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Lexia chuckled. She wasn’t ready for him to grown up either but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have the privilege of watching him grow up. In her mind he was their little miracle, not knowing if she would have been able to conceive again after the miscarriage. They had a family now and it was everything she could possibly want, and she figured that feeling would never really go away.

She started to pick at some food then, occasionally glancing down at their son until James mentioned Gianna, even though he didn’t mention her directly. She sighed and shook her head. [b “I don’t think it would be wise for us to come with you. She won’t like having us there and in her mind, this has nothing to do with me. I’ll stay here with Mason. Mom is going home this weekend so he can drive you back and then when you are done, I’ll come and pick you up.”] She was trying to remain calm about all of this. [b “I will be here no matter what, you know that right?”]

Soon enough they would know whether their lives were going to change for the better or worse. Lexia just hoped that Gianna did what was best for the baby and not for Gianna and that she would act like a grown up about all of this, knowing she hadn’t acting that way when James had called things off.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 254d 22h 6m 12s
James was glad he could do something for his wife. He took a seat beside her then, crutches abandoned and casted to the side. He eagerly reaches for a sandwich not taking a bite until Lexia kissed. It felt good to do something nice for her especially with how patient she was being of her husband and understanding NC of their situation and the predicament he had placed them in. James eagerly took a bite, grabbing a bottle of water to wash it down before looking over at Lexia and his son. He did wonder what his son would be like. It would be great to watch him grow and run around the house. He wondered if he would be calm like his mother or a hell raiser like his father. Janes was a wild child and many of his injuries not from fighting had been from doing some very stupid things. When he was young he felt invincible.
“I’m not ready for him to grow up just yet,” James admitted with a chuckle as he wanted to have his son as long as possible. Eventually he’s be graduating and heading to college or whatever he decided to do James had hopes that his son would follow in his footsteps though, take over the restaurant and give Lexia and him a chance to retire and relax. Though he figured another child or two wouldn’t hurt. A perfect family of 4 or 5 and if they restaurant worked out they could certainly afford that. Though once Mason could fend in his own it would give the couple more time and with Lexia still healing after giving birth there would be no baking a bun in the oven for now.
“I’m thinking of going this weekend to do the rest. “ he said and while he ha the s talking about Gianna on a peaceful day he just wanted it to be done with. Besides Lexia was his wife and the topic would come up eventually good day or bad day. “Did you want to come with “ he asked her. He didn’t want to leave her and the baby though he did understand that it could be tough for her.
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They really had chosen the perfect place to bring up their family. It was picturesque and had everything they could possibly want. A good school nearby, good doctors in the local surgeries and little gems like this park. It was partly whey she had chosen this place over some of the other options that seemed to present themselves at the time they had been looking for a new premises. She really couldn’t wait for the restaurant to open either since this would be the start of a new business venture for them both and working with James was something that she was quite excited about since she had not had the opportunity to do that with his first restaurant.

When they found a suitable spot Lexia busied herself fussing over Mason and when she heard James’ voice she looked down at the picnic he had managed to source and couldn’t help but smile widely. [b “Wow! Look at all of this! It’s amazing.”] She smiled and parked the stroller, picking up Mason before lowered herself to the ground with the baby in her arm. [b “Thank you for doing this, it’s lovely!”] She smiled and kissed him as she leaned forward. Then she looked down to Mason who had managed to clasp his tiny fist around her hair. He wasn’t strong enough to pull so it didn’t bother her too much. [b “I can’t wait to watch him grow up.”]
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The trail was a beautiful and nice walk and it was nice for once to feel like they were the only ones in the world. For what it mattered they were the inky ones in the world that mattered to James. He did his best to keep up with his wife though she wasn’t pushing the stroller at high speed. Mason was still getting used to lights, his eyes open but barely little slits. Still he could see the wiener emend in the child’s face. The inky ima es he had seen thus far had been the hospital, their home and briefly the new restaurant. Eventually he would he is older and they would return to this park for him to run around and play – maybe even participate in the youth sports events. There was so much in the world to explore and he wanted his son to have it all. He never wanted to say no and he would work damn hard to make sure that never happened.
“Yeah you did a great job of scouting the area,” he said in response. It was true, there was low crime – prime spot for people interested in casual or fine dining and their food at the restaurant set them apart from the competition. There was great schools in the area and with so many families that lived in the neighborhood, it wasn’t unlikely to have big groups who would come to the restaurant for holidays or family gatherings. These were still moments of hope for James though. The truth would come when the restaurant actually opened. All he could hope was that things worked out well.
They had finally reached the clearing, right next to the river so it was a bit cooler which was nice as the afternoon approached and it was beginning to get warmer. Not fully stable on one good leg, James tried his best to set up the little romantic picnic he had set for her. A blanket spread, the food laid out and of course the sparkling cider ready to be poured. “Voila!” He said with a smile then. He was beaming with pride, watching his wife. Life did have its ups and downs and James had his share of downs but every time he looked at his wife or son he couldn’t help but feel like there was no way to go but up.
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Lexus was surprised that James didn’t argue about the stroller, he simply accepted help even though she could tell that he was frustrated about it. There was a time when he would have shouted at her for interfering but it had been quite some time since there had been conflict like that in their relationship. She wasn’t quite sure if that was guilt or whether they were just in a much better place now, either way it meant that their relationship was stronger than ever and they were happier than ever.

[b “It’s alright, this thing is tricky! I spent ages practicing how it worked before I gave birth to Mason.”] She chuckled as she worked the stroller in no time and placed Mason inside. She smiled against James’ lips and nodded. [b “Today [i is] about us.”] She said as she locked up the car and started to follow James. It was a beautiful day and the perfect park really. She loved the scenery and tranquility here. It was almost like no one else and as they approached the river she was more than happy to stop here and relax, simply enjoying the weather and the quiet.

She knew some parents wouldn’t bare expose their child to the world so early but she had every intention of doing so. If he got sick, they would manage it, it was part of life and they wouldn’t shut him away from the world. His immune system had to develop some way.

[b “I’ve always loved this place.”]
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Just him, her and Mason. That’s all that he needed. It pained him so but for now this was all he wanted. However much like when he saw his son’s face for the fish’s time, James didn’t doubt that if Gianna gave birth to his child that he wouldn’t feel some type of way. The large family he always wanted was coming to life and though it wasn’t conventional, he didn’t have any complaints. He felt bad about admitting that even to himself and wondered just how Lexia would feel to find him giving the same live and adoration to a child he helped create outside of their marriage. She was one of a kind and the strongest woman he knew. Some women would probably consider her actions weak or stupid but James was grateful – Lexia could’ve taken him for everything in a divorce – she could’ve had full custody and even not allowed him to ever see his son. He trusted her though, and knew her heart to only be filled of kindness. They both lived each other too much to hurt one another and Lexia knew that without his family or his business that he would be a lost man.
He had given up on the stroller, Lexia walking over just in time before true frustration settled in. What was the deal with all the buttons? He was a bit embarrassed that he couldn’t get it and true that Lexia’s words, his pride didn’t allow him to ask for assistance or guidance. “I should be able to do it,” he said frustrated. Normally he would’ve been angrier, not allowing Lexia to help but he succumbed to her kiss and tried to calm down. He didn’t want Mason to ever see him angry, angry like he used to be when with Lexia. She was able to easily get sorted and against wanting to James grabbed his crutch, his ankle already complaining. “I’m sorry – you know how much I hate asking.” He such I’ll we lightly and shook his head. The car was all locked up and they had their belongings. “Forget it,” he said as he kissed her. The weather still had a slight breeze but was warm and it was a beautiful day.
“Today is about us.” He said as he kissed his wife. There was a beautiful train bordered by lush trees and flowers. They’d walked this park before at night, kissed plenty of times at sunset in front of the fountain.
He was trying to lead them toward the river where they could relax under a tree. James was glad Lexia wasn’t scared about exposing their son to the world so soon. There was so much out there and he wanted his son know that he had a chance at experiencing it all.
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Perhaps this was something James wanted to. It wasn’t his way of trying to make things up to her, but his way of attempting to find a fresh start, a way of proving that they were stronger than ever and that nothing would pull them apart. She couldn’t help but smile as he leaned over to kiss her cheek. It wouldn’t be long before they were back to being intimate and when that happened she knew that some of her worries and doubts about him would melt away, yet he had proven that she could trust him, if of course she believed him when he said he had not cheated on her again and she did believe him.

[b “Then we will start over but I want it to be just you, me and Mason - our family. No one else needs to be there.”] It would be far more special that way and having Mason there, even though he wouldn’t understand any of it, would be ab important memory for the both of them.

As soon as they arrived out of the park she let James try to get some things sorted, knowing he would not want her help initially but he soon became frustrated and she stepped in to help him. [b “Hey, this won’t be for long, you’ll be as good as new before you know it. Stop being so damn proud and let me help you.”] Lexia kissed him gently.
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“It’s not for your sake,” James said with a chuckle as he leaned over to kiss her cheek. He kissed his wife, being with her intimately and as a man it had proved a struggle for him to contain himself. Once positions became too uncomfortable for Lexia he had kept slight distance, the closest the could get to intimacy being kisses and cuddling. He was glad though that he resisted the temptation of cheating. He could easily used his excuses to visit the old restaurant as an opportunity to reunite with Gianna. He knew she would’ve had him, he could tell the woman still had feelings for him and that being why James found it so important to be so cold toward her. Maybe that’s why he really didn’t notice she was pregnant, under that apron he didn’t want or found it right to think about. She was a forbidden fruit, one that James had took a bite of and certainly turned his world upside down.
“It’s for us. We can’t – I won’t allow us to be backed in a corner. We took a chance with this restaurant and I believe in it.” James said with a smile. He squeezed her leg gently with affection. “It doesn’t have to be anything big or flashy, I just want us to have something special. I want to start over.” He told her then. James wanted all that happened to them to be washed away. The new year would be coming soon and hell – if the baby was his own he knew that another child would be born in just 4 months.
True they didn’t have that kind of idea where they could blow it so easily, but James believed that memories were more important. Worse case scenario was having to sell the restaurant but he knew Lexia would never let him. The only thing that could mean was selling their house and yet the couple still had their original home, but then that would mean figuring out things with his mother in law.
Either way, as long as they were together they would prosper and he fully believed that.
They had finally reached the park the , James getting out and getting stroller set up. Mason needed a changing though and he was trying to balance both before getting frustrated with himself. His ankle and wrist were complaining and he had to lean against the car then for a breather .
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Soon enough they were heading down the stairs and towards the car and the two worked around each other to get ready to leave. They made sure Mason was strapped in properly and that Lexia had everything she could possibly need for a day out and there seemed to be a basket of food for their day out which was quite sweet and showed that James was going to a bit of effort. As soon as he was in the passenger seat she climbed into the driver’s seat and started the car, glad not to have the huge barrier of her pregnant stomach in the way. She was glad to be on the way then and she noticed that the sun was starting to make its way out.

Lexia glanced in the mirror to check on Mason who have fallen asleep within minutes of the drive and then looked towards James quickly as his hand met her thigh. She missed being physical with him and she knew they still had another four-five weeks before they could do anything about it and she figured that James would be feeling the same. Lexia raised en eyebrow when he mentioned their anniversary, wondering where this was going.

[b “Renew our vows? Are you sure that’s a good idea? We don’t know how money is going to be and I don’t want you to feel like you have to do something for my sake. I’m already married to you.”] She rested her hand on his and smiled softly, focusing on the road.
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“Hey I’ll bail you out,” James said with a chuckle. He tended to Mason while Lexia continued to get dressed, placing his son back in the crib when he just feltlike he needed to give his ankle a rest. James couldn’t help but watch his wife, the simplest things she did making him love her. He could not believe that he had bothered to think anyone could make him feel what he felt – anyone other than his wife. The idea was unimaginable.
James had come to a stand when Lexia was all set, her eagerly grabbing their son and heading down the stairs. James followed behind, somehow managing to maintain a good grip on the stroller. Though, Lexia managed to carry both their son and the baby bag. They had reached the car then, James struggling but managing to get the stroller in the in the trunk of the car. Once Mason was all prepped and bundled into his seat, James got into the passenger seat. He was moving easier with the injury to his ankle, but it would take a while before he would be able to drive. Lexia was no longer pregnant and she wouldn’t have allowed him to drive anyhow.
They were heading to the park then; it was a nice day for an outing. James reached out and held his wife’s thigh.
“So,” he said with a smile. “Our anniversary will be coming up.” It was a stressful time for them, but maybe this would alleviate it. Though James couldn’t run away from the scenario with Gianna. Especially considering that he needed to still get the DNA test, though a part of him knew deep down it was likely that he was the father of Gianna’s baby. “I was thinking, maybe when everything is settled and all – we could renew our vows?” he suggested. Their ceremony had been lavish, James and his mother in law agreeing on making it the biggest event for Lexia as she deserved nothing but the best. Though a part of him felt like they just needed a getaway.
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Lexia couldn’t help but smile at the sight on James holding Mason. Every time she saw that it made her heart melt and she knew that they were going to be alright, that he was made to be a father and if that meant he had to be a father to someone else’s child, she would have to accept that and so would everyone else in their life. All she could hope for now was that Gianna didn’t make things difficult for them. She wanted the conversations to be over sooner rather than later and she wanted to know how this could change things for them and whether they would need to cut back in anything to be able to afford child support. They were all things they could think about when their day was over.

She watched as James came towards her and she chuckled. [b “Of course you would say that but I’m not convinced the locals will be very happy to see my waltzing around the park in nothing but a towel. I don’t want to cause a scandal or get arrested.”] She kissed his cheek and opened the drawers, looking for some jeans and a comfortable top, still needing some of her earlier maternity wear since she still had a bit of the baby weight to lose, although she was sure it wouldn’t take long at all. Once she had chosen her clothes she focused on getting her hair dry and then got herself dressed, occasionally glancing over at Mason as her maternal instincts required her too.

[b “Alright, I’m ready.”] She said with a smile as she moved towards Mason and picked him up. [b “Are you ready? Yes? Good!”] She kissed his head and made sure to grab the bag that she had already filled with everything they would need to go out.
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James had ran a comb through his hair when dry, making sure to style it. He had settled on something casual, a white button up, dark blue jeans and a pair of comfortable brown boots. He was lacing them up when Mason began to cry some, but James figured he just wanted to be held considering he usually had his hand close to his small mouth he noticed when he was hungry. He leaned over the crib and had picked his son up, making sure the baby bag had all the items they would need. He figured he would leave the stroller to Lexia which was downstairs. Holding his son in his arms, he stared down at his face. How’d he get to be so lucky he had no clue, but was more than glad that Lexia was willing to stick this out. Besides, there was no harm in bringing another beautiful child into the world and while it was unconventional, it was a family all the same.
Knowing Lexia just because she had forgiven him didn’t mean that she was fully okay with Gianna. Sometimes he noticed how she cringed when he said her name. Though Lexia was sweet and kind enough to try to be civil and he was sure to say the same about Gianna. Though there was a side of her that was vengeful which is why he suspected she told Lexia about the affair in the first place. He just hoped this baby wouldn’t be a pawn in her plot to try and get James back even if that were possible. But he did worry at the possibility of her not liking him saying no to her advances and deciding to take him to court. He wanted to remain in the child’s life, but he also had his own family to think of especially financially: a child, two restaurants, and salaries and bills – he was still partially paying for their first home as his mother in law only worked part time at her age.
Looking down at Mason though, he found peace and realized he had said that today would be about them and a lovely trip to the park. He headed downstairs with Mason, bringing his bassinet into the kitchen so he would watch him as he prepared lunch: simple sandwiches, some fruit, a little cider. All packed away he made sure everything was next to the stroller which rested at the door and headed upstairs. If it was one thing he was getting a good workout and would rather move around as much as possible instead of sitting around and moping. Though he knew when he was pushing it and had to take care.
Lexia was just coming out of the shower then.
“I think what you have on now suits me fine,” He said with a smirk as he placed Mason down, waling over to hold her by the waist. “You’ll look beautiful in anything. It’s a bit cold out though, hopefully gets a little warmer throughout the day.”
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Lexia was clearly stronger than she thought because when he told her the news yesterday she didn’t think she would be able to come to terms with it but she had come to some peace about the fact, knowing that it wasn’t something anyone could change so she had her outburst and now she took it on board and she was prepared to deal with the consequences with her husband.

He looked surprised when he kissed her, which she understood because he was probably feeling ashamed and guilty however, she had already forgiven him for the affair and it would not be right for her to go back on that now. The fact that he even told about this suggested that they were moving on from things together because he could have easier hid this from her and that would have been a different matter because he would have essentially been lying to her and that was something ro was not prepared to take again.

She smiled and nodded, waiting for him to shower so that she could go herself. He came back in soon after wrapped in and towel and she took that as her cue to shower, quite glad to feel the hot water on her. She would take her time more with the one but only because she knew that their son was fed and happy and safe with James. As soon as she was down she came back into the bedroom wrapped in a towel with her wet hair stuck to her back.

[b “That’s so much better! I don’t know what to wear though.”]
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Of course the many pleasures was listening to how Lexia talked to his son, the care and love of her actions in something as simple as changing a diaper or clothing. He had managed to get breakfast set and figured it would be easier to get everything for the ionic set and prepared while Lexia showered, meaning he wouldn’t have to rush and he could already have Mason downstairs. He knew with his injury Lexia didn’t want him doing too much and James would play it smart but he also wanted to rest his limits and getting downstairs with his son in his arm was something he was going to have to get used to. He wanted to help out Lexia as best as he could.
He had leaned down to check out his son, all changed and ready to go a very active and happy baby he could tell and James was glad to know that the mess with Gianna had happened at a time like this when his son wasn’t aware of what was going on. There would come a time when they as parents would have to explain things, but for now maintaining Mason’s happiness was the most important. He was taken by surprise then when Lexia kissed him. He couldn’t believe she still stuck by him. Despite how strongly he felt and how much he loved her, James knew he could never had the patience that Lexia had when it came to their situation. Telling her about this had been stressful for him and yet he knew it had to be done.
It wasn’t great, but at least Lexia was still at his side and it seemed telling her of the child seemed to be the best idea. “We will be okay. Better than okay,” he said I response, hand gently cupping her cheek as he kissed her again. He rested his forehead on hers before giving another peck and heading toward the bathroom for a quick shower. He returned shortly see, towel around his waist. He grabbed some clothes and took a much needed seat on the bed as he rested from his ankle pain and started getting dressed.
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When they were left alone Lexia sighed. She didn’t know how to feel about any of this but she figured that James must have been feeling the same. He hadn’t gone into the affair with the intention of creating an excuse to leave Lexia and start a new life with someone else and he certainly hadn’t intended to get Gianna pregnant but she wished that he would have been more careful.

Gianna could be very difficult about things too, especially since it was obvious that she had feelings for James where he did not have the same for her. She could take him to court for sole custody and she could take them for a lot of money in child support too. They could lose their home or their business if she was vicious enough to go down that route. [b “God I hope she is going to think about what’s best for the baby rather than think about herself.”] She used Mason as a sounding board, knowing he couldn’t understand her anyway.

She focused on changing him then, giggling as his legs began to kick as she tried to get him out of her night clothes and diaper. [b “You are going to be a runner or something aren’t you?”] She asked with a smile as she leaned down to kiss his head. Soon enough she managed to get him dressed just as James came in with the tea. She moved Mason to the middle of the bed and stood to take a sip. [b “Thanks love. I’ll take one after you if that’s alright?”] She kissed him again and then looked at him seriously.

[b “We’ll be okay.”]
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