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Lexia knew that there must have been a reason why they were not being intimate. She just thought that after losing their first child, he was just scared that he might be able to hurt their child somehow but that wouldn’t happen and that would have been an irrational reason to avoid being intimate with her. She didn’t know that part of the reason they hadn’t been intimate was because he was getting it somewhere else, from a woman who they both knew. That was the last thing she wanted to think about now. She just wanted to connect with her husband more than anything else.

She smiled playfully when he helped guide her hand and even when he turned to face her, she kept his hand trained on him, showing him that she wanted him as much as she said she did. Things progressed quickly from there. Her breathing becoming heavier as he lay her on her back and allowed his lips to graze hers, her tongue dancing with his showing how much she needed this. She had missed this, and she hoped that a moment of intimacy would help repair at least one aspect of their crumbling relationship. Her eyes closed and a sigh of pleasure escaped her as his hands trailed up her pyjama shirt. She wanted to take it off, take off his clothes and just be with him but he would let him set the pace.

Now she forced her eyes open, watching him as he looked over her face and explored her body with his hands. He had always been so attentive in this respect and he drove her crazy. Her back arched when he lowered his hand, her breath catching in her throat as she dipped her hand into his shorts. [b “I love you too.”] She said, not once allowing her eyes to fall from his. This was the intimacy that they had been missing and she knew that they would connect in way that they hadn’t for a while and that feeling overwhelmed her. [b “I’ve missed you so much.”]
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James could feel Lexia close against his back, her hands roaming down his chest. She was warm, her breast soft even through the pajamas she wore. Her breath tickled his ear, eyes closing at how good her touch felt. He knew people did have sex when pregnant, but he just worried. He thought of everything as a threat to the life of his child.
“I know that Lex, just-“ he sighed out in pleasure then, not able to finish his statement. He had neglected the female, a woman who didn’t even know that he was having sex with their old friend Gianna, how he had sex with the woman twice that day. Biting down on his lip, he knew if he denied Lexia it would make her feel bad. He didn’t want her to think that he had no love for her, that their physical connection was broken. He knew how important it was to be intimate with your partner. James’ hand reached for the woman’s, guiding them lower to aid in getting him ready for her. “Lexia,” he said softly. He turned then, facing the woman now with narrowed eyes, a smirk playing on his lips. His hand now cupped her face, James pressing his lips to hers needy and desperate, his wanting evident in his shorts. He laid the woman there on her back, his other hand cradling the woman as he hovered over her, kissing her deeper, his tongue playing with hers. He pulled away then, nuzzling his nose against her neck, , hands playing with her hair, his free hand pressed light against her belly. It laid there lightly before trifling up her shirt. It was true, he had denied him of the lovely woman. Lexia was beautiful, a passionate lover and much more different than his sex with Gianna. He pulled back then, looking down at the woman, his hand kneading her soft breasts. She wanted him, all of him the good and the bad.
“I love you,” he whispered, hands creeping between her legs. James eager and wanting had dove into the woman. Of course, the feeling of being close to Lexia made him more than excited, reminded him why he fell in love with the woman other than for her striking personality. She was warm, small in his hands there and the way she watched him was maddening.
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The last thing Lexia wanted was a party just because James felt guilty about it. It wouldn’t be fun for either of them if it was a forced situation so she would prefer to forget about it and move on. Maybe if she didn’t mention it again after tonight the idea would fall out of his mind once he became distracted with work. At the end of the day, their son was important, a party wasn’t and she would be happy as long everything was okay with their child and right now everything seemed perfectly fine. She smiled to herself when she saw how relieved James appeared to be at the fact she hadn’t had any dizziness that day. If her answer had been different she wondered what his reaction would be. Would he get angry or demand that she stayed on strict bed rest?

Lexia smiled against his lips as he leaned in to kiss her. [b “That’s not true. The restaurant is all yours. Whatever money was put into that place was our money but it’s success is down to you.”] The way he kissed her now forced those butterflies to burst into life and she moaned quietly as he teased her lip. It had been a long time since the two had shared in each other and she wondered whether that spell was coming to an end with the way he drew her close. Lexia chuckled as he caressed her gently and she locked her eyes with his as he spoke. However, before she knew it he was turning away from her and suggesting that they should sleep.

She remained where she was for a minute and then she braved moving closer to him, wrapping her arms around him and running her teeth over his ear as she ran her hands down his torso. [b “You don’t have to wait.”] She said whispering into his ear as she started to take his lobe between her teeth gently. [b “Plenty of people have sex while they are carrying a baby. I want you James.”]
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The way Lexia described the olives would have anyone believing she had tried chocolate for the first time. He shook his head playfully then, turning on his side to watch the female, head propped by his arm bent at the elbow. He frowned then, not sure why now she didn’t want the very thing she had asked of him.
“Lexia when I married you I promised to give you whatever you wanted,” he said then. “This is important, this child you know. You deserve a party.” They hadn’t even had a proper babyshower for the female, seeing how he was out of town on business. He knew his mother eventually would start bugging him and claiming they were keeping her out of the loop on her grandchild.” Admittedly, though, the male was fine with not going to the counselling. He’d seen how desperate Lexia was though, knew there was something she hadn’t the courage to face him directly and wanted someone else there maybe. He sighed out, not sure whether to push that or leave the conversation alone.
“If, you change your mins,” he started slowly, “I’ll comply.” He would probably regret the words, but for now he was trying to do everything to make her happy, maybe to absolve the reality that his affair with Gianna was getting a bit serious. That would make him start to feel guilty and he feared what was to come if he ended things? Would she take to it kindly, or being bitter would she confess to Lexia. That could ruin everything. A grin spread across his face, him leaning over now to kiss her lips. He was glad to hear she was doing better, a sigh of release being let out. The restaurant was improving, which meant he would become busier. This was life though, managing to juggle all aspects: marriage, a child, and still time for himself. Time for himself that didn’t involve Gianna. “Thanks Lex, though you know I couldn’t have done it without you by my side.” He drew her in again, his lips befalling against hers, desire building as his tongue curved over the bottom of her lip. He gently tugged on her bottom lip as he pulled away.
“You know I cant for the little bugger to be out, give me a chance to have you again,” he said in a low sultry voiced, hands curving against her back and toward her bottom. He kissed her forehead, he did miss her. He felt bad even more then, the beautiful redhead their at his side, so desperate to make him happy, pregnant with his child and he was gallavating with Gianna. “C’mon, let’s get some sleep.” He had said with another kiss, yawning as he was very tired from the day. His hand brushed over his neck again, before he’d turned to fall asleep. His back to her, finding it hard to face her directly now.
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James was probably ignorant to the fact that she had gone to the store at this time of night to satisfy her cravings but he seemed to find it comical that she was eating the olives right out of the jar. Regardless of the fact that he pressed a kiss to her forehead, she could see the surprise in his eyes at the fact that she was still awake. Was it surprise or disappointment? She wasn’t completely sure.

[b “I was asleep and then I woke up because I couldn’t stop thinking about olives. Cravings are weird!”] She said as she popped another one in her mouth, closing her eyes and making a sound of pleasure as she did. [b “But they are sooooo good.”] Lexia continued to devour the olives as James spoke and she frowned a little before he turned to face her and started to progress towards her. Now she could see the mark upon his neck and she wanted so badly to call him out but a part of her just wanted to avoid arguing. She was imagining things. Lexia kept telling herself that. Maybe it was a burn or a rash.

Lexia cleared her throat and smiled as he placed his arms around her, trying to force her eyes to stop looking at the mark upon his neck. [b “I... I already cancelled it. You said that you wouldn’t be able to find the time to do it and I didn’t want to have a party without you there so I...”] She sighed a little and then shook her head. Everything she ever did was to please him, even if it was something that left her lacking or unhappy. Lexia was the kind of person that would do anything for the ones she loved and she sometimes wished the same from him but his restaurant was important and it was popular and she would be damned if she didn’t support him on that. [b “It’s okay. I don’t need a gender reveal party.”] She smiled a little and popped another olive in her mouth.

[b “We don’t have to go to counselling either. It’s just something else that will take up your time and you should be at the restaurant, not doing pointless things because I suggested it.”] She followed him to the bed and placed the jar on her bedside table before climbing into it beside him. [b “I’m fine. I’ve not been dizzy at all today. Tired though. I fell asleep at 7:00pm. Probably explains why I am awake now though! How was your day? The restaurant is looking really busy. I’m proud of you James. You are really making this place work.”]
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The woman had surprised him, James coming out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. She was eating olives, straight out of the jar, justifying it as a craving. He smiled, a soft chuckled escaping his lips. He hadn’t expected her to be awake to be honest, thinking to the mark that graced his neck.
“I thought you’d be sleep,” he said to her with a smile, walking toward the female to give her a kiss on her forehead. James had started then for the dresser to find a pair of shorts to put on. James threw on a shirt, knowing this was a very rare night in which they were both awake at the same time, him usually coming in late.
“So,” he finally said, his back to her. “I was thinking – mean I know I said I didn’t want the gender reveal party, but I think it could be nice.” He cleared his throat some, heading toward her with a smile, trying to distract her with conversation. He wrapped his arms around her waist the distance between them only thanks to the baby bump. He knew that Lexia was trying not to bring up the earlier conversation about going to counselling so as probably not to anger him. James was trying to distract from himself though.
“I was thinking too, I mean I thought it over and if you really want to go to counselling, we can.” James smiled smally then, looking down at the woman. He was trying to make things work and to distract her from Gianna’s incompetence. He had noticed though that lately she was becoming more demanding of his time. He hoped she knew that they weren’t ever going to be anything. He was loyal to Lexia, well – his loyalty eventually would lie with the woman.
“How have you been feeling? Dizzy or anything?” he asked, kissing her forehead before starting for the bed.
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It wasn’t that Lexia didn’t like Gianna but there was something about her that put her on edge. Perhaps it was the way she saw her looking at James as though he belonged to her. Of course she didn’t want to think about him having an affair but she had no doubt in her mind that Gianna wanted James for herself. For now she had to focus on pushing that thought from her mind because she didn’t exactly want to be thinking about Gianna’s hands on her husband.

The baby kicked at her stomach gently and she smiled to herself a little as she ran her hand over where he moved. It was unlike anything else she had every experienced, feeling life inside her and feeling the intense love that she already had for her son. There was nothing in this world that could take that feeling away from her and it was enough to distract her from the thoughts that she had about her husband with another woman. Lexia looked up, keeping her hand in place when Gianna suggested that the two should get together. She tried to hide the fact that she wasn’t a huge fan of the idea, especially considering the thoughts that had passed through her mind but she allowed the smile to remain upon her face.

[b “I really don’t mind being in the house. You must not forget that it is also my place of work and James is hardly around enough to stop me.”] She shouldn’t have said the final words. It was far too personal and she had not intended to let anyone know that there were clearly problems in their marriage. She wanted to make up an excuse but none would come and instead she found herself nodding and waving goodbye to the woman as she climbed into the driver’s seat. Her hands rested on the steering wheel for a moment as her eyes glanced towards the restaurant seeing how James seemed to follow wherever Gianna was going. [b “You are imagining things Lexia. Stop it.”]

When she arrived home she spent most afternoon working on pieces of jewellery before taking a break to make something for dinner, ensuring that there was enough left over for James if he wanted it, if he didn’t at least she could heat it up for her lunch the next day. After working for several more hours she found herself falling into bed early and falling asleep in exhaustion. It wasn’t James who woke her up, it was far too early for him to be home from work, but rather the annoyance of a craving came over her, waking her up with the needed for olives. [b “Why olives?”] She asked herself as she climbed out of bed to have a look in the fridge. It wasn’t exactly a good that they would normally keep in the house and when she found their absence she sighed out in frustration. Checking the clock she noticed that it was quarter to midnight and she didn’t want to text James to get Gianna to take him to a store so she grabbed her coat and head out to the car, driving to a twenty-four hour grocery store. She wore her pyjamas but she didn’t care all that much because there wouldn’t be many others around, in fact, she found it rather comical when she bumped into another woman in pyjamas.

[i “Pregnancy cravings?”] She asked and Lexia nodded. [i “Me too, although I’m not as far along as you are I see.”] It was a short exchange and she watched as the woman picked up a bag of salted crisps and waved towards her. She was on the hunt to olives then and she found a jar of them not too far from the pickles. Lexia held the jar close to her and went to the till to pay before climbing back in the car and heading home. Pulling up she noticed that the bedroom light was on so she assumed that James was home. He was earlier than usual. She got herself a utensil from the kitchen and made her way upstairs to the bedroom holding out the jar of olives as if to explain her absence.

[b “Craving...”]
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Gianna tried her hardest not to think about Mark and here was Lexia bringing the male up, of course not in malice as she didn’t know that she had broken up with the male. It had occurred to her that the banker was no exactly the man she wanted, he was too uptight and much too controlling. She wanted someone wild, someone that ignited a fire in her with just a look. James had did that to her. For the most part, she didn’t know whether or not he had any actual feelings for her, for the most part their relationship had been purely sexual.
Hell, she had attended their wedding, had assisted in the catering, and yes there was something about this engagement that made Gianna’s stomach turn in guilt.
“Hey,” she finally said, “I was thinking that maybe we could get together. You know a little girls day? I bet you’ve been cooped in the house, James trying his hardest to not let you do anything?” She laughed halfheartedly. In her mind, she considered to pick Lexia’s brain, see if maybe the woman had any idea that her husband was engaging in extra marital affairs. Tucking a rebellious strand of hair behind her ear, she turned back to see the restaurant getting busier. “I’m not taking no for an answer and don’t worry, James will say yes. Have a safe trip back Lexia,” she said finally before coming to a stand and heading toward the entrance. Lexia was a sweet girl and it did pain her so to do what she did, but there was something about James that connected the two she felt beyond sex. Soon enough, she would finally confess to James that she had did what she tried her hardest not to – fall in love with him.
The male was inside the kitchen, directing orders – barking at them more likely. His mood softened some though when he saw her, a smirk playing at his lips.
[I Office], she had mouthed, her head nodding toward his office. James headed toward the office without a second thought, Gianna already removing the clothing she wore. James closed the door behind them, locking the door.
“So,” she finally said, “Tell me if it looks better in person?”
[center [b _]]
James had closed the restaurant, Gianna close to his side, their lips entangled. He’d pressed against her on her car, his hands barely able to contain themselves as they traveled up her shirt. It had been a bad idea for him catch a ride with her, but at this moment he could care less. All he could think of was how smooth her skin was beneath his hands, wanting her much the same as he had her earlier in his office; her legs wrapped around his, his neck sticky with her kisses. Both of them gyrating together, so much passion only intensifying with the struggle of keeping quiet.
She was nibbling harshly at his neck then, her lips suckling him.
“Gianna,” he said, pushing the woman away, a shy sense of anger. “You know better,” he said as he rubbed his neck. The woman pouted.
“Stay with me tonight?” she asked of him. He sighed and shook his head.
“You know I cant.” James grabbed her again, kissing her lips. “C’mon, let’s go.” They’d entered the car, James checking his neck to find the faint sign of a hicking red against his skin on his shoulder. [I Fuck]. He’d contained his frustration, kissing the woman goodbye when they arrived and entering the home. It was at least midnight, which was pretty early for him to arrive. James entered the home in silence, heading upstairs to shower, try to erase the woman’s scent. He wondered if Lexia slept, probably had dinner waiting for him – despite being pregnant and he a chef, he loved her cooking, his own comfort food. Entering the room, he began to strip his clothing.
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There was no hiding the fear she felt by simply suggesting the idea of seeing someone. Perhaps he needed to hear this though because she hadn’t said this was how she felt. Even if he was against the idea of seeing someone together, she was already thinking about the potential of just seeing someone alone for her own well-being. Perhaps everything that was breaking down on their relationship was her fault and seeing someone might help her see what she was doing wrong and help her heal from the loss of their child so she could really focus on their son.

James couldn’t possibly know how much each argument they had affected her and how every time he took his angry out on her she was beginning to hide her feelings just so she could try to keep a harmony at home. Regardless of what he was saying no, she knew that his answer was no and if they did start talking about this at home, it would just fall into another argument so she decided right there that she would put the idea to the side and she wouldn’t bring it up again.

Lexia glanced up and saw Gianna walking towards the car so she wiped at her eyes because she figured that Gianna would want to talk to her before she drove home. She cleared her throat when James climbed out of the car and she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. [b “Get it together Lexia.”] She said just before James opened her door and she climbed out of the car, painting on the smile she had learned to wear in public. She smiled and waved towards Gianna as started to look at her stomach and she let James reply.

[b “Gender reveal party?”] Her tone echoed the confusion she felt. They have had this discussion before and she had thought that he said that he wasn’t interested in having a party. [b “I thought you said...”] Lexia drowned momentarily and sighed. This wasn’t a conversation they should have in front of Gianna. He had said that work was too busy for him to be able to take some time off for a party so she had cancelled everything. Then he was announcing that she was leaving so she nodded. She held on to his hand tightly as they shared a kiss and she allowed her forehead to rest against for a moment afterwards. [b “I love you too.”] But did he really love her? He was leaving her quickly and just as she was about to climb into the drivers seat of the car, Gianna started to talk to her, clearly wanting to catch up.

The way she said her final word, made her stomach turn. What exactly did she mean by that? [b “Oh I know, it’s okay. I know the restaurant is pretty slammed at the minute.”] Lexia smiled towards her. [b “It’s been a while though, you are right about that. How are you doing? Did you end up breaking things odd with Mark in the end?”]

[i “Oh Mark is history! I have myself someone better now and honestly...”] she moved forward and lowered her voice, [i “...the sex is amazing.”] Lexia chuckled, trying to hide her discomfort.

[b “Well then I’m happy for you. You deserved way better than him.”]
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He knew she suspected something, this being why he knew things would have to end with Gianna soon, but he didn’t know when. He was selfish truly, wanting to keep his family and the love he had with Lexia, but then again physically he wanted Gianna. Of course, with Lexia being pregnant they hadn’t really done anything outside of kissing and at first it had been fine, but after Lexia started showing, he hadn’t risked instigating any sexual with her. That night with Gianna, the first night he had engaged in sex with the female, it had been out of desperation. He had felt weak at her touch. He had felt guilty the first time, thinking that maybe it was the only time. But as it so happened they started meeting more, staying later, him going to her place and little by little the male was feeling less guilty and he knew that was bad.
There was no way he could fathom losing Lexia, or their child and if he continued his relationship then he would. Work stole the male away just as much, he hadn’t been paying attention to Lexia as much and he wondered if that would affect his ability to engage successfully and bond with his own son. James knew definitely what it was like to grow up without a father.
He sunk against his seat then, shame creeping over him. He tried not to show his discomfort for her calling him out and of course, as his wife, she had every right to. “I don’t,” the words had become trapped. Did he really hate Lexia for what she did? No, but of course it was hard losing their first child, his daughter. And of course with how James had been raised and his personality alone, he found it hard to open up sometimes and that’s why he had anger issues. “I don’t hold any resentment and I am sorry, I am truly sorry for not being around. I’ve just been trying to get everything settled and I don’t mean to be so angry it’s just, when I’m mad you’re around.” Knowing how badly she hated when he yelled, he tried to not grow angry at her suggestion of counselling. “We don’t need to see anyone.” He bit through, turning to look out the window of the car at the passing cars, people milling about on the sidewalk. He knew though, as much as he hated the idea, he had to try his hardest for Lexia. She couldn’t live without him and nor could she live without her.
He was distracted then by seeing Gianna coming outside and walking toward the car. Even with her uniform on, he could remember the curves of her body, her smile illuminating something in him. “Look, just let me think about it okay? I’m not saying no, just – we’ll talk about it at home.” He got out of the car, walking over to the passenger side to open the door for Lexia and help her out.
Gianna pushed back the auburn strands of hair behind her ear.
“Hey you!” Gianna looked toward Lexia, her belly growing bigger every time she saw her. “Everything go good at the appointment?” James smiled then, holding Lexia’s hand.
“Everything went great.”
“Any way I can get a headsup on gender?” Gianna chuckled, glad to hear things were well. She had seen James in his darkest period after the miscarriage. The man could barely keep his head on straight, the restaurant was suffering.
“You’re going to have to wait like everyone else for the reveal party. Right babe?” James looked over to Lexia, showing he was paying attention still, at least he hadn’t forgot that. “Lexia was just leaving though.” He turned to Lexia and gave her a kiss, needy almost. “I love you, be safe okay?” He whispered against her lips. “I’m going go inside, make sure there’s no issues.”
“I’ll be in a bit,” Gianna said. “Feel like I never see you anymore! Even though we live so close, James keeps me pretty [I busy].”
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Lexia hadn’t suggested that she could drive the car home for any reason other than to offer him convenience since going back to their house would mean him driving passed work and then having to drive all the way back. He had seemingly misunderstood her attempts to be thoughtful as her trying to prove that she could still do things for herself. It wasn’t about that but she could understand why he must have thought that. She could almost see the anger building inside of him and for the time being she remained silent, not wanting to give him any other reason to explode with anger. Then she started to talk so he didn't assume that she was ignoring him.

[B "I am sorry James. I just...I didn't want to worry you and I...I'm sorry."] She sighed and looked away from him, staring down at her hands almost like a scolded child would do. She should have told him, that much was clear. The thought of being the cause of him losing yet another child had not even crossed her mind before and she was saddened by the thought that he was thinking about the fact he could lose the two of them.

A part of her held on to that thought for a minute, wondering if he truly meant that because there had been so many times he had chosen something else over her. He had stayed out before, leaving her alone without so much as a warning and he was getting more and more angry with her, without an explanation. Even though he told her that he loved her and that he couldn't bear the thought of losing her, a part of her thought that perhaps it would be better for him if she did disappear from his life. It certainly didn't feel like he loved her anymore and he didn't have time for her. Would their son even know their father aside from the man that was always at work or whatever it was that he was doing, because she was not stupid enough to believe he was still working at 4am when the restaurant stopped serving food at 10pm.

When they eventually arrived at the restaurant she was feeling anxious. He had snapped about her driving herself home but she didn't want to argue with him so she remained quiet until they came to a stop. He could tell that something was on her mind and she just knew that he would hate what she was about to suggest.

[B "I've just been thinking a lot lately. I'm losing you James."] She looked towards him, her eyes already filled with tears. [B "Maybe you don't see it but I am losing you. You are so angry with me and I...I can't help but feel that you hold this resentment for me because I lost our little girl." Lexia chewed on the inside of her lip. [B :God I can't live without you
I just can't. I was thinking that perhaps we should see someone...maybe they can help us fix whatever is broken..."]
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James ushered them quickly through the sliding doors, away from the woman’s judging eyes. They had reached the car now, James unlocking the door for Lexia before he got into the driver’s side. Sighing, James pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Lexia,” he started, “just allow me this one thing. I know you’re trying to remain independent and I haven’t really been around much,” he was trying not to get angry more so out of frustration and not really directed at Lexia, just what seemed like carelessness on her end. “You didn’t even tell me about you feeling lightheaded, what if it’s like last time – and I’m not there? What if this fall I don’t just lose the baby, I can lose you too.” His knuckles had turned white from how tightly he gripped the steering wheel. He’d faced her then, sighing out and trying to dial back the temper. “I’ll be fine, okay? We have two cars for a reason. Besides, I don’t want to put Gianna out, there’s a lot of work to do. I’m sure she would want to go straight home.” Of course, James was trying to some degree keep his distance. He already would spend all day with the female, both having plans to meet with each other in his office. Him getting a ride with her would mean not coming home and staying at the female’s. The last time he did Lexia had grown worried, thinking something had happened to him and of course it was his fault for not calling the woman. Rolling his shoulders, the man finally sighed out in defeat.
“If it means so damn – if it means so much to you Lexia to drive yourself, fine.” He’d gone off the a different exit, heading toward the restaurant and eventually pulling up to the street. He could see the crowd of people inside, through the glass window.
“Just be careful, okay?” He’d turned to look toward the woman. She looked tired and it took all his strength to allow himself to accept Lexia driving. There was something else weighing on her shoulders it seemed though, she had the look of someone who had a question they struggled with acting.
“What’s on your mind Lex?” He finally asked, voice low now as he drew in. He had hoped he hadn’t hurt her, hoped she could see his anger was more so out of care. His hand reached out to press against the back of her neck, playing with the short soft tendrils at the nape.
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[b “I’ll bear that in mind. I’ve really not been too bad. It comes and goes but I think the lying down manages it quite well.”] She smiled towards the Doctor and then looked up when James had come into the room. It wasn’t as thought she had been purposely hiding it from James but he had been working a lot and the conversation never really came up, which was probably a good thing because she didn’t want to worry him or stress him out even further. If things had ever gotten really bad she would have called him and asked him to come home from work but she was managing just fine.

The look of guild passed over Lexia’s face as though she had been caught out and then she shook her head. [b “No, I’ve not been feeling sick. I get a little dizzy sometimes so I lie down for a little while and the Doctor says it’s because my blood pressure is a little lower than the norm. It’s all fine.”] The last thing she wanted was for him to feel like he had to worry about her while he was busy with the restaurant because she knew just how important that was to him and she would blame herself if he let something slide there because he was distracted by her. This was his passion and she wouldn’t be responsible for that falling apart. She squeezed his hand back affectionately. [b “Don’t worry yourself.”]

The Doctor smiled to them both and nodded. [I “Of course, of course. Work beckons us all. You can leave but please do be careful and make sure that you take your blood pressure every day and if it falls below the number written on the piece of paper, you need to come in to the hospital, alright?”] Lexia nodded and climbed of the bed, eyeing James as he did. He seemed a little too anxious to get to work but she didn’t mention anything as she thanked her nurse a doctor and made her way out of the room.

[b “Why don’t you drive straight to work and then I will drive myself back home and then you can have Gianna drop you off on the way home. She has to pass us anyway.”] Lexis smiled and noticed that there was that woman still sitting in the waiting room and she scowled the instant she saw James and then gave Lexia a pitiful and sad look. It was certainly confusing but she didn’t stop to question her, nor did the woman try to say anything to her.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 310d 21h 38m 35s
“I’ll be back,” he promised the female with a kiss to her forehead as he left the room to make the call. He was right, it wasn’t Gianna, it was Daniel and he was wondering when James would return, apparently it was getting out of control in the kitchen since once of their staff was falling ill. James tried to keep himself from getting angry, as he was faced with a few eyes while in the hallway. This wasn’t the kind of place that would take kindly to his outbursts, didn’t want anyone think their child would be going home to a man with anger issues.
Though, James wasn’t a terrible, he couldn’t imagine ever laying a hand on his son. His son. That distracted him briefly and the male had smiled then, he would have to get used to saying that, but boy did his heart swell with pride. It was similar to when he had been with Lexia on their honeymoon. They’d reached the nice hotel, checking into the suite, and seeing the Mrs. Patterson on the paper made him smile. He wondered then, what would they name their child? After him, or Lexia’s own father? He finally returned back to the real world.
“Relax Daniel, I’m almost finishing up with Lexia. Give me about an hour.” He hung up the phone, running his hand over his face and sighing out some, trying to release whichever tension he could. He’d replaced the phone then, walking back into the room to hear the little bit of the remainder of their conversation.
“You’ve been feeling sick?” He asked then as he took a seat next to her. James was worried them not wanting to lose their child. Why hadn’t he noticed? Or had she hid her symptoms with the hope he woudn’t notice. Lexia was always trying to make him feel better, dwindling her pain. She was quick to apologize and to make him happy. “You should’ve told me Lex, I don’t want you feeling stressed.” He manage to say, reaching to grab her hand some.
The doctor had returned with the paperwork then and the nurse was finishing her tests, getting Lex settled.
“Are we all set here?” He asked, “I need to get back to work.” He looked toward Lexia, sighing out some and smiling, though it was clear the man was antsy. There was something else in the male that clued as to why he was so ready to go to work; Gianna was waiting. Coming to a stand, he reached for Lexia’s hand.
He was just like Lexia in some sense, able to hide his emotions. But Lexia was his wife, she knew him. She accepted his faults and she loved him. His fling with Gianna would end, they would have their son and maybe then their life would work out in the fairytale they expected since meeting. If there was anything the man did not want to go to therapy, not a big fan of the idea.
  james / SincerelyLily / 310d 22h 53m 36s
Lexia hadn’t come into this appointment with any idea or preference, but knowing that they were having a boy only heightened the love that she already had for their child. It was an overwhelming feeling really and she was happy that James was here to hear this news with her. If he hadn’t come today, she probably wouldn’t have asked to know the sex of their child. The tears in her eyes were happy tears and the sound of the strong heartbeat in the background made everything feel that little bit more real. She chuckled when he mentioned that their son should take after her and she found herself shaking her head. [b “As long as he has your eyes…I’ve always loved your eyes.”] She said with a smile before looking back to the Doctor. He smiled warmly towards her and then left the room to go about his business. He would be back shortly with the image and whatever else he might have for them.

The nurse busied herself cleaning Lexia up while James checked his phone and she pushed the nagging feeling aside. She squeezed his hand tight and smiled up at him. [b “I’m glad you came too. If it’s work you should probably call them back. I’m fine here and I have to wait for the Doctor to come back anyway.”] Lexia smiled once more, almost encouragingly to show that she understood and that he could take the call if he needed to.

In that moment the Doctor came back and handed over the scan image. [I “I need to run a few tests. Now we know the baby is healthy, we need to make sure the Mom is too.”] He said with a smile as he started to wrap her arm to measure her blood pressure and when she saw the look on his face she started to worry.

[b “Is everything okay?”]

[I “Nothing to be alarmed about Lexia, but your blood pressure is a lot lower than it should be. Have you been feeling dizzy at all?”]

[b “Yes but, when I lie down, the feeling usually passes.”] He nodded and wrote something down.

[I “I need you to monitor it at home for your next appointment. We don’t want you in here before we are ready to deliver your baby. It’s important to keep your blood pressure balanced so watch what you eat and try not to get too stressed. Low blood pressure is just as dangerous as high blood pressure.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 311d 5h 36m 19s

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