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Lexia didn't feel a bit of nervousness like she usually did when she tried something different. It wasn't as though she had never been this kind of intimate but it was the nature in which she had instigated their intimacy that was different. The way her name came from bus lips after made her all the more excited.

It wasn't long until the two of them moved on in their live making, James impatiently taking her as his own passionately. They were both very vocal throughout, moaning loudly with pleasuring and asking for something they wanted the other to do to add to their pleasure. They had never been like this before and it made her feel safe and secure within their marriage. She knew that she was going to be okay.

When they both had their fill of each they fell onto the bed out of breath but she couldn't get the smile from her face. With heavy breathing she looked towards James and took hold of his free hand. [B "I love you too James. With everything that I am."] She said as she moved herself closer to him.

[B "That was amazing."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 43d 23h 24m 55s
“If you could convince me,” James repeated with a smirk toward Lexia. He looked to her in surprise, then as he watched her gather into a hovering position. He leaned up into her kiss, his hands taking running gently through her hair. His breathing increased, feelings so intense and seemingly new to him, further increasing his pleasure from their kissing. Her lips were soft as they ran along his neck, James’ hands running over the smooth fabric of the jumpsuit she wore, wanting to tear it from her body; his palms burned as he yearned to feel the soft skin as his hands ran along the curve of her spine gently guided lower to keep her against him. James for the most part had managed to hold out, but that husky whisper of Lexia’s wants before enveloping him had taken him down. His lips parted with him only having the ability then to gasp, before moaning her name.

James and Lexia had never made love like this before and yet it reminded him of all their passionate affairs wrapped into one solo night. If there was one thing Lexia was that night, it was bold and sexy – so unlike her and yet, it didn’t seem out of character. Hands gentle, sifted through soft strands of hair, eyes looking at her before closing when the moment was too much. There was certainly the possibility of leaving it off at that, but James hungered for his wife at that moment. Finally – the climax after weeks of arguing, crying, and lonely nights; lonely nights no more. He’d peeled away the layers, items of clothing lining the floors. He was impatient, raging then and not satisfied until she welcomed him in.

Everything happened so fast then, nails digging into tender flesh, pleas and direction whispered, gradually growing loud until finally they’d both spilled over. James grip was firm, their lips vibrating against one another’s as he moaned in relief. Eventually his body was no longer tense and he fell back, a grin on his face as his fingers gently drew circles on her thigh. Finding some strength, James sat up, propped by his elbows. “I love you Lexia,” he said.
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Lexia watched as he got himself ready for bed and she was more than happy when he pulled her closer to him. She wanted nothing more than for this to go on for the rest of their lives together. Lexia hadn't taken her clothes of yet and she had no intention of doing so if it mean that she had to pull away from James. She wanted to stay like this for now.

[B "Dancing? Wow you would do that for me?"] She chuckled a little and then she kissed him gently before letting out a sigh. Being here was like a weight off her shoulders.

Lexia decided that she was going to enjoy more of their night together since Mason was asleep. She adjusted herself so that she was leaning over him and she started to kiss him deeply before she moved her lips to his neck. This felt exciting like it had been at the start of their relationship. She looked up at him wish a smile before she started to kiss down his chest, fully intending on pleasuring her husband.

[B "I want you."] She said before she dipped lower, taking him in her mouth. Perhaps the spontaneity of this would show him that their sex life could be fun.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 44d 20h 30m 33s
James was glad to find that James was glad that Mason was doing well away from home and the comfort of being in their room or even Lexia’s arms. James had kicked off his shoes, shedding his clothing then before getting into bed. He was certainly exhausted form the long day they had. James thought back to the morning. The things that were said at their session, it was tough. He didn’t know whether he would be prepared for the next day. Though Maryanne and Chad had made it seem like the rest of the week would be a breeze. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, and James was worrying for nothing. He turned to Lexia.

“I’m glad you had fun,” he said to her with smile, reaching over with the intent of drawing her in closer. “I had a great time.” It was true that James was a confidant and outspoken guy, but in some aspects, he was a bit introverted; big flashy scenes and lots of socializing didn’t do well for him especially if surrounded by new people or in a new place. Though, he had found it somewhat easy to have a conversation with the other couple. James figured he just needed to put himself out there a little more; they both did. “You look great, maybe next time if its just us, you can convince me to dance.” He chuckled softly. Looking at Lexia then, all he could think about was how much he loved her. It had been odd for him to suggest the retreat, but knowing that he could lose Lexia had terrified the male and he knew he had to make a decision and be quick about it if he wanted to protect their marriage.
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Lexia smiled widely towards James. [B "I love you too."] Things were already starting to look up for the couple and she looked towards Maryanne with a smile as she complimented them as a couple. They had always worked so well, James a little rough and ready and Lexia sweet and shy. They were the perfect example of the fact that opposites truly did attract and they could make their relationship work. She was confident that by the time this retreat was over, their relationship would be in great shape.

[B "I'm sure you would make a wonderful mother. It sounds like you have a lot to think about though. Your modelling would most likely have to go on hold for a while so definitely take the time to think about it."] He looked towards Mason then, completely filled with love for him. She wouldn't change him for the world and she was so glad that they had him when they did.

For the rest of the night, she forgot about Chad's flirting and simply enjoyed being with James. They had fun, much like they used to on their date nights and it wasn't too bad having company either. Perhaps when they got home it would be time to start doing more together and this was just proof that they didn't have to sacrifice their time with Mason to enjoy their time together, although she also knew and understood the importance of making time for themselves.

By the time they were heading back to their room, they decided to go back together and when James busied himself with Mason, Chad too the opportunity to brush the small.of her back. Her breath caught in her throat and she almost shuddered as she felt his breath on her neck. She avoided eye contact with him as the couple went off to their rooms, James and Lexia doing the same.

[B "He is going to sleep well tonight."] She chuckled as she looked set their sleeping son. Once they were back in the room they both put him to bed and Lexia loweed herself onto their bed. [B "I had a really good time tonight. Did you?"]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 45d 6h 26m 36s
James looked to Lexia then, smiling and leaning into her kiss. He let good knowing that Lexia could see how hard he was working and valued that. She was willing to let him take more of a lead in raising their child and to Lexia’s standards, he was doing a good job.
“Thanks babe, I love you.” He said. The two were definitely a bit friendlier than usual and James took that as a sign that the retreat was doing good for them. They had another five days; how much more could they improve? It was exciting to think about. He kissed Lexia once more before returning back toward eating.

“You guys are too cute,” Maryanne said to the couple. “So is your son. We’ve been thinking about having a kid. I’m a model and it’s just so overwhelming you know. I think I want to just take a step back and really focus on a family.” James could see the look of concern in Chad’s face for a brief second and he wondered if that was something that Chad wanted. They were both young though and had their whole lives ahead of them. Even Lexia and James were still pretty young and while they loved Mason, he knew that it did take a lot of work. Were they all prepared for that?

The trivia night was actually somewhat fun and it was curious to see what small random bits of information that Lexia and him knew, even things that they both shared from common interests. It made him feel like they were on a first date. The night didn’t seem to end all that great for the other couple though, who were not so silently arguing about Chad and the female bartender. Closing time soon came around and they were all set to leave. They walked the couple to their room wishing them a good night and thanking them for the invitation. James had tended to Mason, not noticing how Chad had taken an opportunity to gently graze his hand against Lexia’s back. It was small move though and could be passed off as accidental.

“Have a good night,” he whispered to Lexia.

Mason had knocked out which meant he and Lexia had the night to themselves. So far, having Mason sleep in his own crib was working out well. It had just been one night though. Eventually he headed toward the room. He was full and had enjoyed himself, even with just one beer surprisingly. Though that was hard to hold back on.
  james / SincerelyLily / 45d 11h 57m 13s
Lexia really didn't like Chad's approach or tone but she didn't want to be rude and completely ignore him. She just had to tell herself that Maryanne and James would be back at the table before she knew it and then she wouldn't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable.

[B "Not really. We met at a restaurant."] He smiled towards him although she only did so out of manners because she didn't really want to be talking to him. She didn't know why he made her feel weird but the way he looked at her was kind of like the way a predator would look at his prey. He shouldn't have been looking at her while he was married to Maryanne. Perhaps this is why they were here in the first place. Perhaps he was a cheat. He certainly gave off the vibe. He didn't seem all too happy with the marriage parting their relationship. It almost sounded as though she had him locked up or something and that bothered him.

Then he made her feel even more uncomfortable by commenting something highly inappropriate towards her. Before she had a chance to respond their partners returned and she felt relieved. She tried to ignore Chad, knowing there was no point in bringing it up because Chad wouldn't be apart of the test of their retreat or so she thought.

[B "You are such a good father you know that babe?"] She said as she kissed his cheek.
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“Two years?” Chad said with a smile, “Not that long. You guys highschool sweethearts or something” Lexia looked like that type of girl. The type of girl that definitely took sex seriously and probably held out until she and her partner officially declared they were in a committed relationship. Her husband James didn’t really give that vibe, he seemed a bit rough around the edges and he wondered if he liked Lexia because she gave off that completely submissive vibe, to which Chad certainly enjoyed. “Maryanne and I have been dating on and off for five years, only married for three,” he said. Though he didn’t sound too happy about it. Truthfully, one he married her; he knew she had the power to take him for all he had. They were both high profile socialites from the West Cost and though they both had their own cash flow coming in, that didn’t stop from coming after the other. Divorce was not int heir favor. Though, of course they were here as he had been caught having his second affair since they last came to the retreat. At some point the two did love one another, not it was about lust and comfort. Still, Maryanne treated him every bit like he was her husband and these retreats were an attempt to get Chad to see that.

“It’s nice, being able to see all of you,” Chad said with a wink, in reference to them at the pool; Lexia had refused to get out until they left. James was coming back then as well as Maryanne and soon their food had arrived. They had started to hand out the bells for the trivia game which was starting soon. In the meantime, he ate and drank his beer, feeding Mason to keep him happy, before he dozed off for a nap no doubt.
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It didn't take long for them to find the couple they had met around the pool and when they found each other they made their way to a booth which gave them enough space for Mason's stroller. She was worried that the couple would be disappointed that they had a child with them but it was clear that Maryanne wanted a child of her own, or at least enjoyed spending time with children. She watched her for a moment as she talked to the young boy as though he could understand her. It brought a smile to her face but when the waiter cake over she realised that she hadn't even looked at the menu yet and so she decided to order the same thing as James.

Maryanne excused herself to go and talk to another couple and soon enough Madon started to fuss a little which indicated that he needed changing. She smiled and kissed James on the cheek as he made his way to the bathroom so that he could change him for her. It was nice relinquishing a bit of control and she was sure James appreciated that she was already allowing him to take over a little more.

Soon enough she was left alone with Chad and she looked towards him, trying to smile a little but the way he looked at her made her wish that she have worn a jacket that she could pull around her. Lexia cleared her throat. [B "We are enjoying the retreat a lot thank you. James and I have been married for almost two years now. What about you and Maryanne?"]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 46d 13h 1m 35s
They caught up with Maryanne and Chad and certainly enough the place was packed. James wasn’t really that good with crowds, and yet it was a bit exciting to be in this environment of fun with his wife. He held Lexia close and they decided on booth since they had Mason in his stroller. They soon reached the booth then and were handed menus. “This is crazy,” he said with a chuckle as he looked to the couple across from him. Maryanne was talking to Mason, apparently very much a person who loved kids in comparison to her husband, who seemed to have his eyes focused more so on Lexia. James was none the wiser though. There were some food dishes on the menu, and it made him think about work. He was actually missing being in the kitchen, but he was telling himself it was much more fun to just have a moment to relax and taste other people’s food.

The waiter soon came to take their orders. Mason needed a changing. He was reacting well surprisingly, considering the slightly loud noise and all the people, but he was behaving.
“I’ll go change him," James said to Lexia with a smile. He got up and left then, Maryanne already gone t meet up with another couple she had befriended. James wondered if this was her friend’s second time her as well.

Chad to Lexia then. She certainly looked how he expected, even better and he wondered why she was hiding in the pool with a body like the one she had.
“So, how’re you enjoying the retreat so far?” He asked her, licking his lips then as his eyes trailed her body, lading on her chest. “How long have you guys been married?”
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Lexia looked to James when he spoke and the way he looked at her made her blush. He hadn't looked at her like that since they had first met and it lit a fire within her, ince that she didn't want to every burn out. She smiled towards him and was pretty much ready to go but it seemed that James had other plans right then.bhis hand snaked around her and rested on her bottom as he drew her close, complimenting her before kissing her deeply.she inhaled deeply and by the time the kiss was over she was left feeling like she wanted him.

She chuckled and looked towards Mason and then nodded, knowing that they had to go. [B "I guess we are."] She said with a smile as she started towards the door. [B "He is literally the cutest little guy ever. No one could possible mind him being around."] She smiled and squeezed Mason's cheek gently to which he squealed happily and kicked his legs.

Once the door the elevator opened they stepped in and it took them down the floor where the trivia night was taking place. It was busy and it appeared that many couples has signed up to do this tonight. She wondered then, how much they should do together as a couple when they went back home, whether James would be willing to sacrifice some time at the restaurant to be home more.

[B "It's busy!"]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 46d 23h 43m 5s
James had changed Mason, placing him on the changing stand to gather him something cute to wear. He figured it would be warm inside of the hall. He dressed Mason in a dark green flannel shirt and some brown pants. He figured snuggly socks would be fine, considering Mason kicked his shoes off anytime they bothered to put any on. He was holding him in his arms then when Lexia arrived. James turned to look at hr. She looked breathtaking. “Wow,” he said with a chuckle, his cheeks burning some. He cleared he throat and walked over to Lexia. She had always been gorgeous. It was true that she didn’t get dressed up much anymore, but they both were too busy to go out it seemed. James himself hadn’t ben to the gym in weeks. Their bodies were changing, but they loved each other so much it was the norm. Seeing Lexi with her makeup done, body framed perfectly in the jumpsuit she wore, it was like time travelling and meeting that same Lexia from the restaurant.

He leaned forward, his hand lightly resting on her rump as he drew her close. “You look sexy,” he said with a knowing smirk, leaning into kiss Lexia. His grip tightened just slightly, the is deepening before finally pulling himself away. He chuckled, feeling young again.
“I guess since we’re set, we can go.” He followed up with, making sure Mason’s stroller was all set and the bag had everything they would need.

“Hopefully Maryanne and Chad don’t mind that we brought Mason,” he said. He looked down at his son though, heading toward the elevator. “Though who could have a problem with this handsome guy?” Mason pressed the number for their floor and looked to Lexia. He was excited for tonight.
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Lexia smiled and drew into him more, allowing herself to fall asleep in the safety of his arms. She never wanted to apart from him again and she just knew that they would get through anything if they could get through this. Her sleep was peaceful from that moment and it was unbroken by Mason. For once he seemed to sleep through and allowed them to get some rest after such a draining day. It wasn't until her alarm went off that she woke up, although she didn't move from bed straight away, watching James with a smile upon her face.

[B "I'm up. I'm up."] She chuckled and climbed out of bed, finding something to wear from the night, wanting to look good for James and she wanted to take advantage of the fact that they were going out. She hadn't had much opportunity to get dressed up and wear make up in such a long time that she decided to do so now.

Half way through applying her make up, Mason began to cry and she was about to get up from her seat but James got him instead, for which she was grateful because it have her enough time to finish her make up and pull on a jumpsuit for comfort but it was a nice smart one. When she was ready she made her way into the nursery and she smiled as she looked down at Mason.

[B "He looks so smart! Such a handsome boy!"]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 47d 13h 7m 31s
James looked down at Lexia who was cuddled up close to him. He kissed her on the forehead. He agreed that sleeping away from one another was terrible. He hated being away from Lexia and his son. It was a dark and depressing time for them. Their marriage had been perfect for a while. There was no fighting really and things just seemed to be going good for them. Once they lost the baby though, James just kind of lost it. He squeezed Lexia tightly before kissing he again. “Never again. I love you,” he told her. He drew the covers over them, bundling close to his wife before soon falling asleep. James had a peaceful nap. He hadn’t had a slept so good in quite a while. He almost didn’t want to get up, but after turning off Lexia’s alarm, he already was a up and out of bed. At least he was well rested.

They could’ve just stayed in, but there was no harm in getting their money’s worth. It would be interesting to spend a night together out in public. They usually spent time with their son at home and rarely want out anymore. James and Lexia’s date nights even dwindled.
“Up and at ‘em,” he told Lexia with a smirk as he began to get dressed. H changed into a pair of light blue jeans and a white dress shirt along with some brown boots. They were right on schedule as Mason had woke up and began to cry.
“I got him,” James said as he headed toward the nursery. He changed Mason and dressed him in a cute overall outfit.
  james / SincerelyLily / 47d 13h 29m 59s
Ot was getting too cold to stay in the bath and if they stayed in there for too long she would never want to get out. She was enjoying being close to James but she could be close to him in bed too. Lexia was simply enjoying the leave and tranquility that this retreat offered them when they were not talking about their feelings. It was a nice balance really. They spend the mornings doing the hard and emotional stuff and when it came to the afternoon they were able to relax and enjoy being with each other.

Lex8a climbed our od the bath and wrapped herself in a towel and went to dry her hair, not wanting to get the bed sheets too wet. She didn't want to wake Mason who was still fast asleep so she towel dried it as best as she could before she made her was back into the bedroom where James was already in bed. She smiled towards him, glad that they were back to sharing a bed once more. Their time apart had almost killed her. She could barely sleep without him next to her.

She shed the towel and pulled on a night shirt before climbing into bed next to James, but not before setting an alarm to wake them up for the trivia. As soon as she got in to bed, she found her way into James' arms and she instantly relaxed. [B "Let's never sleep apart again. That was horrible."
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 48d 3h 54m 51s

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