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[center [size20 [b [i ⥧something like forever⥩]]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGEXCq6.png]]
[size10 [b He] is not the kind of man you'd want your daughter to marry. A troubled soul with a penchant for danger and part of an underground fight club conducted by the mafia is plenty dangerous.
[b She] is the daughter of a cop from the good part of town, from the part of town he has never felt welcomed in.
[b Their] worlds are complete different, hers affluent, clean, and safe - his grimy, tough, and dangerous. Yet, after the girl and some friends sneak off to a club for a little fun, the two beings bump into each other.
[b He] invites her to the fight that night and it's obvious the two share some attraction with another. Sounds cute right, very starcrossed? Save for the fact her father is working on a case, a case that he's involved in and if committed could put him a way for a long time
[b Together] they attempt to fuse their two worlds, a love growing between them - but can they have their forever after with the life he lives?
[size10 [b rules.]
-okay this summary was low key trash but you get the idea lol
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot. we can brainstorm on anything we want to add
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced - but lets try to keep it limited, dont want to have too many names floating about

osting is at least once a day for the love of god please be active, the whole reason i came here was to be back into writing so i would ask that you are able to post at least twice a week.

-real pictures
-mature theme; cursing, sexual content [described and time skipped] and often gore/violence
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily. I'm at this point where I refuse to try to carry the story with each post. i need you to add [i something], dont just use details from my own post - this is [u both] of our world, so get creative !
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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“I think you know what’s best for you,” Janet said with a smile as she gently held Mya’s hand. She looked up to Quinn. This was a lot for a new mother, but they were stable and safe for the most part. Once Joshua testified and the trial was over, they could live a normal life. “Joshua will probably try to talk you out of it, but he knows you love him and are here for him. Either way, you all will remain safe and justice will prevail.”

It was a lot to think on and of course Janet was sure that Quinn and Joshua would have a conversation about this themselves. Joshua was troubled, he spoke with Daniel about how he didn’t want Quinn and their daughter anywhere near that courtroom. He knew how vicious this gang could be and he had lost people he cared about; there were those he was loyal to that proved to show that this gang life wasn’t about loyalty.

“I just want this all to be over,” Joshua told Daniel as he looked over at his fiancé and their child. Quinn and Mya was his life and Joshua had nearly lost his life protecting them; he’d do it again if he had to.

After an enjoyable dinner, the couple left, promising to return I the morning to take them to the courthouse. Joshua had cleaned dup, hoping Quinn would have enough time to rest. He eventually met up with her, reaching out to kiss her, her face cupped in his hand. “You’re doing fine?” He asked her with a small smile. “It’s almost over,” he said as he rested his forehead against Quinn’s. “Quinn,” he started as he looked into her eyes. “I want you to stay here with Janet.” He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but if Francisco retaliated against him, Joshua didn’t want Quinn and his daughter caught in the crosshairs “I love you too much, I don’t want to lose you.
  joshua / kshahidx / 15d 13h 7m 25s
Quinn held Mya close as she waited for Janet to enter the room. She saw Daniel go off into the kitchen with Joshua for some time together and smiled to herself. It was nice that Joshua had managed to find friendship with him, especially since because she didn't want to pull him away from his old life to be alone and miserable with her. She didn't think that he would hold it against her that she asked him to give up the life he had and asked him to testify against Francisco but if he did, he never said anything and he did seem happy enough with her, especially now that their daughter at arrived. Fatherhood would suit him completely, she had no doubt about that.

Quinn offered Janet a smile as she came into the room and settled down next to her. [b "You really didn't need to get all this, although of course it is appreciated. Mya is going to be spoiled."] She chuckled and looked up at her, handing Mya over to the woman who was all too keen to have her in her arms. Janet reaching out carefully and took her gently, holding her close.

[i "Oh, she is just perfect!"]

[b "She is."] She smiled and sighed then, thinking about the trial. [b "I think I am going to go. I want to show my support for him. Do you think that would be a mistake?"]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 17d 5h 47m 39s
Joshua couldn’t wait for this mess of his life to be over and to finally be able to plan a wedding and eventually marry Quinn. With Mya in his life, it was even more clear how important the trial was and changing his life around and Joshua was surprised that he had at one point in time questioned whether he should be loyal to Quinn or to Francisco. He was glad that he would be able to put that man away for a long time, considering he had almost killed Quinn and almost took his life. Joshua grabbed a beer from him and Daniel as he placed the food in the oven to warm, he figured it would be nice for them to have a little time to relax.

“So, how’s fatherhood so far?” Daniel asked him. He took a sip, leaning against the counter then as he looked over the kitchen island to see Quinn and Janet conversing in the living room.
“It’s the best feeling, but I guess before the sleepless nights start,” he joked with a chuckle.
“Yeah, well it’s going to be that way for a while, but I know it will still be just as rewarding. How’re you feeling about the trial?” Joshua had looked down at his beer, taking another sip. Daniel and he had become close friends which was strange considering that Daniel was a cop. Had they met years ago; Daniel would’ve been arresting Joshua.
“Honestly, yeah.” He admitted to her.

Janet smiled at Quinn taking a seat on the couch beside her. “Oh, I have missed that cute little face too,” Janet admitted. “I went shopping like crazy,” she said as she placed her git on the table, some clothes and a teddy bear.
“So, are you going to stay home, or do you plan to attend the trial?” It turned out that Francisco’s lawyer didn’t subpoena Quinn to take the stand. Janet knew though that Joshua was worried about the safety of his family though.
  joshua / kshahidx / 36d 16h 24m 21s
Quinn looked up when she heard Joshua’s voice and she smiled up at him, closing her yes when his lips met her forehead. She hadn’t intended on a falling asleep, but she was glad that Joshua wasn’t frustrated with her, not that she thought for one minute that he would. He obviously wanted her to rest and he would allow her to get that rest whenever she needed it. [b “I did! Thanks baby.”] She smiled and kissed him once more before she watched him pick up their daughter. There was nothing nicer than the sight of seeing her fiancé with their daughter in his arms. It filled her with more than she could have ever imagined feeling for someone.

[b “I’m going to get myself changed babe. I won’t be long.”] She kissed his cheek and then kissed Mya’s head before disappearing upstairs where she allowed herself a quite shower and then she changed into a comfortable loss dress, pulling her hair back into a braid so that she felt comfortable for the evening.

She made it downstairs just in time to hear the doorbell and she too over with Mya in the living room as Joshua answered the door. She smiled at the sound of Janet’s voice and chuckled a little when she heard what he said. [b “We’re just in the living room.”] She shouted through as she cuddled with Mya on the sofa. [b “Mya has missed her favourite honorary aunt too!”]
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“Have a good nap?” Joshua asked with a smirk as he kissed Quinn’s forehead. He was glad to see that she was resting, knowing that it wasn’t easy to give birth and of course with the trial going on, he could only hope that Quinn wasn’t stressing out too much. He really didn’t want her to come with him to court, but his lawyer had insisted considering that he thought it would help his image. Joshua would be in a smart suit, standing next to his fiancé and their newborn child – it’d lead the judge and jury to trust him more if he had a nice boy image. It wasn’t a lie though and he had cleaned up his life to make sure that he could be with Quinn. Now a father, his daughter meant everything to him; more than money.

He was careful as he picked up Mya, holding her and rocking her gently. He kissed her forehead, amazed that he and Quin had created someone so beautiful and perfect. Joshua would protect Mya and Quin with all he had and of course with the help of Charlie. Janet had told him how Charlie had leapt to protect Quinn – just giving her a few moments of freedom ad had Janet not been there, to shoot the intruders, Quin could’ve lost her life.

There was soon the sound of the doorbell ringing then, and when Joshua got to the door eh was met by his neighbors who both held gifts I their hands, smiling and happy to have dinner with the couple.
“Hey! Where’s the little girl at? I miss her already!” Janet said with a squeal as she entered. Joshua chuckled, shaking his head as he gathered the gifts and walked along with Daniel toward the kitchen. They’d taken to also preparing dinner: a roasted chicken with some veggies on the side.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 65d 13h 58m 34s
Quinn looked up from Mya and smiled towards Joshua to let him know that it was okay for him to go and do his own thing. While she was alone with Mya she managed to get her fed and back off to sleep, gently places her in her moses basket so that she didn't have to disrupt her. The more she slept now, the more time they had to themselves before they had visitors. She sighed a little and allowed herself to sit back against the back of the sofa and her eyes started to close involuntarily. It was almost impossible to believe how tired she had become since giving birth to Mya but she really was a lot of work and they did say that the mother should aim to sleep when the baby did. A short nap wouldn't cause any harm while Joshua showered.

She pulled her feet up onto the sofa and allowed herself to stretch out, resting her head against the pillow. A few minutes...

A few minutes quickly turned into an hour and she found herself waking up slightly panicked but when she saw that Mya was still fast asleep she began to relax easily, letting out a yawn as she sat up properly and stretched herself out. Charlie had curled up on the floor next to the moses basket, somewhat protectively and the sight made her smile and she reached out to pet her.

[b "Don't worry baby. You've not been replaced. Things are just going to be different for a while now."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 67d 18h 29m 48s
Joshua smiled down at Charlie as she ate her food. Seeing Quinn with Mya really showed him that life could be good and this [I normal] life didn’t have to be considered boring. While the domestic life wasn’t something that Joshua saw himself involved in, he had never been happier than he was now. He loved Quinn and Mya with his whole heart and giving up his old life didn’t seem like something he could ever regret.
“I’m going to get ready,” he said to Quinn. Joshua had left to shower before getting dressed in a pair of light blue jeans and a white shirt. He figured he could go casual since it was just dinner with Janet and Daniel.

He ran his hands through his hair as he came out of the bathroom then. Charlie was begging for attention. “I promise tomorrow I’ll take you to the park,” he said, Charlie jumping onto him then. He smiled and pet her forehead. “C’mon let’s go outside.” Fortunately, the house they were staying in had a backyard. Charlie would pout for a while, but she would settle fine on the patio couch. He just didn’t want the house too crowded. Things would be a bit different with Mya here now, [I very] different and Charlie would unfortunately have to take a back seat. Though that didn’t mean she would be forgotten.

Joshua knew that Dana and Janet would be arriving soon. He had a brief phone call with his lawyer, letting him know he couldn’t meet tonight but could come early in the morning. He couldn’t wait for the trial to be over.
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Quinn chuckled at the way that Mya squirmed in her arms ad she couldn't pull her eyes away from him. She was the most incredible thing in the world to look at and she still couldn't quite believe that she was their daughter. She felt so incredibly lucky and she knew that their lives would never be the same again.

She knew that the trial was not that far away now and she just hoped that it went to plan and that Joshua would be completely free of Francisco when this was all over. Then things truly would be perfect but she would be lying if she said that she wasn't slightly nervous about how it was going to go and what the outcome would be. She didn't want everything that Joshua had done to be without purpose.

Quinn looked up at smiled towards him and nodded, glad to know that they had a few hours of rest before they were expecting company, although she knew that they would be understanding of their fatigue. They had only just made it home and they hadn't settled into a proper routine yet. She smiled happily and kissed Joshua back and then looked down to Mya when she started to cry.

[b "Oh baby, it's okay."] She said as she bounced her gently, checking if she needed to be change which was the case so she moved her to the changing mat on the floor and changed her quickly, Charlie occupied enough with the food for her to change Mya without too much to worry about. Once she was changed she sat back up on the sofa and started to feed her and it was clear that was exactly what she wanted because she settled down quickly.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 77d 23h 11m 49s
It was already different for Mya to be with them, Joshua had continuously checked the rearview mirror as they were heading home as though he expected something to happen in the span of thirty minutes. Admittedly, he and Quinn were still trying to figure out this whole parenting thing and now they were home, he was realizing how much more work they’d b doing. This was finally all their responsibility – no hospital staff to help and watch over while they slept. Yes, they did have Janet and Daniel, but that didn’t mean that they would be around them all the time. Door secured and bags dropped on the couch, he walked over and took a seat on the couch, calling for Charli’s attention. She rested beside him, her head on his thigh as she looked toward Quinn who was holding Mya. He watched as she squirmed some, grabbing a wet wipe and washing her face. She was so small and incredibly beautiful. He still couldn’t believe how he could have been a part of creating someone so great.

“Around five,” he said. He checked his phone then; it was about two and he still had to clean up the place a bit. He’d been going back and forth from the hospital the last day to try and get everything ready for Mya. Quinn’s father had been of great help and Daniel and Janet had gifted them a crib which they’d set up in the room for now.

“I figured that’d give you time to rest and get ready.” He said as he leaned over to give her a kiss. “I just need to vacuum, get the table set.” He looked down at his clothes. “Definitely a shower and change.” Mya had begun to cry a little then to which caused Charlie to whimper. He tri to calm her down. For the longest Charlie had been the center of his attention and it was clear she was getting used now coming after Mya. He kissed her forehead before coming to a stand to get some food in her bowl.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 82d 15h 15m 52s
The next few days passed by well. She was exhausted and she wasn't getting as much sleep as she would have liked but she was healing up well. Mya had taken to her really easily after the first couple of attempts of trying to get her to breastfeed and the midwife spent time teaching both Quinn and Joshua how to change her properly and bathe her without causing to much of a fuss with her. They picked it up quickly, although it was obvious that they were both nervous at first, regardless of the fact that the midwife explained that everyone felt that way after having their first child. She even made a joke about how it would be so much easier to pick up the next time. One child was more than enough for now.

Quinn was more than relieved when she was told she could go home and she was super excited to be back in their home where they had spent the last few months setting up a nursery. She was also glad to see Charlie who was equally as excited to see her. Joshua managed to stop her from jumping up though but she made her way over to the sofa where she sat with Mya in her arms. Charlie came over for a moment, sniffing at the little bundle in her arms and after a few seconds she started to lick the little girl's face and Quinn chuckled.

[b "Alright Charlie, back off. Joshua, babe, call Charlie over. I don't want her freaking Mya out."] She chuckled again and brought her to her face to kiss her. [b "What time are Janet and Daniel coming over?"]
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The nurse soon came in to relieve them of the baby and check on Quinn, who for a while would be bedridden. The nurse had made sure to push the small tray with the baby sleeping peacefully beside Quinn’s bed. She let her know if she needed anything, all she had to do was buzz. Visiting hours were soon over and her father had promised to be back the next day. He’d asked Joshua to walk hm out. Janet and Daniel had left as well, Daniel promising that ty had to go out for drinks to celebrate. Joshua wondered what this moment would have been like if he were still back in the city. Would his friends had ben just as happy? Could he consider them his friends? He still shuddered at how beaten Quinn was after being released from her kidnapping.

Joshua smiled and kissed Quinn before leaving, promising he’d return and telling her to rest. She looked gorgeous to him even if she didn’t think so or feel her best. He kissed her again, already feeling a twang of separation anxiety as he left the two.
“So, Joshua –“ her father started. Joshua looked to Quinn’s father who watched him from the corner of his eye as they exited toward the elevator. “How does it feel to be a father?” Joshua knew that him and Quinn's father didn’t get off to a great start, but they were working toward a healthy friendship considering that there was no doubt that he would be marrying Quinn.
“I’m a bit worried,” he admitted. Her father seemed surprised, which made sense considering Joshua could come off a bit cocky.
“We all are at first. But I will say – to see Quinn that happy. I guess I’m glad it’s you.” He gently patted him on the shoulder then. “Take care of my girls Joshua,” he said before entering the elevator. It was a big responsibility, but Joshua had no intentions of failure. Quinn and Mya were all that mattered.

The days went on and Quinn was healing nicely from what he could tell. She was able to get around more and Mya had latched well for feeding. Eventually they had headed home with their little girl in tow, Joshua managing the bags he held and opening the door for Quinn. Charlie of course was very excited to see Quin. Again, and eager to meet her sister. Joshua had managed to prevent her from jumping up on Quinn as he locked up. He wanted Quinn to rest on her first night of having the baby, but he figured that’s all she had been doing. Still, Janet insisted they have a dinner since Joshua hadn’t cooked and Quinn had been stuck eating hospital food.

Not to mention, the trial was in less than two days and Joshua had to go over his statements again.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 85d 13h 59m 53s
Quinn looked down at their daughter and nodded. [B "Mya it is then. She is absolutely beautiful."] She was still a little teary but she knew that emotions would be running high with the exhaustion that she felt. However, she wouldn't have time to rest yet as their visitors made their way into the room, her father coming straight towards her to kiss her head and looked down at the beautiful girl in her arms.

[I "Oh Quinn! She is beautiful. I'm so proud of you."] He leaned down and ran his finger over the little girl's cheek. He looked up at Joshua as he announced her name and watched as he lowered himself into a chair. He chuckled and looked back to Quinn. [I "I knew you were going to have a little girl and she is just so precious. How are you feeling?"]

[B "A little sore and massively tired."] She said with a chuckle as she looked towards Janet and Daniel. [B "Thanks but I don't feel like I look great."] Quinn glanced over at Joshua and smiled happily. She was completely in love with her little family and she knew that she was completely and utterly happy. Nothing would be able to change that if she didn't let it.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 86d 2h 3m 27s
“I like Mya,” he said to her with a smile. He looked down at their little girl, bundled up in a blanket and a fuzzy pink beanie. Her eyes mere slits, squirming some as she became accustomed to being in the world now. “She definitely looks like a Mya,” he said again. He looked up to see Janet and Daniel along with Quinn’s father. Janet and Daniel had a brought some flowers for Quinn long with a little stuffed bear to welcome the little girl. Janet smirked at Daniel

“I told you so,” she said. “How was it? You still look great,” she said as she looked down at the bundle in Quinn’s arms. She would soon start developing her features and Janet wondered who the child would favor more: her father or her mother? They both were good people, there was no doubt she would have a wonderful childhood. It was interesting coming into this knowing of the crimes that Joshua had committed. Yet, he didn’t seem to be such a bad or dangerous guy and maybe it was true they you could change. She liked to think of course that Quinn played a major role in this.

“So, what have you guys decided to name her?”

“Mya,” he said with a smile. Joshua took a seat in the chair, he was exhausted, but he was overwhelmingly happy to be here in this moment with all these people who wished nothing but the best for him. It made him more optimistic. Maybe this trial would go by easily.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 86d 9h 11m 11s
Quinn hard never felt anything like this before. She was completely filled with love. She looked down at little girl n her arms and she felt like she was going to burst. How was it possible for her to have this much love for another being. Quinn loved Joshua with all her heart but now that their daughter was here she silent helo but feel like that love had now been amplified beyond comprehension.

Quinn looked up to see that Joshua himself was quite emotional and she could see that he was feeling the same things as she was. She smiles as he kissed her forehead and continue to smile against his lips when he kissed her. [B "Look what we made."] He said with a huge grin and she couldn't help but look down at her again, the crying soon subsiding as she felt her grow more comfortable in her arms.

Quinn looked up at Joshua then. She didnt really know which of the names they had discussed would be the best. [B "Isobel? Mya? Emily?"] She chuckled a little. [B "You choose."] However, before they had the chance to choose the baby was being taken away to get clean up and dressed so that they could have some visitors. She nodded towards the nurse. [B "You can let them in."] She said and soon enough the baby was returned to her arms. [B "She is so beautiful."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 87d 11m 47s
He looked at the squirming little bean in her hands, face red as their little girl announced tot h world that she was here. Soon enough the tears had turned into soft gasps before she quieted down, quickly finding comfort as she cuddled into Quinn’s chest. Joshua leaned in, squeezing Quinn’s hand He was mesmerized by the little girl, nothing in his world mattering at all as soon as he looked into her eyes. “A daughter,” he said with a smile, silent tars falling. There was no need to b macho, no reputation to uphold – just expression of his love and happiness for what they both had accomplished. He kissed Quinn’s forehead again then before kissing her lips.

“I’m so proud of you,’ he’d said softly, knowing how scary it had been for him. He could only imagine what Quinn was going through as she was delivering their daughter. “S, what do you think we should name her?” He said with a chuckle. They’d thought of a few, but of course it was hard to choose when they hadn’t known the gender.

There was a knock on the door then, the nurse asking if she was ready to see visitors as their friends and her father couldn’t wait to meet the little bundle. The nurse had taken her briefly, just to get her changed into something a bit more comfortable and warmer. Joshua could sigh with relief that the delivery went as planned. Though, now that was done, they had to get through the trial. He wanted Quinn and their daughter protected at all times. His loyalty now lied with them and he wanted to make sure that no harm would ever come their way.
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