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The betrayed part of Quinn didn’t want to listen to a word he had to say but her nature overshadowed that and of course she gave him the space he needed to explain himself and even explain why he had chosen to spend extra time with her after her lie when he could’ve easily forgotten about her. He was adamant that he hadn’t come back to her to make sure that she was willing to keep up the lie, but rather that he actually wanted to see her again and she believed him. Not one part of her had a single doubt that he was lying about that fact and It did put her at ease a little bit because she had a pretty good sense when it came to knowing if someone was lying to her when she asked a direct question. Again that was another reason why she had wanted to go into the police academy. Maybe now that was a good thing because she would have been in a very serious predicament if she had actually gone into law enforcement and found herself in the bed of a gang member. It could potentially even cost of her life.

She looked down at Charlie for a minute as she tried to process her thoughts but before she could say anything or do anything Joshua was taking hold of her and pressing his lips against hers before she could even have the opportunity to react to him. His kiss seem to promise that he had feelings for her and she couldn’t deny them because they were there and they were obvious in the way that he poured everything into that kiss with her. She was left breathless as she gazed towards him when he asked for her trust. It was hard to trust someone after they had kept something hidden yet the fact that he had even come out with the truth at all suggested that there might be some glimmer of hope for the pair of them.

Quinn watched as he rose to his feet and she did the same, not wanting to be sat down alone without him next to her. That in itself was a strange feeling because she shouldn’t have felt like she needed to be near him the way she did then, not after knowing him for only two days.

[b “What kind of danger am I in simply being with you now? If this did turn into [i something] what would I be getting myself into?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 12h 54m 34s
“I don’t want anything from you Quinn. Is it so crazy to believe that I simply want you?” He sighed, knowing of course she would be suspicious of him and why he was with her. Though Joshua would never stoop that low. He didn’t want to draw Lexia in any further. The less she knew the better and besides she was a daughter of someone who worked in law enforcement. Her lie didn’t necessarily hold any weight. They could easily flip it and make it seem as though the male had forced bet to lie, threatened her and her father which wasn’t the truth. Charlie was all tuckered out, laying there at his feet then with her head between her paws. Joshua leaned over and kissed her, not giving her time to protest.
“I like you and I want to get to know you,” he said softly against her lips, his forehead against her own. He knew this was a lot to take in and he hoped that Quinn would get over what he could only perceive as a sense of betrayal. His intention over all hadn’t been to hurt her. Joshua had hopes that if she just knew a little it would lead to less questions along the lines if whatever currently lied between the two would even last.
The crazy thing was Joshua was willing to take the risk. He could’ve just dumped Quinn, could’ve forgot about her and not even had bothered contacting her again and yet, he did. Something about her made him miss the female when he was sleeping alone in bed that night. Something about her drove him out of bed injuries and all to greet her for an unexpected visit that morning and now he was walking his dog with her. Something about Quinn gave Joshua the domestication of life he lived for and yet there was some thrill in the mundane encounters. He couldn’t begin to imagine what could become of them if they were to manage to continue whatever they had. “I’m asking you to trust me. I promise never to lie to you unless I have to and only – only because I don’t want you in trouble. Your future is way brighter than mine, I wouldn’t do that to you.” Joshua managed to come to a stand then, attaching the leash back to Charlie’s collar. He was not only getting a bit hungry but he was also feeling exhaustion. “I understand if you want me to take you home.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 13h 14m 2s
Quinn look to Joshua as he started to explain even further, claiming that he didn’t mean for her to get implicated in the lie that he had asked her to tell. Perhaps when he had asked her that he didn’t think that anything was going to happen between them and that it would be the last time that they saw each other and perhaps thinking that made her feel a little bit better about the whole situation. If that wasn’t the case and he did feel like he wanted to see her again in that moment, she didn’t think that she would be able to get over the betrayal that she felt right now. So she chose to believe the first option.

He seem to be stumbling over his words and didn’t really leave how much space for her to contribute her own side of the conversation. He was apologising and making excuses for what he done and while she was angry about having lied to the police and knowing that her father was involved in this case in some way shape or form, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit sympathetic towards him based on the situation that he had found himself in. She knew that being in a gang wasn’t exactly a choice for many people. Different life scenarios could have an impact on why one might join a gang and it was clear to her that he would’ve been in a very difficult situation if this man hadn’t picked him up and gave him a life that was worth more to him than sleeping on the streets and possibly being dead from starvation or worse.

That didn’t mean that she didn’t feel slightly betrayed though. The sympathy she felt for him did not outweigh that feeling, it simply balanced it out. She understood why he was doing the things that he was doing but that didn’t mean she had to accept the fact that he had put it in a difficult position. Ye, Quinn wasn’t running away and she certainly couldn’t see herself walking away from him right now. That would make her appear heartless and that was far from the person that she was. She could see when someone was dangerous and when someone was a bad person. She had spent plenty of times in the police station to know the difference and Joshua just didn’t seem like the type.

Quinn watched as he pet Charlie who had come to give him some attention as he sat down, unable to stand up properly because of his injury that had been inflicted upon him because he was part of the gang. She sighed heavily looking towards him with a questioning gaze.

[b “I don’t know what you want from me. Are you keeping me around just so I don’t go back to the police and tell them that you weren’t with me? How am I supposed to believe that anything you say to me isn’t just a part of you trying to cover your back and making sure that I maintain this lie that I have created?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 13h 49m 45s
Joshua cursed himself internally. Of course she wasn’t going to take the new so lightly and though he thought he had her in the beginning it was knowing he had asked her to lie for him that had taken her to the point of no return. Her pulling her hand from his hurt, he suddenly felt cold and alone and it was uncommon for the male to feel that way. “I didn’t mean for it to happen that way – I didn’t mean for you to get caught up in any of this.” Joshua said as he tried to bridge the distance that she had placed between them. Quinn didn’t even know Joshua, she hadn’t needed to lie for him. Surely there was something about him that compelled her to lie when she didn’t even know the whole truth. He was telling her the partial truth now and based on her reaction, Joshua couldn’t imagine that she would be able to take the film truth.
“I’m telling you because I trust you Quinn and because I like you.” He admitted, reaching for her hand. “I’m sorry I lied and I guess I don’t want you involved in my world, but I don’t feel it’s fair to be with you and have yuh always wondering. I just – dammit.” Joshua stood up then sighing as he stood to fast and only sat back down again, hissing at the pain. Charlie was already bounding back over. “I’m sorry okay? If this is too much for you – I understand if you want to leave, but you actually were the first girl to make me feel – normal.” Charlie sat at his feet then, proof that there was a soft side to the male. He wasn’t just all about being a goon and his life did revolve around violence but certainly Quinn had to see that he wasn’t some kind of monster. He started to pet Charlie then, ashamed and embarrassed at the fact he knew that Quinn was most likely judging his lifestyle.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 14h 20m 35s
A part of Quinn wanted nothing more than to hear him say that he had nothing to do with a gang and that she misunderstood what he was trying to say but he was being honest and he told her straight away that he was part of a gang. She didn’t really know what to say or how to react. Everything that she had known about him every last few days seem to disappear and was being replaced with this image of a thug version of himself. The need to fight seem to make a little bit more sense then, as it was clearly part of the gang life that had led him to fighting for money. Then she couldn’t help but wonder whether he did it because he enjoyed it or whether he did it because it was expected of him as part of his role within the gang. She hadn’t met anybody who had admitted they were in a gang before, so she didn’t exactly know how to react at all but she knew that he had to be dangerous because gangs weren’t exactly the kind of people you hang around if you weren’t.

Yet she couldn’t bring herself to let go of his hands and he was quick to offer her some kind of explanation as to how he even got there in the first place. It was of course none of her business but he felt like he owed her an explanation so she respected that and looked to him intently as he explained everything about his childhood and how he had managed to get himself affiliated with the gang in the first place. She had heard of stories like this before, especially working in a school where she had been trained to look out for signs of things like this but she had never expected to actually meet somebody who would have that kind of lifestyle. Least of all had she expected that she would start to fall for someone like that.

Quinn didn’t know how to let go of his hand even after he finished explaining how he got there but it was when he said that he was at the docks and that realisation that she had lied for him hit her, that caused her to let go of his hand eventually. She didn’t even know what to say then, knowing that she had to technically implicated herself into a crime because she had lied to the cop’s face when she asked where he was that night. She had only lied because she believed that he was not involved in anything in the first place but now to hear that he was even there made her feel a little bit sick. Her father was even on this case so she was technically lying to him.

Charlie came to break up some of the tension wanting to play with Joshua as she dropped a stick at his feet and she watched him throw it still unable to formulate any words in a response to what he had said to her. Eventually she turned to him and her lips parted to speak. [b “I lied...I lied straight to their face and you let me implicate myself into this...you lied to me.”] She was hurt and it was visible upon her face.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 15h 24m 17s
Quinn hadn’t run off which proved to be a good sign. Joshua looked down at their hands then, untwined and both gripping tight to shoe they had no intentions of pulling apart.
“Yes a gang,” he said with a sigh. “When I was younger I didn’t really have that great of a life, no parental guides or anything. I was practically homeless after running away and then I meet this guy who feeds me, gives me money – status. He made me the man I am today. I owe my life to him,” he admitted. He knew this life would soon lead to jail or death if he didn’t get out, but it was all that Joshua knew. He couldn’t fathom getting a real job with the record he had and the lack of schooling. Fighting for big bucks just sounded more appealing than being a janitor or working fast food.
Though this was a fast and dangerous life, he wanted Quinn to know just what she was getting herself into.
“I was there the night at the docks.” He finally admitted to her. The guilt was eating him alive. He wouldn’t admit to the killing, but he felt like if Quinn lies for him she deserved to know the truth. He had to give that much to her. Especially considering how she stuck at his side still even after knowing he was gang affiliated. Though the mob was more than a gang. “I’m a fuck up. This is all new to me - but I do know that I really do like you.” He reached a hand up to take her chin gently, staring into those gorgeous blue orbs he had looked into so many times. He hoped she could see the sincerity – hoped this hadn’t turned her off from the male. He also knew though that her father worked in law enforcement and this was something that would definitely complicate their relationship if they ever were to have one. What would happened when her father asked what he did for work? [I Oh I pummel guys faces in and sometimes deal drugs – occasional mob duties.] He hoped that could be looked over though, hoped that maybe Quinn was just who he needed in his life to help him turn around.
Charlie has come running over then, a stick in her mouth which broke the small bit of tension. She dropped it at Joshua’s feet. He smiled through the pain as he bent over to grab it before tossing it.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 15h 52m 28s
There was no way that Quinn could have possibly prepared for anything that Joshua was about to say. When she heard the words that told her he had not been completely honest with her she did feel her chest tightening a bit. It was a completely strange feeling, especially since I have known each other for two days yet here they were taking walks in the park after spending the night thinking of each other like pining lovers. Quinn definitely didn’t think that she would end up starting to fall for a man she met in a bar and went home with for a one night stand, that didn’t turn out to be a one night stand at all.

While she was nervous about what he had to admit to her she also felt a strange sense of satisfaction that he felt as though he could be honest with her rather than hiding something about his life. She knew that he was a fighter but there was so much more to him that she was yet to understand and even as he divulged some of the information to her she would never fully understand the true extent of what he was involved in unless she saw it with her own eyes.

[b “What do you mean? What haven’t you told me?”] Her heart started to beat a little bit faster, wondering whether he had been involved in the death of the cop like the police said the night before but she couldn’t bring yourself to believe that. Joshua didn’t seem like the type that would be able to put a bullet between the eyes of someone he had never met or even met for that matter. How wrong she was.

She listened to every word he said then, her heart beginning to sink a little bit as she started to realise that he was not exactly who she thought he was. If her father knew who she was involved with right now he would hit the roof and probably lock her away in the house telling her that she would never be allowed out again. That was just his protective nature of course and that would be something that she would never be able to get away from but this would certainly act as a barrier in their relationship if she could find some way to get over this information.

Quinn blinked for a moment looking at him as she gripped his hand equally as hard as he was gripping hers, as the neither of them wanted to step away from this. [b “Are you..are you telling me that you are involved in some sort of gang?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 16h 29m 54s
Joshua watched Charlie play, the friendliest dog you knew unless she didn’t like you or felt like you got too close to someone she was meant to protect. He was distracted by her then before Quinn’s presence distracted him. Her soft hand grabbing his gently as she grazed his cheek with a kiss. Joshua have a small smile, though the more she spoke to comfort the male, the worst he felt. He had made her implicate herself as an accomplice in a crime she didn’t know he committed. A crime she believed that he didn’t commit. “Quinn,” Joshua started softly as he turned to her, holding her hand. “I haven’t been honest with you.” He swallowed thickly then. He felt a pain in his chest, his heart – the thought of losing the girl he’d only met two days ago somehow seeming to be the worse feeling he could think of. Well that other than going to jail.
Though he had grown an attraction for her and didn’t want her to slip through his fingers like so many others. There was something about her – something that happened when the two of them were together and Joshua felt like maybe there was some type of universal thing – something like fate that had brought them together. “Look, I don’t want you to be upset and I certainly don’t want this to have any affect on us seeing each other. The cops aren’t pressing me for just any reason.” He hung his head then, unable to meet her eyes and not wanting to be judged, his grip on her hand even tighter as Joshua couldn’t bear the thought of her walking away. Hell, she had been the one stable female in his life – record timing being 2 days which was hilarious, but still longer than any other female than his last serious relationship. “I can’t give you the full details, but the people I fight for – the things they have me do at night . . . It’s run by an [I organized] set of people. They’re a bit – on the dangerous side. I just - it’s not something that I can be stress free from. I really like you,” he said finally looking up at her, bashful which was unusual for the male who usually held such a boastful sense of confidence. “I don’t want this to turn you away. This lifestyle.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 16h 50m 6s
Quinn chuckled as Charlie almost ran for the door the moment it was opened for her. [b “Don’t worry! I won’t file any legal papers if she does dislocate my shoulder.”] She chuckled a little as the dog pulled her out the door faster than she would have reacted and started to move down the stairs although she had managed to find a pace that worked for them both as Joshua limped behind, clearly finding it difficult to manage the stairs. She stopped when she saw Gio and Charlie seemed to take a minute to sit and take a break from the fast paced walk down the stairs, almost as if she knew that Joshua would be stopping to talk to him momentarily. Quinn smiled and waved back, trying not to look as though she was listening in on their conversation but it was clear that cops really were giving him a hard time and she couldn’t imagine why, although it must have had something to do with the fact he has slipped out at a silly time in the morning and she had covered for him without even thinking. She could have implicated herself into anything here.

Quinn distracted herself by crouching down to stroke the dog until she started to move again with the indication that Joshua has finished his conservation and once again she was being pulled until Joshua told her to slow down to which she did, responding quite well to his command. The walk wasn’t far and when they got there Joshua let Charlie loose and she could tell that she loved being here as she ran towards some of the other dogs to bark and play.

She moved closer to Joshua, taking his hand in her own and kissed his cheek a little. [b “Hey, try to enjoy some peace and quiet hmm? There is not point in getting stressed over something you can’t control. You did nothing wrong and as soon as they realise that they have nothing on you they will back off. They just like to put the heat on people when they know they don’t actually have anything, in hopes that someone will fuck up and give themselves away but you have nothing to worry about.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 17h 37m 41s
“I think you’ve seen enough of me to know that I don’t need to show off.” Joshua said with a roll of his eyes. He smirked and headed toward the woman, giving her a kiss and noticing just how eager Charlie was, no patience for any kind of intimacy between the two and already edging toward the door. “Yeah let’s get her out of here before she dislocated your shoulder.” James chuckled and unlocked the door, allowing the woman to go before him as he locked up. He limped slightly down the stairs, breathing hard but feeling better the more he went on. He was only half way before Gio came out of his pizzeria.
“Joshua!” The man said and worry was etched into his face. He walked over to the male.
“What’s going on?”
“Cops came by earlier asking about you. They asked for camera footage.”
“Shit, did you give it to them?”
“Hell no, told them it was busted. What’s this about?” Gio paused time see the young lady from the other night with Joshua’s dog. He smiled and waved before turning his attention to Joshua.
“It’s nothing you need to be concerned about. They’re just trying to screw with us, but don’t worry Francisco will figure everything out. Okay?” Gio pauses some before nodding. Him and Joshua were different ages but incredibly close and Joshua would hate if his family was put in any danger or put in the middle of a trial. That would definitely be horrible for the man and he would never ask him to lie for Joshua, though he was grateful in his case that he had. “Just relax. I’ll be back later for a pie, okay?” He Abe Gio a smile and a pat on his shoulder before meeting with Quinn again and beginning their walk, Charlie listening to Joshua’s stern command to slow down as they began toward the park. It was only a five minute walk and was a beautiful spot of green in the otherwise grey busy city. There was a dog area, Joshua letting Charlie off her leash to play with the other dogs. He was stressed out, trying not to show it but it was hard to hide.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 17h 49m 49s
Quinn was excited to see Charlie again. She had fallen in love with her when she had met her the night before and she remembers just how much energy she had. Quinn would have loved a dog of her own but that wasn’t likely with the hours the two put in at work. It it didn’t mean that she had a lot of attention to give Charlie and if she was going to be seeing Joshua more often it meant she could spoil the girl with her attention even more with the next visit. Quinn climbed out of the car and followed Joshua up to the apartment after locking it up and couldn’t help but chuckle at the way Charlie bound towards him with so much excitement and energy. It was when she caught sight of Quinn that she was subjected to the same attention. Her paws were at her shoulder and she had to try to balance herself with the new weight upon her while the dog licked at every free space she could find.

Quinn laughed and fussed her while Joshua went about cleaning and gathering whatever they needed for the walk, leaving Quinn to converse with the dog for a little while. Anyone else might have thought the woman was insane but she figured Josh would understand and find it more endearing. She was being left shortly after that because she could hear the chains of her lead rattling and she knew what that meant. [b “Sounds like a plan. It’s a nice day.”] Quinn reached out for the leash and watched closed and Josh she’d his sweater. [b “Stop showing off.”] She said with a giggle as she watched him walk off to get changed into something more suitable. If she got too warm she could just removed her jacket when they went outside.

Charlie was already pulling on her leash when Joshua came back, causing her to giggle a little. [b “Someone is very keen to get going.”] She said, her upper body being jolted slightly.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 18h 15m 31s
Joshua chuckled at her statement, wondering just what kind of damage she could do with a little speed. Surely he’d have to buy a junker one of these days and take the girl out for a real ride. She was a safe driver though and easily was able to follow his directions until she reached his apartment. Joshua smiled, giving her thigh a gentle tap. “Glad you managed to get us here in one piece.” He teased, though with how much Quinn worried and cared about everyone, Joshua had no doubt truly that she would be able to drive his car and not cause any real damage.
“I’m sure she’s going to be going crazy the minute she sees you.” Joshua said as he got out of the car, looking around to make sure there weren’t my undercover or unmarked cars with cops around. He headed up toward the apartment, still struggling from bandages ribs but with it being in the morning, at least he didn’t have to worry about not being able to see. Joshua unlocked the door and sure enough Charlie was jumping all over him, licking his face and lips. “Alright alright,” he said with a chuckle, the cute girl heading over to Quinn as Joshua closed the door.
He headed over, Charlie had already completed her bowl and drank a hefty amount of the water he left, the rest ending up on the floor. He mopped it up, cleaning the area before he started to get everything ready for her walk. He grabbed a few bottles of water, stuffing them in a small pouch attached to his hip as he went about getting the leash ready. The minute Charlie heard they clanging she was already bounding over, tail wagging and sitting waiting for him to attach it to her collar.
“There’s a park not too far, we can walk.” The nicer one was in a neighborhood he wasn’t necessarily welcome in and since he was in no condition to fight and had Quinn with him, he didn’t want to risk it. He held the leash out for Quinn to hold and pulled off his sweat shirt as it was getting a bit hot. Bare chested he smiled, “Just let me grab a different shirt.” He disappeared to his bedroom, only returning to be wearing a light grey shirt sleeve. “All set.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 18h 30m 40s
Quinn focused on the road as she followed his instructions and she drove carefully as she promised him she would. She never understood why men took such pride in their cars but she would respect that he did and she wouldn’t do anything that could cause any damage or make him feel anxious that she might do just that. The journey was peaceful and rather enjoyable because his hand reached out to her. Again, an affectionate action for someone who claimed that he wasn’t exactly into relationships. Perhaps this would end up differently, in a place where neither of them expected to be in their romantic life.

Quinn glanced towards him briefly with a smirk. [b “Oh I know I do. You wait until you see me behind the wheel of a racing car. I’m like a completely different person.”] Quinn’s hobby was not exactly a normal one for a woman of her age and her profession but her father had taught her to drive like a cop and that included the speed it would take to chase someone down and of course she wasn’t allowed to drive like that on a normal road and her father never let her join the police academy, claiming it was too dangerous for his daughter and he didn’t want to have to worry about her every day, even though he did that anyway.

Soon enough she was pulling into the street she recognised and saw his apartment from the window. She parked up and looked towards Joshua then. [b “See, no damage. Everything is all perfect. Let’s go see you beautiful girl and take her for a walk.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 19h 15m 42s
Joshua followed her toward his car, chuckling at her thinking she was in no competition to take over anyone’s space, though the male was completely infatuated with the woman. He got into the passenger seat, having to adjust it some as he needed a little bit more room space and wanted to lay down some, his side complaining too much. He reached into his pocket, take a pill before stuffing the bottle that contained the remainder of them into his glove box, hoping Quinn didn’t notice the gun he also had stashed in there.
He gave her directions to his apartment, knowing she hadn’t been there before without him driving her. He busied himself with texting Cisco, trying to get some type of intel on what he was dealing with. It was another rat, but this one wasn’t a cop – didn’t mean that this one wasn’t employed by the feds which was even worse. Someone who could infiltrate and get close to them was a bad sign that their system was eventually going to fall apart. Eventually Joshua would be caught in a mess he wasn’t prepared for. “Very ready,” he said with a smile and though the roles were reversed, he still reached out to place his hand on the females lap. It was a foreign feeling, but Joshua enjoyed having Quinn at his side, driving his car. “You know you look good behind that wheel,” he admitted.
Though a bit distracted, Joshua still kept his eye on the rearview mirror, making sure they weren’t being followed. His car was a target, but he hoped he had some type of peace from the cops while being with Quinn, he didn’t seem too keen on being embarrassed in front of the female. Especially considering that Joshua wanted to be more for Quinn – she was from a different life and they were from totally poplar opposite worlds. Yet, he couldn’t stay away from her.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 23h 17m 59s
Quinn was a no nonsense type of woman. That’s why her father was so well looked after and why she had managed to keep him from having a second heart attack and she wasn’t about to let Joshua hurt himself just to save some of his pride. Quinn wasn’t the type of girl to hold that sort of thing against him. In fact, she admired a man who knew his limits and asked for helped when he needed it and although Joshua didn’t seem like the type to ask, she would offer it and he would take it because it was the best thing to do in the situation.

She smiled triumphantly when he agreed to let her drive, leaning into him as his arm loved around her and she took the keys from his hand as they approached. [b “Don’t worry! In a very careful driver but I was taught how to drive by a cop so don’t be alarmed when I floor it. I promise I have excellent control.”] She winked towards him as she unlocked the car and slid into the driver’s seat, checking out the layout of the car as she gave herself a minute to process everything.

[b “Hey! I’m not about trying to replace Charlie. She has to be your top girl always. She’s a beaut and I will gladly be second or third for that matter.”] She said as she patted the steering wheel of the car. [b “I know how men get about their cars though so I’m prepared to come second to this beast too.”] She chuckled and turned the key in the ignition and looked towards him with a big smile. [b “Are you ready?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 24d 1h 36m 24s

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