right away. He couldn’t believe it was hard for her to see just how toxic this relationship was. This man was on the brink of killing her and if she didn’t put an end to it, who knows what he would do to their daughter. When Luna got older it would become increasingly harder to simply pass her bruises and injuries off as a car accident or accidentally bumping into a cabinet door a slip down the stairs. This was serious and he wanted Lily to see that.

“Your home?” Olivia asked I shock. “He’s really unscrewed the bolts in that noggin.” She said with a shake of her head. Cameron chuckled as he wiped the blood away and began toward the door then. He stood behind Lily then and it made Harley sick to see him wrap his arms around her and draw her close. There was nothing about love there. It wasn’t a home, it was a prison and all Cameron cared about was the fact that he could control Lily.

“You don’t belong here Lily, don’t you see that?” He asked her. “You know what it feels like to be cared for. You know what it’s like to be touched with love and not with the intent to hurt you.” He was trying to remind her of all those times they were together. That day at the beach with Luna. She saw how he was with her daughter. It was too soon to fully tell if he loved Lily, but he cared a lot about her. She had to know that. From all the nights they spent with another, bodies pressed so close. The many orgasms they had shared. She knew that she could have a home with him and Olivia.

“Lily, come back with us. For me. I can’t allow you to be here. I will come here everyday if I have to.”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 15d 22h 2m 39s
For a short time, Lily had come out of her shell and was no longer afraid of the man who had hurt her over and over.
Harley did teach her a few things in defending herself but it was not enough to fend off the man who loved to make her feel weak and an inch tall.

Harley needed to of taught her more, but the pair were too attracted to one another to not ignore there affection.
Was it love?

The fight was violent.
Both men played dirty and did not follow the rules of fighting.
Cameron got in a few good blows, but it was Harley who managed to finish the brawl on top.
Olivia rushed passed Lily and sprinted to her brother who was still punching Cameron and managed to grab his fist to make him stop. People from houses along the street heard the commotion and stepped out to see what was going on.

Lily remained on the porch, breathing in and out - looking around, especuially behind to see if Luna was there.
She was not, thankfully.

Spitting up blood, Cameron looked at Olivia and her Brother - threatening that Lily was not going anywhere.
Harley took no notice of this and turned to Lily, telling her to get her things and Luna.

They were to leave immediantly.

Lily remained on the porch.

She did not move.

[b "I cannot go with you. I belong here, this is my home.."] she muttered, brain washed by the vile man that was Cameron, even though her heart belonged to Harley.

Her face was black and blue.
Painful and bruised.

[b "I'm sorry. I cant.."]
  Anastasiya Kozlova ---- / MeisjeKelly / 16d 7h 36m 6s
All Harley could think of was the look on Lily’s face. She was bloodied and bruised – broken. She didn’t look anything like the Lily he had held in his hands, had kissed and made love with. In just a short period of time Cameron had managed to turn her back into the weak minded punching bag that Olivia and Harley had tried to get rid of. The door had been snatched open then and it was not long before the two males were fighting. Cameron was strong and he was a dirty fighter, but Harley had enough pent up anger inside him to not let this slide. What he did to Lily was not to be forgiven.

Cameron got a few blows in, Harley tasting the taste of metal from the blood that dropped from his eye and busted lip into his mouth. Though he had managed to get Cameron dragged out of the house and on the front steps. Everything was red then and he wasn’t sure if he was upset more so about Cameron or the fact that he allowed Lily to walk out of that door and back into this harmful and disgusting situation. His ears were ringing, the only sound he could hear clearly. Everything, Olivia and Lily’s voice distant and muffled as though he was underwater.

His knuckles were bleeding, split open from brushing against Cameron’s teeth with each hit. He could hear Lily then, yelling and telling him to stop and it wasn’t until Olivia gripped his fist did he stop to see the mess he had made. There were people looking from their houses then, though the cops hadn’t been called yet. He knew he would have to leave before they came or risk being sent back to jail. Cameron was barely conscious groaning and rolling to his side to spit up blood.

“Harley,” Olivia warned, surprised she stopped him from killing the man.
“Let’s go,” Harley said as he came to a stand.
“She’s not going anywhere.” Cameron managed to stammer out.

Harley looked at Lily. “Lily. Get Luna and lets go.” He was not going to allow him to sleep knowing this was the trash she was living with.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 16d 7h 56m 54s

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