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He chuckled, dropping his head embarrassed as she had read him like a very simple book. He’d only gotten close to one girl and that was a relationship he had promised not to visit, especially considering the field he worked in. It was best that he not get her involved, her or his child. A little girl who he hadn’t seen since she was born, when he had asked to never see her again. That was the only time he had broken a girl’s heart without any meaning. She didn’t understand, him refusing to let her know. This being why Joshua kept to himself in relationships. He couldn’t fathom having to deal with a funeral.
“I’m good,” he said with a shrug as he finished his beer, though didn’t push it as the woman did seem to have some ties to law enforcement and if he had to deal with the cops it could ruin whatever it was that the two were attempting.
“So, Quinn,” Joshua said with a smile as he leaned over to her, hand grazing hers. He had two options, he could play it safe and let the woman go, with the promise to see her again, or he could ask her up to his place and see if his charm was as good as he believed it to be and enough to get Quinn upstairs. “Treasure this moment because I don’t normally say this, but you’re right. A cab sounds best.” He finished off the beer he had, knowing Gio had to close soon as the male had a family to go home to. “I can’t let you leave though without saying hello to Charlie,” he told the woman with a smirk. Who hated dogs? Surely this would be a good enough reason for him to get her upstairs. All he wanted at least was a kiss. He stood up then, tossing the trash from their food away. “Charlie is my dog,” he explained. “I mean I expect you to eventually come around here and she has to get to know you sooner than later.” He smirked, obviously making it clear that he planned to be present in the woman’s life.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 9d 4h 21m 47s
Quinn had no doubt that the man before her knew his way around a romantic date or two, knowing that he was probably well rehearsed in wooing a woman to bed and sometimes that took a little bit of romance to achieve. Quinn had already told him she wasn’t that kind of girl and what she had meant by that was she had only ever shared herself with one man and that was back in college. It was something she had always regretted since he had clearly played the long game in wooing her to bed her, and then he moved on to the next woman. She had fallen for his charms and she promised herself that she would never be so naive again. What she hadn’t realised is that rather than being careful, she had completely shut herself off to the idea of sex, casual or serious but there was definitely something within her that craved Joshua’s touch. Quinn would need to be careful about that.

[b “Then I look forward to experiencing your version of romance.”] She said with a smile as Gio bought over two beers. Quinn wasn’t exactly drunk, although she was slightly merry but she could trust herself with one more beer when Joshua requested that she indulge him. Quinn accepted the beer and took a sip from it after their bottles clinked together. At least the man was honest about his exploits which was far more than she could say for many of the man that she knew of. [b “I’m sorry to say that you really are that obvious. Bad boy heartbreaker with an appetite for one-night stands or short bursts of a relationship until you get too close catching feelings, then you break it off, gently of course.”] She smirked and sipped her beer once more as she checked the time. He clearly needed to call it a night.

[b “I’ll get a cab, you’ve been drinking and while you may feel okay to drive, you are over the limit. I’m all for adventure but I don’t want to end up walking home while you get hauled off to the police station.”] Quinn was surprised that he hadn’t tried to convince her to stay and she was glad of that because regardless of every instinct in her body telling her that she should be guarded around men, he was pulling that guard down and she found herself wanting him.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 9d 4h 44m 59s
“You’re judging me without knowing me and who said romance has to be boring?” Joshua smirked at the woman then. “I am a man of many talents, trust me nothing that I’m involved in is boring. My romance is not average.” Of course it was clear the mother was out of the picture if her father depended on her to make sure that he was getting fed home cooked meals. Daddy’s girl which meant Joshua probably would have to meet the man if the ridiculous idea of this becoming serious was even possible. Brushing back his hair, the male finished what remained of the beer, eyeing over toward Gio to bring him two. He could feel his phone vibrate in his pocket, reaching in he read the message from Francisco. They had a meeting at the docs in the morning which meant he’d have to cut this date short soon if he expected to get any sleep. Though, if Quinn was willing to join him in the bed, he wouldn’t mind losing a few hours.
“Makes sense,” he told her in regards to not having time enough to properly date. “Though you shouldn’t let that stop you from having a little fun, have to let loose every now and then.” He winked then, responding to the message before returning the device to his pocket. Gio had walked over with the beers then.
“Indulge me,” he said as he opened hers and slid it across the table toward Quinn. “Am I really that obvious?” He asked with a playful tone as he tapped his beer against the woman’s with cheer. “I don’t have a harem of women if that’s what you’re thinking,” Joshua said with a bashful smile, cheeks red then. It was true he was a playboy, love a fleeing thought, but he was careful – no kids and he always let the woman off gently. Of course he did have a reputation as a heartbreaker, but that wasn’t his intent – he just figured they knew when meeting him his type. Quinn was different though, she was obviously smart and he didn’t know if she would fall for his tricks, though with the liquor in his system he was admittedly growing hot for the woman.
“I bring a few here, but I mean I am a man of many tastes I have other sites of attraction. I’m a man of adventure remember?” He chuckled, taking a sip. He checked the time, growing a bit worried then. “I can take you home, I just need to stop by my place first. I got a dog that is probably dying to be let out at this point.”
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It was interesting to see the slight hesitation and the way he had been put on edge by the mention of her father’s occupation. If he knew exactly what his job was she was sure he would not be sitting in front of her anymore. She chuckled lightly and nodded her head. [b “He would be able to make it look like you never existed in the first place.”] She joked before watching him go to get her a drink. Quinn was capable of getting one for herself but she took the opportunity to really check him out. She had already seen that he had a nice upper body, regardless of the swollen ribs and the bruising, but her eyes had found themselves trailing down to his buttocks and when she caught herself she could hardly stop herself from blushing.

When he returned she thanked him and smiled before taking a sip to help wash down the delicious slice of pizza. A part of her felt an adrenaline rush at the idea of seeing him again and by the fact that he genuinely wanted to pursue her, or at least it seemed that way. He was talking about how he wouldn’t give up too easily and she couldn’t help but feel a little special because of that. Quinn was the one to raise an eyebrow next. [b “You don’t exactly seem like the romantic type Joshua, not going to lie. I was expecting you to suggest something a little more adventurous than romance.”] Quinn had never really had someone romance her before, so she wasn’t exactly sure what it was supposed to look like but there was a danger to him that she was attracted to and she knew that if they were to go on a ‘real’ date, she would have expected it to be something a little more exciting. She was all for adventure and she felt drawn to him in a way that she had never felt drawn to another.

[b “I guess I’m too busy to have really met anyone. When I’m not at work I’m at home looking after my Dad. It’s just the two of us and he’s a stubborn fool and won’t eat anything healthy unless is already been made for him and requires minimum effort. I’ve only really ever had time for us so I suppose I just haven’t had time to think about a boyfriend, never mind a fiancé. So, I suppose you are in luck that I am granting you time in my very busy schedule.”] She chuckled once more and finished her pizza slice, leaning back with a sigh as she wiped at her mouth with the serviette.

[b “So is this where you bring all your girls?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 9d 9h 53m 35s
“The government?” He had asked her with a raise of his brow and admittedly that did make him shift a bit nervous in his seat. He chuckled, “Ah well then as your daughter, I’m sure he could have me taken out if anything wrong were to happen to you.” He chuckled, taking a bite of the pizza and washing it down with his beer. He’d only paused in their conversation to stand up and get the girl her drink of choice.
“True,” he said, “This is the best pizza in the city.” He had all the faith in this place and of course there was some nostalgia attached to the pizza place as he had been coming here since a teenager.
“Well of course we’re going to see each other again,” he told her with a smug smirk. “You think I give up that easy? I mean, thanks to your friends, I did manage to get you here. Besides, I like to be a bit more romantic, this was just to test the waters.” He took another bite of the pizza, watching her carefully. She was warming up to him now he could tell, her guard still up but she wasn’t being as cold or distant as she had been earlier that night.
Joshua knew she had some sense of attraction to him though, considering that she hadn’t demanded him to take her home. He wondered then whether or not the female would allow for him to take her up to his apartment. Though there was something so enticing about her that Joshua was sure he would want to see her again.
He was a rough character though, not exactly the type of law abiding citizen and he wasn’t sure if he was exactly Quinn’s type. “So I’m assuming no boyfriend, no fiancé – why’s that?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 9d 10h 24m 31s
Quinn thought for a moment, wondering what to Joshua about her father. It was clear that he wasn’t exactly the most law abiding citizen and she wasn’t sure that she wanted him to be completely out off her by finding out that her father worked on the force but then what did she tell him. She thought for a moment, subtle chewing on the inside of her lip.

[b “He uh - he works for the Government.”] It wasn’t a lie but she wasn’t exactly giving him specific details. That would come later if they saw each other again after tonight. Quinn wasn’t surprised to hear that he wasn’t as attached to children as she was and she chuckled a little. Then Gio was looking towards Joshua, seemingly to complain about the amount of money he had given him. It was even more obvious now that Joshua cared about him and she didn’t doubt for a minute that he had been paid for his fight tonight and that had prompted him to give Gio a little more than he needed. It was the kind of thing family did for each other and she couldn’t help but smile at that.

The pizza smelt amazing and her mouth watered as she grabbed her cup and moved to the booth that Joshua lowered himself into. [b “I could never be a vegan truly. I mean, would you look at this masterpiece?”] Quinn wanted to keep her head straight so she wouldn’t drink anything else with a percentage just in case. [b “Coca Cola is just fine for me.”] She couldn’t help but glance down at his hands, nothing that he was struggling slightly with how banged up they were.

[b “Oh? So we are going to see each other again are we? A real date...hmmm I don’t think I should give you any ideas. Perhaps you should try to impress me.”] She took a bite from her pizza and moaned with pleasure. [b “Holy shit, this is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten!”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 10d 13h 43m 48s
He chuckled, the woman trying to convince him that her and her father were completely average people with nothing to run from. Surely, If they knew of the people he hung around, it would be quite a scene. As Joshua was the type of person you ran away from, the people he hung out with were the people you ran away from.
“So what does your father do?” He asked her. Of course with her beauty, level headed thinking, and the aura of kindness she radiated, he didn’t believe that the woman would have any trouble with children and probably was a proper teacher with children that adored her. “I definitely exude fear then,” he admitted to her. Joshua was glad that the pizza he ordered suited them both fine.
“You almost lost me there at vegan,” He said with a smirk.
“Joshua, this is too much,” Gio had commented at the amount he had given to him.
“No it’s not, it’s more than enough. Don’ argue with me.”
Gio watched Joshua carefully, knowing the stern look on his face was clue the man never took no for an answer. Gio nodded and retrieved their orders, handing Joshua a tray with their slices. The cup for her drink placed next to the pizza and Joshua’s beer on the counter. He grabbed the tray and beer and headed toward his favorite spot, a booth in the corner.
“What do you want to drink?” He asked Quinn as he took a sip from the beer. He stretched his hands, wincing at how sore and tense they were.
“So what do you do for fun?” He figured this wasn’t really much of her scene and she didn’t seem like the party type, especially considering that she was a teacher. “I mean I need some ideas for our real [I true] date,” Joshua mentioned to her. “I’ll admit, you’re very appealing to me.” He was a smooth talker but didn’t shy from the truth, “I want to get to know you,” Joshua had admitted, leaning in close to the female, the only distance between them being the table that separated their bodies.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 10d 14h 31m 47s
Quinn raised her eyebrow and nodded her head. He had used the word date and while she was teasing him a little about the fact that she wasn’t here by choice, she didn’t actually mind all that much. She would allow him to lead the evening and she would see where things would take them and if it happened to turn into a date before the end of the night she would be more than happy to thank him for it.

[b “My Dad wanted to get away and start over. It was a good move though. Don’t worry we are not running away from anything! Perfectly normal people, with perfectly normal lives.”] Quinn had trained to teach soon after she arrived, realising that she was quite blessed with patience and a talent to teach things younger ones. [b “I do like children. Couldn’t really do my job if I didn’t. Children are like dogs, they can smell fear.”] She chuckled as they walked towards the counter where there was a rather large man working. [b “No! No! I don’t have children. Christ, my Dad is a handful alone.”]

When they reached the counter she smiled and listened to the exchange between the two and it was obvious very quickly that the two had a mutual respect for each other. She wouldn’t have been surprised if Joshua told her that the two were family. It went quite a way to put her at ease after seeing him fight. [b “Friendly pizza.”] She said with a nod and a grin as she looked from Joshua to Gio. Quinn blushed when he complimented her. It had been quite some time since someone has been so complimentary and she wasn’t used to it. She had never really seen herself as an overly good looking woman. In her eyes she was rather average, regardless of the fact that her father often told her how beautiful was. She just assumed that was part of being a father, trying to make his daughter feel good about herself.

[b “A vegetarian? No, I’m a full vegan. No bread, no cheese, no meat.”] She kept her face completely straight and then glanced over at Gio who seemed to look at her as though she was completely insane and then she burst out laughing. [b “I’m joking! Extra cheese would be perfect though.”] She said with a smile as she looked to Joshua. [b “That does sound pretty good. The pizza in England has never been able to live up to the pizza I’ve had here. Like, the food here seems to be ten times better than anything I had back home.”]
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“Oh did I say date?” Joshua tried to downplay his words. He held open the pizzeria door for the woman. “Far way from England, what brought you out here?” He commented. The room was warm inside the restaurant, the smell of cheese and pepperoni creating a lovely aroma. Joshua’s hands shrugged into his jean pockets, looking over at the woman he walked along. A preschool teacher, definitely a world away from the people he usually hung around with.
“So, you like kids?” He said, “You have any?” He further questioned her, very curious seeing how he didn’t know where there interaction could lead them, but not sure how he would do with children.
Joshua was as free as a bird, he saw what being faithful led to and how bad the women’s lives were ruined when their husbands were sent to prison or even worse, killed. They’d reached the green counter.
“Gio!” Joshua bellowed toward the oversized man who had his back to them. He turned around, a thick mustache above his lips and sparkling brown eyes that instigated he was a friendly man.
“Ohh, not looking too goo Ali,” he said motioning toward his bruise. “You got a win though?” He said, watching the female, “Looks like a fair prize for a shiner like that.” Joshua chuckled, blushing some in embarrassment.
“Just a friend, friendly pizza,” he mentioned as he eyed her. “I did win though, don’t worry I have you covered.” Gio let the man stay in his apartment for a pretty fair fee, he had always been there for him and in return, Joshua liked to give him a little money to splurge on his wife or himself. It was the one person he knew, where he wouldn’t allow any of the mafia business to touch. Gio meant a lot to him and he’d be in the most pain if he were responsible to find him and his family dead.
“Right right,” Gio said with a wink, knowing that when Joshua wanted something, especially a woman, he worked hard until he got it. Determined, he hated to hear the word ‘no’.
“We’ll have two slices a piece, pep and cheese, and one drink and I’ll have a brew.” Joshua smiled at Quinn, “Unless you’re purely a vegetarian?” Joshua reached into his back pocket, hands pulling out the wad of cash and paying Gio obviously more than necessary. He stretched his hands, feeling how it tensed from the knuckles.
“I came here every day when I was young, free pizza and free beer, what more could a teen ask for?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 11d 14h 32m 43s
Quinn wasn’t a nasty woman and she was hoping that she hadn’t offended him with her sass, but he needed to let him know what she wasn’t an easy type. She would not so easily fall into bed with a man she had just met after watching him fight in the ring in the way that he had. There was obviously a small part of her that was obviously attracted to the danger because it was instinctual, but the sensible part of her just wanted to make sure that she got home safely that night.

However, it seemed as though he took it all in his stride, laughing slightly at the way that she had put him in his place. [b “Alright, lead the way.”] She said before following him back outside to his car. She checked the battery on her phone and noted that it was sufficiently charged if she needed to contact anyone and she made sure that it was unlocked just in case she needed to access it quickly. Quinn smiled and thanked him for holding the car door open, noting that he was trying to act like a gentleman and it was appreciated. As they drove he questioned her a little bit about herself but she didn’t want to give too much away.

[b “What exactly do you want to know? Uh – I was born in England, moved here five years ago with my father. I’m currently working as a preschool teacher at my local school. I won’t give too much away though. What would be the fun in that? You would have nothing else to learn about me.”]

She chuckled and shook her head some and glanced towards him. [b “I wasn’t aware this was a date.”] Quinn smirked a little, trying to force the nerves away and then looked up when the car stopped. [b “This looks perfectly fine to me, usually the smallest places are the best.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 11d 15h 57m 57s
She had a bit of a spicy character which was different from the personality she exuded, a quiet and calculating girl. Joshua dipped his head, chuckling some before looking up at the female. He placed his hands up, the scars on his knuckles obscured from this angle.
“No funny business,” he said with a smile, “I promise.” Joshua motioned for them to exit the building, wanting a bit of fresh air and to maybe if possible change the girl’s mind about him. He saw the blush that swarmed against her cheek, the way she melted earlier when he had placed his hand on hers. She would be a challenge, but Joshua was definitely up for it.
He did manage to keep his hands to himself, however, as they began toward his car. He unlocked the door, opening hers for him before sliding into the driver’s seat.
Joshua had pulled out from the underground center, the streets now empty as it was quite late. Joshua had rolled the windows down, the night air cooling. He looked over toward the female. She was beautiful, naturally beautiful, and not like most of the girls he had [I dated]. There was something about her that Joshua found completely enthralling. One hand chilled on the sill of the window while the other gently gripped the steering wheel.
“So tell me about yourself,” he said finally, the silence deafening and he wasn’t sure if she was nervous or if she was scared. Joshua’s presence in the ring was a scary sight and that could also be said of the current bruise he sported which was already forming near his eye. “I’m sorry this wasn’t a proper date,” he joked knowing the female had commented earlier that she wasn’t seeing him because she really wanted to. He knew she had been convinced by her friends to spend this bit of night with her. He hoped after a few jokes he would change her mind. He had finally pulled up to the pizzeria, a small little hole in the wall. His apartment was actually right above it.
“And here we are,” he said to the girl as he parked his car. “Trust me, best pizza in the city despite how it looks.” Joshua got out of the car, moving to open the door for Quinn. He hoped he could convince her he wasn’t a bad guy.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 11d 16h 50m 8s
Quinn wanted to protest, to say that she had to get home to her father, but she had already told him that she would be staying at Jessica’s tonight and for her to go home would make him worried about whether the girls had fallen out. She looked towards Jessica a little dumb founded and then back towards Joshua who was telling her not to move. Her lips parted in shock and she watched him walk away before she turned her glance at her ‘friend’ once more.

[b “I can’t believe you. Did you just see what happened? He just beat the shit out of someone and here you are, offering me to him like I am some kind of priza.”] She shook her head and bit her lip. [b “He’s dangerous and you are just going to leave me here with him?”]

[I “You have you head filled with too many horror stories. He wants to get laid and he wants you, he’s not dangerous, he just fights for a living. Calm down Quinn and have some fun.”] She said smiling before kissing her cheek. [I “Our taxi is here. We’ll see you tomorrow and we want the details, every last filthy detail.”] She giggled and left with the girls following in toe, leaving her scowling slightly. She would never have left any of them like this and honestly, she was slightly pissed off about it. So, there she was waiting alone for the stranger to return.

Quinn could feel eyes on her, men looking her over and women whispering about her. She heard one say that she was with Joshua and that made one of the men retreat. Who the hell was this guy? She remained in her seat, arms crossed like a scolded toddle and looked up with Joshua came back, standing up once more. She couldn’t be angry at him for something her friends and pushed her in to.

She chuckled a little. [b “Let’s get one thing straight, I didn’t agree to join you for pizza, so there is no possible way I could change my mind when it appears it was not mine to make in the first place and second, don’t count on being able to take me home. I’m not that kind of girl."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 12d 14h 21m 26s
He raised a brow at how eager the women were to leave their friend in his care. Chuckling some, which caused quite a bit of pain, Joshua nodded. “Alright, well ladies it was a pleasure to meet you. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you lot more,” he said. He looked toward Quinn then again, “Don’t you move,” he stated in a low husky tone before disappearing. He headed toward the back, knowing that one of the men would be there to give him his winnings.
Marcus was there, his hands reaching out to hand Joshua a towel. He began to wipe his face, head throbbing much like his sides, but he would live. He just needed a real shower and to rebandage himself.
Successfully removing the blood, he changed into a new shirt, black so as not to have any future blood to reflect, in the case he was pulled over. It wouldn’t look good on his behalf if he was in the driver seat, a beautiful distinguished woman like Quinn at his side, and a shirt soaked in blood. Lately, the heat from the cops was intense. Francisco had something big going on with his next shipment, which meant more enemies coming after them and as the bodies totaled, and innocent bystanders became victim, it’s not unlikely that the cops would find something to finally catch the whole crew and send them to jail.
“What happened with Mike?” Marcus asked as he started to count out his cash, handing it over to the male. Joshua took the wad of cash and shoved it inside of his back pocket.
“Vasco’s men stopped by, cleaned out the stash.”
“Ah hell, have you told Cisco?”
“Not yet,” Joshua said. “I’ll give him a call when home. I went to their club, they definitely have our works – I got a bit sidetracked though,” Joshua admitted with a smirk as he looked over his shoulder.
“Ah the broad, well look – I’ll talk to Cisco, just be on call. Try not to have [I too] much fun.” He patted the man on the shoulder before walking pass him. Joshua counted out the cash, five thousand dollars, easy money. He lived a fast life, he just hoped one day it wouldn’t catch up to him. Shrugging off the thoughts, he began out of the back room. There were still crowds of people who were preparing for the next fight. Joshua found Quinn.
“Please tell me you haven’t changed your mind about the pizza,” he said against her ear, smirking as he now stood in front of the female. “After a win like that, a good slice of pepperoni and a beautiful woman to take home would definitely make my night.” He wasn’t shy, and definitely a man who believed with the right finesse you could get what you wanted and he wanted Quinn.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 12d 14h 52m 33s
Quinn had not expected this. She wasn’t exactly the kind of person who found enjoyment in watching men beat the shit out of each other but it was clear from the gathering crowd and the excitement they seemed to exude as they neared the ring to get a closer look at the fight, that many people enjoyed such and event. The girls she had attended such a party with seemed to feed from the excitement and they were cheering along with the rest of the crowd. Quinn couldn’t believe what she was watching and there were a fair few times she flinched and inhaled deeply through gritted teeth as she watched punches land.

There was no way that something like this could be legal and she was sure that if her father knew about it he would raid the place with his cop friends and have it shut down. It was almost barbaric but when Joshua started to turn things around from the blow that clearly caused him so pain, there was something within her that was ignited with that little bit of excitement that the rest of the crowd seemed to be putting on full display. Of course she didn’t want him to lose and knowing that he wasn’t put her at ease, which was strange, especially since she didn’t really know him at all.

[i “Would you look at that body? Even bloodied and bruised he is the hottest thing I have ever seen.”] Louise commented as she downed her beer and continued to watch on just as the opponent surrendered the fight, knowing that there was no way he could possibly turn this around now. [i “I need to find me a man like that.”]

[b “He’s right there. What are you talking about?”] Quinn chuckled and Louise simply shook her head.

[i “You are blind if you think he has eyes for anyone but you tonight.”] Quinn looked towards him, noticing that he was making his way back over to the women now that the fight was over. He was dripping with blood and she could tell that his tips were banged up pretty bad too. She nodded and smiled when he spoke towards them.

[b “Not exactly what I was expecting.”] Her eyes trained on his face and she could hardly pull her gaze from him. There was definitely something about him and she couldn’t help but blush at his invitation. Her lips parted to speak but Jessica jumped in quickly.

[i “No need to take us home! We have a taxi booked to take us back home. Should be here in around five minutes. You get cleaned up and she will be right here waiting for you when you get back!”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 12d 15h 29m 23s
Joshua was energized, his confidence only further growing due to the cheers. There were no rules of course in these fights, the only thing being purely hand combat, no weapons. Joshua stood in the corner as the referee, a small older man indicated the fight was to begin, quickly getting out of their way with fear of getting hurt. Joshua had fought this man before, Yosef, who was not that fair of a fighter and of course his main success being of strength. Joshua knew he could win over him though. The first couple of minutes were a bit hard, he had underestimated the pain of his ribs and that was the first place his opponent went for.
Joshua had curled over in pain, gripping his ribs and receiving a good amount of blows to the head, blood now dripping from his nose and a cut that had formed at the right of his forehead. Taking a big gulp of air he came to a stand and began to fight back, his hands now strong fists that caught the man’s chin just to distract him as Joshua began to bite through the pain and catch up to the male, hitting wherever he saw free that would lead to a devastating blow.
The dangerous tango between the two men went on for another thirty minutes, both equally hitting each other to the point of exhaustion and the pain so great, Joshua knew he’d have plenty of bruises and an even shittier set of ribs to deal with come the morning. He’d finally delivered the last shot, an uppercut that had the male stunned to the point he fell back some. The punches were consistent then, Joshua ignoring as his knuckles bled as he delivered two more punches until the man kept himself in the corner, hands up to protect from the blows. He was surrendering then, meaning the fight was over and he had won. Smirking, hands up in victory at the cheers, he ignored the blood that dripped from his cuts, the ones on his knuckles and the soreness of his already bruised ribs. He had won, that’s all that mattered.
He exited the ring, walking over toward the women, still yet to cleanup, but still as handsome as ever.
“A bit much?” He asked with a cheeky smile toward them. The men had left, already seeing he had won and moving to collect their’s and Francisco’s winnings.
“I can take you ladies home,” he said then, looking to Quinn, “You know after I clean up, and uh maybe you and I can grab something to eat? There’s a really good pizza place next to my apartment,” he said, trying to indicate that he wanted to take the woman with him back to his place and hopefully to bed.
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