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The moment James’ hands touched her she felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. They used to do this with each other all the time, just enjoying the feel of each other without it having to lead to sex. Although the times that it did lead to sex were just as fun. This was not one of those times though, they were both tired and they both need a good night sleep. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t enjoy the feel of him for that little bit longer, sighs and moans of contentment leaving her.

[b “Hmmm?”] That was the only response she could manage when he asked if she was ready for bed. She was already half asleep and she just wanted to feel him snuggled next to her so that she can let herself go completely. When he moved from her she was already out, completely exhausted from the day of travelling and the fact that she was still recovering. She slept better than she had done in months in this bed. Not that her bed at home was disappointing in any way shape or form, just that she felt at ease and happy with James. For the first time in a long time they were actually talking about things rather than arguing and it made the world of difference to their relationship. They were beginning to realise that they were on the same page with the things that they wanted for their child and that was the most important thing. They would work through their problems to ensure that their son never had to experience what they did growing up. She would not allow their boy to be brought up in a dysfunctional family and what she was realising is that James felt the same way.

The next morning she woke before James, feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep. She rolled over and looked at him still sleeping and smiled to herself. She really did feel lucky and she hoped that he felt the same way. She hadn’t even thought about Gianna since she had seen her in the restaurant. She placed her hand on her stomach and smiled to herself. [b “You have no idea how much you already loved little one. I promise we will do everything we can to give you a good life.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 7h 29m 53s
That was something Lexia and James also had in common; their family lives were dysfunctional and they didn’t want to raise a child in that surrounding. They wanted their child surrounded by love and never having to stress about anything in his life. The couple was on the same page. Somehow some way all these negative and terrible events that had gone on the last few days strangely brought the couple closer. They were talking about things they normally would be arguing about.
James knew though that raising his voice often shut Lexia down until she gave in to what he wanted only to not make her angry anymore. James knew he had to loosen up and couldn’t act like Lexia didn’t know what she wanted. Just like the restaurant. She had good ideas, a very efficient woman and he didn’t doubt she would surprise him with all her research. Though, James did fear that a similar restaurant in their city wouldn’t work – they would have to relocate as James could not bear the thought of losing time with his family, being there for Lexia while they went through her pregnancy. James watched as Lexia removed herself from him, smirking at the sound of her quiet voice. Dimitri casually let his hands work from her feet, slowly edging up to her legs and thighs, he leaned against her then, kissing her against her neck before working up to her back. His hands roaming over the smooth lotioned skin.
James then worked his way to her shoulders trying not to apply too much pressure as he was a bit stronger than Lexia. Eventually, he ended up with his hands in her hair, massaging your scalp. These were moments of intimacy the couple had always done. They always been in touch with each other’s bodies – they knew each other inside out without having to say anything. James paused gripping her hips then, pressed ever so close – he had to pause as James was exhausted and couldn’t risk getting to excited. “Ready for bed?” He asked in a breathless tone.
  james / SincerelyLily / 21d 7h 48m 50s
Lexia had more than enough faith in James for the both of them even if he doubted him self sometimes. What James didn’t know was that Lexi had already been looking into the possibility of opening another restaurant and had done quite a bit of research into available premises. The only issue being that James would either need to spend a lot of time away from home to make the restaurant work or they would have to move closer to the second restaurant and let the first one run itself. She knew that James would not like the idea of being away from home while she was carrying his child. He wouldn’t want to miss the moment she first felt him move or the moment that she went into labour because he was away setting up a restaurant. One thing she did know was that a second restaurant in the same town wouldn’t be as successful as opening another one further away. These could be things that they could discuss at another time now though, for now she wanted to just be with him.

His words warmed her heart and she felt like the luckiest girl alive. James had a way of making her feel special and it was nice to know that she did the same for him especially since he was so important to her and so was his happiness. she watched as his hands moved to her stomach and she placed her hands over his. [b “Everything we do has to be for our happiness so that our child knows what it is like to be part of a family that is truly happy. I don’t want us to be broken like my parents James. I don’t want either of us to resent the other because we didn’t do the things we wanted to do.”]

Her eyes closed as her kissed the skin that now became bare to him and she shuddered at his low whisper before she nodded, her voice remaining quiet. [b “I believe that was the deal my love.”] With that she climbed off his lap and got herself comfortable, completely content with how the evening had gone so far.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 14h 41m 5s
James knew Lexia was right. Maybe there was just some sense of fear in him that he would fail with a second restaurant as the first already took up so much of his time. How could he focus on two – just thinking about getting started to find a place, the permits and contractors. He looked into Lexia’s eyes then though, she was right as always and had installed that but of faith he needed to power his drive. This was about creating a legacy, something for his son to have when he died or even if he decided to go into the culinary business with James would be even better. He rubbed Lexia’s back, the ferocity in her speech leading him to believe she wanted to be part of this and If so James would have no objections as it was both of their money going into this and even if Lexia didn’t want to admit it – the restaurant wasn’t only his but hers too. It was a family business.
“Sometimes I do,” he whispered as he used his other hand to smooth back her hair, leaning up for another kiss. “Every time I see how you look at me. For a brief moment I believe it and yet special or not, there’s so much about you that makes me who I am. You make me special Lexia,” he said again as be kissed her, his hands now moving toward her stomach. Soon their child would be born, they would have two successful restaurants – this was the life that James always wanted and he was getting to spend it with his best friend, with his wife Lexia.
James didn’t have many friends, most of them coworkers who they would get drunk with or talk shit with when closing. But no one came close to the friendship and love he had for the woman he had lived for all these years. Only married for a year and James hoping he had her heart until the end of time. His hands drew her robe off her shoulder, lips softly grazing against her skin, her collarbones until he reached her neck where he placed a kiss. “I think it’s your time for a massage right?” He whispered then against her ear, voice low and husky.
  james / SincerelyLily / 21d 14h 59m 37s
The one thing that James seem to struggle to see was that in her mind the restaurant was not just his. Of course it was [i his] dream and it was [i his] to run, she wouldn’t interfere with that but what he struggled to see was that it was his way of setting up a future for their child and any other children that they might have in the future. The restaurant was a business and it was a booming business at that and it was so much more than a waste of money. Of course things have been tough to begin with, it took a while for people to start visiting the restaurant but once the word got out and once they had put a bit of money into marketing the place it took off and now the name would speak for itself. If James was serious about opening another restaurant he had his reputation on his side now and it will be so much easier for it to take off.

Lexia sighed softly and shook her head as he claimed that the money should be used for something else. [b “Why can’t you see that your dreams are our dreams. What you have already created is incredible and it’s something that our children can be really proud of and maybe even one day take control of. Isn’t that just as important as sending our children off to college one day? We have at least eighteen years before that will happen anyway and we have plenty of time to save for those things. Now is the time for us to be a little bit reckless and selfish. They will thank us for it in the future and I promise you that this is the right thing for us to do right now.”]

Lexia had separate money to pay for things for the nursery and she knew that would come easily to her anyway. She had quite the eye for design had quite the artistic flair so she would do quite a lot of the decorating herself, maybe even paint some murals on the wall. In her mind the money would just be sitting there for the next eighteen years anyway so it made sense to spend it on something that could really help their family grow both financially and emotionally.

It seemed that her words had finally got to him and he was agreeing to a second restaurant m. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him, ecstatic that he was willing to take the risk and set up a second restaurant with the money that she had saved on their behalf. His kisses developed into something more forceful as he proclaimed that she was special. For a moment she simply melted into his kiss and held him close until she pulled away to catch her breath. [b “You are the special one and you don’t even see it.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 15h 25m 21s
Her lips were soft against his own, James relishing in the feeling of Lexia’s hands and how she kissed him with every spot she stroked and massaged. His hands were loose against her hips there, James sighing out and already somewhat drifting to sleep. He had opened one eye then and looked at Lexia as she began to speak, sitting up slightly as she was agreeing that opening a new restaurant wouldn’t seem to bad. He recalled how this conversation hadn’t necessarily went this direction when they were in the hospital a few days ago. Though Janes figures Lexia was in a highly emotional state.
“Lexia,” James started then with a smile and a sigh. That money would come in handy in case anything happened, to help with raising their child and getting the nursery together. He would rather she use that money on a college fund or even herself when she decided finally go big when it came to her jewelry business. “I don’t want us using that money just for me.” James was just talking. Though he wouldn’t have minded opening a new restaurant – he had to make sure he had the proper people leading his old one. Though if they started on the new restaurant now, maybe it would be at least half way done by the time the baby was here. He just didn’t want to take any time away from Lexia or his son.
Her hands were there in his chest and she was looking down at him. Lexia didn’t just come up with ideas on the whim and most of the time she didn’t just easily accept whatever James wanted, though she always backed any dream he had. Hell there were long days and nights he would be cooking new dishes, having her taste each one. There were many successes and yet failures as well. At that point they both worked from home as James was a caterer.
They saw each other a lot then, if he ever wanted to see his wife for a break or relieve tension he just had to pop into the study down the hall. The day he had put money down for the restaurant was the scariest day of his life. He was afraid to fail, afraid to lose that money which could’ve been used to start his family off. The first few months they struggled, Lexia wouldn’t allow him to give up. If she was agreeing to this new restaurant it’s because she had did her research and like always was willing to stand at her husband’s side to see him to another success.
He sat up fully then, arms wrapped around her waist as he leaned up to give her a kiss. “Let’s do it.” He said kissing her again with more vigor. “You’re a special girl,” he whispered against her lips. Kissing her again.
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If there was one thing Lexia was good at it was being positive when the situation seemed anything but positive. She had even managed to get over her father’s outburst at the wedding because at the end of the day she was married to the person that she loved and that was all that mattered to her. She had been able to get over James’ affair very quickly because deep down she knew that he loved her and that he was hurting and he’d made a mistake. Of course it was a mistake that she never would’ve made herself but they were two completely different people and James had always struggled with telling her how he felt. Things were different now and she knew that they would continue to be different. That is why she was able to maintain positivity about losing her childhood home to her father’s stupid gambling addiction and the fact that her siblings did not seem to care enough to keep in contact. While she wouldn’t of thought about it herself, James’ thoughts about their jealousy was exactly the reason why they avoided her. She was happily married with two successful businesses working underneath them and she was pregnant with their child. There was a lot to be jealous about but they did have to work at it; it wasn’t always easy.

Lexia chuckled slightly as he started to peel her robe back just to take a look at her. Pouting slightly when he closed it she shook her head and giggled even more. She climbed onto the bed when he lay down and straddled him, placing each leg either side of him as she leaned down to kiss him before she started to work on his shoulders and his chest as he started to relax.

[b “I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”] She said quietly, trailing kisses over the place she had just massaged with each movement. Maybe now was the time to tell him about the money she had been saving. [b “You know how I am with planning for the future...”] She moved her hands from his shoulder to her chest. [b “I have been saving some of our money.”] Lexia leaned down to kiss his lips then. [b “Perhaps we can look for a second premises when we get back.”] She didn’t tell him how much she had saved just yet but she had been saving for quite some time and she still had some savings from her grandmother passed away. She had been saving them for her child but it seemed so silly now. The restaurants would become their legacy too and it was worth investing in.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 16h 13m 34s
James was glad to hear that Lexia figured her father would be too embarrassed to show up and honestly if he was smart, he would’ve stayed away from the home or else he would have James to deal with. James was glad to see Lexia had finished the whole pizza, he knew not to press her about eating as Lexia knew when to push her body and when to settle. Clearly she was right as they didn’t have to stop at all during the drive to allow her to get out and throw up. Though, James did have the windows down some for a little fresh air and luckily it was nice weather; too hot and she definitely wouldn’t have felt good.
He had finished the pasta and placed the empty plate onto the tray next to the bed, where Lexia’s empty platter of pizza was as well. James removed it from the counter toward another area common for the cleaning staff to take when they came in to clean while the couple and her mother would be away packing, leaving the room empty. James knew that Lexia didn’t want to talk about tomorrow and the cleaning – she didn’t want to talk about her father or her siblings who seemed to be distancing themselves from them. All she wanted was to celebrate being in the presence of those who loved her and right now she was in the presence of her husband and he his wife.
James smirked at her calling him sexy, pausing to undo that robe of hers, “Just needed a little peek,” he admitted before closing it again as he kissed her. James climbed onto the bed then, laying on his back to watch her. “Lost the shoulders, and chest,” he said – that’s where he felt the most tension – knowing that a good night’s sleep would help his back pain. Besides, he wanted to see Lexia, that beautiful face of hers illuminated in the dark room by the light that came from the tv – some rom com playing in the background.
“You know, I still am thinking about opening a second restaurant,” James said. He closed his eyes then, enjoying the feeling of Lexia’s hands as they roamed over him, her palms soft and warm – the coolness from her wedding rings making him shiver with pleasure.
  james / SincerelyLily / 21d 16h 39m 51s
Lexia knew that James wouldn’t be angry with her for getting started on the pizza. If anything, he would be slightly relieved that she was finally eating something and regaining some of her strength after being admitted into hospital with low blood pressure. He had been worried about her calorie intake at lunch when she had ordered a salad, but in hindsight that was the best decision she could’ve made because she had managed to avoid the nausea of the car journey. She was just glad that she hadn’t slowed then down by making them stop so she could be sick every half an hour.

[b “Yes! It is a good thing. I’m sorry, I should have realised how hungry I was and ordered more.”] She chuckled and moved to sit in the chair since he was concerned about her posture and causing discomfort. [b “Thank you babe, I appreciate it. I’m good with the water for now but I will drink it before bed to settle my stomach.”] Lexia glanced over at the pasta then, enjoying the smell and the look of it. As if he read her mind he was offering her some of the pasta and she smiled and nodded, taking it from his fork much like they used to when they first got together. Some of her favourite memories were made in their own kitchen where he would experiment with his own recipes and feed them to her. There was something so intimate about sharing that together.

[b “I don’t think he would dare turn up. He’s too ashamed and he knows that he fucked up big time. Don’t worry, he’s not going to be there. As for my siblings, no one has heard from them. Don’t worry about it. We have each other and my Mom has us, I’m tired of worrying about everyone else. We have the people around us who matter.”] She smiled and finished up her pizza and took a sip of water before standing and heading towards the bed. [b “Come on sexy, get yourself down in the bed. You can go first.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 16h 55m 6s
James overheard the conversation from a distance as the food had come in, the male placing the platter on the dresser. He stood to see Lexia had already dug into three slices. He chuckled then, “Well good thing I ordered the pasta hm?” He asked as he headed over, grabbing a slice for himself before moving toward the pasta. “Sit down,” he told her with a chuckle as he brought a chair close to her, giving her a little more back support than sitting on the bed. He finished the pizza and eagerly grabbed the plate of pasta with red sauce James grabbed a forkful, soaking up the sauce with the complimentary garlic read.
“I got you a ginger ale, something just in case you get a bit more nauseous,” he told her as he began to pour himself a glass of wine. He knew he definitely needed something to unwind and being drunk while Lexia massaged him was all he could ask for. Lexia was right that despite the circumstances there was no need to complain about what had brought them here as long as they were together.
“Do you want a bite,” he asked. He used to feed her when they first met, days on picnics feeding each other fruit – sharing sweet kisses. Jams leaned forward with a forkful of pasta. He had finished his first glass of wine, placing the glass on the dresser. James thought of the day to come. “Is your dad going to be there you think?” It would be crazy for the male to show up, but he wouldn’t have been surprised if he did to grab his own things. James worried though because though he could try to maintain some type of composure with his mother in law, his father in law was a completely different story though. That was a man that really grinded James’ gears and he could only hope that if the father showed up that he didn’t feed into the fight. He knew that Lexia would only be upset if he were to get into a fight with her dad.
“Has anyone even heard from him or your siblings? Any calls?” He asked Lexia, even though she said she wanted to take care of it – he just couldn’t see how to bring his son into a family that was so divided amongst each other. He only had his mother, most of his family members out of touch since he was a kid, dead, or in jail. James finished another glass, the bottle half full then. He had demolished the rest of the pasta and bread, leaving his hungry wife to devour the pizza. Full and a bit tired, he was ready for bed. “Who first?” he asked her then as he wiped his mouth.
  james / SincerelyLily / 21d 17h 26m 1s
If Lexia had the choice she would not even bother getting dressed for bed but when James announced that he was going to go for a shower himself, she knew that the food was likely to come while he was in there and the last thing she wanted to do was scare the poor guy who had to bring the food in by answering the door in nothing but a towel. She giggled slightly when James nuzzled into her, claiming that her scent was nice. [b “They has some really nice spa products in there! It smells amazing.”] She smiled and laughed as he caressed her behind. [b “It’s nice to get away with you, even if the circumstances are not exactly ideal.”] Lexia watched as he disappeared into the bathroom and she found herself a robe hanging on the door. It was so comfortable and felt luxurious against her skin.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and she answered with a smile. The food came in a trolly. [i “Do you mind if I come in?”] Lexia shook her head and opened the door a little wider so that she could let him inside and he placed all the food on the dressing table. [i There is some complimentary garlic bread and a bottle of red wine rather than the glass ordered.”]

[b “Well I’m sure my husband would appreciate that. Thank you.”]

[i “You are very welcome. Feel free to call down to reception if you need anything else. I’m in duty all night and the hotel is pretty empty so consider me your personal butler.”] Lexia laughed at that and offered him a tip before he left and didn’t hesitate to take pizza to the bed and started eating it quickly. When she saw James come out of the bathroom she had already eaten three pieces. [b “Baby is hungry.”] She said with a smile.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 17h 44m 33s
James figured he would shower after his wife, grabbing the phone from the end table near the bed. James greeted the hostess, letting her know they would take a pizza, he still ended up ordering pasta as he was a bit starving. James then ordered a ginger ale for his wife, something that would ease her stomach in case she got nauseous again. He himself opted for the wine. He hung up the phone and reviewed any missed messages he had. He made sure to text Gianna, who confirmed that everything ended up going well and the restaurant wasn’t on fire. He chuckled at that message and thanked her for her hard work. It was different, their conversations going from lewd to professional.
He sighed out and placed the phone on the dresser, glad to see Lexia was smart enough to grab the chargers as he had completely forgot. Charging his phone, he ran his hands through his hair, a bit relieved to know the restaurant was doing okay. He hoped it wouldn’t completely overtake his thoughts tomorrow and he could just focus on the move. They had the same long ride back too, James would be driving the truck and Lexia and her mom could drive the jeep.
Lexia was coming out then while James was looking for something to watch for the couple to snuggle to. He smiled when he saw her, hair wet, towel wrapped around her petite frame. Walking over he nuzzled her neck. “Love your scent,” he said with a smile. “I’m going to grab a shower too. I already ordered the food, should be up soon. Look at us? Almost feels like a second honeymoon right?” James chuckled, their honeymoon was a bit more posh – and they didn’t leave the room for the first two days. Lightly tapping her behind, he grabbed a new pair of shorts from his bag Lexia ad packed and headed into the bathroom.
Stepping under the warm beading shower droplets, he hung his head, hands grabbing a towel lathered with soap and he began to wash himself, washing his hair then before rinsing off. He got out of the shower then, definitely relaxed from the shower and looking forward to the massage his wife offered. It had been a long day, but ending it on a good note with his wife at his side was the best feeling ever.
James had finished drying off, drying his hair until damp and putting on a fresh pair of shorts, walking out into the bedroom aread before taking a seat on the bed.
  james / SincerelyLily / 21d 18h 11m 34s
Lexia was grateful for some alone time with James and she was actually rather surprised that her mother was even able to read the room and make the right steps towards making that happen. Usually she was so overbearing she could barely even cope but things were certainly changing and it was a pleasant surprise. She watched James with a smile as he started to get undressed which signalled the fact that neither of them had to go anywhere for the rest of the evening. She would get undressed herself shortly but for now she was completely focused on the prospect of food and she was relieved the hotel offered room service.

[b “Pizza actually sounds perfect.”] She said with a smile and she pointed to which one she wanted and left it up to James to choose a drink for her since she couldn’t have anything alcoholic and she wasn’t exactly fussy. When it was decided what food they were going to eat she smiled towards him as he suggested that they should both have a massage rather than just him. He pushed the hair from her face like he used to when they first got together and it still made her blush even know. She always seemed to feel like a love-sick teenager when he acted in such a way.

[b “Alright, you order the food and I’ll go and get a shower and then we will relax for the night.”] She smiles once more and kisses him gently before making her way to the bathroom to shower. Her muscles thanked her as the hot water engulfed her and about twenty minutes later she switched off the water, towel dried her hair and then wrapped a towel around her body before making her way back into the bedroom. [b “That’s so much better.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 21d 18h 44m 48s
James waved toward his mother in law. Glad to know that he would have some sense of privacy with his wife even if for a while. He moved toward her where she sat on the edge of the bed, James taking a seat on the other side as he removed his shoes. He stood then and began to remove his pants. He was definitely not planning to go out. Walking over toward the end table near the bed, James then grabbed the welcome package. “They do have room service,” he said with a smile. “What’re you feeling ? Pasta? Another salad ? Pizza.” He scoured the menu further glad to see there were complimentary drinks. He opted for something more classy and relaxing, a red wine. He missed cuddling up to Lexia in bed, sipping wine and kissing each other before the inevitable lovemaking. It was no wonder how she got pregnant a little under a few months after the miscarriage. James has been upset, but before the pregnancy and the affair really intensified from kisses to romps in his office – he couldn’t keep his hands off Lexia. There was something about trying to ignore the sorrow he felt with hot intimate sessions in bed.
Sessions where he’d finish, barely say a word and go downstairs for a drink – and though he never told Lexia he had his few shares of nights when he too would cry. Though he kept that secret from her. He knew not to keep secrets from Lexia – she would never judge and just like the affair , she would always find out.
Brushing his hands through his hair he handed the menu over toward her. “I mean you know I can eat a whole pizza myself.” He walked over to Lexia then cupping her hands in his face. “A massage? From you of course that would be fantastic. But I’m not letting you get away that easily. I know how bad long rides are for you, you should be getting the massage. How about we each give one?” Lexi always said that this was about being equal and still she would put him before her at times. He pushed a strand of her hair out of the way. Why don’t you freshen up if you like and I’ll go ahead and start ordering ?”
  james / SincerelyLily / 22d 49m 41s
Lexia’s mother seemed relieved that James had accepted her apology and she figured that things would get better from this moment on. She helped him carry some of the things inside and hoped that from that moment on, things would be a lot easier and they would get along better because at the end of the day, he made Lexia happy and that was all the mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Lexia was completely ignorant to the conversation as she waited for them both at the door, greeting him with a kiss as he neared her before she led them all towards an elevator since they had a lot of bags and they were not on the ground floor. The room was quite nice in all honesty and she looked towards James with a smile. [b “This is nice.”] The bed looked comfortable and she couldn’t wait to lie in it, curled up to James for a good night sleep.

[i “Oh! You two go ahead and order takeout. Marie said she was going to meet me for dinner so if you don’t mind I’ll go and see her, give you two some alone time.”] She kisses Lexia’s cheek and smiled towards James before taking her leave.

[b “I’m starved! What do you want to order in?”] She asked as she perched on the edge of the bed. [b “Do they do room service here? I was thinking food and then a massage, you deserve once after driving all day.”]
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