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Quinn was calling for him to stay put, not wanting the male to get into an altercation. Joshua was telling himself to stay cool and not let this person get a rise out of him where he would make the mistake of attacking him, though it had been quite some time since he had hit someone which was quite tempting. All he wanted to know was who this guy was and why he was following them. Quinn wasn’t naïve, but not paying attention it seemed, or maybe he was paying [I too] much attention. Joshua had always been the paranoid type and he had to be, considering the work he was involved in, in his earlier life. Still, this was a new town and Joshua didn’t have a record under his false name with the police department in the area, but if he was caught and they ran his prints it would be a whole mess – that would mean having to move again and it pained Joshua to have to do that to Quinn.

“What’s going on pal?” He asked then. The man lifted his hands as if in a sense of a physical white flag. Up close, Joshua could tell this was the same man from earlier.
“Hey, no harm Josh.” He said and Joshua stepped closer then, it was coming to him. This was the guy from the fight – the man who had been involved in the raid the [I snitch]. Joshua became worried then. “Don’t trip my man, 12 has me on the payroll – just keeping an eye out for you.” Joshua stepped close, gripping the man’s shirt.
“You got me in this mess!” Joshua snapped. He could see the fear in the man’s eyes then. He had been in two rounds with Joshua and knew what that anger could transform into physically.
“Look, I’m working both sides okay? I got a family to look after. I’m supposed to draw you t Cisco for a confession . . . wired up. That way when the trial comes his confession is all set. I’m the only one clean cut enough to get close to you.” Joshua was finding it hard to believe what the man said, he was a rat after all.
“Roscoe,” the man said, Joshua relinquishing his hold then and the male adjusting his shirt and running his hands through dyed blonde strands of hair. “Look the meeting is tonight, bar about twenty minutes from your place, the Dive.” Joshua knew then he wasn’t paranoid, someone was watching them. “11pm – tonight.”

This was tough, it could be a trap. But if it would help toward building a strong case then maybe it would help toward the trial. Joshua just knew it wouldn’t be best to tell Quinn, she would try to talk him out of it or talk to her father. “Stay away from my car, see you tonight.” Joshua simply said, playfully smacking the guys face and turning his heel to head back into the restaurant. He was stressed, a bit on edge – but it also felt like his old life. He headed back inside then just in time for the waitress to return and take their orders.

“Sorry about that,” Joshua told Quinn, hoping she wasn’t upset at his actions.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 157d 12h 13m 19s
When the waiter took their order Quinn was almost left glowing. She had been a lot lately and their neighbours kept commenting on how pregnancy suited her. Even her father said the same thing last time he came around and he was warming the idea alot more and checked in with her often to ensure that she was doing okay.

[B "A party? That doesn't sound much like something you would enjoy babe. You know you don't have to keep putting yourself through those things just to please me. We should celebrate our baby in the way [I we] want to."] Quinn smiled a little. It made her so happy to know that he was trying so hard lately and he seemed to be happy although at times he looked a little restless without having his fighting thing going on.

She noticed the change in his expression then and she looked towards where Joshua was looking but by the time she looked back at him, he was already out of his seat and making his way towards the man who appeared to be near their car.

[B "Joshua..."] It was too late, he was gone and the waiter was bring their drinks and a basket of bread. [B "Thank you."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 158d 20h 47m 35s
They had bee seated then, Joshua opting for a sparkling water. He was changing most of his habit lately knowing that it would’ve easier to change now rather than later. He didn’t want his child to think of him as a drunk and a man quick to fight. Life wasn’t going to be perfect, but he wanted to assure that their child wouldn’t see that side of him. It was time for Joshua to grow up. He looked to the menu then, trying to figure what he wanted. Admittedly, he was still pretty excited about the appointment even though the interaction with the delivery guy after hadn’t been pleasant. He wasn’t going to let it keep him down.

“I think I would want the gender to be a surprise for me. Maybe we can have. Party or something, invite the neighbors?” It was an unusual suggestion, but Quinn was enjoying the normalcy of their life thus far and Joshua was trying to show that he was willing to try to eradicate the past him. He smiled at Quinn, her hand resting gently on her stomach. She was barely growing a bump, he could only imagine how big she would be in the next coming months. He was already thinking of how different their lives would be once their child was born. The waiter soon arrived then to take their orders. Joshua had raised his glass then to cheers to a healthy birth when he was distracted by the view out the window. He had parked his car where he could easily watch it, which was a habit. It wasn’t his car, which Quinn’s dad he kept away so as not to draw attention, still Joshua had always been protective of his cars and his feelings were validated considering how close the guy was to his car.

“What the hell is this guy doing,” Joshua said then. The male had changed, but he was positive that it was the same guy from the earlier, the delivery guy. “Don’t move.” He told Quinn as he came to a stand and started outside.
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Quinn could tell that Joshua was frustrated and she wished that she knew a way to help him. Perhaps it was the fact that they didn't have jobs at the moment so there was really nothing else to do besides socialise with their neighbours or stay in the house. She hoped that he would agree to going to lunch because it meant that she could distract him, if only for a little while.

She smiled when he took hold of her hand and she looked at the ring on her finger, remember the promises they had made to each other when they first got into all of this. Of course, they were quite the way off from being in any position to even think about actually getting married but the promise alone was enough for her. She nodded when he let go of her hand to drive. [b "I think we could all do with some food."]

When they arrived at the restaurant, Joshua was quick to run around to her side of the car to open the door and she couldn't help but smile. He was such a gentleman. Quinn wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. [b "I love you too."] When they got to the doors they were seen quickly and shown to a table. Here, no one judged them. He wasn't covered in bruises like he used to be. Here they were a young and in love married couple with a baby on the way.

[i "Can I get you something to drink? Wine perhaps?"]

[b "Not for me, water will be fine. Not sure my doctor would approve of the wine."] She said as she placed her hands on her stomach.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 169d 2h 3m 32s
Quinn was right, [I of course]. It wouldn’t have been a good idea to start a fight and he would hate for her to have to start all over as far as making friends and setting up another home when she seemed to be doing so well and getting very comfortable as is in the town they had been relocated to. Plus, her father could take that as a sign that he wasn’t ready to change and that could do some real damage to his charges which had been dropped. He was supposed to stay out of trouble until the trial was over. No jail time, just probation and if he wanted to be with Quinn through this pregnancy and to see the birth of his child, he needed to stay out of trouble. Joshua had promised not to mess things up. He leaned back in his seat then and sighed out before starting the car.
“I know, I know,” he agreed with her. Truthfully some part of him had been running on too much energy, life with Quinn was fun, but Joshua wasn’t used to going days without training or fighting. He looked great, no black eyes or barely managing to breathe or walk from bruised ribs. Still, it was exciting to him, though he knew Quinn had never been a fan of it, only supporting him because she loved him.

He looked to Quinn’s hand and gave it a kissed her knuckles, the engagement ring still sitting there. He wasn’t just some punk kid anymore. He was engaged and he had a child on the way, Joshua needed to start making better decisions, at least Quinn was there to remind him. “That sounds good,” he told her. “I bet our little one is just as hungry, might be why I’m so cranky,” he joked as he began to pull from the lot. He drove them to the restaurant, opening the door for Quinn and pulling her into an embrace. “I love you.” He said sincerely before they headed for the entrance.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 172d 16h 47m 55s
Quinn was relieved she was able to talk him down. She wasn't sure she would have liked him to cause a scene in the hospital and she hoped that their new life would mean he didn't need to act with his fists any more but apparently this man bumping into him in such a way made him angrier than she could have expected it to. Even as they walked away she could feel the annoyance radiating from him as he muttered to himself.

As they approached the car she could see him watching the man who had come back out of the hospital. It appeared as though he had been making a delivery yet Joshua watched him until be pulled the car out of the lot. [B "You know I couldn't let you do that. If you caused a scene in there and security called the police you would have given our position away and we would have to move on to another town. I like it here and it's not long until the trial now."] She reached over to take his hand.

[B "I know its stressful baby but we got to try and keep calm okay? I need you to stay focused. Why don't we go for lunch somewhere? We could go to that restaurant overlooking the lake. That would be nice huh?"
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 172d 17h 42m 9s
The man looked Joshua in the eyes before looking down at the hand which gripped his arm with enough force, he knew would mean Joshua had a nasty hit coming the minute he balled his hand into a fist. The man gave a nervous chuckle then, but there was also a twinge of cocky attitude that radiated off of him, maybe from the look in his eyes as if he were goading the male into a fight. They had garnered some attention then and Quinn took his hand, trying to calm him down. Things were going smoothly, and he didn’t want to upset her or embarrass her by starting a fight. It took a moment but he acquiesced and removed his grip. The man put his hands up as if to show it was all good. “My bad, sorry.” He said with a chuckle before walking off. Joshua sighed out as he watched him turn a corner.

“Pfft sorry,” he muttered as if it weren’t good enough. They had just heard good news and Quinn was excited about knowing the gender in the next coming weeks and here he was ready to lay a complete stranger out on his back. Though something about him felt familiar. Joshua didn’t know if he was just being dramatic or paranoid. Though it didn’t stop him from telling himself to keep an eye out just in case. “Can you believe that guy?” He asked with a shake of his head. Of course some part of him was more so thinking of Quinn, had she been the one he bumped into, Joshua didn’t think that he would’ve listened to her calming words – he wouldn’t have cared where he was: a fight would have occurred.

He ran his hand through his hair then, trying to relax as he began walking with Quinn out of the facility. It wasn’t that far of a drive, but it was a bit different for them to be doing normal stuff like this: grocery shopping, date nights, appointments to the doctor. It was certainly a turnaround from the life they were living back home. Joshua could see the man from earlier walk out of the building. [I Quick visit] he thought, but watched the male get into a delivery van parked a few cars behind them. He started the car then to begin the drive home.

“You should’ve let me teach the prick a lesson,” he said to Quinn. He wasn’t upset really, just respect meant a lot to Joshua. They’d moved from the streets, but a lot of it was still inside of him.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 173d 22h 17m 22s
Quinn was overwhelmed with a stream of emotions. It was amazing really how powerful seeing their child on the screen truly was. She wanted everything to be okay and it seemed to be that way. She was also told that the morning sickness should ease off in a month or two which was something she was looking forward to because it was the most unpleasant part of this pregnancy. She didn't mind that she had a small bump forming or that her jeans no longer fit her. In fact, she was embracing that side of her pregnancy, excited to see the life grow.

[b "Wow! Two weeks? I didn't expect that to creep up on us so fast."] She said with an excited glance towards the screen. [b "I want to know."] She looked up at Joshua with a smile. If he preferred to keep it a surprise then she would with hold that information from him until the baby was born. The midwife wiped the gel from her stomach and they set up another appointment before they set off down the hallway so they could go to their car.

Quinn leaned into Joshua as she walked with him, only to pull away from him when he grabbed hold of someone's arm. She placed her hand on his shoulder and used a calm voice. [b "Honey...not here okay? We have had such a lovely day."] She ran her hand down his arm and enclosed her fingers around him. [b "Leave it...please."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 174d 3h 52m 53s
Protective? Of course, Joshua knew that he would be protective if they had a little girl. Everyone deserved a chance, just like him, but Joshua didn’t want his daughter caught up in this same lifestyle that he had wrapped Quinn into. She didn’t have to marry someone who was crazy wealthy or the polar opposite of Joshua. He would want his daughter to be happy, but h would want her to make a choice to be with someone who wasn’t selfish and willing to put her life in danger for a cheap thrill or some money. It occurred to him then how much he was growing into being an adult. At some point in his life that’s all the gang was to him and why he stuck around so long. Though it was great having all the women, money, and drugs – all the lavish gifts that came with the gang lifestyle could never compare to what he felt while holding Quinn in his arms – the promise of a bright future as husband and wife with a child more than all he could ever want or need. Quinn said it best.

“We are going to get through this,” he agreed and kissed her lips once more. He drew her in s close as he could, closing his eyes then. “You’re all I need,” he said then before drifting off to sleep. The next few weeks had gone by perfectly fine. They went grocery shopping the next few days with their neighbors who were very quickly becoming their closest friends. It was weird for Joshua: date nights together, hanging out and watching movies at each other’s house and sharing beers while watching sports at home. It really feels like a normal life and even more so when he and Quinn were having appointments with the midwife.

He held Quinn’s hand tight in his own, kissing the back of her hand in response as he watched the screen. Things were going fine with the baby and so far, she or he was progressing in growth at a perfectly healthy rate. “Perfect, just like you.” He said with a smile.

“I’d say in just about two weeks we should know the gender. Do you guys want to know, or will you plan to keep it as a surprise?” She asked as she began to clean Quinn up. Its kind of made Joshua sad some to know that this was her first child and her friends wouldn’t be her. H knew Quinn would say that it wasn’t a big deal, but he felt like she should have a baby shower like most women. After she was all cleaned, the midwife signed off on the paperwork. “I want to see you in the next two weeks alright?” Joshua smiled and wrapped his arm around Quinn’s waist. Joshua had bumped into someone as they walked down the hallway.

“Watch it,” the man muttered. Something struck in Joshua then, who for the most part had been calm and chill, but that voice was recognizable and his tone was one that would usually bring Joshua quick to throw a punch.

“What did you just say?” He asked with furrowed brows, gripping the man and turning him by the arm.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 175d 13h 34m 53s
Quinn smiled when he seemed to repeat what she had said in his own way. Regardless of everything that had happened, they were both quite excited about what the future held for them, so long as they could get through this trial without anything going wrong. She spent a minute listening to his heartbeat and allowed her eyes to close as the sensation of his fingers on her back came over her. This was heaven and she wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now.

[b "A little girl would be nice. I think you would be so protective over a daughter. I can imagine it now."] She said with a smile and then leaned up to kiss his cheek. [b "I have everything I want here with you. I don't want or need anything else. We are going to get through this together."]

They spent many nights like this, making love and talking about the life that they would have together. Three weeks had passed and the trial was almost upon them and Quinn was feeling better. There was no evidence of the horrific beating she had endured anymore and the midwife said that she was doing well. Obviously it was still early days but she was pleased to hear about that. She took hold of Joshua's hand when they saw their baby on the screen again and she kissed the back of his hand. [b "That is our daughter or our son. A perfect little life."]
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Quinn’s orgasm was exciting enough to make him want to go another round had he not been so tired. He lazily delivered kisses along her jaw and her neck, smiling against her neck before pulling away to look at Quinn. “You’re going to be my wife.” He repeated to her with a chuckle then. Joshua smoothed back her hair. Saying it aloud made it very much real, much the same as when she had told him she was pregnant. A father and a husband?

This was definitely nothing like the life that he thought he would have. How would her father feel about it though? He was able to accept that Joshua would be the father of her child, but how would he feel about allowing her to marry an ex gang member? “I’m going to be a father,” he said with another chuckle as Quinn removed herself from him. He laid back then, his arm reaching to draw Quinn in close, fingers trailing down her back as she got herself comfortable, her head on his chest.

“I guess I haven’t had a chance to think about it with everything that’s been going on. I just want a happy and healthy child – I guess a little girl? You?” He asked as he looked up at the ceiling. This felt nice, this sense of peace and satisfaction – the amount of love that he felt. He kissed Quinn’s forehead again, still a bit damp from the intimate session. “Charlie can have a little sister.” He joked with her. Joshua hadn’t had a stable family life, he barely knew his parents before he became a child of the streets. “I just want to you and her or him anything and everything that I feel you deserve. I want this to be out life.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 179d 16h 39m 45s
That was it then. They found their release together and it felt just as intense as she tightened around him, muscles contracting with her orgasm. Her body almost shook a little with the intensity and he kissed her through it which certainly made her breathing a little more erratic until they actually needed oxygen. Both of them had stopped moving at this point but she didn't climb off him just yet, instead she held on to him as she came down from her release, her chest rising and falling with pace until it started to slow.

Quinn lifted her head and smiled as her eyes found his face. She loved the way he looked after sex but there was something different this time. They had agreed to become husband and wife, not just for this little make believe game they were forced to play a part in but for real. [b "I'm going to be your wife."] She said with a wide smile. [b "And we are going to have a baby."] She didn't need to say it to make it true but somehow it made it feel more real.

Quinn climbed off him then, lying next to him and bringing her head to rest on his chest. [b "Have you thought about whether you want a son or a daughter?"]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 179d 18h 29m 51s
Joshua could sense how close Quinn was and he was getting there too. His lips pressed against hers, his hands reaching to her head where his fingers filtered through the light blonde strands. He loved everything about Quinn, how could he not marry her? It was surprising to him that this was his life now. It had been all his life that he was with one girl after the other and never becoming serious. He wondered then just how many of those girls would have been quick to give him up or leave his side what with everything that was going on. Yet, Quinn stayed. Here she remained in his arms, his fiancé and soon the mother of his child. His heart felt like it would burst from the pure bliss and excitement of knowing that his life didn’t have to be a shit storm.

They were in sync, their bodies moving at the same speed and with the same rhythm. They didn’t really need to speak or announce when they were close, Joshua could feel it in her tightening, her labored breathing. Still, the sound of her voice in the bedroom was always welcomed and Quinn still found ways to surprise him in the bed when it came to her being in control. The need to release was there, a dam just waiting to burst and he knew the more she gyrated with such speed and fervor that this would be an intense climax after what felt like years of being away from one another.

“Say it,” he whispered with a smile, suckling at her neck as he increased the strength and speed of his movements. “Say my name,” he begged. His request granted, giving him just the last bit of push he needed. “Quinn, I love you,” he cried out then, loud and without a care who heard if they could. “Fuck,” Joshua growled out as he met her eyes, succumbing to the pressure and eventually releasing, eyes closing at the immense relief, his lips crashing onto Quinn’s, tongue grazing the inside with each jerk. The need to breathe overcame him and he pulled away, delivering short soft breaths against Quinn’s lips as he tried to regain himself.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 179d 22h 41m 0s
Hearing him say her name in such a way only fuelled her desire for him and she wanted nothing more than to make him say it like that over and over again. It had been a while since they had been connected like this but she wanted this to be an act of love, not of heat and desire so she would take it slow, after all they had just agreed to get married and the moment called for something a little more romantic.

She allowed her head to fall back as his lips trailed over her chest, several small moans of pleasure escaping her as she rode him slowly. She knew he sometimes preferred things a little more rough and passionate but she would show him just how good it could be this way. She would drive him to an intense orgasm just as easily like this.

They moved together now and she didn't take her eyes from him, smiling some when he used his surname with hers. Both of them moved a little quicker then as if hearing him use that name brought them both closer to the edge. As he sat up her arms wrapped around him and she held him close. [B "Joshua I'm..."] Her breathing was becoming more erratic, as were her movements. [B "With me...I want you with me."] She managed as she looked into his eyes. [B "Joshua."] She gasped his name.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 180d 7h 9m 57s
Marry. She wanted to marry him. Through all the bullshit that he had put her through, she was still willing to marry him. The rings on their fingers were for show and yet no longer were they just to keep up the story. No, this was a symbol for now that clearly showed that the both of them were serious about spending forever together. “All that you have?” Joshua whispered, gasping some as she gripped him. Joshua’s hands now held her hips tight, watching her adjust to have him fully. “Quinn,” Joshua moaned out then, looking up to meet her eyes. She was warm and inviting as suspected, comfortable with Joshua much as he was with her. He buried his face into her chest then, his forehead resting against her. He could hear her heart beating just a bit quicker then ad he knew his was beating just as quickly. It had been some time since they were together in this way since their split and everything that had happened after.

Joshua growled then, his lips kissing against the soft flesh of her bosom, leaving a trail of invisible and sticky kisses before finding her teat, sucking gently as he moved his hips to fill her even more. Strong hands held her hips even more, Joshua thrusting his hips some in a slow rhythm. Everything in him wanted to ravage Quinn with a desperate need to satisfy as it had been so long and yet, he didn’t mind it going slower.

Joshua leaned back then, watching Quinn carefully. “Mrs. Lannister,” he gasped out, thrusting back and forth into Quinn, watching her carefully. “I like the sound of that.” Joshua could feel his member throbbing, his hips moving quicker then. “A lot.” Joshua could barely take it then, sitting up and closing the space between them when knowing Quinn had gotten her fill, he liked when she was on top – in control of the pace. He was at her will.
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