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Quinn certainly looked like the innocent type and her frame wasn’t exactly perfectly suited to scare off criminals but she maintained that she would have been a good cop having been given the chance. She could tell by the look on Joshua’s face that he was having a hard time imagining the woman as anything but the school teacher she was. [b “You always find a way to make everything dirty don’t you?”] She said with a laugh as he pressed his lips against her neck. As if ro prove her words to be true he started to talk about having her dress up again and she continued to laugh. While she appeared to be quite confident in bed with Joshua, she didn’t have any experience getting dressed up and acting during sex.

Quinn kisses his cheek. [b “Careful, sounds like your mind isn’t the only thing blowing.”] She watched as he stood and looked towards the door as Charlie started to whine for attention and she instantly felt guilt about shutting her out. Although, it didn’t seem like she was too angry about it herself when Joshua opened the door as she ran straight for the bed and pines for Quinn’s attention as Joshua got dressed. She smiled and stroked her willingly and before long she was crawling up the bed to lick her face in kind and then settled down, resting her head under Quinn’s chin as she breathed out heavily.

[b “I’m not sure she actually wants me to move now.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 4h 5m 58s
Joshua chuckled, the breakfast did definitely soften the blow of being up early. Mostly because of the late nights that he worked, sleeping into twelve or two in the afternoon was not unusual for the male. He brushed his hands through his hair then, washing down the breakfast with a glass of water.
“The police academy?” Joshua asked with a raised brow. He had to try to imagine the sweet innocent teacher as a tough and bad ass cop. “Wow, that is actually surprising. That definitely sounds like a coincidence, but – maybe it’s fate. Had I still been the man I am, maybe you would’ve been cuffing me up.” Joshua chuckled and gave the woman a kiss on her neck. “Hm, let’s see so far you have me wanting to see you in a nurse’s uniform and a cop uniform. In all my fantasies you’re mind blowing.” Joshua adjusted the tray as they had finished breakfast. He stood up then, stretching as he was a bit tense lately from stress. Honestly this was the moment in his life where he wanted to go to practice and get some of his frustrations out.
Joshua cracked his fingernails. “We can get dressed and get Charlie out, she’s going crazy out there,” he said shaking his head as Charlie was whimpering and whining.
Joshua opened the door, making sure to grab the tray in time for the big dog to jump on the bed and tackle Quinn before settling on the bed looking at the two.
Joshua had shrugged on a pair of jeans, throwing a white shirt on and stuffing into some sneakers.
Joshua looked over his shoulder watching Quinn there, Charlie nuzzling her leg with his nose, asking to be pet. She looked gorgeous to him and seemed to fit so perfectly there in his bed. It was a happy coincidence that she had been in that club that night. That was a night that had changed his life.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 8h 49m 16s
Quinn was glad that he seemed to understand where she was coming from and that in some way he felt the same. She would’ve felt foolish if she was claiming that she couldn’t sleep without him when he was finding it easy enough to get to sleep. Although, she did hate being away from her dad but only because she knew that he would be sat eating things that he shouldn’t. Quinn hadn’t told her father that she was seeing anyone yet, knowing that he would want to meet him instantly to make his judgement. She figured that Joshua wasn’t ready to meet her father either considering what he did for a living and what Joshua did for a living. She hadn’t asked many questions about the gang or what he did, not wanting to be in a situation where she would have to lie again. Quinn figured that the less she knew, the less she had to lie if she was ever questioned.

Quinn smiled as she finished the last bite of her breakfast and kissed his cheek. [b “I did wake you up, I just did it with breakfast to soften the blow.”] She moved her plate back onto the tray and got herself comfortable on the bed for a minute, knowing that shortly they would be taking Charlie for a walk as she promised.

She raised her eyebrow a little bit at his question. [b “Defence classes? You mean can I fight someone off if they tried to mug me?”] She chuckled softly and then nodded her head. [b “My father taught me a few things and when I was in college I was determined to get into the Police Academy so I did some training then too. Funny how things work out isn’t it? I doubt we would ever have found each other in this way if I had ended up going into law enforcement instead of teaching. Maybe everything does happen for a reason.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 9h 47m 2s
“ That’s good,” he said with a smile in the fact that she had managed to sleep well. He knew what the female meant. He had found it usually harder to get to sleep without Quinn there, that being why these sleepovers meant so much to him He was even more glad to hear that she hadn’t awoken in the middle of the night to find Joshua gone. The apartment was big, but not that big and he wondered how she would’ve felt waking up to find every room of the house void of his presence. He wondered if Quinn would bother even asking him about what he did. That day at the park after he told her everything, they had kind of left the situation alone. Was she ignoring it on purpose, or just figuring that the less she knew the better?
“I know what you mean, it’s getting harder to sleep without you. Wish you were here all the time, I know Charlie does. She hates when I’m gone for fights.” Joshua admitted. The crazy thought of moving in together flashed into his mind. He wondered then would him and Quinn last long enough for them to ever move in together? He knew it kind of seemed improbable as Quinn was attached to her father and assuring his health remained in check. Would she ever be able to stop worrying and trust that the man could take care of himself?
He turned toward the door, knowing Charlie hated being locked out. “A walk?” He said with a chuckle. “Yeah fine with me, you could’ve just woke me up I would’ve gone with you.” He sighed out with a shake of his head. “Protective yes, I – just never know who’s watching. It’s dange – it’s not really a good time to be walking around at that time of day. Dark means being a target.” Though Charlie could be aggressive when she wanted and did know how to attack and kill on demand.
“Have you ever taken defense classes?” He assumed with her father being a cop she had to carry one of those keychain pepper sprays, hell they even made tasers that small. He was beginning to get full, moaning ut in satisfaction. “You really are too good for me,” he said. “That was really good.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 10h 4m 57s
Quinn hoped that the fact she was supplying Joshua with breakfast would soften the blow about being woken up so early. That was the one thing about Quinn that she couldn’t change and that was that she was an early riser. It was partly because of her job and partly because she was simply the kind of person that wanted to look after everyone so she like she needed to be up early to ensure that happened. Although she knew that Joshua didn’t expect her to look after him, she didn’t mind getting up early to make him breakfast as a treat.

She let out a soft laugh at his hope that she was his breakfast and she leaned down to kiss him gently shaking her head. [b “I’m afraid not. Only real food here.”] She smiled and lowered herself next to him so they could enjoy breakfast. [b “Oh I know I didn’t but I was awake and I wanted to.”]

Soon enough the two were indulging in breakfast and she had to be honest it was nice just to be lazy and chillout in bed with food rather than feeling the pressure of having to get ready to go out for breakfast. Quinn look towards him when he kissed her cheek and proclaim that she was an angel, causing a slight blush to form upon her cheeks. [b “I slept really well. I always do when I’m here which is strange because I’m used to being in bed alone. But ever since that first night I spent with you I really struggle to sleep in an empty bed. Is that strange?”] She could hear scratching at the door and she laughed a little.

[b “Oh right! Charlie was hounding me for a walk this morning so I promised her that we would walk her once we’ve had breakfast. I hope that’s okay. I would’ve walked her myself and let you sleep in but I figured you wouldn’t want me walking around on my own considering it was still dark. I haven’t forgotten how protective you are.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 14h 54m 26s
Joshua definitely enjoyed his sleep though it had taken some time as he was plagued with guilt. What he did to that man was wrong, but Francisco wasn’t someone you said no to and if someone other than Joshua went, they would’ve just killed the man. That would’ve drawn too much attention to them. They didn’t need another body under there arms. He had finally managed to sleep, maybe things easier with Quinn at his side. The girl who for a brief moment was so close to saying she loved him.
He awoke to soft kisses along his cheek and then his lips, the sound of Quinn announcing breakfast and the cold space beside him letting him know it wasn’t Charlie waking him up this time. He opened his eyes, rubbing at the sleep in the corners of his eyes, knuckles aching and swollen red, dried blood from the cuts which obviously are fresh.
“Breakfast?” He said with a sleepy drawl as he sat up then in his shorts and shirtless. “I’m hoping breakfast is you,” he teased. Though he was actually pretty hungry. Joshua could already begin to smell the food as he was finally becoming more awake. “You didn’t have to do this you know. I could’ve made us breakfast,” he said as he leaned forward to kiss her, waiting for her to take a seat beside him so they could sleep together. More and more their lives were becoming that of a traditional couple which Joshua never thought his life could be like. “Smells good and you know I definitely worked up an appetite from last night,” he mentioned. He rubbed the back of his hands to cool the ache, before reaching for a fork to place one of the fried eggs onto the toast, taking a hearty bite. He closed his eyes, sighing out as he let his head rest for a moment. “You’re an angel you know that?” He asked wit a smile as he kissed her cheek. His eyes befalling the necklace around her neck. [I Yes, she had said yes to being the girl of a hoodlum.] “How’d you sleep?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 16h 4m 54s
The strenuous activity of their lovemaking was more than enough to ensure that Quinn didn’t even stir when Joshua peeled himself away from her and climbed out of bed. In fact she was deep in sleep, dreaming of a future that now seemed possible to her and to him since he’d asked her to become his girlfriend. It all seemed a little bit cliche but she was happy and he seem to be as well and that was the most important thing.

It was the early hours of the morning, around about 6 am when she finally woke up. She still found herself in Joshua’s arms but her back rested against his chest and for a moment she just took in the feel of having him close but after a moment she needed to pull herself away from him to use the bathroom. She tiptoed quietly not to disturb Joshua and when she finished in the bathroom she noticed that Charlie had woken up and was pacing the room clearly wanting some attention or perhaps even some food. She chuckled to herself quietly as she pulled on the T-shirt that had been carelessly thrown to the floor the night before and let her into the kitchen where she found her some food. It kept her happy for a minute but then she was walking to her leash and playing with it as though she wanted Quinn to take her for a walk.

[b “I don’t think Joshua would be very happy with me if I took you for a walk this early in the morning. It’s still a little bit dark outside and he doesn’t like me being alone at the best of times.”] She leaned down to fuss Charlie little and placed a kiss on her head. [b “I promise as soon as he wakes up we will take you for a walk together.”] Even this felt domesticated and honestly she couldn’t be happier. She was awake now and there was not much point in her trying to get back to sleep so she opted for a quiet morning cooking breakfast for Joshua so that they could actually have breakfast in bed this time. The memory of their first failed attempt to do so causing a smile to form upon her lips.

After thirty minutes of keeping quiet in the kitchen as she made breakfast she placed everything onto a tray and carried it into the bedroom, apologising to Charlie because she had to shut her out but she didn’t seem too disappointed because she had food or her own to finish anyway. She placed the tray at the end of the bed and edged closer to Joshua as she kissed his cheek and then his lips and whispered to him softly. [b “I made us breakfast.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 16h 23m 4s
Joshua smiles, glad to know that he had satisfied her as much as Quinn satisfied him. He knew that they would never get bored of each other, something about their lovemaking unmatched. She was definitely not like the other girls he had been with. Quinn was in a whole other lane of her own. She cuddled then at his side, Joshua drawing the blanket up to keep her from getting cold. He hadn’t drifted to sleep when she had a slip of the tongue, Joshua admittedly a bit shocked as she hadn’t finished the statement. He told himself not to get ahead of himself though. They had only just met a month ago and yet here he was promising a commitment and Joshua did feel something more than just [I care] for Quinn. When would be the right to utter those three words ? He hadn’t the clue. He knew though he wanted her awake, he wanted romance – music, dressed up, the finest restaurant. Quinn wasn’t really into those things and to some degree neither was Joshua really. But, there was nothing he didn’t want Quinn to ever think that she couldn’t have from him.
He placed a kiss upon her forehead and fell asleep with her for but an hour to catch up on rest. He hadn’t even really slept, more like a catnip when he came to with the Quinn cuddled against him, her head on his chest as she slept peacefully. He smiled, gently peeling himself away from her. Joshua day in the edge of the bed, trying to regain balance as he came to a stand, stretching from the strenuous activity. He reached for his shorts, finding a pair of pants and throwing in a black hoodie that did a good job of shielding his face. Though to be safe, Joshua had also placed a mask around the Lowe half of his face. He headed for his dresser, grabbing his gun and placing it in the back of his pants. He turned then to see Quinn still asleep, hating to leave but reminding himself it would be only for a moment. Joshua headed into the kitchen peeling the mask back to take a few swings from his whiskey bottle, enough to get him drunk enough not to be nervous. Charlie noticed him, whimpering and not wanting him to leave. He bent down to pet her. “Go keep Quinn warm,” he said in a soft voice, watching go down the hall and presumably get into his bed. He made sure to lock up as he left. Getting into the car and heading to a house just twenty minutes away. It was late, and it was a good thing the man lived in a home. Living in apartments meant even nosier neighbors. He rang the doorbell, waiting. A woman in a robe, maybe around thirty answered then. Joshua pulled the gun and motioned for her not to scream and get back inside where he followed her. Low and behold the man he was looking for sat on the recliner already reaching for his gun as the female slowly back toward him.
“Don’t be stupid” Joshua said, gun still pointed.
“What’s this about?” The man asked though it was clear he knew. Joshua walked over clearing the table and motioning for the girl to sit down.
“This is about where you’re [I not] going to be on the day of the hearing. The man had fear in his eyes, know this was coming from the top.
“I don’t talk and they send me to jail.” Joshua stood them, fist hitting the man in the nose, blood rushing and the girl screaming in fear. Joshua waited for the man to regain himself.
“I have every intention to leave here without pummeling you or putting a bullet through your head.”
“Please” the man said blubbering, I can’t go to jail, my girl’s pregnant. Joshua sighed out. If Cisco saw him without it a mark he’d be on his ass. Joshua didn’t have a choice, hands fist as they continuously punch the man until he held his hands up. Joshua sighed out and tried to catch his breath. He had convinced the man to take a trip back home. Joshua had left with a nasty few fresh cuts to his hands. He’d driven back to his apartment and slipped in before heading to the bathroom to wash his hands. He stared at himself in the mirror wanting so badly to pinch the reflection he saw. Heading back to the room, he managed to find his spot empty,Charlie at the food of the bed. Joshua pulled Quinn close. How much longer could he keep his two worlds separate.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 16h 40m 57s
Quinn would’ve stayed there all night if Joshua would’ve let her but he was no selfish lover and the moment he felt like he might be too close to release he lifted her off him and moved her back to the position that he needed her in so that he could take her. I love making lasted longer than normal, the two finally able to take the pace slow and work up to an intense release, causing them both to vocalise their pleasure through moans and sigh, even screams when things got more intense. Eventually she was left on top of him, shaking from the intensity of her orgasm and breathless from the movements it took to get them both there.

[b “Oh my God, tell me about it.”] Quinn practically collapsed on top of him, kissing at his neck as she tried to catch her breath. After a minute to two she peeling herself from him and settling into his side, resting her head on his chest as she enjoyed the closeness of being with him. She was growing tired and in her foggy mindset she felt nothing but her strong feelings for him. Her eyes closed and she sighed heavily and happily. [b “I lo...”] Her eyes shot open as she caught herself just in time, a momentary panic going through her before her tried to settle back down. [b “Nevermind.”] Quinn could only hope that he was too tired to notice.

Sleep claimed her soon after that which she was grateful for because she was no ready to tell him how she felt, especially since she figured he didn’t exactly feel the same way. Although, there was no really way of knowing if she was too scared to say anything. Quinn was a heavy sleeper and regardless of the fact she was snuggled so closely to him, she wouldn’t had stirred if he moved.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 17h 10m 43s
Joshua loved the taste of the woman, her kisses like the water to a parched men lost in the desert. His hand has risen to her back, holding her close to his as his hands traveled further upward and released those strands of hair – filtering through. He gently rocked against her, not wanting to let go of the woman or sacrifice her lips; she was his always and for the taking whenever. When he had her, she was all his and he was all hers. It was crazy how they were so different, the type of couple you never expected to be serious and yet thy just meshed somehow. Especially when they were in bed. Like now, his breathing was labored with the desire to just fully have her then, though the more he waited, the more the desire and wanting increased meaning for an even more passionate release.
Joshua pouted some as she removed her lips from his sitting up by his elbows as he watched her slink down like a sexy snake, peeling away his boxers with the aid of Joshua as he lifted his hips to make it easier. It didn’t take long before he knew exactly what Quinn was up to. “Shit,” he whispered sitting up just slightly to feel her more, hands in her hair as he could feel the pressure and growth. It wasn’t long before Joshua was just at the attention he needed to be, breathing laboring as each time Quinn moaned, it turned him on even more. He grunted as he held the back of her head, eyes squinted shut tight as he tried not to release so soon. He gently removed the woman, definitely tall and ready. Joshua drew Quinn up, kissing her hungrily, using her hips to ease her into him carefully. Joshua sat up then, holding her close, her breasts there against his chest, the necklace there above and gleaming.
Joshua sighed out, his forehead pressing against hers. “You make me so happy,” he managed to whisper before delving into the woman. The night was just as he imagined, Joshua moving against Quinn slowly at first, so growls erupting with every gyration, ever taste of her lips, her neck which he suckled on happily. Joshua was trying his hardest to control himself, using Quinn’s face as motivation. It seemed like hours before he had sped up, hands gripping her hair tilting her head back. Joshua kissed at her chest before finally releasing, moaning her name out loud then. He jerked some, shivering with pleasure. “whew,” he finally said when he caught his breath chuckling then. “That was – much needed.” Joshua was so tired he just wanted to cuddle with her the whole night. He would fall asleep with her but would disappear for a bit and come back before Quin would even know he was gone.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 17h 40m 29s
There was one thing that Quinn knew about their intimacy together; things never moved slowly. While both of them might have started out with the intention of taking it slow and really dragging it out, both of them very quickly grew impatient and wanted nothing more than to delve into each other. It didn’t even matter how long the sessions lasted, just that they both got what they needed from them and they always did. Quinn wouldn’t stop until Joshua reached his climax and she knew that Joshua would do the same. There was nothing selfish about their bouts of lovemaking. They both got a lot of pleasure from making sure the other felt like they were on top of the world.

Quinn stood there for a moment watching Joshua take in every inch of her skin. His eyes almost burning into her, enough to electrify her senses and make her want him even more. It was beyond her how he could do such a thing with only a look. She didn’t have to wait much longer for him to act though, hands finding her thighs and pulling her towards him easily. Her head fell back as he traced her body with kisses until he was pulling her onto the bed, legs either side of him in an elegant straddle that trapped him between her and the sheets.

For a minute the two lost themselves in a passionate kiss, tongues gracing each other and reminding each other of how they tasted. Before long she could feel him pressing against her but there was still something in place that acted as a barrier to fully taking him. She pushed back on his shoulders gently so that he was now lying on the bed and she broke the kiss to trace kisses down his chest. She stopped her lips just above the hem of the shorts and lifted her hand to peel them down revealing his want and desire for her. She could not stop herself from taking him in her mouth, gently massaging and teasing just to make him all the more excited. A moan of pleasure escaping her as the feel of him hardening further aroused her.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 17h 58m 45s
Joshua was glad to hear that she enjoyed the necklace and that it held some meaning to the woman. He smiled then, the way Quinn looking at him making Joshua himself blush and just like the first night, he was beginning to feel a bit intimidated by the woman. He knew she wore nothing under that shirt, feeling her up earlier had did more than enough to prove that about the woman. Joshua smirked then, biting down so hard on his li he had to loosen the grip before he broke skin.
Quinn had stripped so fluid, nude before him save for the necklace and a look in her eyes that sent shivers down his spine. He was in nothing but his shorts then and it was evident that Quinn didn’t need to try her hardest to get a [I rise] out of the male. When he had Quinn that night she exuded so much confidence and though she was a bit more careful and quiet at times, when they were together Quinn had a side to her that even Joshua questioned where it came from.
Joshua leaned forward, bringing Quinn close to him by her thighs, his lips kissing against her stomach, nuzzling softly as he placed delicate kisses along her lower body until he reached her thighs. He looked up at Quinn, not sure if he wanted to take it slow as he was more than excited since this had been a first time in a while since they had spent a night together. Though usually whenever they were intimate with one another, Joshua and Quinn ended up in a flurry of quick fluid movements, quick thrusts and screams of madness – the moment never seeming to last long enough. Sighing out then, he drew her in by the waist, leaning back until he had her sitting in his lap. Joshua couldn’t help the soft growl that escaped, as taking it slow was not one of his strengths. Still he wanted this to be a moment that would last forever, a memory to keep. He moved his hips slowly underneath her, growing with anticipation and fighting with each fiber of his being. Joshua brought her down to his level, kissing her with so much passion, tongue brushing against hers. He moaned into the kiss, grinding more until he was sure he had reached just where he needed to be.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 18h 18m 47s
The metal was called against her skin but it felt right sitting there. She glanced down at it herself and smiled. Quinn didn’t have much jewellery or anything nice for that matter so it was a nice change to have something that looks nice and also meant something to her. Quinn has just been bought up to buy the things that she needed, Rather than buying things because they looked good or just for the sake of it. She just hoped that Joshua would understand that he didn’t need to make a habit of this and that she was happy just being with him, she wasn’t with him for his money that was for sure.

Quinn blushed a little at his compliment and watched as he moved towards the bed, memories of the first night they spent together flooded her mind and caused her blush to deepen even further. She had been so confident then and she had no idea where it had come from considering she was usually quite shy when it came to men. Joshua pulled something out of her that she never had before and she couldn’t envisage it ever disappearing or hiding away again. Joshua did things to her that she couldn’t even explain and she was sure that she must’ve done the same to him because they really shouldn’t have worked, but they did.

She smiled as she put her hand up to the piece of jewellery that now rested upon her chest. [b “It really is a beautiful piece of art. Thank you Joshua, this means the world to me.”] She looked towards him then with an intensity that she had been holding back until now. In the last month, her feelings had only intensified towards him but she was still scared to admit how she felt about him, especially since she was still unsure how he would take it. For now she will keep it to herself.

Quinn bit down on her lip as he complimented her beauty and before she spoke in response, she was already peeling off his shirt to reveal her naked frame standing before him. She couldn’t hold herself back from him anymore. Quinn [i needed] him.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 18h 48m 29s
Her kiss, the way she pressed against him was all the answer Joshua needed to know that Quinn had no qualms about being his girlfriend and had given him a silent yes. He smiled as she turned around, giving a soft kiss against the back of her neck as he removed the piece of jewelry from the box and wrapped it around her neck, making sure to link it just right so it would always be seen, but not too tight. Beautiful, just like she was.
“Of course it’s beautiful, it reminded me of you the minute I saw it. Simple and yet complex, a beautiful piece of art.” Joshua moved himself away to get a good look at her. If he had his way he would bring a new piece of jewelry to Quinn every time he saw her. He knew though, she didn’t care about those kinds of things. He knew she only accepted it because this necklace had meaning, solidifying his commitment to Quinn.
He leaned onto the bed then, much like the first night they had met. That night when she was so confident in letting Joshua know that he had no intentions of giving herself up to him. He wondered what had convinced her to stay that night, to allow Joshua to kiss her the way he did – before soon she was there in his bedroom, stripping before him. Hands pressed against the sheets, gripping tight as he watched Quinn, the necklace sitting beautifully against her porcelain skin as he assumed already it would look.
Joshua licked his lips then, sighing out with relief. This was the peace he needed before he knew he would have to leave in the middle of the night and do some damage to keep Francisco happy and it anything to prevent the cops from getting any further in their investigation. No witnesses and they had no case, though they had to be careful – any slip up and they were all being sent to the big house.
His eyes looked over Quinn, the oversized t-shirt she wore that was pulled from his closet, soft blonde tendrils of hair beautiful framing her face. “You know you look absolutely, breathtaking –“ he breathed out, eyes looking at her beautiful smooth legs “in anything you wear.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 21d 19h 13m 19s
Quinn knew that Joshua had wanted to keep their worlds separate as much as he possibly could but there was no denying that their connection was growing stronger every day and she wasn’t sure she could ignore it anymore and the fact that Joshua was taking this step with her, in asking her to be his girlfriend, suggesting that he couldn’t ignore it either.

She didn’t need to say her answer because her actions gave her away and soon enough they were lost in a passionate kiss rousing moans from the two of them. Their connection was both emotional and physical and it was a rare thing to find, at least in her experience. She hadn’t even noticed that he had made her close her legs around his waist until he was finally pulling away for air. She inwardly cursed for the inherent need to breathe, forcing the two apart far too soon.

He pulled her to her feet, keen to put the necklace around her neck and she obliged him by turning around and bunching her hair in her hand, lifting it out of the way so he could place it on her. Normally she would never have been able to accept gifts from another but this meant something and she really couldn’t turn it down and it was beautiful. She smiled as he leaned in close to her. [b “Joshua, it’s beautiful.”] Her heart filled with something she was not ready to admit but this was a step in that direction.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 21d 19h 47m 33s

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