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Lexia was trying to keep her head straight. She certainly didn't want to sound like she was trying to control him but this was definitely something that needed to be sorted sooner rather that later. However, she was happy to enjoy their breakfast before he made the phone call and she would give him the privacy that he needed to make it. Once they finished breakfast she took Mason into the living room and gave James the space he needed, hoping that Gianna wouldn't make things too difficult for him. She was feeling pretty awful about the whole situation, knowing that regardless of his promises at some point his split time between two families would make things very difficult and would put strain on their relationship.

Mason slept soon after being moved into the living room and in an attempt to distract herself, Lexia decided to pull out her kit and sit and make some jewellery. She didn't have any orders in at this moment in time since she had avoided taking any in the last month of her pregnancy so this was simply a freestyle piece where she would just go with the flow. It helped her to relax and while she focused on the piece of jewellery she wasn't thinking about Gianna or James' daughter. All she focused on was the gentle threading and pulling of metal as she decided to make a pair of earrings. They didn't really take too long to make since she was experienced in making them.

It wasn't until James came into the room that she stopped and looked to at him. [b "Everything okay?"] She looked at the phone in his hand and the way he held it and she raised an eyebrow. [b "Does she...she want to talk to me?"] She swallowed hard and held her hand out to take it.
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James sighed out then, this was already stressful and the baby hadn’t even been born yet. Though with Lexia being as understanding as she was and reasonable, he knew that this might work out for the best or at least they would make it work. He ran his hand through his hair. He didn’t want to put this off any longer, three months would fly by much the same as Lexia’s pregnancy. He leaned forward then and gave her a kiss. “I’ll do it now. You should eat,” he said not wanting her energy to dwindle. Being a mother was a lot of work and restless hours. He couldn’t have Lexia out here tired and taking care of Mason on an empty stomach. “We should both eat and I’ll call her right after.”
James said then as he returned to his own meal. Not as warm as before but it would do and it helped ease his stomach which was a flurry of what felt like butterflies and not the good kind.
Once finished, James stood up and started to clean up everything before heading out of the dining room and toward the kitchen. He started to clean everything up, as though trying to put off the call, but once the dishes were done he knew there was no more holding back. James reached for his phone, leaning against the counter in the kitchen then. The sound of the ringing echoed in his ears and his heart did skip a beat when Gianna answered.
“James?” She said in surprise. “You got my message?” Shock wore off and was replaced then by a more calm and adoring tone.
“Yes, I’m happy – excited even.” He was surprised to find that he was actually getting really excited while on the phone with her – not thinking of the stress from the pregnancy.
“I’m so excited too! My mother is driving me mad, she won’t get off my case. She wants to meet you.”
“Gianna,” he said knowing that meeting her mother under the circumstances would seem ludicrous. He was a married man, he had a wife and a newborn son. He couldn’t play husband to two different women. “You know I couldn’t do that. It would be-“
“I told her about the affair.” James stood tall then, pinching the bridge of his nose then. “Why would you do that? Who else did you tell?”
“Relax James, just her. I mean did you think I could have this baby out of nowhere. I’m not the Virgin Mary and you [I know] that. She just wants to just make sure you’re not a bad guy, even though I told her you’re perfect.” It was silent then, James suffering with breaking the girl’s heart even more. He wanted to stay on good terms, not wanting to give her any reason to make his life difficult once the baby was born. If they were all to have a peaceful co-parenting, then everyone had to compromise to some degree.
“I’ll think about it okay? Look, the reason I called is because I want Lexia to join me when I come down to visit for the next appointment. We were thinking of getting dinner together.”
“Are you kidding me?”
“Gianna, come on. We can’t pretend Lexia isn’t my wife and she will be in my life forever, which means she will be in my daughter’s life to.” He tested the waters to see if she had anything to say.
“Dinner. That’s all I am agreeing to for now.” She said finally. He had hope that the dinner would ease any tension that lied between the two.
“Thank you,” he sighed out in relief. “Send me the details of your appointment and I’ll make sure everything is set.” He was on the verge of saying goodbye before Gianna interrupted him.
“I want to talk to her.” He was thrown off admittedly. Just what did she want to talk to Lexia about?
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She had just learned of the results of the pregnancy through a text, one that made her tear up. James didn’t want Lexia upset.
“Look I’m accepting the dinner invitation. I think we should talk beforehand. I don’t want things to be weird.” James knew she was making a valid point.
“Alright, but if she’s not up to it, you can’t change your mind about the dinner Gianna. This is important.” He placed the phone on hold and went searching for Lexia.
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A sit down was a good idea. Now that they knew about the baby, the next logical step was for them to work out a plan that worked for everyone. She also wanted to know where she stood in all of this because if Gianna wanted to be difficult she didn't know how she was supposed work around that. She couldn't pretend that James didn't have another child and Lexia certainly didn't want to explain to Mason that Mommy wasn't allowed to she his sister. It would mean more time apart too. Obviously this was worst case scenario but she had to be prepared for that because the fact of the matter was that Gianna had all the control here.

[b "I will come with you next time, so long as she agrees to it but it has to be soon James, three months really isn't that long at all and there will be a lot of things for us to organise before then and we will have to work out how we are going to pay child support..."] There really was a lot for her to think about and she was sure that things would not be so easy when it came to talking to Gianna since she was often emotional and unpredictable.

[b "Give her a call, arrange it."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 247d 10h 57m 39s
Of course Lexia was making more sense of this than James and she always has been levelheaded which was why he loved her. She managed to calm down the hothead and impulsive behavior he had. It had toned down but still when it came to complicated situations and especially something like this he struggled with how the deal with it. There was a lot going on. He had a newborn son, he was trying to keep his marriage in tact and he had two businesses to think about and making sure they remained successful. Now he had a daughter on the way. It was all a blessing but it was also a lot of work and it was stressful. James knew that it would only become much more stressful as time went on and if money became tight. He could only hope it would work out, but Lexia was correct to tell him that it wasn’t going to work out all on it’s own. All parties had to be on the same page and ready to talk things through to make this an easy transition into a new life. James could only hope that Lexia and Gianna could get along and he hoped that Gianna wouldn’t have any restrictions when it came to co parenting. If things were tense between the adults the true ones who suffer would be their children and that was unfair.
James wanted his son to have a great relationship with his sister and he didn’t want things to be split – the quicker they could come together, the easier and better this would be.
“Maybe we should all have a sit down?” James suggested and he wasn’t sure if it were a bad idea or a good idea. He knew Lexia wouldn’t come out if character and he knew she wouldn’t be vile toward Gianna. However Gianna was unpredictable at times with her emotions and being pregnant probably would not help either. “Maybe next time you should come with me? We can have dinner at the restaurant and – well talk.” He couldn’t hide from the situation. The elephant in the room was already discovered. He had an affair and a daughter would be born from it. They all should be pass that to some degree to be able to sit at the table and have a civil conversation.
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Lexia knew that she was going to find the next few months difficult, especially since he would be going back and forth for appointments; appointments that he rarely attended with her. She had no doubt in her mind that she would find a lot of this very difficult to contend with but she would have to find a way to battle through it. She genuinely hoped that Gianna wouldn’t be so obvious about shoving it in her face. A part of her felt like that was exactly why that message was sent in a group chat. She had to have known that Lexia will have seen it or did she expect that James would have already told her by now? Either way, it wasn’t exactly something she was happy about. [b “You daughter…you can say it James.”] She finished for him when he paused. When he told her how far along she was, she wasn’t surprised but knowing that they only had three months to prepare for this worried her.

Lexia shook her head. [b “I won’t let it ruin our day but we do need to talk about this. We can’t just pretend like it’s not happening. You’ll need to ask her about your contact time with her and what her parameters are around that. Hell, she might even decide that I can have nothing to do with your daughter and if that’s the case we need to work out a routine and all sorts. I don’t need you to cheer me up babe, I need to know that we know what we are doing and that we can do this without it coming between us.”]
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She was right, James couldn’t show any sense of favoritism, but this wasn’t necessarily something he had dealt with before and of course he would favor Lexia over Gianna. Though with a child it would be hard to do so and would be unfair, but James knew that of course. He was already trying to balance who got the most attention without giving one more than the other and his daughter hadn’t even been born yet. Yet, still while he couldn’t play favorites, James didn’t want Lexia to feel like she would be forgotten. He loved her and his son and he had to maintain as much of a relationship with them. Gianna was his ex-mistress and not his wife and all he meant by what he said to Lexia was that he wanted to make sure that she got that through her head. He wanted Lexia to know that he wouldn’t firget her. “I just don’t want you to think I am putting her over you,” he said with a small smile. “I love you and Mason, no one can take that place. Gianna – my daugh – “ He paused, trying to find the right way to say this without making it so awkward as it was unusual bringing the baby and the pregnancy up with Lexia. “I just want you to know I love you. And yes I will be responsible, but you are important to me okay? You and Mason.” He leaned back in the chair then, opting for a sip of room temperature juice, kind of wishing he had something stronger. ”She’s reaching six months.” He said, meaning that they had just a short amount of time to get everything settled and before their life would be turned upside down. Gianna was pregnant all that time and had waited to tell him. Was she scared or just trying to find the best time to tell hm? It also gave some indication as to how long the affair had been going on before he ended it. James sighed thinking about that then. His hand running through messy strands of hair as his eyes turned to look toward his son. “I don’t want this to ruin our day,” he told her then. I mean, I don’t want this day to just be us being upset. What can I do to cheer you up?” Gianna had been her friend then for quite some time and this had to be a blow.
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James didn’t need to apologise. It wasn’t like his had any control over Gianna’s actions and she wouldn’t have been able to avoid the news. Any way it came, it would have hurt her because it was the news itself that was hard to swallow, although the delivery of it certainly didn’t help. She knew that James would have wanted to be the one to tell his wife that he had fathered another child. However, Lexia took her normal stance with most things within their relationship and she tried to hide her feelings mostly because it was something neither of them could change and she didn’t want James to think that she was trying to guilt him into abandoning his daughter because that was something she would never ask of him. Lexia was too kind-hearted to ever so such a thing. Hell, she hadn’t even asked him to fire Gianna after finding out about the affair.

She was made to look up at him then, tears in her eyes as she met his. She nodded slowly. Lexia knew that he felt guilty about that and she knew that he loved her and that hadn’t changed because he was having a child with someone else. She could see the emotion he felt too and he wasn’t afraid to show it. [b “You can’t say that. Gianna is having your daughter. When it comes to your children, nothing takes priority you have to know that.”] She swallowed hard and forced herself to continue looking at him. [b “How far along is she?”] Lexia wanted to know how much time they had left before their whole world would be turned upside down.
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“I’m sorry about that,” he told her even though he had nothing to do with it and had not expected it would be sent out before James had a chance to tell his wife. James didn’t know if Gianna’s actions were intentional and so he couldn’t allow himself to overreact and go and text or call her. James just had to believe it was a mistake and honestly with all the drama they were already dealing with, this was not an argument or conversation that needed to be had. James sighed, noticing that Lexia wasn’t eating and an attempt at a nice relaxing breakfast meant to be reunite the couple of course didn’t go as planned. Lexia was sad and he wondered if she looked down at his son in the hopes of it soothing any seething pain that she had about the situation in whole. He sighed out, hating himself then. He was growing frustrated and only at himself as Lexia was dealing with this calmly, but she surely was trying her hardest not to show how much this was bothering her and James was not believing it.
“Lexia,” he said lowly. “You do know that I love you right?” James had leaned in then, his hand gently tipping her chin then to watch him. “I love you both, you both are my first priority as a father, as a husband.” He said to her then as he looked down at his son then. James had messed up dramatically, but all he could do was continue to try his hardest to make up for his mistakes. For another time during the course of their marriage and their relationship entirely, James found himself completely vulnerable in front of his wife, tearing up then. “I really messed up Lexia.” He was feeling terrible then. “Anything I can do to make you happy is all I want.” Jewelry didn’t matter, money and material things didn’t matter to her, but his love – and he had trashed that during the affair but he didn’t want to make any more mistakes.
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Of course Lexia was upset but there was nothing that either of them could sp about the situation now. She had already forgiven James for the affair that he had and it would feel wrong to go back on that forgiveness because there was a child in the picture now. It wasn't like he had intentionally got Gianna pregnant but that didn't mean she couldn't feel slightly betrayed and hurt by it, especially since it was obvious that Gianna was already trying to rub it in her face rather than trying to be sensible about any of this. That's what she hated the most, knowing that the woman he had chosen to he unfaithful with was trying everything within her power to belittle Lexia.

She couldn't help but wonder if the woman thought that she still had a chance with James, that he might decide to leave Lexia now that there was a baby on the way. Lexia tried to keep faith that he wouldn't, knowing that he loved her and they had spent the last five months rebuilding their love and trust for each other.

[b "Gianna had the courtesy to send her sonogram into a group chat with a message that indicated you were the father."] She sighed and put her own fork down, unable to stomach much food then. Mason mumbled to himself and pat Lexia a little at if trying to get her attention and she looked down at him with a half smile, echoed with sadness. [b "Looks like you are getting a little sister."]
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James couldn’t have asked for a better wife. “Thanks for helping out,” he said giving her a kiss on the cheek. James knew that balancing work and raising their son was definitely exhausting and tiresome. It was no surprise why Lexia had decided to put her own business on the backburner. Hopefully she would change her mind as Mason got older. Especially with the daycare at the restaurant, she could have a break when needed, but he was sure that Lexia was going to have a hard time just having someone else watch her son. Lexia headed to the table to take a seat, Mason having a good time playing with the strands of her hair. He smiled over at herm finishing up on the breakfast then.
“Yeah, well let’s hope he puts that strength to more productive use,” James said. He used to get into a lot of fights and even when he met Lexia and started dating her, he wasn’t someone you talked down to and he was very confrontational in his younger years. There were plenty of bar fights that Lexia had to pull him from and it didn’t take long before her lips or her hand would find his and he would easily calm down. He had grown some and James had learned to tone his anger down somewhat. Especially when he found it was hurting his relationship with Lexia; lashing out, yelling and arguing. They were much better now. Open communication and trust was all that they needed and they could get through anything.
Finishing up the breakfast he began to plate them, bringing them to the table for Lexia and him, with juice poured in their glasses soon after. He sat beside her then, reaching for the salt and pepper, pausing just briefly as Lexia brought up the subject he was trying his hardest to neglect. He sighed out and began to play with the food, taking a bite then. He couldn’t ignore it and if he didn’t speak up, Lexia was going t ask eventually.
“Yes,” he finally said to her then, looking up to gage her reaction and of course he knew she was upset. He had seen it on her face when she entered the kitchen. “A girl,” he managed to get out. James placed the for down, turning his chair so he could face her better, his hand reaching out and placed against her thigh. “I can’t change it Lexia and I am sorry. Anything you say to me, I deserve.” She could yell at him, hit him, give him the silent treatment or anything – but then again he knew Lexia wasn’t like that. This was a lot to take on as a mother with a newborn though. Only good out of this was that Mason was getting a sibling a little sooner than he figured he would and at least they’d be close in age. Hopefully that would help with blending the family. “How did you find out?” He asked her with a raised brow then, hoping Gianna wasn’t up to her games and dint intentionally tell Lexia to upset her.
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Lexia could never really hide her emotions from James very well and she had no doubt that he would be able to tell that there was something bothering her but he didn't seem to pick her up on it. Instead he seemed really happy to see them both and after a weekend away from them she wasn't surprised. Lexia smiled as he kissed Mason's forehead and then nodded in reply to him. [b " I still am. Between looking after this little one and helping out at the restaurant, I'm surprised that I am still standing."] She chuckled a little as she glanced over the breakfast that he was prepared for them.

[b "It smells pretty good."] She lowered herself into a chair and Mason grabbed hold of her hair like he always did when he was this close but not feeding. [b "When he gets stronger he is going to start yanking on this and pull my hair out."] She chuckled again and then shook her head as she leaned down to kiss his head. He couldn't have been more perfect. He was everything she could have hoped for and she hoped that he wouldn't be effected too much by everything that would happen from this point on.

Lexia looked up at James then. [b "I hear a congratulations is in order."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 248d 8h 31m 41s
James had started to get the breakfast started, some eggs and bacon, working on pancakes. He liked to cook when he had things on his mind and he certainly had a lot of on his mind. He was conflicted when it came to his emotions. He was happy and yet he was upset. He couldn’t believe that he had been so careless and if it wasn’t bad enough that he had cheated on Lexia with Gianna, he was now having a baby girl with her. Though James couldn’t be all the way upset as he did love the idea of having a daughter and he did want to have a larger family. He had to remind himself that this was a blessing, bringing a child into the world and he couldn’t run from his responsibilities. That was not the man he was. James also had faith that Lexia would be okay. He knew they had managed to survive the affair and this would be just as tough if not tougher, but he loved her. He hoped she had no doubts about that and knew that she and their son did come first in his life.
He’d received a text from Daniel, one of the cooks from the restaurant a real great guy who he depended on other than Gianna.
[I ‘Heard the good news.’] He stated with the emotion. James rolled his eyes, Daniel had been aware of the affair, though he always considered it more of a few harmless kisses and some heavy flirting. Gianna had been considered his favorite by many of his staff and even the waiters and waitresses weren’t as blind to the fact [I something] was going on. Having an affair was one thing though, having a child with said mistress would serve as some great gossip material. The next time he visited certainly would cause some whispers.
[I ‘Fuck off’] He responded with a roll of his eyes; the tone certainly playful. He’d sent the message, hearing someone enter the kitchen then. Not surprisingly finding his wife, holding his son. He smiled at her, abandoning the pancake batter to cross the room and give her a kiss. “Good morning,” he said with a smile. He kissed Mason’s forehead, glad he wasn’t having a crying fit like he had been. “You were sleep last night when I got home. Long day?” He asked with a smile, his hand on her hip. She looked upset and James didn’t know as to why but certainly felt like now wasn’t the time to drop the news on Lexia. “Figured we’d have a nice breakfast, maybe a little cuddling? I missed you, both of you so much.” He said with a smile, hiding or trying to mask how nervous he was.
  james / SincerelyLily / 248d 9h 29m 16s
Lexia slept through until morning then since Mason managed to same thing and it wasn't until the smell of food reached the bedroom that she finally woke up, although Mason was still sound asleep. She rolled over and smiled down at him and simply watched him sleeping for a minute or two, taking in the bliss of the peace. It was being disturbed by the constant buzzing of her phone though and as much as she tried to ignore it, she had to reach out for it to shut off the noise anyway.

She looked at the screen curiously, noticing the notification were coming from an old group chat that hadn't really been that active in a long time aside frombthe occasional generic message wishing everyone well. She yawned a little as she swiped the lock screen and clicked in the notification and her heart stopped a little when she saw the sonogram. There she was bragging about the fact she was having a girl. This meant that the baby had to be James' since this chat had absolutely nothing to do with her ex.

What a way to find that out. She scrolled through the rest of the messages with her heart almost in her mouth. Lots of messages congratulating her and others asking who the father was. There was one message from a guy at work who sent a wonky emoji claiming it was obvious who the father was. Apparently anyone would have to he blind to not have noticed that.

Lexia put her phone down and blinked back the tears just as Mason started to stir. She climbed out of bed and pulled in some clothes and picked Mason up and then head downstairs where she found James in the kitchen cooking breakfast. [b "Morning."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 248d 10h 27m 56s
James had woken just slightly, feeling the weight of the bed lighten some as Lexia left the bed. He still was in between sleep and consciousness, but he could hear how Lexia talked to their son and it made sleep easier. Not having to think about the news he would have to deliver and knowing that just for the moment, his wife was happy with their life and their marriage. Right now they were in utter bliss and James just tried to keep that in mind. He felt her snuggle into his, whispering her love sentiments in his ear.
When James awoke, Lexia was still asleep. He smiled at his wife, kissing her on the forehead. Getting out of the bed then, he headed toward the crib where Mason slept. James smiled down at his son, running his thumb gently against his cheek.
His phone went off with a vibration against the dresser then and he walked over to check what the message was. His stomach turned some at the message. What could be the worst news she could give him at this point? He hoped nothing was wrong with the pregnancy.
He was surprised then to find that it was a sonogram. [I ‘We’re having a little girl.’] James was surprised to find himself smiling and seeing the sonogram made everything feel real at that point. He was happy, despite the circumstances this child was conceived in. James responded to her, he was happy and he felt conflicted but she was going to be the mother of his child and he had come to accept that. Placing his phone on the dresser, he threw on some sweats and headed downstairs figuring he would get breakfast started. It was the first time they had the house to themselves since his mother in law was here and he figured a nice breakfast would make it easier to go through with giving Lexia the news.
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Mason woke in the night as always, needing to be changed and fed. She smiled at the fact that James was in bed beside her when she woke up although she was also surprised that she had slept through him coming home and moving into the bed next to her. She must have been really tired. Now it was Lexia's turn to move carefully so that she didn't wake up James. She carried Mason to the changing mat and smiled down at him whispering.

[b "Good boy, now you stay quiet so you don't wake up Daddy okay?"] She kissed his head and then worked on getting him changed, the whole time not able to pull her eyes off him. He really was a marvel and she couldn't quite get over how much love she had for this little boy. When he was changed she pulled him back towards her and he very quickly latched on for a feed but she placed him back in his bassinet this time so she could get close to James without the fear of crushing him. [b "Sleep well my angel."] She said softly as she placed a kiss on his cheek and then climbed back into bed.

[b "I love you."] She whispered towards James and snuggled into him. She knew that in the morning she would find out whether he was the father to someone else's child but she was prepared for the truth.
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