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At least the cover story would be easy for them to pull off. They were in love and they were expecting a baby. There were only a few minor details that didn't necessarily match their real lives but...she supposed she could work with that. She was relatively quiet on their way over to Joshua's house and as expected he told her to stay into he car with her Dad which she did. The entire time he spoke to her about the fact that they would have a doctor come out to her to do regualr check ups because it was an unnecessary risk going out to a doctor but she felt like it was all a bit much.

Joshua soon returned and they were being driven off to the safe house. It was a lovely house in what appeared to be a lovely street and it wasn't too late in the day to make their moving in look too suspicious. She looked to Joshua she with her father's encouragement she climbed out of the car and took Joshua's hand, trying not to let to nerves show upon her face.

[I "Anyone asks about the hoody, you are a consultant for us okay?"] He nodded and kissed Quinn. [I "There is a landline. I will call you all the time okay?"] By this point she had tears on her eyes.

[B "I'll miss you Dad."]

[I "You too Princess."
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 196d 20h 38m 22s
Joshua knew that this would probably be hard for Quinn, seeing her father only every so often to protect his life and hers. He just told himself this sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain and this would all be over soon. Besides, they both would have each other. Eventually they headed out of the station and began toward their place to pick up Charlie and allow Quinn time to gather her belongings. Joshua petted Charlie who was more than happy to see him after what may have felt like forever to the dog. Once Quinn was all settled, he held her around the waist, returning the kiss she gave them. The cover story didn’t sound any different than the life Joshua planned for them to have after the trial: married and with a new baby on the way, a dog, a cute little white picket fence type of story.
Joshua and them headed out, Joshua giving directions to his place. Of course, they had to be a bit more careful considering that he was technically supposed to be behind bars. They rounded the back entrance, where Gio’s deliveries usually came in. Joshua knew they would be able to enter from the fire escape as opposed to the front door. He kissed Quinn on the cheek. “You stay here with your dad. This thing isn’t exactly safe.” He said with a small smile. Charlie whimpered a little but he assured her he would be coming back. Joshua climbed up then. He wasn’t surprised to see that his front door had been kicked in and the place was a mess. Francisco and his men probably came here thinking they would find Quinn. They found her anyway and it was a miracle they didn’t kill her. Though what they did to her face wasn’t any better. Joshua knew he couldn’t think about though. They were o a time crunch. He packed some clothing and essentials before also grabbing some things for Charlie. He headed to the bedroom and grabbed some items and money out of his secret safe. They wouldn’t need it but Joshua didn’t want to leave it.
Against his better thinking, he was sure to grab one of his older guns that was locked in there as well. He wanted to be able to protect Quinn if needed be. Joshua headed back out then and met up with Quinn and her father. They got into the car and soon headed to the safe house. It was definitely a bit cookie cutter for him, but at least they would be safe.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 198d 1h 22m 32s
Quinn was grateful to learn that everything was doing well with the baby and that she had nothing more to worry about besides resting and getting some food inside her. She didn't know what she would have done if she had lost the baby after wrapping her head around the fact that the two of them were going to be parents. At least that was one less thing for them to worry about now.

Once they were inside her father's office there was a lot for them to discuss and as soon her father had picked out a safe house for them they were told they would only have an hour to pack. She was grateful for the fact that she didn't really own much then. Once they arrived at her father's place she climbed out of the car and went straight to her room, pulling down a suitcase and emptied her wardrobe into it. Seeing all of her clothes packed into one case seemed a little surreal. Quinn sighed heavily and then moved to the drawers, emptying the things she would need and then once she was done she closed it up.

Her father came in after that and offered to carry the case downstairs and she looked to him, the echo of sadness on her face. [i "I know this is a lot. You will have to give up your job and you won''t be able to keep any contact with your friends."]

[b "I understand that Dad."] She handed him her phone. [b "I can still see you right?"]

[i "You just try and stop me...I just have to be careful honey."]

Quinn followed him downstairs and looked to Joshua who was being mauled by Charlie. [b "We can grab her supplies from your place and we'll get her settled. I think she will settle so much better knowing you are there."] She kissed him gently and pulled back from him a little.

[i "You two are going to be newly weds okay? That's your story. New house, baby on the way. Both work from home. Don't worry about money for now we will get you everything you need and once all this is over you work again."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 200d 3h 8m 4s
“Alright, well be sure to keep an eye out and try to keep track of if you’re feeling any kind of way,” the doctor said then. Joshua was following Quinn and her father out of the infirmary. They were led back to his office where he made sure to close the blinds and lock the doors, so they had some sense of privacy.the two of them sat down then. Joshua was glad to know that the baby was alright he but he couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to Quinn. She was kidnapped and beat. He could not let this stand and looking at her only made him feel somewhat worse as though it were his fault he knew though she would try to tell him that it wasn’t his fault. He brushed his hand through his hair.
“So what do we do now?” Joshua asked him. He was trying not to freak out. Though this was unusual territory for him.
“Now we need to get you guys to a safe house.” Her father said as he dug through his drawers. He found a folder he was looking for and began to flip through until he found a home they could stay at. “You’ll only have an hour to pack. Though Joshua we may have to send an undercover to your place.” Joshua didn’t like the idea of someone – some stranger going through his things. Though he had no choice. He couldn’t risk Quinn being seen carrying a bag out of there and Joshua definitely couldn’t be seen out on the streets. He was supposed to be in jail based on the press conference that was given earlier.
“I don’t want anyone in my apartment” Joshua said and he didn’t mean to be defensive. “There’s a bag entrance. I can go in that way and what about Charlie?” Joshua asked then and Quinn’s father raised a brow at him.
“Charlie is safe and she can come with.” He said with a small smile. He knew Joshua wasn’t going to budge and to be honest it was his life but he would have to make sure he came out of the apartment alive. The whole case depended on it and he didn’t want Quinn’s suffering to be for nothing. Especially if it would hurt her and his grandchild when she gave birth.
Her father made a few calls before coming to a stand. “Alright. Let’s head out. We will get Quinn’s belongings first. We can leave from the back.” He handed Joshua a police hoodie and directed him to keep the hood up.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 200d 16h 52m 34s
Quinn nodded, nor wanting to day much else in case it gave away the lie but she had no idea that the woman had originally assumed domestic abuse. Her father would never allow that to happen though and he certainly wouldn't be covering for Joshua if that had been the case. He would he throwing his ass in jail. That was something theybwiuks beve have to worry about. Joshua had a temper, she had seen it but she could never imagine a scenario where he was turning on her in such a way. They were in love and they would remain that way forever.

Quinn pulled up her shirt and looked to Joshua, the faint look of a smile regardless of the fact that she was nervous that something had happened to their baby. She gasped a little as the Kelly hit her stomach and she pulled her eyes from Joshua to the screen, looking for some evidence of a baby. She glanced to the doctor then and seeing the smile on her face gave her the relief that she needed. From that point on she listened to the advice intensely and promised that she would follow recommendations.

[B "I uhhh, I'm a little dizzy but with this one looking over me, I'm sure I will be fine. Thank you Doctor Harvey."]

[I "Come on you two, busy day ahead."] Her father wrapped her arm around her shoulder and nodded towards Joshua, but not before thanking Doctor Harcey for her help.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 200d 19h 7m 56s
Joshua had never experienced something like this before. This was his first child and while he knew there wouldn’t be much of an image on the screen, knowing Quinn and the baby were still safe was all he wanted. The experience alone was exciting him. Joshua still held Quinn’s hand once she was settled on the bed.
“That’s good. The best thing is you came out alive,” she said to Quinn. She got the tube filled with jelly then and began to prepare the machine for the ultrasound. Gloves on, she smiled down at Quinn. “This may tickle and it’s going to be cold,” she said as she began to rub the gel on Quinn’s stomach. It was good to see no old bruises which indicated no abuse and maybe her story did check out. Furthermore, there were no marks or bruises in general which was a good sign outwardly in making sure the baby was okay. Joystick in hand, she began to run it over Quinn’s stomach the machine gliding over perfectly.
Doctor Harvey looked toward the screen, looking for anything that would determine if there was anything wrong with her uterus or to present any signs of a miscarriage. She began to point out what they should be looking for. She turned to the couple and gave them a smile which made Joshua sigh out in relief. “Good news you two, no signs of trauma. Everything looks to be going well so far. I will recommend resting and just staying off your feet for some weeks to give your body time to settle. I recommend setting your next appointment as soon as possible. Has your head been hurting at all? Any signs of a concussion?” she asked Quinn as she began to clean off her stomach, Joshua was relieved to know the baby was alright and now was the time to also make sure Quinn was fine. He knew she was dehydrated and probably hungry, but they didn’t want her body to go into shock and would have to take that slow. All checked out finally, it would be time to figure out where the couple would be staying.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 200d 21h 27m 12s
Quinn kept close to Joshua, not wanting to be apart from him. This would be the first time they would see their child on a scan. Of course she couldn't be much more that 6-7 weeks pregnant so all they would really see was a dot but the doctor would be able to tell if the baby was okay and there would be a heartbeat as long as everything was okay. As they walked towards the infirmary she kept her hand firmly in his and her father kept her hand on her lower back.

As soon as they were called in to the exam room Quinn climbed up onto the bed and waited patiently until the female doctor made her way into the room. [B "It's nice to meet you Doctor Harvey."] She looked between her and Joshua and she could tell that the woman was making some judgements. She swallowed hard and looked to her father for reassurance and when the doctor asked her questions she went along with what he had told her.

[B "I was. Smashed my face up on the wheel. Air bag didn't work."] She lay down as she was told and sighed out nervously. [B "I'm a little sore, but I'm mostly okay. I'm just worried about the baby."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 200d 22h 34m 4s
Joshua was still finding it hard to believe that Francisco would be cruel enough to have men beat on Quinn. He knew it was just an intimidation tactic and the message wasn’t only for Joshua. He wanted Quinn’s father and Quinn to see what happened to those who messed with them. This is what happened to traitors and had it been Joshua it would’ve been worse. He could take a few blows and no matter how weak from being starved or denied of water, he was sure that he would be able to fight back. They would tire of his resilience and simply kill him, problem solved. The only thing he was grateful for was that Francisco stuck to his deal on having Quinn returned, but once he found out Joshua had lied about recanting his statement, he was sure that he would come after them and this time he would have no mercy on Quinn, even if she begged and pleaded or even did mention she was pregnant.
Joshua walked alongside Quinn with her father as they were heading to the infirmary. He tried to keep himself from getting angry. There was nothing he could do though. What happened had happened. But Joshua knew that he was going to get his payback when they put Francisco behind bars. Reaching the infirmary then, her father helped to get her all settled. Joshua was looking at the posters on the wall, one on pregnancy and he worried then that something had happened to harm the baby. He hadn’t checked her stomach, but hoped that they hadn’t delivered any blows there.
Soon the doctor was calling them into one of the exam rooms, that a nurse had already set up. Joshua took a seat on the chair beside the bed. Her father sat on a chair that was against the wall.
The female doctor walked in and smiled at Quinn, trying to hide he distress at the wounds to her face. Her father had explained it all though and she could see they had such a valid reason to worry about the safety of their unborn, especially with it being so early in stages of development. “Hello Quinn, I’m Doctor Harvey. You must be the father?” She asked as she looked at Joshua with a raised brow. He didn’t look that great either, he lost a little weight from lack of eating, despite maintaining some sense of muscle from working out. There was the hint of bruising from his punch to the eye and he was wearing the same clothes from when he was booked. He knew Quinn’s father couldn’t tell her details of the case, especially with a mole being in the precinct and they had to make sure their plan wasn’t leaked. However, Joshua didn’t know how he explained why Quinn was in the condition she was in.
“I’m the father,” Joshua said nodding before taking Quinn’s hand.
“Your father tells me that you were involved in a car accident?” She didn’t sound like she believed him, but couldn’t accuse Joshua of being an abuser. “Why don’t you lay down on the bed and we’ll get you all checked out alright? How are your . . . injuries feeling?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 201d 32m 29s
She remained with her head buried in his chest as his arms came around her to hold her closer to him. It wasn't as though she could hide her face from him but she didn't want his first reaction to be anger. It wasn't until he started to kiss her head and work to her face that she had to lift her head to look at him. His hand came to her cheek and there were tears that the sting eyes. She could tell that he felt guilty and she closed her eyes as his forehead met hers and then his lips were on hers. It felt like weeks since they had kissed each other even though it had only been a few days.

Quinn shook her head because she didn't want him to blame himself. It wasn't his fault and she wouldn't blame him and she hoped that her father wouldn't. She placed her hand in top of his as it lay on her stomach and she nodded. [B "We will. I...I need to see a doctor before...before anything else."] It was not her intention to worry him but she needed that piece of mind.

[I "We can take you down the infirmary angel. They have can do ultrasounds down there."] Her father stepped forward and placed his hand on her shoulder and glanced to Joshua. [I "They have been starving her."]

[B "I didn't tell them! I didn't want them to have an excuse to harm our baby."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 201d 3h 3m 31s
Their lives were going to change and it wasn’t just the small things like their appearance; their names, their backgrounds and everything that made them who they were was going to be different. Joshua didn’t know how he could deal with it but he didn’t have much of a choice at this point. He just had to remind himself that this was for Quinn and for his future child. He sunk onto the cot then, his head in his hands as he wanted nothing more than to see Quinn. It was dangerous going against Francisco and men that he had known all his life, but Joshua knew that it was the right thing to do when it came to making sure that Quinn and him would be taken care of. Besides, they had kidnapped her. It was clear the men he had spent so much time protecting only worried about themselves.
He could hear footsteps coming his way and Joshua came to a stand then. The gate had barely opened before he saw that familiar face running toward him, arms wrapped tight around him and damn, Joshua couldn’t help the tears that formed as he held Quinn close to him. He missed her, three days by this point without her, seeing her or touching her was madness. He hoped she was okay and safe and that they weren’t treating her badly. He kissed the top of her head and quickly proceeded to her face, pausing then as he noticed the bandage above her eye which was swollen. He swallowed the thick lump in his throat, his hands wanting to ball into fists but gentle palms as he held her face in his hand. He couldn’t believe Francisco would have his men do this to her. She was innocent, an angel caught in his devilish and furious life. “Baby,” Joshua said, his voice breaking and though it was weak he cried. He pressed his forehead against hers and kissed her lips. “I’m so sorry,” he professed as he closed his eyes. This was all the last minute drive he needed to continue his plan. He had no loyalty to Francisco. Only to Quinn and their unborn child. He pressed his hand against her stomach. “We will get through this. It’s me and you.”
They had to get their new identities settled, somewhere to hide out too. The trial wouldn’t be for another month and after seeing what they did to Quinn, Joshua knew what they were doing was for the best. Safe. He just wanted them safe.
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As her father continued to clean yo her face he admitted to her that they would need to be moved into witness protection. Their whole lives were about to get turned upside down and it was all because she had asked Joshua to snitch on the people who he had worked with for years. What right did she have to come into his life and ask that of him? But was there an alternative? She doubted it. She was carrying his child after all and he would have gone to prison, maybe for life for killing a cop. She didn't want that for their child and she didn't want that for them either.

Quinn finished the bottle of water and was grateful for the sandwich that was offered to her and she took small bites from it, not wanting to eat too much too soon. She nodded towards her father, acknowledging how this would play out. [B "Can I see him Dad?"] She expected him to refuse but it seemed that he had come to accept her love for him and instead he nodded and stood, pulling her close to him as he led her to where Joshua was waiting. When she saw him she felt the familiar rush of love.

[B "Joshua.'] She rushed to him as her father opened the door and she flung her arms around him.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 201d 11h 23m 55s
Her father was worried then. Quinn had been kidnapped and they hadn’t fed her adequately. He wanted to make sure his grandchild was taken care of appropriately. He was happy to find that she was safe at least. In his custody he would make sure no one got close to her. Francisco was the top dog but what those men did to his daughter was even worst. He needed to make sure she would be sought to. Her father didn’t want to introduce too much food but already knew they were probably starving his daughter.
“Quinn,” he said then. “We have to put you guys in witness protection. Joshua is going to still testify but you guys will put away in case of danger. Your whole life will change.” In the mean time Joshua was back in his cell waiting to see Quinn. He wanted to know that francisco hadn’t gone back on his word even though Joshua had. He had a child to think of now and Quinn. It wasn’t just about him. A cadet arrived then with a sandwich that was packed for her father but he was so distressed that he hadn’t been able to eat. He handed it off to his daughter. “We’ll schedule you an appointment. I know Joshua would like to make sure you’re okay.” He said. It was weird for him to think of Joshua and how he felt. Yet, Joshua was a part of Quinn’s life and a part of his grandchild’s life. If Joshua made her happy he had to accept him even if he wasn’t the man he pictured to be in her life.
“We are going to have to get you guys all moved and settled. Made over so you’re not noticeable.” He sighed out. He hadn’t expected this type of life for his daughter.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 201d 14h 38m 20s
Her father’s gasp was enough to tell her that she wasn’t exactly in good condition. Although she already knew that based on the way she felt. She let him hold her against him for a while before he was keen to get her off the streets. It was obvious that he wanted to talk in private but also get her cleaned up which was something that her captors did not offer her the chance to do. She felt disgusting. Quinn had been in the same clothes the entire time that she had been held up in that room and she hasn’t exactly been given a very good diet. Perhaps a few days longer in there and she would not be well at all.

Quinn kept her eyes focused on the floor as her father walked through the station. She could hear the whispers and the gasps of his colleagues but she figured that they all knew what had happened. Once inside the office she was encouraged to sit down and she was quickly brought some water and her father started cleaning her wounds with the kit that he had asked for. [b “They took me to this old abandoned factory. I wouldn’t know how to get there. The windows were blacked out but I know what the building looked like.”] She was glad to know that Joshua hadn’t actually confessed to anything and that this was nothing more than a plot to get her back.

[b “They ‘taught me a lesson’ for convincing Joshua to snitch. Dad, I want to see a doctor. I don’t know how long I’ve been gone but I haven’t eaten much and I was only given one glass of water a day. I need to know my baby is okay.”] The panic was obvious in her voice and she knew that he father would accommodate her.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 201d 19h 28m 10s
Quinn’s father waited impatient my for the dark can to pull up. The call came early that morning, Joshua being in hand to answer. They had seen his little pony show and was glad to know that he was smart enough not to snitch. Though Joshua and her father knew that he was not going through with that plan and had every intention to speak on the man who dared harm his girlfriend. To keep up the charade Joshua couldn’t pick up Quinn when she arrived, which he hated. He wanted to make sure she was okay. He thought about his child and was worried about the health of the child. He had to pace back and forth in the cell as he waited for Quinn’s father to return with his girlfriend.
Quinn’s father looked down at Quinn as she crashed into him, the van pulling off with a hurry. They didn’t even have a license plate which he knew meant it would be hard for him to track them down. Something he regretted the minute he pulled Quinn away to check her over. He gasped then as he looked at her. Yet eye was swollen shut and she had a cut above her eye, face bruised. He was angry at the men that she this time her. He kept his bad words to himself, instead holding Quinn against him and stroking her hair. They’d dropped her off at the station as was promised. As though their promise meant anything with what they did to her. “Come on, let’s get you inside and I’ll explain everything.” He said as he held her to him and led her up the stairs inside where her condition definitely caused some signs of alarm in the other cops. He helped her into his office, asking one of the cadets to get her some water and the medical kit.
“Joshua did not actually recant. He just said that so that they would release you.” He sighed out and sat on the edge of his desk after helping her sit down. The cadet arrived then and handed her the water, trying to clean up the blood that was dried and caked on her face. “What did they do to you? What do you remember?” He didn’t like Joshua but he had saved his daughter twice. He knew if he saw Quinn like this it certainly wouldn’t be a good thing. This was something he would seek revenge for which he couldn’t allow. Joshua was their only witness and his safety was important.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 201d 20h 57s
Quinn was glad that there weren't any mirrors in the room that she had been forced to sleep in. Her face was bruised and her right eye had been forced shut with a cut above her eyebrow. She felt dizzy but she was unsure about whether that was to do with the fact that she had the shit kicked out of her or it was the lack of food and water. They had only been giving her basic rations and she was quite nervous about the baby. If she got out of this the first thing she wanted to do was go to a doctor.

She heard the click of her door and she rose to her feet instantly. The two men who had been responsible for the state of her face came in. [I "We're moving."]

[B "Where are we going?"] All she could think about was the fact that this was the moment where she would be killed. Joshua and her father would know who was responsible but they wouldn't be able to bring anyone in for it, not without witnesses and she was sure they would make sure there was no evidence trail either.

[I "Relax. Your lover boy confessed to murder. We're delivering you to your Dad."] Quinn's lips parted.

[B "No..."]

[I "Yes. Now get moving."] She was pushed out of the room and shoved into a car as soon as she was taken outside. The journey was tense and quiet until they arrived at the station where she was quiet literally shoved out of the car and into the arms of her father who was already waiting at the side of the road, already having a phone call to say she would be delivered as promised.

[B "Dad..."] She fell into his arms. [B "Tell me he didn't do it..."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 201d 22h 18m 28s

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