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James had changed Mason, placing him on the changing stand to gather him something cute to wear. He figured it would be warm inside of the hall. He dressed Mason in a dark green flannel shirt and some brown pants. He figured snuggly socks would be fine, considering Mason kicked his shoes off anytime they bothered to put any on. He was holding him in his arms then when Lexia arrived. James turned to look at hr. She looked breathtaking. “Wow,” he said with a chuckle, his cheeks burning some. He cleared he throat and walked over to Lexia. She had always been gorgeous. It was true that she didn’t get dressed up much anymore, but they both were too busy to go out it seemed. James himself hadn’t ben to the gym in weeks. Their bodies were changing, but they loved each other so much it was the norm. Seeing Lexi with her makeup done, body framed perfectly in the jumpsuit she wore, it was like time travelling and meeting that same Lexia from the restaurant.

He leaned forward, his hand lightly resting on her rump as he drew her close. “You look sexy,” he said with a knowing smirk, leaning into kiss Lexia. His grip tightened just slightly, the is deepening before finally pulling himself away. He chuckled, feeling young again.
“I guess since we’re set, we can go.” He followed up with, making sure Mason’s stroller was all set and the bag had everything they would need.

“Hopefully Maryanne and Chad don’t mind that we brought Mason,” he said. He looked down at his son though, heading toward the elevator. “Though who could have a problem with this handsome guy?” Mason pressed the number for their floor and looked to Lexia. He was excited for tonight.
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Lexia smiled and drew into him more, allowing herself to fall asleep in the safety of his arms. She never wanted to apart from him again and she just knew that they would get through anything if they could get through this. Her sleep was peaceful from that moment and it was unbroken by Mason. For once he seemed to sleep through and allowed them to get some rest after such a draining day. It wasn't until her alarm went off that she woke up, although she didn't move from bed straight away, watching James with a smile upon her face.

[B "I'm up. I'm up."] She chuckled and climbed out of bed, finding something to wear from the night, wanting to look good for James and she wanted to take advantage of the fact that they were going out. She hadn't had much opportunity to get dressed up and wear make up in such a long time that she decided to do so now.

Half way through applying her make up, Mason began to cry and she was about to get up from her seat but James got him instead, for which she was grateful because it have her enough time to finish her make up and pull on a jumpsuit for comfort but it was a nice smart one. When she was ready she made her way into the nursery and she smiled as she looked down at Mason.

[B "He looks so smart! Such a handsome boy!"]
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James looked down at Lexia who was cuddled up close to him. He kissed her on the forehead. He agreed that sleeping away from one another was terrible. He hated being away from Lexia and his son. It was a dark and depressing time for them. Their marriage had been perfect for a while. There was no fighting really and things just seemed to be going good for them. Once they lost the baby though, James just kind of lost it. He squeezed Lexia tightly before kissing he again. “Never again. I love you,” he told her. He drew the covers over them, bundling close to his wife before soon falling asleep. James had a peaceful nap. He hadn’t had a slept so good in quite a while. He almost didn’t want to get up, but after turning off Lexia’s alarm, he already was a up and out of bed. At least he was well rested.

They could’ve just stayed in, but there was no harm in getting their money’s worth. It would be interesting to spend a night together out in public. They usually spent time with their son at home and rarely want out anymore. James and Lexia’s date nights even dwindled.
“Up and at ‘em,” he told Lexia with a smirk as he began to get dressed. H changed into a pair of light blue jeans and a white dress shirt along with some brown boots. They were right on schedule as Mason had woke up and began to cry.
“I got him,” James said as he headed toward the nursery. He changed Mason and dressed him in a cute overall outfit.
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Ot was getting too cold to stay in the bath and if they stayed in there for too long she would never want to get out. She was enjoying being close to James but she could be close to him in bed too. Lexia was simply enjoying the leave and tranquility that this retreat offered them when they were not talking about their feelings. It was a nice balance really. They spend the mornings doing the hard and emotional stuff and when it came to the afternoon they were able to relax and enjoy being with each other.

Lex8a climbed our od the bath and wrapped herself in a towel and went to dry her hair, not wanting to get the bed sheets too wet. She didn't want to wake Mason who was still fast asleep so she towel dried it as best as she could before she made her was back into the bedroom where James was already in bed. She smiled towards him, glad that they were back to sharing a bed once more. Their time apart had almost killed her. She could barely sleep without him next to her.

She shed the towel and pulled on a night shirt before climbing into bed next to James, but not before setting an alarm to wake them up for the trivia. As soon as she got in to bed, she found her way into James' arms and she instantly relaxed. [B "Let's never sleep apart again. That was horrible."
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James kissed Lexia on the cheek. The early and middle stages of being in the bath had been nice, Lexia in his arms. They cuddled and kissed and had a relaxing little moment together. “You’re right,” he said with a sigh of pleasure. He waited for Lexia to get out, getting out then himself and wrapping a towel around his waist after drying off. He drained the tub and shut the light off on their way out of the bathroom. James stopped to peek in on Mason who was still sound asleep which he was grateful for. The young boy really tired himself out he could tell. James was glad to know that his son was healthy and happy. If there was anything that James definitely didn’t regret it was his children. He knew it was tough for Gianna to have Delilah.

However, some part of him, selfish as it was, wouldn’t change anything for the world. Much the same as when he looked into Mason’s eyes, all he saw was a gaze of love and appreciation from his children. That made him love Lexia even more. Gianna had tried so hard to bump Lexia out of the relationship, but he felt like she never really understood what it entailed.

Lexia and James just worked and if they continued to cherish and respect one another, there was no doubt in his mind that their marriage would do just fine. James rifled through his clothes, thinking eventually he should get the into the drawers, so it was easier. He found a pair of boxers then and ditched the towel. He enjoyed the quiet, usually it bothered him, but this was snice, almost making it easier for him to breathe. He looked out for Lexia, wanting nothing more than for her to be wrapped up in his arms.
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Hearing James tell her he loved her felt different this time. While he had said it many times before and while she had believed it then, she [I felt] it now and she knew that was because they had made ah effort to connect on a deeper level with each other and she wanted to make sure they kept that connection alive because it was important to her and she hoped it was equally as important to him.

There was nothing sexual about the way they held each other now or even in the way they kissed. It was sensual and filled with love and she hoped that they would make time for things like this in the future, knowing that they needed to get back to doing some of the things they had done when they first started seeing each other. Being a little more spontaneous and romantic would actually help their relationship because it had been part of their journey to falling in love with each other.

After a while the water had started to go cold. In between cuddling and kissing and talking she knew that it was time to get out. [B "Mason is still asleep and we have around four hours until the trivia night. Why don't we head to bed for a little while."
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James was glad that they both were on the same page about how they felt. They had gotten to the gritty part of their relationship early on, but according to Maryanne and Chad, this was the hardest part of the retreat. He couldn’t imagine anything else being more difficult than what they had already discussed. Still, just because they had talked about it, didn’t mean that it was over. James knew that they still had to implement the teachings into the everyday aspect of their relationship. He also knew that this wasn’t going to be easy. He had faith in their relationship though and Lexia was willing to try, so there was no reason for him not to be willing to. James looked into those warm brown eyes, smiling at Lexia largely. His heart was filled with so much joy then.

“I love you too,” he promised her. James held Lexia close, taking her lisp for his own again. It was so tranquil, peaceful for the couple for once and he couldn’t believe that it had been so long since they had done something so simple and yet so impactful on maintaining a healthy relationship: communication and connection – these were very important and crucial elements needed to assure a healthy marriage.

James reached forward and drew Lexia into him more, the water swirling some against the porcelain white tub. How could he have ever given his body to someone other than Lexia. Seeing the way that Chad had looked at her earlier made him think then if he felt how Lexia must feel when they were in the presence of another woman, or even Gianna. He was learning a lot about himself as this retreat was going on. This last week with Lexia had been eye opening and he couldn’t wait to see what further improvements they’d have.
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Lexia was unsure of whether James realised that she was thanking him for coming on the retreat, not just thanking him for the bath or for holding her. There was no doubt in her mind that this was exactly what they needed to make things work.

She smiled as he started to wash her body, gently like he used to. Lexia could easily fall asleep here but it seemed that James wanted to talk about their day. It surprised her that he wanted to do so and it was a sign that he was being more open already. Before he would have tried his hardest to close down all conversation that involved them talking about their feelings.

[B "It was hard and emotional. I didn't expect things to go in so deep so quickly but...it was good. This is going to be good for us. I just know that we are going to get through this."] She smiled towards him and leaned back into him. Although she turned her head after a minute, ready to talk to him again but instead he kissed her with a passion that sent her stomach into butterflies.

[B "I really love you James."]
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James grinned as he closed his arms tighter around Lexia. He kissed her cheek then, running the water gently over her frame.
“You don’t have to thank me,” he told her in a soft voice. He grabbed a towel and lathered it with soap, slowly running it over Lexia’s body. “So, what did you think of today?” He asked her. He figured, the more they talked the better. They wouldn’t have to worry about what the other person would say or how they would react. That was just further putting pressure on their relationship. Pressure that they didn’t need. He nuzzled Lexia’s neck, the water ebbing somewhat in their direction. Today had been a whirlwind, but James really believed that they had made quite an improvement and he had faith that their relationship might end up in better hands after this point.

“I’m glad we decided to do this,” he finally told her. Some men would’ve ben resilient when it came to choosing to do therapy. Of course, no man wanted to admit the married was failing and even the woman would be less likely to want to, specially considering Lexia’s mother already didn’t like him. They had to realize though that the most important people in their marriage was the both of them and it was important for them to be happy if this was all going to work out.

James captured Jenny’s lips then, deepening his kiss as he looked to her. He was more than happy to have her with him, holding her here now. He was lucky Lexia hadn’t just walked out on him. Hands filtering under the warmth of the water, he touched her like he’d never hold her close again.
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Lexia looked down at the bath before glancing back up at James with a smile. He really was trying hard and she had to give him credit for that. She watched as he shed his clothes, always happy to see her husband naked. He was very attractive and he drove her crazy in the respect sometimes. She hadn't realised how long she had been staring and then she chuckled when James pulled her out of her trance-like state.

She smiled to herself as she watched James relax into the bath and the she worked to remove her own. Lexia was not as conscious about her body as she had been when she had first given birth but there were still moments where she felt a little insecure. That was why she hadn't got out of the pool to greet Maryanne and Chad. Her body was immaculate and she just couldn't bring herself to stand next to her.

Once she had placed her clothes in the hamper she slid herself into the bath, sinking herself in front of James easily and she took hold of his arms and wrapped them around her, sitting there quietly for a moment as they both enjoyed the peace. [B "Thank you for doing this."]
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James smiled at Lexia then. It had been a while. They hadn’t bathed together since Lexia was pregnant. That as a nice period – before Gianna got pregnant. That was something else James wanted to eventually bring up. He felt like things kind of really fell too when it was discovered that Gianna was pregnant with a little girl. Especially since he and Lexia had lost their little girl. Things were nice then though. They were happy and in love and had a healthy soon along the way. “Too long,” James simply said with a kiss to her cheek as he began to shed the wet clothing. He placed them into the hamper, getting in first and looking toward Lexia. She looked beautiful .

“It’s just us, you don’t have to be shy,” he said with a chuckle. He had noticed how she hadn’t got out of the pool and he wasn’t sure if that was because she was shit with Chad being there or if it had something to do with Maryanne especially considering his past as an adulterer. He just hoped she could trust him. Jams laid his head back and closed his eyes, feeling his muscles slowly relax. He figured tonight wouldn’t be too bad. It would be fun to hang out in a more chills getting with other adults. Some part of him did worry about the restaurant t and he wanted to call and check, but he knew that he promised to be more focused on the relationship this whole week.

He didn’t think anything could be going wrong. He thought a lot about putting Gianna and Daniel officially in charge and maybe taking a step back. He could even look into maybe going onto tv, he’d had plenty of requests from Food of Network for cooking shows, maybe he could try his hand at that, he wondered.
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Nothing made Lexua feel kire whole than being with James and Mason as a family. She was quite maternal and she loved being a mother and she very much loved being a wife and that was perhaps why she had been so willing to put up with his crap for so long. She didn't want to lose it but when he had crossed that line...she thought it was over. She couldn't take it anymore but to see how he started to change, to see that he was willing to fight as much as she was made all the difference. They [I both] wanted to save their marriage.

When they got back to the room, James went off to the bathroom and Lexia played with Mason on the bed after getting him changed, knowing that he would soon need to nap since the daycare facility had said that he had been awake and active all day and he was bound to sleep at some point. She looked up towards James when he came towards the two of them.

[B "That sounds really nice honey. I'll just get Mason down for his nap and then I'll join you."] She leaned up and kissed him gently as she picked Mason up and moved him towards the nursery and put him into the cot. She stroked his face a little and leaned down to kiss him. [B "You should get some sleep little one. We are going out tonight."] As she as she could see that Mason was falling asleep she made her way into the bathroom.

[B "God how long has it been since we have done this?"]
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Lexia was more than happy to get out of the pool and head to pick up Mason. He loved to see how thrilled she was, James and her together headed to the daycare where they picked up Mason. He looked at both of them, before smiling and cuddling into Lia. After gathering his things, they headed to the room. James couldn’t wait to get out of his wet cloths and climbed into the comfy bed It looked like the cleaning staff had dropped by as the bed had been made and the trash taken out. James placed Mason’s belongings in his room and headed to the bathroom to turn on the bath. He sometimes had spurs of aching pain when he had overexerted himself. This had been since the car accident and with working long shifts at the restaurant, his body rarely had time to rest. While the water was running, he went to the fridge to grab something to snack on, choosing a vine of grapes.

He fund Lexia then, watching her carefully. “Do you want to take a bath together?” He asked. A warm bubble bath and then climbing into the sheets would be some nice them town. He looked toward Mason, his beautiful wide warm eyes, and a smile that lit up the room like Lexia’s did. He made sure to turn off the water. It was the perfect temperature. It was nice being able to do something like this for Lexia and him. This retreat cost a lot, but it was showing to be worth it. James didn’t think they would turn out like that couple, he had a feeling this would be their first and last time coming here to fix their marriage. They were going to be better.
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Lexia laughed a little when James spoke. [B "I never said it was bring being in the suite. I just think that we should do something a little bit different while we are here, make sure we treat our free time like a vacation. It's been a while since we've had one."] He smiled towards him but she could tell that he felt uneasy about the idea although she couldn't quite pinpoint why he might feel that way. Perhaps he just didn't like the couple or maybe he just didn't like the sound of the trivia night but it didn't seem to matter because he agreed to it anyway.

She watched him closely and nodded. [B "Absolutely. We won't keep Madon out too late and we have had a long day ourselves so we should get some sleep too. I'm sure tomorrow is going to be just as busy."] She swam closer to him, wanting to be near him and allowed the time to pass for a while after that. She was missing Mason though and she was very glad when James mentioned that they should go and pick him up. [B "We should! I miss my little man."] She looked towards the couple and waved, now comfortable enough to climb out of the pool so that she could dry off. She wrapped a towel around herself.

[B "Yeah! They seem nice enough."] She said with a sigh before gathering her things. [B "Let's go and get our son."] Lexia said already leading the way back to the daycare where they handed Mason over to her. He looked at her with confusion because she was a little wet but then he smiled towards her and looked to James. [B "Mommy and Daddy went swimming that's why we look funny."] She chuckled as they made their way back to the room.
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“Really? Just us in a suite all alone is boring?” He asked lowly, raising a brow at Lexia. He did want them to get out more. They were always staying inside, and they could always bring Mason, James was sure he should be able to sleep as he more than likely was having a busy day t the daycare. James was kind of on the fence, but he had to follow his own advice and actually take a chance.
“It can be fun,” he said with a shrug. “We’ll go for a while you know, maybe not stay out too late?” James didn’t want to be in such an environment for too long, knowing that it was more than likely that he would end up drinking more than he needed. He swam toward the edge of the pool, using his upper body strength to push him p and out of the pool. He sat with his feet in the water, running his hands through wet strands of hair and absorbing as much of the sunlight as possible.

“Great,” Chad said. “We’ll see you guys tonight. If you want, you can meet at our room, it’s close to the hall. We’re F302.” It was getting a little later and James himself was a bit tired. “How about we go pick up the little one and get us a nap?” He suggested to Lexia. She had a look on her face as she watched the couple, mostly the husband. James couldn’t really pinpoint what the look meant though.

“See you guys tonight. Nice meeting you!” Maryanne said and they both waved before leaving. James came to a stand and grabbed his towel, drying off as best as possible.
“They certainly were friendly,” James said, tossing the unfinished champagne in the bin.
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