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James tried to ignore the woman, the way her eyes bore into him – judgmental then and alit with anger. He distracted himself by sticking close to Lexia, only breaking away as she was helped onto the bed. James had taken a seat, pushing the sleeves of his black long sleeve up. He watched Lexia carefully, his eyes distracted only by the image of the unborn child on the screen. Excited, hell maybe relieved, James had stood quickly, moving to Lexia’s side where he held her hand. The baby was alive and healthy. A boy. They were having a boy.
His grin was large, stretching across his face then and hard to contain. “A son,” he said, breathless and relieved. He had released a breath he had no clue he had been holding in.
“Let’s hope he takes after you in looks,” he joked, kissing Lexia’s forehead.
A son. Someone to carry on his legacy. Despite all the trouble they had went through, this provided some glimmer of hope that things would get better.
His phone was ringing then and he knew Gianna knew better than to call him twice when he was with Lexia, he could already sense the tension from the earlier call. He’d promise to attend the appointment and knew he was to give Lexia his attention. If anything it was something to do with the restaurant. Work was calling and again James found it hard to balance work and hope. He’d glanced at his phone then, seeing a text from Gianna, but this time about work.
He’d returned the phone back into his pocket.
“Sorry – work.” He looked over his shoulder, the nurse rolling her eyes at his comment. James stood to his full height.
“I’ll get you cleaned up,” the nurse said to Lexia as she brushed pass him, the doctor leaving to finish up the paperwork and print the ultrasound photo. James looked down at Lexia then, gripping her hand.
“I’m glad I came,” he said, the nurse rolling her eyes once again.
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Lexia took the time to glance around the waiting room as she waited for James to finish the conversation and when her eyes started to glance back towards James she couldn’t help but notice a woman sitting near where he stood, frowning intensely at him. It was curious, but she wouldn’t know that the woman had noticed him walk in with Lexia and then heard him have what seemed to be a sexual conversation on the phone with another woman. The way she looked at him bad her stomach turn and she forced her eyes away to stop poisoning thoughts from entering her mind. She didn’t want to think about why this woman seemed to be looking at a stranger with so much intensity and disappointment.

Instead she looked down at her hands, noticing how they had started to go white from the grip she had. Lexia forced herself to relax, thinking about the appointment ahead instead of her husband and who he might be talking to. She let go of her hand and then looked up to see the nurse walking towards her and James coming from a different direction. Lexia breathed out and rose from her seat and dressed a smile upon her lips as James presses a kiss on her forehead. Sometimes that would be enough to soothe her dark thoughts about their relationship and what he might be doing when he’s not with her. For now, it pushed the thoughts aside.

When they arrived at the appointment room she was asked to climb up onto the bed and pull up her top so that they could apply the gel in preparation for the ultrasound. [i “Are you ready to see your child again?”] The Doctor asked with a smile and Lexia returned in and nodded and with that he placed the machine on her stomach and the image popped up on the screen. It was hard not to feel emotional every time she saw their child and when she heard the heartbeat coming strong through the machine, her smile spread widely and she sighed. [i “Alright, everything looks like it is moving along nicely. Your child has a really strong heartbeat and it right on track with development. Are you wanting to know the sex?”]

Lexia nodded and the doctor smiled back. [i “I didn’t really need to ask. You’ve been so exciting about finding out. Congratulations, you are going to be parents to a healthy baby boy.”] Her eyes filled with tears as she glanced towards James.

[b “We are having a son!”]
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“I can’t believe you left me here with this lot of idiots,” Gianna said into the phone, her voice even through a receiver managing to evoke excitement in the male. He looked over his shoulder, watching as Lexi was distracted by signing them in and conversating with the woman at the reception.
“Hey, not by choice – I’ll be back soon enough.” He said. He rubbed the back of his neck, knowing he would have to keep this conversation short since he was in the presence of Lexia. “I see you’re wearing the set I bought you,” he commented softly, remembering the picture she had sent hi earlier.
“Looks good on, but I think you and I both know how much you prefer me not in clothing.” Gianna’s words made his cheeks turn red, he could see Lexia had finished up and now was waiting on him.
“I have to go,” he said then. “Maybe you should consider meeting me in the office, I’ll have to take another look at that set while you have it on, in person.” Gianna laughed, agreeing to their little meeting before she was rushed off the phone. The restaurant was entering into the afternoon time which could be mighty busy, their place in the hub of downtown where affluent and high paying business people dropped by frequently. Clearing his throat, James returned the phone to his pocket. He had reached Lexia just as a nurse had come out to walk them into their nearest room.
“Ah, this must be the husband you speak of. Started to think you didn’t exist,” she joked. James ducked his head bashfully.
“Work,” he said, though that wasn’t that good of an excuse. It was a husband’s duty to be there for their wife when she was pregnant. Maybe had he been there with Lexia and not at work he could’ve been carrying those boxes, she wouldn’t have fallen and they wouldn’t have lost their child. He ground his teeth some to push the thoughts back further. Forget, that’s all the male wanted to do. He pressed his hand at the small of Lexia’s back, kissing the top of her head. The woman sometimes looked at him like he could walk on water and other times, he could see her fear of him – fear of losing him.
They headed into the room, where they met the doctor. James had taken a seat as the appointment began. Eagerly he waited for the news, girl or boy?
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She half expected him to take her up on her offer to wait in the car. Whether he had been truly too busy to come to these appointments with her or whether he had been purposefully avoiding them, she didn’t know. However, she was surprised by his next words and actions. These appointments were important, to her at least, and she needed him to be with her but she would never pressure him if he didn’t actually want to be here with her. It was the way he kissed her that took her by surprise more than anything. There was a need behind the kiss that she hadn’t felt from him in a long time. Like most things James did, it took her breath away and when he pulled back she was left looking him in the eye as he told her that he loved her. She smiled and nodded before he placed a more gentle kiss upon her lips.

When he opened the door, she climbed out of the car and was instantly pulled into his side, almost protectively. [b “I’m not sure actually. I feel like we should think about it some more once we know whether we are having a girl or a boy. I will take a lot of names on the table. I know we had discussed gender neutral names but we might change or mind when we know for sure.”] Soon enough the two were at the reception and she singed them both in while James held back to take a call. Lexia assumed it would be something about work and she didn’t mind him taking the call as long as he was truly there with her when they were in the appointment room.

The woman behind reception smiled to her, recognising her from her precious appointments. [i “Lexia, just look at you. You are simply glowing. Pregnancy suits you well.”] The woman glanced behind her and raised an eyebrow. [i “Is that your husband?”] When Lexia nodded, the woman smirked playfully. [i “Well, you two are going to produce the most beautiful child. This kid is going to have good genes!”] Lexia chuckled as she placed the pen down.

[b “Thank you. I’ll take a seat over there. It’s lovely to see you again Catherine.”]

[i “It’s lovely to see you too! Oh! By the way, my mother loved that necklace you made for her. She wanted me to pass on her adoration and gratitude.”]

[b “That’s very sweet. I’m glad she enjoyed her birthday present.”] She said before making her way over to some seats, glancing to James as she did so he could follow her when he was done with his phone call.
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James was glad to hear that the appointments were going well, which meant that so far so good. That was all distant though, but then there was Lexia’s hand on his, her light eyes illuminating care.
“No, no-“ He started to say with a soft smile toward the female. “I’ll come in, it’s important. I’m supposed to be here for you.” James sighed some, turning the car off. “You aren’t pressuring me, you’re my wife Lexia.” He gripped her hand tight, looking over at the woman carefully. He leaned over and kissed her, hard and needy. He needed to focus, this was his life – this was his wife and James needed to get it together. “I’ll be okay Lexia,” he finally said. James unbuckled the seatbelt. “I love you too, until the end of time,” he said as he leaned forward to cup her cheek and kiss her on the lips. James got out of the car, ignoring the ringing of his phone as he rushed to open Lexia’s door. His hand sipped around her waist, drawing the female close to his side.
“So are we going over names again? Or are you stuck with your originals?” James asked as they walked toward the entrance. He paused at the door, which opened automatically, James looked at Lexia and held her as close as possible with the belly she had. He pulled open the door to let the female in to the air conditioned building. James was walking toward the counter where they needed to sign in.
His phone vibrated now again but with a call. James frowned, indicating to Lexia to sign in. He answered the phone, a smile stretching over his lips at the sound of Gianna’s voice.
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Lexia genuinely didn’t mind whether they had a boy or a girl. She was very much the same as James in that respect. All she cared about was that their child was healthy and then when their child arrived she wanted them to be happy. Lexia hoped that their child would experience a happy loving household. Maybe things with James could turn around and they would stop arguing. The last thing she wanted was for their child to have to listen to them arguing.

Lately she had been thinking about going to talk to someone who might help them, perhaps get some therapy together to help them both move passed the loss of their child and all the aggression and arguments that has been building between them. She wasn’t sure how he would feel about something like that and she was actually quite scared to bring it up but after the appointment today, she would mention it and put up with the shouting if he decided that he didn’t like the idea.

[b “I feel the same way. All the scans have been quite good so far and every time I’ve been the midwife said that the heartbeat is getting stronger each time so that’s good. The first time I heard it, I was just so overwhelmed with love for this little baby I haven’t even met yet. It’s so strange.”] She smiled a little as she continued to caress her stomach lovingly.

Soon enough they were pulling into the clinic and James parked the car and she looked up at him, noticing that he seemed a little emotional. Lexia reached out to take his hand. [b “I know that you must feel so overwhelmed. I’m sorry if I made you feel pressured to come here with me. I would understand if you wanted to wait in the car...”] It would have been a shame for him to leave work to come to the appointment with her for him to end up waiting in the car. However, she didn’t want to suffocate him or make him feel like he had to be here. [b “I love you James. I hope you know that.”]
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“What you do in your alone time I can not control of course,” James said with a satisfied smile, knowing of course he couldn’t stop Lexia from driving even if he wanted to. He’d started the car, adjusting the radio to play a soft assortment from some random station. He briefly looked over at the woman and watched as she rubbed her stomach with care, her affection obvious. He was curious as to what the gender of the baby would be, a part of him hoping to have a male. It would be cute then, to see a little him. Though with Lexia’s beauty, he could imagine also a little girl.
“I admit, it would be nice to have a little boy,” he said to her, focusing on the road. “Just as long as the baby s healthy, that’s all I can ask for.” James was trying to be positive about the ordeal. He hadn’t blamed Lexia for the death of their child, though he had told her countless times to be careful and to not go through the trouble of carrying everything and feeling like she had to do everything herself. That’s why the male was trying his hardest to do as much as possible when he was around Lexia. He’d gotten the call about her fall when at work, and while she would heal – they had lost the child. His child. He’d gotten piss drunk that same night and every night, always finding it hard to brave the world sober. The fights had been particularly nasty at that time to, with liquor in his system he wasn’t as kind to Lexia, wasn’t as understanding or compassionate.
He’d only felt different after talking to Gianna when they were closing, one thing led to another and the two had made drunken love in his office on his desk. Afterward he hadn’t even felt guilty, still managing to go home to Lexia where she slept in bed, waiting for him. Clearing his throat he bit back tears, very calculated as they were puling into the parking lot of the clinic. He could feel himself getting antsy, this being his first appointment since Lexia had announced she was pregnant. “Alright, let’s do this.” He was all over the place, but it was his duty to be here for Lexia.
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Lexia almost found it comical that he didn’t want her to drive. She had been driving herself to the previous appointments and driving around town to deliver her jewellery. It wasn’t as though she was disabled or anything but she understood why he was cautious. She had fallen the first time she had fallen pregnant. Lexia has been carrying far too much down the stairs and missed a step. It was still painful to think about now and she blamed herself for the loss of their child. It wasn’t as though she could forget either. The child she was carrying now would have been been a brother or sister to a lovely 18 month year old little girl by now.

She had often wondered whether this was why they were arguing so much and why there was so much distance between them. Although he has never said anything to her directly, nor had she ever suggested James night have felt a particular way, but she couldn’t help but wonder whether he harboured resentment for her because of the loss of their first child. There wasn’t a day that went by when she didn’t think what it might have been like to have a little girl running around their home. It would have been such a loving place because the two of them had so much to offer a child and that was why she wanted to try again after the initially broken heart had started to mend a little. Lexia couldn’t blame him for feeling that way if he did but she could hardly stand feeling like she was the reason for the loss of their child [i and] the break down of their relationship.

[b “Alright, you can drive but I do wonder what you think I’ve been doing to get around? I’ve hardly been walking everywhere.”] She chuckled as she climbed into the car. Lexia noticed him glance at his phone and the way he was so quick to put it away in his pocket when he saw the message but she tried to push it away, not wanting to make something out of nothing if it were truly nothing. She waited for James to climb into the driver’s seat and when he did she smiled towards him and rubbed at her stomach.

[b “I’m glad you could come today. I don’t think I would have wanted to find out our baby’s gender without you there. It wouldn’t feel right.”] As they made their way towards the clinic she tried to distract her thoughts from thinking about what that message might have been. [b “What are your predictions? I feel like we are having a boy, perhaps he would grow up to be a footballer with the amount of force he puts behind his kicks.”]
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Her excitement was infectious, the way her eyes lit when she spoke about her jewelry. It was amazing how the woman had grown the small at home business into what it was today. He knew with time she would eventually be a household name. With the hormones from the pregnancy raging through her body it was clear as to why she was so emotional and always crying. That’s when he felt the most guilty, knowing that he was the one causing the hurt and the pain, but he had hoped that this fling would remain as it was – a fling. He could tell she was trying to remain strong, trying to make it seem like there was nothing wrong and that she was fine, but he knew eventually a fight would brew again.
His hand pressed against Lexia’s belly, feeling the movements of the child within. It was amazing, the wonders of life and the precious moments given to them. There was a twang though, at the memory of what could have been had they not lost their first child. Maybe that’s truly where their problems began. It was a dark period in their relationship, but it had been the leading moment when James had decided he wanted to marry Lexia. That had been a time where they had great strength and somehow managed to successfully get through their first few months of marriage. But maybe they hadn’t really gotten over it, James burying himself with work so as to keep his mind off of it and sometimes just holding Lexia made the pain seem too real. With Gianna though it was different, the woman was a ball if fury and excitement. She made it easy for James to forget who he was, the married man. With her, it was pure carnal intimacy.
He’d followed Lexia toward the door, trying to push out those distracting thoughts. He’d grabbed the keys out of her hands. “Don’t be ridiculous, I am not letting you drive.” He was a bit protective, maybe overprotective. He pointed toward her belly, “precious cargo is to be handled carefully. I want you safe.” James opened the door for her and locked up behind before heading to the car. They’d be finding out the gender of the baby and he was nervous. He reminded himself though to have faith and only think positively. His phone vibrated in his pocket as he was opening the car door for Lexia. A blush formed over his cheeks, looking at the picture Gianna had sent him. Quickly though, he locked the phone and placed it in his pockets. Right – he had to stay in the presence. Lexia was more important, she was his life and so was this child. He needed to quit Gianna, but did he want to?
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Lexia hadn’t heard James come into the study. She continued to move about as though there was no one there but when he approached her and wrapped his arms around her she was startled slightly. Her heart fluttered in her chest and her shoulders jolted. When she turned her head she placed a hand on her chest and breathed out heavily. [b “You scared me.”] She said, now smiling a little since her heart beat was beginning to level out again. Although, the nuzzling and the kissing set the butterflies in her stomach to life. There he was again making her feel like she was a love sick high school teenager. That would never fade as long as they were together.

When he stepped away she sighed slightly and looked to the piece of jewellery she had been working on. [b “Yes, she wanted something to match the wedding outfit she would be wearing to her sister’s wedding. She said that her sister was even thinking of ordering some bespoke jewellery to go with her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses when they have been finalised so that would be a really great order. I love making pieces for weddings!”] Lexia smiled once more as she looked up to James and when he cupped her face her breath hitched.

Her eyes closed for a few seconds as though she was trying to hold back more tears. She didn’t want to cry in front of him again. Lexia didn’t want to seem weak or pathetic but she just couldn’t control her emotions at times. [b “It’s over now. It doesn’t matter anymore.”] She wanted to move on and she hoped that was what he wanted to. Lexia didn’t want to believe that he might be cheating on her, at the time she just couldn’t think of any other explanation as to why he seemed secretive with his phone and why he worked all the hours God sent. She pushed that feeling aside and settled on the fact that he just wanted to make the restaurant a success.

Lexia brushed her lips against his momentarily and then nodded. [b “I’m ready.”] She placed a hand on her stomach and then proceeded to laugh. [b “Seems someone else is ready too.”] She said with a laugh as she felt the baby press a foot against her stomach. After a moment she started to move out of the study and grabbed the car keys from the side before heading out the door. [b “Am I driving or are you?”]
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James had walked into the study, leaning against the doorframe and watching the female carefully. He watched her slowly come to a stand, from the back her growing belly hidden. Her auburn hair swaying some against her back. Heading toward the female he wrapped his arms around her waist, barely fitting over her belly. James nuzzled his nose against Lexia’s neck, grazing his lips against them before placing a kiss at the back of her ear.
“Oh, a new one?” He mentioned before he stepped aside, his hands reaching out to grab the delicate accessory. Lexia was great at what she did and put care into a lot of her pieces, a certain amount of love. Placing the bracelet back on the white cloth it originally was on he leaned gently against her desk. He looked over his wife, her golden brown eyes still red some from her crying session earlier. He felt bad, the gnawing guilt seeping further and making him antsy. He distracted his hands by cupping the female’s face, his thumb grazing over her cheek.
“I wanted to say sorry about earlier,” James mumbled. “I didn’t mean to get so angry. You know I hate when you cry.” It was ironic though, considering he was responsible for the female’s turmoil. He knew, as selfless as she was, James found it hard to believe that Lexia wasn’t beating herself up about this. The woman cared so much about him and would break her back to make him happy, anything to keep their marriage together and admittedly, James wanted their relationship – hell their marriage to last. His predicament with his other companion had been a one time thing that simply happened on more than one occasion. Did he have a love for the woman? No, but there was something about Gianna that James found hard to get away from. Maybe it was the excitement that was lacking. He found it hard to fit Lexia in his schedule and with the baby coming, he could only suspect that it would become harder.
Coming to a sand, James leaned forward to kiss Lexia. “Ready to go?”
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Just hearing his voice made her breath catch in her throat. This man was the love of her life and even now she still got butterflies when she thought of him, or heard his voice or saw him. It had been that way from the first moment she had laid eyes on him. Lexia had fallen for James pretty fast and she was sure that if she would do so again if the clocks were turned back. She hadn’t believed in love before she met him but it was impossible to imagine her life without it; without him. Lexia bit on her lip to try and stop another wave of tears. The pregnancy didn’t exactly help with her emotions and her hormones were quite difficult to keep in check these days, but she was trying, so very hard.

He was apologising to her, like he had many times before when he lost his temper. Things could get fairly nasty pretty quickly but it was always shouting and nothing more. There was never anything physical. Lexia knew for sure she wouldn’t still be with him if things had ever turned that way but James wasn’t like that and no matter how angry he got, she could never see him getting that way. [b “It’s alright, I shouldn’t haven’t said the things that I did.”] When he said he would come to appointment she was genuinely surprised. Lexia knew and understood just how important the restaurant was to him and she would never take that away from him but she had hoped that he might also realise how important it was to have his support at these appointments. She was scared about some aspects of the pregnancy and being alone felt daunting at times. [b “You really mean it?”] She asked, perking up a little and when he confirmed that he would be heading home she smiled a little. [b “I’ll see you soon. I love you too.”] With that she put the phone down and decided to go for a quick shower so that she was prepared for the appointment and so that she could feel a little more refreshed after the stress of the day.

She allowed the water to wash away any anxiety she had been feeling and tried to put aside any feelings that she had about James and whatever it was causing the distance between them. For the life of her, she couldn’t put her finger on what she had done and if she had done something specific, she just wished that he would tell her so that she could try to fix it or at least understand. Once she was done in the shower she changed into something more comfortable and then head back towards the study to finish a bracelet she had been working on that morning. When she worked, it was very easy for her to block everything out because she had to concentrate so she was slightly surprised to hear James’ voice break through the silence that had surrounded her.

[b “I’m in the study.”] She called back to him as she bent the remaining metal to make a clasp for the bracelet and with that, the piece was complete and she placed it down on the desk with a smile. Then she rose from her chair and started to put away the supplies so that she didn’t have to worry about doing that before they left or when they got back home. Lexia was glad that he kept to his promise this time and it gave her that tiny bit of hope that maybe things would be okay. [b “I was just finishing up that bracelet for Joanna.”]
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She had been crying, James could hear it in the sound of her voice. He felt bad then, knowing she felt even worse. That was not something uncommon. Lexia had always been that way, a woman so kind and forgiving. It was why he loved her, that gentle spirit so enchanting. It was a contrast from the world he lived in, so cruel and quick – life as a chef and especially as a restaurateur – a businessman was hard work.
“Hey,” he finally breathed into the phone, after he had caught his breath and tried to figure out the right way to apologize. “Lexia,” He said finally. “No – no, don’t – I’m sorry.” James had already started removing his apron, his phone cradled between his shoulder and ear. “I didn’t mean to yell.” His temper was hard to get control of, it had been that way since he was younger. James was born from a single mother, his father had left when he was only three and not even with any explanation. All he knew was that him and his mom continuously moved, he found it hard to make friends and what with them not being that wealthy, James was often a target of bullying. His defense? Fight back. He’d get into fights, constantly truant from ditching class and eventually after a night in highschool where he’d gotten black out drunk James landed in a bit of trouble. Still considered a minor he had evaded heavy jail time. It was in the juvenile center then he had found his love for cooking, a program they held inside to reinvent the troubled youth. Though James had dialed back some on the anger, he was still quick to temper and it was his ability to control his drinking which made it easier to keep his fighting nature obscured.
“I just, I’m stressed about the restaurant you know? But, look, I’ll come with you to the doctor’s appointment okay? I know how important it is, to be there and I should’ve considered that. I’m going to head to the house now. I love you.” James had said to her before ending the phone call. James began toward the parking structure where he kept his car, warming up the black vehicle as he looked at his phone. He could see the familiar name pop up on his screen. He felt guilty, how his lips turned up into a smile at the name. Replying back to the text, he promised the woman he would see her tonight and unfortunately would be out for the morning.
James finally started the car and headed on his way home.
They lived in a nice brownstone, the home two stories, manicured lawn. It never occurred to James he would ever be able to afford the home he now lived in. He’d unlocked the door, black boots stepping across polished wooden floors. He placed his keys in the bowl located on the counter at the entrance, their wedding photo hanging above it. There were lots of photos of the couple, from trips and family reunions, pictures of them and their friends.
“Lexia,” he called out then, searching for the woman and assuming she would be in the study, working on orders.
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Lexia looked down at her diary as she started to write in the orders that had come through in the last twenty-four hours. She worked from home making jewellery and for the most part her business came through her social media accounts where she made sure that she posted regular updates so her customers could see what products she has been working on. Of course, she did have her regular customers, those who came to her for their own jewellery as well as gifts for their friends and she had managed to get a bit of business from them spreading the word about her which she appreciated. Now all she needed to do was work around her appointments at the hospital and make sure that she was doing enough work so that she could take a month off when the baby arrived.

When Lexia first found out that she was pregnant she could hardly contain her excitement. She was completely in love with her husband and she couldn’t wait to start a family with him but things had started to change lately. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it felt as though she wasn’t enough for him any more and she did worry about what might become of their marriage. Lexia had married him because she honestly thought she would be with him for the rest of her life and she wanted that more than anything but she couldn’t help but think James didn’t want that now. Lexia didn’t want a failed marriage, nor did she want a child to come from a broken home.

She chewed on the inside of her lip as she glanced down at the appointment time for today. So far she had attended all of her appointments alone and she was beginning to think that would be how she would be expected to spend the rest of the pregnancy, especially since James seemed overly preoccupied with work lately. They had argued about the appointment this morning and in her rage she had insinuated that she thought he was having an affair. She couldn’t think of any other reason to explain the distance that was seemingly forcing them apart.

Lexia sighed and wiped at the tears that had been forming in her eyes when she thought about their fight and how she might be losing him. She didn’t want any of this but she could feel him slipping more and more every day and she had no idea what to do about it. Just as that thought crowded her mind she saw his name flash up on her phone screen accompanied with the vibration of a phone call. She picked it up quickly after wiping at the tears again.

[b “James...I’m so sorry about this morning.”] She so desperately wanted to fix this.
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“Fuck sake Daniel, why is the kitchen a mess? Every time I come in here it’s a mess. What’re you and the closing staff doing at night besides smoking in the alley?” James ran his hand through his hair, strawberry blonde locks still wet from that morning’s shower. It was true, the man usually was a bit more calmer when it came to certain situations, but he had a big event coming up with the mayor and needed his restaurant to be perfect – he didn’t want any bad news spread in the meantime and of course being a perfectionist didn’t make it any easier to keep his moods from fluctuating. Though, this particular earl morning James wasn’t really upset so much that his pride, Dissonance, had a filthy kitchen, he was more so still reeling in frustration from the fight he had with his wife earlier.
They’d met at a restaurant where he worked, him fresh out of culinary school and somehow rising ranks quickly, working under the head chef and gaining as much knowledge and skill as possible. She was beautiful, James had become so entranced by her, he hadn’t noticed how tall the flame from the pan grew before he was knocked some sense into by his head chef. It’d taken a lot of courage for the male to ask her on a date then. It seemed like so long ago, six years ago and it only took him four of those years to finally work up the courage to ask her hand in marriage.
It was a beautiful engagement, he’d taken her to dinner at the best restaurant, they’d walked the park for what seemed like eternity talking and joking. The whole time, he just watched her from the corner of his eye, the way she smiled, the small strand of hair that constantly rebelled always being pushed back behind her ear. They’d stopped in front of a fountain then and she had turned her back for a brief second. That was probably the happiest James had ever been, besides when he’d learned of his wife being pregnant. That was short lived though and he was glad for it.
Now only six months into their marriage. James found it hard to find the good in anything as of late. The fight earlier proof of that. She had wanted him to attend the recent doctor’s appointment with her, he’d already missed the last two. James promised he would try, but he wasn’t sure and yet he always promised and within the last months of their marriage, his promises always fell short.
Coming back to reality, the male turned grey eyes back onto the short companion who shrunk some against his rage. Of course, James could be intimidating when he tried, his height alone being a factor as he was 6’2. “I’m sorry Daniel,” he said, his anger still there but the fire a bit cooler now. “It’s just, I need everyone to get their act together.”
“I got it James, no worries man, I’ll talk to the crew today.” James patted the male on the shoulder before stepping by to beginning the opening. James leaned against the counter, his eyes scanning. He was calming down now, a part of him wanted to stay and open the restaurant efficiently and another part of him knew he was to be there for his wife. Reaching into the pocket of his dark jeans, he located his phone and began to call his wife. He’d just have to hope his staff would be able to pull through without him for a couple of hours.
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