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[size10 [b He] is an addict, struggling with sobriety after getting out of prison. Straight and narrow, that was the goal. But, with a temper and a penchant for liquor he's not sure if he'll be able to stay out of trouble.
[b She] is a single mother to a little girl, stuck in a tumultuous relationship with a man who's yet to marry her, but treats her like her property.Too scared to get out of the abusive relationship, she enlists the help of her best friend who sneaks them out to live with her.
[b The friend] just so happens to be the fella's sister. Now the house is filled with an ex con, his sister, and a woman trying to piece together a new life with her daughter.
[b Stuck] in a house together, both dealing their own demons, it's no wonder the two find themselves falling for one another. But can he stay on the right track? Can she manage to keep her daughter safe and finally have a happily ever after?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot.
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced, but id try to keep it limited to 2-3 depending on how active a role they're playing to the story. im posting as 3 people

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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The way Harley touched her, it was easy for her to respond the way she did.
Over the course of time when she was with Cameron, it was always sex and rougher the better it was. Not for her, but for him. Several times, Lily had begged for Cameron to stop - it only seemed to make him go even harder.
Up the backside was Cameron's go to hole, it caused hurt, the woman to be uncomfortable so it was perfect.

Harley took the female with the battered past from behind and the two embraced in such a way, Lily had never felt that much passion or ..affection for a man before in her life.
Hands on his shoulders, Lily tilted her head back and moaned - making noises of pleasure but not too loud.
The last thing she wanted was for Olivia to wake up and catch them both in the act.

Being caught with a male being inside her in the front was one thing but to see her own brother take her friend up the backdoor was something that shouldn't be seen.

[b "Fuck, it feels so fucking good.."] she managed to say - stuttering as she almost couldn't get the words out.
No condom was being used, which was just as well as nothing could happen if he was to release up the backend.
The last thing they both needed was for the appendage to go in the other hole, Henry to release and a child maybe conceived.

Lily held onto Harley tight, moving her body in time with his own - gasping as hand was drawn back before feeling a hard slap on the ass several times - the skin burning red from the pressure. A few more smacks on the ass and it was there - mid thrust of Harley being inside her that Lily could no longer hold it in.
Fingernails dragging down his back, she scratched him good - making him bleed as he too - released fluid.

Few more thrusts, hearing the bed squeak and thrust against the wall and the two finished up - holding onto each other as they panted and tried to regain breath.
[i "Shit..."] Harley spoke breathlessly, Lily smiling - her face in the crook of his neck.

[b "I know ….now that, was a work out..."] she replied, giving off a soft giggle. [b "You do know how to make me feel good..."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 8h 12m 19s
She was responding well, but Harley was taken aback by the fact that this wasn’t the personality of the sweet and slightly timid woman he had met just a short time ago. Did it matter though? Not entirely as his and her main focus clearly was on pleasuring one another. Harley didn’t hesitate then, finding that she had become comfortable and at her direction began to thrust into her. Still after so long of being without a woman, Harley was trying his hardest not to go too crazy which was nearly impossible.
Hands furiously brushed against and in her, his lips taking her own and kissing her as though the need for oxygen was unnecessary Harley could feel his body twitch with each grind and movement of their hips. He moaned out in pleasure, licking her neck up and down before finding her supple and full breasts in his mouth. There was nothing about Lily that he didn’t want to taste and he loved her body and how she had relinquished herself to him. He didn’t mind past scars, or didn’t seem to notice anything she would find as imperfect about her. She was delicate and light, yet satisfied him to the fullest.
Wanting more control of her he had to abandon his fingers from their previous post, and held her tight by the hips, fingers digging into soft skin. He could feel the sweat building, his body warm and muscular arms taut. Since their first session this had been on his mind and he was taking full advantage of a fantasy come true. Closer and closer, Harley had smacked her behind a few times and probably harder than meaning too before he knew he was close to erupting. The bed wasn’t the most comfortable, but it did the job of support despite how it creaked and rocked against the wall with each pump.
Harley knew he had a lot in him, but this was the first that he couldn’t stop and found himself eagerly releasing, one hand instinctively gripping her neck which excited him even more. His thumb ran over her bottom lip then, Harley’s eyes closed tight and still jerking slightly until he was complete. “Shit,” he managed to breathe out then. He had gone a bit crazy, but it was worth it to see that look of pleasure or her face.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 23h 38m 0s
A gun.
The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.
It's very dramatic when two people come together to work something out. It's easy to take a gun and annihilate your opposition.

A gun, yes was what was needed however Lily had no idea on how to use a gun and it was while stating this, that Harley raised an eyebrow and was in somewhat disbelief that she would even mention it then.
[i “You need a permit and doesn’t make sense buying a gun before you even know what to do with it."]
[b "I know that, but I have to learn somehow. How hard can it be? Aim and pull the trigger?..."]
[i "That’s how people get hurt and I don’t want you to get hurt,”]
[b "It's so sweet that you think of me …"]

The conversation was shared between the two all the while, they rested on the bed that Harley slept it.
It was not the most comfortable as her bed, originally his was more comfy but, it would do for situations like this.
Lily remained ontop of Harley and continued to kiss that mouth of him while feeling is hands caress her body - feeling every inch of the skin he loved to touch and kiss whenever he could.

Soon he sat up and cradled the woman who was now his girlfriend very close, to which she held him tight against.
A touch of her breasts.
The wanting for each other and evident an the two ha the basement to themselves as upstairs - Luna and Olivia slept so their was no worry of being caught.


Under the dress she wore, underwear was pushed the to side with Harley's wandering hands and before she knew it - a gasp escaped her throat the moment he could feel fingertips press against the back hole. Fingertips that circles and gently pushed in a teasing manner, wanting to get inside.

Alternating from circling to pushing, gently Harley inserted a finger that caused a little grip of his shoulder by her very own hand. The two did not speak - Lily closed her eyes as another finger was inserted slowly, stretching her open while the other hand pleasured her sensitive ball, rubbing in a fast motion from side to side.

Shifting her hand, it was Lily who reached down and grabbed his appendage out from the shorts he wore and directed it to the back where slowly, Harley removed fingers and slowly pushed head up where she gladly took him.

Lily winced from the searing pain but that would soon vanish and become upmost pleasure.
He only pushed deeper in the back, while the front had fingers entering.

Both holes filled and all the female could do was tilt her head back and enjoy being a "slut" for a moment.

[i "Is this okay?.."]

[b "Shut up. Don't talk, just fuck me.."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 1d 5h 24m 52s
Harley was beside himself. The woman was trying to rush the process. Yeah, he could get a gun off the streets but that was dangerous. If there were other bodies on that gun then it would lead a lot of mess and Harley could not deal with the cops as he was still dealing with the organized side of crime just a few weeks after being out of jail. “You need a permit and doesn’t make sense buying a gun before you even know what to do with it. That’s how people get hurt and I don’t want you to get hurt,” he told her then as he placed his hands to splay against her back, his hips moving lower beneath Lily. He smiled as he kissed her once more, glad she was falling into his advances then. It would be important for them to actually have a successful session and he figured tomorrow would be that day. It would be even more productive with Luna being watched by his sister and they could start earlier in the day too, just so the two of them could have more time to cover all bases.
“Ain’t nothing wrong with being a little bad,” he mentioned to her then with a chuckle. He leaned up to perfectly cradle her against his body, He had no intentions of taking things too fast as it had been only brief moments of being able to indulge in each other with a kiss or a touch. Right now they had the whole room to themselves, Luna and Olivia asleep and none the wiser upstairs. Harley lifted her shirt then off of her, hands eagerly playing with her breasts as he met her eyes, pressing his hardness against her. He wanted her this was completely evident. Harley started to kiss at her neck, fingers grazing her clothing and he was more than satisfied to find he was only in a pair of shorts as he fought to remove the remainder of the clothing that lied on her.
He had every intention of taking it slow, savoring in the feeling of being with her, but he had to get himself inside her. Harley wanted to experience her in both ways; he looked at her then, hoping he hadn’t surpassed his boundary with her body as his hand, wet from the angel above him allowed a gentle entrance of his fingers into the backdoor. Slowly he allowed them into her, adding a finger when comfortable to assure it would be easier for him to enter. His other free hand eagerly worked against her clitoris feverishly, his lips never leaving hers until he couldn’t wait any longer and entered her behind.
He removed their parted lips then, a moan escaping as the tightness overwhelmed him. He was slow though, watching how she reacted then. “Is this okay?” He asked her as he suckled on her neck, still entering slow and his fingers now playing with her inside as his appendage finally encompassed the tight hole. He had successfully penetrated both holes was waiting for her okay before completely deciding to ravage Lily.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 1d 14h 4m 24s
A gun.
That was what she was down too. A piece of weaponry that could potentially save her live along with her daughters.
Or, could ruin a family.

It was just how to was used.

[i “Alright tomorrow, tomorrow we will get you all set up with that. It’s the weekend, Olivia can watch Luna for a bit before work.”]
[b "Set up? ...What needs to be done to get a gun? If it's a lot of work, I...I don't know. I don't even know how to use a gun.."] she replied, biting her lower lip.
Cameron was the only one who knew how to use one, which scared the crap of her, especuially when she slept.

What was she getting herself into?
Well at least tomorrow, the two would be together as with having a child, it was hard to get alone time.

Within moments, Harley's arm wrapped around Lily's waist and the two kissed one another with smiles on both of their faces.
A kiss that they got lost in as soon, Lily found herself ontop of Harley, kissing him harder while feeling him get hard against her legs - hands gripping her pert ass that made the now taken female giggle.

[i “A session or something else?”]

Did they have time?
Could both be an option?

Leaning up - breaking the kiss, Lily kept her smile and shrugged. A session did sound good as it would help her to defend herself and Luna, but the temptation of having sex with a man that made her orgasm several times in a row, seemed to win the argument.

[b "Choices, choices..."] she replied, leaning back down and kissed Harley's mouth before taking his lower lip in between her teeth and bit down upon it. [b "Grrr..bad boy...."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 1d 15h 22m 21s
Harley looked over the woman then. A gun wasn’t just something you use to point and shoot if you had never used one before. He knew these sessions though were just excuses at this point for the two to get alone time. Though he still wanted to be sure that Lily could protect herself while they weren’t with another. Being a convicted felon, he couldn’t own a gun and getting it illegally was a gamble. She would have to register it in her name herself so that all bases were covered.
“Alright tomorrow, tomorrow we will get you all set up with that. It’s the weekend, Olivia can watch Luna for a bit before work.” Admittedly he did plan to have an actual session with the female, but with her so close to him at that moment and after the kiss, plans did seem to evolve into something different. They were officially dating at this point. They only just had such a small window of time to be together which was the drawback.
Harley couldn’t help himself then as he drew her in by the waist, lips pressed tight against hers as he drew the female into him, laying on his back to have her atop him. The emotion he felt looking into her eyes as he pulled from the kiss was indescribable. All he knew was that he was the luckiest man on earth and it pained him to know someone had someone like her in their lives and still put her through so much hell.
Harley’s hands ran over her hips toward her back, cupping her ass as he looked up at her growing with anticipation and satisfied to know they finally had time alone. “So what do you want?” he asked her in a low breathy tone, hips lifting to press against her as he grew harder with wanting, biting down on his lower lip then. “A session or something else?”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 3d 21h 52m 52s
Three knocks.
That was what was agreed upon and it was with the three knocks that Lily placed a hand on the bannister and slowly made her way down the wooden steps towards to basement, one step at a time before stepping onto the floor.

The room was dimly lit by a lamp that cast a warm soft glow.
The TV turned on that created light just the same and Harley sat on the bed with a single can of beer in his hand.

Lily opened her mouth and spoke on Luna saying goodnight to him all the while she sat down beside the man who was now her boyfriend due to him asking her.
It wasn't easy asking someone out with the fear of rejection but with Harley, he had nothing to fear.
Lily liked him.

A lot.

Turning her head the moment she noticed Harley leaning in, the two kissed and it felt better than the first time.
Yes, they were still hiding their affection and keeping it from Lily's daughter and Olivia - but they were a couple and it felt right.

Kissing back, a soft bite of his lower lip - it was not long until the two pulled away and all Lily could do was smile.

[i “So you all ready to start?”]
[b "Start?..."] she replied, raising an eyebrow as she kept her bright eyes on the man that was growing on her.
Was she in love? - No..

Was she close?
Most definatly.

[b "Oh, you actually mean a real session.."] Lily spoke before giving off a nod. [b "Yeah, okay. Sure. I mean I could always have a gun and these sessions are just sex..."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 4d 9h 17m 51s
Harley had kept himself well distracted downstairs watching tv and enjoying a beer. H was tired, but still hadn’t received a text and there was the possibility he would be able to sleep through the night which he was sure that lily would appreciate as she was annoyed when he had to leave. It was comfortable and nice though to have the freedom to be . . . well [I free]. Harley was used to being told what to do 24/7 when he was in jail.
This simple moment f being shirtless, in his boxers then, enjoying a beer and lounging on bed was a pleasure he thought he would never be able to enjoy again. This being why he wanted to turn his life around. The prospect of going to prison was not very ideal and this would be his third strike which could be even worse for him. He didn’t want to put the girls through that. It amazed him then that when he came out he expected to simply worry about himself and now he had to worry about not only his little sister but also Lily and her daughter. That was a pretty big responsibility and now taking things to the next level and deciding to date Lily put on even more of load of responsibility on the male.
He would say though just staying at home was a bit boring at times and maybe that’s what drew him to the fast life. Of course he expected Lily wouldn’t do so well in a world of danger after the battles she dealt with daily. He would have to go straight if they were to only make a relationship work, but make it last – maybe even toward the possibility of marriage. He chuckled then, if his father heard him considering that idea he would lose his mind laughing as Harley never seen like that type.
There were the familiar knocks at his door and the male looked up to see Lily walking down toward him. Her daughter enjoyed his presence and Harley felt even more responsibility at that point. She sat beside him then and Mason couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her. “ ‘s different,” he admitted to her. “But I like it.” He stood up then. “So you all ready to start?” Would this actually be a professional session? He doubted it, but he still wanted Lily to be able to protect herself for the days he was gone.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 4d 23h 17m 23s
Lily had said yes.
A single word that either made their relationship or could potentially destroy it the moment Olivia found out.

Throughout the course of the night, the smile on her face could not be removed.
For once in her life - she had a man who respected her. Who touched her body lovingly instead of destroying it with punches or hard slaps that left a red welt mark.
For once in her life, Lily had a man who spoke the nicest things to her and honestly, that was better than sex.

In the lounge room, Lily remained with her daughter and the pair watched tv for a moment before the woman got up and moved into the kitchen where herself and Olivia did the dishes and cleaned up the dinner mess.
Harley showered and went down to the basement. Whatever he was doing, she had no clue.

Olivia went to bed.
Luna did the same thing. Tv turned off - Lily put her daughter to bed after washing and clothing her.
Reading her a story, Luna fell asleep and with leaving the lamp on - Lily smiled and slowly, quietly left the room.
Wandering around the house, everything was locked securely and it was not long until the three knocks of the basement were made and Lily stepped down.

[b "It's only me..."] she spoke, hearing the TV that Harley was watching. [b "Luna said goodnight to you.."]

Stepping down onto the ground, she smiled and wandered over to the bed where he sat and turned - seeing the show that was radiating on the screen.

[b "So..you have a girlfriend now. How does it feel?.."]
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 5d 7h 17m 0s
Yes. She had said yes and that was the gray seat feeling ever. So much so that he was grinning ear to ear. He had passed Olivia with a pep in his step as he headed to his room to grab some clothes for his shower. Lily sat in the lounge room and it took all of him not to kiss her again as Olivia was much too close the He headed upstairs to the bathroom and stripped before getting in. His knuckles stung some and some of the wounds had reopened a bit from the fight he had earlier and that kind of brought him to reality. There was absolutely no way he was going to tell Lily about his work until he was positive that she could handle it. Though it was even more worrisome to think [I if] she even could handle it or would she even consider being with him despite it. He tried to push that back in his mind as a thought fir tomorrow. A future problem that he wouldn’t allow to take over the food feeling he had.
After washing his hair and body, he finished showering and got out, quickly drying off then and getting dressed in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Usually he was likely to go bare chested but wanted to have some kind of modesty and figured he’d remove it when he headed to his room.
So far he hadn’t received a text from his friend which could mean he wouldn’t be needed that night. He already got a nice hefty sum from the protection detail earlier, but there was nothing wrong with extra cash and the quicker he made money the easier it would be to pay Gio off.
When he came downstairs Olivia was just finishing up cleaning up with the help of Lily. She had made small conversations with her friend to see how she was doing, settling in fine and if she had any contact from Cameron. He caught the end of the conversation, but Harley was glad to hear that her ex hadn’t come around. Yet at least.
He briefly caught her eye or more like she looked back in time to see him staring at her ass. Olivia soon finished the dishes and kissed her brother goodnight as well as hugging Lily to thank her for helping. She was going for a shower and to bed, tired from being in her feet all day at the diner. With a kiss and wave goodbye to the little girl, she was in her way and Harley headed downstairs after smirking and giving Lily a wink. Dating. He was ind but just late twenties and yet his younger self never really fathomed the idea of being a one woman man. Yet here he was. He removed his shirt and cracked a beer he had taken and took a seat on his bed. He expected Lily soon for their session and busied himself watching the game on tv.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 6d 6h 52m 22s
[i “I’m not good at this and this is my first time,”]
[b "I don't understand. What is your first time?..."] she replied, an eyebrow raised as she had no idea where this conversation was going. Truth be told, Harley had better hurry and say what he needed to say as any minute, Olivia could turn the corner and catch them in a conversation.

Lily could tell from the look on her face earlier at the dinner table that Olivia knew something was up but could not put her finger on it.
Maybe Harley and herself weren't as good at hiding as she thought.

[i “I want to date you – you know like proper. I don’t want ya to just be about sea,”]
[b "You want to date me?..."] Lily spoke, biting her lower lip before giving off a wide smile. Never did she think Harley would speak on dating. He seemed like a "fuck" only type of guy.
This was a nice color on him.
It suited him and it took Lily by surprise.

[b "Date me..like boyfriend and girlfriend, date?..."]
[i "So what do you say?..."]
[b "Wow, put on the spot. Honestly, I thought you would never ask such a question, but since... I happen to like you, i'd like to date you..."] she replied.

Lily had said yes.
The answer Harley was looking for as he lent in, reached behind her an firmly gripped her ass tight.
She was willing for there to be a them and with the ass grab, Lily lent in and kissed Harley's mouth, forgetting to take a look around for any witnesses, but luckily - Harley did that for the both of them.

As the kiss ended, the two broke apart and went their separate ways. Harley wanted a shower while Lily remained by the lounge room and watched Luna for a single moment before going off to help Olivia in the kitchen.
The least she could do was help clean as the guest.

Lily was dating Olivia's brother.
Not exactly a great move to make considering what she was going through - but it felt nice to be wanted and looked after.

Harley was a good man and she wanted to give them a chance.
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 6d 7h 17m 43s
“I’m not good at this and this is my first time,” Harley admitted sheepishly. He was stumbling over his words like a young preteen talking to a girl for the first time. He felt like he was making the situation even more confusing as Lily was trying to decipher just what he meant about them and going to the next level. “I want to date you – you know like proper. I don’t want ya to just be about sea,” he finally said. He shrugged his hands into his pockets, leaning against the wall in the hallway and watching her, trying to have her reaction. He wondered what she would say. She was still dealing with her own drama with Cameron and just recently got out of that situation. She had a daughter to consider as well, this as a big step for both of them. Harley has to be all in as he didn’t believe Lily deserved time he hurt again. Yeh he was all in and he was serious. Though if they got any more serious they had to tell Olivia and that worried him as he knew his sister wouldn’t be happy. Especially considering wha he did for work. His world was dangerous and he could be putting Lily or Luna’s life at risk or even could’ve been sent back to prison and then what good would go for the girls?
If he couldn’t pay back the money they owed that meant consequences and Harley would die before he let anything happen to his little sister and now even to Lily or Luna. “So what did you say?” He asked her as he leaned in close then. One look over his shoulder assured the coast was clear and he leaned in, hand gripping that ass he missed before smiling down at her. “Willing to give [I us] a chance?” He kisses her deeply then, moaning into the kiss and god how he wished they were in the privacy of his room, everyone asleep and oblivious to the going ons between the two. All he could hope was that she would trust him and say yes – yes time trying and yes to putting her heart on the line just once more for him. Harley reluctantly pulled away then, smacking her ass lightly and moving away just in time. Olivia was heading upstairs to shower and head to bed. He cleared his throat then. “Just let me know.” He said as he bet she was astonished at his suggestion and he was letting her know she could give him an answer when he saw her that night for her session. He smirked some and headed pass his sister then, little Luna trying to make it up the stairs. He watched carefully as she maneuvered the steps before passing one last glance at Lily and then heading to his room.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 6d 12h 10m 50s
Pulling the chair back, Lily slowly took a seat on the cushion right after she placed Luna in a suitable highchair where she too would be comfortable when she ate.
Silence filled the room for a moment as Olivia watched her friend and her brother very carefully - raising an eyebrow.

She wasn't stupid.
She knew something was up but kept her mouth shut just in case what she was thinking was indeed wrong.

Under the table, Lily lifted up her leg and gently caressed Harley's own as he sat on the opposite side.
She was showing affection in the most subtle way, where no one could see it.

The four of them ate together and engaged in conversation that was harmless until all was done and eaten.
Luna went off with Olivia and Lily excused herself to go to the bathroom. Leaving the dining room - she moved into the hallway and breathed out, biting her lower lip.
Harley followed moments later and the too stood in front of one another - blushing, not knowing what to say.

He honestly took her breath away.

[b "You wanted to talk..."] she spoke softly, looking around before taking another gaze at Harley.
[i “I don’t want to push you away. I mean I don’t want to seem overwhelming. I just – I wanted to know where we are going with this?”]
[b "Going with what? Us?..."] Lily replied, raising an eyebrow, listening Harley speak about the next level.

Next level?

[b "Next level? What is that exactly, we already had sex...."] Lily mentioned with a smile, crossing arms over her chest as they both continued to look around just to make sure no one was listening, especuially Olivia.
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 6d 12h 36m 28s
Sitting at the table then, Harley could sense his sister’s eyes on him as she entered the dining area, making sure to follow them when Lily joined in and he did all he could not to let his gaze linger on her for too long. It was easy for him to distract himself with eating, though Harley also had the thoughts of his conversation with Lily in the back of his mind. He knew he was taking a chance by giving the idea of being more than random hookups. Was he promising the idea of marriage? No. However, Harley didn’t like the idea of sneaking around though and he had the hope that maybe Olivia wouldn’t protest to the idea of them together if she knew they were serious. Though, he was unsure that if Lily knew what he was up to when he left for hours during the day or at night, that she wouldn’t be a fan of it and would possibly write the male off altogether.
There was brief conversation between the lot of them and eventually everyone was full and satisfied. Luna had begun to help Olivia with cleaning up and he kissed his sister on the cheek thanking her for dinner before disappearing into the living room. He watched a shortly Lily followed suit, heading toward the hallway then. He knew they had a short window and not much time for something so personal. Coming to a stand then, he followed Lily until they were by themselves.
He wanted more than anything to take her and had they a few short hours he would, but they were out in the open and Luna and Olivia were still awake, more than able to walk in on them any time soon. If the conversation went well, he assumed the ending to their defense class would be a sweet one. He gently placed a hand at her hip, kissing her just briefly. Not being able to hold her close, or even having to sneak around like this was taking a toll and the more they became involved, the less likely he would be able to stop himself from acting on his desires. They could slip up and hurt Olivia or even worse, themselves.
“Lily,” he said before throwing a look over his shoulder, just to confirm they still had privacy. “I just – I hmm,” he chuckled nervously, trying to find the right words then. “I don’t want to push you away. I mean I don’t want to seem overwhelming. I just – I wanted to know where we are going with this?” He finally managed to get out to then. “I am admittedly growing increasingly attracted to you and I – I want to see if we can take this to the next level?” He was sincere and while he had fallen back into a life he wanted to leave behind, it didn’t mean he gave up on trying to change his life around and to become a new man; a man with a family and a civil man of society. He was getting older and Harley knew that he wanted more.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 8d 11h 34m 33s
They had feelings for one another.
There was no doubt about it. The way the two showed affection was evident enough on how they felt, but deep down they both knew nothing would ever come from it.

It was a shame.
The two connected on a level that she had never felt before. Lily could not say the same for Harley as she did not know his love life. She was not familiar with his past.

A kiss was shared then it broke apart as they both started to speak to one another about missing company.
It was then a kiss was given again by Harley who took control of Lily's lips and this kiss was far more hard, passionate and lingering, enough to make her weak in the knees a he had that effect on her.
Time however was not on their side.
As much as Lily wanted Harley on the be they stood beside, she - like him, knew that dinner was almost ready and in the timeframe they had, sex was not an option.

[i “I’m sorry for leaving you,”]
[b "You had to work. I cannot stop you for making an income.."] she replied, feeling his hands on her body.
[i "I want to talk to you after dinner..."]

Lily raised an eyebrow and looked at Harley sharply after he spoke those words.
He wanted to see her?
Whatever for?

They were going to have a defence session together but with his tone right there, she was now thinking about on what else he could possibly want to speak of.

Lily nodded and gave off a weary smile and it was not long until the pair stepped out of the bedroom and ushered to the staircase, close together while Olivia was stepping up to find the two and speak of dinner being ready.

[b "Smells great, Olivia..."] she spoke, stepping down passed Olivia, leaving the brother and sister to talk. Harley speaking on he was just checking on Lily to throw his sister off the scent.
Olivia wasn't stupid.

She knew something was up.

At the table, the four gathered around and ate.
They all spoke in a civil manner, had a good laugh, Lily looking after her daughter until they were finished.

Luna went with Olivia and helped clear the table as best as her little hands could.
Lily on the other hand, used "the bathroom" as an excuse and wandered to it down the hallway and stood there - waiting patiently as she continued to think on what Harley wanted to talk to her about.

Perhaps it was getting too risky and "they" were coming to an end.

It was probably for the best.
  Lily - / MeisjeKelly / 8d 13h 6m 9s

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