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Emily was acting strange when she spoke. Much stranger than usual and it wasn't the cute strange either. Clearly there was so much more to all of this than her firsr love was saying. [b "Alright, then we'll both go. Though with that look I'll drive."] She muttered and moved forward to pluck the keys from the othet woman's hand.

What the hell had been going on? Not that she herself was innocent. She had told Em that she and Amelia had gotten into it too
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 24d 8h 20m 5s
"I should go with you. I haven't seen her since before the funeral when Ami and I-" Emi.stopped her words. Snatching the keys up she felt the headache form. Rae hadn't been trapped for the last few years and plagued with guilt.

Emi had once planned to go elsewhere but then the money dried up. The lingering anger remained with her.
  Emily / Turadh / 24d 12h 43m 48s
[b "Oh I wouldn't go to dinner with 'Mr. Designer'. That was just me having a little fun and seeing if I could still flirt. But yeah, going to dinner or bed with someone that could use shit against us is NOT a smart idea."] She muttered with a roll of her eyes. Essentially, Em had just told Rae NOT to be well Rae.

The other woman looked tense as she looked up. Much more tense than she had seen her in a long time. [b "Okay. Well does Jenna still live where she used to? Because I want to figure this out more."] Her arms by now had crossed and she was giving a pointed look.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 25d 2h 5m 26s
"We don't have to work with people that will use it against us. Her dad, the minister, probably is the ones that hired Designer. Think about that, Rae, before you go to dinner with him," Emi chewed her lip.

"I need to finish some personal prints. If you want to know more you can ask Jenna." She looked up more tensely than she wanted to.
  Emily / Turadh / 25d 2h 13m 5s
Rae gave the man a wave and a wink before he was gone. Again she was being dumb, but she couldn't help it. A little of a flirt but unlike Amy, Rae always knew where to draw and line and to NOT fuck another woman's or man's lover. The moment Ryan was gone, she looked to Emi.

[b "That was a little bitey, Em. Was there more that happened between the two of you?"] The brunette asked as she now flipped her hair back over her shoulder. And a soft sigh slipped her lips. [b "She and I had a fallout too before her 'accident'. She threatened to out me on something and I beat her to the punch."] She figured she at least owed Em that much since she HAD just been flirting in front of her.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 25d 2h 19m 22s
"This isn't a police investigation and nothing is official," Emi folded her arms. "You're going to have to do more than ask. Amelia Suarez tormented everyone and in the end hurt people. So, yes, we're on a long list. Try the boyfriend of my friend she was fucking."

Ryan raised an eyebrow before he grinned. "That's perfect. I do know of the social media and supermarket blow out. I'll see you two around," he winked at Rae.
  Emily / Turadh / 25d 3h 17m 3s
A smirk crossed pretty pink lips as the man spoke his words. He was funny and REALLY hot too. Damn if only this wasn't "Mr. P.I". But despite herself, Rae couldn't help the laugh at the man's words. [b "Depends if you like those things.. And nope, wasn't in town."]

Actually she and Amelia had gotten into a fight RIGHT before the death just like Emily and Amelia had. Rae just wasn't as open about it. And she wouldn't be. Her eyes did go to Em when the coldness overtook. [b "You know that's goin' to make it look worse. Besides we could entertain sweet cheeks for a little while."] The young woman said, hands now in the back pockets of her jeans.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 25d 9h 45m 55s
"I go by Ryan, actually, Calvin Klein already exists." Ryan smirked to Raquel. "What's your sign, do you enjoy long walks on the beach, did either of you kill Amelia Suarez?"

Emi fought the urge nto roll her eyes at Rae's flirting. A fight came to mind over that. She folded her arms at the man. "I've got nothing to say to you, Ryan. You can see yourself out."
  Emily / Turadh / 25d 14h 18m 25s
Oh she was having so much fun with this. The banter never got old and almost took her back. And what was even funnier was that Emi enjoyed the eye rolling and giving those gentle scoldings. "True love". Or was it "a match made in heaven"? Oh well she could ponder that later.

Rae looked at the book Emily had just looked into. [b "Yeah, I did. Pent house, though not much fun when you're alone. Why I go to those parties and hope for a fun time."] She said with a shrug and looked to the door when the bell rang.

[b "Oh so this is Designer?" Hellooo."] She muttered under her breath to Em, though hazel gaze roamed over the man. [b "What sort?"]
Rae did enjoy this and Emi enjoyed rolling her eyes. At last, true love.

Emi looked to the appointment log noticing a decrease in numbers. She frowned before she looked up at Rae. "Still have an address in the gutter then. I hope you got an upgrade."

The bell rang on the door from the 70's as Designer walked in. "Emily Gardner and Raquel Jackson. I have questions for you."
  Emily / Turadh / 27d 23m 23s
[b "You remember what I had once been told. If it wasn't for the gutter than my mind would have no home. The jokes and just where my mind went just now is proof of that, Em."] The woman said, chuckling and smirking all the more.

Rae shook her head at the memories herself. Being back home was more bittersweet then she liked to even admit to. This all was proving that. [b "I'm sure that they will."] She said and went to look at the portraits again.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 27d 5h 32m 21s
"Don't think that I missed that look, Rae, you just thought about second base over there." Emi handed her the water. "You're as bad as a guy, you know, like those dirty jokes you two used to share all the time."

The memory made her smile but didn't make her exactly happy. "I guess it's okay. Standard portrait the rest hasn't really taken off yet."
  Emily / Turadh / 27d 8h 23m 16s
The faintest of smirks crossed her lips as a pink rose in both their cheeks. Em's words made her think of one of many kisses that they had shared here. Buut Rae was good and didn't bring it up. At least not yet.

[b "Your work looks as amazing as ever. Always loved it."] She said as hazel eyes skimmed them. It had been years since she had seen it and some was new too. Classy the way that the young woman had it set up.

[b "A water too, please."] Her mind was reeling with memories. And soon, Rae was at Emily's side again. [b "So what are you working on today?"] Small talk and she knew it. But she truly was curious. And had alway loved to hear Em talk about her photography.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 27d 10h 53m 9s
"It hasn't changed much since we last went here. People still make out on the bench," she chuckled but turned pink a little. Inside the two room studio she had half her work ln display with the old-fashioned style of Arnold.

"Do you want a drink?" Emi asked opening a mini fridge. She grabbed a water for herself.
  Emily / Turadh / 28d 1h 27m 28s
[b "Thanks, Em. I will as soon as I deal with my parents.."] She said with a small smile she knew could not be seen. She used to hang out with the other in the studio all the time. Probably what had nade Rae want to become a model in the first place. Not that she admitted that. She blamed the fact of having "wander lust" and "needing to spread her wings".

It was maybe twenty minutes later when she got out of the small cab in front of the srudio. And as she looked at the building, a sigh slipped rosy lips. This was bitter sweet and going to bite her in the ass. Soon, Rae was knocking lightly on the door.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 28d 2h 39m 22s

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