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He was quick to shed her of his clothes, much like she was keen to get him free of his. Being naked with him felt like something intense and beautiful and if she had her way, she would be this way with him for all of time. Quinn smirked against his lips as he suckled on it but he stopped for a moment when he seemed to register what she was saying or asking. She was going to reply, to tell him that she meant it but before she could say anything he was kissing her hard and desperately. It set her stomach alive with butterflies and all she wanted was to kiss him deeper and unite with him in love.

Then he pulled back from her and she found herself looking him in the eye and she smiled widely. [B "I will. I will marry you."] She returned to kissing him then, no longer able to keep herself from him. She ran her hands down his chest again and closed her hands around his member wanting to ready him so that they could be together physically.

[B "I love you. I love you with everything that I have."] She said as she moved herself so that she could slip on top of him, taking him inside her so that she could show him just how much.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 180d 16h 42m 4s
Joshua loved when Quinn took control and admittedly he became a ball of putty in her hands, unable sometimes to even allow his dominant side to take over like usual. He smiled into her kiss, her hands warm against his chest as they roamed against bare skin. He moaned softly into her mouth, his hands gentle as they gripped her hips, fingers digging into the soft flesh of her backside as he pressed against her. Their kiss was broken by her pulling away and declaring her love for him. Joshua smiled as he looked up at her, his eyes meeting those familiar pools of blue. One of his hands reached up to caress her cheek, his thumb running over her lips. Joshua sat up a little and kissed her even deeper. He pressed himself closer against her then, his lips finding hers once more.

“God, I’m lucky to have you too.” He said to her before his lips suckled on her bottom one, kisses lining her jaw and neck. Their hands were eagerly touching each part of each other. Joshua’s roaming up the fabric of her clothing before finally freeing her from it. He became a slave to her kisses again then, her hands kneading the muscles in his back. Joshua closed his eyes and tipped his head to the side to allow her better access. Joshua was in complete bliss, his hands running through her hair and along her back as he too kissed at her neck, anywhere that he could.

Her breath was warm as it trailed against his neck, her soft lips playing against the lobe of his ear. [I “Marry me Joshua. Like, for real...”] she whispered, and he admittedly shivered at her words. He had brought of marriage when she told him she was pregnant, and Quinn looked at him like he was crazy. Now, the idea of being tied forever not only be a child or love, but by law was [I proposed]. He pulled back to look Quinn in the eyes. “You mean it?” He asked as he furrowed his brows some. He didn’t give her a second to think or change her mind. Joshua kissed Quinn harder then, both hands gently cradling her head as his tongue seeked purchase in her mouth before he pulled away. “Marry me?” he asked with a chuckle.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 180d 17h 30m 59s
Quinn couldn't hold in her chuckle as their bodies fell to the bed. This felt like their normal and she was glad that he wasn't too worried about her fragility in this moment. He needed to be close to him in any way she could as if to prove that they were really both here together after a horrific couple of days. She kissed his neck more as they lay together and a shudder went up her spine when she heard him talk about who was first.

She smiled and started to take off his shirt, running his hands over his chest and his back when he was bare. Quinn loved every single inch of him and she planned on showing him. She shifted then, allowing him to lie on the bed and when he was in position she straddled him, kissing him everywhere her hands went. [B "I'm so lucky to have you Joshua."] She whispered as she kept her hands in his back, massaging and kissing him gently.

After a minute she kissed up his back and whispered in his ear. [B "Marry me Joshua. Like, for real..."
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 181d 18h 25m 54s
Joshua was insecure and he was worried that he wouldn’t do very well, but Quinn was quick to shut down his insecurities and be a word of reasoning. True, their relationship had been everything but boring what with his lifestyle and all that had gone on. He just didn’t know if he would be able to still give her that spark or happiness when things calmed down. Joshua wasn’t used to not being in the world he usually was in though. Would he become frustrated? Would he succeed? Could he be the man, the husband or father that Quinn deserved and would need? This was their first child and yes they would make mistakes, but Joshua wanted his child’s childhood to be different than his.

But all he had to do was look her in the eyes then. “I love you too,” he told her then as his cheeks turned red from blushing. Joshua had never been this vulnerable with anyone. Quinn was the first woman he trusted with his heart. “I want this too,” he admitted softly against her lips. They were both scared as new parents and a lot was going on. But, once things calmed down, maybe Joshua would stop feeling this way. Both of their hands on her stomach, barely a bump, he just knew that this was a forever – their love and this family would be forever. Just as Quinn mentioned though, they would get through this and they would get through this together. Her lips were pressed against his then, her invitation to bed a soft and tantalizing serenade.

Joshua smiled and gave her another kiss, Quinn’s arms looped around his neck then. He gently ebbed forward, his hands bracing himself for a fall against her as they pressed against the bed. “Yes, about that massage,” he said as their lips parted, her lips gentle against his neck. Joshua sighed out then, his hands playing with her hair then as he laid them down. “Who’s first?” He asked lowly against her ear.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 181d 20h 30m 46s
Quinn smiled towards him and nodded. [b "That does sound nice babe."] She followed him towards the bedroom, rather surprised by the question that he asked. [b "How could I possibly be bored when I have you in my life? I just want a life with you. It doesn't matter how things turn out as long as I have you by my side."] Once they arrived in their room she stopped at the end of the bed and he began to question things again, showing is insecurities.

Quinn sighed and allowed him to put his forehead against hers. [b "Joshua, I love [i you]. You are more than enough for me and we are going to have so much to offer our baby."] She placed a hand on her stomach and met his eyes with hers, smiling a little. [b "I know this is scary but...I want this. We are going to have a family and we are going to make mistakes like normal parents but we will be in this together."]

She took his hand then and placed it on her stomach before pressing her lips to his. [b "Come to bed..."] She whispered against them as she closed her arms around his neck. Pressing kisses to his neck gently. [b "About that massage..."] She smirked and found his lips once more.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 181d 21h 54m 29s
Joshua kissed her back then, loving the feel of her arms wrapped around his neck. “I love you too,” Joshua responded as he leaned in to kiss her once more. “Snuggled?” He asked her with a chuckle as he kissed at her neck. “Snuggling sounds good. Maybe a massage?” He asked her then. He knew that Quinn had a troubling last few days and though she was resting, Joshua still wanted to be sure that she was getting all the attention and relaxation that she needed. He was a bit tipsy though and knowing that the phone call was just her father had relaxed him some.
“Do you like this life?” he asked her then as he took her by the waist, gently leading Quinn toward the bedroom.

“It’s not boring?” he asked her then and Joshua didn’t really know where he was going with the questioning. He never assumed Quinn was into his bad boy lifestyle as she had made it clear that she didn’t like most if not all of everything that he was into. However, he didn’t know how to be [I normal]. Joshua was unsure whether or not he could be the man that Quinn deserved or wanted. Could het give his child the life that they deserved? Could he protect his family.
“I worry that I am not enough for you. You shouldn’t be put through this,” Joshua said then as he and het stood before the bed then.

Joshua pressed his forehead lightly against hers, his hands gently running over her back and lower, over her bum toward her hips where he held her close. He closed his eyes tight then. This was their life, but it was fake. Could Joshua give her this dream that had been concocted? He didn’t know, but he would try. He just hoped that nothing could come between them.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 182d 5h 17m 33s
The phone call happened to be her father. She spoke to him for a little while taking about how the house was nice and the neigbours were decent and she told him that she already missed him although he promised he would come to see her soon. They didn't have to be apart forever, they just had to be careful. As she spoke to her father she glanced over at Joshua who was polishing off a beer and showing Charlie some affection. She couldn't wait to glance over and see him holding their child. [I Their] child. Quinn could get excited about all of this soon enough.

She ended the conversation with her father and Joshua made his way towards her, behind and wrapping his arms around her. Quinn's eyes closed and she sighed happily before she turned in his arms so that she could see his face. [B "I love you baby."] She said as she decided to close the distance between their lips.

[B "What would you like to do tonight? It's still relatively early. Do you want to snuggle in bed?"
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 182d 18h 7m 12s
Joshua could see things about Joshua that he didn’t notice nor anyone else around him. Just like he watched her, she watched him and picked up on certain signs. With how much time they spent together, he figured that it wasn’t uncommon. He knew everything about Quinn when it came to her actions or how she felt; if she was sad or upset. He knew the way she reacted to his kiss and his touch and while it drove her crazy, her reaction drove him mad. He already longed to have her in his arms one more. Those days without her while he was in prison was terrible and even worst, when he found out that she was kidnapped, it was the worst hours of his life. Now he had her in his sight and he wanted to make sure she was never caught in any other danger. Was he a little paranoid? Yes, but if it meant keeping Quinn safe then that was all that mattered. In fact, it was the whole reason he had brought one of his old guns without her knowing. He didn’t want to freak her out, but he wanted to be prepared at all times.
The phone call worried him, but it ended up being Lexia’s father who was checking in on the couple and making sure they were okay. Relieved, Joshua finished his drink and made Charlie some food. He petted her affectionately, knowing that eventually she wouldn’t be the only [I kid] of theirs to look after. He thought about Lexia and the baby then. He wanted the child to just be healthy, but admittedly a baby girl sounded nice. He couldn’t wait to be able to see the gender and once the child was born, it would be incredibly difficult as a first time father, but he was sure they could both get through it. Joshua walked over to Quinn then, his hands wrapped around her waist as he kissed her neck. Life was pretty hectic now, but he figured this would all soon be behind them.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 182d 19h 2m 11s
Quinn seemed to want to make up for the time they had lost together while he was being held for a pretend trial and while she was behind held captive. Thoughts of him were the only things that helped her get through it. She thought about these kisses and how it felt to have his hands on her. At least now she wouldn't have to imagine it anymore. Instead she could kiss him and have him hold her whenever she wanted she she promised herself that nothing would ever separate them again.

[B "Only a little obvious...to me at least. I don't think anyone else noticed."] She leaned in to his hand and smiled up at him when he proclaimed that he would do anything for her. Before she had a chance to respond he was kissing her deeply and she was glad he had a hold of her because it was enough to knock her a little dizzy. He had a way of doing that.

She smiled and moved into the house then, fussing Charlie a little. She couldn't deny that hearing the phone ring startled her a little bit and she exchanged a look with Joshua as she approached the phone. [B "Maybe..
"] Quinn reached out for the phone and lifted the receiver. [B "Hello?"
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 182d 21h 23m 59s
Joshua could see that Quinn was trying and he wanted to try just as well. He just wanted them to be careful and Quinn was so much better at this world than he was it seemed. Hopefully over time he would be able to fake normal, just enough pretending to make it to the trial. Joshua feared getting comfortable. Anything could disrupt this sense of peace they had and even more so, this wouldn’t last after the trial. After testifying, Joshua knew they would have to pick and move somewhere else. Then they would have to be very cautious about what they said. Quinn eventually was going to get bigger and it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to constantly be moving with the possibility of her going into labor. Joshua also hated the idea of uprooting his child’s life. He wanted them to have a normal and happy childhood. Not one that was built on fear and lies.
“Tomorrow it is,” Janet agree then with a smile. The couple nodded then, moving could be exhausting and they didn’t want to overwhelm the newlyweds with their party.
“We’ll see you tomorrow.” Joshua agreed. Together they parted, heading to their home which of course was but a walk away. They finally reached the doorstep where Quinn gave him a kiss that e eagerly returned. His hand rested on her hip as he gave a soft chuckle. “Was I that obvious?” He asked in a joking tone. He reached his hand up to brush a strand of hair back. The makeup was decent, but he knew what lied beneath and hated it. His thumb gently ran over the cheek, at least the swelling was going down some. “You know I would do anything for you.” He said and kissed her again deeply. Joshua pulled himself away then, opening the door to their home. Charlie of course was eager to seem them. If it wasn’t so much going on Joshua would get a new dog for her to play with when they were gone. It was getting pretty late then, but there was a lot on his mind. Joshua headed to the kitchen to get something to drink.
He returned just as the phone rang, he watched it carefully then, not sure if he wanted to answer as he was supposed to be locked up. “Maybe its your dad,” he inquired.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 183d 23h 27m 47s
Quinn was happy stood next to Joshua with their arms around each other liked the loved up newly weds they were pretending to be although there really wasnt much need for pretense when it came to the feelings the two had for each other. Anyone could see that they were in love with each other. Quinn was delighted with the idea of going into town with people who could potentially become their friends.

[B "No, we have no plans tomorrow. I think that sounds wonderful."] She smiled a little and looked towards Joshua then. She could tell that he was getting anxious and she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. Quinn nodded. [B "I am feeling quite tired. I think we should call it a night."]

They said goodbye to their neighbours with the plan to meet up with them the next day and when they got home Quinn stopped at the front door and pulled Joshua into a kiss. [B "I know you found that difficult. Thank you for trying."
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 184d 20h 36m 32s
Joshua could see how much at ease Quinn was and it made him feel both happy and sad. Happy to know that this was the most relaxed Quinn had been in weeks and sad to know that there was the possibility that it could all change. He wanted her to have this life and he would try his hardest to make sure this was the life that he would give her when all this mess was over. It was pretend for now, but it didn’t have to be forever. Joshua returned her kiss then.
“Yeah, it was delicious.” Joshua admitted then. “We haven’t had a chance to check the town out, so we are still a bit unfamiliar with where everything is.”
“Oh well if you two like, we can maybe go for a trip to the plaza tomorrow? Get a little lunch and do a little shopping? More girl on girl time.” Janet suggested. Joshua was a bit more paranoid then, still a bit out of the element and still worried about Quinn. He didn’t want her to do too much and being out in the public still worried him. Though they couldn’t be hermits and they did need food. How long would it be before they realized the couple wasn’t leaving, Joshua never leaving for work?
He looked to Quinn then to see if she had any suggestions. She seemed to enjoy Janet’s presence and he didn’t want to keep her locked in.
“We’re not busy tomorrow, right?” He asked her, though he didn’t like it – he liked seeing Quinn in this element. A normal and simple life. He didn’t know how long it would last, but he wanted to milk it as long as possible.
“Perfect!” Janet said. The rest of the night was spent mingling and sharing numbers. It was getting late though.
“We should get going,” Joshua mentioned to Quinn.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 187d 10h 16s
Quinn smiled happily as the woman congratulated her and she realised this was the first time the pair had been congratulated. It was something to celebrate and she looked to Joshua with a smile as she placed a hand in her stomach. [B "Eight weeks. It is really early which is why he is so worried. I consider myself to be lucky to have such a caring husband."] Quinn glanced towards Joshua who looked like he was trying to think of an excuse not to leave her but she nodded to encourage him, knowing that he needed to make and effort with the man who was clearly trying to befriend him.

When he was gone to two women talked mostly about pregnancy. Apparently Janet had been pregnant twice and apparently both pregnancies were really different. One was easy and one not so much but she didn't go in to too much detail as she didn't want to scare Quinn. In honesty this felt quite nice. She wasn't worried about Joshua fighting and she was enjoying normal conversation. It wouldn't be too bad here.

When Joshua came back she took the water and kissed him in gratitude. [B "We must thank you both for the casserole also! It really helped us out not having to worry about what we were going to eat."
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 187d 23h 59m 9s
Joshua smiled then at the couple, glad that they were getting along well. They began toward the backyard where there were a few other neighbors. White Christmas lights created a warm glow, there was a table that held snack and a few finger foods and finally an outside bar where the drinks were stored. His hand was on the small of Quinn’s back, not wanting to stray too far from her. It was true he wanted to use the pregnancy as a copout if needed, but he didn’t believe in them being shut ins and to keep up appearances, it was a good thing that they had showed up to the party. As always, Quinn was on her toes and knew exactly the right thing to say.
Janet nodded, “Congratulations! How far along are you? You know Daniel was the exact same way. He wouldn’t let me do anything I swear,” she said in between her chuckles.
“Can I get you a drink?” Daniel asked then. He didn’t want to leave Quinn alone, but he figured it would probably do her some good to have at least one friend considering that they had left her old ones behind because of the witness protection.
“I’ll grab you a water,” he told her then as he kissed behind her ear. He was a bit paranoid to leave her, but everything seemed fine so far. He had to trust that they didn’t have to be scared all the time. He walked alongside Daniel, grabbing a beer for himself and a cup of ice water for Quinn. Him and Daniel talked briefly about work, Daniel working as an office supply manager and Joshua making up some lie about boxing which wasn’t far from the truth. They shared brief tidbits about their life, sports and all. Overall he seemed like a cool guy, definitely like the men he knew, but a nice guy. Eventually they headed over back to their [I wives].
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 189d 6h 6m 18s
Quinn chuckled and smiled when he kissed her cheek. She didn't feel stunning knowing that was under the hair and make up but she did a good job of masking. If she didn't think people would instantly blame Joshua or if they had an excuse aside from "I fell" she might not have bothered at all. They were walking across the street then and she couldn't help but smirk a little.

[B "We are not even there yet and you are already looking for an excuse to leave?"] She shocked her head and squeezed his hand tightly as they approached the door. [B "Don't worry. I'll let you know if I'm feeling sick."]

It wasn't long before they were being greeted at the door then and she smiled warmly towards the woman who offered her hand. [B "Quinn, it's ovely to meet you both and it is so kind of you to invite us over."] She looked to Joshua to give him a little bit if a reassuring smile. [B "You'll have to forgive my husband for being in edge. I had my appointment with the midwife this morning and she said that I should be resting up and he's nervous that this will be too much for me."] It was a good excuse as any to explain his obvious nerves.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 189d 7h 4m 17s

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