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Lexia was starting to feel a little bit dizzy but she put it down to the fact that she was tired still and that the news has just stressed her out a little bit. She would have time to relax in the car on the way to her mother’s house but she knew that having her mother driving her would not exactly be the most comfortable car journey in the world, especially since she would be upset and probably inconsolable at times. She waited patiently on the edge of the bed until she saw James emerge from the bathroom and she smiled a little lightly at him as she rose from her seated position and looked to him with a nod.

[b “I’m okay.”] She wasn’t exactly lying to him because she was okay, she didn’t feel great but she knew that would tip him over the edge because they both needed to be there for her mother right now and he had already given up two days at the restaurant to help them and she didn’t want him to think about the fact that she was still feeling sick too.

[b “I’ll be five minutes.”] She said through a yawn and she made her way into the bathroom and switched on the shower before shedding her clothes and quickly showering, not wanting to spend too long in there because it would waste time and they had things that they needed to do. When she was done she came back into the bedroom and started to get changed but she had been rushing and made herself feel dizzy so she had to sit down on the edge of the bed and give herself a minute to adjust. After a few deep breaths she continued to get ready, this time moving at a much more manageable pace until she was completely dressed and ready to go.

Lexia was about to reach for the bag on the bed but a part of her stopped herself from doing it, knowing that James would only take it from her if she did. It wasn’t exactly a heavy bag but any excuse to take something from her so she didn’t have to lift anything, he would find. When she arrived downstairs she looked to her mother and smiled a little bit, noticing that she had stopped crying and was extremely grateful that James and Lexia were dropping everything just to help her with the house.

[i “I’m lucky to have a daughter like you.”]

[b “And a son-in-law. We wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for him.”] Her mother nodded in response then, realising just how much she had misjudged him.
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“Morning James,” Gianna said in a deadpanned voice. She was being cordial and professional as he asked, but certainly wasn’t happy to hear him.
“Morning Gianna, look – I have to take the next couple of days off. There’s a bit of a family emergency and Lexia – her mother needs us.” There was silence then. “I know it’s a lot last minute, but I am depending on you.”
“You can trust me. I can handle this. When have I were let you down ?” James was trying his hardest not to mention the fact that lately she hadn’t been in top of her game. Though maybe the talk that the two had the previous night had put some type of fire into her. He hoped this meant that she would be able eventually work with the male again. Could they go back to being friends ? He doubted it and he especially doubted it considering that alexia probable wouldn’t be too happy about it. Though, this was a step in some type of direction.
James thanked the woman before giving off a few orders and hanging up. He sighed, this would be a stressful few couple of days and he had hope that Gianna would be able to keel the restaurant in working order by the time he came back. The restaurant was his life aside his marriage with Lexia and the family he was building with her. James has stripped then, tossing the dirty clothes into the hamper before he headed towards the bathroom, turning in the shower and stepping in. It was crazy how badly he was already kissing and stressing about his restaurant and he hadn’t even let yet. He tried not to think about it and he surely wasn’t going to pay that much attention to it while they were on the road as Lexia would then surely start the feel about him skipping work. He had to remind himself though that this wasn’t just for him, but also for Lexia.
Finishing his shower, he dried off wrapping a towel around his waist as he stepped out. He was already booking the hotel and the truck rental when he looked up to find his wife in the edge of the bed, bags already packed. She’s be there to hell pack, but James was going to make sure that the woman didn’t even try to lift anything big or small. James began to dress then, boxers, a pair of light blue jeans and socks and to top it off – a grey long sleeve.
He was pushing the sleeves up, running his hands through damn hair as he headed over to his wife. She had told him she was okay, but James wanted to be sure. His hand pressed against her stomach. “You sure you’re fine?” He asked before kissing her forehead lightly. “Shower is all yours and I guess it’s best to get an early start. They could leave after Lexia was all set.
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They sat in relative silence for quite some time as James busied himself in the kitchen cooking my breakfast. Her mother wasn’t exactly ready to talk yet, still trying to get over the fact that he would even be so selfish as to gamble with the possibility of losing their house. He must’ve been in some serious trouble for the house to been taken away from them in the first place. It wasn’t like it was a small debt or one that could be paid so quickly if the bank had initially taken the house away to try and pay off some of his debts in the first place and they must’ve been legal debts because the house wouldn’t have been in any danger in the first place. Her father wasn’t exactly a stranger to loansharks and gambling with the wrong people but once he checked himself into rehab and got a little bit better he had relapsed again but clearly this time he did so in a casino where it was completely legal to actually bet away money and he just took out far too much than he could manage and now they all found themselves dealing with the consequences of what he had done.

When James finished the breakfast they still remain pretty quiet, Lexia drinking some juice while her mother had a cup of coffee to help invigorate her once more. What they needed to focus on now was the fact that they had to pack up the house and her mother owned quite a lot of things and everything within the house to belong to her and the bank did not have any right to take that away but she had no idea where they would keep all of her belongings.

After they had eaten, James announced that he was going to go for a shower and ring Gianna to make sure that everything was set with the restaurant and even though she felt guilty about the fact that he had decided to take some time off, she was grateful that she didn’t have to go through this alone especially since she was not exactly completely healthy enough to deal with this situation herself. She wouldn’t be much help when they got to the house because she wasn’t able to lift anything and she knew that James wasn’t going to allow her to lift anything anyway, even if the doctors have told her that she could.

[i “You don’t have to do this.”] Her mother said to her eventually as James left to go about his business.

[b “Of course we do, we are family.”]

[i “I’m supposed to be here looking after you.”]

[b “We look after each other Mom.”] With that she encouraged her mother to go and pack up her things regardless of the fact that she haven’t really unpacked in the first place so all she really needed to do was put her clothes back in the suitcase. She also went to their room and made sure that she packed an overnight bag for her and James knowing that they would not be able to drive all the way to her mother’s to pack up her stuff and then drive all the way back in one day, they would need a rest and she would certainly not be able to manage that much travelling in one day especially since she had only got out of hospital two days before. She got herself changed and packed an overnight bag and waited for James to return as she placed herself at the edge of the bed.
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Taking time off work was something that James knew he had to do even though he would worry about the restaurant. However, he wasn’t going to tell Lexia that, knowing she would want him to rescind his offer and try to talk him out of it. Everything would be fine, he had faith in his staff and when the baby was born he would need to take some time off anyways to bind with his child – and there was no way in hell he would miss Alexa giving birth. James has to realize he couldn’t do everything himself and needed to start to has faith in his team – faith that Gianna would work through whatever she seemed to be going through.
“It’ll be fine. We will have breakfast, I’ll have set up a truck that’s ready when we’re out there and we will pack everything and then head back. Your mother can drive you.” Lexia was already floating off to comfort her mother. He sighed out store making him a cup of coffee, making sure to skip some brandy in indiscreetly before he started the breakfast. Something light and easy, eggs and sausages – some bagels and cream cheese and a side of fruit. He headed over to the dining table, handing over the dishes and utensils in front of the females before pouring them a glass a juice or cup of coffee depending on preference. He made sure to note to call Gianna when finished so she would be prepared before the restaurant opened to find him not there.
Maybe she would be able to focus, seeing how she had issues working with at this time and he hadn’t a time to get the new schedule together as he had been distracted by his wife the night before. James started to eat then, already somewhat stressed but he looked over at his wife and he knew that his goal was to make her happy and stress free. He didn’t want her to think she had to deal with this alone. Despite the issues between James and his mother in law – family was family no matter what. Plus, the brandy and coffee was really helping with relaxing him as well as the meal as James was an incredibly hungry man.
“I’m going to shower and give Gianna a call.” He said as he bent down to kiss his wife. “You mind getting the packing done? Figure I’ll book a hotel for us too.” Money. They were doing well but they still had to save for when the baby came. They would figure it out soon enough though.
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Part of the reason why Lexia loved James was because of how much he cared about her and her family regardless of the fact that they argued a lot. Even though her mother had tried to push them apart in the past, he was still being thoughtful about the situation right now. He was well within his rights to not care about her or the fact that she had lost her home since she had literally tried to break them up in the past and had even gone to some extreme measures to do so. However, it was clear about why she done that in the first place. She had clearly likened her relationship with her father to Lexia’s relationship with James and she had got it all wrong because she had not been there to see it all develop from the start, nor has she been there to see what they were like when they were alone in their home together.

Lexia pulled back from her mother and nodded when he suggested that they should go downstairs to eat breakfast and try to talk things through and see what the best plan of action would be. Lexia didn’t want to cry anymore and she knew that she had to stop before she stressed herself out too much and ended up back in hospital so she focused herself and pulled herself together as she walked down the stairs with James close behind her.

When James pulled Lexia towards him she nodded and kissed him gently. Although her heart was broken over the fact that her home was no longer theirs, she couldn’t think about that right now as it was more important for them to get her mother back on her feet as soon as possible. She was not exactly a poor woman, she had money put aside knowing how stupid her father could be and she would be able to find herself somewhere to live soon but it would take a little bit of time for her to build herself emotionally and they would have to be there for her throughout that and offer her a place to stay until she was ready to delve into that next step of her life.

[b “I love you. Are you sure you can take the time off? God you are a saint you know that?”] This is exactly why Lexia loved James and it hurt her to think that he couldn’t see it himself. He had a heart of gold and he would do anything for his family, even those he didn’t exactly get along with perfectly. Lexia glanced back at her mother who was beginning to calm down and she kissed James on the cheek before sitting next to her taking hold of her and give her some comfort, neither one of them really wanting to speak in that moment but just taking comfort in each other’s company while James made breakfast.
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James had to resist the urge of anger. It was a bit too early in the morning for the emotions he was feeling. He sighed out, hands scratching through his hair and smoothing the strands back. He wasn’t surprised that the reason behind all these treats was Lexia’s father. He knew though this only meant that her mother would possibly be staying with them longer which was not terrible, but it wouldn’t be long before tensions arose and the two went at it again. He did know that Lexia ad siblings, but James couldn’t imagine any of them letting her stay long term and it wasn’t right for her to be bounced around like some foster child. He sighed, knowing Lexia’s heart was probably breaking at the knowledge than her childhood home was long gone and belonged to the bank.
This was something that wouldn’t get resolved in a day and there were items in that house that Lexia’s mother needed to collect. This was a family emergency and though he fought often with his mother in law, she was family.
“Look, why don’t we all just go downstairs okay? I’ll get us some coffee – make breakfast and we will sort this out okay?” All the crying was making him uncomfortable and Lexia knew he hated to see or hear a woman cry. All it did was make him think of his mother. She used to sin all night after his father finally abandoned them. It used to keep him up at night. He couldn’t even eat sometimes considering she was too busy crying to make breakfast or dinner. James grew up real quick then.
He led the women downstairs, his mother in law taking a seat at the table. He drew Lexia into the kitchen by the waist. “Are you okay?” He asked softly, kissing her. He tried to keep his voice low as he worked on starting the coffee and then grabbing ingredients for breakfast. “I support anything you want to do. I mean –“ he paused and rolled his tongue in cheek before finishing his statement. “She can stay here until we start the nursery and maybe then – we can get her something small y’know? I can take today and tomorrow off and we can get her stuff before they put it up for auction.”
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Lexia held her mother for quite some time allowing her to son into her chest as her own tears started to fall. Her father wasn’t exactly the most trustworthy person in the world, which is why her mother had always been a little bit anxious about her being with James. He had done some stupid shit before but since opening the restaurant and marrying Lexia but the only thing she had to really worry about was his drinking but he seemed to be able to control himself way better than her father ever could. She heard his voice behind her then and she turned her head to look at him with tear stained eyes as her mother finally rose her head from Lexia’s chest.

[i “I’ve lost everything. My home...it’s gone.”] Lexia knew that James and and her mother didn’t exactly get on but he wasn’t a heartless man and he knew that he would feel strongly about this, mostly because it affected Lexia too. Her eyes trained on James, she wondered what he would say or what he would do. He wasn’t exactly the calmest person in the world when it came to her father because he had consistently let her down throughout her childhood and continued to let her down as an adult. Now he had done one of the worst things imaginable and have been completely selfish leading to the loss of her childhood home and the home that her mother had called her own for the last five years since the divorce.

Lexia didn’t know why he still had any entitlement to the house but she knew that the divorce wasn’t exactly easy and there might have been some clause in their divorce that said that he had to remain on the deeds of the home in order for him to help her pay the mortgage. Although she didn’t quite understand it because he never had any money anyway, hence why he gambled. She would never forgive him for this, that much she was sure of. They had no choice but to step up and find a solution to this now and she knew that it meant that her mother might be staying with them for a little longer than the week regardless of the fact that she had siblings that could also house her. Lexia was too kind hearted to throw the woman out but they all knew that this house wasn’t big enough for all of them with a baby in the way because the guest room was to become the nursery when the time was right.
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He held in tight to Lexia, something he knew he would always have the pleasure to do so as long as they both so lived. Forever husband and wife. James loved her with everything he had and he would love their son even more with no shame. Kissing her forehead then he made sure to draw the sheets up to cover their still nude frames before he fell asleep. James has easily passed out as the night’s events had tired him out and Lexia had really worked him to low energy. He knew he had work in the morning, already regretting having to leave his wife’s side.
Usually James was the first one up, so he was quite surprised to find his wife’s side of the bed empty and cold. He could hear voices in the distance, him still half asleep. It was too early for him to be getting to work, maybe he could actually have breakfast with his wife for once. Yawning, he sat up and stretched – realizing the voices and the sobbing was Lexia and her mother. He frowned then. James searches for a pair of shorts in the dresser beside him before walking over to the women.
“What’s going on?” He asked the duo, a brow raised as he was still trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes. “Someone hurts or?” He didn’t want anymore turmoil in the family or in their relationship and sincerely hoped that whatever it was that had happened had a simple fix. Though when it came to Lexia’s mother – hell to her parents nothing was ever a simple fix. He wondered then how this would set them back. Whenever anything happened with her parents it caused stress and James was already dealing with a lot. Last time it was his father in law getting wasted at their reception dinner and nearly ruining everything. He had to be escorted out which was still even more embarrassing. Though, James had done his best to distract his bride from it, ending that night with their dance as newlyweds.
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Lexia kept working until she felt him come to his release. She didn’t move from him for a while, moving still until she had managed to work every last drop from him. Hearing her name and his cursing had only spurred on more, her pace quickening as her thrust deeper into her mouth until he was practically shaking the same way she had been when he had taken it upon himself to pleasure her in the bath. She was quite pleased with herself then, peeling herself away from him as she watched his face as he proclaimed his love for her. Lexia smiled and crawled up the bed until she reached her side where there was a glass of water that she drank to wash down any evidence of their passion before she curled into him.

[b “I love you too baby.”] The two kissed and caressed until sleep claimed her. She wasn’t sure what time it was or even if James has fallen asleep himself but she slept soundly in his arms until she woke up in exactly the same position the next morning only to be woken up by a light knocking at the door. She glanced over to James and smiled to herself at his sleeping form before she carefully climbed off the bed and wrapped a robe around her so she could go to the door.

[b “Morning Mom. Is everything alright?”] The woman stared at her for a minute and then looked to the floor. [b “Mom, what is it?”] She started to worry then but kept her voice down so that she didn’t wake up James.

[i “It’s your father.”] The woman started and sighed again. [i “He’s back inside. He...gambled again and got shit faced and smash up a shop with his car...Lexia...I should have taken him off the deed to the house...”]

[b “Mom...”] She could see the tears in the woman’s eyes and she could already tell what she was going she say as she held her arms out to her.

[i “He’s lost everything. Our home...its being repossessed and I don’t know what to do.”] She fell into her arms then and Lexia just held her close, knowing that nothing she said would be able to give the woman peace then.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 23d 18h 36m 10s
Lexia was a kind hearted woman and her demeanor often led people to think she was quiet and shut, but James knew that she was completely different in the bedroom. Maybe that’s something else that made him fall in love with the woman, being able to see a side of her that not many if any got a chance to experience. He watched her as she sauntered toward the bed, crawling toward him, her hand gripping him gently as she worked him up even more, eyes closed in pressure and it was taking everything in James not to release then as the pleasure already had been too much for the man. The minute her mouth was on him he had to even his breathing to make sure he could enjoy and savor his wife’s reward for as long as possible.
Her movements were slow, one hand against his chest, James’ gripping her hair, fingers draw through as he followed her movements. He licked his bottom lip, a gasp escaping with each bob, each flick of tongue. Lexia didn’t really need any direction, she knew just what he needed but he couldn’t help but let a few commands slip. His voice low, husky and demanding – “Lexia,” he said as she started to quicken her speed. He bit his bottom lip, hips raising to meet her mouth and force himself to go even deeper. It wasn’t long before her hand and mouth combo proved to be too much for James before he called out his wife’s name, releasing in her, grunting some as his eyes were pinched closed. He remained there still, slightly trembling until finally drained. “Fuck,” he admitted in a whisper. Certainly had been a while since they had did that. Normally James would have succumbed to his desires and eagerly slipped into another space of Lexia with how badly she had gotten him, but he had no chance with the way she was pleasing him. He couldn’t think of stopping and of course how intense his release was proof of that. “I love you.” He said, waiting for her to come up to his level, wanting to kiss her and cuddle her until they fell asleep.
  james / SincerelyLily / 23d 18h 52m 11s
James seemed to obey without any need to say anything else, only drying himself off and then moving into the bedroom completely naked with his visible evidence of pleasure still awaiting to be satisfied. She smiled to herself as she towel dried her hair enough that it wouldn’t completely soak the bedsheets when she climbed upon them and then she emerged in the bedroom, completely aroused by the way he lay there waiting for her. She smirked playfully and moved towards the bed before she started to crawl towards him, the look off seduction in her eyes as her hands ran up her legs and grouping his member when she was close enough to it.

Unlike a lot of woman Lexia knew, she loved giving pleasure to her man and she would do so for as long as he needed. With one last look she lowered her lips onto him, kissing where her hands had been, her tongue gently teasing and gracing him until she was ready to take him into her mouth entirely. The movement was swift and coupled with the gentle massage of her hand so that she could work him up to his own orgasm. Lexia wanted this to last so she was slow at first although she knew that James could quite vocal and demanding when it came to sex and she didn’t mind that at all, in fact she found it quite sexy so the moment she heard him asking for her to move faster or harder she would.

For now she enjoyed the feel and taste of him gliding in and out as her free hand roamed his chest as the other worked him up even more, knowing how crazy it drove him to feel her hand and mouth working in tandem to get him to his very own climax. A moan escaped her then, feeling her own pleasure from having him this way. Her eyes looked up at him, wanting to drink in the expression upon his face and watch what she did so him as she started to pick up her pace, moving with a bit more bigot now that she could see his expression and how much he enjoyed the feel of her.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 23d 19h 14m 45s
James could feel Lexia’s hand filter under the water and grope him, his breath hitching as she stroked him gently. She of course consented to everything and anything that James would want to do to her and yet he would never do anything she was uncomfortable with or force the female into anything she didn’t want to do. Moaning against her touch, he let his head call back as he enjoyed the few moments of pleasure before Lexia stopped – definitely getting him to attention with just her touch alone. She got out first, James releasing the valve so the water went down as he got out , hands reaching for a towel and drying himself down, having some issues when it came to his lower area. James didn’t bother this time to wrap a towel around his body, walking toward the bed where he laid back, feeling much like a king with his lively queen there in the flesh before him, hair still a bit wet and darkened from the water. He could smell the lavender scent from the bath even from across the room.
He wanted her. He wanted her more than he ever had and James couldn’t exactly explain why.
All he knew was that this was the closest and most intimate the couple had been in a short span of days I’m a while. He has always loved Lexia and everything about her – there wasn’t necessarily anything that made him turn to Gianna other than his own cowardice and feudal to talk to his wife about his problems. Gianna was over though. He was Lexia’s and she was his. They both knew each other’d body and he knew just as he could get her to the point of climax, there was no doubt in his mind that that Lexia too could get him to the point of screaming her name. Eager, he couldn’t help but bite his bottom lip, still erected if not harder and the look in his eyes demanding for his wife.
  james / SincerelyLily / 23d 19h 32m 33s
It was pure ecstasy feeling his fingers moving inside her while he held her close. Even when he removed his fingers she could have sworn she still felt him there, the shiver of aftershocks running through her body as she started to come down from her orgasm. It took her quite some time for her breathing to return to normal but the feel of James’ reaction to her pressed into her back told her that they might not be done just yet, which she didn’t mind at all, especially since she loved being intimate with her husband in every way.

Lexia laughed a little as she leaned back against him, taking long heavy breaths until it started to return to normal. [b “You drive me crazy with every little touch.”] She smiled as she reached behind her to wrap her hand around the erection that pressed into her back a little. [b “And I love knowing that I did this to you.”] She reward him for a moment before releasing him, because the bath was getting cold and it was about time they both got out. [b “You can take advantage of me as much as you like but you are right, the confines of this bath are a little too restricting for us.”] She kissed him gently and placed her hands on the side of the bath to push herself up carefully and then she stepped aside to grab a towel while she waiting for him to get out too.

[b “I’m going to return the favour when we go in there so don’t you dare put any clothes on.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 23d 20h 14m 3s
The sound of her breath hitching made James only moan out, him enjoying the sound of her pleasure, the feeling of the her wrapped tight around his fingers, knowing for a small second he was in control of her pleasure. It had been quite some time since the male and female were intimate with one another three days in a row and it certainly seemed to reignite some fire back into their marriage. She eagerly accepted him, James using his free hand to spread her for easier access before reclaiming her body, hands caressing any bit of exposed soaped up part of her that he could have. James stole her lips again for his own, tongue tracing the inside of her lips as her head rested against his chest, fingers only increasing in sped until he could feel his wife shivering against him ready to erupt.
He missed Lexia, missed this feeling of closeness that the two had. This was what was lacking, the closeness and it was only his fault that he had ignored his wife for someone else. That was no more. Lexia’s beauty – her love had captured him and made sure to dig in and keep him held forever. There would never be anyone else.
She was screaming her love for him then, her name a beautiful sound ringing out in the bathroom as she had finally erupted. James gasped then, fingers slowly removing from the female as he held her close, arms wrapped around her chest and his forehead pressed against the bac of her head. “You know how wild it drives me when you scream my name,” James said with a breathy chuckle. They had been in the bath for quite some time, the water turning cold then.
“C’mon we’ll both be prunes if we stay in here too long. I may have taken a bit of an advantage in that uh relaxation I promised,” James said with a chuckle before kissing her cheeks. “Besides we stay in here and it’ll be hard for me to do anything else to you.”
  james / SincerelyLily / 23d 23h 8m 15s
Lexia would do everything within her power to hold he family together, even if it meant moving mountains to make it work she would do it. That was how much she loved her husband and she wasn’t about to let anything come and take that away from her now. She had been far too naive before and she had let her guard down and ignored what was wrong her her marriage but she wouldn’t let that happen again. She would face everything head on, even if that meant having Gianna in their lives when she could hardly bear to think of what she had done with her husband. But he was [i her] husband and she wouldn’t let him stray again. She would be his everything like she was supposed to be and ensure that he never thought of another woman again. The kiss they shared became the beginnings of this promise she made to herself.

Her breath hitched in her throat then as his buys hand found their way In between her legs, working to pleasure she as they shared their kiss. Moans of joy escaped her lips until he pulled back from their kiss to speak. Her breathing had quickening at a rate she had not expected and she couldn’t even formulate the words to reply to his promise of a second child as his hand skill fully played at her depths. Instead she allowed her head to rest back on his shoulder, enjoy each stroke of his fingers against her until she was ready to scream out his name after he worked hard to get her there.

They hadn’t been this close in so long and she certainly couldn’t remember then last time they had been intimate three nights in a row. It was clear that Gianna had been giving him everything he needed so when he came home to her he no longer needed her or found himself interested but things were different now. James was hers again and only hers.

[b “Yes James...God I love you.”] The pleasure built your until she could feel herself about to burst. She repeated his name a few more times until she felt the orgasm finally rip through her body, causing her body to shake against him. She didn’t want it to stop, ever.
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