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After a depressing conversion the former lovers left. Maybe Designer talked to the boyfriend first. She wasn't a sleuth and worked full-time. Back at her job she took the mail out and put up the flyer for the annual festival as if people didn't know.

"I should work. I'll still see you later?" Emi asked with more pleading in her voice than she would have liked.
  Emily / Socasm / 19d 5h 29m 33s
[b "She pissed off so many...I mean not just now but even in the past. So like Em just said they think it could be murder. Someone who still holds a grudge and has or had bad blood..."] The young woman said quietly, shaking her head.

She knew she had a temper and had actually outed Ami..but she NEVER would have killed her. Whether she liked to admit it or not, she had been one of her best friends. And then the answer to her question came along with a questioning look. Her own returning glance was one saying she would explain later though she hoped to hell the question NEVER came up.

[b "That figures... So what can you tell us?"] Rae asked softly as she was trying to go back to seeming normal. But the tension that had risen felt like one that could be cut with a knife. Not at all a pleasant feeling.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 19d 4h 11m 4s
"Why?" Jenna asked wide-eyed.

"Her family thinks it might have been murder," Emi offered and shot Rae a questioning look. "He got fired for sex with a student four years ago. I heard he lives in Chance now."

Chance with the funny name and better sports teams. Emi couldn't stay sitting. This all felt personal now.
  Emily / Socasm / 20d 1h 20m 5s
Rae sat with her legs folded under her and rubbed Jenna's back. This was one of the last things she had expected to come back to. But it looked like this small town was almost like one of those tv shows she had fallen in love with. All the way from the bitch who offended everyone to a possble murder. Who knew those things were real?

[b "We really are sorry to come like this.. But we want to understand as much as we can... And you might want to be warned there is a P.I. who is now around town and asking questions..."] She figured since they already ran into "Mr. Delicious", Jenna deserved a headsup before that knock happened to come at her door.

Her hands soon were in her lap. [b "Does Mr.Henderson still live around these parts?"] Rae asked quietly. Both she and Amelia had had affairs with the teacher when they had been seniors.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 20d 7h 24m 22s
"I don't understand why Amelia did this. She was doing so good and then she just flipped the switch again," Jenna sniffed as she sat down.

"It's not your fault, he wasn't good for you and now you're free to move on. We just need to know about what happened as much as you can tell us," Emi rubbed her leg. Ami had been good and Emi fell for her. Who was wiser?
  Emily / Socasm / 20d 14h 45m 12s
When the words had slipped past Jenna's lips, Rae raised a brow. It REALLY made her wonder how many people Amelia had managed to fuck over. Or if not fuck over, how many had tried to get under the skin of. [b "Yeah, it's me. You look good too, aside from the red eyes."] She was trying to make things a little lighter.

Hazel gaze went to the couch that was covered in clothes and blankets. [b "It might be helpful...."] She chimed in, both of them earning a nod from Jenna who went to take a seat. The look on the other woman's face was one that showed she was wondering what brought them there to begin with.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 21d 2h 22m 55s
"I thought we could work it out after that bitch's death but he acted moodier and just took everything yesterday including my money," Jenna sniffed. "Rae? You look amazing."

Emi let go of Jenna. She knew Mike more than she'd like to admit. "Can we sit down?" She asked gesturing to the messy living room.
  Emily / Socasm / 21d 10h 15m 57s
Rae gave Emi one of her smirks. [b "What? You don't want me driving like those videogames you see on the news? Well that's no fun."] The woman huffed, crossing her arms. Childish on her part, she knew, but at least it seemed to amuse the other even if slightly.

As they were driving, Rae could see the "ghosts" of the past. This road and way wasn't unfamiliar but it had been YEARS since she had been down it. The last time...well the last time had been why she and Amelia had gotten into it. At least things seemed normal and they didn't seem to be being followed.

When door opened and Jenna appeared with the swollen eyes from crying and hugged Em, Rae gave her a look. Her look was asking "WHAT happened"? But she didn't say anything and still stood back. At least for a few more seconds. Even in those seconds, words still evaded her. She could NOT say anything. She had NOT been there and so knew nothing that had been going on.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 21d 11h 3m 3s
"If you plan on doing figure eights in the street, I'm out of the car," Emi smiled despite herself. The shame was stuffed back in the closet that everything else held. A problem for another day.

Nothing seemed out of place as they drove to the apartment. Designer didn't seem to be there, either.

Jenna answered with swollen eyes from crying hugging Emi immediately. "He moved out yesterday."

Emi rubbed her back. "I'm sorry, hun..."
  Emily / Turadh / 21d 14h 22m 49s
She was lost in thought before she answered her. And with Emily that could mean almost anything. But more importantly it meant she was hiding something. And not exactly something small either. Rae had always noticed simple signs like that but given her rep, the young woman always played it off like she didn't.

[b "I just was nearly the only one who ran as far away as she could. To a big city and lots of movie theatres. Such the life."] She muttered with a roll of her eyes. But then a smile came to her lips and she shook her head. [b "Could always start out and see if another car follows. I mean make it a game."] And again her eyes were sparkling with michievious gleam.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 22d 6h 41m 25s
How did one put this without sounding like some sort of whining moron? She secretly dated and slept with a woman she had feelings for and off for several years. That didn't sound good. Did saying she knew who Ami was and how she liked to be touched sound better?

She played with knives and got stabbed in the heart and knew she would, too.

"Most of us didn't. Some of us went two towns over where there's two movie theatres," she grinned toward her. "To see if he's following us. That's what they do in movies."
  Emily / Turadh / 23d 28m 27s
Emily did seem to be going mildly "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". But in a sense that never really bothered Rae. Even in high school, the other had TRIED to keep them all out of trouble. But between her and Amy it was hell a lot of the time. Not to mention the "cat fights" they had. [b "It could be so much worse. And sometimes the lead can be so much fun."] The young woman teased as she was trying to make light of the situation.. at least a little bit.

[b "So she moved from where I knew. But isn't that far...got it."] Rae found herself muttering as her eyes followed Emily's. [b "So what are you looking for, Miss Emi?"] She asked as she leaned against the car. She was waiting to see if she would keep to driving or if Emily now wanted her keys back.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 23d 1h 20m 47s
"I only remember you going full What's Eating Gilbert Grape once while I'm taking on the main role here. Go Emily, right?" She asked with a biting smile. "Thanks, she's at the Courtyard Apartments now."

She glanced back to the cars around seeing if she could see Designer's car. That's how they did it in movies- follow the people and get their leads that way.
  Emily / Turadh / 23d 1h 31m 23s
[b "Maybe there's more players involved in all of this. And to be fair, you weren't the only one Miss Amelia managed to piss off. Trust me.. So dealing with this is fine with me. Just means a new game."] Raquel said, giving a smirk Emi's way.

She still had the other woman's keys in her hand, dangling from her middle finger. [b "For the record you're not a pain. God knows I've done my share of pain in the ass things. How you ever dealt with me I'll never know."] Again she was joking but this time there lay more truth in her words than she would admit there being.

The young woman was thoughtful and then saw the poster of the fair coming. Sparkling hazel eyes fell on Emily and she gripped her arm. [b "Oh we HAVE to go!"]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 23d 1h 29m 41s
Emi would behind on her work but that's okay she thought. She locked the doors after they left and glanced to Rae.

"I wonder what caused them to investigate. I know that it was publicly ruled a car accident," Emi buried her hands in her pockets. "You shouldn't have to deal with this. I'm sorry. And that I've been a pain."
  Emily / Turadh / 23d 14h 12m 20s

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