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Joshua adjusted himself on the couch then, taking the beer that Quinn offered to him. Of course, she wanted to and Joshua had no intentions on stopping her, especially as she had already started. Everything was so natural between the two of them, especially when it came to intimacy. You would think that Quinn and Joshua had known each other for years other than the few months they had been together. Already she had a key to his apartment, they had both agreed to be monogamous, and even wilder was that Joshua had said those three words he was sure he would never say, at least not while he was still in his prime young age.
While she didn’t expect Joshua to give the same sense of pleasure to Quinn, he knew he couldn’t resist and once they were in bed, he would return the favor. Especially considering that it would be their final night together before she would eventually return back to her own home
He never could see himself settling down, but then he thought about the men he was surrounded by and surely in their line of [I work], it was comforting to be able to go home to a wife and kids, someone who you could trust, someone loyal and there to tend to your wounds. Had Quinn not been here, his recovery would’ve been hell and he wouldn’t know who he could trust to bail him out – it wasn’t usually smart to borrow as Francisco definitely had a high [I interest] rate.
“I was focusing,” he said with a smirk before taking a swig of beer. His arm wrapped around her shoulder then, Joshua leaning in close. “I just happened to be focusing on something other than the tv. What can I say? Short attention span,” Joshua said with a shrug. He chuckled then, taking a drink before placing the beer on the counter. He opened the pizza box, eagerly accepting a lukewarm slice from the morning.
There was a knock at the door then, Joshua furrowing his brow as he of course wasn’t expecting guests and Joshua certainly hoped it wasn’t the cops. He placed the slice back in the box, sighing as he came to a stand then. He certainly wasn’t dressed for anyone. Looking through the peep hole, he was surprised to see Francisco. [I What the hell?] Joshua ran his hands through his hair then, finally opening the door. Francisco as mentioned was a large man, his size intimidating alone. He had a two equally burly men behind him. Removing his hat and coat, he didn’t wait to be invited in and Joshua of course stepped out of his way.
“Joshua,” he said with a smile.
“Francisco.” Joshua stood there just in his boxers which was a bit embarrassing.
“This must be the girl I’ve been hearing about?” He smiled and gave a small simple wave.
“Yeah, this is uh Quinn. Why don’t you have a seat? Just let me get changed and clean up a bit.” He said as he headed toward his bedroom, giving Quinn. Look and hoping she would be okay.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 225d 3m 56s
It didn’t matter to Quinn that this kind of attention wouldn’t be reciprocated. She wasn’t a selfish lover and she never made a single movement with the expectation that she would receive that same thing in return. All she wanted was to make him feel good and to show him how much she cared for him and their physical connection was undeniable and it was the perfect way to show him in that moment.

Her movements were fluid, almost expert and she knew exactly where to run her tongue and where to concentrate her hand as she dipped up and down, engulfing his hardness as much as she possibly could. She responded to his groans, using them as indications of when to increase her pace and the closer he sounded the more intense her movements became until eventually he was releasing into her. Quinn waited in position until she was sure that he was completely finished, not wanting to leave a mess in his living room and when she pulled back she smiled towards him.

[b “I know I didn’t have to. I wanted to.”] She started to stand and went to the kitchen to get them both a drink. A beer each. When she returned she swigged her bottle and handed one to him before lowering herself back down to the sofa. [b “Maybe now you can focus?”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 225d 10h 49s
It was no wonder why it took Joshua so long to heal considering he was not shy about fighting through pain in order to get some bit of pleasure. Thought with Quinn, the pleasure was more than a bit – it was a steaming pot consistently overflowing. Joshua knew that both of them were slaves to their passion and it wasn’t uncommon for the both of them to eventually relapse into intimacy. All it took was a look, a kiss, a sound of pleasure – anything about Quinn could send Joshua into a world of bliss and pleasure. His lips had trailed over her neck then, enjoying the feeling of Quinn flush against him. He was so entranced by placing kisses along any exposed skin to the point he was confused for a second when Quinn broke away. “You don’t-“ Joshua started to say, though the feeling of Quinn’s hands alone quieted him and all he could do was watch her then, the slinking motion of a seductive serpent as she came to her legs then, looking up at him. Joshua let his head fall back then, eyes closed and breathing slightly rapid with anticipation. He exhaled at release – no longer constricted by his shorts.
Looking down then, his eyes were narrow skits, his hand reaching to caress Quinn’s cheek before his fingers trailed through loose strands of hair, gently at the base of her neck.
“Quinn,” Joshua breathed out, wrapped up in her warmth – the pure dedication to making him feel good more than enough to excite him even further to a point of intense hardness. Joshua allowed himself to relax, melting into the couch then with each guided moment, the intensity of Quinn’s work too much to bear. Of course he couldn’t keep his sounds of pleasure to himself and in the safety of his own home, Joshua was not shy about voicing how well Quinn worked and just how happy she was making him. The movie was background noise then, Joshua more focused on Quinn. He had a hard tome sometimes when it came to being pleasured, always the one who wanted to make sure his partner was just as happy. However, Joshua had no complaints and when he had finally reached his point he couldn’t help but allow it to spill over.
A slight grunt there at the end, body sore from his harsh breathing – but did he feel good? Definitely.
“You didn’t have to do that,” he breathed out with a lazy chuckle following after.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 225d 21h 38m 21s
There he went again pulling hair on his lap as though he wasn’t injured. It was becoming a theme with him. Ignoring his injuries just so he could be close to her and while she didn’t want him to hurt himself she also couldn’t complain since she wanted to be close to him also. She enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her back pressing her against him and she enjoyed the feel of his lips on hers, kissing here as though it may be the last time he ever gets to do so.

His moan was enough to spare her own mode. He could do things to her that she would never have imagined anyone can do. He could make her want him in a matter of seconds and she wasn’t sure that she could hold herself back now. Quinn wanted to pleasure him and if she couldn’t have sex with him then she knew of other ways to do so. She pulled back from his kiss, running her hands down his chest and climbed down from his lap to the floor where she got on her knees and looked up at him.

A smirk found her lips as her hands trailed down and found his crotch where she started to remove his shorts. [b “Let me...”] She whispered, taking his member in her hand the moment it found freedom, fully intended on pleasuring him with her mouth when she had the chance.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 225d 22h 18m 26s
Quinn didn’t ask a farfetched question, it was understandable to try to understand how she fit in Joshua’s wild and crazy world. However, he didn’t want her to think just because their relationship wasn’t common or [I typical] that there was no way for them to make their relationship work. It would be tough and maybe a promise or two would be broken, but Joshua was clear when it came to how he felt about Quinn. He loved her and would do anything for her. He didn’t know how long forever would be, but it didn’t stop Joshua from believing him and Quinn could have a happy ending. Now, if her father found out about them, Joshua didn’t really know what would happen then. All he had was his word and while his character wasn’t necessarily the [I best] Joshua for the most part wasn’t a monster and Quinn had even told him so. She saw sides of him that he subdued – his life was all about being tough and rolling with the punches if not delivering them. With Quinn, he was softer and all that mattered was the weight of her body against his, the softness of her lips, or the sparkle in her eye when she laughed or smiled. She was what mattered to him.
Her arms were wrapped around him then, Quinn professing her love for him. How many times had they told each other how much they love each other since that day at the beach? Countless. Joshua was so nervous then and yet the words practically spilled out any time he opened his mouth – as easy as breathing. Against his complaining aching, Joshua pulled Quinn into his lap, staring into enchanting blue eyes. “Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing you say that,” he said with a smile. Joshua took Quinn’s lips for his own and injured or not, he couldn’t help the moan that slipped out, strong hands pressing against Quinn’s back as his body demanded her close.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 225d 23h 7m 7s
Quinn wasn’t sure what he brought in her momentary anxiety but she needed to hear him say the words that came from him. Regardless of the fact that they had exchanged words of love and their affections were always so physical, something made their relationship feel vulnerable and she really did wonder how long it could last. How long would it be before Francisco told him that he had to dump her because of her connection to the cops? How long would it be before her father found out she was in love with a gang member and tried to keep her from him?

She was pulled closer to him then and she couldn’t help but feel a little safer in his arms. It seemed like just being in his arms like this made all of her doubts fade away. He was right, things were hectic right now. There seemed to be some kind of issue with his gang and another which had caused some issues and perhaps made it a little harder when it came to the cops too. Hopefully she was just feeling the effects of that and it would all pass soon like he suggested.

Quinn nodded and sighed, relieved a little to hear him give her that reassurance. [b “I love you too.”] With that she gripped his hand a little tighter and closed the distance between their lips, unable to let the tension between them just dissolve in that moment. She wanted to show him how she felt and in that moment kissing him did that.

She wrapped her arms around him and when she was too excited to continue kissing him without taking it further she pulled back from him. [b “I really love you.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 226d 21h 43m 14s
Joshua was distracted, too busy and focused on Quinn’s body, the feeling of her skin against his. He kissed her then, both of them I credibly distracted by each other. Joshua’s mind was running then and he was thinking about everything but the movie that was on the screen. He held her close and at that point didn’t really care about his injuries. His main focus was on Quinn. His roaming hands only paused when Quinn spoke his name. He pulled his lips away from her neck and watched her, his emotions hidden some as he tried to go along with what she had to say.
“What do you mean?” He asked her. At this point he had managed to hover over her by willpower alone before pulling back and taking a seat next to Quinn in the sofa. “Who said anything about letting you go?” Joshua asked and he aaa very confused at that point considering they had both just made promise time always be together. He had told her he loved her and Joshua didn’t take a statement like that lightly. He cares for Quinn and he didn’t plan to let her go. Did he worry about her being in his life? Yes. He worried that something could happen or she could end up hurt in the case he ended up in jail, but Joshua had no intention of leaving Quinn unless she decided to leave him and even then he wasn’t sure that he could really accept that. His brows furrowed then and he drew Quinn close to him again. “I don’t know what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours. Of course you fit in my life. I don’t plan to leave you or let you go Quinn. I love you.” He brushed her hair behind her ear and gave her a smile. “I know things are a bit hectic now, but eventually it will all smooth over. I don’t want to lose you. “
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 226d 22h 22m 14s
Quinn knew that he wouldn’t be able to deny having her sleep over for another night and she chuckled slightly at his response. At least this way she could easily keep an eye on him and help him a little bit if anything got too much without being too overbearing. They made their way to the sofa where Joshua found a film for them both to watch but so some time there really wasn’t too much focus on what was on the television. Instead, they were completely wrapped up in kissing each other and being affectionate as they almost lay with each other on the couch.

She closed her eyes and rested her forehead on his. The feel of his hands against her skin was something she tried to block out knowing that she couldn’t do anything about it. [b “You can’t focus on the film? You are feeling restless. How can I help?”] She could tell that he wanted to do something. He wanted to get up and out of the house and she had no doubt that he wanted to train to get his body back into working order but she didn’t want her to hurt himself even more.

[b “Joshua...do I really fit into your life? How long will it be before you have to let me go?”] She looked at him then with a serious look, knowing that it was something she had been wanting to ask since they told each other of their feelings.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 226d 22h 54m 11s
“Another night” he asked her with a smile. “How could I deny that? Of course you can.” Joshua knew that Quinn wanted more from him and had he not been on his condition he would’ve swooped her up. She didn’t mind being cooped up in his apartment with him and Joshua didn’t mind himself. He too had to contain the moan of pleasure within him as to not further incite or give attention to his desires. Joshua has grabbed the remote and scrolled through before he found something they both enjoyed, though he couldn’t really focus on the film with Quinn there at his side. Od course, his lips couldn’t help but travel against her neck, his nose brushing against her own as his hand held her by the hip. He chuckled then as they were supposed to be watching the film and yet Joshua couldn’t stop focusing on Quinn.
He wondered if he met her in a different time, an alternate universe where he wasn’t this big bad guy – what would it be like ? Would their love have been just as intense? Would they have been in the same side they are now. Their worlds were so different and Joshua couldn’t imagine actually going straight. He hated how violent his world could get but Joshua did enjoy the fast pace and the money – the danger was to some degree attractive. He could always fight professionally – it was the killing that brought him down and he owed Francisco everything. Yet, Quinn meant a lot to him, hell she was his life right now. She was his world and he didn’t want her to be in the danger he was in which was a bit of an impossible request. All he knew he could do was try to protect her as best as possible and Joshua took that seriously. He would protect her even if it meant losing his freedom – losing his life.
Joshua’s hands gently clutched her by her thighs. “I can’t focus,” he admitted and maybe it was just a simple case of restlessness. When indoors Joshua was usually asleep – being up and sitting wasn’t something he was used to and a part of him wanted to leave and go train which he knew Quinn would absolutely protest.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 226d 23h 12m 37s
Quinn didn’t want anyone or anything more than this or him. While she was also scared of how intense her feelings were, the other part of her was ready to dive straight in head first. If it wasn’t for her father she was sure that she would probably not stay here every single night. She didn’t want to leave him but she knew that she couldn’t just move in entirely. He had given her a key and offered her a drawer or two but she wanted more than that. A part of her hoped that Joshua did too but she didn’t want to ask or push him because she wasn’t sure how much he wanted from her. For now, they loved each other and that was enough for her.

[b “Good because I don’t want to go anywhere.”] She pressed herself up against him as he claimed her lips and she melted into it. As always, Quinn was disappointed when he pulled away from her but she knew how easily their passion could melt into more and they couldn’t in the condition that he was in. So she accepted it, although her sigh was evidence that she wanted more.”]

She took hold of his hand and smiled. [b “You can keep me cooped up in here as long as I am cooped up with you. Yes, let’s watch a movie and maybe if it’s okay I can stay another night. I don’t think I can leave you just yet.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 227d 23h 10m 36s
Joshua was glad to know that he could still somehow fit into Quinn’s world, despite how different they were everything just seemed to make sense and just click. Joshua could feel it every time Quinn touched him or when they kissed, the was she seemed to melt in his hands. Every embrace and kiss – each time that they held each other close just made life all the more better. They pulled away just for a moment, both looking into each others eyes and it was clear then the amount of love and care thy had for one another.
The words that came out of her mouth were the only words he ever wanted to hear and for. Long time he had tried to push away the idea of love. Now Joshua was making himself open and vulnerable to the idea and he couldn’t believe it. He had treated women as though they were to some degree disposable, just there for a good time and most of the time they used him just for the money or they were looking for excitement. But when it came to women who wanted anything serious, Joshua would find himself backing down. Teresa had been one of those girls. Could they have been something more? Possibly. She already had a kid though and that to some degree was very intimidating especially with Joshua being as young and careless as he was at the time. He was just not ready for such a commitment. Looking at Quinn now though, it didn’t seem as scary. He was actually looking forward to what their future promised if by luck he managed to beat the case.
“I don’t plan to let you go,” he said seriously and yet sincerely. He held her even closer, lips taking hers with such need. How had he gotten so lucky? Joshua pulled away then, knowing he couldn’t do much and getting himself riled up would do no good, considering he was sore. “I don’t want to keep you cooped up in here, I hate it.” He admitted, adjusting himself then. He wasn’t really public ready though with how he looked, not like he cared, but Joshua couldn’t be seen in the condition he was in – bad for his image and Quinn’s.
Ager he kissed at her neck, “How about a movie?”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 228d 22m 34s
In some respects it was a little strange to talk to him about work because it just felt like such a normal thing to do and there wasn’t really anything normal about their relationship. He was in a gang and she was a professional; a teacher. The two should never have found each other yet there did and there was something so sweet about it. They would likely have lots of barriers to face and things to overcome but they would overcome them, of that she was sure. They loved each other and they wanted to be together. [b “I’m sure it will be fine. I don’t really have any difficult children so I only have good things to report so they will be leaving happy.”]

Once she ate enough pizza she leaned her head on his shoulder. [b “I think it would be nice to go out somewhere. I will see if I can book somewhere. It will give us an excuse to get dressed up a little. A bit of wine and fine dining for one evening sounds like something I can manage.”] She lifted her head and looked towards him, melting into his kiss.

[b “I know, it’s going to be hard being away from you too. I feel lost when I’m not by your side...I know it might be too soon to feel that way but I really meant it. I’m completely in love with you Joshua and I can’t let you go.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 229d 20h 58m 51s
Joshua was always shocked by how [I normal] Quinn’s life was compared to his and he wasn’t saying that with any sense of mock. He actually wondered what life was like outside of shootings cops – fighting every night. He didn’t really have much of a day job, outside of the occasional moments when Francisco sent him on a job to enforce someone. If anything his life didn’t start until the night which wasn’t terrible considering how late he would stay up.
“Not too stressful I hope, I know some parents can be a bit annoying.” Joshua was just going off of memories from when he was in school considering that he never really knew his parents and didn’t have much of a relationship with them. He surely didn’t have Francisco or Gio heading to his meetings for him. “Do I have plans?” Joshua asked her with a raised brow. “You do know who you’re talking to?” He teased. For one with a body like his he had every intention to stay in bed and heal. Plus going out right now didn’t really seem like the greatest idea. He didn’t want to run into any cops. He needed to get better and since Quinn wouldn’t be there with him the next couple of days, he knew he would have to take it slow without her there to help him. It was going to be overall different being without her. Especially at night in which he hated sleeping alone now.
“Maybe I can pop in your area? Take you out to dinner. We eat in too much and you’re too beautiful to keep inside. Besides, I want to take you to other places than just the fight. You know I can be romantic when I want.” Joshua said with a chuckle before finishing his pizza. He leaned in for another kiss. “It’s going to kill me not having you here.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 229d 22h 31m 7s
Quinn chuckled when he took a bite from the pizza that she had held out for him. Although she knew that she wouldn’t feed him the entire slice, it was simply a joke so when he took the slice for himself she took her own and lowered herself next to him. The pizza was a nice filler since they hadn’t eaten since dinner time the night before.

Quinn hadn’t even thought about work since being with Joshua since Friday night. It was a nice relief because it wasn’t very often that anyone could distract her from work but when she was with Joshuas she was completely absorbed in him but she had stayed a little longer on the Friday to make sure that she had her work ready for Monday so she didn’t have to work at all over the weekend.

She sighed slightly. [b “As ready as I can be. It’s parent-teacher day tomorrow so at least I’m not teaching. It’s just meetings with parents all day so it shouldn’t be too stressful.”] Quinn took another slice of pizza. [b “Do you have plans this week?”] It was strange to think that the two would go back to not seeing each other for the next five days since it was harder to see him around her work hours.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 229d 23h 54m 54s
Quinn once again was telling him what to do and he chuckled then. Both of them could be stubborn when they wanted to but Joshua was in no condition to argue. While he hated sitting around, he was in a lot of pain, but the beer made it a little better. True to his word he stayed in the couch, Charlie eventually joining him and laying her head in his lap. She always acted like a puppy even though she was huge. Turning on the tv he tried to flip through and find something interesting. He paused on a news broadcast which was covering the raid from the previous night. Joshua nearly spat his beer out as he could see recording of him being placed into the back of the cop car. He shuddered then, quickly turning the channel before just putting on some comedy series from netflix.
Joshua tried to stay true to his word but when the beer ran empty he had gotten up to grab a new one and just as well was back in his seat before Quinn came in. Once again thinking ahead had come in handy and it was a good thing that he had given her a key to house. Quinn had a lot of access to his private life and personal belongings. She even knew where his secret safe was and that was because he trusted her. He didn’t believe that Quinn would ever steal from him. What need would she have and if she did want to she would’ve long ago he was sure.
He was happy to see that too long wasn’t too long as the kiss she left on him had already began to fade away and he missed her. He could only distract himself with tv and beer for so long. The smell of pizza was absorbed in the room and even Charlie was now more alert than she had been earlier. He realize then again how hungry he had been.
Smirking toward Quinn and the pizza she dangled in front of him he wasn’t shy about leaning forward and taking a bite. “Somehow tastes better when you feed me, but I think I can manage.” Joshua shook his head and reached for a slice. They didn’t have many plans for the day, but Joshua knew Quinn eventually needed to go home to get clothes for work. He wanted her to sleep over but be couldn’t ask that much of her. “Ready for work tomorrow?” He asked then, knowing it had been quite the weekend for her.
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