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Hearing his voice in that aroused whisper only added to her own arousal and the gasp added to it further. She loved feeling and sharing him react to her in such a way. She had always enjoyed sex with James but it seemed that since the retreat they were closer than ever and their sex life had improved massively. Lexia wanted to keep that alive and wanted to keep him happy so she would do whatever she could to do so.

Soon enough then were back on the bed, kissing and touching to heat the moment until James could take no more and he had to take her. Their love making was passionate and almost desperate as they both chased an orgasm, one that would erupt together in a moment of joint ecstasy. She liked knowing that she could reduce him to this and as she rode him she watched the different expressions pass over his face.

When she could see that he was close she quicker her pace, bringing his hands to explore her chest and as soon as he made the sound that told her he was there, she reciprocated. [B "I love you too James. More than anything."] She stayed sat on top of him for a while and just enjoyed be close to him, still kissing him lovingly while she could. [B "I want this forever."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 111d 11h 29m 5s
“Lexia,” James whispered as his lips traveled along her neck, kissing her even more as he held her close. The gasp brushed against her ear as she took hold of him, his arms reaching out to draw her in as his nose nestled into those red locks. Her hands were soft and with the red piece she was wearing, it didn’t take long for her to get James at attention. “Lexia,” he had whispered as he held her closer, his arm around her waist to have her sit on top of him. He looked dup into those brown eyes, his chest rising and falling from excitement. “A treat huh?” He responded with a chuckle.

His hands had roamed against the red lace underwear, a piece he hadn’t seen before, but somehow knew how to navigate despite his excitement. James’ breathing was labored as he felt Lexia’s hand on him and when he knew he could handle no more he had finally broke contact. His lips had found hers and with desperation he kissed her, his tongue finding the inside of her mouth and a small shudder tremoring his body as he was enveloped by her warmth.

James was no stranger to the beauty of love he made with his wife, but something about this seemed more intense than usual. His hands had kneaded soft flesh, hips breaking and with each pulse, finding himself growing more and more closer to the end. He loved how confident Lexia had become since the retreat and if anything, he let her take as much control as she wanted.

The pinnacle moment had finally come and with a hungry growl he’d buried his head into Lexia’s neck. “I love you,” he’d whispered.
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Lexia had chosen a red number, something that complimented her skin tone and went perfectly with the red tone in her hair. She checked herself in the mirror and smiled a little upon seeing herself, knowing that James would enjoy seeing her in this way. It wasn't something that she had done any times in the past, mostly because she had always worried he would not be into it after such a long day at work, but these days he was reserving more time for them.

She then freshened up a little, applying a bit of make up to help her feel a little more confident but not too much that she looked too much like a hooker. Once she was satisfied she moved closer to the bed and waited for James to come out of the show. It wouldn't be much longer now and soon enough she heard the water shut off and she bit her lip nervously as she waited for him to come out of the bathroom. However, his reaction made all of her nerves drift away. She could see the surprise upon his face and when the 'wow' fell from his lips she couldn't help but smile, wrapping her arms around him when he stepped closer to her.

She allowed a moan to escape her lips as she felt his breath upon her neck and she caught his ear between her teeth gently. [b "I thought you deserved a treat."] Lexia's voice was almost a whisper and her tone was seductive as she dropped her hand down to his towel so that she could release his body from it. As soon as it feel to the floor she moved her hand to wrap around him and she started to massage him gently, bringing her lips to his so that she could kiss him passionately.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 115d 10h 22m 52s
“Oh yeah, I know they will definitely enjoy that.” James also wanted to allow his body to still heal. The car accident had been a while ago, but every now and then when he overworked himself, he would find the aching returning. James knew that the more time he spent with his family the stronger they would remain as a unit. He was glad to find that things were finally starting to work out not only just with his relationship but also his personal life. Maybe sometime in the future he could attempt to open another restaurant again. For now, James wanted to make sure that he was keeping things stable and after finally getting their debt together, he could work on building a successful future for his daughter and his son. He didn’t want to work hard all his life and had hopes that him and Lexia would be able to enjoy retirement, maybe travelling once the kids were earlier.

James rose a brow at Lexia, a small smirk creeping on his face as watched Lexia bite her lip. “Leftovers in bed?” He repeated softly before finding her lips again. “Sounds good,” James chuckled before making his way to the bathroom. Since the retreat, their relationship had certainly been better and that included the two in the bedroom. James knew what his affair had done to their relationship and the one thing that he hated was Lexia having the idea that he wasn’t attracted to her. That said, since the retreat he had desired her far more.

After his shower, he wrapped his towel around his waist before exiting. He was more than surprised when he stepped out, eyes trailing to find Lexia dressed in lingerie. “Wow,” he had said with a. chuckle, walking toward her then. “This is different,” he said as he drew her in, his nose trailing along the length of her neck.
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The retreat had done wonders for their marriage. There was so much that they had taken from that experience and they had ensured to make time for each other and ensured family time as much as possible. She had no doubt that she would be able to face Gianna and not allow her to bother her or threaten their marriage. She was not going to come between them now and she knew that James would never stray from her and their family now and she would make as much effort as she possibly could so that she didn’t jeopardise his relationship with his daughter.

She could see the relief on his face, and she smiled a little, hoping that soon enough he wouldn’t need to feel even remotely tense about bringing up Gianna. She chuckled and watched as he got himself undressed, holding Mason close as he started to fall asleep. [b “I think that sound nice. I’m sure they will appreciate the day off and they will certainly enjoy celebrating with you too. I’m glad you won’t spend your party stuck in a hot kitchen making sure everyone else has a good time.

When he neared her, she leaned into his kiss and was more than happy to have his hands on her waist. [b Leftovers…How about I get Mason to bed and when you’ve showered, we can have some leftovers in bed?”] She said with a seductive tone before kissing him again, this time with a little more passion, showing him just how much she wanted him.

Lexia bit her lip and then stepped back from him. [b “Don’t be too long.”] She said before taking Mason to his room and getting him changed and ready for bed. He was definitely tired. She kissed his head and placed him in his crib gently and watched him drift off before heading back to their room where she decided to change into something else. It had been a long time since Lexia had dressed up in lingerie, but she wanted to be close with James tonight.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 126d 20h 51m 33s
James knew things were still a bit weird between Gianna and Lexia. They all hadn’t been in a room together in quite some time and James wasn’t sure if the woman had managed to gain closure from all that had happened; James knew Lexia had forgave him, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to try and impress her and prove that he was committed to her and their marriage. Gianna of course was no longer interested I James, at least not that he could tell, and she seemed genuinely interested in her boyfriend. James knew that no matter what, everyone would act like adults in front of the children. James had broken that room himself with Lexia of course, arguing in front of Mason, out they were pass that.

“Great,” he said with an exhale, glad to know that Lexia was okay with Gianna being at the party, though he knew Lexia wasn’t the kind to say no about something like that. Standing up he ditched his shirt in the hamper and started removing his jeans to get ready for a shower. “Well since someone isn’t allowing me cook – “he smirked in her direction. “We just need to finalize the catering. I’m closing the restaurant that day, so my staff will be enjoying a rare vacation.”

James didn’t plan for this to be a crazy big party; they were still managing after losing the restaurant and getting through their debt that had accrued. He knew that he would have a great night as long as Lexia was at his side. “I’m going to shower. Maybe we can just have leftovers tonight” he suggested as he kissed her on the lips. His hand drew her in around the waist as he smiled down at her, Mason laying his head on her shoulder and looking up at James. H had the same beautiful brown eyes like Lexia’s.
  james / SincerelyLily / 144d 8h 52m 35s
Lexia seemed to have fallen in love with James all over again these last few weeks. They was he was with Mason and the interest he took in their family rather than just the restaurant made it feel as though they were in a real relationship once more and she just hoped that it would last forever like they had promised in their vows.

Lexia chuckled at him a little as he conversed with his son and she watched as he sat down with him. [b "Things are getting busier. All my old customers have come back and brought new ones with them and a few new boutique stores have opened up and they are interested in having a look at my jewellery to see if I could provide them with pieces to sell. If all goes well, I might end up supplying a few places, which would be pretty amazing."] She smiled widely, feeling the pride coming from James as he looked up at her.

Soon enough, Mason was reaching out for her and she too him in her arms happily, holding him close as he settled so easily into her arms, only looking up when James mentioned Gianna. They were in a weird place really because she hadn't seen her for a long time but she had promised to make an effort to move forward with the woman since she had seemingly stopped trying to steal her husband. [b "Course. That's fine with me. Is there anything you need me to do in preparation for it babe?"]
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James looked to Mason who was smiling and babbling at his father. “You let mum do al the work eh?” He asked with a chuckle. He didn’t want Mason to grow up any quicker but knew soon the young boy would be making his way round the house, walking and running. He was already managing to sit up by himself at times. It was truly a sight to see and h couldn’t be prouder than to have the opportunity to watch his son grow. He held Mason on his lap, the young boy laying his head on his shoulder as h watched Lexia with a smile. “You’ve been getting busier and busier with your business.” He told Lexia with a look of pride.

“Yeah, well just because you say no drama doesn’t mean we can escape it,” James mumbled. He sighed out, though, not frustrated, just trying not to freak out. He had done well with his temper thus far and wouldn’t let Lexia’s mother get the most of him. Though, he would allow her to speak her peace if she felt it would make her feel better. As long as Lexia was happy, that’s all that mattered. James didn’t want things to go badly though, he wanted Lexia’s mother to be in their life because she was all the family that Lexia had.

“I think everything should be fine though.” He said as he handed Mason over, who was squeezing his hands toward Lexia. “I talked to Gianna and she's bringing her boyfriend to the birthday party.” James was eager to shower. He was hungry, but too tired to cook. Removing his shirt then, he took a seat on the edge of thee bed to rest his legs. “That’s alright with you yeah?”
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Lexia was really happy with the way things were going at home lately. They seemed to have really found a way around some of the things that had been causing problems within their marriage before and it was relieving to her that there didn't seem to be this tension that had been there before and for that she was extremely happy. James seemed to be balancing work and home life a lit better and Lexia was doing something for herself again which meant that she was not entirely confused with Mason. She knew that she had needed to find some balance herself.

Lexia listened to James as he spoke following him to Mason's room where she watched him pick up their son and be affectionate. It filled her with live for both if them every time she saw them together. [B "Ah we didn't get up to too much today. We went for a walk around the lake, well I did and obviously Mason was in the stroller but that was nice. He liked being outside for a little while and then when we cam back we played with some of his toys and I've been making some jewelry this afternoon."]

She smiled one more and kissed Mason's head gently and nodded when he asked about her mother. [B "She'll be here around lunch time tomorrow. I've told her I don't want any drama and she won't be welcome here if she starts anything so hopefully it will all be alright."]
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“Hey,” he said with a smile, leaning into kiss Lexia back. He enjoyed seeing how she had returned back to work after the retreat. He really didn’t want Lexia to only think about him and Mason, but also herself. Her jewelry business had always mattered to him and he believed that she was only going to do better and bigger things form this point on. “Work was work,” he said with a chuckle. “Gianna’s been of great help though. Totally changed around how we run the kitchen,” he said as he began toward Mason’s room. “I was pissed at first of course, but you know I told her I’d start letting her take on more of the business and well it works perfectly. Still a few hiccups, but those should be ironed out soon.” James chuckled as he looked at Lexia, picking up Mason from his crib to give him a kiss on the cheek. “But that’s enough about work yeah? How was your day> You guys get into anything fun?”

Jams knew that Lexia wanted him to not put so much of his effort into work considering he kind of seemed to overwork and it had taken a toll on their relationship. He’d been thinking Gianna one of the stockholders in the restaurant considering she had Gianna and only under the conditions that she pass it off to her when he passed. He really wanted the family legacy. Apart of his restaurant and Delilah was his daughter no matter what, he wanted both his children to have well off lives. Not to mention despite their past, Gianna was doing a great job at the restaurant. She had begun dating someone who he had yet to meet, though they still had that dinner to plan that he suggested at the hotel.

“Did you speak to your mother?” He asked Lexia.
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Things were going so well in the days that followed the retreat. They had both ensured that they kept up with the things that they had learned during the retreat and it was nice simply being in love once more. Not that she ever fell out of love with him but she could feel it again and that meant everything to her.

Lexia was starting to get her jewellery buisness back on track how that Mason had settled into some kind of routine. It was becoming easier to work around him and she enjoyed being able to get back to doing something that she loved. Her old customers remained loyal to her and started ordering things from her again which was giving her a confidence boost and she had been exchanging emails and sending samples off to shops to see if anyone would stock and buy her jewellery. Hopefully she would be able to expand her buisness.

She had set herself up in the study while Mason was sleeping and while James was working and she let the hours pass by without even taking notice of how much time had passed. It wasn't until she heard the front door open and close, followed by the footsteps up the stairs that she realised the time. If James was home from work she knew it must be late but she had been productive. Her mother was coming to visit tomorrow though and she knew that James would be feeling a little tense about that.

Lexia put away her tools and the pieces she had been working on and came out of the study just as James reached the top of the stairs. She greeted him with a smile and kiss on the lips. [B "How was work babe?"]
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James sighed, his hands running through Lexia’s hair. He was just glad that it all seemed to [I work out]. Though he still let his anger get the best of him, he didn’t think in this case that it was so terrible. Kissing Lexi’s forehead, he only then drew her in closer. The retreat hadn’t been a bad idea. James knew that from here it would only be uphill, but also that he had to take on the responsibility of implementing what he learned in their everyday life. The retreat wouldn’t be the end of their emotional healing. He soon succumbed to sleep and come morning, though a bit sore, he was well; rested. James had taken to getting up and getting all of their things in the car to head back.

The trip back fortunately had been pretty easy and smooth, though Mason was a bit more active than usual, probably just as excited to head back home ads James was. The days following the retreat were going well and James was happy to find that the restaurant had done well in his absence. Of course, he had Gianna to thank for that. While their relationship would never be the same, James was glad to know that her passion for his restaurant couldn’t be wiped away just because they were no longer engaging with one another.

James was just getting home from work, though knew his long day wasn’t over as Lexia’s mother was set to visit them for a couple of days. James and his mother in law hadn’t exactly been on the best terms since the affair had come to light. James knew it was a mistake, but he loved Lexia with everything and hoped she could see the exchange in him especially after the retreat. He’d begun upstairs to change wondering what Lexia had been up to.
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Lexia knew that Jame would probably enjoy himself more in the kitchen. He loved cooking and creating thing in the kitchen and she would never take that away from him, in fact she enjoyed the times that he included her in the process of creating some of his new dishes. He used to use their kitchen as a taster kitchen when the restaurant first opened, making dishes and feeding them to her and making notes of her feedback. Maybe those times would happen again should he decide to change the menu at some point.

Lexia watched him move for a moment and she tried to make him a little more comfortable, checking him over briefly because she started to settle down with him a little. Then the mood lifted a little and she found herself looking at him as he became a little more serious, telling her that she shouldn't be apologising for what had happened. He kissed her and she smiled towards him a little. [b "You mean everything to me too. You weren't to know. He was always careful around you. He...tried coming on to me a couple of times but I thought he would give up when he realise that I wasn't interested."] She sighed then and allowed her head to rest on his chest. [b "I should have told you."]
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James smiled down at lexia, glad that she enjoyed his idea about the party. He gently ran his hand over her arm as he held her close, loving the feeling of how close they had got this week. It was amazing to him how much they had changed in just a week. James chuckled, “I don’t know if I can promise that.” Of course, it was hard for him to let someone take over, especially when it came to cooking. It’d been a week since he’d been at work and he already missed it. James surprised that he had stuck to his word and hadn’t dealt with work all week. He wanted Lexia to know that he took the retreat seriously. H shifted a bit then. “I think h get my side really good,” Jams said as now that he was laid down, he was starting to feel the repercussions of his fight. “I guess I’m not as young as I us dot be.”

It was nice to just see a little humor in it, but James did take what happened to Lexia seriously. “I don’t want you to ever apologize if anything like that happens again Lexia,” he said seriously as he looked at her. He knew that it couldn’t have been something sudden that happened, Chad wasn’t anywhere near drunk enough as though that could even excuse his actions. Still, what if things had escalated and he didn’t believe that was the first time Chad had made her uncomfortable. “I’m the one who should be apologizing. I should’ve noticed something was wrong.” He exhaled and kissed Lexia. “You mean everything to me.”

Soon they’d be back home and there would be no more counselling sessions; they both knew what they had to work on, and it was up to them to see it through.
  james / SincerelyLily / 161d 6h 54m 43s
Lexia couldn't hold back the laugh as the two started behaving silly with each other but she tried to keep the noise down as much as possible, not wanting to disturb Mason too much. This hotel room was nothing like the one they had been spending time in over the last week. This was one room and didn't have a conjoining room for as a nursery. If they woke him up now, they wouldn't get to sleep any time soon.

As soon as the moment passed she settled into him, snuggling with her head on his chest as they started to relax properly for the evening. It had been a long time since any of them had done anything particularly special for their birthdays and it was obvious after the week that had passed by it was clear that they had missed spending time with other adults outside of work. It had been far too long since either of them really had any real time with friends and they had realised this week that it was really important for them to strike some kind of work-life balance as well as achieving a balance between being parents and being a couple.

[b "I'm joking, of course I know that it is your birthday soon. I never miss any occasion worth celebrating."] Lexia looked up at him and smiled at his suggestion of a party and she really did like the idea. [b "I think that would be great, as long as you don't spend the whole party in the kitchen cooking and trying to make sure that everyone is satisfied, et the staff take care of it and enjoy yourself."]
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