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Quinn smirked as he seemed to wrap himself around her once more, a promise that the two of them would find themselves lost in each other. His voice sent shivers down her spine in a way that no other man had before. There was something about him, the danger and the charm that told her she would find herself wrapped up in him for a lot longer than this evening but she had to tell herself it was not possible. She had to reminder herself that there was every chance that this was only a onetime thing for him and while he requested that she would stay, she had no doubt that he would ask her leave after breakfast and the two wouldn’t see each other again. That didn’t mean she couldn’t hope for something more.

She giggled playfully as his hand snaked down her back and grabbed her bare skin as he claimed her lips for himself once more. She had never been so excited by something like this before and she found herself gaining that extra bit of confidence again, not know where it really stemmed from but she wrapped her legs around his waist as he started towards the bathroom. Her head tilted back as he kissed her neck, promising to pleasure her once more before he had to leave for work. When they finally reached the bathroom he placed her down, inching her towards the counter so that he was boxed between him and that sink.

Another smirk graced her lips and she bit down on her bottom lip seductively. She wanted him to explore every part of her body, exploited every spot that might cause pleasure to erupt from her body. She wanted this, [I needed] this but it would seem that fate had other plans for them as the sound of the front door being smashed with fists filled the silence. She pulled back from him and glanced towards the door, a little surprised about his instructions. Was he running from someone or was he in some kind of danger? His tone was serious enough to make her not want to question him so instead, she nodded. When she was left alone, she locked the door and stepped back, frowning a little. There was not much else she could do, and she didn’t want to be nosey so she switched on the shower and allowed the water to run over her, waiting for him to return.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 56d 15h 27s
Joshua was eager to accept her lips, kissing the woman back in return and glad to hear that she had decided to stay and was not willing to part from the male. He grinned then as he held her. “Oh I’ll show you alright,” he whispered, kissing her deeply as he grabbed her by the ass. His side complained, but he’d been in worse fights – he could deal with it. Joshua groaned slightly, kissing at Quinn’s neck, walking toward the bathroom a bit away from his bedroom. The lights had automatically turned on, a clean and pristine bathroom much like his bedroom had been until the two had strewn their clothes about in the midst of their coupling.
Joshua had made sure to slowly drop her down, her feet gently placed against the tiled floor and more so not to hurt Quinn, but also himself as he didn’t want to further aggravate his injuries. Though, he had a lot in mind to do with the woman in the confines of his shower, which also had a bath – for those tough battles which required the male to rest.
He hated that he had to work, but knew his complaints would fall on deaf ears. If anything he would have the woman now and she was supposed to be here when he came back. It would be different, coming home to someone. Usually he would escort women out. He’d drive them home, get them a car, and of course always promise to call – a broken promise by the next day.
“Where do I start?” He asked her with a smile, inching toward her until she was placed against the counter of the sink. “You know, you’re planning to shower anyways so – this all works out.” He stabled himself with his hands against the counter on either side, kissing her again, his tongue exploring her mouth before dipping to her neck. He was distracted, but not distracted enough to hear the pounding at his door.
Joshua pulled away then, frowning as he was interrupted with his time with the female twice now. “Dammit,” he muttered against her lips. He knew it was either an enemy or ally on the other side, but the pounding wasn’t giving him any peace of mind. “Stay in here,” he told her. “Lock the door and don’t open it unless I tell you to.” He walked out, slamming the door and heading for his dresser where he kept his gun before heading toward the front door, looking through the peek hole to see a familiar set of faces, Charlie – a gentle soul when she wanted alerted for the kill if necessary. The men were not part of his crew, so he still had his gun at his side as he opened the door, the chain lock still barring entrance.
“Not buying,” he said.
“Cisco texted,” one of the men said. He could see a gun with them. “Wants you now, sneak – two hours too long. Guys need to get popped now.” [I Shit]. Joshua thought to himself as he hung his head.
“Yeah so get your ass in some clothes pretty boy,” the other fella said. Joshua was slowly getting tired of this lifestyle and he was worried eventually he would get caught. He just hoped all he had to do was get rid of the body this time, he was tired of killing.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 56d 21h 3m 42s
Quinn knew that she would feel awkward staying in his apartment alone, mostly because she has only just met him tonight and waiting around for him to come home after work just felt a little domesticated. It didn’t scare her or anything like that, but she certainly wasn’t sure if she wanted to get attached to him too soon, especially when thing could easily be a one time thing in his mind. Quinn didn’t want her heart to become a slave to someone she couldn’t have, so she has to remain guarded.

She blushed as he pulled her close, using her words against her. She [i wasn’t] that type of girl. She had never done something like this before and she was sure that she never would. Joshua had been an exception to her rules and he had somehow managed to break through the barriers that she always had up when it came to men. A soft moan escaped her as his lips trailed her neck and she found herself wanting him again, she needed him. Quinn even found herself slightly disappointed when he pulled away from her to look her over. It was clear that she wouldn’t be going anywhere. He was very commanding and she wasn’t sure that she would be able to say no to him, which worked out well since he seemed to be unable to take no for an answer.

She bit down on her lip gently and looked towards him once more. [b “Alright then, I’ll stay.”] She closed the distance between them once more, placing a kiss on his lips. [b “You need to show me where the bathroom is anyway.”] Quinn chuckled and linked her hand with his.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 57d 50m 32s
“Stranger?” He said with a chuckle as he walked toward her, hand slinking against her back before he pulled her in close to him. “Surely that’s not what you consider me? You’re not [I that] type of girl right?” Joshua chuckled, “[I That] kind of girl doesn’t go around just sleeping with anyone.” It was obvious that Quinn had lost herself while they were together, she had a different aura of confidence. However, he knew she had morals – she was a teacher after all she was a bit vanilla, but he knew that the woman could be wild when she wanted.” Joshua leaned in to kiss her, his lips trailing against her neck.
He inhaled her then, she smelled sweet still, a mix of both of their scents against her skin from their affair.
“Don’t think I’m going to let you off that easily,” he said with a chuckle against her neck then. Joshua pulled away and watched her. “You are not a stranger and I’m not finished with you yet. Besides,” he cleared his throat. “It’s dangerous right now. I don’t want you out,” he said in a stern voice. If she was out and caught in any crossfire it wouldn’t be good, besides there was bound to be cops out which would make transporting not that much fun. She’d spend the rest of the night in the back of a cab.
“How about, we uh – go for a round two in the shower? You sleep in and I’ll bring you breakfast in bed?” He knew she worried about his injuries, but the man was a slave to his desires and never one to fall into being weak or showing it. “And I know this may be a bad thing, but I am not a fan of the word no,” he said with a chuckle as he kissed her again. Joshua was trying not to think about how tonight could lead to someone’s death. He was there as backup, the man who would pummel the enemy until they confessed – but if needed, guns would be used. There were several people he had helped bind and throw into the river for Francisco, there were murders he wasn’t responsible for, but he was an accomplice. What could he do though? He would never go back on his oath of loyalty.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 57d 1h 58m 1s
Quinn smiled when he leaned in for another kiss, surprised at how domesticated this all felt considering they had only just met. She started to unwrap herself from him and stood from the bed, raising an eyebrow when he made a comment about her not being up for a second round. [b “I think it is you who might not be able to cope for a second round. You are injured and you should take it easy.”] She said with a smile as she was about to saunter out of the room to find the bathroom. He really did have a nice place, and she expected that even his bathroom would be extravagant but she waited a minute when he fished for his phone.

Quinn had no idea what the conversation was about, but before it ended it was clear that he had to leave and their night together was going to be cut short. What kind of work did he do that required him to start at 3am? When he turned back to her she glanced to the clock to check the time. She wasn’t sure how comfortable she was staying in his home without him there but if he had to work she figured he wouldn’t have time to run her home on his way.

[b “I don’t have to stay. I can find my way home. You don’t really know me all that well. Wouldn’t it be weird for you, knowing that you have a stranger staying in your apartment while you are not here?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 58d 12h 48m 32s
“Your water is on the counter,” he told the female as he leaned up to kiss her once more. “Go ahead,” he said with a smirk, “I’d join you, but I’m not entirely sure you’re up for another round.” Joshua imagined then, the woman’s body glistening with water, pressed against tile walls as he held her in his hands from her bottom. He chuckled and shook his head, he knew it was already stupid for him to fight and having sex with the injuries he had.
He was distracted then by his phone making a sound in regards to him receiving a message, the distant sound coming from where the device had been placed in his pants pocket – discarded on the floor.
“Give me a minute,” he said softly as he managed to roll out of the bed, wincing some. The pain was dulled by medication, but he knew he would not be able to tell a mob boss that he was out of commission. He owed his life to them, to Francisco. He got out of the bed and picked up the jeans, rifling around until he found the phone.
“Two hours,” Francisco’s voice said. He frowned then, turning his back a little.
“A big one, might need a bit more power.” They were trying to keep the conversation minimal, always not sure if the phones were being tapped.
“Shit I-“ Joshua looked over his shoulder at the woman. “I’ll be there.” He sighed and looked at the woman then, “Hey work calls, I might be gone for a while. Might also have to take that shower with you, but you can still stay here. I’d love someone [I warm] to come home to.” A big situation with power meant guns and that meant someone was definitely going to die tonight.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 58d 13h 8m 21s
She felt guilty that she might have caused him some pain but she could tell by the look on his face that he wouldn’t have had it any other way. His words only confirmed that he had considered their passion to be worth the pain he was in now. She smiled up at him and found herself lost in his eyes for a moment. He made her heart race with so much as a look and she hadn’t felt that in such a long time. Still, she had to tell herself not to get too attached to the feeling, assuming he wouldn’t really keep in touch with her after tonight. She wouldn’t even be surprised if he sent her home shortly after they had the time to gather themselves.

It was then that she realised they hadn’t used protection either. She should have been more careful but she was on birth control, mainly to help with routine rather than anything else, so at least she had that covered. She got herself comfortable on the bed and nodded. [b “Water would be great, thanks.”] Quinn looked to him for a moment before he left and then she found herself smiling. She just hoped that he didn’t think she was easy.

He wasn’t gone for too long before he was returning, proclaiming that she was going to stay the night. She didn’t know what time it was but she also appreciated that he cared about her safety. [b “Alright, I can stay. Thank you.”] Quinn watched him then, feeling his eyes looking her over with a hunger that they had clearly failed to satisfy in their union. His voice was enough to seduce her all on its own and she was helpless to moving closer to him, reaching up with her lips to kiss him. [b “Do you mind if I freshen up before we settle for the night?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 60d 16h 34m 7s
Joshua pulled his head up, breathing rapid there as he still held Quinn.
“Yes and no,” he said shaking his head with a chuckle. Of course he was in bliss, the woman doing a generous amount of work during their coupling and damn good at it to. Of course, he was in pain, despite the pills he had before they had started their rendezvous. “A little pain, but it was worth it,” he said with a smile, staring into those blue eyes before kissing the woman, a bit more gently than before when he was biting her, moaning into her mouth with each hip movement. Joshua gently removed himself from the woman, cursing as he had forgot to wear protection, but figured Quinn seemed like the responsible type. He’d placed her to his side of the bed, standing then.
“I’ll be back,” he breathed out, holding onto the wall for support. “You want water or anything?” This was strange behavior as normally the man would already be calling a car for whoever the woman of the night was. It was already three am though and that was not really a safe hour to be taking a taxi from his side of town. He’d reached the kitchen, making sure to grab the pills he abandoned on the counter, popping two and washing it down with a beer, he eagerly drank through. He leaned against the counter until the familiar buzz kicked in, the pain dull but still a bitch from his actions. Charlie was still sleeping peacefully when he was returning.
“I’m not having you leave tonight,” he told the woman, clearly not giving her room to decide for herself. “It’s too late and dangerous.” He laid on the bed then, hands running over his eyes. He was exhausted, well spent from the day’s and [I night’s] activities. “You can stay here, I’ll take you home in the morning,” he said, looking up at the woman then. She truly was a sight, remarkably beautiful and had Joshua not been so tired he would’ve had her again, her presence enough to excite him. He wasn’t an idiot though, knowing he had to stop aggravating his wounds and allow himself to heal proper. She had won the fight this time at least. She was still tempting though, lifting his hand, his finger made a come hither motion. “C’mere,” he said in a low husky voice.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 60d 17h 4m 50s
Quinn was not sure where she had managed to get her confidence from but it was as though she had no inhibitions and nothing to be embarrassed about. Normally she would be conscious about whether her body was pleasing. Yet with Joshua, she didn’t feel any evidence of such anxieties. She hadn’t asked him if he liked what he saw to satisfy any worries, simply as part of her initial teasing, although, it was pleasing to hear that he liked her body. His actions matched his words and soon enough their naked bodies were pressed against each other as much as possible, the feel of his pleasure pressed against her opening, causing and long moan to draw from her lips as she longed for him to be inside her.

Lexia smiled against his lips and ran her hands over his back but found her breath hitching when he finally drew his hips upwards, thrusting inside her. Whether it was a connection with him or whether it was the time she had gone without being with a man, she was completely lost in him. Each thrust filling her with a pleasure she had never felt before. It was as though he wanted to feel every part of her. Quinn’s head fell back slightly as another moan escaped her. The lovers she had before had been selfish, simply chasing the climax, yet Joshua seemed to be getting just as much pleasure from watching her reactions to him.

Their movements were in perfect rhythm, hard and deep, feeling every inch of him move within her and even more so when he moved to take her from another position. Her moans of pleasure only grew louder as she felt herself getting closer to climax until finally she felt the pressure release. Quinn’s body shook as he continued to move inside her, clearly coming close to his own peak and he held her close to him as he released inside her.

There was no thought for the fact that neither one of them had asked for protection and that thought didn’t even cross her mind now as she collapsed onto the bed. Regardless of their passion she did find herself concerned about him and she glanced over her shoulder. [b “Are you okay?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 60d 22h 56m 6s
She was definitely more than that meets the eye, but Joshua had no problem with what his eyes saw as the woman toyed with her remaining clothing. He licked his lips, watching her every move carefully as she played into his fantasy and began to tease him as she removed her clothing.
“I like it – a lot,” he breathed out, accepting her kisses without a thought, strong hands pressed against her back to bring her in closer for easy access of his tongue to explore her. Truthfully in his condition, he was a bit weak and it seemed Quinn knew what she wanted and was not afraid to show it. There was still the pride in him though, ignoring the ache in his side as he tried to demand his own sense of authority over the situation.
He had edged off whatever clothing remained, both of the now nude and against each other. He looked up at the woman with a smile, a bit high and drunk, making the situation all the more ethereal feeling.
“More than a lot,” he said with a grin as he gripped her tight at the hips, leaning up and into her kiss. Joshua didn’t think twice before finally breaking the entrance into the female, a soft gasp escaping his lips. He wanted the feeling to last. The pleasure of feeling her wrapped around him, watching as her body wriggled so captivating. He had tried to control his actions so as not to disturb his bruised ribs any further but she was a treat.
Joshua couldn’t help the hard thrusts, trying to match her movements, their bodies pressed tight against the other. He kissed and licked at any available spot, only moving when he wanted her from the back, hands eager to take her until he was spent.
His body shook with the climax, the throbbing on his side a reminder of his injuries, but his mind more focused on the pleasure of the woman he had in his hands. Head tipped back, he made sure she was to go nowhere, deep there upon release. He growled out, a curse word slipping past his lips. He admittedly was a bit disappointed he couldn’t have her longer.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 61d 5h 52m 18s
This wasn’t usually what Quinn was like at all. She couldn’t exactly blame the alcohol either since she barely even had any, instead she was intoxicated by him and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop until she got her fill of him. Her hands trailed down his back as his lips explored her neck, arousing her further until she was unable to stop herself from kissing behind his ear, her teeth trailing gently over his lobe as her breathing grew heavier.

It wasn’t long before her body was purged of her dress, the garment falling to the floor in a heap where it would likely remain for the rest of the evening. Quinn didn’t have the time to feel nervous or conscious about her body, he was exploring her quickly with his hands and drinking her in with his eyes. She returned the favour, running her hand gently over his chest not to cause too much disruption to his ribs but they wouldn’t remain in the kitchen for much longer. He didn’t want to take her here and while she was disappointed she might have to wait that little bit longer, she was aware of the fact it might be easier on him if they had a comfortable bed beneath them.

He lifted her from the counter causing her to wrap her legs around him a little tighter so he couldn’t drop her and returned to kissing him, ensuring that she let him know how much she wanting him by her kiss. Upon reaching the bedroom she was placed on the floor and he removed his jeans to stop any further restriction and he watched her expectantly from his place upon his bed.

Quinn smiled seductively and ran her teeth over her bottom lip and she playfully moved towards him, running her hands over the hem of her lace underwear. She reached out to take his hand and slowly ran it from her breast to her hip, hooking his finger under the material of her underwear before leaning down to kiss him once more. When she parted from him she teased her way out of her undergarments, seductively moving her hips and slowly moving the material at a slow pace as though she intended to tease him with the slow reveal. The moment she revealed everything to him she moved forward and straddled him on the bed.

[b “Like what you see?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 62d 7h 51m 59s
Joshua looked at the female then, her flushed cheeks showing she too was just as demanding and he could notice the boldness in her voice. He kissed her again, her tilted head giving him more access to her as his hands tried not to show his desperation in how he pushed up at the straps of her garment with eagerness. Her hands were warm against his chest. She was small, but he knew there was a bit of fight in the woman and Joshua actually figured she might be the only opponent that would give him a run for his money. He chuckled then, the garment she wore dropping to the floor. Joshua eyed the woman’s body, and it was a sight to see that was for sure.
He grabbed her then, exploring her chest, finger trailing down the smooth skin of her stomach. He didn’t know how he wanted it. She had told him he could take her, but how would he have her? Did he want her rough or to take his time. “Not here,” he told the woman in a whisper, his lips finally parting from her skin. “I can’t allow it.” His ribs were already complaining, the bed would do best to ease him and he needed more than a small countertop to truly appreciate Quinn. He gripped her around the waist, him already missing her kisses and pressing his lips against hers as he began them down the hall. He was surprised to find that the woman was willing to stay.
[I Not that kind of girl, my ass]. He thought with a chuckle. They had reached his bedroom then in which he had already began to shrug out of the jeans he wore. She was still in her undergarments and had the chance to decide if she wanted to leave. Joshua sat on the bed then, watching her – eagerly begging for a strip tease at least. Quinn could play innocent, but Joshua was no fool, she was definitely a woman of many complexities.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 62d 8h 21m 24s
Quinn wasn’t the type of girl to do this sort of thing. Hell, she hardly kissed guys never mind slept with them. However, there was something that drew her to him and she couldn’t help but fall into him as though she was completely at his mercy and unable to make any other choice but to submit to him. Their kissing had become more desperate and he had managed to close any distance between them and she found herself completely unable to focus on anything but him. She did want him, perhaps more than she had wanted anyone in a very long time. Her friends had kept telling her that she needed to get laid and perhaps the time she had gone without satisfying her needs was now causing this desire to come to the surface.

They parted for a moment so he could ensure that she understood she could still back away from him if she chose to do so. Quinn had already made up her mind, completely unable to leave his apartment without satisfying the need that she felt rising within her. She could feel the effect her kissing had upon him since their bodies were pressed closely together and she couldn’t help but smile as she delved her tongue into his mouth once more, gently caressing his with her own to peak his interest.

Her cheeks were flushed with the passion that they shared and her breath hitched as his hand started to roam her body, begging her not to ask him to stop. Quinn had no intention of asking him to stop as she titled her neck slightly to grant him better access to her. The feel of his breath against her skin sending her crazy. [b “Then take me.”] She wasn’t usually so bold but he had clearly done something to her with his kiss and she was already beginning to push herself up onto the counter as she wrapped her legs around his waist.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 63d 10h 2m 13s
Joshua was surprised to find that the woman hadn’t slapped him or pushed him away at his kiss and even invited him for more as she pressed into his lips. She wanted him, he could tell and he thought it to be damn obvious that he wanted her just as badly. Joshua smiled down at her, eagerly pushing back to kiss her more, ignoring the strain at his side as his hands wrapped around her waist, him holding the woman to him, wanting to be as close as possible. Charlie was curious then, lifting her head at the couple before growing disinterested and trotting to her plush dog bed in the corner of the room.
“I don’t want to push you, I mean I don’t want you to do what you don’t want to,” Joshua said to the woman as he kissed her again then, his growing interest and excitement evident in the tightening of his pants and of course this was his goal from the first time his eyes laid on the woman in the club. “Please, don’t tell me to stop,” he asked of her as his hands roamed against her backside, trailing toward the front of her as he pushed his hands up to timidly press against her chest, cupping her slightly. She was backed against the counter then, Joshua watching her then with eyes showing of a demanding and wanting for the woman in front of him. She wasn’t that girl though, as she had told him and Joshua wondered if he had convinced her with his kisses and the brief conversation they had, that he wasn’t a bad guy.
He didn’t intentionally want to leave the women he was with, it was just the way of his life. There was something about Quinn though that made Joshua think that maybe he would keep her around if she would have him. Joshua kissed at her neck then, “I want you,” he admitted in a soft whisper, pressing their hips together then.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 63d 11h 3m 31s
Each passing second felt like minutes at a time and she could feel the intensity in the atmosphere. Quinn knew that she had been captured by his charm then and there would be no way out of it. Even though she had tried to resist, she had fallen for his charms and she was now in dangerous territory; his territory. Her heart thumped against her chest, the beat of it echoing in her ears as Joshua repeated her and pulled her close so that there was no longer any distance between them. Her body was pressed against him and she could feel every contour of his body against her own. Heat rose to her cheeks as her hands lay flat and gently against his chest. Even though she was completely intoxicated by him now, and she knew there was no other choice but to lose herself in a kiss with him, she was still cautious enough not to hurt him.

Quinn’s cheeks were already flushed as she gazed into his eyes, lost in them and his words and before she had time to react his lips had claimed hers and she was lost in a deep and passionate kiss. What started as hard, needy pressure against her lips quickly turned into something more. The back of her legs pressed against the counter and she was trapped between Joshua and the obstacle in the kitchen. Her lips parted, permitting him to explore her further and her tongue collided with his, getting acquainted as the two lost themselves in each other for a moment.

She had never been kissed like this before and it left her wanting more when he pulled away. She could see his smile and she had one of her own as her chest rose and fell with the rush of oxygen back into her lungs. [b “Don’t be. I don’t want you to be sorry.”] She was clearly breathless as she spoke but she wouldn’t let that stop her. Rather than speaking to let him know that she was okay with his affection, she was the one to lean up and kiss him this time. It was laced with the same need and passion as the kiss they just shared, her hands snaking up to clasp around his neck as she tried to balance herself as a result of her weakening inhibitions.

[b “I’m not sorry.”] She whispered against his lips before she returned to exploring his mouth with her own.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 66d 22h 5m 49s

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