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"Amelia did one thing right by threatening to reveal him. Let's honor that...the person she was working on becoming," Emily smiled gently. Rae was her first love and Amelia had formed a second but only Rae felt good. "Maybe we could include a public date or two in that seeing this till the end."
  Emily / Socasm / 1d 19h 11m 11s
Rae didn't dare say she had gone to Designer. But she was sure that Emily would guess as much. [b "He seriously needs to...because we found out he did it to SO many."] She whispered, leaning against her hand. [b "I'm not going to you either. So..this mean we'll see this all through?"] There was more in her question. But she wasn't ready to ask it straight out.
  shedevil / 1d 19h 17m 15s
"He's still going down and Designer is going to help us with that. Mr. Suarez might be very interested to know what this asshole did..." Emily whispered with her hand against her cheek. "I'm not abandoning you again."
  Emily / Socasm / 1d 19h 24m 39s
She had not expected her kiss to be returned, but when it was and those slender fingers raked through her hair she could not help a soft and content sound. God it had been far too long since she had felt anything like this. But then.. Emily always had a way to make her feel more than she bargained for.

[b "You...god..."] She whispered as she drew slowly away after a moment more, eyes sparkling.
  SheDevil / 1d 20h 34m 15s
Emily kissed her back just as soft. Her fingers raked through her thick hair feeling like a smooth sheet on a exhausting day. She absorbed the warmth before adding more pressure to the kiss.

She did say she loved her in there.

The words came out so easily.
  Emily / Socasm / 1d 22h 36m 5s
It took everything she had to not punch the man. It was clear that he had NO remorse for what he had done and the lives of the girls he had destroyed. And to top it all off he was only thinking to save his own ass.

Emily had been the one to stop her when she led her from the dainty little apartment. And it was the moment that she felt the tight hug and the soft stroking of her hair did she act on impulse. It was SO familiar to her and before she could stop herself, Rae was kissing Emi like she had so many times in the past. And god had she missed the softness and sweetness of those lips.
  SheDevil / 2d 15m 34s
"Great, now we won't go to the news paper," Emily nodded. Redhead sounded quite a bit like that bitch Devyn. She took Rae's hand and lead her out of the dingy apartment. In the hallway Emily looked over Rae and sighes.

"I'm sorry, hun..." Emi hugged her tightly. Her right hand stroked her hair gently. "You should not have dealt with that alone."
  Emily / Socasm / 2d 6h 56m 48s
Her eyes sparkled as she met Emily's gaze. She picked up on the fact that the other was trying to get the man to talk. Clever, very clever. And she had to admit it was sexy as hell too. Well admit that to herself but not out loud.

[b "I think I saw a burger place somewhere while we were driving. Even a news stand."] Rae chimed in, the wicked sparkle still dancing in hazel eyes.

The man looked between the two. They were being pure evil. And it was working because he WAS scared of it all coming out.

"Okay, okay. I know now I should have never done it. I was being vain and wanted the attention. God knows at the time my marriage had been going to 'hell in a hand basket'. But the last time I saw Ameila she was with some redhead. Introduced me and her and explained our past. Made some sort of joke and it set me off. Made me BEG her to not let the story out. Last thing she did was tap her chin and tell me she would think about it."
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 2d 5h 51m 35s
"I love you," Emily laughed. She didn't know if she meant that only the absence of a response from the man. "Well...we tried...Let's get some food while we're here. Maybe see if we can find a newspaper to talk to."

It worked in the movies. It could work now.
  Emily / Socasm / 2d 18h 14m 26s
She was fuming as she heard the words the man had spoken. He had NO care for what he had done. No remorse and only cared to keep his own ass out of trouble. [b "So it's okay to prey on the young and naive? AND to make their lives a living hell?"] Rae snapped off.

Her gaze then went to Emily. [b "Why should I stop you from punching him? Pigs like this deserve it. I'll even do it so you don't have to."]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 2d 20h 25m 16s
"Because they were seventeen and didn't know pigs like you wore the skin of people you're supposed to trust," Emily glared at him. "I agree with her plan and may continue it."

She stepped back and glanced to Rae. "You should take over before I punch him."
  Emily / Socasm / 2d 20h 47m 46s
The man took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Emily was the one as always to seem "clearheaded". She had back when she had been his student as well.

"Yes, I had played them against the other. But they didn't try and get out of it either. BOTH of them tried to get my attention. And I just took advantage of that. Gave the grades and everything. But now I wanted all of this to stay out of the papers. And Amelia said since I was fired that she would expose it all and let me rot."
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 2d 21h 55m 9s
If Emily could have crawled out of her skin she would have. She almost stepped in side with Rae but fell behind her.

"Amelia wasn't a drunk driver M- Henderson....something's happening. Staying in the room is grosser than knowing what you did. So...spill...or we tell the authorities more," Emily said slowly.
  Emily / Socasm / 3d 48m 12s
The man was looking at the two girls. They had been pretty in their high school days, but now they were stunning young women. And though it really should not have gone down that road, Nikolai Henderson's mind did.

"So are one of you going to tell me what this is about?" He asked, shifting his gaze from one young woman to the other as neither had yet to speak.

Rae rolled her eyes. [b "Cut the crap, Nik...you know what's been going on. So why don't you help us out and tell us your play in this huge ass game?"] Her bite was more because of her memories AND the mess his involvement had set into play.

"Touchy, aren't we? Very well. Come in. The both of you."
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 3d 1h 53m 5s
'I shouldn't be here,' Emily thought.

If she had came out would Rae have slept with a guy twice her age? Maybe, probably, Amelia would see to it. After all Ami had told her that Rae didn't deserve the woman she loved.

Her stomach lurched at the memories and stared hard at the former teacher.
  Emily / Socasm / 3d 18h 31m 7s

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