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It's been 20 years since Queen Mal released the barrier around The Isle of the Lost and though a new jail system had to be implemented for villians who decided to take advantage of their 2nd chance not much has changed and a new generation has been born to the world. Princess Ellie is a bright young 15 year old girl who has a love for her parents and her kingdom and the residents within and her mother spared no ounce of love raising the girl as she had wanted to be raised, but as the girl gets ready to start her high school years at Auradon Prep something changes in the girl and she enters an odd rebellious phase and runs away to live with her Grandfather who after years of being a dad to the Queen returned to the Isle to help teach in the public school as though changes were made after the barrier came down the Isle of the Lost was still a place for the poor, unwanted, and unloved. Ellie lies to her grandfather about having her parents permission to attend the public school to try and learn how to help the Isle and begins attending the small school disguising herself as just another street rat so she won't be recognized. What is Ellie's real plan here? and what will happen when her parents learn where she vanished to?

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The sun was peeking into the room when she woke with a soft groan. Again she had spent the night as a cat and golden eyes scanned the room. Everything seemed like it had been..nothing out of its place. It was odd to not find any evidence of Ellie having been there, but at the same time completely expected. Yet, it almost made her feel like she was going crazy. It made her feel like the night of being pet and held was either just a distant memory or a dream.

It took a few moments before she could even gain the will to switch back to her human self. The school already knew her as the "pregnant" girl and a lot of them liked to mock her. Or they did until she gave them a small surprise and turned them into something better suited to their "inner selves". Not a nice trick for sure, but how else was she really supposed to do things?

Her hand rested on the soft swell of her midsection and she sighed. She really didn't feel well and wasn't wanting to go to class. It wasn't like...[#be5cf5 [i 'Oh no...you promised El... You have to get your ass to go and at least make it two classes..']] Came the scolding of her thoughts as she got a shower and dressed and grabbed her bag.

The girl arrived at school easily before class would be starting. Her eyes were on the ground and her arms crossed as she hugged the sweater to her. It was as she was walking did she bump into a new girl. One with bright blue hair. And one she knew she hadn't seen around. [#be5cf5 "I...I'm sorry. I should have been..."] Her own magic sparked for a moment just to give her a quick glimpse of who the girl was and a small smile slipped to her lips.

[#be5cf5 "I'm Braelyn..well Bre.. You're new here, right? Would you like help finding your classes?"] She asked and held a hand out to the other. She knew, but was playing now.
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Ellie slept well for the first time in a while with Bre in her arms, but she woke just before dawn when something sharp gripped her leg and she looked down to see a tiny pair of golden dragon eyes glaring at her and her own eyes widened and she glanced at Bre to make sure she was still asleep before turning her attention back to the dragon. [#4b00af "Nana what the hell are you doing here? If mom and dad sent you you can tell them to fuck off and leave me alone."] Ellie hissed and watched the small dragon shift into a small girl who looked no older than 3. [#040404 "You seriously think I would listen to your mother? I followed you Ells you haven't been yourself for a couple weeks and now I know why."] the girl said raising an eyebrow before leaning over and petting the dark cat and Ellie frowned before checking her watch and slipping off the bed quietly. [#4b00af "Nana I'm staying with Papa so if you want to watch over me your going to have to deal with his mocking again."] Ellie said glaring at the woman who had been reduced to the love in her heart and had only got back a human form after Ellie was born and she realized how much she had missed being so dead set on revenge. Maleficent shuddered hearing Ellie's words but slid off the bed and grabbed her granddaughter's hand. [#040404 "Whatever I'm not abandoning you. Your the reason I'm not a stupid lizard anymore."] the girl said and Ellie sighed before leaning back on the bed and kissing the sleeping Bre's head. [#4b00af "See you at school. I love you."] she whispered before putting on her disguise and scooping her grandmother into her arms then headed out back to her Grandfather's cave hopefully before he woke up.

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It was now 7am and Ellie sat in her new disguise eating breakfast while her grandparents squabbled sneaking bits of bacon to Cerberus who sat begging between her legs. Once finished with breakfast Ellie stood and went to her room and grabbed her backpack before coming back out and grabbing her Papa by his arm and out of the cave. [#0018ff "Does she really have to stay here?"] Hades grumbled once they were out of site and Ellie smiled. [#4b00af "No but you know as long as I'm here she won't leave I am her reason for being after all."] Ellie said flinching as they exited the cave into the morning sun holding tightly to Hades hand and the man sighed as they made their way to the school Cerberus just ahead of them growling at those he hated and begging for treats and pets from those he liked making Ellie giggle. Once at the school Hades took Ellie to his office and printed out a copy of the school map and Ellie's schedule and Ellie couldn't help but smile as she was sharing every class with Bre {she had peeked at the girl's schedule before leaving that morning} Ellie kissed Hades cheek and headed off to her first class while putting on her new persona of a lost scared new girl who had been locked away her whole life and had just been shoved into a new world.
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This wasn't the first time Ellie had come to her and she had chosen her cat form and it wouldn't be the last either. It was something that in its way happened to help both girls. Her best friend was comforted by being able to pet her and well Bre loved being pet. So as far as she figured it was a win for them both.

When Ellie took her to the bed and rested her on her stomach, Kitty Bre purred and nuzzled against the other girl's hand. Her ears twitched at the words spoken. Was she being serious? Or was that her tired mind just letting words slip?

[#be5cf5 [i 'Being able to marry you...it's all I ever wanted..but...']] She let the thought trail off as El seemed to have fallen asleep. She was content to just being held and close to the other that she fell asleep herself.
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Ellie smiled when Bre came up and purred around her feet and Ellie knelt down and carefully scooped the girl into her arms before turning to lock the door before dropping her disguise and walking towards Bre's bed and laying down on it. It was pokey and uncomfortable but Ellie didn't care as she placed the cat version of her friend on her own stomach and began petting her, it was something Ellie always did when she was stressed and it was always up to Bre when she wanted Ellie to stop, though Ellie was quickly falling asleep just being around her friend. [#4b00af "I wish I could marry you Bre and not some stuck up prince from the other areas of Auradon. Maybe I'll just kidnap you and we'll move away from Auradon somewhere our parents can't find us."] Ellie mumbled just before she fell asleep her arms around the cat and the final tears for the day leaking from her eyes.
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The girl was cursing herself for being sick in front of Ellie like she had. It was the LAST thing she wanted for her best friend to see. And yet..she helped her. Held her hair and then helped her sit after she had done. A faint smile graced her lips as she returned the other girl's hug. [#be5cf5 "Thanks El...and see you later...please be careful."] Her words had JUST slipped past her lips before she watched her run off and back towards her grandfather's home.

Watching for just a moment more, Bre shook her head. She knew it would be awhile before she saw Ellie again. Not that it was a bad thing..The girl needed the chance to see her grandfather. MAYBE the man would be able to convince her what she couldn't. Keep her safe because the Isle was no place for a princess.. No place for her.

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Bre shifted back into the cat version of herself and wandered the streets again. It was her way to explore and to clear her head. She was trying to decide if she should tell Ellie what she had been keeping for so long. But decided against it. It would only make things worse.

By the time she got back to the apartment, it was after sunset. Golden orbs went to the window and she hopped up on the sill, head on her paws. And without meaning to she ended up falling asleep.

The knock at the door was what roused the cat and a yawn slipped from her. By now she guessed it was "late". The darkness around the rundown room gave that away. Soft padding hit her ears and she stood, stretching before she hopped down and padded over to the girl, rubbing against her legs mewing and purring.
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Ellie went after Bre and held the girl's hair back and rubbed her back as she puked swearing she was going to kill that bastard after she got back. Once the girl finished Ellie helped her sit and hugged her tight. [#4b00af "I'll be over in a few hours I promise."] she said before running off back to her grandfather's cave another round of sobs hitting her hard and blurring her vision. Once in the cave Ellie was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't notice Cerberus her grandfather's [https://www.perfectdogbreeds.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Labrabull.jpg pitbull-lab mix] until he was on top of her growling and the girl quickly dropped her disguise. [#4b00af "Cerberus its me its me Ellie."] she said and the pooch stopped growling and cocked his head before giving an excited yelp and covering the girl in excited kisses at least until Hades came and grabbed the dog's coller dragging him off the now giggling girl.
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[#0018ff "Well, well I could have sworn I was expecting a long lost daughter not my precious grandbaby"] the man smirked and Ellie smiled before standing up and throwing herself into Hades arms. [#4b00af "Papa!"] she yelled and Hades laughed and hugged the girl tight letting go of Cerberus who jumped onto Ellie and humped her lightly.
About an hour later the two sat down for dinner and went over Ellie's plan for school. [#4b00af "So I'm your long lost daughter whose mother is unknown and was raised by an older woman until she died last month, but just before she did she sent you a letter asking you to take me in and you did figuring it would be good to use me who's been hidden away all her life at a second chance at fatherhood, I'll be quiet and sheltered having been locked away for 15 years giving me the perfect excuse to observe for my project."] Ellie said before whispering a spell to turn her into the [http://i.pinimg.com/564x/41/e5/0d/41e50dbc4133c842d535bd52638fe28e.jpg girl] she would be at school a skinny pale child with firey blue hair just like her Papa's. Hades smiled as she talked and then chuckled when she shifted, but his face then turned serious. [#0018ff "I'm sorry if I've misremembered, but this was to be your senior project correct? Why have your parents pushed it up?"] he asked and Ellie broke her spell and stabbed rather harshly at her pork. [#4b00af "...Because their marrying me off next year..."] she hissed tears coming to her eyes again. [#0018ff "To the Bre girl yes?"] Hades asked not understanding Ellie's sudden anger. Ellie looked up at her grandfather in shock first Henry now her grandfather was her love for Bre really that obvious? Tears built up and poured over as she hiccuped and shook her head. [#4b00af "N-No Papa not to Braelyn... though I can't deny my love for her... Dad's holding a ball and I'm to be married off to a prince of his choosing, and with the twins on the way..."] Ellie sniffled wiping her eyes.
[#0018ff "WHAT! You can't be serious? Who does that brat think he is?"] Hades growled his hair turning red as he stood and slammed the table startling Ellie who instantly curled into a ball scared flashing back to her father's temper.
Hades upon seeing the girl scared immediately calmed and walked around kneeling down in front of her brushing the girl's hair with his fingers. [#0018ff "Oh gosh I'm sorry I forgot. Come here sweetie."] Hades said pulling Ellie into his lap and cradling her. It was another half-hour until Ellie calmed down and Hades carried her to her room and laid her on her bed brushing her hair out of her face. [#0018ff "I'm sorry your father is such a bad man baby girl, but here's some good news... your brother is here on the Isle."] Hades said and Ellie's eyes widened, her older brother Carson had gone missing on his 16th birthday 4 years ago leaving everyone in Auradon confused and heartbroken for the prince's loss, but Ellie especially because without Carson Ellie was subject to her father's rage more than before. Ellie sat up on her elbows and opened her mouth to ask why, but in her heart she knew why he had sought shelter on the isle one very similar to her own reason and she laid back down. Hades smiled and kissed the girl's head. [#0018ff "Goodnight Ellie."] he said and headed to his own room with Cerberus for the night.
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Ellie waited for about an hour before getting up and heading out using the magic mirror to find her way to Bre's apartment making sure to be in her earlier disguise not knowing who might be roaming at night. Once at the door Ellie knocked and waited for any sign of life remembering Bre's warning from earlier. [#4b00af "Bre it's me sorry I'm late."] Ellie said before trying the handle and walking into the rundown apartment looking around for her friend in whatever form she may be in.
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Both of the girls were stubborn and always seemed to be hardheaded when it came to the other. They both ALWAYS tried to do what was best for the other even if they ended up hurt or screwed over in the process. And this time though she was TRYING to get Ellie to go back, Braelyn somehow knew the other girl wouldn't leave her. A part of her was so, so thankful for that. But the other part was sad because she knew that by being on the island like she was, Ellie was risking EVERYTHING.

[#be5cf5 "You know I love you too, El... That was why I didn't tell you about any of this. I didn't want you to worry about me and I didn't want to be in your way... I also know that you're not your mother....you have proven that SO many times over the years. Especially all the times I got my ass in trouble and you were the one to bail me out..."] She whispered softly, stepping back when the other said she had to talk to her grandfather.

Bre did take the pen that had been offered to her and the hand, writing down the address for her best friend. [#be5cf5 "I'll see you later...but you may find me as the fox or the cat again. When I'm 'home' I don't always stay the human me."] It was the truth. But also staying the animal she had found helped with her feeling as sick as she still did. And it was when that thought had crossed her mind, it was like her body reacted and she ran to the corner of the alley and was throwing up. It was more water than anything else though.
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Ellie was glad when Bre stood up for her but when the girl kept insisting Ellie leave her smile vanished, she understood Bre wanted to protect her but Ellie had expected this and wasn't leaving without the other even if it cost her everything and she held the girl's hands and squeezed them when she told Ellie her parents had abandoned her. [#4b00af "Well I'm not abandoning you if you don't come with me I'm staying on the island school starts tomorrow and my parents are too busy to pay attention thinking I'm locked away in that stupid dorm."] Ellie said then leaned in to kiss Bre's cheek. [#4b00af "I love you Bre and I'm not my mother I will not settle for the [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS774h3rTMQ Space Between]. I have to go talk to grandpa he should be home by now give me your new address I'll stop by later."] she said taking a pen out of her pocket and holding out her hand for the girl to write on.
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The girl had only been begging for Ellie to go because the boys typically went after any "pretty little thing" or "fresh meat" on the isle. She had found that out her first day. It was how Henry happened to be on a first name basis with her. Not that she could tell that to Ellie in the moment. Hazel eyes were now glowing a soft violet as she was watching the little gang that happened to be led by the Darling boy. If he or any of them touched the girl, Braelyn would not hesitate to "bite" and she had a hell of a nasty one when provoked or it came to Ellie.

[#be5cf5 "Smartass, her grandfather knew she was coming. And since she doesn't get out much he let her explore the Isle and we happened to run into the other. We were just catching up before you pricks got here."] The girl hissed, her own arms crossing. It was to help her best friend and for the lie to be even more believable. She had seen the look in Henry's eyes that had told he did not believe it quite fully. And the others didn't seem too pleased with the words that either girl spoke. Particularly Ellie since she had been the one to call them "sausage suckers", which Bre couldn't help the chuckle at.

And soon, the boys were gone, Henry having given both the girls a mocking bow before they left. The moment they were gone, Bre's arms uncrossed and she looked to the other girl who looked like she was struggling to calm herself down. [#be5cf5 "That was one of the reasons I was telling you to go like I was..and the fact that I KNOW your parents don't know you are here...El you can get into some serious trouble.."] Her words were softer and gentler now as she spoke them. She needed the other to understand that she didn't hate her and only wanted what was best for her.

[#be5cf5 "They are assholes...love to go for the girls around here too.."] Bre explained and hazel gaze met blue when the other had pushed herself off the wall and gently touched her arms. She gave the girl a sad smile and shake of her head. [#be5cf5 "You know those of us here can't without a pardon from the King...and I couldn't ask you to do that, Ellie...not when there are so many others here who aren't so lucky. I also can't go back because of this little one...My parents completely abandoned me when they found out...and everyone will...well you know how they will be.."] She whispered. And a hand slowly did come up to touch the other girl's cheek, her eyes keeping locked with hers. She hoped what she couldn't say out loud was clear enough in her eyes.
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Ellie didn't calm until the other girl's arms were around her and she looked up at her friend before clinging to her tightly listening to the other girl's voice. [#4b00af "I came to get you out of here my father had no right to evict you and send you here he knows how much you mean to me."] she whimpered at the girl's question feeling the girl put up a barrier and she looked up at Bre when she told her to go her heart breaking. [#4b00af "No I'm not going home not without you I..."] Ellie said about to confess when suddenly the barrier was gone and Bre was pushing her begging her to leave and Ellie noticed others coming into the ally and Bre moving to protect her at it was at that moment that Ellie realized her disguise had dropped. [#FF0000 "Well, well, well if it isn't Princess Ellie. Come to play on the Isle Your Highness? Or is Daddy making you run chores?"] a boy asked and Ellie recognized him as Henry Darling grandson of Jane Darling who lost his parents and was banished to the isle when he was 5 as he had problems his family didn't want to deal with and Ellie saw the abandonment had turned the boy dark. [#4b00af "Neither I... I came to visit m-my grandfather."] Ellie stuttered out a lie not wanting Bre to get hurt if she told the truth and she stepped out from behind Bre and crossed her arms her blue eyes glowing softly as she stared at the small gang. Henry snorted and walked up to Ellie looking down at her smiling and brushed a hand against the girl's cheek and brought it back to his mouth licking Ellie's tears off his thumb and glanceing at Bre. [#FF0000 "Last I checked your grandfather wasn't Bre so does Daddy know you're gay?"] the man teased and Ellie's face flushed as she glared at Henry. [#4b00af "I don't know, and to be honest I don't care my father isn't important. What's important is that you and your little gang of sausage suckers leave before I get my grandfather and have him harvest your souls."] Ellie said and Henry smirked again before holding his hands up in surrender. [#FF0000 "Now, now no need to be prickly Your Highness we were just playing, see you around sweetheart. Bre."] he purred before turning and bowing towards Bre then leaving with his boys who were glaring at Ellie for her impromptu name and once they were out of sight Ellie sighed and leaned against the wall rubbing her arms to try and get the hairs to stop standing straight up and her heart to calm startled by the look he had given her she knew that look and it promised nothing good.
Ellie put on a weak smile and looked back up at Bre while her disguise faded back on as the spell was technically still active. [#4b00af "What a bunch of assholes."] she said with a light laugh before she stopped leaning against the wall and lightly touched Bre's arms. [#4b00af "Come back with me please I'll make sure you stay at Auradon Prep. I can get you a scholarship."] she begged still wondering if the girl hated her.
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Of course Ellie would try and keep up the act when she first saw her. She was the princess and by NO means was she even supposed to set foot on the Isle and so very alone. But for her best friend to keep the act as she did had hurt more that Braelyn would have thought it could. Did this mean that she hated her? If so...well what could she have expected? They hadn't been able to talk all summer.

For a moment, Bre's own tears were falling and they were falling hard. And before she knew it, Ellie's eyes had wandered over her. The other girl was REALLY seeing her and it seemed had noticed the bump of her stomach and pieced it together. As the realization had dawned on Ellie, Bre's breath all but caught. She wanted to say something, anything but she couldn't. And because she had not been able to get any words out, Ellie had fallen to her knees and was crying. REALLY crying and blaming herself for what had happened.

[#be5cf5 "El...this...please don't be sorry...I know it wasn't you...This is not your fault....please...please don't cry."] The sixteen year old girl managed to choke out through her own tears as she went to her best friend and pulled the girl close.

She didn't blame Ellie at all for what had happened. She DID blame their classmate who had just graduated that year and Ellie's father... But she could NEVER blame her best friend. [#be5cf5 "W-what are you even doing here?"] She whispered as she continued to cry and hold onto the other. Her own magic putting up a mini barrier that would hide the two of them as Ellie's disguise was still not exactly back in place. And slowly, Bre stood and pulled the other girl to her feet. [#be5cf5 "El...you HAVE to go home...this is no place for you...Please...I promise that I will be okay..."] She was more worried for the other girl than she was herself at the moment. Bre didn't want Ellie to be in trouble or caught.

It was as she was trying to get Ellie to go did her mini barrier come crumbling down. Bre had forgotten that right now her magic and abilities were limited and she was more easily drained. And it was the moment that her barrier came down did some of the students from the school, boys of their football team appear in the entrance to the alley and the girl had moved in front of the other. [#be5cf5 "Go...I'll be okay.."] She hissed out in a whisper, nudging Ellie gently.
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Ellie wandered the Isle saddened by the sight of how many of the kingdom's subjects were here dirty and hungry living in run down apartments and castles that once held the worst villeins and it was at this moment that Ellie truly saw that the Isle had only gone from one prison to another and she unconsciously began to cry. Ellie jumped when she suddenly heard a yowl behind her and she turned to see a beautiful black cat that looked oddly familiar staring up at her and she wiped her eyes before kneeling down to pet it but it rushed off into an ally and Ellie watched it noticing it looked pregnant. Ellie bit her lip and looked around noticing nobody else had really noticed the cat before sighing and following it into the ally and stood shocked when she saw Bre there and she wanted to run to the girl and fall into her arms crying and apologizing for her the shit her father pulled, but she held back after all she was still in disguise. [#4b00af "E-excuse me d-did you happen to see a pregnant cat run through here?"] Ellie asked as she looked at her friend gasping when she noticed the bump of her stomach and then she realized then why the cat had looked familiar it was one of the many forms Bre could turn into being a decedent of a Miss Madam Mim. Ellie's hands flew to her mouth as the tears returned, [#4b00af "No by Hades please tell me this isn't happening."] she whispered her emotional state causing her disguise to slip and she fell to her knees sobbing. [#4b00af "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... this is all my fault... If I hadn't left..."] Ellie sobbed hating her parents even more now as well as herself for letting this happen especially when she had known of who she guessed was the father's obsession with her friend. Ellie sobbed into her hands guessing her friend now hated her for abandoning her for the summer and letting this happen and Ellie had no idea what to do or how to act towards her friend now and just continued to sob like the spoiled brat she was.
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The girl sat beneathe a window in the dirty and rundown apartment room that had become hers in the past week. Her parents had fallen into debt, but that had become MUCH worse because of her. She had promised that she would get a job and help out. And she had done that as she had said. But she had neglected to tell them her secret. Hell, the girl had even neglected telling Ellie and she was her best friend. Just she had been so scared and didn't want to be a disappointment to ANYONE. Her parenrs of course knew now and they now HATED the girl of sixteen and wanted nothig to do with her. Or that had become the case after a hell of a lecture on how irresponsible she had been. Thing was it hadn't even been her fault. One of the dear football players who had apparently gotten ahold on a magic apple and given it to her to make her love him for all of a day, ONE night to where she was completely his had done it.

Absently her hand moved slowly over her stomach which now sported a bump, a baby bump of about twelve weeks. She had been hiding it from everyone. And the one person she wished she had told the truth to she could not get into contact with. Hell, Bre would be surprised if Ellie wanted anything to do with her. She had started to pull back and become a little distant but when that had happened she had a job. The local bakery and cafe which had always been busy. And if she remembered the last time she had seen her best friend, the girl she had been crushing on for the last four years, was right before her vacation of going around the kingdom with her mother. It had also been the day that Mal and Ellie , left that Braelyn and her family had been evicted and her secret came out and she ended up in this apartment for the homeless and orphaned.

The girl didn't have anyone to watch her and she didn't have anyone telling her to "do this" or "do that". Not anymore at least. She had always hated it when it had been a thing but now she missed it. [#be5cf5 [i 'Get it together Bre. There is no one left out there who loves or cares for you. You are on your own...and you are going to have a baby...']] Her thoughts were meant to remind her that she had to be strong, but instead had her in tears. So trying to get hetself together, the girl shifted into a cat that was a [https://coleandmarmalade.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/black-maine.jpg long haired black Maine Coon] and hopped up onto the window and out it. She was still learning the streets but there was a scent in the air that she would know almost anywhere. One she had grown up with for years. And it was that scent that had her attention now and she was following by staying on the walls that lined the streets.

It was as a girl she had not seen around before passed and seemed to be trying to blend in did the cat hop down from the wall and earn a few shouts and curses as she near tripped people to dart after the girl. When close enough, Bre let out a howl of a meow and sat, her tail twitching. The moment the girl's attention had come to her, the cat was up and padded her way to the nearest alleyway. All she could do now was hope that the girl, Ellie would follow. And as she waited, Braelyn shifted back to her human form and was playing with her hair. This would not be fun for either of them. Probably a hell of an emotional time, but gods she needed her best friend. And now more than ever.
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Princess Ellie laid in her bed glancing over at her phone every five seconds it had been a long summer without her best friend Braelyn and the girl couldn't wait to be back at Auradon Prep so she could see her again as this summer Ellie's mother decided it would be good for the girl to see the rest of the United States of Auradon despite the girl's resistance. Ellie picked up her phone and switched it on looking at the picture on her lock screen of her and Bre from just before Ellie went on her 'extended holiday' god she loved her parents but this sucked and worse Bre hadn't contacted her for over a week of course Ellie knew the other had gotten a job to help her family, but she couldn't really be this busy could she? Ellie sighed and sat up dialing Bre's number wanting to hear the girl's voice even if it was just her voicemail but what she got instead caused all the color to drain from Ellie's face. [font System "The number you have dialed is no longer in service please check the number and try again."] the robot said and Ellie's hand shot to her mouth in shock and she checked the phone and tried the number several more times still getting the same message before the phone dropped out of her hand and she broke into sobs curling up on her bed, wondering if the girl who had been her best friend for years had finally come to hate her.
About an hour passed when Ellie's tears finally dried and it was just then she remembered her Aunt Evie had loaned her, her magic mirror and Ellie shot up and ran to her bag digging out the small gold decorated handheld mirror. [#4b00af "Mirror, Mirror in my hand, show me Braelyn quick as you can."] Ellie muttered and stared at the mirror as it shimmered and up came the image of Bre's face all covered in muck and grime as though she was one of the poor that lived on the Lost Isle and Ellie's eyes widened. [#4b00af "No, no please. Mirror, Mirror in my hand please show me Braelyn's current location please don't let it be as bad as I think."] Ellie said and the mirror zoomed out and Ellie screamed in agony dropping it back into the bag as the image that came was indeed Lost Isle and the girl sobbed again waking her mother who rushed in ready to take on whatever was hurting her daughter, but seeing the girl alone on the floor sobbing she put out the fire in her hand and rushed over to her baby who threw herself into her mother's arms.
After she managed to calm her daughter Mal asked the girl what was upsetting her so much and Ellie explained what she saw in the mirror through hiccups and Mal frowned not liking her daughter spying on her best friend, but knew she could reprimand her later and helped her daughter back into bed telling her she was sure Braelyn was just helping out on the Isle for the summer and that she would talk to Ellie's father and they would be back home in a few days anyway so Ellie could check on her then. Mal kissed her daughter goodnight and Ellie smiled at her mom thanking her then tried to get some sleep though her dreams quickly turned into nightmares of Bre and the Isle, that had once held the baddest baddies but now only served as a home for the poor and orphaned.

The next few days were agony for Ellie as she and her mom headed back towards home, her mom refused to tell her what her father had said and that made Ellie even more terrified. By the time their car finally reached the castle Ellie could hardly contain herself and burst out of the door the moment it stopped running the few blocks to Bre's house and used her key to get in all the color draining from her body as she found the house completely empty and with a thick layer of dust coating the bare floors. Tears once again came to Ellie's eyes as she looked down and found an eviction notice on the ground and with a shaky hand she picked it up and read it which caused her tears to turn into angry ones and she stormed back to the castle and straight into her father's office where he and her mother were waiting. [#4b00af "HOW COULD YOU!"] she screeched shoving the eviction notice into her father's chest the royal seal clearly showing. [#4b00af "HOW YOU YOU DO THIS TO ME! TO HER! YOU KNOW WHAT BRE MEANS TO ME! AND YOU WENT AND BANISHED HER TO THE ISLE! I HATE YOU!"] Ellie yelled her face red and wet with tears and her eyes glowing a bright blue indicating her powers were active and she was close to going dragon. The king seized his daughter's hands and frowned at her outburst before going down on his knees to look her in her eyes. [b [#003ae6 "Ellie baby we didn't banish her..."]] Ben tried only for his daughter to rip out of his grip. [#4b00af "BULLSHIT! EVERYBODY KNOWS IF YOU MOVE TO THE ISLE YOU DON'T COME BACK! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU...YOU TRICKED ME INTO GOING ON THAT STUPID TRIP ONLY SO YOU COULD TAKE AWAY MY BEST FRIEND! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU BOTH!"] Ellie screeched before she turned into her [https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f6/db/6f/f6db6f2253bd2c10594f5ea6a0ea1a31.jpg dragon form] and flew out of the room and to the secret place she and Bre always went when they needed to get away from their parents. Ellie stayed there for hours wondering how she could get her best friend back coming up with a plan.

A month passed and Ellie had given her parents the silent treatment avoiding them at all costs and now it was time for her to head for Auradon Prep the best boarding school in the whole world, but now she was going to be alone since her father had banished the only person Ellie let share her room. Ellie packed a small backpack and headed out to the garage without even saying goodbye to her parents and hopped on her vespa and headed towards the school, but instead of stopping at the school Ellie continued onto the Isle and didn't stop until she was in an ally behind the cave that her grandfather lived in. Ellie got off and covered her vespa in a sheet before heading into the cave which was empty since her Grandfather was probably at the public school preparing for a new term. Ellie walked into the spare room and put her stuff down before sitting down on the bed and looking around the cave was damp, dark and dirty she didn't understand why anyone would chose to live here, but her Grandfather claimed it as home no matter how much money her parents offered him, something they should have done with Bre.
Figuring her Grandfather would be a couple hours Ellie got up and walked over to the mirror looking at herself scowling at her obvious purple and blonde hair and neat appearance, if she was really going to go through with this she needed to hide at least for a bit until she could find Bre. [#4b00af "I think I'll use Aunt Evie as a reference."] the girl muttered before pointing at herself in the mirror. [#4b00af "Hair of purple and blonde turn yourself to blue. Skin as fair as snow darken with dirt so that my identity will be hidden from those who do not know me well, and those I wish to hide from."] Ellie said and watched as her skin dirtied and her hair lightened and she smiled though she would have to be careful not to run into her Grandfather as he would immediately see through her disguise. Ellie changed into some sweats and headed out of the cave keeping her eyes low and attempting to blend in as she walked the desolated streets filled with the poor and unwanted citizens of Auradon trying to find Bre in the mess of dirty faces and looking out for her Grandfather.
[pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/90/09/99/900999da4b564fce425dacf084f49e75--dark-blue-hair-dye-blue-hair-dyes.jpg] Ellie's disguise
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