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Joshua had been distracted then by the woman who took his hand in her own, kissing him deeply. He looked at her with a smile. She was beautiful, bare face, hair pulled back and a simple clothing ready for a day out. Most girls he dealt with took hours to get ready to the point Joshua ended up dreading the remainder of the night, the only prize being a night of sex and then never seeing them again. Those women were easy, all they cared about was money and Joshua was one to splurge on the women who did spend more than one night with him. He felt like to some extent that Quinn, as she mentioned the first night, was [I not that kind of girl]. He didn’t think that Quinn could be wooed just by diamonds and expensive gifts, clothes and perfumes – she was wooed by love and small pleasures in life. He enjoyed that she was different than the other woman that he dealt with.
Hanging his head, Joshua sighed out before looking up and smirking at the female as she grabbed the keys, giving clear orders that he was not to drive as long as he hung out with her. He knew that driving in his car would draw a bit of unwanted attention, though they would be in his neighborhood and he couldn’t risk leaving his car in the neighborhood in front of another cop’s home. Joshua sighed out and followed her outside of the home. He knew that he had his gun still in his duffle, but an innocent Quinn driving would certainly lead to no type of issue.“We’ll take my car and fine, I’ll let you drive.” Joshua snaked his arm around her waist, kissing her temple. “You know I don’t think I’ve ever had any woman drive my car.” Joshua chuckled, it would be weird for him to sit in the passenger seat of his own car. He handed her the keys to his car. “Please be careful, she’s my second babe, after Charlie – but I don’t know, you’re gunning for her position.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 24d 1h 49m 12s
Quinn moves upstairs swiftly, not wanting to keep Joshua too long, partly because she wanted to spend the day with him and partly because she didn’t like the idea of him looking around her house and realising just how different their worlds really were. It was obviously Joshua lived in a world centred around money and Quinn barely had any. Only enough to pay the bills and live day to day. She wasn’t unhappy with her lifestyle though and they earned enough to get Huh it she didn’t want Joshua to think that she wasn’t good enough for him because of that, although he didn’t seem like the type to care too much about the background or wealth of a girl. She hoped that she was right about that at least.

Quinn pulled on something casual for the park, a pair of jeans and a plain which t-shirt as well as a jacket before she pulled her hair into a braid and made her way back down the stairs, not too worried about plastered her face in make up because that wasn’t the kind of girl that she was. Once she was back downstairs she found Joshua and smiled, moving towards him and taking his hand in her own as she pushed against him gently, not wanting to hurt his ribs any further. [b “In ready to go.”] She presses her lips against his gently and then let go of his hand as she started towards the door, picking up her keys on the way out. [b “I’m driving. No arguments. But you get to decided whether we go in my car of yours.”] She smiled towards him as she shut the door behind her. [b “I don’t want you to hurt yourself incessantly and driving will just out strain on you.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 24d 2h 30m 58s
He enjoyed seeing how she reacted to his kiss, hating how cautious the female was, but it was something that Joshua needed in his life. Some sense of stability at least. It was different, but it didn’t mean that Joshua hated it. He had to follow her after her kiss, a like a love sick puppy. Joshua leaned against the counter, giving him some stability as he found it hard to stay in control of standing with his sides aching in pain. He didn’t want to take another pill and end up passing out. Either way a trip to the park with an overenthusiastic Charlie would be enough to get him used to moving again.
“Alright alright – I can wait . . . well I’ll try.” Joshua said with smirk as he watched the woman walked away then. Joshua took to walking around the house in the meantime, looking at the pictures of the woman and her father. He wondered how her relationship was or had been with her mother. Very interesting that her father hadn’t chosen to remarry. Quinn was still young, in the prime to have children and be married and yet she chose to put all of that on the backburner to care for her father who apparently had a heart attack before.
His phone was going off in his pocket, messages from Cisco’s burner about him meeting him that night. Another gig – Joshua just hoped that didn’t mean having to put a bullet through another body only to be tossed into the river before floating up. Another [I unsolved] murder until the walls caved in and eventually Joshua and the crew wouldn’t really be that safe. They were pushing high volumes of drugs, underground fighting, intimidation to locals and murdering cops – yeah he had a lot of shit to deal with. If anything he hoped this day with Quinn would make him forget that – he felt normal with her which was the greatest thing in th world.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 24d 3h 27m 2s
Quinn enjoyed her breakfast after not really eating much the day before, not that she minded because she was quite happy with how the day turned out yesterday but the only food she had eaten was the lunch with Joshua and a very small dinner with her father. This was nice though, spending some time with Joshua while her father was at work, completely ignorant to the fact that she was spending the morning with a man she has met only two days ago. She glanced up and noticed him looking at her, that familiar hunger upon his face as he looked her over. He was going to make her lose her mind at this rate.

[b “A trip to the park sounds good. I would like that and I love Charlie. She’s adorable and I certainly wouldn’t want her getting jealous or feeling replaced because that’s not my intention.”] She smiled as he rose from his seat and stepped towards her now that he plate was empty. At first she wasn’t completely sure what he was doing but when he took her face in his hands and leaned in she prepared herself for one of those passionate kisses he had become well known for. He would have knocked her off her feet if she had been standing up so she was glad she had her chair to hold on to.

When he pulled away, her cheeks were even more red than before. [b “You don’t make things easy either, but I promise you, broken bones and more pain are not worth risking just to be with me. You need to rest and maybe then we can enjoy each other again.”] Quinn gripped the table and pushed herself up, kissing him gently before taking the plates into the kitchen and placed them in the dishwasher. [b “Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”] She disappeared upstairs to get dressed then.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 24d 4h 11m 31s
Being in law enforcement he could understand why her father would be so stressed out. Especially with the rising tension since he killed that cop. Joshua tried to distract himself by eating, though, he did steal a few glances at Quinn throughout. She was close, still what felt like further away and he had to chuckle at himself to think that he would enjoy breakfast more with Quinn in his lap.
He paused in eating, recalling what the two had gotten into the previous morning, breakfast cold and forgotten as he had taken to devouring the female’s body instead. A thought that still clung to his mind, much as it had the previous night when he slept alone until Charlie joined him in bed. The blush on her cheek indicating that she was clearly thinking about the same thing he was. Joshua rolled his tongue over bottom lip, leaning back then as he was quite full. There was a lot he wanted to do with the girl, all of which did not fall under the category [I safe] and definitely would strain the man.
Though, he did still get a chance to have a day with her which Joshua didn’t mind bad. Just because he couldn’t completely get his way, didn’t mean that the male couldn’t still have a little fun with her. “How about a trip to the park hm? Charlie hasn’t been let out and I think she’ll start to get a bit jealous if I start giving you more attention,” Joshua said with a chuckle. He stood then, walking toward the woman in her seat, looking down at her before bending in close, gripping her blushing cheeks to kiss her passionately. “You know, you make it extremely hard to resist you – you sure you’re not up for a trip to the hospital?” He teased before coming to a stand, breathing hard admittedly considering his injuries.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 24d 5h 25m 25s
This felt so domesticated considering how they had met and how long they had known each other for but that didn’t seem to matter right now. She was quite happy simply enjoying his company while they were sat at breakfast together. She waited for him to choose a seat and then she placed the plate in front of him before taking a seat next to him so she didn’t have to sit too far away. It was strange how much she wanted to be near him even for such things as breakfast.

[b “I love too cook, although I have to really since o feed my father to make sure he doesn’t give himself a heart attack again. He works too hard and his diet isn’t great which is why I’m still living at home. At least being here means I can make sure that his health is kept in check.”] She smiled and helped herself to some of the food and chucked a little. [b “You did impress me, we just missed out on breakfast yesterday.”] The memory made her blush slightly and she couldn’t help but look towards him and hold is gaze for a minute.

[b “I’m completely free but if you want to steal me away it needs to be something you can manage. I don’t want to be driving you to a hospital.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 26d 35m 7s
He loved the way her breath hitched from his touch, his kisses and Joshua smiled knowing he had such an effect on the woman. Of course the guy he was and the lifestyle he had would make anyone believe that he was a bit of a womanizer and to some extent it was true of the male. Though, there was something about Quinn that made Joshua want to be better. He had no intentions to hurt the woman. Though he knew that with things closing in fast and dangerous in his world, it could be inevitable. All Joshua knew for her is that he would try his hardest to protect the female and keep her out of way as he was a target.
He followed her into the dining room, glad she had decided to take the plates herself as he could barely stand y’all. However that didn’t stop Joshua from the thoughts he had, watching Quinn as she sauntered into the dining area, placing the plates on the table. He didn’t even have a proper eating area, her place was so homely. He wondered how old her father was for her to be taking care of him the way she was or maybe it had nothing really to do with age and more so just because Quinn was a worrier.
“Looks good,” Joshua said as he took a seat at the table, eagerly reaching out for a slice of bacon and taking a bite. “I rarely eat home cooked meals anymore, I’m usually too tired. That breakfast I made you was an attempt to impress you.” Joshua said with a smile. “What’re you doing today? Do I get to steal you away?” He asked her. He didn’t have much to do for the time being at least and hoped he could spend time with the woman who had occupied his thoughts for the last couple of hours.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 26d 51m 22s
[b “Oh! Well I apologise for not wearing enough.”] She chuckled as he neared her neck, his breath warm against it and awakening the same desires within her that she had when she awoke that morning. It was turning out to be quite difficult just being around him without wanting to rip his clothes off and jump his bones. Unfortunately, he was far too injured to indulge in such things. His movements now were affectionate and she imagined that this was the kind of thing that people in love did. He really didn’t seem like the type but she relished in it, enjoying every moment of it.

Quinn ran her hand gently down his arms and she nodded. [b “That’s exactly what I was thinking but here you are proving me wrong. I’m glad you did.”] She added kissing his shoulder and moving her lips up his neck. As he finished his words. As soon as he finished his lips were on hers and the two fell into a passionate kiss. Things could have easily turned far more passionate but she didn’t want to hurt him. [b “I think that’s probably for the best.”]

Quinn kissed him one last time before she served the food up on the plate. [b “The dining room is just through there.”] She gestured holding both plates. [b “I can manage these two plates, you just go through that door.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 26d 6h 47m 38s
“Dress up?” Joshua laughed then, “Well I admit maybe I like the girl more in dress up – quite uh, riling being able to rip it off.” Joshua smirked then as he stepped back, Quinn admiring her good work and with the pill in effect Joshua was already feeling much better, despite how tight the pressure from the bandages were. Though, he knew it would only benefit him in the end. Like magnets, the two were held close together again, a shared kiss and profession of how they both had a hard time not thinking of the other.
Her enthusiasm made him blush and admittedly he was sure he had probably scared Quin away with his fighting and the cops showing up – making her lie for him. Yet, she still held some sense of desire for the male.
“Let me guess,” he whispered in a low husky voice as he kissed against her neck, her admitting that he had did a real number on her and knowing that she couldn’t resist the attraction she had for Joshua. “You thought I would just forget you? Figured me not asking for your number was maybe just a way to get rid of you?” Joshua chuckled then lowly, his nose nuzzling this oft skin of her neck, grazing her ear as he held her close, ignoring the pain as it was practically drowned out by the pleasure of holding Quinn against him.
“I told you I would find a way, though this time I am taking your number down.” He hungrily kissed at her lips then, hands pressed against the small of her back, wanting and needing to feel her skin against his large muscular hands. Yet he know not to play stupid as he was in no condition to do the things he wanted to do with Quinn and yet the only one who could stop him was himself – unless Quinn was bold enough to voice her opinion. He knew she worried and cared about him, knew she didn’t really understand why he fought. Some of it was for the money and yet mostly for the thrill. Quinn was a nurturer though, he could tell by her behavior – she saw how he winced in pain when he came in. He wouldn’t be surprised if she had put him on lock down from any intimacy until he felt better.
Pulling away from kissing her, Joshua growled slightly, hungry in both ways – Quinn nearly winning out. “Why don’t we have that breakfast, before I end up eating you.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 26d 7h 50m 45s
Quinn didn’t fully understand why he felt the need to fight but it was clear that from his home it was bringing in a tidy sum and the money might have been a motivation for that. The fact that he could turn up at her doorstep on a Sunday morning without anywhere to go suggested that he didn’t have a job with normal working hours so it was hardly surprising that he would continue fighting to bring in money, especially when it seemed he was getting a fair amount for it. Perhaps he even enjoyed it. People had different tastes and different hobbies and it was completely believable that he might enjoy his ‘job’.

She tried to ignore his cut off sentence, not wanting to feel like he was hiding something from her so she just focused on taking care of his wounds instead, not wanting to talk about her father and complicate things even further. Even though he was saying that she didn’t have to worry about her, that didn’t stop her. For a reason she did not yet understand, she felt things for him even after one night and she had been worried. She chuckled at his comment and shook her head. [b “You like playing dress up? Didn’t figure you cared too much for clothes seeing how you were quick to rip mine off yesterday.”] When she finished, she took a step back and let him inspect the bandages and raised an eyebrow. [b “Of course I did. I take my role as nurse very seriously. It’s not just a game you know.”]

When he drew her in for a kiss she was taken by surprise, her breath catching in her throat as the kiss was a deep one. [b “You have?”] She asked when he finally pulled away. [b “I’ve been thinking about you too. You seem to have done a complete number on me!”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 26d 17h 41m 32s
Her kiss was soft and her touch gentle. He only had but a second of peace resting his forehead against hers before she had pulled away. He could hear the slight twinge of disappointment and sadness in her voice just from the sight of the wounds. He wanted to comment that it wasn’t that bad when it was. He was really messed up, more than usual and Joshua hadn’t been taking the proper precautions or rest times in between his fights and practices. That being why he was so messed up in the first place. He had to fight and yet the male knew that he needed to rest. If he fought anymore something terrible could happen that would put him out of the game completely.
“Sounds lovely,” Joshua said with a short. “I can’t drag him into my mess though. And certainly if he knew-“ Joshua stopped himself from talking. He watched as Quinn headed toward the cupboard to grab a kit. While something in the male led him to believe he could trust Quinn he didn’t know how she would feel knowing he had killed a man. She had already lied for him, implicating herself in a crime she didn’t even know he had committed. What had made her want to do something like that for a man that she didn’t even really know ?
He could feel the tightness from the bandages she wrapped around him and while it hurt to breathe, he did feel a bit better like he had some sense of control when it came to the pain. “You don’t have to worry about me.” He said with a small chuckle though with the cops hassling him and he shitty injuries he had received that could say otherwise. “Look I can take care of myself, but if you’re trying to play nurse I’m sure I’ve got the perfect costume for that.” Joshua winked at the woman. Once she finished up he too a breath, hand running his bare chest then the bandages. “Did a good job,” he said softly as he drew her in and kissed her deeply. “I’ve been thinking about you since you left” he finally admitted.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 26d 18h 3m 20s
Quinn chuckled. [b “You seem like the kind of man who wouldn’t mind telling a few lies to butter up a lady but if you truly insist that you are telling the truth then I will simply have to accept that you think I am cute.”] She smiled and shook her head and his suggestive banter and she saw how he stopped himself, clearly feeling pain simply from laughing at something.

She was also surprised to see that he did seem concerned about how she would react at the sight of him but she promised herself that she wouldn’t react so that she could help him rather than chastise him. She watched as he stood and took off his hoodie, clearly dressing for ease that morning and her eyes scanned over the dark bruises. It certainly looked worse than yesterday and she had assumed that his fight was the reason but he admitted that he wasn’t even able to fight.

[b “Joshua…”] She neared him so that she could inspect him further and looked up when he told her that the cops who had pulled him over roughed him up. She took his cheek in her hand and kissed him gently. [b “You know, my Dad hates cops that do that sort of thing. I can have him report them if you want?”] Quinn already figured he would be turning that offer down, not wanting to draw more attention to himself. She then moved to one of the cupboards and pulled out a first aid kit. She had everything in the house since her father was always coming home with all sorts of wounds.

[b “Hold still while I wrap your ribs okay?”] She was very gently when she moved around him, careful not to put unnecessary pressure on them. [b “I’m glad you didn’t fight last night. I was worried about you.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 26d 18h 24m 41s
“Not to be trusted? What do I have to lie for?” He smirked, the smell of bacon definitely making him even hungrier. He accepted the water then and used it to wash down the pill which eased the pain to some degree. “Shower? Maybe I came a bit too early seeing you,” Joshua chuckled stopped himself. Though the thought of the female nude and dripping with water to open the door and see him would’ve been good and bad. He wondered then what he would’ve done to the female had she opened the door in that stance.
“I don’t want you upset,” Joshua said lowly, for once humble and to some degree embarrassed to show up in such condition. She was right though, he needed to bandage himself to prevent any further strain and he wasn’t doing well so far. He couldn’t even sleep properly the night before; no Quinn and Charlie loved to hog all the space. He came to a shaky stand, removing his hoodie to expose his bare upper body as he had decided not to wear an undershirt. His side was painted in dark blue and black bruises. Joshua gripped the counter for support.
“I couldn’t fight last night,” he admitted to her, too ashamed to meet her eyes “I punked out,” he muttered under his breath. “Didn’t really help taking a hit from those fucking cops – I hate those pi-“ Joshua stopped then, knowing that Quinn’s dad was a cop. He walked over slowly with a sigh, staring down at her in less glory than he liked with his injuries, sweatpants hanging low on his hips.
He wanted her, but in his condition that was a whiles away he figured.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 26d 18h 51m 8s
Joshua really did things to her and he knew exactly how to get to her, making sure that his body was pressed against her and seduction lacing the tone of his voice as he whispered in her ear. She wasn’t conscious about the fact she was underdressed since he had seen her in less but he still made an effort to comment on her attire, suggesting that she looked cute in it. She chuckled and little a shook her head. [b “I get the feeling that you would say I look cute or good in absolutely anything I put on. Perhaps you are biased and are not to be trusted.”] She chuckled once more as she turned away from him so she could turn over the bacon and sausages and make sure that everything else was cooking nicely. She could see him moving out of the corner of her eye, clearly struggling to stand for too long.

[b “You have nothing to apologise for.”] Quinn moved towards the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to him. [b “You most certainly did come at the right time. Ten minutes earlier and you would have caught me in the shower, ten minutes later I would likely be sat eating breakfast. And you don’t have to apologise.”] She looked back at the food, all cooking nicely before she eyed him up.

[b “Let me look at you. You haven’t bandaged your ribs today have you?”] Her eyes trailed over his face seeing the bruises forming. She didn’t want to ask how the fight went but of course she didn’t know that it didn’t go ahead in the end. [b “Come on, strip pretty boy. Let me see the damage.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 26d 19h 52m 30s
“Oh so food and I get to have you to myself all day again? Sounds like something definitely to sate my hunger,” He whispered, her body pressed against him softly and with care. Joshua smiled down at her, brushing his hand through her hair. “You look cute, cuter than how you looked in my t-shirt I will admit.” Joshua looked around the home, definitely more warmer than his apartment where everything was pretty much black or white – nothing that really gave much detail to his character or past life. Though Joshua’s past life was well the past – nothing he really wanted to think too hard about or even bother to remember. He finally relinquished his hold on the woman, taking a seat at the island in the kitchen. “Sorry – standing is taking a lot out of me,” he admitted. He hadn’t even bandaged his side – which was causing him more pain. He knew though he would probably have to see a doctor. If he broke something, that would mean he would lose out on money if he couldn’t fight and that wasn’t something he or Cisco would allow him to do.
“Can I uh get a glass of water?” He asked. “I didn’t know you cooked, I guess I came at the right time. I am starving,” he said to her with a smile. Joshua reached into the pocket of his jacket where he produced the bills he had, taking one out with the hope that it would ease his pain. “Sorry about yesterday,” he told her, “the cops and all. I didn’t mean to wrap you up in that – they’re just on my ass.” Joshua said with a chuckle, cheeks red some from embarrassment. He watched her, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t watching her with more care than ever, biting on his bottom lip and wanting to relive the night he had before.
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