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Joshua had finished cleaning everything up. He started to get some sandwiches and stuff ready for a little day at the beach between all of them. Janet and Daniel were also preparing things to bring. They figured with it being a good day, it would be nice to go down to the mall by the pier; they could do some shopping, have a panic on the beach and get some sun and water, something very relaxing. He smiled at Quinn, walking over toward her to help with her zipper. “I don’t know, I’m going to miss this little bump of yours,” Joshua said as he gently rubbed her stomach. “You look pretty,” he said as he kissed her cheek. “I should get ready too.:

Joshua headed upstairs to shower and changed into a pair of black joggers and a white shorts sleeve. He grabbed his wallet and phone and head back toward the kitchen to finish getting everything set up. He made sure to also gather things for Charlie. “Can you pack the food away while I get her strapped in?” It was clear that Charlie knew they were going out and she was coming along. She hated being cooped in as much as he did. They explored a little, but nowhere that was too busy, but the pier sounded like fun.

After strapping on Charlie’s harness, there was a knock at the door. “You all set?” He asked her with a smile.
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Quinn couldn't help but laugh. [B "I have no doubt at all that you would be able to pull off a uniform. I'm sure you would look sexy."] She smiled towards him and kissed his cheek. She had to admit that the idea of him being a cop did scare her, particularly because it was a risky job and they had intended to try and have a normal life. She didn't want to be worried about her father and her future husband.

[B "Perhaps when all of this is over you will be able to figure out what you want to do without having the distraction of the trial."] She smiled when he agreed to the day out and she kissed him gently before heading up towards the bedroom so she could get ready. Quinn showered quickly and then got herself dressed into a pair of leggings and a comfortable dress but she couldn't do the zip up so she waited for a moment for Joshua to be able to help her before slipping her feet into the shoes on the floor.

[B "Babe? Can you zip me up?"] She asked as she made her way back into the kitchen and turned around so that he could help. [B "God I can't wait to be able to dress myself again."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 88d 21h 3m 14s
“Something I want? A guy like me, be real. They probably would have me doing security for a bank or something, if they trusted me to watch over that. Though me in a uniform, I think I could pull it off.” Joshua chuckled out. He shook his head. “Not to mention, it's just as risky to be a cop." He thought about the cop that had been killed, he still got flashbacks to this day of that night. He tried to brush the thoughts from his mind then, focusing his attention on Quinn who was happily looking at her belly. “We will be free to do what we want,” he agreed. There were many possibilities, but Joshua also still had to factor in that joining the civilian world: people who paid their taxes and went to highschool and maybe even college – these were people that he would be [I completing] with in a sense and he didn’t think he would be able to join into the ranks of society so easily. “Guess, maybe it’ll come to me. I was thinking working as a trainer too I suppose. That would probably be the easiest for me,” Joseph said with a shrug.

Janet and Daniel were pretty much their only friends at this point and their guardians. Especially after the shooting, it was important that they always knew the whereabouts the couple and if they were going out, they wanted to be there. Even at doctor’s appointments, they’d be waiting in the lobby. They were an interesting couple still and other than being cops, pretty cool to hang around.

“Yeah, a day sounds food. We can bring Charlie; I know she had been dying to get out more.” He said. Charlie perked her head up at her name as though agreeing. “I’ll get them on the phone while you get ready,” he suggested to Quinn as he pulled his phone out to dial Danny’s number.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 89d 18h 38m 15s
Quinn would be glad when this trial was over in honesty. All she wanted was to have their baby here and start being a family. She was of course scared about becoming a mother, not sure whether she would be good enough. It was normal to feel nervous though and it wasn’t as though she wasn’t equal amounts of excited because she was and she knew that Joshua felt the same way, which made her feel better about everything. It wouldn’t be long now. She offered him a smile as he held her hand to his cheek and then chuckled when he moved to her stomach to talk to her bump. [b “You know, it’s like every time you talk to my bump, I can feel our baby move that little bit more. I think bump recognises your voice.”]

She smiled and leaned into him with a content sigh. [b “We could go shopping if you like. There are still a few things we need to get but you know Daniel and Janet will want to come with us. Maybe we can take them to lunch and make a day of it.”] Janet and Daniel had become real friends to them and as it got closer to the trial, they barely let them out of the house alone, which was fine with her because she wanted Joshua safe. She couldn’t bare anything happening to him again. She started to gather her things together and listened as he spoke and then looked towards Joshua when he mentioned work.

[b “The police academy?”] She asked with a little surprise in her voice. [b “Is that something you want?”] She made sure her tone was serious for a moment so he knew that she would support him whatever he decided. [b “I suppose it’s not such a bad idea since you have the skills but don’t do anything you don’t want to do okay? After this trial we are free to do whatever we want to do and I want you to know that I support whatever it is you want to do.”]
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Joshua didn’t know what he had to do, but Quinn was not endangering herself anymore by going on stand. He knew that this was just a tactic, Francisco was simply trying to scare her them and it wasn’t going to work. He managed to get through being shot multiple times, Joshua was not afraid of anything except losing Quinn and their child. He smiled, looking down at her hands pressed against his lips. He kissed her palm, holding it to his cheek then. “I know, you’re right. This will all be over and done with.” He bent down to rub Quinn’s stomach. “And soon our life will be all about you,” Joshua said with a chuckle. He held Quinn as close as he could with her bump and all.

“So, what do you want to do today?” He asked. Honestly, he wasn’t feeling a bit tense and wouldn’t mind getting back in bed. “Maybe we can do a little shopping, some retail therapy?” He suggested with a smile.

He just wanted to get in the house, he couldn’t wait to get back to work. “So, you know, I was thinking of maybe working in a gym, I know it’s crazy, Daniel was telling me I should consider the police academy.” He chuckled. “Could you imagine me in one of those uniforms?” He asked as he popped a piece of bacon in his mouth.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 90d 13h 39m 18s
Quinn smiled towards him, glad that he seemed to trust her enough to let her know everything at this stage. Of course, there had been some upset about the fact that he had lied to her about where he was going the night, he got shot but she cared more about the fact that he was alive. She couldn’t imagine doing all of this alone.

[b “And I want to know everything. We are in this together and I will never judge you. It will be over soon, and I can promise you that nothing will change how I feel about you. You’re not the same person you were before.”]

Quinn changed and made her way to the kitchen where Joshua asked her to make some team. [b “Of course love.”] She made some tea and sat with them at the table to go over some of the things they needed to know. She was surprised to hear that they were considering putting her on the stand.

[b “Me?”] She sighed, unsure of what that would mean for her. [b “We will see you at the trial. It’s not too long now.”] She took Joshua’s hand and brought his hand to her lips. [b “This will all be over soon.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 92d 4h 12m 55s
Joshua smiled and kissed Quinn’s temple, heading into the kitchen to make them a nice hearty breakfast. He brought in the tray. Admittedly he had grown a bit softer, but it was hard to be so hard and sturdy when all you could think about was your wife who was carrying your child. They still didn’t even know the gender. It would be a surprise once the baby was born. Full, he wanted nothing more to stay cuddled in the bed, but he had to get dressed. He wanted this to get all set and done. He wanted their beautiful wedding, with their newborn child. Quinn wasn’t even forcing him into a normal job, though he knew she worried about him fighting. Boxing of course would be a bit tamer at least and as a coach, he couldn’t expect too many injuries like when they first met.

It was such a crazy memory then. Joshua collected their dishes and took them to the sink to rise off before popping into the dishwasher.
“Of course, I want you with me,” Joshua said to her. “Besides, you are my fiancé. You should know everything. Absolutely everything,” he told her. There was no way that he could imagine Quinn leaving him, this far into their love, but he knew there were some things he hadn’t mentioned, and he wanted Quinn to know. Plus, once they were married, this was something she wouldn’t be forced to repeat, should Francisco try to implement him in any future crimes.

Joshua had changed into something a bit more business casual, the doorbell ringing and of course Charlie was barking. Their home had been set up with security, so all Joshua had to do was check the cameras to make sure it was his lawyer.
“Can you put some tea on?” He asked as he kissed her. He moved toward the front, shushing Charlie before opening the door for is lawyer.

H started to go over the questions he would be asked, Joshua at times had to go in detail which he was embarrassed about when it came to how violent his past had been. Overall, the lawyer seemed to think they had a strong case.

“I do know Francisco’s lawyer was contemplating putting you on the stand Quinn.” Joshua hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Quinn didn’t really know as much other than what Joshua had confessed to. “I’ll see you both at the trial.” He said.
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It was moments like this when Quinn knew that they would have a good life together. They had one now...but when all of this was over they could truly be together and forget about everything else. They could finally get married and they would be parents and they could live somewhat normally. She hoped that when Joshua was fully healed from his injury that he could teach boxing so that he could get back some part of what he loved because she could tell that there were aspects of his old life that he missed and she didn't want him to be resentful of leaving that behind.

[B "Breakfast sounds wonderful."] He said with a smile, knowing that he would likely bring breakfast back to bed with him. The further into the pregnancy she got, the more he wanted to do for her. She didn't mind it all too much. She was getting extremely tried lately. Even walking up and down the stairs was enough to tire her out and she knew that she would only get bigger still. Quinn smiled towards him, their eyes connecting as she did and she was filled with love instantly. They would do anything for each other. She could feel that.

They enjoyed some breakfast together and before long it was time they got ready. Quinn wanted to be there for Joshua during his lunch with the lawyer but she didn't want to be in the way . When the doorbell went she looked towards him. [B "Don't forget I'm here. If your lawyer will allow me to stay I will. If not, I'll just be in the next room."]
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“Yes, we deserve that,” Joshua said as he leaned into her kiss. It wasn’t rare fortunately that they would get the chance to relax with one another. There mornings back in the city used to be complicated and interrupted, even sleeping through the night especially with Joshua’s fights. “I love you,” he promised her with a grin. He looked to the clock then, his own stomach grumbling. Joshua kissed her stomach once more than. “How about I make us some breakfast?” He suggested as he came to a stand. He stretched a bit, finding a sweatshirt to pull over his bare chest. He looked to Quinn with a smile. She looked so beautiful pregnant. He couldn’t believe that they were going to have a family. He was still curious as to what she was having, knowing that they were waiting until the baby was born. He also suggested that it would be a good time to have the wedding as well around that time, considering that it was expected that the trial would be ending around that time.

Joshua headed out of the room to the kitchen, Charlie eagerly greeting him with a smile and jumping at him. He ruffled her fur and made sure to set some food out for her. He began to make breakfast him and Quinn. To make things easier on her during her pregnancy, he had made an attempt more at domestic chores, cooking and cleaning more – though he thought their relationship was more than enough equal.

He’d settled everything on plates soon, a little breakfast in bed before the afternoon rolled around and his lawyer was outside his door.
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Quinn was of course trying to ignore the news and she drowned out the noises coming from the TV but she was enjoying her time in bed with Joshua. She grew tired a lot quicker these days and the fact that he was willing to have a lazy morning with her put her at ease a little. She watched as the smile grew on his face and as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her ever-growing bump before leaning up to kiss her.

Their relationship had somewhat been strained with the trial looming over them and with him trying to get better from injury. Quinn was frustrated she couldn't help him and he had no doubt that he would be frustrated that he couldn't do anything to make Quinn more comfortable. Although strained sometimes, they loved each other and nothing would change that.

[b "It's okay and expected that you would feel nervous Joshua. This is a big deal but...think about what happens when all of this goes away. We will have a son or daughter and we can finally get married and have some ounce of a normal life. We deserve that don't we?"] She took hold of his hand and pressed a kiss against it before smiling up at him. [b "I love you and I will support you always. Remember that."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 96d 6h 43m 48s
Joshua didn’t want Quinn to worry. He was scared and relieved more than she probably could imagine, that he had managed to escape death. That she could have ended up dead. He was glad that she was doing fine. They’d move to a new location and the house soon began to feel like a home. Joshua could only hope that they wouldn’t have to move after this, and their location would remain a secret. Charlie seemed to like it just as well. She was definitely terrified after the attack and had become a bit more protective of the couple, sleeping at the foot of their beds or at the door. She barked when anyone came near the home, other than their neighbors who they had grown really close with.

Quinn was certainly growing larger in her pregnancy and soon she’d be ready to give birth. He hoped she was dealing well with stress considering the trial was coming up so soon. He had recovered well, but Joshua did find it somewhat painful when he moved. Thankfully he had gotten back into working out, with the help of Daniel, a little boxing here and there, but Joshua’s body didn’t really feel the same and that had depressed him so. Still, he had to realize he was happy with Quinn and there were some things from his life he was going to have to leave behind.

They’d been in bed, the morning news going over the sensationalized case of Francisco and the infamous drug lord and weapons trafficker among other crimes. He was distracted by Quinn then, his hand touching the warmth of her belly, feeling the kick from their little one. He was curious as to what they were having. Joshua smiled and kissed her stomach before kissing Quinn.
“I’m nervous,” he admitted. He was to meet with his lawyer for lunch at the house to go over his statements. There was no backing out now and as shown, his life couldn’t be more than ever on the line.
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Five months. Five months where they had seemingly been allowed to get on with their lives. Quinn was only a month away from giving birth, the trial was around the corner and Joshua was healing from his bullet wound. Janet and Daniel were still their neighbours but they knew of their backgrounds now but that didn't stop them from becoming friends. They checked in with each other most days, they had barbecues when the weather allowed and sometimes they just enjoyed each others company but honestly it was hard for Quinn not to constantly look over her shoulder. She never had her life in danger like that before and there were times she was a little jumper than usual. Janet kept telling her it was normal but she just kept wishing for the feeling to go away.

[B "Baby is kicking again."] She said happily as she sat up in bed one morning, taking hold of Joshua's hand and placing it down on her stomach gently until the baby kicked again. She chuckled and looked towards Joshua with so much love in her eyes. [B "It's like he or she is trying to get out!"] They had decided to keep the gender a surprise in the end which she didn't mind because it was something else to look forward to.

[B "How are you feeling this morning babe?"]
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Joshua frowned at the sight of Quinn; she was truly shaken up by what had happened. Of course, she would be considering that it certainly was unexpected and both of them – all three – could have lost their lives if things went badly. He figured Janet must have been an undercover cop and Daniel as well – who h assumed was the one who called in the shooting. It was a blessing, and Joshua certainly didn’t feel like a douche considering how paranoid he was of Roscoe in the first place. He wondered then just how lucky he was that Quinn’s father had undercovers watching them, if Daniel hadn’t insisted on coming along to the bar or showing up then Joshua would have been dead.

“I can’t live without you either,” he said with a sighed and he pulled her hand to his to kiss her knuckles. He sighed out; the pain was getting to him, but he so badly wanted his fiancé in his arms. “But I’m here,” he said to her as he looked into those blue eyes. “We’re both here and we are both alright yeah?” He said with a small smile. Despite the pain he ushered her to join him in the small bed.

Joshua wanted badly to go home, but there was no home to return to considering their cover had been blown. They’d have to relocate after he had finished his beginning of physical treatment and many appointments. A bullet hurt worse than any of his fights – his whole right side was in pain, but Joshua still had hope that his recovery would go well. The good news was that Janet and Daniel, who were an actual couple, would be their neighbors once more. Months had passed and soon the trial date was closer than ever.
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Soon enough Quinn was being drawn into an embrace. It was an intense moment between two people who so obviously loved each other as evidenced by the way they held on to each other as though nothing else was important. She tried not to hold on to him too tightly but it was hard to let go especially as he kissed her cheek a few times; a sign of his relief for seeing her.

Maybe things might have turned out differently but she couldn't think that way. Joshua was alive and they were both safe and that's what she had to think about for now. Francisco couldn't be stupid enough to try anything now after attempting to kill a key witness. She watched as he leaned back and she pulled back from him slightly so that he could be more comfortable.

[B "Charlie is okay. I'm okay. We both are. Janet...she...shot him."] She looked confused, still completely unsure about who Janet was but it was clear she wasn't simply a neighbour. [B "I thought... I thought..."] Quinn couldn't even bring herself to say anything aloud. She simply held onto his hand and shook her head. [B "I don't know what I would have done if...Christ Joshua I can't live without you."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 108d 20h 4m 22s
Quinn’s voice soon rang out through the room and Joshua looked up then to see the beautiful and familiar face of his fiancé. He smiled out then, though weakened and he had to stop himself from coming to a stand as he was in a great deal of pain. Joshua bit through the pain and drew her in, not accepting just a hand hold from the women he loved and someone he nearly lost. He smiled and the tears were silently running down his cheek then as he held her close to him and kissed her several times on her cheek.

“God,” he said, a silent thanks for Quinn to be alive. He knew very well that if Francisco had intended to kill him then he had every intention to harm Quinn as well. The thought of that sickened him and Joshua could feel his anger turning into frustration as he wanted nothing more than to go after Francisco himself. Though, Joshua knew he was in no condition to go into battle whether it be with his hands or with a gun and especially so it wouldn’t be smart as he had sworn to get out of that line of work and it was made even more obvious considering what had happened thus far.

Joshua pulled back from Quinn, laying back to rest. “I can’t believe I’m alive,” he said. He had certainly expected that he would be dead, and it was completely obvious that Francisco was going to stop at nothing to make sure that he wasn’t put away. His mistake wasn’t making sure Joshua was dead and he was going to make sure that man never saw the outside ever again.

“How’s Charlie?” He asked then. “How’re you?” Quinn didn’t seem like she was harmed but knew she had been through just as much trauma.
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