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“Lexia,” James gasped out as she gripped him, her hands stroking him. He closed his eyes then, vulnerable to her touch as he kissed her. Her hands were warm and her touch felt great. He could sense how much he wanted her as he worked his hips. He pressed into her touch even further, hands roaming up her backside, gently caressing her back before finding their way under her shirt where he massaged her chest, plump and much fuller than before since being pregnant. He met her eyes looking up at Lexia. “I love you too Lexia.” James kissed her again and held her close to him. He was trying his hardest to stay calm but he couldn’t help it. James has been denied of his wife for what felt like eternity and he wanted to make up for all the months that he had denied her of this intimacy. He had denied her of the love she so rightfully deserved. “I will always love you. Forever and for eternity,” he promised her as he kissed at her neck. James was rock solid then, the sweats he wore the only constricting but of clothing stopping him from fully expanding to attention. Lexia’s hands were both helping and not helping as he wanted nothing more to be inside her, yet her hands were working wonders.
“I need you,” he said finally breaking. His hands broke into her clothing, now a firm grip on her nude behind. He held her close, hips positioned so she could feel his demand pressing against her, throbbing in her hands. It wasn’t just a sexual need though, emotionally and mentally James was battling with a lot and it was the security of Lexia’s love that kept him stable. “I’ll gentle,” he promised with a chuckle. It’d only been a few weeks since the birth of their son and they were recommended to wait, but James was impulsive. He couldn’t imagine he could hold out any longer after waiting since Lexia became too big from the pregnancy. He wanted to waive away any doubts she may have, doubts that he was fulfilling his desires with someone else, with Gianna. Lexia was his priority; his marriage and his family, his son all meant a lot to him. He wanted her to know that he hadn’t settled for her. He fought so hard to keep what he knew would be everlasting.
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James still made Lexia's heart skip a beat and her stomach fill with a thousand butterflies. That feeling had never gone away and she hoped that it never would. She would be happy feeling this way for the rest of her life. His kiss was desperate and hungry and she returned it with equal amounts of desperation, showing him how much she wanted him. How much she [i needed] him. His grown drove her crazy and he knew that. Lexia chuckled as her hands ran down his back. [b "Just like when we were first dating."] She couldn't stop herself then. Lexia knew they couldn't have sex but there was no reason why she couldn't enjoy being in bed with her husband.

She kissed his deeply and longingly as her hands traveled to the front of his body and down his pants. [b "I'll just have to settle for this."] She said with a smirk as her words were laced with seduction. Her hands started to work off any material that restricted her before she kissed at his neck and let her hands get to work on him. With Mason asleep she wanted to take advantage of the time they had and after the morning they had, and the weekend they spent apart she could think of no better way to spend their time.

Lexia looked him in the eye. [b "I love you James."] She said as she massaged him gently, bringing him to an erection so that she could tease what she wanted to out of him.
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“I hate it when we’re apart too,” he told her with a sigh. The idea of dying struck him then much the same as that car had hit his own. Waking up and walking away with the mild injuries he had was a blessing and even more so to know that he was able to be there when his wife gave birth. He shuddered some at the thought of being gone, his son and his daughter both without fathers. Lexia without a husband. He realized then just how much he appreciated his life no matter the madness and mess that he was dealing with. James stares into her eyes. How many times had he stared into them? Countless except for those days and those nights when he couldn’t look her in the eyes. Nights he spent with Gianna in his restaurant or at her place while Lexia laid at home.
She hated not being able to make love to him and James felt the same. He missed having Lexia against him. His lips found hers again and James grew hungry then. Hungry with wanting for his wife. Wanting her to know that he was a fool to think anyone could ever make him feel as loved and desired as she did. He felt important when with Lexia. She believed in him. She cared about him and only wanted the best for them and their son. He felt like he was going again, those nights when they first met and spent hours kissing. The first night they had made love was special. Hours of kissing and holding each other, caressing one another.
James scooped her in his arms, now laying on his back. Lips refusing to release their hold on Lexia’s. “God I miss making love to you too,” he finally growled out against her ear, hands gently stroking her back. “‘s just like when we first started dating yeah?” He asked with a chuckle. His hands unable to stop themselves from stroking and massaging whatever he could get a hold of. It was the first moment of the day things seemed normal.
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Lexia wondered if James remembered that night as vividly as she did. Then she wondered if he remembered how opposite their night had been the second time she announced that she was pregnant. He was so cautious and unsure and the night was no where near the same level of romance as the first time, regardless of the fact that they both deserved to be happy and celebrate the miracle of a second chance. Of course, her losing their first child was making the fact that Gianna was having a girl harder. She had been pregnant with a girl the first time around and she had hoped that she would be the one to give him a daughter. Their plans would have to change now of course. She didn't want to think about it anymore though and it was obvious James didn't either as he moved towards her and kissed her, complimenting her in between a trail of kisses.

[B "I missed you too. Like, really missed you. I hate it when we are apart, especially since the last time you almost died!"] If that crash would have ended any different there would be two children without a father. [B "And...I miss being able to make love to you. I hate that we have to wait."
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That night had been perfect and the sounds emitting from Lexia’s mouth only further reminded him of it. It was a perfect night, still in what felt like their honeymoon stage. They were happy, no fighting and so in love. Learning he was going to be a father was the greatest news ever and he recalled it made sense why Lexia hadn’t been drinking. He was drunk though, a little off of champagne and bourbon and more on – well [I love]. That night was a celebration, filled with more than kisses. The love that they made that night was on a whole other level, James completely and entirely devoted to satisfying his wife, the woman who would give birth to their child. The amount of times they engaged in the intimate act that night seemed endless. They’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms.
He frowned for a brief moment then. How could he have tainted something so special? He had everything with Lexia and a moment of weakness had driven him to nearly ruining it. He could move past this with Lexia at his side, but James would never really forgive himself for putting his family through this. He began to massage Lexia’s feet then, glad that him suggesting the date night seemed like an idea she was willing to accept. It wouldn’t make the visit easier and certainly didn’t soothe the burning anger from the phone call with Gianna, but James just had to tell himself he had to make sure that his wife was happy. Happy wife, happy life, right?
James hands reached up to her inner thigh before pausing.
“She’s just going through a lot of emotions I suspect. We just have to play along for a while and see how she acts. Maybe once she has the baby things will be different.” James could only hope though that Gianna wouldn’t continue to be nasty toward his wife. “I’m not going to give her an ultimatum or anything, but I want both of our children to be able to play with one another – all of us celebrating holidays. I don’t want things to be separated like how my childhood was.” He sighed and his head some then. “We will figure this out. We’ve got three months to make this work.” He said as he came over her then, hovering over his wife with his hands on either side to anchor him up. He leaned down to kiss her. “You know I’m good at control, I work in a kitchen and that shit gets crazy. I think I might be able to handle this, especially with my kind,” his lips kissed her neck. “Sexy and smart,” he kissed her neck again. “Wife by my side.” He finished with a kiss on her lips, eyes looking down into hers. “For today we have done our part. I missed you the whole weekend.”
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It didn't take long for Mason to fall asleep once he was done with his feed and when James followed behind her he was quick to pick him up gently and place him in his crib so that the two of them could spend some quality time together. She pulled her strap back up when he was occupied and she slid down into the bed. James was quick to return to her, instantly kissing her in a way that felt almost apologetic for everything that had transpired that morning. He knew that she could barely resist him when he did things like this, his lips exploring every part of her. Lexia's eyes had closed and she moaned with pleasure as each kiss sent a wave of desire through her and even after when his hands grazed her skin she felt desire to continue to build up within her.

She let out several moans of pleasure at it movements and she adjusted herself a little at the feel of his hands on her. [B "That sounds nice. We haven't been to that wine bar in so long."] She recalled their first time there and how romantic the evening had been. They were so excited about having a baby. They spent the entire night celebrating and when they got home they continued to do so in the bedroom.

[b "I just don't want Mason to get caught up in something that could become bitter. She didn't sound like she wanted to play nice when we spoke on the phone."]
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James knew that this was already too much for his wife and he had to try his hardest to assure the situation would be settled and try to alleviate an already tumultuous situation. Together they headed upstairs. He didn’t want to make the situation worse but ended up texting Gianna to promise he would meet her mother. He just wanted to keep things calm and wasn’t sure if he could get everything settled peacefully, but he was going to try his hardest. The peaceful look on his son’s face was enough to drive him and he hated that Lexia was upset. Even more so he hated that he was the reason for all this happening. Had he just been open and talked to his wife they wouldn’t be in the position that they were in. Having an affair with Gianna was a mistake. The child was not, but the drama that ensued because of the affair was hurting his family. They had managed to rebuild since he confessed to the affair and he didn’t want them to go back to how they were.
James allowed himself a moment outside of the bedroom to collect his emotions and bottle them away. Lexia was tired and he was feeling a bit exhausted himself. He’d only just learned he would be the father of a little girl. He had to set an example for both of them and hoped that whatever Gianna had for him would dwindle away as she would have to realize her daughter and their happiness was more important than a fling. The affair was a momentary lapse in judgement and Janes was devoted to making up for it. He went into the bedroom then, Lexia in the bed and Mason fast asleep after being full. “I want today to just be about us,” he said though there was some doubt and worry in his voice. He bent down to gently grab his son, cradling the sleeping boy and kissing his forehead before placing him in the crib.
James walked over to the bed, his lips finding his wife’s. Lexia has nothing to worry about and he wanted her to make sure she knew it. His time would have to be split between the two women and the storage families, but Lexia was his wife. He kissed at her neck, his janes traveling along the frame clothed in her sleeping attired.
“I hate to see you upset ,” he said against her neck, lips traveling along her collarbone, kissing her lower until he reached her stomach. He moaned then. Pausing to recall how often he had rested his head against her belly when Mason was still inside. His hands gently massages her sides to her hips. Grazing her bum and edging low until he had to adjust himself to her feet.
“I promise things will get better. The trip doesn’t just have to be about work or [I her] he said, strong hands of a working man hoping to knead feast the tension from her inner thigh and down to her feet. “We can do something for ourselves while we’re out there. Your mother can watch the baby – maybe we can go to that wine bar we used to go to. Where you admitted you were pregnant the first time.” It was a bittersweet memory but it was a part of their lives, the miscarriage. James has trouble accepting it – but holding onto such troubling memories at this time would only make things easier. It was up to them to be happy.
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James usually knew exactly how to calm her down and on this occasion all he needed to do was kiss her in that way of his. She didn’t exactly like the way that she got angry, but she knew that it was alright for her to feel some frustration. After all, she had her entire world turned upside down by the woman who had coaxed him into her bed…if they even got as far as the bed. She imagined the office desk and the car or wherever else they could get a quick one in and she even remembered the day he came home and had sex with her after having sex with Gianna. She shuddered at the thought of that.

She glanced down at Mason who was still feeding and she smiled a little as she watching the tiny child look up at her, almost with as much love as she had for him. She smiled and Mason moved her eyes to look at James as he told him that he loved him. He looked back to Lexia then and Lexia looked at James as he mentioned his ideal plan for the day. She nodded then. [B “Okay, I think I could get back into bed. My back is hurting.”] She smirked a little as he kissed behind her neck. Mason was still feeding but she was careful to lead him up the stairs so she could climb into bed.

[b “This is much better.”]
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Of course, Lexia had some doubts and James could read it on her face. This wasn’t going to go as easy as he had hoped or believed that it would. He just needed Lexia to continue trusting him and if she did that then they could get through this. Gianna was not going to mess anything up, though he suspected that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try and she would try her hardest. At this point it just seemed like she hate the idea of Lexia and him being together even after the affair was brought to light. However, James loved Lexia and while he had made a mistake due to faulty judgement, he had no intentions of breaking her heart again. Had James no love for Lexia maybe he would’ve left her. Though also a part of him didn’t even want to think of something so ridiculous. Not to mention, Lexia was pregnant with his child. There was no way that he couldn’t have love for her and definitely no way he would be able to live with himself if he abandoned her in the greatest time of need.
James smiled at lexia, Mason still feeding patiently, his eyes closed and his fists balled up, resting lightly against Lexia’s chest. This was the purest form of happiness he could ever imagine having – why would he give it up? He gently grazed the skin of Mason’s cheek with the back of his finger. I love you too,” he said as his eyes found Lexia’s once more. “Both of you,” she had wound down some and he knew from the reaction her body made when he kissed her, including that moan that she was for the mean time at peace. He had never seen Lexia so angry like that or so uptight. He didn’t want that to be their life and he certainly didn’t want her to deal with those emotions. This was supposed to not be such a stressful period – sure a newborn could rise tensions, now they were dealing with two and a very bitter baby mother. “Look, it’s still a bit early in the day, we’ve got reason to be a bit bummy. I want to just enjoy a day off with you. We can climb in bed, put something on and just cuddle. You know maybe I’ll give you one of my famous foot massages and all,” he suggested with a smirk, his nose nuzzling her neck, planting a kiss behind her ear as he knew it was her favorite spot and sure to complete relax his wife if she was at all still on edge.
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Of course Lexia was scared. She had every right to be and no matter how many times James promised that he loved her and only her, that didn't stop him from breaking his vows before and she certainly didn't want him to stay with Lexia just because he felt guilty and they had a son together. She couldn't bear the thought that he might have simply settled for Lexia at the time because it had been the right thing to do. She hoped and prayed that she was just being paranoid in thinking that. God if James knew that these were the thoughts going through her mind now...

It pained her to know just how much of an effect Gianna could have on her through a simple conversation. These thoughts had never troubled her before now. But now everything was going to change and as calm as she tried to be, she had no idea how she was going to adapt to the situation. Lexia just couldn't understand what she had ever done to the woman to make her despise her. She had always been so nice to her. Was it simply the fact that she was with James? Did she just not think that she was good enough for him.

As though James could read her mind he stepped forward, placing his hand on her as she nursed Mason. Even though his words sounded sincere she couldn't shift the feeling that he wasn't being sincere at all. It wasn't anything he had done, but more that seed of doubt that Gianna was so good at planting. Then he kissed her and it seemed to melt away. He poured his feelings into the kiss so she couldn't ignore them. She kept her arms supporting Mason as the kiss deepened, leaving her wanting more. She moaned against his lips and when they parting she looked to him. [b "I love you."]
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James could tell that Lexia was irritated and there was no reason why she didn’t have any right to be. He knew that Gianna still had feelings for him and yet James had hoped that over time those feelings would disappear. Of course, with a child being born of their affair, there was nearly no way for them not to be in each other’s life. Meeting her mother would only begin to play into her weird and obsessive behavior. However it was clear it was important to her and James didn’t want to make an already difficult situation even worse. Things in his marriage already felt like they had shifted, and James was struggling with accepting it. He could tell the conversation didn’t go well as he suspected just by Lexia’s tone alone and it pained him to know he was the cause of all this mess.
“Well eventually she will give up,” James said, defeated a she took a seat. He sighed out and ran his hands over his eyes, everything from the last hour especially the conversation between his wife and him and him with Gianna giving him a running headache. “Look I’ll meet her mother, she knows everything and maybe Gianna will [I settle] by then?” he suggested, though it was more like a prayer with the hope that this would be the solution. They had to all get along and eventually they would meet her mother either way. It occurred to him then how awkward the holidays would be, birthdays and other milestones in the children’s life. Neither of the woman would get along as they used to James knew and he felt bad about ruining a friendship between the ladies.
James stood then and headed toward his wife. His hand at her hip and looking down at their son, so oblivious to the craziness of their world as he nursed happily. “You do know that I love you Lexia right? No one on earth or in this universe could change that.” He’d tipped her chin up to look into those eyes he’d stared into countless of times. This wouldn’t break them. He kissed her, hoping it would deliver the message very clearly, hands traveling up her backside t the small of her back, holding her as close as possible as he deepened the kiss. He didn’t know what Gianna had planned, but he knew he was not going to fuck up again when it came to his family.
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Lexia could tell what Gianna was trying to do. She had no intention of rising to it. It was obvious to her that she had hoped that Lexia would have flipped out about the baby. While she didn't think that Gianna would have gone as far as to get pregnant in purpose, she certainly saw it as an opening to work her way back into James' life and try to take him from her. After all, wasn't that the reason why Gianna wanted James to meet her mother? So she could pretend they were a happy couple, expecting a baby. The click of her tongue told her that Lexia didn't give her the response she wanted. Was she trying to get Lexia riled up so she looked like the one causing problems? She didn't even have the chance to day anything else before she heard to tone. She sighed and pulled the phone away from her ear. She turned to look at James then who was moving towards her and took the phone.

[b "Oh, it was just perfect. We are best friends again."] She rolled her eyes and reached out to take Mason from him, peeling her strap down so that Mason could feed and he was click to latch onto her. [b "She clearly wants to irritate me. Just...go with her to meet her mother when we head over there so she can get the help off my back."] Lexia sighed and looked down at Mason, trying really hard not to let Gianna get to her. She wouldn't let her win. She couldn't.

[B "She is going to be difficult. She still wants you and she has made it obvious that she isn't giving up on you any time soon."]
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James tried not to pry on the conversation and give Lexia privacy, but he was looking over his shoulder to see if he could catch anything – a flicker of emotion in Lexia’s body language or if she even bothered to raise her voice. Mason soon woke up, a small yawn coming from him, his lips forming a small o shape. James picked the young boy up, holding him close to his chest and gently rocking him, unsure if he would become fussy and trying to stay ahead of a possible tantrum.
Gianna clucked her tongue on the phone. It was clear that Lexia did not like her and the two could never rebuild the friendship they had earlier. It made sense considering she had slept with her husband. Though Gianna really didn’t care to rebuild any kind of friendship if possible. She hoped that eventually James would come to his senses. It was a surprise when she found out she was pregnant and even more, so she was surprised to find that Lexia seemed to [I accept] it.
“Well he seems to make his decisions based off you. I just wanted to make things as clear as possible. You don’t want to argue and I don’t want to argue. Guess everything is cleared up.” Gianna hung up without so much of a goodbye which happened to be just in time as Mason was beginning to fuss, hand curled and a look on his face that seemed to show that he was in need of a feeding. James walked over to Lexia then, taking the phone from her and slipping it into his pocket.
“How’d that go?” He asked her then. By the look on her face it didn’t seem to go too well, he just hoped that Lexia wasn’t riled up by Gianna who he could tell had some bitter feelings toward Lexia. “She wants me to meet her mother” He said, Mason now definitely getting fussy and James trying to settle him, before handing him over to Lexia.
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The second James told her that Gianna did in fact want to talk to her she felt nauseous. She hadn't spoken to the woman since she walked out of the restaurant the day she had practically announced their affair and she had hoped that she would never have to talk to her again. Then the pregnancy came up and she knew that she would have to accommodate her now. She would have to face dinner with her next time they went back so she would have to suck it up and talk to her on the phone now. She watched Jamed move towards Mason and Lexia chose to stay in the room while she had the conversation but stood on the far side. She held the phone up to her ear and took a deep breath as she closed her eyes.

[b "Gianna?"] She heard her voice and instantly felt uncomfortable as she started with an apology but the words that followed made it feel like she wasn't offering her an apology at all, it was almost like she was saying sorry because she had been asked to. If felt like her intention was to rub the fact that she was having James' baby in her face. Lexia bit her lip and shook her head. [b "I have nothing to say to you. I don't plan on arguing with you. I just want what is right for the baby."] Lexia had a kind heart and she wondered whether Gianna was trying to work her way past that. [b "Because of me? I haven't stopped him for doing anything. I don't control him Gianna. If he decides he wants to meet your mother for whatever reason you have for wanting that, then it will be his choice."
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James knew that the two women talking did seem a bit weird. He felt even ore awkward considering it was his mistress and his wife who were expected to have a conversation. “Everything is fine, she just wants to talk to you,” James said as he handed her the phone, which she took. James smiled at her though it was a nervous smile and he just hoped the conversation wouldn’t go left. He busied himself with his son then, walking over to where Mason slept peacefully. He has nothing to worry about with being just a baby in this mad world. It was just looking around Lexia and his son that James knew that it was his duty to make sure everything went right. He loved them both and he would love his daughter just as equally. He just hoped that Gianna didn’t have any wild ideas that he was still interested in her. He loved her yes, but as a friend and he had a care for her. She had helped him through darkest times when he confessed to her his feelings – the days he was depressed as he thought about the child he was so happy for that had never been born due to the miscarriage. Most people believed that babies didn’t fix relationships. However, during Lexia’s pregnancy he felt like he and Lexia were able to repair the damage of the miscarriage and even after the affair had been discovered, this child proved to be a blessing and a binder that kept the couple together.
Another child would mean that their schedules would change and he believed that of course there would be conflicts, but they could manage if everyone was on the same page. Divvying his time and role as a father though would be a challenge. He had no excuses though, wife that loved him and cared for him. What more could he ask for ?
“Lexia,” Gianna said as she suspected James had allowed the phone call to take place between the two women. “I’m sorry about how things have gone. I just want to make it clear that I’m the mother of James and our daughter. I’m trying to be as civil about this as possible, so if there’s anything you’d like to say to me then now is the time.” Gianna didn’t want to argue at the dinner and she also didn’t want things to be uncomfortable. There was a part of her that hated what she did to a friend and yet an overwhelming and growing feeling of happiness at having a child with James. She still believed there was the possibility that the two could reunite. Those I love you a couldn’t go away, could they? Even when they were barely uttered at times of climax and never any other time. Gianna was in love and at that time James was in lust. He knew now though that he was definitely in love with Lexia and he never had fallen out of love with her and never would. That didn’t mean that Gianna wouldn’t keep trying. “I’ve invited him to meet my mother. I know he doesn’t want to say yes because of you. What do you say?”
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