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James knew that Lexia wasn’t the type of girl where money impressed her and he learned that the day that she had taken him to het breakfast at the homely little pancake house. Of course he had spent a bunch on her for dinner and after that breakfast he realized that Lexia was a very down to earth woman. He loved that about her, her good nature personality being something that James would always love about her.
James wasn’t that good at remembering some things, but first with Lexia definitely came easy. He smiled at her then, her compliment definitely making a smile cover his face as he leaned in to return her kiss. He made sure he had everything before taking her hand and being led out of the hotel room. James reached the jeep with his wife then, opening the door for her.
“Something to show me?” He asked her with a smile, wondering what exactly the woman had planned for him. He got into the car himself and buckled up, starting the car then as he began for the diner. He surprised how e had managed to actually remember the way back to the restaurant once he was on the road. ‘Am I going to have to wait until we’re eating for you to tell me what you’ve got up your sleeve?” James asked with a smile.
They had eventually pulled up to the eatery where he parked and made sure to park a bit close to the entrance so it would be easier. James got out and walked over to the passenger side to help Lexia out of the jeep. James held her by the waist as he led them toward the entrance where once inside he asked the hostess for a table. The smell of syrup and bacon hung in the air. “Definitely a good choice, again,” he said with a smile. “You definitely made me work up an appetite,” he said kissing her behind the ear as they were led to their table.
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Lexia remembered that night like it happened the day before. She remembered how she had felt so nervous trying to get herself ready and how she was so meticulous about her hair and make up that day. Lexia has wanted to impress him and he had wanted the same thing, as evident by the ridiculously expensive restaurant he had taken her to. Of course he didn’t need that, in fact it was him alone that had managed to charm her back to his place. Lexia wasn’t usually the type to sleep with someone on the first date but she was already head over heels for him and she had wanted to share herself with him. The next morning she had taken him to a diner that was more her pace, mostly to show him that he didn’t need to worry about expensive restaurants. She had even dressed down to prove that they could have more than that.

A smile found her lips when he relayed the name of the diner. [b “You remembered!”] She said with a smile quite happy that the important details stayed with him. [b “I can’t wait for him to be here with us.”] With that, she got herself dressed and looked towards James when he was done. [b “You look very handsome.”] She said as she kissed him and took his hand to lead him out of the hotel and towards their car, knowing that they couldn’t walk it from here.

[b “I want to show you something over breakfast.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 17d 5h 30m 12s
James was glad to have her join him, though it was inevitable. However, they both knew that they needed t control themselves if they expected to actually get out of the restaurant and they both had to tell themselves that of course this wasn’t a vacation. Though, James knew that son enough they would have their own vacation where all they needed to focus on was them and being happy.
Finally both clean, he got out of the shower and began to dry off, James wrapping the towel around his waist then as he headed into the bedroom. Lexia was playfully testing him then, seeing if he could remember the name of the restaurant they went to after their first date. James remembered that night quit well. He had taken her somewhere way too expensive the night before, nearly his whole check but trying his hardest to impress Lexia. Somehow he had managed to get her back to his small apartment where they had made love all night.
“Not Your Nanna’s Pancakes,” he said with a smirk. It was a staple diner in Lexia’s town, known for their great breakfast and even more for their wild pancakes. James smirked then as he headed over to his wife and gave a kiss to her belly. “That makes two of us, maybe he’s developed my hunger.” He joked.
James headed toward his bag and grabbed some shorts, removing his towel then to place them on before grabbing a black sweater and shrugging it on. He pulled on some light blue jeans and buckled his belt before putting on a pair of boots. Of course he remembered as much as he could, but Lexia was the queen of knowing everything when it came to their coupling. She knew everything about James and of course, he was an open book – there were no secrets or anything he was hiding. All dressed, after spraying himself with a bit of cologne, he looked at his wife to see if she was ready.
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This was happiness. For the first time in months Lexia felt truly happy and it seemed that James did too. That was a good thing since she had spent so long on edge wondering if he was going to snap or if he was going to leave her for losing their first child. She wasn’t thinking about that anymore, now would she ever think about that again.

Lexia caught her breath and nodded, agreeing that the best thing for them to do now was to shower and go for breakfast so they both had enough energy to help pack up the house. She watched as he moved to step under the water and she quickly joined him, not thinking that there was much point in avoiding the shower together. She would just need to control herself so the two actually made it out of the hotel room in the end. This was not a vacation after all, although it definitely felt like it was.

When she felt fresh and clean, she stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel and started to dry herself off. [b “Can you remember that diner I took you to for breakfast after...after our first night together?”] She wondered if he could remember those small details like her. [b “The place with amazing pancakes. I want to go there for breakfast. Bump is craving bacon and maple syrup.”] She chuckled as she made her way back into the bedroom so that she could get dressed.
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The shower was still running, the two not never fully entering, as they had been a bit distracted by on another. James watched Lexia then, the flushing red of her cheeks, her bare chest rising and falling as she tried to regain her breath, much the same could be said of James who was still trying to recover from the love making.
“I love you too Lexia,” he promised with a soft kiss to her lips. “We’ll have this forever.” He smiled then, caressing her cheek before peeling himself away from her. He had almost lost out on having his wife, he was never going to put his marriage in jeopardy. James would make sure of that. He sighed out satisfied. It was crazy how the couple had kind of went stagnant on their sex life and the nights he did engage in intercourse with his wife the connection was never rally there. James was either tired from the restaurant or from Gianna – to the point being with Lexia felt like a chore. It was a terrible thought seeing as she was his wife. They had fun like this plenty of times and it was James who had neglected her all those times. Now they could barely keep their hands off one another. James couldn’t and wouldn’t resist Lexia and her advances. Had they had nothing to do that day, he surely would’ve locked her in the room. Languid kisses and touches, a room that would fill to the ceiling with moans and professing love for one another.
This was something they had to take advantage of, before the baby would arrive. Then they couldn’t be selfish and would have someone else to consider. Especially if they were serious about opening a second restaurant. He was overthinking again, which he knew stressed him out and Lexia always could detect when the man was stressed. He didn’t want her to worry, though that was a trait in his wife he couldn’t subdue if he tried with all his might. “C’mon let’s shower, then we can head out?” He held her close for a moment again, hating any sort of distance between the two. He kissed her forehead before releasing her and finally getting in the shower to rinse off.
Truly Lexia had done a number on him, he never could control himself when with her – overexerting his body to reach the pinnacle point of pleasure for both of them. Still as he watched her, there was no doubt he’d go on again. Though, there was work to be done.
  james / SincerelyLily / 17d 8h 47m 50s
There was nothing Lexia enjoyed more than hearing her husband moan in pleasure as the two made love to each other, or in this case while he claimed her as his own. Every single movement and thrust brought her closer to her climax and it was clear by the expression on her face and the moans that erupted from her that she was also getting closer with each and every movement that he made.

Suddenly the pace change and he was no longer being careful. He was red to chase his hand and he moved erratically and forcefully and Lexia responded by getting louder with her moans and her breathing getting more and more erratic as she held onto him, her nails slightly grazing the surface of his skin as she gripped onto him. It was his own climax that encouraged hers, always being so turned in by knowing that he was satisfied so she released with him, returning confessions of love until the pleasure erupted through her to the point that she could no longer talk but could only make carnal sounds that and orgasm evoked.

She held on to him for a while when they both finished until Lexia lifted her head to look at him. [b “I really do love you James. I want this forever.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 17d 17h 26m 33s
The way she said his name, how she held him was too much. James found himself moaning as he held her close, entering in and out of the female as he held her body to his. James sighed I it with each thrust, his lips taking her own even more to kiss her deeply. There was nothing about Lexia that he didn’t love and certain my when it came to their intimate sessions hey both put a lot of effort in to show how much they cared about each other. James cared a lot and there was something about Lexia that undeniably drew him wild.
His hands held her at the hips, thrusting into the woman more as she said his name, James not being able to contain he desire he had to devour his wife. “Lexia,” he moaned out as he held her closer with each movement. He loved her. He lived everything about her. The way she reacted with each hit, the feeling of her in his hands. He couldn’t help but move quicker though he tried to contain himself. The feeling of climaxing was way too much. Her arms wrapped around his neck to stable herself as he thrusted furiously into his wife, hands now abandoning her to steady himself against the counter as he pushed in and out.
James was driven wild by his wife , watching her reflection in the mirror to gage her reaction and how she was taking the love making session. He knew he was about to hit his limit then, James holding Lexia close as he growled out her name, professing his live for her as finally released inside, holding her right and tight to him until he was sure he had finally released everything.
Tired and worn out were an understatement. After a big breakfast and a great morning – Lexia had stayed true and definitely worn him out.
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This was what their relationship had been like since the very beginning. The only thing that had come between them being their miscarriage and James’ infidelity. While he probably didn’t realise he had been neglecting her sexually, mostly because he was getting his fill elsewhere, she had been left to feel as though he didn’t want her anymore, that perhaps he wasn’t attracted to her when she was showing from her pregnancy or something like that. After the miscarriage their lovemaking was cold. He would rush and when he was done he wouldn’t even talk to her, sometimes not even caring if she enjoyed it. Things were back to the way they were supposed to be now. He cared about her pleasure and there was no mistaking that he wanted her.

Lexia was grateful to have this time together, remembering how they always used to find themselves stuck in their hotel room because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they could literally spend all day making love. How she wished that could be the case today but they had so much to do, neither one of them focusing on that in this moment.

The were both completely naked now and Lexia couldn’t keep her hands off him but he was acting quickly, lifting her into position so that he could slide right into her. The moment he did she let out a long and loud moan, knowing that neither of them needed to hold back here. No one would be able to hear them, and if they did, they wouldn’t be here long enough for them to care. [b “Oh God, James...”]

She ran her teeth over her bottom lip, feeling nothing but complete and utter pleasure from each thrust. Her arms wrapped around his neck to steady herself. Lexia didn’t want this to end, she would happily stay here in this shower all day just to feel him sliding in and out of her in an attempt to show his love and desire for her. [b “You feel so good.”]
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Lexia was an animal, certainly not like the timid woman she had been for the past few months. Though that possibly had something to do with James who hadn’t really bought into temptation when it came to his wife. That is until recently. They had been getting closer than ever which he never would’ve thought would be possible and even crazier Lexia was feeding into his desires. He had never had her wanting him so badly until recently. Though when they were first engaged and even married, the two had a hard time getting out of bed or into bed without one of them instigating some type of sexual need.
Time to recover after? James has to snort at that thought as there would not be a time he would deny his wife. He would have to be physically in danger health wise before he said no to the woman. Lips were pressed tight against another’s, hands hurriedly trying to remove any article of clothing that separated them. They had all the time in the world really, alone in the hotel room – not having to meet with her mother for another two hours before they had to help with the packing. Hopefully with another hand that wouldn’t take too long.
James moaned out then, no piece of fabric hindering either of their bodies and it took all of him to just relax and not rush despite how evident it was that he wanted Lexia very badly. James grabbed her by the hops, holding her backside to him close as he watched her reflection in the mirror on the wall opposite of the shower. His lips trailed her neck to her shoulder , one hand slithering up pass her breast until it rested softly around her neck. She offered herself so willingly to him out of love and out of wanting, James didn’t even need to think or ask before he had entered, his forehead resting against her shoulder as he caught his breath. Every moment with Lexia felt like the first time. James tried to savor the moment, holding his wife close, small grunts with each thrust as he kissed her, head tipped back to have access more to her neck.
What did he do to deserve her ?
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Lexia didn’t even seem to care that they were likely to wear each other out with how much they have been having sex these last few days. She just hoped that he didn’t think that she was overcompensating in some way, trying to keep him from straying from her again because that was not what she was doing. She wanted him. That was all there was to it. Lexia was in love with her husband and wanted to connect with him as much as possible and in any way possible and it just so happened that he knew all the right spots to get her there.

She smiled and nodded when he started to repeat her words as their bodies pressed against each other in a sort of promise. [b “Exactly.”] Within seconds he was lifting her up so that her legs wrapped around his waist and she giggled playfully. [b “Well we can’t have that now can we? Whatever am I going to do if you are worn out?”] Another giggle escaped her as she gently ran her teeth over his ear. [b “I promise I will give you time to recover after...”] Her voice a low whisper as he carried her towards the bathroom as they got lost in a kiss that would have told anyone they were completely devoted to each other.

When he pulled back she pouted. [b “Why?”] She didn’t want him to stop. She wanted him to completely devour her as he pressed her back against the shower and slammed into her. She wanted him. She was relieved when he returned to her and she helped him removed her robe by shrugging it off her shoulders. [b “Take me.”] She whispered against his lips as she worked to remove his shorts.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 18d 3h 32m 35s
Her moan turned him on, James himself trying to hold his moan in himself. Her hands were soft and ticklish as they ran down his chest, falling at his shorts where Lexia pulled at his shorts then. James bit his bottom lip then, leaning forth to fall into the kiss of his wife. He groaned then, James reaching around to rope her in by his hands, pressing her close to him by the hips.
“Good start?” He whispered against her lips then, a soft chuckle befalling his lips before a growl escaped, hands gripping Lexia’s behind. She knew that she could drive him wild and James probably did the same for her. Maybe that was why he never really focused on Gianna or fell for the woman how she fell for him. James was infatuated with his wife and there was noting that Gianna could do that even could come close to rivaling what Lexia could do for him.
“Work up an appetite,” he repeated as his lips caressed her neck with his nose. James sighed out, she knew he would always want her and was not willing to deny the female If he could have her as she stood there before him.
He gripped her then, holding her up, legs around his waist. “You’re going to wear me out,” he said playfully. Even though he didn’t mind and would pull through with any type of energy he had for the woman. James kissed her deeply then, walking them toward the shower where he laid Lexia o the counter near the sink. His lips never left hers, hands seeking purchase under her robe.
“I should stop,” he said with a chuckle, knowing that if he continued he would definitely work out too much with the woman to the point he wouldn’t even want to leave the hotel room. James started the water for the shower once he had managed to peel himself away from her before James returned to his wife. “Then again, I don’t want to,” he admitted as he kissed her again, lips kissing at her neck as his hands worked at her robe to remove it.
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Lexia didn’t plan on thinking about the affair ever again. It had gone on for a year of their marriage but she wanted to forget all of that by moving to the next stage of their marriage stronger than ever. She couldn’t say that it was a good thing because it had broken her heart but it was making them face their problems and talk about things which is something they would usually avoid or end up arguing about and then James would drink himself into a state beyond any kind of conversation.

Things had always been so easy for them in the past. They had gone on dates, spent hours upon hours in bed together, and shared everything with each other before they lost their child. Now she held on to the hope that things would go back to the way they were and that with the birth of their child they could heal and become a family. That was all she really wanted, a family with her loving husband. She just hoped that Gianna wouldn’t try and get in the way of that and she also hoped that James had been smart enough to be using protection during their affair. But that was another thing she didn’t want to think about because she wasn’t sure she would be able to handle knowing that Gianna could also be carrying his child.

Lexia chuckled slightly when he claimed that he loved her more and she simply shook her head, knowing that the two loved each other just as much as the other. It really did feel like they were going on dates again and it did seem to ignite that little bit of passion in their relationship once more. She moaned slightly when he kissed her in that spot behind her ear and she pulled back to look at him. [b “You know that you can’t kiss me there and expect me to just go about my day normally. How about you join me in the shower and get today off to a good start? Really work up an appetite.”] She ran her hands down his chest and stopped just as she got to the rim of his shorts, pulling him close to her and she kissed him passionately.
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James didn’t think that Lexia was silly, it was cute though how she thought about their son and speaking to him. He would know her voice, fall in love with the woman at first glance when he could open his eyes, much the same as James when he first met Lexia. She was so loving and trusting of him. Every time he looked at her, he thought about the pain he had caused her, how he had almost lost his wife and ruined his marriage. He didn’t want to make any more mistakes and he could already tell the slight change in his behavior was making things much better. Lexia and him were happy, they were communicating better – they were intimate more. They were even considering new opportunities with each other. The beginning of their marriage was so happy a breeze, but once they lost the child it seemed like a light had dimmed between the couple.
That had changed though now, their love was like the light that ignited fire. This was the kind of love that lasted forever. He knew that just by watching Lexia, the way that she moved, the smell of her when she was so close to him. James smiled down at Lexia, arms at her hips to draw her closer as he gave in to her kiss. “Yes I know, but not as much as I love you I’m sure.” He told her with a smile. He was glad to hear her mother had gotten in fine and that they wouldn’t be doing everything on their own. Funny how everyone but your own blood is willing to help you out of the toughest situations. James’ stomach had grumbled then and so the idea of going out for breakfast wasn’t necessarily something he wanted to wait for, especially if it meant getting some well-deserved alone time with his wife. “You know feels like we’re going on dates, these little eateries. I need to take you out more,” he told her. It had been quite some time since the two had been on a date, all dressed up. He had been so busy with the restaurant. It was true now to him that he had been neglecting his wife, who stayed at home waiting for him late nights, still loving him after all the fights and the infidelity.
“Why don’t we shower and head out, see if there’s anything that peaks our interest to eat,” he whispered kissing the spot behind her ear then.
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Lexia hadn’t realised that James was awake. She thought that he might stay asleep for a little while longer especially since he was so exhausted the night before. However, it was clear that his internal clock had other ideas and had decided to wake him up as this would normally be the time that he would get ready and leave for work. She was surprised to hear his voice but it brought a smile to her face as she looked up at him and nodded in response to his question. [b “ I know it’s silly, but I do it a lot. I’d like to think that he can hear me and that he knows what I am saying to him. I want him to know my voice when he is born.”] She smiled at the feel of her husband putting his hand and then his lips on her stomach. This was the loving, caring James that she had fallen in love with.

Neither one of them wanted to move initially but they both knew that they had a busy day ahead of them. Lexia remained lying down against the pillows while James adjusted himself to a seated position. She reached over for her phone and glanced over two text messages from her mother. One saying that she had returned to the hotel and didn’t want to bother them and that she loved her and the other sent only minutes before Lexia had woken up. Apparently she was already up and the friend she had dinner with the night before was also offering to help pack up the house so she had gone over to her house for breakfast to give Lexia and James some more time together. This was so unlike her. Usually she would’ve done anything to interfere and make sure they didn’t get alone time together when she was there, but things are clearly changing.

[b “Mom Is already up and out apparently. Looks like we have more hands to help today.”] She handed him the phone so she could read the messages for himself and then climbed out of bed, giving herself a little stretch as she did so. She too was quite thirsty and realised she hadn’t drank her ginger ale from the night before so she decided to drink that now in order to combat any morning sickness that might come her way. [b “I’m pretty hungry too, not going to lie that pizza was nowhere near enough for us.”] She chuckled a little bit and looked down at her small bump with a smile. [b “He has quite the appetite when he wants to. I say we should go out for breakfast enjoy our time together while we can and then head straight to my mother’s. She said she would be there from around about 10am which gives us two hours to relax and get some food on this. What do you think?”] She moved towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck before placing a kiss upon his lips. [b “I love you, you know?”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 20d 17h 58m 23s
James smoked at his wife then, making sure to draw the covers over them as they both settled in bed to sleep. They had quite the day and James was more than ready to just cuddle close and fall into slumber. It happened very easily and he didn’t even feel like getting up to be quiet honest. Of course the internal clock in him made the male wake up just shortly after Lexia, watching her tub her stomach and smiling down at it.
“Talking to the little one,” he asked in a sleepy tone, eyes barely open – mere slits as he drew close to his wife and pressed his hand against her belly then. He sighed out, kissing her belly then. This was the first vacation James had from the restaurant and it wasn’t really a vacation but it surely felt like it as he didn’t have to worry about going to restaurant and getting everything in order. It was a weird feeling to be honest. It definitely wasn’t something that James was used. He would’ve already been showering and getting dressed before leaving Lexia for the day. This was the first time in a while that he actually woke up to his wife and was still in bed with her in what seemed like forever. James realized then how much he had been neglecting Lexia for the restaurant and how she hadn’t even bothered to try to stop him from doing so. To her this was all a stepping stone toward a better future for their son. Still, James missed those languid days of leisure they had before the restaurant. It made him want to get away even sooner. Moving didn’t sound too bad at that point, especially if considering a new restaurant.
He groaned slightly, needing coffee and food. “Did your mom get in safe?” He asked as he sat up then, stretching some before wiping the sleep out of his eyes. “God, I need coffee and breakfast.” He grumbled as he got out of the bed then. James reaches for a bottled water that was in the tray and took a gracious gulp. Today they would be heading to Lexia’s family home to start to pack up. Just the three of them and he already knew he didn’t want Lexia doing any heavy lifting.
“Wanna eat in or see what’s in town?” It had been a wow since he and Lexia went on dates or even out to eat. After yesterday at the diner and the dinner they shared in the room, he realized how much missed the small moments of intimacy with his wife.
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