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[Center [Size11 [font "Times New Roman" [i closed for us spooky babes
[pic http://i.imgur.com/pMpwFWF.png] [pic https://i.imgur.com/YXkR1Cx.png]

Does anyone wish that I were alive, so undesirable I am in this body?
Why do you look at me like that? This face that is rotting.
Its painful, its painful, and it cant be helped
[#ffffff x]


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[center [size10 Waking to a small ray of sunshine shining through the cracks of a pair of black out curtains. Imogen opened her eyes with a huff. A cat walked across her bed with a soft meow that signaled that the cat wanted to be fed which was now even more of a reason to get out of bed. She pulled the blankets back revealing a rather long legged girl. Imogen stood at a staggering five foot nine. Tall for a female. Most women envied her legs, men drooled over them.]]
[center [size10 Imogen stretches for a moment before pushing her feet into a park of cute demon slippers. She grabs a cigarette and an empty coffee cup from the bed side table and followed the cat out of the bedroom. Before stepping outside, Imogen dumps a cup of cat food into the felines bowl and continued her way outside. Imogen ran her finger around her coffee cup rim and suddenly the cup was full of a piping hot liquid that you only hoped was coffee. Imogen’s idea of a cup of coffee was a half coffee, a fourth demons blood, and a fourth Kahlua, her favorite coffee flavored alcoholic beverage. The humans could at least do something right.]]

[center [size10 Imogen glances over at the gentleman, who was delivering her newspaper and smiles. He was a rather cute guy, who has a police record and could only get a job tossing papers. Good kid though. Imogen made sure to always tip him. The gentleman, like always, approached her with a small, timid smile before bobbing his head and mumbling a quiet thank you when Imogen handed him a 20 dollar bill. She could really tell the difference between humans that weren’t thankful verses if they were selfish and greedy. Imogen could see the good in this mans eyes, so she allowed him to go another day.]]
[center [size10 Imogen picked up her paper and stepped back inside, being greeted by a cat with a full belly. Imogen ticked the paper underneath her arm and scooped the cat up, walking back into the kitchen where she stubbed her cigarette out. Imogen finished the last remaining sips of her coffee before placing it into the sink. The cat rolled out of her arms and landed gracefully on the floor before running off.]]
[center [size10 Imogen checked the time and quietly hummed to herself. She was going through everything that she could do with her day before finally deciding what she wanted to do. Now, she only had to let her sisters know. Was she going to though? Probably not. Imogen was a more care free witch verses what most people believe a witch would act like. Her presence was that of a Supreme witch, but her personality, not so much.]]
[center [size10 Imogen had gotten ready and told her cat goodbye before walking out of the door. She locked in right behind her before hopping on her bike and heading into town. She arrived to the school and looked up at it. She remembered when this old building was something completely different. She hasn't lived in Briar Glenn in whole life, but long enough to know that the town has changed a lot since she last saw it.]]
[center [size10 Imogen began her descent up the stairs that lead into the college. Now she had to find a class to sneak into. Imogen was pretty good at persuading her way into anything, so really, she only had to find a class that actually interested her. Imogen scanned up the hallway then back down before finding a class that sounded mildly interesting, [i historic folklore].]]
[center [size10 Imogen grabbed the door knob and opened the door. Kids were still looking around for a free seat next to someone that didn't make them feel awkward. But, everyone stopped what they were doing to look at Imogen. Her presence was immense the moment she stepped through the door. After a moment, everyone went back to what they were doing and Imogen looked around for a seat.]]
[center [size10 Imogen wondered over to the back row of the classroom and sat down right next to some kid. She looked over at him and smile slightly, [i [#FF0000 "the name's Imogen. I'm choosing you as my classroom buddy."]]]]
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[Center [font "times new roman" [i
September 1st
[P ]
Steam rolled up from the spout of the tea kettle in Peyton's small studio apartment. He turned off the burner and poured some into a pale yellow embroidered teacup with the earl grey teabags already set in the bottom. Peyton sat down in the little café styled chair at his two person dining table, which was nestled cutely by the window. He peered out of this window, the weatherman had predicted rain but so far all there was looked like a dreary looking day.

'The skies are always grey here.' The thought flickered accross Peyton's mind as he watched the lazy silvery clouds in the sky. He'd been here for 2 weeks and the it was either always raining or grey outside. It caused for the whole town to look as if it were inside the neighboring forest, the nature overgrown on the buildings and along the streets didn't help either. Briar Glenn wasn't even that small of a town either, it was large enough for a couple of superstores and a small outlet mall along with a marina at the ocean's beach.

After Peyton finished his tea he set the cup neatly in the empty sink and grabbed his bag and phone off the charger then out the door the male went, walking with a confident stride in his step on his way to the bus stop. Today was the day he rejoined society and became a functioning adult. Today he returned to school.

Peyton got off the bus around the corner from college campus. It was just a short walk away but the bus cuts a 40 minute walk to a 15 minute bus ride and it just felt like the logical thing to do. Standing at the steps was the student rep asked to show Peyton to his classes and help him get ysed to his schedule since he was starting about a week after everyone else already had for the fall semester. They didn't chat very much only walked and she assured him she'd be back after his class ended to bring him to his next one.

The tall slender male picked a seat in the back of the classroom, that way he could make a getaway if he couldn't keep up his normal demeaner or got too overwhelmed. Peyton opened uo his binder to check what class he was in first.

[#ff0000 "Folklore Studies, Prof. Hunt huh?"]

[P ]
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