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The ONLY reason she was helping at all was all of this seemed too weird. And she had been trying to figure out what the hell had been going since she had come back for the funeral. The only help she had gotten was mildly from Emily and then Jenna's story when she and Emily had seen her. But otherwise it seemed they all wanted to keep their "skeletons in their closets".

[b "Not much more we can do on Henderson now is there? But yes, I guess that would be a motive for killing someone."] She muttered and when he gave the wink, her cheeks flushed. A "room" did sound fun, but she had said she wouldn't have dinner or sleep with Mr.Designer.

[b "Okay so you have one motive on it.. But why would Amelia have even been at that party? I mean from what I heard it was a 'closed' and special invite kind of thing...And how long had she been followed or whatever?"] Now all of this really was starting to sound like and feel like one of those silly tv dramas.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 7d 23h 50m 36s
"One more charge and he wouldn't have just been fired from the district but federal prison charges. That's quite a motivation for murder. Thank you, Raquel. That's helpful...maybe after all of this we could make room." Ryan winked at her. He stood up and smiled.

"What I do know is Amelia left the party early and sent a message saying she felt uncomfortable after an encounter. Thirty minutes later she crashed her car. There's traces of tranquilizers in her system."
  Ryan / Socasm / 8d 4h 35m 24s
This man was something else. And seemed to love the game of detective. [b "Henderson...he had been one of the 'hottest' teachers. Every girl had a crush on him.. And in high school Amelia and I had been no different. Both had our 'eye on the prize'. He knew and turned it into a competition. One I won and so I slept with him almost all senior year."] She was sure he knew it anyway. [b "Amelia threatened to make it known..so I exposed her. Yeah I did damage but my then girlfriend was like a rabid dog. Wouldn't let it go."]

Her arms crossed as she leaned back in her own chair, hazel eyes locked on the man. [b "That what you wanted to know?"]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 8d 2h 17m 57s
"What happened with the teacher, Raquel?" Ryan leaned back into the chair. "I didn't do anything just pieced the timeline together. Amelia didn't drink the night of her death. Just the same morning as Emily screamed at her in the supermarket."

Ryan stood up and smiled to her. "I can't wait to find out what this teacher will reveal."
  Ryan / Socasm / 9d 5h 29m 28s
Her arms crossed as her eyes locked upon the man. She couldn't help her smirk. [b "You think I'm trouble? And fine. How about a coffee shop or something? Open enough?"] Rae asked, though visibly stiffening when he mentioned Emily. He didn't by name but she KNEW who "pretty little girlfriend was".

[b "You're unbearable. Leave Emily alone. Henderson do whatever with. But not Em."] They weren't dating but she still cared.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 9d 6h 22m 14s
"A penny for every time a pretty girl invited me back to her place." Ryan smirked at her. "I'll do my business in open unless you want your pretty little girlfriend think that you're playing around. Though I do wonder the extent of their fallout."

He rested his hands behind his head. "I've already got prime targets: the teacher and your girlfriend. I'm set."
  Ryan / Socasm / 9d 6h 30m 12s
A hand moved through brunette waves as she heard the man's words. Cocky and arrogant to be sure but she also found herself distracted by that voice for a moment. If she wasn't so pissed off or he wasn't a PI, Rae would have been more amused with "twety questions". But as it stood the day had been ruined and old memories she rather forget were coming up.

In high school she hadn't been the bitch that Amelia had been, but she had not been nice either. She had known how to get what she wanted and when she wanted it too. A trick she had learned from her older sister who had run off with a boy she met in college at least five years before Rae had become a high school student. Those thoughts were swimming in her head and she had to shake them away. Now was NOT the time for that.

[b "How about five questions and not here? My parents decided to go out for a few hours and you can come to their home tonight if you want answers. If not it was nice to see you and good luck getting out of this town."] She was toying with the man. Playing with fire, but she would NOT speak here.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 9d 18h 24m 4s
"Why don't we play twenty questions and you answer my questions and I'll answer yours? I'll give you a freebie. That boyfriend said that she was being harassed by a former teacher. Don't suppose you know what's going on with that."

Ryan folded his hands together, a smile rested on his lips. The most beautiful packages came with existing scars.
  Ryan / Socasm / 9d 18h 36m 18s
The moment she was stood before the man, the young woman of twenty-four couldn't decide what she wanted to be doing. She was beyond angry with the man for bringing it all out in the open in the way that he had. But truth be told, as usual she had NOT thought out what she would be doing when she found him.

[b "Which would you prefer? A slap for ruining a perfect day? Or a way out of this small town? Because right now I have half a mind to just let you rot here."] She hissed, eyes sparkling with her anger as she looked around them. [b "How much do you even know, anyway?"]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 9d 19h 53m 24s
Ryan enjoyed some deep fried food that might go to his hips. He'd go to a gym in L.A. after this petty case. Seeing Raquel walk toward him raised eyebrows.

"Some thing I can help you with? If you plan on slapping me try the other side," he patted his cheek. She looked good; trouble always did. "Or are you going to deliver me from this place."
  Emily / Socasm / 10d 17h 57m 19s
If she could have, Rae would have kept ALL of this hidden. None of this she wanted for Emily to know. Hell she hadn't wanted to know that Emi had been involved with Amelia. So the "bomb had dropped" and it had risen a major shit storm.

Her thoughts were swirling to to say the very least. Only Emi's soft words caught her attention. [b "Yeah...sure thing, Em.."] The young woman muttered. Well since the day had been shot, Rae was going to find Mr.Designer. Why the hell not?
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 11d 1h 17m 38s
Emily sucked in a breath and nodded. The world didn't feel like the same as the happy sounds that came from across the street. Emily fumbled for her keys in her bag only relaxing when the warm keys in her hands.

"Wow, this is a lot. I'm going to go home now and finish some work. I'll see you later, Rae," Emily flashed a small smile and walked out.
  Emily / Socasm / 11d 9h 49m 55s
Rae had gotten up from her chair and had her arms crossed as she had moved to leaning against the wall. Hazel gaze was locked on Emily and she should have known the question of Devynn would come up once the woman had been mentioned. [b "Devynn is my or was my girlfriend. After all this started with Ami she and I broke up."] It was the easiest explanation she could give.

A hand moved through brunette hair as the next words were spoken. [b "Seems that way. She and I both had a thing for him and well there was that competition. The man knew and used it against us. Never knew just how badly that would come back and bite me in the ass."]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 12d 3h 49m 17s
"Whose Devyn?" Emily rubbed her temple. The headache wanted to explode right there and maybe that would have made this easier to understand. She rubbed her arms as she paced. "Really? That a teacher, a disgusting older teacher is a catalyst of all of it."

In her mind it played out like those old 80s movies.
  Emily / Socasm / 12d 18h 11m 56s
Rae sat at the small table, cheek in the papm of her hand as she watched the other pace. Looked like this was going to be a hell of a reveal. Just like Emily had said, who should go first?

Before she had been about to speak, the other did. And the news shocked and in its way stung. But she supposed she really should have expected it to an extent too. [b "Okay...so now I get why all of this is so bad for you...and I'm sorry, Em.."] Her words were soft. And she didn't know what else to say. There really wasn't anything she could.

Since one secret was out, which should she let out? Hell...both...they linked anyway.

[b "Rumours of Nikoli Henderson had been true in high school...about having.. affairs with his seniors... And well that was threatened to come out...So Amelia and I got into it...and I took to social media... I admit to damage done..But I didn't keep on her.. Devynn did.."] Now her part was out too.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 13d 5h 24m 32s

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