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James had eventually woke up, he recognized the name of the hospital on the band and was glad to know it was one close to their new home – which meant they had his information on file which included his emergency contact information. He tried to sit up, of course only dragged back down by the iv and monitoring systems connected to him.
“Ah ah, don’t you think about getting up,” a female voice said, James still trying to collect himself. His head was pounding, hell his whole body ached.
“What happened?” He asked the brunette nurse as she came over, reaching out to check his vials then and make sure he was okay.
“You were in a nasty crash – driver was texting and swerved lanes.” James fell back onto the bed, shaking his head then as he couldn’t believe he was in this position. “You surprisingly escaped with minor injuries: a sprained ankle and a sprained wrist but you are fine. No concussion, but you had a nasty hit against the steering wheel.” The nurse gave him a mirror then, he could see the bruise forming under his eye then. He didn’t look terrible but definitely was messed up and James knew this was the worse thing to happen to him so close to Lexia’s delivery and the opening of the restaurant.
He quickly sat up again then, “Lexia !” He called out, now worried about his wife more than his health or the pain he was in.
“Don’t worry, we called your wife and let her know you are here. You’ve been out for just a day, but if you leave with your wife then you should be okay. Your car unfortunately was totaled though.” He didn’t care about his car – he cared about Lexia. James needed to speak with her right away. He couldn’t believe this had happened to him and this would only make working harder. He was a chef – his hands and being on his feet was the most important and it looked like he would be out of commission for a while. How would he be able to make sure things would work fine with the opening and helping Lexia when she gave birth – he loved his mother in law but he couldn’t have her controlling him as well.
  james / SincerelyLily / 4d 17h 54m 22s
It was so nice to spend some time with her mother and it was even nicer for her to think that thought. Before she went into hospital she had been so over bearing and she could barely stand to be around her because she tried so hard to try and get her to break up with James but now she fully accepted him and it really helped them to build their relationship back up, to the point that James would call her off his own back to ask her to come and stay with Lexia. The woman spoiled her while she was there, well...spoiled the baby, buying a ridiculous amount of clothes and blankets and whatever else she picked up for her, claiming that she could never have enough of anything when it came to having a baby.

Regardless of the fact that James needed to stay at the old restaurant for a couple more days, she was coping. She distracted herself by setting up the nursery with her mother, building a wardrobe and crib, then filling it with all the items her mother had bought. By the final day, when James was supposed to be coming home the nursery was completely set up and ready for the baby who was due to arrive any day now.

When she saw James’ phone light up her phone she couldn’t help but smile and she answered it quickly. Hearing his voice made her feel a rush of love and she was about to tell him how much she needed him to come home before she could hear the screech of tyres. [b “James...”] She started to panic then. The line went dead and she started to shout his name then.

[i “Baby what is it?”]

[b “James...he...I think...I think he was in a crash.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 4d 18h 24m 7s
James made sure too grab his bag as he followed after Lexia. He knew how she felt, he hadn’t even left yet and he already felt like it would take forever before he saw his wife. He smiled at his mother in law, waving to her in greeting as she entered, eagerly taking hold of her daughter and commenting on the size of Lexia’s belly which was growing bigger each day. James was amazed how women could go through that and even more amazed that Lexia was doing her best to still remain active even though he was aware how much strain the large belly had to be on his small framed wife.
“Well hopefully he waits until I am home,” James jested before kissing his wife deeply. He moaned slightly, the gnawing pain of being away from Lexia too much and he knew that he needed to leave soon if he expected to get to town at a good time. Even more so, he knew he had to wean himself away from Lexia or he would never leave. He finally pulled away from the embrace then. “I love you, I’ll call when I get to the house,” he let her know before grabbing his duffle and leaving the family home.
[center [b _]]
The time away from Lexia had killed the male and the many phone calls and the many facetime chats via videos were helpful, but it still didn’t prove to not be easy to be without his wife. Being in their old house made it even harder and when James had to extend his trip for a couple more days, he thought he was going to lose his mind. Eventually though, when he was sure the restaurant was fine – he couldn’t wait to pack up and head back to his wife. He knew Lexia was very close to giving birth and he wanted to spend as much time with her before the grand opening.
The event had gone smoothly and James was glad to know that Gianna hadn’t failed him and was doing well. Though, the both of them hadn’t spent much time talking and everything was kept professional. James tried not to think too much into it, but he found that it seemed Gianna was trying to keep some kind of distance from him.
James had finally packed up everything, and ended up on the road eventually. He had already begun to dial his wife’s number, “Lexia honey – I’m on my way now. God I missed you, I can’t wait to see-“
James had been cut off then – the loud screeching of tires and a bang before he had blacked out.
  james / SincerelyLily / 4d 18h 59m 16s
Lexia was going to be okay. She knew she would have to be because she needed to give her husband the space and time to take care of business because everything they did now was in preparation for their little boy and the event was bringing in quite a bit of money as well as ensuring that he had more people to rave about his restaurant because he knew that he would knock this one out of the park the same way he did with everything else.

For a moment she simply watched him get dressed, enjoying watching him in a comfortable silence. As soon as he was dressed he came to sit next to her and she leaned into his easily, both of them feeling how difficult this was going to be, regardless of how ready they both were for this to happen. [b “I know a few days isn’t really that long at all but I can guarantee you that it will feel like forever. But! This is important. I promise I will take care of him.”] She was happy kissing him and comfortable simply resting her forehead on his. It was bliss. However, they were pulled out of it quickly when the doorbell went. She took ahold of his hand as she went to answer the door inviting her mother in, hugging and kissing her as he did.

[i “Look how big you’ve gotten! God he will be here soon!”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 4d 19h 42m 17s
James had finished his shower, coming out then with the towel wrapped around him as Lexia had entered the room. He knew his mother in law would be arriving soon as he made sure to coordinate with his mother in law to be there just around when he expected to leave. He reached into his drawer then, grabbing a shirt and tugging it over his head. Removing the towel then, boxers and jeans came next. He zipped up and started buckling his belt as he walked over to Lexia, perched on the edge of the bed then. Her sigh made him furrow his brow and he knew before she even spoke that this would be difficult for the two who had spent so much time together lately.
He hated leaving his pregnant wife and Lexia didn’t like the idea of sleeping in bed alone. Once back though, they would be much closer – especially with Lexia’s idea about the daycare and the home being next to the restaurant. He could see his wife and newborn whenever he wanted and it would make getting home from work even easier. H sat down beside her and finished dressing then with his socks and shoes, his hand reaching out to draw his wife into his side by the waist. “I’ll be back before you know it,” he said trying to soothe her worries. He himself had worries as well but a few days would fly by before he knew it. “Just focus on resting and taking care of our baby boy.” James lent down to kiss her stomach then before coming to a stand. “I’ll promise to call every night.” He didn’t like the idea of being away from Lexia much the same, but James just knew this was one stepping stone from the beginning of a great future. Bending down he kissed her on the lips, forehead pressed against her own. He could feel already how hard it was to pull from her. It was only when he heard the doorbell ringing out through the home that he pulled away, knowing his wife’s mother had arrived.
  james / SincerelyLily / 4d 20h 29m 34s
Lexia knew that it was probably a good thing that her mother came over anyway. Not only did it mean she wouldn’t have to be alone and she couldn’t do too much if her mother was here, it also meant that she had someone to keep her busy without over exerting herself. Luckily having her mother here meant that James could stay at their old house rather than having to pay for a hotel. She supposed that was the useful part about keeping their old home. It was actually quite exciting, the prospect of having to restaurants, One of which had a daycare centre purposely built for the staff. They had already hired the chefs on the waiting staff and it seemed like a welcome offer to have childcare included in the deal. People would be more than happy to work flexible shifts if they knew that was the option for them. It also meant that she could work with James as much as she possibly could. Lexia never wanted to miss him again and with this plan she knew that would not happen.

[b “I’ll be fine. She will get me out of the house too I am sure.”] She nodded then and kissed his cheek. [b “I’ll see you upstairs.”]

Lexia called her mother to double check what time she would be arriving and it seemed that her arrival time coincided with the time James needed to leave which seemed like more than a coincidence. It was clear from the phone call that James didn’t want to leave her alone for even a second. It was so typical of him but it was all the more reason to love him, knowing that he had thought about every last second of the time apart and how he didn’t want her to be alone. What did upset Lexia was knowing that he would be alone. Even though he wasn’t carrying a child like she was, she did not want to be apart from him and she did not like the idea of him spending his nights alone in their old bed.

She busied herself for a minute as she placed away some dishes and then went upstairs just in time for James to be getting out of the shower and packing his bag. Lexia smiled as she perched on the edge of the bed and then side softly. [b Sleeping in this bed is just not going to be the same without you.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 4d 20h 53m 43s
James smiled then as he watched Lexia wrap her hands around her stomach. He smiled then too, one hand holding Lexia’s and the other one rubbing her belly. He would want to be there when the baby was born and James knew nothing would keep him from the labor. He would drop everything to make sure he did his duty as his husband and was there for his wife whenever she did go into labor.
He knew Lexia was right as always, knowing that her mother wouldn’t let the woman do much of anything while she was there. James was a bit glad to be out of the way at that point as he knew they both would’ve bumped heads equally trying to take care of Lexia – she was spoiled in that sense.
“I do know, I understand – I just wanted to remind you. I know how you can get sometimes when it comes to just sitting around. Don’t want you getting cabin fever.” James chuckled then. The bedroom was finished though and there wasn’t much that needed to be too completed at the restaurant. Everything had come together just fine and when he returned, all he needed to focus on was getting the new staff ready for the grand opening and the coming of his child.
James gripped his wife’s hand and led her to the kitchen where he had placed the dishes away. It was going to be weird for him to not wake up to Lexia for the next couple of days when he was so used to seeing her everyday.
He kissed her on the cheek then, “See you upstairs?” He asked heading up to their bedroom. He had packed a small bag and gotten into the shower then, completely worn, but utterly excited for how his and Lexia’s hard work was paying off. This would be the legacy he wished he had for his own life and now he could offer for his own child, with Lexia there at his side. This was definitely not the life that he ever thought he could have when he was a young hoodlum. Things had changed though, he had a prosperous future to look forward to.
  james / SincerelyLily / 4d 21h 21m 6s
There was nothing that she would have wanted more than to be here like this with her husband in this moment. The way he felt next to him and his scent filling her nostrils. It was something she would never quite get over and it was something that she hoped would remain as part of their relationship until the end of time. They ate together and just simply enjoyed in each other’s company before it was time for James to pack. She smiled towards him as he offered her hand and she took it willingly, using it to pull her up from the couch. She needed to move every now and then or she would just feel stiff and she would struggle to move then.

She looked towards him, noting the serious tone of his voice. [b “I promise you I won’t overdo it. The bedroom is finished now anyway so it is time to wind down and get ready for this little guy to greet us…although not too soon do you hear? I want your Daddy home already when it’s time for you to arrive.”] She chuckled as she hugged her stomach with her arms and then looked up at James.

[b “You do realise that my Mom is staying, and she is just as protective as you are, so you have nothing to worry about. I shall have my feet up while she is waiting on my hand and foot.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 4d 21h 56m 30s
He was happy to see that she had listened to him, honestly just more so glad that she had finally some time with her husband and James had returned every bit to the man he had been when thy dated and first were married. His temper did flare some when stressed out, but Lexia didn’t deserve to be yelled at and it just took some time for him to calm down instead of lashing out. They were much better at communication now it seemed as well.
However, Lexia was not just the type to sit around. He had first suggested to her to have a professional paint the room – doing so much so late in the pregnancy honestly worried him. Though, Lexia still had taken it upon herself to get it done. There was nothing going to stop her.
James cuddled in close to Lexia then. He had missed her, the earlier months filled with so much passion and crazy intense intimacy as they had been lacking months before. Of course, with Lexia being much larger now that had gone off the table and now all he really focused on was making sure she was comfortable and happy. There were no lingering doubts that he would seek intimacy with someone else – whether a stranger or Gianna. Lexia knew that she could trust him, it wasn’t easy and there were times when she had [I some] doubts he was sure, but he always came home to her.
Finishing up his meal, time dwindled, and James knew he needed to pack for the short trip and get on the road. It wasn’t a long ride, but he knew he would be tired regardless from the long day of work.
“I should go pack,” he said as he stood then, collecting their plates on the tray. He extended his hand out to help Lexia up. “Just promise you won’t over do it while I’m out of your hair. I want you to rest, okay Lex?” James was serious as he looked at her.
  james / SincerelyLily / 4d 23h 37m 1s
Lexia couldn’t help but laugh as he took the plate from her. It was typical of him, wanting to everything he possibly could for her. [b “James, it’s just a plate my love.”] She chuckled once more and shook her head, sure that he would even help her get dressed in the morning if it meant that she wasn’t doing anything at all, but he also knew that she would get restless if she couldn’t do things for herself. They had talked about that many times.

It was nice to hear that he would miss her and in honesty, they had reached a stage of their relationship where she really trusted him now and she wouldn’t even thing twice about him running away to another woman. There had been a time where he might have rushed at the chance to leave her earlier but now, he wanted to take advantage of every second which was nice because she didn’t necessarily want him to leave, even though they both knew he had to and they had accepted that.

Lexia smiled and followed him down to the kitchen, glad that there was so much food to choose from in the refrigerator since he had gone back to experimenting with menu dishes. The two had spent a whole day with him cooking and feeding her and making love in between, when she was not so heavily pregnant. That sort of affection had slowed down the bigger she got which was only natural. She was tired easily and she was uncomfortable a lot of the time, not wanting to over exert herself. She then moved into the other room to leave him to his phone conversation with Gianna so she could sit down. He wasn’t much longer any way and he took his place next to her, handing her some food.

[b “I’m relaxing, don’t you worry.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 5d 2h 24m 8s
Lexia of course was right as usual. He didn’t need to worry too much about leaving as long as he made sure that his wife was taken care of at home. James grabbed the plate from his wife and kissed her cheek. “I’ll get that. I don’t want you to lift a finger while I’m here.” James told her with a smile. Of course he didn’t want to just run off. He wanted to enjoy his time with his wife before he had to leave. “I want us to spend as much tome together. I’m going to miss you. “ James smiles again before taking her by the small of the waist. “I know you’ve been working hard. I wasn’t you resting. I’ll whip us something up for lunch and you can call your mom to get her down here.” James nuzzled her neck kissing the spot behind her ear – his favorite place to kiss Lexia.
He headed out of the room then and began for the kitchen, placing the plate into the sink before heading into the fridge to see what to make. He had been stocking the fridge regularly as he thought of new dishes for the restaurant which meant there were plenty of leftovers. James had pulled out some left over pasta and began to heat it in the overnight, reaching into his pocket to follow up with Gianna. The woman was losing her mind and probably finally getting an idea of how much work he put into the restaurant as an initial manager. He had ended the conversation and plated some food for Lexia before locating her in the next room. James came back with his own food in a tray and some cups of water for the two of them.
He sat beside her then, hand grazing his wife’s leg. “Put your feet up and just relax. I just want to spend this time with you. “
  james / SincerelyLily / 5d 4h 13m 6s
Lexia was not an anxious as James being away from her as she was because she knew that he wouldn’t be that far away. If she did go into labour the drive would mean that he would be here in time for their son to be born. She couldn’t hide the fact that she was nervous about giving birth though, which was more than enough to fuel James’ concerns about not being here. He wanted to soothe her concerns and support her which was even more evidence that he was completely devoted to her.

Lexia smiled when he rested his head against hers. [b “I know. I don’t like it either, but our business is important, and I don’t particular fancy travelling while I’m this pregnant. He doesn’t’ exactly make things comfortable for me.”] She chuckled before looking back at the work that James was inspecting. She was proud of it and she knew that he would like it just as much as her. As always, he voices his concerns about her eating, and she laughed once more as she pointed towards an empty plate. [b “About five minutes before you came in.”]

Lexia kissed his cheek and picked up the plate. [b “I am still hungry though if you want to get some lunch before you have to leave to go back to the other restaurant. Don’t feel like you have to if you don’t have time though.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 5d 5h 5m 54s
Hands didn’t want to fully admit that he was mostly a bit anxious about being away from Lexia. He had been with her every step of this pregnancy – every appointment and he didn’t want to risk not being here with her should she have gone into labor sooner than expected. She of course was soothing any worries or concerns that he had, promising she would be fine especially in the care of her mother. He happily succumbed into her kiss, returning the kiss with much the same vigor and love that Lexia evoked in him.
He brushed his hands against her cheek, glad to know as always that she had soothed her husband when it came to being a father. He stared down at his wife, this year of their marriage coming to an end in a few short months. It was crazy how much had happened to them in their first year of marriage. To still be together with Lexia seemed like a miracle after all that they had endured. “I don’t like the idea of being away from you,” he admitted as he leaned forward, his forehead pressing against her own. He sighed out then before pulling away and taking in the work his wife had done. “You’re doing great. When have you last had a meal?” He asked then, frowning some as he didn’t want Lexia to stress herself to complete everything so soon while at the end of her pregnancy.
He wondered then what would happen when the baby was born. He would have to make sure to start working today assure that they had enough money as they had weighed a lot of the savings Lexia had put into their business. He had stayed true to his word that he wanted to make sure that this restaurant was both of theirs. Though James didn’t want her stressing out. Once the baby was born he wanted her to just worry about healing and bonding with their child.
  james / SincerelyLily / 5d 5h 56m 10s
Lexia wanted everything to be perfect, from the smallest of details in a painting on the wall to having all the right documentation in place so that their restaurant could open up soon. James had made it perfectly clear to her on more than one occasion that this was [I their] restaurant and she saw it that way too. She wanted nothing more than to go on this venture with her husband and see where it could take them. It was exciting and it was theirs and nothing could take that away from them. She was visibly relieved when he said that the license was sorted, and she smiled towards him. [b “That’s perfect. I told you that everything would be alright.”] Lexia kissed his nose and chuckled but could tell that he was nervous about something and it did put her on edge a little bit, at least until he finally told her that he had to go away.

She had been expecting this though, knowing that he would eventually have to go back to the other restaurant. It was his business too. She smiled towards him then as he ran a hand over her stomach and she could see the excitement upon his face and she couldn’t help but kiss him then, sweetly and lovingly. [b “And you are going to be an incredible father.”] She kissed him once more and placed the paint brush down and wrapped her arms around his neck.

[b “You don’t have to feel guilty…about going back. It’s your business and it’s important that you spend time there too.”] She kissed him once more and smiled. [b “Mom will be just fine staying here for a couple of days, she’s been saying that she wants to take me shopping to spoil her grandson so it will be a nice opportunity for us to have some time together and you need to check up on things there anyway.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 5d 6h 49m 46s
James smiles at his wife then, kissing her back in return. She had done a good job of making progress to their son’s nursery. He couldn’t wait to be a father and Lexia meant everything to him. She was doing much better health wise and was careful, always asking for help or at least not getting upset when James insisted on doing something for her. He cared too much and didn’t want to risk anything happening to his wife or his son.
Looking down at her, arms barely wrapping around his wife he nodded then. “All set.” The restaurant was coming along well – the permits were all settled and the daycare was close to being finished thanks to the held of Lexia. It was different being in a whole other home and he did miss their first home, but his mother in law was taking good care of it. They visited every so often, but he knew once the baby was born that she would be around a bit more. Though the perk of literally living beside your own restaurant meant James didn’t have to worry about missing out on Lexia once she gave birth.
He was excited as a first time father to meet his son and only hoped that he would wait before coming as James expected to be away.
“Though,” he said lowly. “I have to go away for a few days back to the original restaurant. I have to help Gianna with an event. It’ll only be two days.” He hadn’t had much personal communication with the woman since leaving and he liked it that way. Though, Lexia had began to trust him again because of it he didn’t know how well she would react to him being away from her especially with an ex mistress. “So we’ll have to leave soon, but your mom can watch over you.” Lexia herself had been more careful lately though, but he certainly was not going to leave her by herself in a new house while pregnant.
Everything seemed to be coming together perfectly and James couldn’t believe that this was his life – a perfect wife and prospering business – a son on the way. His hand couldn’t help but roam over Lexia’s full belly, smiling at the small kick he felt. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad soon,” he whispered.
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