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He knew she didn’t expect gifts, knew she was different than all the other girls. Quinn wasn’t easily impressed by how much money Joshua spent, but this was the first gift he had actually bought for her and the most expensive thing he probably would purchase for the female considering she wasn’t really big on presents. “Girlfriend, yes I-“ Joshua was cut off by Quinn then, her arms thrown around his waist, bringing him in with a deep and passionate kiss. Joshua moaned out, hands wrapping around her waist as he held her close. He was happy, ecstatic and honestly he felt like this is how he would’ve felt had he found a girl like Quinn in high school. He couldn’t believe that she was actually willing to give someone like him a chance. His hands reached for her thighs, drawing Quinn up so that her legs were wrapped around him, his lips accepting every kiss. He pulled away then, the need for oxygen becoming too much.
Joshua breathes hard as he smiled at her. “I want you to put it on, you know something to remember me by when you’re thinking of me” he said with a cocky attitude though he was still very genuine. Though he had wanted to see how it looked against her neck, how it would gleam from the thin strip of moonlight when they were in bed, her there on top of him – how it would feel when they cuddle together, his hands caressing her gently.
It was surprising to Joshua how one woman could make him feel such a way. He gently laid her to her feet then, reaching for the box that was on the bed before removing the delicate necklace. “Turn around,” he whispered low. Just another excuse to feel her against him, to watch that exquisite neck, the curly soft strands of hair at the nape of her neck. Love? Was it too soon to tell or was this something more like fate? All his life Joshua didn’t believe in happiness truly just money and violence. That’s all his life had been. But the last few days with Quinn, the softness she brought to his language and actions when around her. It made him feel like this was something that could be forever. Forever if he didn’t screw up.
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Quinn has no idea what he wanted to ask her and she wasn’t about to try and guess. Joshua wasn’t exactly the predictable type in any way, shape or form so she nothing about the look on his face or the way he pulled her to her feet and took her hand gave any indication of what it could be. [b “Your room? God if you just wanted me to have sex with you, you didn’t need to ask.”] She chuckled slightly as she followed him into his room. He didn’t hesitate to place her on the edge of his bed and she watched with confusion as he went towards his drawer for something. A part of her assumed her was going to look for protection but he knew she was on birth control and he didn’t need to worry about that.

He turned to face her with a box in his hand and that only warranted more confusion. [b “What is that?”] She asked as he held it out towards her until he came closer and opened it up to her. Her breath caught in her throat when her eyes fell upon the necklace that was inside the box. [b “Joshua, you know that I don’t need gifts...”] But this wasn’t just any gift, this meant something and he was quick to explain exactly what it meant. Her eyes found his then and she could see the sincerity behind his eyes and she could feel his breath on her face. [b “Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”] She asked with a smile of her own and before he could even answer he she had wrapped her arms around his neck and she pulled him to her for a deep and passionate kiss.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 22d 2h 30m 0s
“Easy?” Joshua said with a chuckle as he watched her sit up then, opening her cookie and reading the statement she had received. “Definitely an adventure,” Joshua said. “Hasn’t it been an adventure so far with me? Joshua the troublemaker, the bad boy?” Joshua chuckled then. He could tell she was confused as he hadn’t really followed up on his inquiry.
[I ‘I’m all yours.’] Joshua smiled then, he had loved to hear those words come out of his mouth. Taking her hand, he brought her to a stand. “It’s in the bedroom I want to ask, I have something for you in there.” Joshua gently squeezed her hand before they began toward his bedroom. He had sat her down on the bed, heading for his drawer he had placed her gift away again, so she were not to see it. He turned and held out the box to her, a white box with a gold bow. Joshua leaned against the dresser, arms crossed then as he watched her. He chewed on his bottom lip and tried to get the words out in a right way.
“Quinn I know we’ve been seeing each other a lot and like I said I don’t usually go this far with girls.” He swallowed then and moved closer to her, staring down the box open to show the heart shaped necklace he had purchased. “I guess I just want you to know that you’re not some fling. I want to try and – I want to try and make this legit? You know, I want to make this permanent.” Joshua smirked then, voice low as he inched toward him, arms on either side of her body. “So what do you say? Yes or No?” Joshua had hope that she would say yes. That she wasn’t turned off by the world he was in and still didn’t worry about her safety. He was enamored with Quinn though and with how much he ached to be around her, he couldn’t find himself to think he wasn’t just making an impulsive decision purely out of lust.
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Quinn was happy cuddled up in the sofa eating her Chinese without a care in the world, the film Joshua had chosen making her laugh at different intervals. When she finished her food she placed it down in the coffee table and cuddled into Joshua further, playing with his hand without even realising it. She hadn’t noticed that he was looking at her either, completely wrapped up in the feel of him and the comfort of a cheesy film that she didn’t really follow but found quite funny anyway. Around half way through, Joshua broke the comfortable silence between them, picking up the fortune cookies and offering her one. She smiled and sat up with her legs crossed choosing one and cracking it open while Joshua opened and read his.

Quinn laughed and shook her head. [b “You think I’m that easy?”] She chuckles as she looked down at her own. [b “Mine says [i open your mind to new adventures]. You taking me on an adventure?”] She giggles and ate the cookie before glancing back at the TV when he phone buzzed but soon enough her attention was back on him and he was leaning in close to her, telling her that he wanted to ask her something. The obvious look of confusion fluttered across her face and she nodded and took his hand.

[b “Ask away babe. I’m all yours.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 22d 7h 12m 32s
He knew just how stressful work could be. Both of their jobs weren’t that easy, despite being completely different. Comedy, Joshua eagerly selected something from the comedy section that would distract him. He smiled at Quinn’s reaction to the food, and at one point during the movie he realized he couldn’t stop looking at her. She was infectious; the way she laughed and that smile of hers. He realized just how nervous she made him. She was perfect; a capsule of pure happiness and innocence – yet had shown Joshua the sauciest side of her. He ran his hands through his hair then, turning away to hide the blush that had come upon his cheeks.
He had always given off the tough bad boy appearance and yet she had turned him into the type of guy cuddling and eating Chinese, watching some cheesy comedy.
Joshua had placed his empty food on the table. He reached for the fortune cookie and handed one in her direction. “Pick,” he said with a smile, voice soft and low. He bit his bottom lip, knowing that once the movie was over there was nothing that was going to stop Joshua from going after her. He cracked open the treat, removing the thin mall sheet of paper.
“[I ‘Flattery will go far tonight’.] Joshua read aloud. “Sounds about right to me.” Joshua proceed to eating it, throwing the fortune on the table. “And what does yours say?”
The phone on the couch beside him began to vibrate fiercely. He opened the message, realizing it was an address with no context. Joshua didn’t need it to know it was regarding the man Joshua was supposed to [I ‘convince’] that not testifying was in his [I best] interest. He leaned in close to Quinn then, heart beating a bit quickly as he tried to find the courage to get into the topic of the gift he had bought her the inquiry that they stop just dating and make things more serious, more perfect. “Quinn,” he finally started. “You know, I uh – shit.” He couldn’t believe how flustered he was. “I’ve been thinking about asking you something and I think I’m ready,” he said then, looking down at her,”
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She wasn’t able to sit next to Joshua for more than a second before he was pulling her into his lap and she giggling as he did so as she gripped onto his hand, holding it tight. Hearing his words made her heart skip and beat. It feeling his lips against her neck drew a moan from her, finally feeling that little bit of satisfaction from having his breath dancing over her skin. They stayed like that for a minute before he started to question her about work and she smiled to him.

[b “Work is fine. It’s been a stressful week but it’s over now and I’m here with you so that’s all I want to focus on.”] She watched as his hand flirted up her thigh and her eyes met his almost seductively when his hand grazed her bare skin. She wanted him, but they both needed to eat and it was clear that he wanted to watch a film so she would oblige and get her fill of him later. After all, she hadn’t eaten anything all day and it was about time she did.

Soon enough she was off his lap and being handed a cartoon of food and she was quick to delve into it. [b “Oh my God! This is so good.”] Another moan of pleasure although this time it was caused by the food. [b “I’m not in the mood for anything that I have to really focus on. My brain is switching off so just put a comedy on, something easy to watch.”]
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She was there then, the smell of soap following her as she walked from his bedroom and into the living room area. He smiled as she took her spot next to him, Joshua pulling her close into his lap, the thin fabric of his shorts allowing his to clearly see without even checking to confirm that Quinn wore no underwear. There was no rush though, they would have the rest of the night and if he could put her to sleep, he could slip out of the apartment. He’d only be gone but thirty minutes, a small white lie about getting cigarettes would excuse his actions. That was for later though, all he wanted to think about now was Quinn.
His nose buried against her neck, Joshua smiling as he delivered kisses. “Any minute your gone is too long.” He said against her ear. Joshua had opted to give the necklace to her after the movie, before bed – wanting to see how it looked draped from her neck, the only article as he expected her out of his tshirt by the time they retired for the night. Finally tearing his lips away from her neck he smiled up at Quinn.
“How’re you? How’s work?” He asked, his hand rubbing against her thigh, slowly grazing up, a bare cheek definitely confirming his suspicions that the female was not wearing any bottoms. He almost didn’t even want to watch a movie and take her there on the couch, though he wanted them to do more couple type things. They rarely saw each other and sometimes Joshua was sore from a fight or just plain selfish and kept her in bed. They would of course go out occasionally as Charlie refused to be kept inside. She had definitely become more accustom to seeing Quinn and sometimes would wait at the door as soon as she left, before Joshua would have to calm her and let her know Quinn would be back another time. She loved when Quinn stayed over, sleeping at the foot of the bed as soon as Joshua opened the door after their coupling.
Joshua reached for the remote before turning on the tv. “What’re feeling? Romance, thriller, drama?” He had placed the beauty at his side, adjusting his shorts as she definitely was making him excited. He reached over for the food, handing her, her own container and some chopsticks.
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Quinn was pretty much falling into a routine here as she stepped into the shower, enjoying the feel of the hot water washing away the week of working with children. It had been a stressful week, on that had taken it out of her a little because there were a few safeguarding issues that she had to deal with and of course she wasn’t allowed to discuss them outside of school so obviously she didn’t have anyone to vent to. She wasn’t about to be unprofessional and lose her job just because she was feeling stressed and needed someone to talk to about her week. Instead she would find stress relief in another way, by falling into the bed of the man she was quickly falling for.

Quinn spent a little longer than intended in the shower but when she was done she shut off the water and dried herself off before grabbing one of Joshua’s shirts. She knew just how much it effected him to see her in one of his shirts and she like to her him going. She opted for no underwear, figuring that it would be removed shortly anyway. She had every intention of getting her fill of him tonight, needed to clear her mind and just enjoy the pleasures of his skin on hers.

When she emerged there was food already waiting and she chuckled a little. [b “Did I really take that long?”] She lowered herself next to him and kissed his cheek. [b “Sorry!”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 2h 59m 35s
Joshua chuckled at her blush, enamored by the beauty and leaning down to give her another kiss before she was fleeing away from the man. Joshua followed after her to the bedroom where he grabbed a pair of shorts to slip on and a pair of shocks, choosing to stay bare chested as he liked feeling Quinn’s warm cheek against his heart. There wasn’t anything he didn’t like about the woman. Of course she was going for his clothing, Quinn had worn more of his shirts than the he himself.
He had located his phone on the counter in the kitchen, Charlie perking up in bed waiting for a belly rub which she received. He cradled the phone between his shoulder and ear as he called the local Chinese place, ordering what he knew to be their favorites from the last time they ordered. Joshua had reached into the fridge for a beer, his phone going off then. It was a text message, Joshua knowing better than to answer as those could be traced. Whoever was contacting him was reaching him through a burner which was untraceable.
“Yeah,” he said taking a swig of beer.
“Good news,” Francisco said over the phone. Good news was rare in these times. “Think I might be able to get that female cop on payroll – has a son that she’s putting through college.” Joshua looked out, glad to hear the shower was still running as he didn’t want Quinn to come in on the seedy conversation.
“What good is that going to do for us? What if she flips?”
“Look – she has access to the evidence – I simply inquired maybe it would get lost in transit. Evidence gets lost all the time.”
“True,” Joshua said with a sigh. He leaned against the counter then. “And what happens if she decides not to take the bait?”
“Then we gotta figure something out. They already closed in on the boys on my corner and I’m afraid one of them will talk. You think you can pay him a visit tonight?” Joshua sighed out, he really wanted to spend this night with Quinn. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”
“What’s up Joshua? You used to be my right hand ready to go. You’ve been slacking lately.”
“Yeah well – the fights have been taking a lot out of me,” he partially lied.
“Are you sure this doesn’t have anything to do with that broad? Sweeney told me you’ve been seeing a lot of her lately. You know what I say, women are always a distraction.” He felt guilty then. He figured when they fell asleep he could slip out. It wouldn’t take that long.
“That’s not it. I – I’ll get it done tonight.”
“Good, don’t disappoint me Josh.” He hung up then, rubbing the back of his neck and finishing the beer. The door had a knock then, the food just arriving and Joshua was more than ready to distract himself from the events to enjoy cuddling and watching a movie with Quinn. She still wasn’t out of the shower. He had placed the food on the table and headed for the bedroom where he recovered a white box – a sterling silver locket – something to show that Joshua was taking the step toward committing and officially asking Quinn if she wanted to take the step toward being his girlfriend.
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Quinn has spent all day thinking about him and it appeared that he had done that same which was something that she enjoyed knowing. She had never really been in a position where she spent the day thinking about a man and hoped that he was doing the same but there were many things she was unused to but she was beginning to enjoy the idea of being in a relationship with someone, even though they hadn’t discussed making anything official. She thought that he was still trying to avoid making anything official because of who he was associated with, having claimed before that relationships didn’t work for him so she made the most of her time with him while she could.

She listened to him talk about the fight and then found herself blushing when his hand moved to her ass and proclaimed that he always came out on top. Their sex life was quite active, always finding time to be with each other in that way when they spent time together and it was true that more often than not he took the lead and she didn’t mind that at all, Joshua always taking the time to ensure that she enjoyed every moment of their intimacy.

Quinn relished in his kiss and she leaned into him even more before he eventually made a suggestion about what they should do with their evening. [b “That sounds amazing. I’ll shower and then we can relax for the evening. Dibs on your oversized tee for bed! I keep ‘forgetting’ to bring clothes for bed.”] She smirked and kissed him one last time before making her way towards the bathroom to freshen up.
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He had been thinking of the female all day to be honest and he wouldn’t be shy to announce it when he admitted that he had missed her since they last met. Even better she was going to be staying the night. He still hadn’t met her father and he knew that they kind of had to sneak around in some sense so as not to cause suspicion to the their relationship. Her hands were soft against his chest and he couldn’t help but chuckle as he drew her in closer and looked down at the female. “Only those who matter,” he said with a smile.
Joshua moaned into her kiss, bringing his hand up then to brush against the cut above his eye. “This time yeah. Feel a bit bad, he was a newbie.” The male was larger than Joshua, but clearly was an amateur when fighting and Joshua’s small size allowed for easier access to move quickly and evade moves. Though, he was still a bit sore as he had been thrown down plenty by the man, luckily able to guard his face as his fists came at him. It only took Joshua distracting the male to get him to the ground, hands consistently pounding until he was pulled off. His knuckles were a bit cut up but they would heal and they weren’t anything new.
“Impressed?” He asked with a raise of his brow, hands gripping her ass as he drew her even more close. He chuckled, his voice low and husky. “You don’t trust that I always come out on top by now?” He asked with a more than seductive tone. He leaned in to kiss her again deeply. He didn’t want to even release his hold on the woman.
“how about, I order us some Chinese, pour some wine – you can get freshened up yeah?” Joshua still held her close though, him finding it hard to let Quinn go. Just the sight of her excited Joshua. He growled out against her lips then. “I should put something on, don’t think the delivery men would like to be welcomed this way,” he said with a chuckle.
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Quinn was almost knocked over by Charlie as she ran towards her, clearly reacting she her voice quicker than Joshua could have done and she giggled as she ran her hands over her ears and allowed the dog to lick her cheek, avoiding her lips because she was trying to save them for Joshua. Things had become quite domesticated between them and Charlie had grown used to having her around although they were all in for a treat tonight because she was staying the night and it was a rare occasion and something that she really looked forward to because her night were becoming sleepless not having him sleeping next to her.

Then she saw him, draped in nothing but a towel and she was already on edge before he even came towards her to wrap him arms around her waist. He knew exactly how to get to her. The kiss they shared was a passionate one and it left her breathless as she allowed her forehead to rest against his when it finally came to an end. [b “It’s entirely possible. I missed you so much. Knowing that I would be seeing you tonight was the only thing that managed to drag me through work.”] She said and then took a look at him, smirking slightly as his physique.

[b “Is this how you greet all of your house guests? Can’t say that I’m disappointed though.”] She placed a hand on his chest and kissed him again, glancing at the cut above his eye. [b “Is that all you came away with today? I’m impressed.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 5h 49m 51s
A slice of pizza – a month had passed and honestly it was the most gratifying slice he ever had. Joshua was taking a chance with Quinn that day. She was taking an even bigger chance on him. Would it work out? He didn’t know, but he did know that from that moment they spent every moment they could together. Within that time Joshua had healed from his wounds and of course was still fighting, despite how uncomfortable it made Quinn, but it was his job. No matter how generous Cisco was to him, he wouldn’t let the man live rent free in an apartment as it belonged to Gio and Gio was a close friend. Joshua needed the money any way that he could get it. There were a few jobs he had did for Cisco, a few intimidations. tactics, but for the mean time it seemed like the case on the murdered cop was simmering down some. Though, he knew once there was a break in the case it wouldn’t be long before he would be hounded all over again.
He wasn’t thinking about that though as he began to remove his clothes to shower. He was thinking about Quinn who rarely spent nights over with him and the thought of having her finally in his arms to sleep was more than exciting for the male. Things moved fast and were so intense with the couple and yet he treasured every second, finding something new about her every moment and memorizing it. He wanted to know everything about her: her favorite color, did she like jewelry, favorite flower – he wanted to spoil the only woman who managed to turn the beast into a bit of a pup. Charlie loved her too, always happy so see her when he popped in as Joshua surprisingly had given her a key. He trusted her that much.
Joshua knew it was a bit soon – they hadn’t known each other but for a month and a half and yet, he wanted to show and possibly tell Quinn how much he cared for her that night. He had come home from a fight, a small cut above his eye, but nothing too bad as he had been getting much better. Sometimes Quinn showed up and sometimes she didn’t – he knew she wasn’t a fan of it. He had taken a shower and cleaned up then when he came out, his girl’s sweet voice echoing through the apartment, Charlie beating him as she ran from the bedroom to greet Quinn. He followed, towel draped around his waist. True to his text he couldn’t wait to see her. He managed to break between the cute dog and his girl, before wrapping his arm around her waist and giving her a deep kiss. “Is it possible to miss someone you just saw two days ago?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 23d 6h 14m 22s
It didn’t matter than he told her she wasn’t in danger simply being with him. He told her that she was under his protection but she knew that could only extend so far and it would only take the wrong person to take an interest in who she was, or a member of a rival gang looking for a way to break the man down and she would be in a danger that he couldn’t protect her from. However, there wasn’t much else left for them to discuss at that point. Quinn couldn’t bring herself to separate from him and she did want to give Joshua a chance if he truly wanted to see where things could go. So she allowed him to take her hand and the two walked towards his home, stopping for a slice of pizza.

A month had passed since that moment and the two barely spent much time apart on her days off and she had fallen pretty hard for him although there were never any particular words exchanged between them to voice their feelings because neither one of them were ready to make this real just yet. Her father still didn’t know about him but things had seemingly settled down a little bit on the front with the cops. It was a Friday now and Quinn didn’t waste any time before heading to his apartment straight after work, pre-warning her father that she wouldn’t be home that night. It had been a while since the two had been able to share the night together and she wanted to take advantage of that and based on the text exchange, Joshua would be home and waiting for her when she finished work.

Quinn pulled up in her car and waved towards Gio as she made her way inside. She had warmed him quite easily over the last month and it was obvious that Gio had become quite attached to her, telling Joshua that he had to keep looking after her. [i “He’s waiting for you upstairs.”] He said with a smile and Quinn thanked him as she made her way upstairs and pushed the door open, knowing that he would find it weird for her to knock after spending the last month practically dating, regardless of both of them claiming they couldn’t be anything serious.

[b “Honey, I am home!”] She said with a smile as she walked through the door, laughing to herself as she kicked off her shoes.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 23d 6h 43m 9s
“No danger now. You’re under my protection Quinn. If anyone is smart they would know not to come near you. I would never put you in harms way, but just like the cops showing up on my door there are some things inevitable. If you trust me that I will take care of you then you have nothing to worry about.” He assured her. Charlie stretched then, already leading the way, a clear indication she wanted to get back to the food in her bowl and her soft dog bed.
Joshua took Quinn’s hand. It wasn’t so much a lie. Quinn would be around him but the two lipped on opposite sides of the town. So far no enemy has dared to come to his door, but if they were out anything could happen. Hell all could’ve went bad when he took her to that Italian restaurant for lunch and saw one of the enemy gang members. His thumb caressed the back of Quinn’s hand, Joshua liking the feeling of holding it. He wasn’t usually that affectionate aside from the bedroom – yet Quinn broke him down and maybe that was why he felt the need to tell her about his life.
“I guess the only thing I can think of is your father – don’t think I’ll be meeting him until this whole mess is over. “ at least Joshua hoped this would all disappear soon – lack of evidence to turn it into a cold case. Or maybe Cisco could pay off the cops and get someone to take the fall. He knew Cisco would not let him go to jail after all they had been through together. Joshua knew though that it was him who had murdered that cop. Three shots without hesitation and he had dumped the body. He had gotten into tough shit.
Killing someone wasn’t new to Joshua, but the victims were usually rivals who weren’t really the best people anyways. This cop had a wife and kid. It made Joshua’s stomach ache just thinking about it. Even though the cop was technically dirty as he was playing into the hands of the rival crew. There was no good or bad in this scenario – in their world. This lifestyle was a gray zone. No one was really ever innocent. No one except Quinn and he wanted it to stay that way. He was promising her that he would protect her and he meant it with his life. They had finally reached his apartment. “Up for a slice?” He asked her. He did want to talk to Tony a little and honestly, needed a breather before he would try to make it up the stairs.
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