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Emily hugged her tightly and smiled. The way she smelled, smooth skin, and her smile was the difference in night and day. "I'm glad you are the way you are, Rae. I would never change you."

She placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "I was just in Jefferson for a wedding. If the internet can't tell us then I'll ask some of the old contacts about him.
  Emily / Socasm / 6d 9h 45m 16s

[#fd9d12 "Honey Badger? Cute, very cute. Have to remember that. See ya, Honey."] She said with a wink as she left.


Raquel could not believe all of this had come out the way it had. Everything had been fine and then went down to hell. It had been at least two days since she had heard from Emily, but she knew her well enough. Or she had at one point. Give her her space and she would come to you when she wanted or was ready.

The third day Em turned up on her family's doorstep and said they find the teacher. Not what she expected but at least the other was talking to her. [b "Old apartment in the next town over...found the address from the internet."] She muttered, getting her jacket from the hook and stepping out onto the porch.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 6d 6h 5m 31s

"I prefer badger. Honey badger even." Emily pointed to the door.

She managed to avoid most contact for two days with weddings and one formal event. She slept most of the evening as stress won her system over. She sought out Rae on the third day.

"Let's go find this teacher."
  Emily / Socasm / 6d 21h 9m 43s
[#fd9d12 "Is jealous a good colour on anyone. You almost seemed it yourself when I mentioned both Lulu and Amelia. So not good 'calling the kettle black'.. Though I guess it works for someone who has an angel's face she can hide behind. Anyone else ever see the tiger in you?"] She couldn't help the words from being said. She was so very like Raquel and said the things that happened to come to mind.

And a sigh slipped from her as her arms uncrossed. [#fd9d12 "I'll go for now. But doesn't mean I won't come and talk to you again. You're cute and a lot of fun."] Devynn said, giving Emily a wink and an almost childish wave.
  Devynn Ryan / SheDevil / 6d 22h 36m 43s
Emily softened at the first love comment. Without that she would have thought she was really a string in a long line of lovers. Perhaps she was but even this girl had a place somewhere in there.

"Jealous isn't good colors on you, sweetheart. Now scoot before I call about an intruder." Emi gestured for her to leave.
  Emily / Socasm / 7d 26m 28s
Oh she did have a bite and it was fun. The tiger she had become was so much more fun than the little mouse she had seemed when this started out. [#fd9d12 "Oh so you do have some bite. Now I see why Rae said you were her first love. So very full of surprises."] She said, the faintest of purrs to her words.

She didn't come to play, but Emily just became fun. [#fd9d12 "Should there be anymore questions? Like maybe are you any good?"] God it was bad but it had JUST been too tempting a question to pass up.
  Devynn Ryan / SheDevil / 7d 1h 22m 21s
"Something on the lines of lecturing her on how she could be a better human being. Going to her place and making ravolis with that light sauce that she loved and then fucking her on the couch." Emily stood up with raised eyebrows. "Any more questions?"

Emily had gone through the mirror and ended up on another side of her she didn't expect to come out.
  Emily / Socasm / 7d 4h 12m 43s
[#fd9d12 "No I didn't let that one go. Do I regret it? No it had been a good time to a boring few months. Only regret I have on that is she ended up dead. I would have stopped picking when something more fun came around. But that girl had been catty and had some claws."] The redhead said, flipping her hair back over her shoulder.

It was clear the little blonde didn't want to play. And the fact that she had a pretty face to hide behind made her all the more interesting. [#fd9d12 "At least let me know what you had to do with this? No way someone like you could have gotten wrapped up in all this."] She said, dropping the local newspaper on the desk where Emily was still with her now closed laptop.
  Devynn Ryan / SheDevil / 7d 4h 23m 48s
Emily closed the laptop. Placing the items in the bag she looked to the redhead with a flat look.

"I get it. You're the ex that doesn't let things go just like you didn't stop with Amelia. Feel free to go down that rabbit hole, I'm going home so if you'd see yourself out, I'd appreciate it."

What brought the maggots to this case. She regretted Rae talking into her investigating.
  Emily / Socasm / 7d 4h 34m 13s
Arms crossed again as brown eyes trailed the pretty little thing and a smirk played over pink lips. [#fd9d12 "Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't. That would be up to you to decide."] Her smirk never dropped from her lips as the blonde seemed "touchy".

Silent for a few seconds filled the space between them and she shrugged. [#fd9d12 "Maybe I noticed something weird and wanna know what that weird is. And since it looks like Rae got her ass into it too I want to know."] By now her arms had unfolded and she was both picking at and checking her nails.

[#fd9d12 "So, think you can help a girl out?"]
  Devynn Ryan / SheDevil / 7d 4h 55m 50s
"Why does 'pretty little thing' sound like an insult from you?" Emily asked with an eyebrow. She looked at her for the first time; a pretty picture painted with a rotten color. "Second question: Why the hell do you care unless you're Amelia 2.0."

Emily found herself sweet tempered but her mood was shot and the world didn't make any sense anymore.
  Emily / Socasm / 7d 9h 12m 31s
She remembered Rae saying how Emily liked to run from her problems. Tried to hide behind her work or whatever. And just watching the blonde now, Devynn could see that it had not been a far stretch. Cute as it was, it showed she had a lot to learn about the real world and problems not just disappearing.

[#fd9d12 "Oh, so Lulu told you about me, then. Have to say I'm flattered such a pretty little thing knows me. Though I have a couple of questions. Like for one why the two of you are so close? And two what everyone seems to be trying to hide?"] She had noticed that the town seemed weird. And she figured why not start with Rae's ex. Make a mess and it harder for the two to reconnect as she still was angry with the other girl for breaking her heart.
  Devynn Ryan / SheDevil / 7d 19h 21m 26s
"You must be Devyn." Emily said without looking up from the laptop-tablet. She used the pen to work the background in. "How can I help you?"

The woman had no warmth in her tone. She was tired. She worked harder almost thinking if she worked harder than all her problems would go away. The woman was still there, so it hadn't.
  Emily / Socasm / 7d 19h 37m 11s
This man was seriously frustrating to no ends. He got what he wanted from her. But now it looked like Devynn would be involved and Em still was. She JUST made this a bigger mess and even Rae knew it too. [b "Yeah, we'll see.."] She muttered, taking her keys out as the man gave his wave.


[#fd9d12 "Oh so you're the ex that Rae was so fond on. Can't say I blame her with what a pretty little thing you are."] Came a purr from a young woman of about twenty-five who was leaned against the wall. She had been watching and so she KNEW how close Raquel had gotten to Emily in the last few days easily.

And brow eyes found their way over the other. [#fd9d12 "No wonder she would come back if she got to see someone like you again."]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 7d 20h 34m 41s
"Maybe you'd be of some use it I could count on you're ties to your ex girlfriend. I still haven't counted her out as a suspect. Somewhere between you, the hottie teacher, and Emily." Ryan waved as if they had just been talking about decorating. "If you ever want to help, come find me."
  Ryan / Socasm / 7d 21h 24m 57s

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