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Joshua was trying his hardest to do as much as possible for Quinn as the weeks went by. Of course, she was not going to take no for an answer and was still working around the house despite how close she was you giving birth. He had learned early on not to go against his pregnant fiancé, though Joshua would attempt to help out when she wasn’t looking. Still, things were going on well enough even with the trail on the horizon. Joshua had been spending more time with Daniel who was seriously trying to convince the male to join the force. Joshua didn’t think it was such a bad idea now, he just worried about his safety and he also wondered just how he would fit in as an ex-gang member. The two men had spent the morning working out and sparring which Joshua was glad to finally get back into.

He was in the shower washing up from the morning gym session when he could hear a voice form the kitchen. He was still paranoid after Quinn’s attack and had quickly turned off the water, hearing something about braking. Joshua got out; his towel wrapped around his waist. Charlie was barking to which he thought something was wrong. He exited so see Quinn hovering over a pool of water then, breakfast forgotten. Everything seemed to register then, and he looked to Quinn shocked.

“Break! Right!” Suddenly all that preparation went out of the window and he was trying to figure out just what to do. Joshua walked over to Quinn, sitting her down on the couch. “Just breathe okay. Breathe,” he said, though he could use some advice of his own. He was changing with one hand, the other calling Janet and Daniel who had arrived just as he was finished getting dressed. It was a whirlwind then, grabbing the bag, calling Quinn’s father and of course getting her into the car. They were speeding then, Janet and Daniel taken advantage of their privileges and leading them with the sirens on. Eventually they had reached the hospital Joshua holding onto Quinn’s hand the whole way and fuck he was scared. All he could hope for was that everything went okay.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 51d 8h 48m 28s
Quinn enjoyed the slow walk to the shore. It wasn't too hot, which was good because she could so easily become uncomfortable when it got too hot being this pregnant. She sighed happily, enjoying watching the people stroll along the beach and even watching some leave for the day since they had clearly been there all day.

She looked to Joshua and nodded. [b "It really is nice. I better make the most of still being able to walk while I can because I feel like I'm going to want to give up in a few days. I feel like my feet are the size of my head."] She said with a chuckle, knowing that it wasn't true. Joshua looked after her well though, massaging her aches and tending to her cravings when he could. She was lucky and so very grateful to have him.

The next couple of weeks went by in a flash and as she predicted she was growing more and more exhausted and impatient. Janet and Daniel checked on them every day and brought around food which she always found comical as she insisted that she wasn't sick and was perfectly capable of cooking for herself but that didn't mean she was any less grateful.

She was in the kitchen that morning making breakfast when it became apparent that the day was going to take an unexpected turn. [b "Joshua!"] She shouted, calling him from his shower. [b "Joshua!! My waters just broke."]
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Joshua smiled and helped Quinn up, kicking off his shoes and making sure he had a tight rein on Charlie. Fortunately, the beach was becoming emptier as people left and he decided to let her off the leash, allowing his and Quinn to walk at a much steadier and more peaceful pace. His hand wrapped round Quinn, his fingers then lacing with hers “This is nice,” he told Quin then. Joshua wondered when he would propose to hr. That night in bed was well enough, Quinn had said yes, but he didn’t want to rob her of that moment. He wanted the fancy dinner and for their friends and her dad to be there. He’d already got them in a mess and now their lives were kind of going to be wiped clean. If anything, Quinn deserved a nice engagement and a beautiful wedding. He brushed his hair back, as the wind had pushed it forward and in front of his face. Would they still have moments like this when the trial was over, and the baby came? Once the trial was over, they’d be back to work. Well at least Joshua, while Quinn tended to their child the first few months.

They were both young and, in some ways, both completely at loss when it came to having someone there to guide them through. Though Joshua realized they had her father who had raised Quinn on his own since the death of his wife. Quinn had turned out great, he was sure that with her dad’s help, they would get the hang of it. That’s all parenting was essentially anyways; a bunch of trial and error. Everyone had their own way and there was no [I right] way to parent.

Charlie had come back running toward them, jumping on Joshua and getting wet sand all over his shirt. He chuckled and shook his he’d, petting and scratching her behind the ear. Night was soon rolling on; Joshua was getting tired. Lately h hadn’t slept all that well because the trial was coming up. Time seemed to be going by so fast. The trial had been rescheduled to fall after Quinn’s due date which they were now just three days from. He couldn’t believe that soon he would be a father.
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Quinn couldn't help but chuckle at the couple. She was grateful to hear from Janet and Daniel about their opinions of them as parents. It meant a lot to her to hear them say that they would be good parents because in truth she was worried about whether she would be a good mother. It was mostly because she didn't have much experience to draw from, her mother dying from a very young age but she knew that her father brought her up well enough to be resilient enough to try and provide for their child.

She watched as the couple started to argue about their baby's gender and she she laughed and shook her head before looked to Joshua. [B "Sure! I could do with a bit of exercise."] She chuckled and ran her hand over Charlie gently, trying to calm her and then stood with a stretch, rubbing a cramp out of her stomach as she did.

[B "The baby gets so grouchy when I move after eating."] She said as she grabbed herself a bottle of water and pulled her sun hat on, hoping it will keep her cool as they walked to the shore. [B "We are just going to stretch our legs with Charlie. We'll be right back."] She smiled towards Janet and Daniel and kicked off her shoes before heading to the shore. Her shoes would only slow her down and she always love the feel of sand between her toes.
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They all chuckled at Quinn as she eagerly bit into the sandwich. He kissed her blushing cheeks as she excused herself on behalf of the baby. Joshua too was excited to learn what the gender was. At one of the appointments he considered just telling Quinn he’d want to know then. But for some reason the light that sarked in Quinn’s eyes made him feel some kind of way and he wanted to see that light when they learned the gender of the baby on the day she was born. Three weeks. By the time that they had their child, it would be time for the trial. It would be hard for the young couple, enduring their first weeks of parenthood while simultaneously being involved in a high profile trial that was bound to put some bad people away for a long [I long] time.

“Well, I know you guys are going to be great parents! I was hoping you’d let me in on it though,” Janet said with a pout before cracking a laugh.
“They’re having a gender pool at the station,” Daniel explained to couple after seeing Joshua’s confusion. He chuckled. “Everyone thinks your dad may be a bit softer once he’s called grandpa. My bet is on a boy.” Janet shook her head and finished her water bottle.
“Definitely a girl.” The two had started bickering a bit then and Joshua chuckled at the couple. He wondered if that’s how he and Quinn would be; would people look at them that way? In admiration, jealous of pure love.

“You want to walk Charlie to the shore with me?” He asked Quinn. Charlie was getting anxious. Joshua fed her a treat and ran his hands through her fur.
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Quinn was actually rather glad about the fact that they wouldn't be expected to move again. Of course, s long as everything went to plan they would be able to make a life here and she liked the house and the neighbourhood they had been place in. Here she felt like she was part of a normal family with no secrets and no one treated them like they were a mismatched couple like the people who had watched them at his fights before. However, she knew that there were aspects of his life that he missed and she gooed thatbhe would find something to fill the things he was missing because she didn't want him to be unhappy with his life.

Quinn smiled towards Joshua as he reached out to touch her bump. She placed her hand on top of his briefly, completely treasuring moments like this. Honestly, he was going to miss being pregnant because they had built so many memories over the last few months and ever single one of them were as precious as the last.

[B "We decided we wanted it to be a surprise. I have to admit I am going crazy thinking about whether we are going to have a son or a daughter but I think Joshua would agree that all we care about is that we have a healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy."] She was glad that they had Janet and Daniel. They genuinely seemed to care and probably more so that most, getting completely involved in any way they could.

[B "Oh! Me! I'm starving!"] She took and sip of her water and unwrapped her sandwich, eating it quickly and then looking up at Daniel and Janet. [B "Hey! It's the baby, not me."] He chuckled.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 56d 19h 9s
With a trial going on it was incredibly hard for them to really plan anything and thy both had decided they wanted the baby to be a part of the wedding of course, there was no rush. The god news was that hey weren’t going to have to move, so they could start to make this place something like their own. They could decorate and start getting a nursery set up. Charlie had already grown accustomed to the home as well.

“We haven’t chosen any names as of yet,” Joshua said as his hand reached out to gently rub Quinn’s stomach. He made sure to apply a little sunscreen too. “We still don’t know the gender.”

“Are you kidding?” Daniel asked in shock.
“I know, I couldn’t believe it myself honey when Quinn told me that. You guys must be going crazy to meet your little one then.” She said with a smile. Joshua could only hope that no matter the gender, that the labor went as planned. Lately to kill; time, they’ve even run drills in the case Quinn is with someone else. Everyone had a hospital bag and each other’s number – plus a designated driver. This was the one time Joshua didn’t mind how involved the couple was in their life. Not to say it was terrible, he just wasn’t used to those types of friendships.

“Who’s hungry?” He asked as he started to pass out sandwiches and bottled water.
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Quinn was also surprised by Daniel’s question. She looked between the two of them and wondered what Joshua would have to say. While they had agreed to get married and they were technically engaged, there was no ring and they hadn’t discussed getting married. They had their pregnancy to worry about and the trial coming up, so it barely made sense for them to make wedding plans right now. They had other things to contend with first and that was more than okay with her. It wasn’t a conventional engagement, but she was so happy with Joshua.

Quinn looked up when Joshua spoke towards her and then she shook her head. [b “Not really. We’ve had a lot to think about really, moving, the trial, the baby…it’s a lot. I mean…I know we talked about getting married one day, but I don’t think we need to rush anything. We have all the time in the world.”] She took hold of his hand and smiled. [b “Besides, for our child to be involved in our wedding means a lot.”]

[I “God, just three weeks to go. Have you both thought about names for the baby? Are you…planning on sticking around here when the trial is over?”]

[b “Well my Dad says that we have to stay here after the trial because him being in prison doesn’t mean we are completely safe.”]
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Exciting was putting a spin on the word that would best describe his life and their life together. Joshua certainly had quite the crazy ride of life and Quinn had been along for the bumpy ride. He was happy to find that things had become much easier in his life and hoped they stayed that way. He knew it was the most important to maintain their safety and the safety of their child. Though, if they were going to be friends with Daniel and Janet, he didn’t think that would be hard to maintain, considering the two were extremely protective of him and Quinn; rightfully so, with her being so far along in the pregnancy.

They found the perfect spot with easy access to a bathroom. Charlie was more than excited, and always was digging into the sand, the minute that he removed her harness. The large towel was laid down and umbrella planted for them to have a seat. Joshua smiled at Quinn. “Figured we all could use some sun while it’s here,” he told her with a chuckle. He was a bit thrown off some by Daniel’s question. The two of them had this discussion a couple of days ago. Joshua didn’t want to rush it – he wanted something beautifully planned. He also wanted to propose to Quinn again. He loved her declaration that night in bed, agreeing to getting married and yet Joshua wanted her to wear a ring he chose. He wanted her to have the full experience.

Joshua looked to Quinn, “Well, we have been so wrapped up I guess we haven’t thought about it. Unless you have hon?” he suggested.
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Quinn was honestly so excited at the prospect of become a mother and she knew that Joshua was going to be a great father and there was definitely a degree of acceptance from her own father now. He could see how happy Joshua made her and so had accepted that he was going to be in her life from now on. He just wanted her to be happy and knowing that Joshua treated her well certainly help to soften the blow that his daughter was going to marry an ex-gang member. He had changed his life around for her though, that had to mean something and to her father it did. He was risking a lot to be with her, and he respected that.

Joshua had decided that they were going to go for the beach which suited her because it meant she could relax rather that walk around. In truth it was getting harder for her to walk around without needing a break. She smiled happy, putting her sunglasses on as they got into the car, both couples deciding to travel in separate cars but not before they were checked over. It had become habit now. Once they were on their way Joshua had mentioned their moment of passion on the beach and she chuckled to herself. [b “How could I forget that?”] She asked as she looked towards him and took his hand. [b “Everything is exciting with you.”]

Once they arrived at the beach, they unloaded their things from the car and made their way to a spot that was close enough to the café with a toilet and they settled themselves down. Quinn let out a satisfied sigh. [b “This is really nice. Good call Joshua.”] She leaned over and kissed him, both Janet and Daniel watching with a smile.

[I “When are you two going to get married?”] Daniel asked curiously, handing out bottles of water.
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Quinn’s belly had gotten huge, but he was being playful when calling it little. There was something about her being pregnant that filled him with joy, every time he saw her and usually her belly first if she was coming around a corner. Charlie was incredibly excited to go out and Joshua had to keep her clam with a treat, promising they would be leaving soon.
“Hey guys,” Joshua said with a smile. “We definitely do not get tired of your cakes,” he said with a chuckle. He made sure to grab anything they might need before heading out of the house, making sure the door was locked. Joshua had been very paranoid about that kind of stuff lately. He dint want anyone violating their home and coming around rifling for things or planting bugs or a bomb, especially considering the trial was coming up and he wanted to be extra protective as sooner than later Quinn would be giving birth.

They all got into their own cars then, Joshua mentioned maybe heading to the beach. They could get some sun but stay in the shade of a nice large umbrella and Charlie could also get a little running around going. He couldn’t wait until their child was old enough to play with Charlie, a best friend forever as he had come to feel about Charlie himself. They finally reached the beach then, Joshua making sure to gather Charlie’s items in a pack; water and toys. He looked to Quinn then, remember that night at the beach he teased giving her a kiss.” He chuckled and got out of the car then, Jane and Daniel also getting out of their cars and grabbing chairs and towels.

It was a nice day, sunny, but not too hot and there was a good amount of people on the beach, but not too crowded which was nice.
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[b “Little? Honey there is nothing little about this bump. I am huge and I still have over three weeks left. I don’t even know how I’m even going to stretch anymore. The midwife says that I will still get bigger yet.”] Her surprise was evident within her voice and then she kissed his cheek back. [b “Thank you for the help and for the compliment.”] She smiled and allowed him to get ready for their day.

Quinn took the time to sit on the sofa to relax with a book for a little while, but Joshua didn’t take too long and she made her way to the kitchen after being asked to pack up the food. [b “I can most certainly do that because I sure as hell can’t lean down to put a lead on Charlie right now.”] She said with a chuckle. When the door went, she grabbed her jacket and purse. [b “Of course. As ready as I can be.”]

She made her way to the door where Janet and Daniel stood with a gift basket of cakes. [I “I made cakes again! Sorry I just bake when I’m excited and it’s not long now until the baby gets here so you might get cakes for the next three weeks or so.”]

[b “I will never refuse your cake Janet.”] She took the basket from him and placed them on the table. [b “They won’t last long I promise you that.”]
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Joshua had finished cleaning everything up. He started to get some sandwiches and stuff ready for a little day at the beach between all of them. Janet and Daniel were also preparing things to bring. They figured with it being a good day, it would be nice to go down to the mall by the pier; they could do some shopping, have a panic on the beach and get some sun and water, something very relaxing. He smiled at Quinn, walking over toward her to help with her zipper. “I don’t know, I’m going to miss this little bump of yours,” Joshua said as he gently rubbed her stomach. “You look pretty,” he said as he kissed her cheek. “I should get ready too.:

Joshua headed upstairs to shower and changed into a pair of black joggers and a white shorts sleeve. He grabbed his wallet and phone and head back toward the kitchen to finish getting everything set up. He made sure to also gather things for Charlie. “Can you pack the food away while I get her strapped in?” It was clear that Charlie knew they were going out and she was coming along. She hated being cooped in as much as he did. They explored a little, but nowhere that was too busy, but the pier sounded like fun.

After strapping on Charlie’s harness, there was a knock at the door. “You all set?” He asked her with a smile.
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Quinn couldn't help but laugh. [B "I have no doubt at all that you would be able to pull off a uniform. I'm sure you would look sexy."] She smiled towards him and kissed his cheek. She had to admit that the idea of him being a cop did scare her, particularly because it was a risky job and they had intended to try and have a normal life. She didn't want to be worried about her father and her future husband.

[B "Perhaps when all of this is over you will be able to figure out what you want to do without having the distraction of the trial."] She smiled when he agreed to the day out and she kissed him gently before heading up towards the bedroom so she could get ready. Quinn showered quickly and then got herself dressed into a pair of leggings and a comfortable dress but she couldn't do the zip up so she waited for a moment for Joshua to be able to help her before slipping her feet into the shoes on the floor.

[B "Babe? Can you zip me up?"] She asked as she made her way back into the kitchen and turned around so that he could help. [B "God I can't wait to be able to dress myself again."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 62d 11h 5m 48s
“Something I want? A guy like me, be real. They probably would have me doing security for a bank or something, if they trusted me to watch over that. Though me in a uniform, I think I could pull it off.” Joshua chuckled out. He shook his head. “Not to mention, it's just as risky to be a cop." He thought about the cop that had been killed, he still got flashbacks to this day of that night. He tried to brush the thoughts from his mind then, focusing his attention on Quinn who was happily looking at her belly. “We will be free to do what we want,” he agreed. There were many possibilities, but Joshua also still had to factor in that joining the civilian world: people who paid their taxes and went to highschool and maybe even college – these were people that he would be [I completing] with in a sense and he didn’t think he would be able to join into the ranks of society so easily. “Guess, maybe it’ll come to me. I was thinking working as a trainer too I suppose. That would probably be the easiest for me,” Joseph said with a shrug.

Janet and Daniel were pretty much their only friends at this point and their guardians. Especially after the shooting, it was important that they always knew the whereabouts the couple and if they were going out, they wanted to be there. Even at doctor’s appointments, they’d be waiting in the lobby. They were an interesting couple still and other than being cops, pretty cool to hang around.

“Yeah, a day sounds food. We can bring Charlie; I know she had been dying to get out more.” He said. Charlie perked her head up at her name as though agreeing. “I’ll get them on the phone while you get ready,” he suggested to Quinn as he pulled his phone out to dial Danny’s number.
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