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If Quinn was able to see herself now she could pretty much guarantee that she wouldn’t be able to recognise herself at all. She had never felt so confident with a man and he actually made her feel beautiful which was something she hadn’t felt before and he actually made her feel [i sexy], like she could do whatever she wanted to him and he would easily comply to her every need and desire and she knew she would do the same for him.

She could tell that Joshua was genuinely shocked by her actions but he had to know that she was just as needy for him as he was for her and she would have done anything in that moment to have him and if that meant having sex with him in the driver’s seat of his car, than she was more than happy to oblige. Perhaps it was the fact that they had now been open about their feelings for each other than made this feel better, or perhaps it was the danger of being in public that excited her further but this was honestly the best sex she ever had and she could feel him reaching his end and it made her reach her own when he groaned deeply.

When they were both spent she slowed and smiled, almost proud of herself for rendering him speechless as he rolled the windows down. [b “Wow? What a complement. Wow...I’ll take that.”] She said as she leaned forward to kiss him.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 4d 18h 24m 50s
Joshua could see that he had pushed the woman pass her limit and even he himself felt some type of way. Of course this was one of the things about their relationship that had connected the couple too well. The passion, the care and attention they paid to each other’s body only showed how well they knew each other even though it was such a short period of time they had actually known each other. Joshua watched in shock at the fluid motion of Quinn – quickly there on top of his, not even able to fight back against the actions if he wanted to. Quinn’s lips were pressed against his and he couldn’t help the gasp that parted their lips as he found Quinn seemed to be doing just as well taking what she wanted.
She didn’t want to wait and he hadn’t either, but he didn’t think that Quinn would fall into his advances and actually take him up on the public offer of being together in a public place.
His hands rested at her hips, not needing to guide the woman who clearly knew not only what she wanted, but also what she was doing.
Joshua admittedly – well he was speechless for the first time in his life. Though this was a moment that really only needed to be accounted for by kisses, moans, eager and vigorous movements as they both showed how desperate they were for one another. It was the most pleasure he had received – even more so a rush just because it was Quinn who had initiated it. This was what Joshua thought about when he mentioned the two sides of Quinn. He wasn’t used to not being in control, but enjoyed sitting back and admiring her with each movement, hands caressing the skin beneath her dress, pushing up to watch her body illuminated by the slowly darkening sky from the sunset it had been earlier.
He couldn’t help the desire to fight back any further though and Joshua eventually growled when so close, hands firmly holding her as she expressed her love and sweaty and spent, Joshua finally reached his point. Lips pressing against Quinn’s with a growl until he had finished. “I love you,” he finally said when he could catch his breath, only reciting it once more. Joshua leaned back then, still holding onto his girlfriend and trying to keep it together.
“Wow – Quinn – I. . .” he chuckled and shook his head, turning the heat off and rolling down the windows – now steamed from everything that had occurred. The chilling fresh air definitely felt good at that point.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 4d 19h 8m 23s
Joshua was really resting her now. She thought that he might just ignore her teasing and perhaps drive him with a little more haste than usual. Instead he was kissing her and running his hands underneath the fabric of her dress, threatening to tease what she had left bare for him. She melted into his kiss easily and she allowed a moan to escape even her lips, almost in an attempt to prove that she was more than willing to go all the way with him here in the car. She smiled as he pulled back and she noticed just how heavy his breathing had become. Quinn was finding it more and more difficult to be around him with out wanting the passion too, it was part of what she had fallen in love with, how easy it was to find herself with him. He made her feel confident, way more than she ever had before.

Quinn adjusted herself in her seat, reaching over to his to slide his seat as far back as it possibly could. She bit her lip and climbed over him as best as she she could in order to straddle him and then she kissed him, placing her hands on his chest before running them down to slide off his shorts a little. She injected everything into this kiss, all the passion she could gather and when she managed to free him from his shorts she didn’t hesitate to slide on him. [b “I can try.”] She whispered before she wrapped her arms around him, needing to do so in order to balance herself. [b “I couldn’t wait for us to get home. I needed you now.”] She whispered breathlessly as she started to move on top of him with vigour, sighing with each movement.

Quinn was a completely different person when she was with him and she wasn’t afraid to admit that he made her better in so many ways. She had come out of her shell a lot because of him and this was only further evidence of that. [b “God I love you.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 4d 19h 26m 2s
Joshua buckled up in the car, turning the heat on then to prevent them from possibly getting sick. It was a shame, not being able to have Quinn at that moment. He thought about her comment from earlier about being dominating and course she had learned this was his behavior from being together. Though, Joshua also knew that Quinn had that side of her as well and from how she was talking and acting – he had no doubts she planned to give the male a run for his money.
Joshua looked around, the parking lot practically empty and admittedly the peek of skin from the dress he wore only made him further think of what lied beneath. He had seen Quinn in all states and still every time was like the first time and he would get excited knowing she would allow a man like him to even have the pleasure of being with her.
Joshua figured though there was no harm in giving the woman a run for her money as both of them could definitely play the game of a tease perfectly. He leaned over then, tipping Quinn’s chin up as he kissed her, hands slinking gently under the fabric as he moved toward her neck. Of course, he was also riling himself up and he knew that with how compact his car was he wasn’t sure they would have any space – he didn’t care much who saw as he was reckless that way. He was curious though, how much further could Joshua go before Quinn broke or stopped him.
Lips brushed against her ear, a soft chuckle befalling his lips. “So, you’re telling me that you can dominate me?” Joshua pulled back then, looking at the woman – the way her cheeks flushed with color. He had gotten himself into a bit of an uproar, shifting in his sears as he pulled back, himself breathing hard from exhilaration.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 4d 20h 29m 45s
Quinn hadn’t intended on spending the car journey home in nothing but a dress, but it would be far too much hassle to sort through the bag to find some underwear and then put it on without letting anyone see, besides she didn’t mind it and she knew that Joshua wouldn’t. However, they had spent longer in the sea than either of them had realised and they hadn’t planned in enough time for her bikini to dry, especially now the sun had disappeared. She knew though, if the beach had been empty and the weather hadn’t turned so cold, they might not have made it home for session of love making, it would likely happen right here, not that she had ever done something so outrageous before. The thought made her blush, but she tried not to let it show as Joshua approached her.

She could tell just how much she had gotten to him with her lack of underwear by the way he pulled her close to him and kept his hand firm on her. His kiss was only more evidence of his wanting and desire and as he pulled away, she couldn’t help but bite down on her lip to try and control herself a little more. Quinn laughed as his comments and she shook her head. [b “Always so dominating. Give someone else a chance, will you?”] Quinn followed him to the car, knowing that the two were equally as keep to get home now and she climbed in.

[b “You know, I bet no one can see us here.”] She raised an eyebrow. [b “A shame about Charlie I guess.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 4d 20h 54m 6s
Joshua watched Quinn then, a devilish smirk spreading across his face as he watched her expertly switch out of the wetsuit so easily and effortlessly in public. Though there weren’t that many people around as the cold had certainly ran off the crowd. Luckily his shorts were quick to drying and not as soaked, which would’ve made for a very uncomfortable car ride.
Quinn was right, the idea of her being without undergarments or pants on entirely exciting for him.
“You know just the right thing to say to get me riled up.” Joshua chuckled and shook his head. If it weren’t so cold, a little love on the beach seemed so romantic and truly enticing as there was a lot about Quinn he loved. He pulled on his shirt and walked over to her after collecting everything, Charlie definitely worn out and more than ready to sleep the car ride home.
Home. That’s what she had called his apartment and it wasn’t far from the truth. Quinn spent quite some time with him there. Other than clothing, she had personal belongings there for when she slept over. The idea of giving her a key bounced in his mind. She was his girlfriend after all, but Joshua didn’t want them to move too fast. He didn’t want to rush Quinn and already they had made some big decisions when it came to their relationship. Saying I love you was an important milestone.
Just ran his tongue over his mouth, his hand grazing her backside, tight as he held her to him. He bent to give her a kiss – deep and filled with passion. When would he not want her? Probably never. “You know what happens when you tease me. We get home and well – just like the race I always end up on top. He chuckled and released his hold on her.
“Which means I want to get us home as soon as possible.” He smirked and started for the car, Charlie at his side. They had finally reached the car where he placed the items in, Charlie already settling.
The ride wouldn’t be terribly long. He just wanted a shower and to get Quinn in bed – some chill time before heading to the fight.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 4d 22h 44m 49s
She didn’t mind challenging him to a race, especially since she was quite confident, he wouldn’t simply beat her very easily. She happened to be quite sporty when she was in college and while he would likely still beat her anyway, she would give him a run for his money at least. The moment Joshua started to run, she wasn’t too far behind him and she managed to keep up the pace until they got to the water, of course he got there first but she was almost there. At least he didn’t simply let her win, that would have been boring for the two of them.

Everything felt so [I normal] from the point, neither of them thinking about the rival gang member who had approached her earlier that morning, instead they were completely focused on enjoying themselves to the point that they didn’t really know how much time had passed until the chill found them and she was making her way back to where they had left their towels to dry off. As soon as she was dry enough, she slipped her dress over the top of her bikini and then skilfully removed it so it didn’t soak the dress and so she kept her dignity.

Quinn chuckled a little. [b “I’m all set, and now you get the pleasure of knowing that I am wearing no underwear as you drive us home.”] She had referred to his place as him which was something she had never done before, but she barely even noticed. She loved him and home would be wherever he was.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 5d 2h 7m 52s
“Happy, satisfied – pleases. Probably a few other words I could use to describe seeing you in that suit, but probably should save them for later.” Joshua chuckled then and raised a brow at her suggestion of a race. “Is it a race if we know that I will win?” He questioned with a chuckled. Though with the body Quinn had, he wouldn’t mind trailing behind the girl. “We’ll see who gets there first, but I’m sure Charlie has us beat.” Joshua chuckled as he began toward the water. They were almost in their own little world and it was weird to him or at least different how easy it was to fall into something of a routine with Quinn.
Though, he hadn’t even met her father yet and Joshua kind of wondered would he ever meet her father. With his background, he suspected Quinn’s father would be quick to suspect Joshua wasn’t all the way straight edge and all he needed was his name to run and get any background info he needed on the male. Did that mean he would give up his pursuit to keep Quinn in his life? Definitely not. Especially considering how he had mentioned his love for her.
Charlie eagerly lapped at the water, giving them a chase as they played in the water. Joshua of course finding it hard for him not to glance at his girlfriend every now and then. Being with Quinn made him feel [I normal]. She didn’t think of him as vicious or a violent criminal – she didn’t care about his gang affiliation and she wasn’t intimidated about what had happened earlier. To her he was just Joshua – simply someone she had fallen in love with.
Eventually evening was approaching and the sunny day was turning into a slightly chilling evening. Joshua figures they would head back to his place, he could get some rest before the fight which he knew he would need. He’d returned to their spot, drying off, Charlie shaking and spewing sand in every direction. He was a bit distracted though, checking his phone to find the missed calls. He would call Francisco back when home, not liking discussing [I work] in front of Quinn. “All set?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 5d 4h 44m 55s
She could see the relief and actually, she felt it herself too, glad that the two had finally be open enough with their feelings that it was now out in the open. They knew where they stood with each other now and she knew that they would enjoy each other a lot more knowing that they could openly talk about their feelings but now was not the time to do so. They had plenty of time for that later and they both needed to unwind after what had devolved into a stressful morning. The beach was supposed to offer them some serenity and she wanted to be able to relax.

Quinn chuckled as Charlie ran towards the water and she took Joshua’s hand with a giggle. [b “No, I think I can manage.”] She smiled and let go of his hand just to remove her dress and she placed it in her bag carefully. [b “Happy?”] She asked as she looked towards Charlie and the water that she played in and she couldn’t help but laugh. This was becoming kind of like her family and she wouldn’t want anything else right now.

[b “Race you to the water?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 5d 5h 25m 54s
There was relief then, Joshua glad to hear that the woman felt the same way about him. He smiled largely – a soft. Lush creeping on his cheeks. It was true that they had gotten together or impulse and a lot of their attraction to each other seemed to be completely too fast for someone on the outside of their relationship. However, there was just something entirely different about the couple and Joshua kind of figured that from the first night he spent with Quinn – even more so that first night when he slept alone in his bed.
Being with her was more than a choice and making this relationship work meant Joshua had to admit to his feelings and be honest with Quinn. That being why he even told her about his illicit activities and what everything was tied to. He didn’t want her to have to lie for him and he didn’t want her involved in all the bullshit he was dealing with personally. He just wanted her and that innocent and loving aura she brought to his life. This being why Joshua he reacted the way he had earlier with the rival member. He wasn’t used to having to make sure she was protected at all costs as he hadn’t had a solid relationship in a while.
Funny how when he first met Quinn it was a bit more so just to get in her pants, but something about that night – the way she looked at him, the way she said his name – it triggered something inside of Joshua that he had never felt. Even more so now as he sat at the beach with her, something he hadn’t done in a while just felt absolutely normal and it just felt [I right]. The lifestyle he had was fast and dangerous though and he feared it would sneak up on him in the worse way.
Joshua has to figure out how to properly separate himself from the world – not wanting to risk Quinn’s life. This guy knew her name and he knew about her father and by the way Francisco was calling him back to back, he feared that the boss had to have figured it out too. He already hated how much tile Joshua was dedicating to his now girlfriend – knowing her dad was a cop and working the case would make things more complicated.
Charlie was definitely getting antsy at that point and Quinn was coming to the right and staying with him that night. They would have plenty of time to talk. He reached out for her hand, finally letting Charlie loose where she headed toward water with glee. “Don’t tell me I have to pry that dress off you?” He teased.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 5d 5h 53m 4s
Perhaps she had misheard him, and he had said something else entirely. That would be entirely plausible, especially since she felt so strongly for him and she imagine that she could easily imagine him saying those three words to her. She could have been projecting because she was too scared to say them herself and it felt like she waited a lifetime for him to look at her, almost using Charlie’s affections as a distraction until he finally looked at her, admitting that it was true. She couldn’t quote believe what she was hearing, and he was even repeating his words as if to prove that they were true.

Quinn looked towards him, almost lost for words as Charlie started to lick at his face. She chuckled a little and then watched as Joshua started to remove his shirt as though nothing had been said and that it wasn’t even a big deal. To her, this was a [I huge] deal. Quinn shook her head to let him know that he hadn’t made things weird and she could tell that he was ignoring his phone for her. She needed to tell him how she felt now.

[b “Joshua…I’ve been trying to say the same thing to you all day. I love you. I feel for you so fast and so hard there is no way I couldn’t love you.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 5d 6h 22m 41s
Joshua was in a state of shock himself and he couldn’t believe them that he had actually said those three words. Of course backing down would’ve been a shitty thing to do and honestly would not have been the probable solution. Charlie was not one who cared for the romantic interaction with the couple, nudging him as she tried to get his attention for play time. He brushed his hand through his hair, finally meeting her eyes.
“Yes, I know – I know it’s wild and we’re still early in this but . . . I do love you.” He said with more of a stern voice then, something more serious and it was clear that Joshua wasn’t just saying this to get into Quinn’s pants or to keep her quiet or anything. He really did care for her and he wanted her to know that. Charlie stepped upon then into the male, her tongue lapping at his face. Joshua chuckled then, petting the dog then to calm her down. “And I love you too,” he promised Charlie. He leaned I er to kiss Quinn.
He didn’t need her to say it, he just felt like it was important for him to express himself. If Quinn had anything to say then she would do so in her own time and he didn’t feel the need to try and pressure her into it. He stood up then, removing his shirt and helping Charlie out of her leash, making sure to hold onto her so as to not bounce off.
“I hope I didn’t make things weird,” he said with a chuckle. Though watching Quinn, sitting there under the sunlight, his necklace he purchased for her around her neck then – there was no doubt in the man that he loved her. Joshua could see he was receiving a phone call then, the number not saved which meant it probably was Francisco. He sighed out, distracted by Quinn and really all he wanted to do was focus on her.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 5d 7h 27m 36s
Quinn could see that he was visibly relieved by her words, clearly having been worried that her silence in the car had a lot to do with what she had witnessed, but the truth was she didn’t think she could stop loving the male now. He had completely stolen her heart and she was sure that she would find a way to look passed the gang side of him so that she could be with him. Quinn wasn’t scared of him, nor did she think that he was a bad person. For all she knew, he just intimidated people and moved illegal things like many gangs did. Of course, she had no idea that he had killed someone and that he had done so whilst he was supposed to be spending the night with her.

Quinn glanced around the beach. It was quiet for a Saturday but it was busy enough that they wouldn’t be entirely secluded from people no matter where they went but at least they would be toe to toe with any else. There were times she came to this beach and found herself annoyingly close to others since it was that busy. This was nice though and being here with Joshua and Charlie felt different to coming here with the girls.

Quinn smiled when Joshua came towards her and kissed her. [b “That’s a very nice thing for you to say. I feel the exact same way.”] She smiled and kissed him once more before they settled on a spot on the beach. When they found a spot they set down their towels and she looked back to Joshua for reassurance that he was okay with the spot only to find him looking at her and saying the three words she had struggled to get out all day.

She stopped and stared at him, head bearing extremely fast. Did she imagine it? Quinn chewed the inside of her lip and bit. [b “You...you love me?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 5d 9h 22m 55s
Joshua looked toward Quinn then, releasing a breath he wasn’t aware that he had been holding in that whole time. Joshua was glad to hear that Quinn didn’t think badly of him and he was happy to know that she didn’t think the male was a monster – someone bred for violence. It was true, that he was two different people – but sometimes Joshua lost his head which was obvious from earlier. He had hope that he could somehow keep the two worlds as separate as possible, but Joshua always knew this could be just the beginning. There was a chance that someone could follow him to Quinn’s home, his operation ruined and Quinn’s life in danger.
He chewed on his words then, not wanting to seem overprotective. Quinn could take care of herself from what she had told him and her father was a cop. What rival member would bed stupid enough to go down that road? Especially after showing what the man did when angry and he would have done even more damage, had Quinn not stopped him. It was good she did though, Joshua was close to wanting to kill the man.
Charlie eagerly jumped out of the car, Quinn taking hold of the food, drinks, and towels – Joshua barely managing to get Charlie into her leash so she wouldn’t run off. There were a couple of families on the beach and he wanted to be responsible with the dog that still acted like the crazy pup she was when Joshua first adopted her.
He walked over to Quinn, giving her a kiss before looking down at her with a smile. “Quinn I l-“ Joshua paused, blushing some then. “You being in my life is a godsend,” he told her. He himself chickening out of expressing his feelings for the woman.
He took her hand then, walking them over with Charlie toward a suitable spot for them to perch at. He didn’t know what it was as the towels were laid down, the sunlight hitting – hell maybe it was the emotions from earlier, but Joshua couldn’t help himself from blurting out, “I love you.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 5d 15h 37m 5s
The light is green. It was a stupid thing to say really and she knew instantly that he wasn’t fooled by her attempt to redirect after wimping out about her feelings again. Yet, he didn’t press her which told her that he was willing to talk her mind at her own pace, which in itself only added to the feelings she had for him. She glanced towards him and the car started to move again once the traffic began to react to his slow response to the traffic light.

[b “I just wanted to check. I didn’t want to make any assumptions.”]

The drive was mostly quiet because she never felt the need or pressure to fill the silence when it came to him. The two held on to each other’s hand and she smiled as she looked out of the window to her right, enjoyed the feel of the breeze upon her face. This was a comfortable silence and as was glad she could enjoy this with him. When they were pulling up at the beach it was clear that Charlie knew they had arrived rather than simply stopping at another light. She was almost jumping off the seat in excitement but Joshua wanted to say something first.

He had been feeling self conscious about the run in with the gang member earlier. She listened to him carefully and could feel the intensity of his stare. Before long they were both getting out of the car with Charlie and she picked up the bag of things they had packed. [b “For what it’s worth, I don’t think that was who you are. I think that sometimes you have to be that man but you are not a bad person. I know who you are Joshua, and I am very fond of that person.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 6d 17h 38m 22s

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