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"Why don't you come over to the studio? I don't have an appointment for an hour." Emi said entering her car. The small super market never felt so confining or look so oppressive. She blinked back the memories and sighed.

She knew she brought this on herself and the history would unravel itself. Winter was coming.
  Emily / Turadh / 28d 2h 48m 37s
She was just being her. She wasn't reckless but she hadn't always been the most careful either. [b "I guess you're right. There's nothing to tell. But just thought it would be interesting what we could get."] The young woman said, having moved back to the window. [b "Dinner or a hike sounds fun. Something we haven't done in forever and God knows when we will have the chance again."]

Silence for a few moments and so she figured that Em must be doing something. [b "Yeah, just lemme know. I still have to deal with mom and dad anyway."] She said. And she did because they wanted to actually talk to her. Surprise, surprise.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 28d 11h 59m 3s
"What's there to tell?" Emi asked in a tight voice. "Before you go why don't we have some dinner or a hike. You're kinda the only other friend I have right now."

She checked out the food and eyed Designer PI before she walked out to her car. "After a photoshoot, that is." She added. The town didn't mind her but Amelia left her mark in their short war.
  Emily / Turadh / 28d 12h 15m 46s
Raquel as much as she and her parents didn't get along was staying with them. She didn't have to interact which was more than fine with her. And this morning she was sitting on the windowsear, watching the yard. It was as if she was seeing but at the same time she wasn't. The yard was the same as it has always been. The flowers, the cobblestone patch, the bench, and the old swing that was tied to the try. And she was watching the "ghosts" of children chasing each other around it.

Only the shrill ringing of her phone was enough to "wake her from her trance" as she didn't even know how much time had passed. It was when she saw the number and name flash across the screen did she even bother to answer.

[b "He's hired someone to look into her death? So that means he believes the rumours after all and we'll be one the list."] She muttered. [b "Want to meet them before they come to us?"] What could she say? She wanted to "get the ball rolling" so to speak.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 28d 13h 55m 15s
The following morning a silver sedan rolled into town and stopped at the supermarket store that Amelia's dad owned. He owned four buildings in this town. She didn't like to shop at most of them.

Seeing a man with designer jeans, a gun, and slick smile her stomach dropped while she put the cat food in her cart.

Emi dialed Rae. "I think he's hired someone to look into her death."
  Emily / Turadh / 28d 14h 18m 19s
Rae should have been content to let the past be the past. To let the bridge burn and fall away. But the fact of the matter that it could have been a murder and not just the accident they had been told it had been bugged her. Because if they had come after Amelia for god only knew what, then who else was on that list? [b "I probably should let this rest and be content with it...But I can't... And Em I'll need your help. You have ALWAYS been the clever one....I'm also happy to see you again..."] Ally her words slipped before she could even stop them.

This had turned into one hell of a homecoming. And it turned into something she didn't want to leave behind. Her words had slipped and she didn't what more she could say. Just she was going to bring an investigator in as well. And slowly she began to eat, every now and again eyes falling on Em again. What the hell would be coming their way?
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 30d 1h 37m 39s
"She's gone and life moves on. It's nice to put it all to rest." Emi shrugged. "I think I want to keep the past as the past and her life cut too short. I am really glad to see you and how amazing you're doing."

She touched her hand for a minute before she went back to her food. She didn't know that she would have to come back to this.
  Emily / Turadh / 30d 4h 11m 28s
[b "Tales of Some True Mean Girls... That would have been fun to write. Could have given the producers SUCH material to work with."] She was almost laughing at the thought. But the truth be told, Rae hated who she had been. And she hated ALL the mean and cruel things she had done. The only thing she could say she didn't regret was Emily. And it always amazed her how sweet and innocent the other looked in comparison to her and the others. Those super soft features were to die for too.

A smirk crossed rosy lips and her eyes sparkled all the more..[b "To high five them for one. AND to have the satisfaction of knowing the truth."] The young woman said, popping another piece of the sushi in her mouth that rested on a plate between them.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 30d 1h 47m 56s
"At least we can tell mean girl stories. Maybe even write a pilot for FreeForm. We'd be rich," she grinned at her. Regrets grew like fruit from a tree branch from her branches. She studied the bold lines of Rae. She always marveled how sharp they were compared to her own soft features.

"And do what? Give them a high five?" She almost laughed at that
  Emily / Turadh / 30d 4h 30m 52s
Her nails tapped on the polished wood of the table and she was thoughtful as she listened to Emily and her saying what she had about high school. In truth, the "Losers" table did sound good now. But the thruth.. they had been "dragged" by Amelia to be the "Popularish" girls and had to act a certain way. They had made fucking terrible decisions too because of it.

[b "Being the weirdo or the outcast would have made things a lot easier. There wasn't the fear of being true to who we are... Or of being outed either. Buut thanks to a certain little attention whore we got roped into that god forsaken prep table and being who we hated."] She muttered, shaking her head.

Her eyes then went to Emily when she said there was a rumour out there that their "friend" had been murdered. God this shouldn't have intrigued her the way it did now. [b "So up for a game of 'Clue'? See if we can solve it?"] Rae asked, eyes sparkling.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 30d 22h 44m 14s
"Oh, high school the great 'what the fuck was I thinking' of our lives so far. What I wouldn't give for a time machine and just tell myself that the loser table would have been just fine," Emi laughed at herself now. The fear had been real then. Fear that someone would know or judge her on anything; that lead to many bad moments.

"There's been a rumor that she was actually murdered not just a drunk driving accident like the report says."
  Emily / Turadh / 30d 23h 23m 26s
That had been true. Amelia had ALWAYS been the worst friend. She would use both Raquel and Emily for her own gains. And she would always throw them under the bus when things were about to get messy for her. The fact of Emily accidentally outing the other for her "experimenting" was proof of that. Though honestly, Rae had never approved of Amy's way of doing so. She DID lead others on. MULTIPE others at a time.

Slowly, Rae shook her head as she listened to the words the other spoke. [b "She always had been a vengeful thing. And ruined the relationships of a lot of people.."] Her words were soft, also laced with a misery that she had not let seep in for many years.

It was when her flirting had been called terrible did the young woman, straighten up and give a smirk. [b "You always thought it was terrible.. And yet you never stopped me from doing it, sweet cheeks."] She said, letting out a soft laugh, shaking her head. [b "But seriously, I don't mind the rant. I mean she did a lot of fucked up things. Had dirt on a fair few of us. So if you need to talk...just like before I left I'm good to listen."]
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 30d 23h 9m 56s
"She called it revenge for outing her 'experimenting' in high school when I just accidentally spoke to her in the bathroom about leading others on. She outright told my step dad and he stopped paying for college because of that. She used that excuse for years but aftet what she did to us we didn't talk after that," Emi said miserably. "Accident or on purpose, good riddance."

Here her old flame spoke sweet words and she ranted. "I'm sorry for ranting. I even missed your terrible flirting."
  Emily / Turadh / 31d 23h 49m 2s
She had been gone the last six years, literally the moment she was eighteen she had been gone. So to hear that Amelia had outed Emily and Emily outed her had been..shocking? Well Emily's outing Amelia had been the shock to Rae, not Amelia doing it to Emily. What was the saying? Ah yes, "hurt people hurt people".

[b "Not like she really gave you a choice. She KNEW what could have happened. And I should NO way be condoning this.. but you were only standing up for yourself, so proud of you for that."] Raquel muttered as she leaned back in her seat, stretching her long slender legs beneath the table and crossing them at the ankles.

Her expression became thoughtful as Emily had asked her what it was like. [b "A lot of hustle and bustle. It's like no one knows anyone or pays the other attention. Almost like those movies we used to sneak into to see since our parents never let us. Oh and god the parties are crazy when you know the right people. Lots of pretty girls too."] Rae said. But then just to tease and give a little of old feelings life, hazel eyes ran their way over Em. [b "Though none of them ever looked as good as you."] She purred before popping a piece of sushi into her mouth.
  Raquel Lucielle Jackson / SheDevil / 32d 1h 41m 39s
"Maybe I should have said something and then I wouldn't have hurt her, too. She's transgender and was halfway through the process. Don't think Amelia didn't let that one go, either," Emi chuckled dryly. "Three long years ago.""

She picked up a piece of sushi and stared at Rae like she was a figment of her imagination. "How's it been out there?"
  Emily / Turadh / 32d 12h 34m 50s

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