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[size10 [b He] is an addict, struggling with sobriety after getting out of prison. Straight and narrow, that was the goal. But, with a temper and a penchant for liquor he's not sure if he'll be able to stay out of trouble.
[b She] is a single mother to a little girl, stuck in a tumultuous relationship with a man who's yet to marry her, but treats her like her property.Too scared to get out of the abusive relationship, she enlists the help of her best friend who sneaks them out to live with her.
[b The friend] just so happens to be the fella's sister. Now the house is filled with an ex con, his sister, and a woman trying to piece together a new life with her daughter.
[b Stuck] in a house together, both dealing their own demons, it's no wonder the two find themselves falling for one another. But can he stay on the right track? Can she manage to keep her daughter safe and finally have a happily ever after?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot.
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced, but id try to keep it limited to 2-3 depending on how active a role they're playing to the story. im posting as 3 people

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Lily had gone through a lot.
Her childhood was not the best. Living in a trailer park had it's limits but at least she had a roof over her head.
She shared a bed with her mother that ...was often occupied with men so she had to sleep on the couch, listening to things, no kid should ever hear.

Although beautiful, Lily was smart and always thought she had a good head on her shoulders but when it came to her heart, she fell for men and they were often the wrong men.
When Cameron came along - he seemed to be different.
Cameron was kind, considerate - picked her up on time and dropped her off at curfew.
Kissed her good night, held her hand and opened doors for her.

Lily felt she had hit the jackpot but the more she fell in love, more cracks started to show.
It was Cameron's plan all along. Making the woman fall in love with him so desperately that she would never leave.
He would hit her.
He would swear at her, speak on that she was good for nothing and she was not a good mother because she often made him mad to make him do these things in front of their daughter.

All she wanted, was a man.
A proper man...a man that would never take her for granted, who would care for her and treat her like a Queen. A man who would never hit a woman.
Lily had no hope and no faith.

Harley took Lily in his arms and kissed her all over.
Kissed every inch of her skin and even in between her legs that was warm and begged for his mouth.
Fingers ran through his hair and pulled at the strands and he lapped her up before shifting ontop of the woman.
The two had to keep it quiet and it was proving quite difficult especially the moment after the condom was placed upon the erection and pushed inside the woman in one slip - a gasp escaped her lips.

Luckily, the bed did not squeak.

Lily wrapped her legs around Harley's waist, back arched as the two fucked each other with a desperate need.
Thrusting madly, hands were all over each other until finally Harley's hands gripped her ass and held onto her like a vice - pushing the bed up against the wall with ever hard push upwards that only made the woman scream in to the pillow.
Lower half grinding against him, she climaxed all over him as wit one final push from him - he too released himself, into the latex as he hit the wall.

He held her.
It was a different move than she was used too.

A nice little cuddle afterwards where she listened to his words, speaking he would not let any harm come to her or the little girl as long as he was around.
[b "Well, make sure you're around..."] she whispered back, naked - on his bed resting beside Harley as he pulled out and took off the condom, tossing it into the bin.

[b "Id hate to think of what you honestly think of me."] she spoke softly, moving up from his hold and sat on the edge of the bed, grabbing her outfit. [b "I only met you yesterday. You are my friends brother and ...I just..fucked you. I'm not a whore, I swear..."] she spoke again, putting on her crop top - hiding the scars she was ever so ashamed of.
Harley had seen them and that was humiliating enough.

[b "I just ...needed to feel you.."]
  MeisjeKelly / 1d 8h 34m 39s
She hadn’t pushed him away, hadn’t recoiled from his touch or even gave him a sucker punch as she had earlier. Instead the woman had relaxed, accepting his kisses and his further advances as his hands traveled the expanse of her skin.[I I want daughter safe. I want to feel....good again. I want to feel, a man....] She expressed to him after kissing him hungrily, both of them breathing heavily and clearly wanting each other. He smiled then at her, ducking his head to chuckle some, “You’ll feel better than good,” he said to her as he lifted her then, heading toward his bed where he gently laid the woman down. He kissed at her neck moaning as he pressed tight against her. This had been the closest he had been to a woman since being released, a thought that consumed him when he was behind bars. She was here and willing to be had. Harley knew though, he had to be careful and had to play it safe as the man was a victim of violence and he didn’t want to do anything that would trigger her about her ex.
He removed Lily’s shirt then, frowning at the scars, the traces of her abusive history, trying not to get angry as this was not about that [I monster]. He knew this was about pleasuring Lily. He removed any other article of clothing that acted as a barrier between the two, already shirtless and removing his own shorts, the wanting for Lily evident and finally freed from the constrictions of the shorts.
“Don’t move, just relax,” he whispered against her lips, kissing her as he trailed down, tongue lapping at her breast before meeting her inner thighs where it lapped at her, just to get her close. He held her thighs in his hand, head secured in, quickening until satisfied.
Slipping a condom on which was grabbed from the drawer beside him, he slipped into her finally, appendage and all, he nearly lost it. He knew he had to be quiet or else Olivia would know what was going on, his cry of pleasure silent and yelled toward the sky as he stared at the ceiling. He took a bit to collect himself, staring down then at Lily, chest rising and falling as Harley was trying to remind himself not to ravage the female. Though he found it hard, hands gripping her thighs, thrusting madly into her.
He had kissed her like a man seeking for the truth in her mouth, moaning into her, hips jerking quick and hard. “Lily,” he had whispered, one of the many times that hour he had said her name, playing with her breasts, gripping her ass, until finally coming to the point of climax. He’s turned her over at that point, one hand tight on her hip, the other a fist banging at the wall, luckily not making any holes, but a clear sign of the man’s power as he released then. He’d been holding a lot in and this was definitely a large load. Harley made sure she was not to wiggle away, holding her to him until sure he was completely finished.
“Long as I’m around,” he said in a breathy whisper against her ear, “you’ll be safe, you and your daughter, and I will always make you feel good.” He removed himself from her then, discarding the condom in an empty bin. He felt renewed, as that had been his first sexual encounter in a while. He sighed though, knowing he had crossed the line with Olivia’s friend. But was it really so bad?
  harley / SincerelyLily / 1d 21h 50m 29s
[i "You are beautiful,”]

Those were really nice and wonderful words.
Cameron, never spoke on Lily being attractive, beautiful. He never even spoke on her being a good mother which often made her self conscious, which always made her feel she was never good enough.
Perhaps that was the reason why she tried as much as she did.

What came next, Lily did not expect.
Harley stepped in only for the female to back up against the wall in a huff. A gasp escaped her throat as they were both toe to toe and a kiss was shared between the two.

A kiss that she closed her eyes too.
A kiss that was somewhat passionate and completely unexpected that she had sighed - breathed out through her nose - showing liking of each other in the basement.

Gloves being unvelcro'd and straps loosened to where the boxing gear was dropped onto the floor, hands freed to touch each other without restriction.
Now this, was how a man touched a woman. It was not rough, rushed - it was completely cared for and Lily was ever so thankful.

As the kiss broke, Lily turned her head and breathed heavily - giving out soft moans as Harley's hands ran up her body and began to play with her breasts. Squeezing. Rubbing and teasing nipples that got harder and harder.
[b "Oh my god.."] she whispered, biting her lower lip - turning her head only to kiss Harley's lips again, this time a little more hungrier than before.

Harley being told, he could not focus - replied that he infact could and it was while he spoke this that his hands left her chest and grabbed her ass. A nice firm grasp that seemed dominant and Lily liked it. She did like a man being a man.

[i "I cant train you and not want to have you if you keep taunting me. Tell me what you want Lily,”]
[b "I want daughter safe. I want to feel....good again. I want to feel, a man...."] she spoke, opening her eyes and gazed upon Harley. [b "I want to feel..a man..."] Lily repeated...
  MeisjeKelly / 2d 1h 36m 23s
Don’t lose focus and this woman was before him a distraction herself. “You are beautiful,” he said to her then, answering her question a bit too late. He was a bit unsure what to do at that point. Not being able to help himself Harley grabbed Lily, enough tension to hold her close, but plenty of room for her to get away if she wanted. There against the wall, their positions turned now he began to kiss the woman, hands clumsily trying to be rid of the gloves and once free able to press against her, feel her skin.
He didn’t know how much time he had and sure, if he was breaking any boundaries, he could tell that when pushed Lily was more than capable of getting the male away from her. He suspected the reason she never fought back with Cameron was out survival for her and her daughter. He wasn’t trying to hurt her though and though a dominant man, this was nothing of a power struggle.
His hands rode up her shirt, the very crop top she had claimed she was ready to pull up any second. Hands pressed against her bandeau, her chest rising and falling with every rushed breath she took. He was a bit out of his mind then, grabbing her breast, hands running over her nipples, trailing down her abdomen and to her hips. “Continue,” he whispered as his hands had reached her hips, grabbing her to a lifted stance as he finally pulled away to watch her then.
“We haven’t even started?” He suggested, Harley kissing at her neck gently, his tongue lapping against her skin. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone and maybe it was because she was available, but who was he to deny himself of any favors? Much the same for Lily.
“I can focus on many things,” he said softly, voice husky, the erection clear in his shorts, his hands cupping the perfectly sculpted ass clothed in those yoga pants. “But I cant train you and not want to have you if you keep taunting me. Tell me what you want Lily,” he said finally, reiterating his words from earlier. She had ran away then, but he had her trapped against the wall. So what was it going to be?
  harley / SincerelyLily / 2d 7h 58m 6s
[i “Stomping would help, that way at least your hands are free and I can’t imagine that beautiful head being used in that way,”..]

His words were somewhat re assuring.

Stomping would indeed help, this would make the male unclasp her to where then she could do whatever she wanted. For a moment she felt like a proud student, that was until Henry continued to speak about her head being used in a crushing manner.

[b "A moment ago, you thought I was nothing but a pansy, but I showed you. Maybe don't underestimate me, a mother would do anything to protect her baby..."] she muttered still in a soft whisper.

Words then spoke on kissing.
Kissing was fun, it connected two people, made each other somewhat tingle that could possibly lead to other things that were completely natural.

It made people feel wanted, even if it was just for a few moments.
Harley slowly loosened the vice grip he had on Lily only for the female to feel his hands trailing down the sides of her body before snaking arms around waist - keeping her close.

He was Olivia's brother.
A man she had only known for a short time and yet, she found herself here - in his arms, wanting nothing more than to feel some sort of affection.
Affection she been lacking.

[i “You know for a man who hasn’t seen a woman this beautiful, you make it completely hard for me not to-“]
[b "Not too what? ...Harley, you think im beautiful? …."] Lily replied, still in that soft voice - lips close to his own and her breathing started to become a little heavy.
Harley shifted and gently, slowly nuzzled her neck - smelling her scent before placing a soft kiss against the back of her ear.
A spot she had no idea gave her tingles up until that moment.

[i "Fuck, Lily..."]

What she had planned, Harley did not take a bait.

Hell, she dangled herself infront of him, wriggled her ass against his erection - spoke in a seductive way and was this close to kissing his mouth.

He pulled away.
Ungrasping the woman and wandered off in front in pure frustration, leaving Lily standing where she stood.

[i “I’m sorry, I – kissing you would be great – but I want more than a kiss. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend – it’s just been a while.”]
[b "I get it. It was my fault. I should never of crossed that boundary line. I was this close on pulling up my crop top ..."] Lily spoke, biting her lower lip - feeling completely stupid.

[b "Umm, well...you got distracted. You lost focus. Don't lose focus, Harley..."]

[b "Continue?..."] again Lily spoke, breathing deep - trying to become unflustered, shaking her hands that ere in the gloves once again.
  MeisjeKelly / 2d 9h 51m 52s
The woman was definitely complex and making it hard to focus on helping her and hard to focus on not wanting to fuck her. He still held onto her, though she was clearly in control and had led the male to the wall where they both pressed against each other.
“Stomping would help,” he said then to her, “That way at least your hands are free and I can’t imagine that beautiful head being used in that way,” He sighed out then, his mind thinking of less defense and now very naughty thoughts.
“Last time I kissed you, you gave me a blow to the gut,” he said to her in a whisper, the wriggle of her ass enough to excite him further and Harley was not in the mood for another hard on that would be satisfied. He of course would never do anything to a woman without her consent. He knew she was probably used to rough sex, sex from a man she sometimes if not always didn’t want or ask for. It was an escape from the abuse, giving Cameron her body in the hopes it would appease the man long enough for their household to have peace.
Lily was Olivia’s friend, and he knew from his sister’s stare this morning that she was off the market. And yet, he couldn’t help as he loosened his grip on the female, Harley’s hands now dropping down to wrap securely around the woman’s waist, his strength not allowing her to go anywhere.
Harley clumsily gripped her hips and held her against his own. “You know for a man who hasn’t seen a woman this beautiful, you make it completely hard for me not to-“ He sighed out, his nose brushing against her neck, a light kiss placed behind her ear.
“Fuck Lily,” Harley said then with anger. He could feel his shorts expanding and out of his mind, he still had the decency to distance himself from the female. “I have to – “ Harley was blushing then, the hard on not easy to hide and he was a bit embarrassed. “We can –“ he wasn’t thinking straight then and felt like he was looking more and more like an idiot in front of her. “I’m sorry, I – kissing you would be great – but I want more than a kiss.” He chuckled and turned his back some, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend – it’s just been a while.”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 2d 10h 40m 0s
Where the animal came from inside her, she had no idea.
Perhaps it was the years of being with the same man who always touched her in a hurtful manner or perhaps always fucked her without consent - to which she put up with.
It was rape, sure - but she loved Cameron and she knew he loved their daughter despite the screaming and the yelling so she chose to stay.

Lily was always in denial.
The harder he hit her, the more she thought he loved her.

With the two hits, Lily bit her lower lip and watched as Harley somewhat lent over with the blow of his stomach.
[b "I am so sorry..."] she apologized - eyes watched carefully as Harley lent back up - straightened his back and cleared his throat - speaking on that finally the lion had arrived.

He spoke about her daughter and that was not going to fly with her.

The one thing she was truly worried about was not being able to defend herself when Harley was not there.

[b "You promised to be here.."]
[i “I can’t be with you at all times, we’d know way too much about each other,”]
[b "Did you..want to know me?.."] Lily replied, raising an eyebrow before watching Harley come up to her, walking around her body and pressed up hard against her back.
His lower half, pressed firmly against her ass that was sculptured by the shapewear of the yoga pants.
A hand gripping her throat that made the woman's head tilt back slight. It did not hurt, there was not a harsh grip like she was used too but Harley was getting his point across.

Wrist being pulled and moved behind to rest against her lower back as he held on tight.
Lips pressed against her ear.
His voice only a whisper asking on what it was she would do if she was in a certain position, the position she was in right now.
His voice made her body quiver and it was hard tying to think on how to get out of the predicament while he was this close to her.

Taking a foot behind, Lily began to walk back - the closer she got to the wall the faster she got and finally, pushed Harley against it with force.
Pinned in between her and the concrete that was the basement structure.

[b "I could.. head butt you and break your nose. Stomp on your foot or back kick you in the shin but..."] she spoke softly, turning her head - eyes looking down at Harley's mouth. [b "Or I could kiss you …"]

Lily backed into him a little harder.
Ass pressing against his lower half as she gave it a little wriggle.

[b "Kissing ...is so much more fun, don't you think?..."]
  MeisjeKelly / 2d 11h 26m 55s
The blow to his stomach was definitely shocking and he hadn’t even recovered his breathing before he had a gloved fist to the face, Lily soon to apologize. He chuckled when he managed to get his breathing regulated. He had managed to stand finally waving his hand to show there was no need to apologize.
“Ah, so the lion awakes,” he commented. “That’s what you need to think about. Lovers only belong in bed – we’re not in bed love, we are on the battlefield.” He smirked then, knowing the woman at least had some power behind her and hoped he was doing his best in helping her direct that power for his own protection.
“Of course I’ll be here, fucking pigs want to make sure I’m where I said I’d be. But if I’m away, I’m out – you have to defend for yourself. Besides, I can’t be with you at all times, we’d know way too much about each other,” he finally said, eyes watching her figure. Harley chuckled then, tapping his gloves.
“Alright,” he said clearing his throat to get him mind back on the right track. “Let’s go.” The male had come at the woman, hands locking tight around her throat, not tight enough to hurt her but enough pressure for her to consider herself in actual danger. He could smell her then, the sweet scent of a washed body. Her hair tickled his nose, her ass pressed against his lower half. He knew he would need to do more than workout when this was done, definitely making sure the door would be locked as everyone was way too eager to get into his space without permission.
“What would you do,” he whispered against Lily’s ear, “If he comes from behind hm?” Harley had gripped one of her wrists, pressing it around her back, holding tight. “He’s hungry, he’s angry, and he’s got you incapacitated by one hand. What’s your move?”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 2d 17h 28m 23s
[i “Don’t ask for what you can’t handle.."]

Lily could handle him alright.
Just because she was a woman and did not know how to fight, she knew how to seduce and use her body to get what she wanted. She knew how to comply and obey for a man to leave her alone.
That was one of the things she often did to diffuse a situation with Cameron to make him happy and not hit her again...and again until she was blue in the face.

Biting her lower lip, big knocking gloves on her hands - again Lily shook them to get them comfortable and opened her mouth, only to speak on that she was a lover and not a fighter.
These words seemed to of pissed Harley off.
Words came from his mouth in a tone that she was unfamiliar with, but knew he was irritated.

Lily raised an eyebrow and tilted her head - keeping her eyes on the male, unable to understand why he raised his voice like he did.

[b "I cant do this, Harley..."] she spoke, biting her lower lip acting all afraid and defeated already, something that Harley did not accept.
He stepped forward, getting all up in Lily's grill - too close for comfort.
[i “You can do it, you have to. There’s no choice Lily. You’ve left and he’ll come after you. I can’t be around all the time,”]
[b "You promised you'd be around.."] she replied softly. It was true, he did and now he was taking it back?

It was not long until Harley spoke on the on thing that he knew would cause Lily to see red.
Her utter most weakness and that was her daughter.

Words that almost sounded like a threat.
Words that only to get silenced after he spoke with him stepping in - grabbing her waist and yanked her in hard and the two kissed, right there - in the basement.
A forceful kiss, one like Cameron often put on her and that was when Lily lost it.

With her right arm pulled back, soon it swung forward and collided with Harley's stomach making the male pull back from her lips and somewhat lean over.
There, a decent punch across the face by her left hand that made Lily breath hard and remain standing as Harley copped the blows.

[b "Don't you ever...ever speak of my daughter in that way. He will never take her. I wont ..let it happen..."] she spoke with a harsh tone, staring at him.

Lily did not even speak of the kiss.

[b "Im sorry.... shit...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 3d 2h 5m 14s
She was toying with him and it was taking a lot of the male to try not to attack her, with pleasure of course but something like that could be quite traumatizing. She was going through a lot. “Don’t ask for what you can’t handle,” he told the woman, watching her carefully. Harley rolled his neck, shaking his head to clear them of the thoughts of grabbing the woman and taking her on the bed, though his bed upstairs would’ve served better. He could have her wherever, but Harley was still to some degree a gentleman and he knew a child also slept in that bed.
He was close to the woman then, her cheeks burning and her breathing increasing. She was defeated though, he could tell that this woman had been the brunt of a lot of emotional, mental, [I and] physical damage. It was strength in itself and yet she was still here, despite the scars – she was here and she had managed to take care of her daughter too.
“Stop!” He said then, biting his tongue as he realized he was not really a wizard with his words, but Harley had never allowed weakness. He had instilled the same behavior in his sister and while it was understandable why Olivia hadn’t planned properly, just waning to get her friend out a of dangerous situation, he knew that another reason was that he had told Olivia to never let herself be treated that way. She knew that he would kill anyone that harmed her, but he had told her she couldn’t always depend on him to be there, she had to be able to take care of herself. Olivia hated guns, but the woman had a bad ass right hook that could knock anyone out.
Harley hadn’t meant to yell, hoping he wasn’t triggering the woman. He sighed and walked toward her, hands down and against his side to show that he was not her abuser, not going to attack her. He was not the enemy. He’d pressed himself against her. “You can do it, you have to. There’s no choice Lily. You’ve left and he’ll come after you. I can’t be around all the time,” he said. “You have to be able to fight back. What would you do if he took your daughter hmm? What if he tried to steal her away, what would you do?” He was serious in his speech, but watching the woman, all he could think about was earlier. He’d tried hard to resists, but couldn’t help planting a kiss to her lips, drawing her close to him. Hell maybe the un-asked for contact would make her wake up and get some fight in her.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 3d 2h 32m 28s
[i “I think even Olivia could lift you if she wanted to,”]
[b "You know what, I think you are right on that. That girl is freakishly strong..."] Lily replied, taking the last and final step down from the staircase to the very bottom of the concrete floor of the basement.

Eyes watched as Harley placed the weights back onto the railing and sat up.
His body glisteningwith sweat that made the female somewhat bite her lower lip while her mind was screaming "YUM" over and over.
This was no play time.

Lily wanted to get a little stronger, defend herself and Luna when the time came as there would be times, Harley and Olivia would not be around.
Defending and protecting her daughter was all there was now.

[i “And I certainly believe the way I want to lift you, you’re not interested.."]
[b "I never said no..to you lifting me up, Harley..."] she replied, watching intently as he shuffled to the corner and grabbed a pair of gloves that he gave to Lily willingly.

Lily looked down and stared at the gloves before slowly putting them on, strapping them around her wrists with the velcro before shaking them in order to be somewhat comfortable.
Harley did the same only to motion her to come closer, this - she obeyed and stepped in, close.

He smelt like man.
Sweat from working out with a hint of his aftershave that made her swoon slightly.

[i 'Fuck..."] she muttered to herself before clearing her throat.

[i “He is unpredictable. This is to help you get away with your little girl and not to kill, but if you have to – so be it.”]
[b "You saw him, I dont think my defense will keep him away from me. He is like an elephant compared to me. Im the mouse..."] she replied, biting her lower lip with a sigh.

[i “Let’s see what you got. Don’t be afraid to fight back. I’m not him, but if I were, how would you defend yourself?”]
[b "Harley... I'm more a lover than a fighter. I don't think I can do this...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 3d 4h 47m 4s
She came into the room, just like his sister, used to invading his space she had no need to knock. He placed the weights down then and looked over at the woman with a chuckle escaping his lips as he had placed the weights back toward the corner of the room.
“I think even Olivia could lift you if she wanted to,” he said to her. She had changed, clearly taking this seriously and her attire made it easier for him not to worry about her figure, though the yoga pants did hug her frame perfectly. Harley moved over to the closet where he tried to locate some gloves that would fit the woman.
“And I certainly believe the way I want to lift you, you’re not interested,” he mentioned as he handed over a pair of black gloves toward the woman, his mind still thinking about earlier. She had brought him so close, her body tempting and only moving away from him out of fear? He didn’t know, but it wasn’t his place to ask and by the look Olivia gave him, he knew to play it smart and control himself. Lily had a lot going on and he couldn’t make it harder for the female.
He already knew the woman’s weak spot which was a bitch move, but her daughter was the only thing that evoked any sense of emotion into the woman that would make her want to fight back or at least that’s what he got since she mentioned she had no issue with losing her life for Luna. He had placed on a pair of gloves himself, standing in the center of the room. He waved at the woman to come close to him.
“This is controlled,” he told her, just as a reminder that these were defense tactics. “He is unpredictable. This is to help you get away with your little girl and not to kill, but if you have to – so be it.” He smirked then, watching the light framed woman. “Let’s see what you got. Don’t be afraid to fight back. I’m not him, but if I were, how would you defend yourself?”
  harley / SincerelyLily / 3d 5h 6m 0s
Lily had to move away from the man.
He had no idea on how tempting he was, if only he knew how much she wanted too.

All she wanted was to be near a man, as regardless on how Cameron treated her - she often felt he would protect her.
Now with knowing Harley wanting nothing more than to protect the 3 girls now living in the home, it only made her want him more, in a way to say thank you as those simple words as she felt, were not enough.

She had to show him, but it was wrong.

[i "You know not all of us are lucky enough to even be in our children’s lives..]
[b "Olivia, told me little bits and peices..."]
[i “I’ll move some things around after breakfast, we can start training then.."]

Moving up the stairs, she had to get out from the basement - leaving Harley with a hard on - or whatever it was he felt.
Lily had a little girl to look after.

Coming up to the surface, Olivia looked at Lily and Harley, speaking words on them finally arriving.
The eyes on the woman made Lily a little uncomfortable.

Nothing had happened and Harley held up a hand, signalling with fingers that nothing happened.
It was all peaceful.

Luna was already at the table. Olivia had woken up the little girl for a feed and the 4 of them - ate together, speaking however Harley remained quieter than usual.
It was not long until he finished and exited up from the table, leaving the three girls to enjoy themselves a little more and down to the basement he went while Lily watched him.

Luna was showered - dressed, teeth brushed and was with Olivia in the lounge room - watching cartoons while Lily herself showered.
Putting on a crop top and yoga pants along with sneakers - hair was up in a ponytail, her eyes looked at herself in the mirror and saw the little scars on her body.
All there by one man.

Breathing in deep, Lily exited the bathroom and wandered the house, taking a look at her little girl having a good time with Olivia that only made her smile before wandering backdown the stairs to the basement.

It was cleaned.
Items were moved around to create space.

Harley working out to take his mind of things and it was with a knock on the bannister of the staircase, that Lily approached the bottom ground and stood there - watching the male lift.

[b "Think you could lift me?..."] she spoke, smiling - trying to ease the rough air.
  MeisjeKelly / 3d 10h 59m 26s
Harley chuckled, knowing that he had definitely got under the girl’s skin in a good way. He hung his head, hands pressing against the walls as he tried to collect himself. Lily had definitely given the male a case of blue balls and while he was a bit frustrated, it did only further excite him. He stood then.
“You know not all of us are lucky enough to even be in our children’s lives,” he said to her. He placed his shirt on then, his socks and shoes following. He had a child, a son somewhere out there in the world with his mother. He wondered if she had found someone else for the young boy to call father. He hadn’t even known Harley enough to call him that. He had only the chance to see the boy at birth, didn’t even know his name. The mother, Marie, had left in the middle of the night somewhere he didn’t know of, tired of being caught up with a man who spent more time in trouble then with his own family. He shuddered then, trying not to think about it, though it was a memory that haunted Harley. He walked then toward the stairs.
“I’ll move some things around after breakfast, we can start training then,” he said as he headed up the stairs.
“Finally,” Olivia said as she eyed the two curiously. She knew her brother and knew she would have to mention to him that Lily was off limits. The last thing she needed in her life at this point as she was barely piecing it together was for Harley to stick his little diddle into her.
The male lifted his hands in a sign of peace as though he had read Olivia’s mind to alert he hadn’t done anything, though he had come quite close. He sat in silence there at the table, focusing on the meal and it was damn better than what he was used to. He’d excused himself from the table then, heading back into the basement where he changed into a pair of shorts, something more comfortable. He removed the shirt, the room unbearably warm. Harley moved into the corner, finding the air conditioning unit, glad to see that it was functioning, the room cooling down some. He started to move things around then. There was enough space then, at least for the basics.
While he waited he decided to fill up his time with what he did inside, working out and with the thoughts of his past warped with the less than happy ending from his meeting with Lily from earlier, there was more than enough steam he needed to blow through.
  harley / SincerelyLily / 3d 13h 56m 15s
[i “Trust, with me I would lose my life protecting you,”]
[b "You do not know me enough to put your life on the line for me..."] Lily replied, keeping her gaze upon the male who promised his sister to protect all three girls.
He was no superman.

The moment her arms shifted down from up above her head, the t-shirt she wore and slept in moved down and covered her lower half that only have a thin film of fabric to cover up the most private of her.
No more could ones eye wander down to it.

[i “You shouldn’t ever do anything you don’t want to,”]
[b "If it makes sure Luna is safe from harm, I'll do anything. You do not know the love of a child until you have one. I would die for my daughter, gladly..."]

Standing there, the two spoke in conversation up until Lily mentioned on that he did not have to step away from her.
Truth be told, the closness of a male was what she was used too.
Cameron was always close whether it was yelling at her face or simply fucking her because he was bored.

Hardly ever was she alone and the times that she was...she hated it.

Harley took a step forward, asking her a question that made the woman raise an eyebrow and her mind turn in a frazzle as she tried to figure out an answer.
[i “What do you want? I mean really want?"]
[b "I ... uh... I..."] Lily replied, eyes staring at him, unable to come up with an answer with the feeling of his hand gliding up her leg, underneath the t-shirt before handling a nice firm grip of her ass. [b " I...."]

[i "Tell me..."]

Damn her body for screaming to fuck the man.
Damn her brain telling her to do the same thing.

The closer he got, the hotter she got inbetween her thighs for him. Hands gently rested upon his waist before slowly moving up - feeling his skin, soft - scarred in some places - muscles.
Their lips close to touching.
It wasn't until she saw her hands resting on his pectorals that Lily broke the gaze.

Looked down.
[b "I cant..."] she spoke, leaning down and moved under Harley's arm and quickly shifted towards the stair case that would lead her back upstairs.
  MeisjeKelly / 4d 10h 47m 32s

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