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[center [Allura [size22 Two very different pairs brought together by a twist of fate. Is it something that they want to escape? Or something they simply want to embrace? Everything changes with the blink of an eye. How will things play out? Well we'll just have to see.]]]

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[#ef1f46 "Tut, tut. And here I thought little Miss Gilbert had renounced her 'evil' ways. Such a pleasure to see she hasn't and she is still the 'monster' that the Salvatores unintentionally created. She will do quite nicely in helping me with what I intend to be doing. And the very best part is that they are her friends and will not want to harm her."] The man said quietly as he had been watching from a nearby trunk in the woods. The reunion between the old lovers was MUCH cooler than he would have expected. But to be fair, Stefan had managed to break the girl and quite well since the last they had seen the other. Damon had been no better from what he had seen.

As much as he wanted to stay and to watch the brewing soap opera, Klaus had better things to be doing. Like moving into the old plantstion that was over priced and making it home. He had done so once before but he was up to trying to play town activity director once more. Balls, fairs, and the likes. Anything really that he could do in order to get the small town to open up to him and to trust him. But more specifically a beautiful little blonde. As much as he had an agenda, Klaus had fallen for Caroline and still intended to make her his.

With his thoughts dancing round and round in his head, the Original Hybrid flashed off. Before he made his way "home", the man wanted to see if their was a chance at bumping into Caroline. A chance to see if she was even still here.

And he could not say he was disappointed when he had purposely caught a young woman and made her scream out. IF he was right, then he would not be disappointed. IF he was right, the blonde who he so longed to see would come. And she would tell him off. Oh how he missed their games of cat and mouse and longed for them. And now he was setting the stage for just that.
  Fate- / SheDevil / 324d 5h 40m 15s
It has been years since she ever thought she would be back in this situation. This town. The memories. Just everything. Her ex, Damon Salvatore, was gone after he left her to pick up the broken pieces. Elena sighed deeply as she inhaled the air, smiling. Her brown eyes scanned the area. She knew she was going to have a lot of fun with this.

A long time ago, or what felt like last year, her ex boyfriend - that she probably should of stayed with but she was sired to Damon - ended up turning her into a vampire. Then everything just hit her so hard when she turned. She had to feed. Elena tried her best to do it the way Stefan wanted her to do it. And for the longest it did work like that. She was content with that lifestyle. But once her and Stefan did end things, Damon taught her a new side of things. A new side of things that she had no idea that existed. Elena used to be against that lifestyle. But Elena eventually just got tired of living that lifestyle. She was fighting something that she was almost meant to be.

Elena eventually turned into an emotionless monster. And at this point in her life she didn’t care. She didn’t have much to loose. Jeremy was gone doing his own hunting thing. Stefan left. Damon left. Bonnie was gone. All she had left was Caroline. But. Caroline was turned, just like Elena was. Just by opposite people. Then that’s when Elena decided that she needed to go back. That was her town. Where her life was. But the question is, could things ever go back to the way it was?

Elena saw a woman walking. Probably back towards her house. Elena licked her lips, as she felt her own eyes starting to get real red when she is about to attack and feed. Elena smirked, and then attacked her dinner. Elena listened to her scream, which only made it made fun for her. Elena literally ate every little part of her, and then wiped her mouth and herself off. The woman was still alive. Elena sighed, and then told her to go back home and never speak of this night again, compelling the woman. She ran away fast, and Elena sighed deeply. [b “Nothing has ever changed.”]

Elena then felt someone staring at her. Elena squinted her eyes slightly, just standing there. Going into attack mode. She then knew where the person was, and sped to them real quick, about to rip his throat out, when she realized who it was. She stopped, and stood back for a second. [b “Stefan?! Are you following me? I could of killed you.”] She crossed her arms, and then she looked at him, wondering what the hell he was doing here.
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 342d 6h 51m 42s
The choice had been his and everyday since it had been made, Stefan Salvatore regretted it. At the time, Damon had been in love with Elena and had even made her into a vampire. She had seemed happy and because he loved her, the man could not bare to stand in her way. He gave her up, but had remained close and a friend. He stayed there for if she was to need him. And there did come a time that she had needed him. Damon being well Damon had gotten bored of her and left her to fall to pieces. Doing what he thought was the best and what would be helpful, Stefan took her to one of the witches that they had known and had her forget it all. Their past and hers with Damon. Essentially, Elena was moved to another town for college with no memory of either Salvatore.

But that had been five years ago now. Without Elena in Mystic Falls and his original mission , Stefan had decided to move on. He had been seeing the world for God only knew for the whatever many time. But it had been better than sitting around in town where he felt he had no meaning and where EVERYTHING was a constant reminder of the girl he had once loved so very much and if truth be told still very much did.

He was scrolling through something on the internet, a social media site and saw a post made by... Elena. And it said something about going home. [#1685f3 "So she's going back? I wondered when this day would come, if ever."] Because when she got back, Stefan would be there to meet her. The man was curious how she had changed...and in his mind..it was time to try and help her remember. Time for them to maybe try again.

So a couple days after he had seen that post, the vampire male was back in Mystic Falls. He was moved back into the old boarding house. But he hadn't "eaten" in a while and so decided on a little hunt through the woods, sorry Bambi because deer was a favourite of his. And it was as he was running did a flash nearby catch his attention and a scream... It was the scream that really got his attention and he went to check it out, only to see the one girl he had come home for "eating" her own meal.

Now what? He didn't expect to come across her so soon. And he sure as hell didn't expect it to be like this. So he did the only thing he could think of and that was to hide and to watch her.
  Fate- / SheDevil / 342d 6h 41m 52s

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