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[center [size20 [b [i ⥧something like forever⥩]]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGEXCq6.png]]
[size10 [b He] is not the kind of man you'd want your daughter to marry. A troubled soul with a penchant for danger and part of an underground fight club conducted by the mafia is plenty dangerous.
[b She] is the daughter of a cop from the good part of town, from the part of town he has never felt welcomed in.
[b Their] worlds are complete different, hers affluent, clean, and safe - his grimy, tough, and dangerous. Yet, after the girl and some friends sneak off to a club for a little fun, the two beings bump into each other.
[b He] invites her to the fight that night and it's obvious the two share some attraction with another. Sounds cute right, very starcrossed? Save for the fact her father is working on a case, a case that he's involved in and if committed could put him a way for a long time
[b Together] they attempt to fuse their two worlds, a love growing between them - but can they have their forever after with the life he lives?
[size10 [b rules.]
-okay this summary was low key trash but you get the idea lol
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot. we can brainstorm on anything we want to add
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced - but lets try to keep it limited, dont want to have too many names floating about

osting is at least once a day for the love of god please be active, the whole reason i came here was to be back into writing so i would ask that you are able to post at least twice a week.

-real pictures
-mature theme; cursing, sexual content [described and time skipped] and often gore/violence
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily. I'm at this point where I refuse to try to carry the story with each post. i need you to add [i something], dont just use details from my own post - this is [u both] of our world, so get creative !
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They’d arrived at the bar then. It was nicer than the ones he was used to from his old neighborhood, but maybe that was the mood that Roscoe and Francisco wanted to go for. It would be easier to have this conversation where they didn’t have to worry about their enemies overhearing. Though Francisco truly did stand out compared to the other more [I clean cut] looking women and men. They blended in, in some weird kind of way. They sat in the corner of the bar. Francisco welcomed him with a smile, opening his arms to embrace the male and give him a kiss on the cheek. He was wondering where Roscoe was, as he was the one who was supposed to be wired it turned out.

Francisco looked toward Daniel. “Who’s this guy?” He asked with a raised brow. Joshua motioned for them all to take a seat.
“Just a neighbor, didn’t think this would be about business. Don’t worry, he’s cool.” He said with a nervous smile. Francisco had to know that Joshua was involved in his court case, but he hoped the little bit of loyalty the two had would make him trust Joshua not to rat him out. Though, he had every intention to considering what had happened to Quinn. He knew Francisco had put that order out.
“I’ll trust you,” he said with a nod toward the waiter who brought over some old fashions. “For now.” Joshua was turned off by the way Francisco said that and he wondered then truly more into what he meant by that. He eagerly took a sip of the drink, glad that he had brought his gun along just in case. He just hoped Daniel wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire.

Back at the house Roscoe, the man from the hospital that Joshua had warned her about, and another one of Francisco’s goons had knocked at the door. They knew that Joshua was away and Francisco was taking care of him. It was his job to take care of his girlfriend which would make the case against him go away. With few witnesses, the case was bound to be dismissed. It had been hard to get the location of the two at first, until they blackmailed one of the cops in the precinct. He turned over the whereabouts after sneaking into Quinn’s father’s office.

When the door opened there were guns pointed at the women. “You scream and I’ll blow your head off right now.” He said as the door was closed and locked. He nudged the gun against her cheek. “On the couch, and you don’t move –“ He said as he saw Janet reaching for her phone. He turned toward the other goon. “Raid the bedroom, take everything.” He knew Francisco wouldn’t have left his money and valuables behind and anything that could prove useful against Francisco. They’d tossed his old apartment and found nothing.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 2d 16h 27m 47s
Quinn watched them go and closed the door behind them, leading Janet into the living room where she already had herself some snacks since her pregnancy cravings were driving her wild at this moment in time. However, she had Joshua and he was good at going to fetch the things she needed or wanted, no matter the time of time day.

Quinn settled herself into the sofa and sighed heavily, smiling up at Janet as she asked her question. In truth, aside from the occasional morning sickness she felt the pregnancy was going relatively well and she was enjoying the fact that she could enjoy it with Joshua by her side.

Her lips parted to speak but there was a knock at the door. Quinn glanced towards the door and smiled a little as she pushed her hands into the material of the sofa and made her way towards the door.

[b “I bet Joshua forgot his keys or his wallet.”] She said with a chuckle and opened the door but Joshua was not the person she found at the door.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 3d 12h 44m 15s
“Hmmm, I can only promise maybe one of those two things.” Daniel joked. Joshua smiled and kissed Quinn back, holding her close as though it would be the last time he saw her. Though, who knew? If this deal didn’t go well with Roscoe at the bar, there was more than likely a chance that Joshua could be killed. He just hoped this wasn’t a trap. All he would need to do is meet up with Cisco, get him to confess and get out. He didn’t account for Daniel though and realized that it would be a bit harder to get around to engaging conversation with gang members.

“I love you,” he told Quinn with a smile. Soon the two men were on their way. It was an obvious sense of tension once they were out of the house and Joshua could tell Daniel had questions.

“You going to tell me what this is about?” He asked the male as thy finally reached Joshua’s car. He didn’t seem like he was going anywhere, but the look in his eyes proved that Daniel didn’t want to be lying for him if it was something that would later come to bite him in the ass. “This isn’t about a girl?” Joshua chuckled and shook his head, breathing with relief.

“I’d never do that to Quinn.” In his past he had been a bit of a womanizer and it was common for him to move on, but the minute he laid eyes on Quinn in that club, he knew that he wanted [I her]. The love she brought to his life was immeasurable.

“There’s just this guy I used to know that wants to meet up for a beer, but Quinn isn’t a big fan of him.” He lamely excused. Daniel nodded and to Joshua’s surprise he had opened the passenger door. Looks like Daniel was coming along for the ride.

Janet, probably unbeknownst to Quinn had done a quick survey of the room. She knew very well what both of the men were up to and if things went as planned, hopefully no blood would be drawn. She looked to Quinn.

“So, how’s the pregnancy going?” She asked, though conversation was broken then by the knock on the door.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 5d 16h 49m 46s
Quinn started to gather herself then, finishing her drink off while Joshua asked for the bill and paid it off. When he was done she was more than ready to go and she stood from her chair and held his hand on the way out to the car. Back in their old lives it might have looked odd for the two to be together, especially since he would always be covered in bruises or have broken bones. Now they looked completely normal together and many looked in their direction simply to smile or wave rather than judge them.

Once they were home they spent some time snuggled on the sofa, simply enjoying the company of each other until they seemed to get company later that night. She remained on the sofa for a minute until she heard the familiar voices of their friendly neighbours and then she made her way to the door, smiling in greeting at them. She had missed part of the conversation but by the time she arrive there, Daniel was asking if it was alright to take Joshua out.

[b “Course it is. Just bring him back in one piece and not too drunk. I would like to get [I some] sleep tonight.”] She said in good humour before welcoming Janet into their home. She smiled and then leaned over to give Joshua a quick kiss. [b “Enjoy yourself babe.”]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 10d 18h 45m 24s
A healthy child was more than all he wanted and certainly he hoped that Quinn would have a healthy pregnancy. He tried not to stress out too much, but didn’t want to let his guard up. Things would get a bit complicated once he actually testified and even more so he was worried about what would happen afterward. It was a sad thing to say or even think, but he didn’t want Quinn getting too comfortable. Especially considering they would more than likely have to move again after he testified. He worried so Quinn didn’t have to though and clearly it was working, then again she had always been the more clear thinking type. He called the waitress over for the check before paying in cash, of course so as not to leave a paper trace. New name and identity didn’t say much seeing how he was already discovered.

“All set,” he told her with a smile. He left a tip and waited for Quinn before taking her hand in his own and heading toward the car. Eventually they were home and he was exhausted, wanting to just cuddle up to his fiancé and continue living [I normally]. Though he did still think about his plans or the night. He was surprised then by a knock at the door. It was around eight p.m.

“Hey neighbor, sorry to bother but the missus was dying to catchup on that show with Quinn,” Daniel said, Janet coming up behind him with homecooked meal

“Well I was actually heading out,” Joshua said to Daniel. He hadn’t a chance to mention it to Quinn and certainly hadn’t come up with a good enough lie. Daniel seemed to pick up on thus though.

“Yeah, well you know how it is? I say I’m heading out and she had plans. Alright with you Quinn if Josh and I hit the bar?” Joshua chuckled nervously, though this was a saving grace. Why Daniel was making the effort to do this for him though was questionable.

“It’ll be fun a girl’s night away from the boys, we can talk about them freely,” Janet teased as Joshua stepped aside to let her in.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 16d 17h 12m 25s
Quinn knew that he would likely always be on edge in this was, maybe even more so when she was a little heavier with pregnancy and when the baby arrived, especially if they were still in witness protection by that point because honestly this trial could take a long time and they would likely have to remain in protection for some time after in case he controlled people on the outside if Francisco was sent to prison. She had only met him once before and she found his presence very uncomfortable and she never wanted to feel that was again. Joshua would make sure that she wouldn't.

She couksb help but feel a little sad about the fact Joshua didn't seem to have a family to care for him but she told herself that she would make sure she gave him that family. She loved him deeply and their child would love him just as much. She would become the family he didn't have and their child would know so much love. She wanted to show their child what a loving relationship was like and she knew that her relationship with Joshua was a special one.

[B "You think so?"] She asked as she placed a hand on her stomach. [B "I'm not sure I have any strong feelings about whether our baby is a girl or a boy. As long as theh are healthy and happy then I will be too."] Joshua finished his meal quickly and she wasn't too far behind. [B "You want to head home?"]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 17d 10h 28m 30s
“Well it’s hard not to worry,” Joshua said to her. “You know how it is – everything can change in a second. I just – I’m worrying so you don’t have to.” Joshua started to eat some of his food then. He hated that he was keeping something from Quinn, but the less she knew the better. He didn’t want to put her in harms way again. He tried to act normal then, figuring it would do good to just talk about the baby and names – not wanting to slip up and mention anything about his conversation with the guy from outside. Quinn though he was being paranoid, but he had been proven right that the guy intentionally bumped into him and had followed them to the restaurant. He was concerned then: had this guy followed them home? Joshua swallowed the lump of food slowly then. “Family members?’

Joshua shook his head then, eyes trained on his plate. Quinn was his only family now. He hadn’t even had any contact with Gio and for his own protection. He had a family to take care of as well and Joshua didn’t want to put them in harms way. Gio had always protected him and they had grown together, Gio feeding him and looking out for him. Before meeting Quinn, it had been Gio who did his best to help him up the stairs and into bed after a nasty fight.

“Guess, something will come to me when we know the gender,” Joshua said then. He felt a bit sad to know that his child would never know his side of the family, but maybe that was for the best. He had done well without them and knew that his family with Quinn would be a chance to show his child they could have a great life without having to go the same path he had. This was a second chance. “Though I don’t know, feel like maybe we’ll have a little girl.” He said with a smile. “Delilah’s a pretty name.” Joshua finished his meal quickly then, a bit exhausted and ready to rest up before meeting with Roscoe at the bar.”
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 19d 16h 54m 23s
Quinn was good at detecting when he wasn't being completely honest with her by now but she also knew that he always had a reason for doing so. On this occasion it seemed like he didn't want her to get upset or worry so he was making up some story to keep her mind at rest. She sighed with a little smile and shook her head a little. [B "If you say so Joshua."] She chuckled a little and then he continued to talk, explaining that he was on edge because he just wanted to protect her.

Another sigh escaped her lips and she leaned forward and took his hand. [B "You need to stop worrying so much. You are going to give yourself a heart attack. I don't need to be dealing with you in hospital."] She smiled and took back her hand when the waiter brought their food over and she thanked them before she started to pick at it.

[B "I haven't really thought about names yet. I think once I know if we are having a girl or a boy, names might come to me."] She said with a smile. [B "There are a few names I like. Are there any that are important to you? Do you have any family members you want to honor?"]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 20d 11h 13m 7s
Joshua had distracted himself by drinking from his glass of water. He didn’t want to worry Quinn and telling her about what was planned certainly would have worried her. Wearing a wire was risky business and if this guy was a double [I agent] how could Joshua trust who his loyalty actually belonged to? It worried him then, whether he should ask Quinn’s father if this was a set-up, or if he had kept quiet about it, so as not to get Joshua even more nervous. He figured he would call and ask about it when they both got to the house.

Quinn was looking for an answer though. He sighed, hating to lie to her.
“Just had a few words with the guy. You don’t think its weird he’s on our tail? Just wanted to make sure you’re safe – says he thought we had a flat and saw us leaving the maternity ward, so he was worried.” He shrugged, brushing the lie off as if it were nothing. It was for Quinn’s safety right?
“I’m sorry.” He said, “Ever since you started baking that little baby I’m just – I don’t want anything to happen to you. Guess I’m being a bit dramatic?” He said with a dry chuckle, glad the waiter was coming over to them with their food then. Anything for a distraction was more than appreciated.

“So, what are we thinking for names?” Joshua asked then, hoping to steer the conversation in a different direction. It was just wearing a wire and a couple of minutes of convo – that’s all. Though if this backfired then what if they came after them? Joshua was still going through the trauma of what they had put Quinn through when they kidnapped her. He just had to continue to have hope that this would all work out in their favor. Though if her father said this wasn’t scheduled by them, he battled with the idea of still going through with it.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 24d 16h 21m 40s
Quinn couldn't exactly leave the table to get Joshua back inside so she kept her eyes trained on him, trying to see if he was going to make a scene or not but it was tricky because she was so far away. Even if he did make a scene she could hardly get out there quickly enough to stop anything from happening.

She sipped in her water and picked up a piece of bread as if she was attempting to distract herself. Of course it didn't really work because she couldn't peel her eyes away from him. She gripped hold if the table ready to stand up and go to Joshua when he grabbed hold of the man's shirt. This could go wrong quickly if they weren't careful but it seemed that whatever the man said to Joshua calmed him down because there was no fight like she had expected and soon enough he was coming back into the restaurant.

The waitress returned to take their orders and once they were given to her she looked over at Joshua and sighed. [B "What was all that about? Are you alright today? You seem so on edge."
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 25d 12h 16m 29s
Quinn was calling for him to stay put, not wanting the male to get into an altercation. Joshua was telling himself to stay cool and not let this person get a rise out of him where he would make the mistake of attacking him, though it had been quite some time since he had hit someone which was quite tempting. All he wanted to know was who this guy was and why he was following them. Quinn wasn’t naïve, but not paying attention it seemed, or maybe he was paying [I too] much attention. Joshua had always been the paranoid type and he had to be, considering the work he was involved in, in his earlier life. Still, this was a new town and Joshua didn’t have a record under his false name with the police department in the area, but if he was caught and they ran his prints it would be a whole mess – that would mean having to move again and it pained Joshua to have to do that to Quinn.

“What’s going on pal?” He asked then. The man lifted his hands as if in a sense of a physical white flag. Up close, Joshua could tell this was the same man from earlier.
“Hey, no harm Josh.” He said and Joshua stepped closer then, it was coming to him. This was the guy from the fight – the man who had been involved in the raid the [I snitch]. Joshua became worried then. “Don’t trip my man, 12 has me on the payroll – just keeping an eye out for you.” Joshua stepped close, gripping the man’s shirt.
“You got me in this mess!” Joshua snapped. He could see the fear in the man’s eyes then. He had been in two rounds with Joshua and knew what that anger could transform into physically.
“Look, I’m working both sides okay? I got a family to look after. I’m supposed to draw you t Cisco for a confession . . . wired up. That way when the trial comes his confession is all set. I’m the only one clean cut enough to get close to you.” Joshua was finding it hard to believe what the man said, he was a rat after all.
“Roscoe,” the man said, Joshua relinquishing his hold then and the male adjusting his shirt and running his hands through dyed blonde strands of hair. “Look the meeting is tonight, bar about twenty minutes from your place, the Dive.” Joshua knew then he wasn’t paranoid, someone was watching them. “11pm – tonight.”

This was tough, it could be a trap. But if it would help toward building a strong case then maybe it would help toward the trial. Joshua just knew it wouldn’t be best to tell Quinn, she would try to talk him out of it or talk to her father. “Stay away from my car, see you tonight.” Joshua simply said, playfully smacking the guys face and turning his heel to head back into the restaurant. He was stressed, a bit on edge – but it also felt like his old life. He headed back inside then just in time for the waitress to return and take their orders.

“Sorry about that,” Joshua told Quinn, hoping she wasn’t upset at his actions.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 28d 4h 22m 45s
When the waiter took their order Quinn was almost left glowing. She had been a lot lately and their neighbours kept commenting on how pregnancy suited her. Even her father said the same thing last time he came around and he was warming the idea alot more and checked in with her often to ensure that she was doing okay.

[B "A party? That doesn't sound much like something you would enjoy babe. You know you don't have to keep putting yourself through those things just to please me. We should celebrate our baby in the way [I we] want to."] Quinn smiled a little. It made her so happy to know that he was trying so hard lately and he seemed to be happy although at times he looked a little restless without having his fighting thing going on.

She noticed the change in his expression then and she looked towards where Joshua was looking but by the time she looked back at him, he was already out of his seat and making his way towards the man who appeared to be near their car.

[B "Joshua..."] It was too late, he was gone and the waiter was bring their drinks and a basket of bread. [B "Thank you."]
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 29d 12h 57m 1s
They had bee seated then, Joshua opting for a sparkling water. He was changing most of his habit lately knowing that it would’ve easier to change now rather than later. He didn’t want his child to think of him as a drunk and a man quick to fight. Life wasn’t going to be perfect, but he wanted to assure that their child wouldn’t see that side of him. It was time for Joshua to grow up. He looked to the menu then, trying to figure what he wanted. Admittedly, he was still pretty excited about the appointment even though the interaction with the delivery guy after hadn’t been pleasant. He wasn’t going to let it keep him down.

“I think I would want the gender to be a surprise for me. Maybe we can have. Party or something, invite the neighbors?” It was an unusual suggestion, but Quinn was enjoying the normalcy of their life thus far and Joshua was trying to show that he was willing to try to eradicate the past him. He smiled at Quinn, her hand resting gently on her stomach. She was barely growing a bump, he could only imagine how big she would be in the next coming months. He was already thinking of how different their lives would be once their child was born. The waiter soon arrived then to take their orders. Joshua had raised his glass then to cheers to a healthy birth when he was distracted by the view out the window. He had parked his car where he could easily watch it, which was a habit. It wasn’t his car, which Quinn’s dad he kept away so as not to draw attention, still Joshua had always been protective of his cars and his feelings were validated considering how close the guy was to his car.

“What the hell is this guy doing,” Joshua said then. The male had changed, but he was positive that it was the same guy from the earlier, the delivery guy. “Don’t move.” He told Quinn as he came to a stand and started outside.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 39d 11h 47m 30s
Quinn could tell that Joshua was frustrated and she wished that she knew a way to help him. Perhaps it was the fact that they didn't have jobs at the moment so there was really nothing else to do besides socialise with their neighbours or stay in the house. She hoped that he would agree to going to lunch because it meant that she could distract him, if only for a little while.

She smiled when he took hold of her hand and she looked at the ring on her finger, remember the promises they had made to each other when they first got into all of this. Of course, they were quite the way off from being in any position to even think about actually getting married but the promise alone was enough for her. She nodded when he let go of her hand to drive. [b "I think we could all do with some food."]

When they arrived at the restaurant, Joshua was quick to run around to her side of the car to open the door and she couldn't help but smile. He was such a gentleman. Quinn wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. [b "I love you too."] When they got to the doors they were seen quickly and shown to a table. Here, no one judged them. He wasn't covered in bruises like he used to be. Here they were a young and in love married couple with a baby on the way.

[i "Can I get you something to drink? Wine perhaps?"]

[b "Not for me, water will be fine. Not sure my doctor would approve of the wine."] She said as she placed her hands on her stomach.
  Quinn / d1gn17y / 39d 18h 12m 58s
Quinn was right, [I of course]. It wouldn’t have been a good idea to start a fight and he would hate for her to have to start all over as far as making friends and setting up another home when she seemed to be doing so well and getting very comfortable as is in the town they had been relocated to. Plus, her father could take that as a sign that he wasn’t ready to change and that could do some real damage to his charges which had been dropped. He was supposed to stay out of trouble until the trial was over. No jail time, just probation and if he wanted to be with Quinn through this pregnancy and to see the birth of his child, he needed to stay out of trouble. Joshua had promised not to mess things up. He leaned back in his seat then and sighed out before starting the car.
“I know, I know,” he agreed with her. Truthfully some part of him had been running on too much energy, life with Quinn was fun, but Joshua wasn’t used to going days without training or fighting. He looked great, no black eyes or barely managing to breathe or walk from bruised ribs. Still, it was exciting to him, though he knew Quinn had never been a fan of it, only supporting him because she loved him.

He looked to Quinn’s hand and gave it a kissed her knuckles, the engagement ring still sitting there. He wasn’t just some punk kid anymore. He was engaged and he had a child on the way, Joshua needed to start making better decisions, at least Quinn was there to remind him. “That sounds good,” he told her. “I bet our little one is just as hungry, might be why I’m so cranky,” he joked as he began to pull from the lot. He drove them to the restaurant, opening the door for Quinn and pulling her into an embrace. “I love you.” He said sincerely before they headed for the entrance.
  joshua / SincerelyLily / 43d 8h 57m 21s

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