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“Families yes, but I know men and trust me, they will have eyes on you no matter who you’re looking at.” She was right though, this was supposed to be something fun and lighthearted, not a moment for Joshua to let his anger take over and control his actions. Though, he would never embarrass Quinn that way, unless Joshua felt like she was being disrespected in any sense.
He smiled down at the woman then, kissing her after she questioned him. She had everything she could wat with him in her life? That was a first for him of course. Most of the girls he dated wanted more and more, never fully satisfied and at some point they thought Joshua would ask them for their hand in marriage – a life full of riches and drugs and a handsome man at their side through it all.
Joshua just could not bear the thought of going through with something like that. He didn’t come from a life of love and marriage, a happy fairytale family situation – so it was hard for him to even imagine himself in a space like that. He just knew though that nothing could be forced and he didn’t want to be with anyone that just cared about him for money over than for love.
“I still want to give you more,” He whispered huskily, kissing along her neck. Joshua sighed out then with a chuckle. “Let’s get out of here, I’m going to go crazy trying to keep myself off you.” He smirked then and headed toward the cabinet to grab some towels and a bag. He filled it up with water for them and Charlie and a few beers. Joshua knew that the pizza place downstairs also served sandwiches and he figured they could grab one to eat for lunch with some chips.
Charli could tell they were going out soon and she was eagerly jumping at the male, happy for two outings in one day.
“I’ll get us some sandwiches from Gio,” he called out as he took a sip from the beer, making sure to respond to his texts from Francisco confirming he would be fighting that night. “You can get Charlie in the car.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 17d 4h 59m 2s
The two worked around each other in the bedroom while they both got ready for the beach, yet even more evidence that the two had fallen into some sort of domestic routine over the last few weeks. She had accepted that he had pretty much seen every inch of her from several angles and he had yet to find anything wrong with her. She didn’t have the perfect body by any means but she was satisfied with the way she looked and she didn’t get two hung up on small imperfections. She never had, maybe that was because she didn’t have a strong female influence growing up.

When Joshua was dressed he made his way over towards her and placed his hands on her and she couldn’t help but smirk. [b “We are going to a beach on a Saturday. It’s most likely going to be full of families. Don’t you worry about that. Besides, I only have eyes for you so you don’t need to be concerned.”] She sighed softly when he told her she would no longer be spending $10 on bathing suits. She didn’t want him to be wasting his money on her, especially when she wasn’t the materialistic type. He seemed to detect her sigh and then kissed her. [b “Who says I don’t already have everything I could ever want?”] Quinn looked at him with a new found intensity then, unable to stop her heart from quickening. He was everything she could ever want.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 17d 6h 26m 47s
“Two piece,” he said with much delight. He sat up then rifling in his drawer until he found a pair of beach shorts. Just in time to watch Quinn wriggle out of her clothing, no longer as reserved as she once been when it came to being in front of him naked. Though even from that first night they had been intimate with each other – a night she proudly proclaimed she was not like any other girl – there was an aura of confidence about Quinn then. She definitely didn’t seem the shy type, just careful he supposed. He was lucky he had managed to convince her to stay that night in which things definitely turned interesting. Though Quinn was true to her word, Joshua did find that she was completely different from any of the numerous women he had spent time with spent money on. Quinn seemed to really care about him and it was refreshing. It was also scary, a daunting feeling that sometimes loomed over him. He didn’t know what to do now that she was his girlfriend and had some sense of fear that he would screw things up. Though, he knew that if he just kept his head on straight things would be fine. Once this whole open murder case was officially closed or sent into the cold case unit, Joshua definitely felt like he would be able to breathe. He removed his pants and shorts then, never one shy to show his body and pulled on the swim trunks, figuring he. Would keep his shirt on until he reached the beach – he wasn’t that much a show off. At least when he wanted to be modest. He walked over to Quinn then, hands running over her backside, admiring the green suit.
“Just as I suspected beautiful. Though I’m sure you’d look great in anything, hell even a trash bag. Not sure if I can play nice if there are any other eyes on you,” he teased, though Joshua was somewhat serious. He could get jealous and sometimes he hit first and thought later. Getting into a scuffle on the beach though would not do well for him as he was trying to lay low as much as he could. “Well those days are over –“ he said quite seriously, though he knew that Quinn wouldn’t let him spend any money on material items unless she wanted him to. “I now I know – it’s not about the money and things,” he said giving her a kiss. “I just want you to have everything you could ever want.” He chuckled and pressed his forehead against hers, hands at her hips as he held her close – the necklace dangling from her precious neck. “We should go, you are a bit of a tease for me.” He said softly, trying hard to break his hold of her. Being there though, with Quinn so close was so peaceful though.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 17d 7h 31m 5s
Quinn had known coming into this that he had spent a lot of time with a lot of different women, showering them with gifts as he did. She was just glad that she hadn’t become one of those women. She want the kind of person who enjoyed being having things bought for her. She remembered when her father had tried to but her a new watch when hers smashed. It was an expensive one and it was intended as a gift from father to daughter but even then she had struggled to accept it. Although, the watch now lay upon her wrist as it always did. While Quinn didn’t like receiving gifts, she appreciated them and much like her watch, the necklace that Joshua had bought for her would remain around her neck for the foreseeable future.

Quinn was slightly surprised by the sheer amount of choice he was offering her with the swimsuits and she raised an eyebrow when she saw the bag. This might have been enough to scare anyone else off but she had already accepted this and she was far beyond the jealous type. She started to look through them and looked back to Joshua as he spoke. [b “A two piece is usually where I go with swimsuits.”] There he went again, calling her his girlfriend. It was so perfect to hear those words coming from his lips. [b “Green is my colour.”] She picked out a teal swimsuit and then smiled as she turned to face him.

[b “I’m glad I decided to be there too.”] With that she started to wriggle out of her clothes, not the slightest bit shy about being exposed to him since he had seen it all before and then slid on the bikini, the colour really standing out against her complexion. [b “Wow, this is likely the most expensive swimsuit I’ve ever put on. I usually spend $10 on one.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 17d 16h 55m 39s
Joshua rolled his eyes but he couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped as it would be kind of odd for a man like him to have so many articles of female clothing . “Well I like to spoil,” he mentioned as he pulled a bag from his closet and placed it at the foot of the bed. Joshua sat down then, watching Quinn to pick through the assortment.
“So what will it be? A one piece or two piece?” Joshua smiled as he settled there in bed. He watched Quinn then. He ran his hair through his hair, very eager to see how the woman would fit into what he had purchased. It wasn’t like Joshua had the intent of being a womanizer or found happiness in it. More so, Joshua just found it easier to live life as a bachelor as not many women could keep up with his lifestyle which was evident by his life and his life choices.
“Is it a crime to want to see your girlfriend naked?” Joshua asked, “Or I mean in a bikini?” Joshua chuckled then and sat up. There were numerous pieces he had mostly from hotel trips, as the women he spent time with never really focused on going to the beach. That’s what he loved about Quinn. She was so carefree and sweet – so simple and yet so complex.
“So what to start with first?” He asked with a smile. “Red or blue? Though I think green would look excellent on you. I’m glad you decided to come to the fight tonight.” Joshua admitted as he watched her. “You know, you’re my good luck charm,” Joshua said with a smile. When Quinn was there Joshua went harder when he fought. His main concern was not coming out as a loser.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 17d 23h 29m 38s
Once inside, Quinn checked her phone to make sure that her father was okay. She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw three texts from him.

[i I’m alive.]
[i I’m still alive.]
[i Wow, would you believe it? I’m still alive.]

She shook her head and replied to him, claiming that he wouldn’t be if he got cheeky with her and then she placed her phone away. Sometimes it felt like she was the parent and he was the child but perhaps that was her fault and she should stop babying him. He was a grown man who rid the streets of criminals and worked in a job that most would seem as dangerous. Maybe he could take care of himself after all. Maybe it was about time that she started to pull back and started to do things for herself a little more, Lord knows he kept trying to push her out.

Once Charlie was fed she looked up at Joshua and smiled once more. [b “Well I don’t know where they are. Since you have to show me to your random collection of female swimsuits, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be allowed to help me choose.”] She chuckled and followed him to the bedroom. [b “You know, it’s a good thing that I know you don’t have some fetish for female clothing. Anyone else would see this and assume they belong to you.”] Quinn laughed and kissed his cheek. [b “Although, no judgements here...”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 18d 1h 14m 53s
Charlie was definitely growing restless and Joshua didn’t want to wait to get the girl fed. He took hold of Quinn’s hand and headed up to his apartment. Once inside, he headed to refill Charlie’s bowl and made sure to also get her a bowl of ice water as well. Joshua sighed out then, taking a look at his phone. Francisco had texted him the good news that the man he paid a visit to the night before had decided to recant and had suddenly vanished. Joshua felt glad that his hard work paid off but he didn’t feel too great about how he went about the situation.
Either way hopefully it would mean less eyes on him at least in the mean time. Truthfully he was also responsible for the lack of time he spent with Quinn.
Joshua knew she was busy with work and he himself with practice, but he also knew that the cops were still on his tail and he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Quinn. He also didn’t want to be hassled in front of her in fear that it would turn the woman away, maybe scare her like his fighting had done. Though Quinn had promised to attend the fight tonight to show her adoration and support for the male. Losing was definitely not an option.
Joshua ran his hands through his hair, Charlie happily munching away at her meal. Joshua responded to his text from Cisco before placing his phone on the counter. “So, am I privy to helping you choose a suit?” He asked his girlfriend with a smirk. It would definitely be a perk to get to see the woman in a suit though of course he had seen her in less. Joshua motioned for her to follow him into the bedroom then.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 18d 1h 28m 47s
Quinn could see just how much it meant to him for her to say that she was going to be at his fight. She knew she should make more of an effort to support him, especially now that they were official. That thought alone brought a smile to her face because it meant that all the feelings she had for him did mean something. It meant that she wasn’t going to find herself with a broken heart simply because he wanted to toss her aside. Quinn would make more effort to support his fighting now, regardless of how difficult she found some of them.

[b “I don’t know...sounds like it would only be the best day of your life if ice cream in thrown in there.”] She smirked and little and leaned into him before looking down to Charlie who wanted to go home now. [b “Let’s get her fed.”] She pulled away from Josh to stroke Charlie then. [b “Then we can go to the beach and laze all day in the sun. What do you think about that beautiful lady?”] Charlie responded by licking her face and then she laughed and stood back up.

Quinn sound around to look at Joshua when she heads him say her name. A blush came to her cheeks then and she felt the butterflies in her stomach burst to life. He really did know how to work his way into her heart. [b “You’re not so bad yourself.”] With that she took his hand and started back towards his apartment.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 18d 3h 11m 59s
“A gentleman always asks,” Joshua said with a smile when their lips finally parted. He was glad to see that smile of hers. Her forehead rested against his then, Joshua smiling even larger as he held the woman close to him. He was glad to hear that Quinn was open to coming to see his fight. He liked those rare occasions when she was there. Having her there tonight would prove to be the best.
“Sounds good to hear. A beach day and I get to see your face in the crowd? Sounds like the best day of my life,” Joshua said as he held her close. Charlie was growing impatient, wanting food and something to drink as Joshua had forgotten to bring the bottle of water he usually did when they went on walks. “Let’s go inside, I’m sure I have a new suit lying around.” Joshua blushed then, not wanting to make it seem like the clothes left over were discarded by women he dated. Though that was the case. However, more so because Joshua just had it in him with the women he spent time with to buy anything they wanted. Quinn was different though. Quinn didn’t want anything but him.
“Quinn,” he said softly, his heart pounding then as he tried to think of a way to tell her how he felt without freaking her out. “You’re beautiful, you know?” He said softly, punking out from telling her how he really felt about her. Joshua did love Quinn, there was no doubt in his mind. Though, he didn’t want to turn her off or away. Still, he was sure that he had heard her almost come close to professing her love for him as well.
Joshua stood full then. “Let’s get inside and change. I think a beach trip would definitely be fun.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 18d 3h 31m 48s
Quinn chuckled at his response. He had proven on more than one occasion that he had other things on his mind when it came to Quinn and one of those moments had been the night before when he had presented her with a necklace. Of course they had sealed it with a session of passionate love making but he has not bought her jewellery or asked her to be his girlfriend just so that he could get laid, he didn’t need such gestures.

[b “You know you can see it any time, you don’t even need to ask. I’m yours.”] She smiled as he moved closer to her, accepting his kiss gratefully. He was talking about his fight then and she knew that she had been avoiding them a lot lately. It was mainly because she couldn’t stand watching him get hurt but she also knew that he usually gave as well as he could give in most scenarios. Her lips had parted to respond but before she could he was looking at her with an intensity as her thumb ran over her lips and she couldn’t help but smile before his lips came crashing into hers.

When they finally parted she rested her forehead against his and sighed happily. [b “I’ll be there. Tonight...I’ll be at your fight.”] Quinn wanted to be there for him always.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 18d 5h 11m 18s
“Give me some credit,” Joshua said with a chuckle as he looked up at Quinn. “You know I think of other things beyond sex.” He chuckled lightly, eyes looking over her figure. “Though you in a bikini is definitely something I would love to see. I mean, not like I don’t know what’s beneath anyways.” Joshua said with a smirk as he moved from his car and closed the space between them. “I might have a fight tonight too, going to need a little r&r before.” He smiled into her kiss, hand at the small of her back as he drew her in close.
“I was hoping you’d come this time, you know cheer me on and hopefully not distract me so I don’t get my ass beat.” It had been a while since Quinn had been to one of his fights. Joshua knew she wasn’t a fan, but he hated the idea of being away from her. He wanted Quinn always, which was an odd feeling for him. He wasn’t used to being needy or wanting. He wasn’t used to feeling lonely. When girls left his bed, that was the last he thought of them, but Quinn was different. Sharing a bed with her, watching her sleep and holding her close – her being just in arms reach when he needed peace or comfort – that was the greatest feeling ever and he never knew that he could have such luck in finding someone that made him feel that way.
He cupped her cheek with his hand, his thumb grazing gently over her lips. [I I love you] was so close from coming out and yet he freaked out thinking it would push the girl away. They hadn’t even long each other long enough and yet there were no rules to love. Who was to tell him that she wasn’t the one he had been waiting for all these years? Joshua kissed her again, so much vigor and need in one single kiss. Another time, maybe somewhere romantic – somewhere their worlds and background didn’t matter, just them.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 18d 7h 24m 17s
Quinn savoured these moments together. It wasn’t very often they had the chance to spend the whole day together. She worked long hours in the week and his work seemed to take place at night most of the time so this was the first time in over two weeks they both seemed to have a free day to spend with each other and she would take advantage of every single moment. The morning in the park was nice, following the same formula as it always did, playing with Charlie in between sharing intimate and sweet kisses with the man that was now official her boyfriend. That thought along brought a smile to her face.

[b “The beach?”] Quinn couldn’t remember that last time she had gone to the beach and it certainly seemed like a good idea. The sun was already warming up the day and it was still early so by the time they got to the beach it would be perfect weather to laze around in the sun. She was already sold on the idea and was smiling towards him. [b “You just want an excuse to get me in a bikini, see a little bit of skin without having to lock me away in your room all day.”] She chuckled and kissed him gently. [b “I would love to spend the day at the beach with you.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 19d 17h 16m 3s
Joshua chuckled then, Quinn’s mind was obviously distracted, but the way she looked at him distracted the male from his thoughts as well. He eagerly accepted her soft kiss, following after her and making sure to lock the door as well. Charlie as always was eager to lead them to her favorite park which it used to not be until the couple began taking her there constantly – playing fetch, rolling around – the kissing of course intermittent between the play with the dog. Joshua had made sure to get a hold on her leash though, placing them at a standstill near his car.
“Why don’t we go to the beach?” Joshua suggested, they needed a change of scenery. He needed a change of scenery. After last night everything seemed so gritty – with Quinn everything was calm and peaceful. “Charlie hasn’t been there since she was a pup,” he mentioned. It had been a while since the male allowed himself any sense of peace to be honest. With Quinn it came easy though. It was a nice sunny day too and Joshua himself hadn’t been to the beach, at least during the day – being near water now made him a bit queasy after dumping that cop’s dead body in the dark sea, swept away until he had been found in the morning.
Joshua felt like at least being around Quinn made it easier for him to relax.
“I haven’t really been – you know in a while,” he told her. His hand reached out to draw the woman close to him, kissing her, the sun hitting her just right and illuminating the beauty of the woman. Joshua pulled back and smiled at her then. “A little sun, some relaxation.” He said with a grin. He looked over his shoulder then, spotting the car that had been following him for weeks. Waiting for him to slip up. Joshua was careful though, he knew these streets like the back of his hand and would never lead them to Francisco. Of course though, they were relentless. He knew though that eventually word in the precinct might end up spreading to her father. If he knew his daughter was dating a guy like him what would happen?
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 19d 19h 11m 12s
Quinn was quite comfortable lying there with Charlie all over her. She had fallen in love with the dog and there was plenty of evidence to show that she had done to same, always craving her attention and seemingly acting jealous when Joshua got all of her attention. She chuckled slightly and gave her one last pat before Joshua was getting her off the bed so that she could get ready for the day.

[b “Alright, I won’t be long.”] She waited for him to leave the room before she climbed out of bed and grabbed a few things before heading to the bathroom where she quickly washed off and brushed her teeth before heading back to the bedroom to change into a pair of jeans and a comfortable jacket. She stopped for a moment as her mind started to think back the night before, the memory of her almost telling Joshua that she loved him flashed over her mind. [b “Shit.”] Had he heard what she was about to say? How would he have reacted if she did say it?

Quinn shook her head and forced herself to continue to get dressed, trying not to dwell on it too much. It was far too soon for her to be telling him that she had those feelings for him. She didn’t want to scare him away after waiting so long for him to ask her to be his girlfriend. Hearing his voice broke her thoughts as she sat on the bed pulling on one of her boots. Just seeing his face brought a smile to hers. [b “I’m all set.”] She rose to her feet and moved toward him, giving him a soft kiss as she started to lead the way out of the apartment.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 20d 17h 32m 8s
Joshua chuckled as he watched Charlie trapped the female. “That makes two of us. She’s just like me always begging for attention. “ He shook his head then, whistling toward the dog so that she turned her head. Joshua motioned toward the living room and Charlie whispered as she got off the bed. It had taken a lot of time to train the dog but Joshua was patient with her. Which was different when it came to people. “You just have to be a bit more – controlling” he said with a smirk as he made sure to grab his keys and wallet.
He grabbed the tray again then. “You get dressed and I’ll clean up,” he said as he began toward the kitchen, making sure to give Charlie a treat for being a good dog and listening. He petted her and gave her a kiss, chuckling at how she licked at him. Joshua then began to clean the kitchen up and the dishes. This was so different for him. Especially considering that most of the tile he ate out or didn’t even wake up in time for breakfast. His meals consisted up drinking l, pizza, or pasta – maybe the occasional Chinese or Mexican food – but since being with Quinn he felt like everything needed him to make effort. It wasn’t bad necessarily; he just tried his hardest to impress her and he didn’t know why he felt like it was so important. Though he knew – maybe it had something to do with how he felt about her. She was so close to saying she loved him he was sure. Though Joshua didn’t know if maybe he was just projecting his own thoughts onto the woman. Did he love her? Joshua leaned against the counter then, watching as the bubbles from the dish washing ran down the drain and eventually disappeared. He didn’t know what to think really.
He ran his hands through his hair. Love was dangerous. Loving someone meant hurt if they left or were taken away. Joshua couldn’t bear that thought. He dealt with these thoughts like any, drinking straight from the bottle until satisfied. He got Charlie all together in her leash before heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Charlie trotting along. How soon would it be before she had a spare toothbrush here? Before Joshua could bear to let Quinn go when she brought out the best in the male ? He grabbed Charlie’s leash then and headed back into the bedroom. “All set?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 20d 17h 52m 2s

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