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[b "Get his side of this and see how the hell he got involved. I know he was a reason between me and Amelia...but I want to know what else he has a play in this with."] She muttered as her hands had moved into her back pockets.

Just looking at the door across from them made her feel like she was seveteen or eighteen again. [b "Fuck my life.."] Rae muttered and soon went to the door and knocked, boucing as now the waiting game began.

A minute or so passed and the door opened. Hernderson blinked as he looked at the young women. He had NOT expected this at all. "So what do I owe the visit?" He asked. Might as well get straight into it.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 3d 21h 27m 53s
God help her if she became one of those pining for a day that didn't exist. In prickly silence she stepped out of her car.

Waiting for Rae to join her she wondered again what she was doing here and with her. She remained behind her when entering the white gate to the faded apartment building.

"So, what now?"
  Emily / Socasm / 3d 21h 34m 33s
A faint smiled graced her "pretty pink" lips as she had given the quickest of glances Emily's way. As always, the other was trying to rationalize the informtation and to make it seem less terrible than it was. God she wished she could do that. Maybe one day she would ask Emily HOW she managed to put things into perspective.

[b "True... I guess it did save us..."] Her words were much lighter than she felt but hey she had to try right? [b "Good to know..."]

And she took the right that the phone has given them. With what they were talking about, Rae was lucky she was even paying attention at all. [b "About...oh those buildings?"] She asked as she pointed. Emily did say they were almost there
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 4d 1h 23m 7s
"It's fine, it's all in the past, maybe we were spared the whole branching out in heartache after high school." Emily lifted her phone when she heard it talk again. Turn right.

She should have turned left when all this shit happened.

"You didn't ruin his marriage, by the way, he's the sick fuck. We're almost there."
  Emily / Socasm / 4d 4h 37m 24s
[b "I told you...Amelia had a way to bring out the worst in me. It was a stupid game of teenage girls.. And I know what we had had been good. Wish I never did it...but I was young and stupid.."] She was being honest. What more did she have to hide with this can of worms being opened? [b "The sick ass deserved it.."]

God she hated that she had hurt Emily. But she had wanted to know and she wasn't going to lie.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 4d 5h 36m 7s
"Why? I know I wasn't ready to be what I am now but it was a good thing we had." Emily put ther phone on her lap. "And he was just a perv that used 'tight' teenagers. The one that got him caught was a 15 year old girl."

Emily didn't have a right to be hurt but she did anyway. Amelia had opened a whole that she couldn't close.
  Emily / Socasm / 4d 5h 55m 4s
The question brought back memories she was not proud of. Reminded her of who she had been and that nightmare. She had not been Amelia bad, but she had been no angel either. And as she thought about it, hands did tighten on the steerwheel. She had told Mr. Designer the basic story...NOT all of it and she would be damned to. But she would tell Emily.

[b "He had been after us. It was one of those stupid school girl crushes. You know 'OMG He is sooo hot' kind of a deal. Both Ami and I had our sight on him just like every girl in our year. Henderson found out and made it into a competition...One I did end up wining. The prirze? Be his little mitress and 'whore' and pass the class with flying colours. At the time I had been fine with it and happy. Now I wish to hell I would have never touched him or ruined his marriage."]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 4d 7h 38m 20s
A nice dream. The two of them going off and just being one with the rain and mildewed trees. Maybe reconnecting or finding a bosom friendship again- Emily should have had a warm feeling over this.

"The complex, yeah, who knows if he still lives there." Emily nodded. "Was he before or after us?"
  Emily / Socasm / 4d 7h 58m 1s
[b "It sounds like you might like somewhere it either Washington or Oregon. Both have really nice weather and still have trees. Or at least they did when I had to do a shoot there a couple of years ago."] Rae was thinking out loud for sure, but her excitement did seem to lace her words. She wanted to be able to do a trip and had been SUPER happy when Emily had not turned it down.

There weren't any particular thoughts or pictures in her mind. Just getting to spend some more time together. Maybe reconnect and stuff. Those cheesy romance status things. [b "So the address...it was an old apartment?"] She asked as Emi jad typed it into her GPS.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 4d 19h 33m 26s
"I wouldn't know. I haven't gone further than Sacramento in the last few years. Someplace rainy...with lots of forests and waterfalls..."

Emily smiled to her. She already pictured them in some cheap hotel after a long day curled together, naked. She shook her head and placed in the address to the GPS on her phone.
  Emily / Socasm / 4d 21h 42m 13s
Emily seemed a little stiff and it had been after her words of Devynn. A part of her wanted to ask what the hell her ex had even done, but the other didn't want to pry. She had JUST gotten to have the other woman around again and so didn't want to ruin that. Well at least not yet.

[b "Any place you can think of that'd be good. I can tell you I'm sick of New York."] She said, getting into the driver's seat and immediately having the engine come to life. Once it had, they were on their way.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 4d 23h 28m 1s
Emily bit her lip. She didn't want to think of the weird emotions that Devyn brought up in her that reminded her the appeal of Amelia with the smirk and how self-possessed that smirk really was. She remembered the late night activities in the last two nights to the point of getting sick.

"At least you made the right choice. Let's go," she walked to the passager side of the car. "That would be nice."
  Emily / Socasm / 5d 10h 12m 52s
Raquel cringed when Emily said she had met Devynn. The funny in a creepy way was that she had NOT told the woman she was coming home. So how had she known? But she didn't dare to ask. Not like would matter anyway.

[b "I had honestly hoped you wouldn't. She could...well she was good at bringing out the worst me in. The high school me. It was only recently I realised that."] She muttered as her hand unconsciously had tightened around the keys in her hand.

A faint smile graced her lips. She knew she had never fully been over Emily.. But she had not been aware how "alive" those feelings still were. [b "You and me both... When all this is done.. How about a nice vacation somewhere?"] She asked as they began to Em's car.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 5d 16h 6m 36s
"Why don't you drive then?" Emi placed the keys in her hand. "I met your ex. It's as if Amelia had been cloned in another body. Sometimes I wish that I could only like men instead of trying to figure out women."

She smiled to Rae with dim awareness that she was falling back in love with her.
  Emily / Socasm / 6d 5h 32m 4s
When she was hugged, Rae returned it and gave a faint smirk as her eyes sparkled all the more. [b "I thought I was maddening?"] The young woman teased. God she had missed this side of ther other. Her smile and her affection. [b "But really Em, wouldn't have you any other way either."]

Her hand had moved into Emily's and she gave a smile. [b "Then to Jefferson we go."]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 6d 5h 56m 18s

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