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Lexia raised an eyebrow at him. [B "You never know what you might need when you have a baby! Anything could happen."] She smiled and kissed him gently before checking that they had all the bags in the car and and strapping Mason in. She climbed into the passenger side then and spent most of the journey holding his hand to offer him comfort knowing that he must have found it difficult to drive again after his accident.

It didn't take long as they hadn't moved too far away and as expected, her mother was already waiting and waving happily towards them as they pulled up. She smiled and waved back and glanced towards James who looked nervous as he cursed about that would transpire.

[B "Hey, it's going to be okay. Whatever happens, I am here alright? She will likely get pissed but nothing she can say to me will make me change my mind about this. We are in this together."] She squeezed his hand gently and then climbed out of the car, grabbing Mason from the backseat. They could get bags later. [B "Hi Mom!"]

[I "Where is he? Let me see him? Oh my he's getting so big."] She said as she fussed him in the chair and Lexia chuckled.

[B "I said Hi Mom."] She stopped and looked up and then laughed.

[I "I'm sorry angel."] She wrapped her arms around her. [I "It's good to see you."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 239d 11h 6m 25s
The rest of the day after lunch had been spent enjoying each others company. James was happy to find that they were able to talk through these tough situations and he believed it not only helped make things easier for him but also benefited their relationship. By tackling this as a couple and not solo, James found that it didn’t seem as bad. Though it certainly proved to be too much and especially with how good the restaurant was doing. They were busy the week leading up to the weekend, but James didn’t mind as long as the money was coming in. His staff was doing well though and he had even offered his friend Daniel to come from his old restaurant to keep order in the restaurant while they were away. He got to enjoy time with Lexia and with Mason. Evenings spent holding one another and just being a wholesome and happy family.
The weekend had arrived though and James was a bit nervous admittedly. He was packing his things, Lexia getting everything settled for herself and the baby. This would be the first time in a while that they went on a small trip together and they would be staying in their old house with his mother in law. Though they had sacrificed the master for her. They could still manage in the guest room. It was on the bottom floor which was great and Mason was small enough where he didn’t take up too much space. Him and Lexia had been sleeping so close together the queen mattress would suffice he was sure.
He came downstairs with his bag chuckling at what Lexia pack. “Am I ready time go? You sure you don’t want to just pack the whole house in there?” He teases with a kiss to her cheek. “I’m ready.” He made sure to lock up, Lexia already getting Mason in his car seat and him getting bags into the trunk. He was nervous sitting behind the wheel then. It had been a while since he’d been on the driver’s side since his accident. His hands were sweaty and he was worrying what could happen. He just had to pray they would arrive safe.
It wasn’t that long of a ride though and thankfully they had gotten to their destination on time and alive. His mother in law was already on the porch waving at them. She hadn’t seen her grandson since leaving just three weeks prior which felt like an eternity for her. James’ stomach turned then as he thought about how this weekend would turnout.
“Shit,” he said. Telling his mother in law about the affair seemed more difficult now.
  james / SincerelyLily / 239d 12h 31m 18s
Lexia had to be strong throughout all of this. She knew that he would need the support too. It was going to be a difficult time for him, adapting to become a father to someone else's child, trying to juggle work and whatever else that came with it. So it was agreed. Tbe following weekend they would be going back to have dinner with Gianna, tell her mother about the affair [I and] James was to meet Gianna's mother. It was going to be very busy indeed.

At least the week leading up that dreaded weekend was nice. They spent their days running the restaurant and their evenings enjoying each other's company and parenting their gorgeous son. The morning of their departure she was packing everything possible, not having travelled away from home with a baby before. She was contemplating what they needed and what they could get hold of it they didn't take it. Anyone would think they were moving house with the two suitcases they had full of baby gear but you never really knew what you might need when you were with a baby.

[B "James, are you ready to go?"] She took the last of the bags down the stairs near the door and got Mason in his car seat ready to transfer to car when they were about to leave. Everything was screaming at her to stay home but she had to figure out where she stood with Gianna and their unborn daughter and James needed her support.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 239d 12h 58m 14s
James was glad that they were back at a point in their relationship where they could talk about things without a problem or an argument. There was no need to rise their voice. Though he knew the conversation was tough to have and Lexia was trying her best not to let it upset her or bring her out of character. Gianna may have gotten to her a little during the phone call, but she was not going to let her win it seemed. James had no intention of leaving Lexia anyways and wanted to do anything he could to make sure she was happy. Her and Mason. He didn’t want either of them hurt. To hear Lexia say she would remain loyal at his side only concreted that promise to himself in his mind. Though he didn’t know how well this peace or loyalty would remain. What if her mother got into her head to leave James after learning of the affair and the child that was bore of it?
He sighed out, that was a thought to be conjured upon Lexia’s request when they went down back to their old restaurant and visited her mother in law at their old home. The home they had purchased when they first married. A home where the child they lost had been conceived. Telling his mother in law would be tough, but James knew it would be better in the long run to get things done as soon as possible and maintain that communication with Lexia. He finished eating then and came to a stand.
“Alright, this upcoming weekend it is.” He said, already planning ahead for his trip. James wondered what her mother would say. “I need a nap,” he mentioned a chuckle.
  james / SincerelyLily / 239d 14h 29m 55s
Lexia chuckled then. [B "I didn't think you were a scrooge but there are a lot of families who dont like the stress of cooking a Christmas dinner and would pay good money to have a nice meal cooked for them on the day."] She knew that her mother often paid close to $100 for a Christmas dinner with her friends once. She figured that James wouldn't want the stress of that though. She was happy to have Christmas at home with him or whatever it was he wanted to do.

[B "I'd like that. I haven't made desserts in so long it will be nice to get back into the kitchen and make something nice."] She looked up at him then at the mention of her mother. It was something she had thought about already and she knew he was right. [B "I know. We have to tell her. When we go back to see Gianna, we'll do it then and rip the band aid off and then we will just have to deal with the consequences."] She sighed a little and glanced at Mason who was happily mumbling to himself and she couldn't help but smile.

[B "As long as he doesn't get hurt by this I will stand by your side no matter what."
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 239d 22h 39m 33s
James wanted to show as much affection to Lexia. It may have seemed like a lot of unnecessary attention, but he didn’t want to slack when it came to his wife. He wanted her to be happy and comfortable. He wanted her not to doubt him and after finding out that Gianna was pregnant, this was probably the closest they had been since that news came to surface. He wanted Lexia to feel like a priority even though Gianna and his daughter would take some of his attention. He focused on his food, Mason’s lovely voice resonating in the room as he babbled. Mason couldn’t wait to see what his son would be like when he started to walk and talk. The personality that the young man would bring to spice up their lives further and how he would react and interact with his half-sister. If anything, James wanted Mason to know that he was loved, much the same as his daughter and he wanted their bond as siblings to be strong.
“Of course, I’m not going to have the restaurant open on Christmas. I am no Scrooge,” he told her with a smile as he had a sip of his drink. “Nice family Christmas here sounds good. We can cook together maybe. You know I love your desserts,” he said. James was trying to find a way to break in on whether or not to invite Gianna and whether or not it would be a good idea to tell her mother about what was going on with Gianna and his daughter.
“I think your mother should know,” he finally said then as he was finishing his meal. James took a last sip of the wine then, already pouring himself another glass. He didn’t want to ruin the mood, but as Lexia had said, three months would go by soon and they would need to get all this settled.
  james / SincerelyLily / 239d 23h 31m 21s
Lexia placed Mason into the bassinet, glad that he seemed happier now that he was full. He was beginning to get really curious about things and was trying to look around. It wouldn't be long until.he was lifting his head and smiling too. She knew those things took a few months for a baby to develop but time was already moving so fast.

It seemed that James wanted to take advantage of the fact that Lexia was barely covered and pulled her close, letting his hands roams over her. She smirked a little, more than happy to have him near her. This is exactly what it had been like when they first started dating and she hoped that it would continue to be like this and that Gianna wouldn't win.

After taooing her backside she chuckled and took a seat. The food smelled delicious and he was returning with some wine that she could enjoy and before long they were taking about the holidays. They would be so different this year. She suspected that Gianna's baby would be born by them. [B "I hadn't really thought about it. I didn't know if you wanted to open the restaurant on Christmas Day? Maybe we just enjoy a nice family Christmas here."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 240d 45m 6s
James was just finishing up plating and pouring them each a glass of wine. Eventually they would be able to share a glass with one another as Lexia was still breastfeeding Mason. The two of them came down the, Lexia in one of his shirts, barley covering her legs and bum. Mason in her arms and snuggled close until she had placed him in the bassinet beside them. Full of Lexia’s milk he was way calmer then and not wailing as he had before. James smiled at Lexia, grabbing her by the waist, his hands roaming against her backside as he kissed her neck.
“Does it?” He asked with a smile playing on his lips. H gave her a light smack on the bum before heading to the fridge. “I think so, go ahead and have a seat and I’ll bring you a glass.” He told her. James grabbed the glasses. He poured a glass of wine for him and Lexia before heading back into the dining room where he placed hers in front of her. He sighed out in relief when he sat down. His ankle wasn’t doing so well but he wasn’t complaining, and it didn’t hurt as much as it did before. He eagerly grabbed his fork, ready to have a bite. He grabbed his glass instead and held it up for Lexia to clank hers against. “To us,” he said with a smile, leaning over to kiss her lips then.
James took a sip of his wine then before he started to eat. He felt a bit more relief and at least his hunger was one thing that he could keep control of. He looked up from his dish then.
“What do you want to do for the holidays?” He asked her. It would be sometime around the time that Gianna got pregnant. Normally he would consider a vacation away, but they had mason and his daughter would be born plus a new restaurant. Still James wanted to do his best.
  james / SincerelyLily / 240d 6h 54m 20s
Lexia smiled up at James as he kissed her head. Now that they had seemingly pushed everything aside that was stressing them out, she was really beginning to enjoy holiday with James and Mason who was making his presence know right now. She really had missed him over the weekend and all she could do wad hope that him now having a daughter wouldn’t mean that they have to spend less time together, that perhaps Gianna would be sensible about all of this and let Lexia be in his daughter’s life.

For now she focused on feeding Mason until he seemed to be full enough. Once he was fed she picked him up gently and placed him down on his changing mat so that she can get him changed into something else as well as changing his diaper. Lexia had no plans to get dressed today, deciding that she would spend the entire day in pyjamas if she could. After all this was a lazy day and she really didn’t see the need to get changed into anything else. She pulled on one of James’ shirts and picked up Mason before heading downstairs where the smell of food was beginning to fill the house.

[b “Oh my God that looks and smells amazing.”] She said as she neared James and placed a kiss on his cheek. The shirt she wore barely covered her bottom but since they were the only ones in the house that hardly seemed to matter. [b “I can’t wait to dig into this. I would kill for a glass of wine if I wasn’t breast feeding right now. Do we still have any of the non alcoholic stuff?”] They has brought some in for date nights while she was pregnant and it tasted pretty good.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 240d 8h 44m 49s
James chuckled then. He was certain that mason wouldn’t be giving them that much alone time but he was happy to know that at least for the meantime that he was able to have some alone time with his wife. Mason at least allotted then that. He brushed his hand over his neck and found his sweats before putting them back on. Mason was already feeding and Lexia was resting amongst the messy covers. He walked over and leaned down to give her a kiss on the top of her head.
“As you wish my darling,” James said then. He gently rolled his hand over Mason’s forehead before he started downstairs. The thought occurred to him then about Lexia’s mother. Thinking about meeting Gianna’s mother was concerning enough but when he started to think about how he was going to spend his time with his daughter and Gianna, he knew that it was going to start to draw attention to them and certainly if her mother came there to visit she would wonder who was the other baby that they would have around. He couldn’t bear the thought of telling his mother in law that he had an affair and birthed a child from that, especially after they had gotten along so well.
He eventually reached the kitchen then, making himself something to drink. He was exhausted and starving from his events with Lexia. He started working in the meal, trying to busy his mind. He knew though it was something that they would have to face and James knew that he needed to discuss this with Lexia. As mentioned three months would fly by and soon all their secrets would be out in the open. He didn’t want to bring that up now though and especially after making love. He wanted to remain in the peaceful state they were in.
Food was quick to prepare and James began playing it for them. A romantic lunch after a romantic session of making love – so far the day was working out and he didn’t want to ruin it.
  james / SincerelyLily / 240d 9h 33m 26s
Lexia didn't think either of them would have been able to cope if they got pregnant again almost instantly, especially with the huge life changing issue with Gianna. She would be giving him a daughter and that was something Lexia had not had been able to do the first time around. Luckily, that wasn't the kind of thing that was on her mind right now. All she cared about was the fact that she was here with her husband and he loved her. She had to believe that at this moment in time. She chuckled and kissed him, pulling the duvet over her as she watched him stand and go to get washed up.

[b "I'm pretty hungry too."] She said with a chuckle as Mason broke through the silence, almost reminding them that their time alone would be limited from now on. [B "Seems so. At least we know he has a good set of lungs on him."] She said with a smile as she pulled her hair back behind her shoulders and held out her hands to welcome Mason into her arms.

[B "Always. Would you make that carbonara that you do?"] She adjusted herself a little and Mason was quick to latch on to her, feeding in a way that suggested he hadn't been fed for a while. [B "He's got a fairly impressive appetite too."
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 240d 11h 41m 25s
James had managed to catch his breath then, his hands gently massaging her back as she was coming down from the high of her orgasm. He chuckled at her comment then, his hand caressing her cheek as he placed a kiss on her lips. “That certainly would be a surprise. Very good thing” He said with a smirk. Three babies in the span of a year? Yeah that would’ve certainly drew him crazy. Though James didn’t lie when he said he wanted a big family. Hopefully when things were settled the two could start for another family. He nuzzled her neck then, wanting to make a comment about how he hoped they would have a girl, but figured that with everything going on currently it wouldn’t be the best thing to mention. He knew Lexia was possibly upset that his mistress was having his child and it was a girl. The girl they never got a chance to meet.
He removed himself from her then, managing to pull them apart – his body cold some from the feeling of not having her body pressed against him. “Besides, not sure I can hold off any longer if you were to get pregnant again,” James said with a wink at his wife. He moved toward the edge of the bed then pulling on his shorts. “and I definitely worked up an appetite.” James had disappeared into their bathroom for a brief moment just to wash his hands. Their breakfast had been ruined by the phone call, neither of them wanting to finish eating after the phone call they had with Gianna and while they continued their meal, James was not rally satisfied with the taste it left in his mouth. He started to ask what Lexia wanted for lunch when Mason started crying, coming to from his quiet nap. He was definitely letting his parents know that alone time was over. “Looks like we’re all feeling that way.” James kissed Lexia’s cheek. “You tell me what you want and take care of the little boy?” He suggested as he came to a stand, walking over to Mason to pick him up. He cradled him against his skin, gently rocking him to soothe him as he headed toward Lexia.
  james / SincerelyLily / 240d 12h 34m 9s
She could feel him working himself out of his clothes as they kissed and it was a kiss that told of their desire for each other. She was completely in the moment and also entirely grateful for the fact that Mason was sound asleep, giving them the time to be this close to each other. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt him pressed against her and even more so when he slowly entered her, the feeling completely overwhelming her senses since it had been a matter of three months since the couple had shared in each other this way.

Lexia was more than happy to allow him to move her and while every slow and gently thrust she felt herself opening up to him more and more. As a response to the way he kissed her she arched her back to which he held her there. The angle gave him that little bit more depth and ensured that she was close to him. If she had not given birth three weeks ago she would have certainly flipped him onto his back and taken the lead, knowing how much he loved to watch her ride him but this was about being sensual and connected.

It was only when they both came close that the pace did quicken some but he was still careful and not overly rough with her. His name escaped her lips and she found herself getting closer to release and when she felt that familiar throb from him, she was already defeated and the sounds of pleasure escaped her as he emptied himself into her, her legs closing around his waist as if to allow him to go deeper.

[B "I love you too."] She was out of breath and unable to say much other than that to begin with but as she came down from her high, she looked to him. [B "It's a good thing I'm on birthday control right now."] She chuckled as she kissed him.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 240d 14h 1m 7s
James leaned into Lexia as she wrapped her arms around him. They looked into each other’s eyes, and he leaned in for another kiss. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. Never breaking contact until another deep kiss was given. “Gentle, I promise.” He whispered against her lips, a low husky voice as his hands worked at his pants and boxers. James moaned at the release and even just having him so close to Lexia’s warmth was sending him over the edge. His hand gripped her back, hips angling as he slowly edged into his wife. [I Gentle] he reminded himself, though being encompassed fully then was making it hard for him to focus. He grunted, breathing hard and rapid as his forehead lay on her chest. He was trying to compose himself, the feeling of being inside Lexia after the last few months giving him a great high. James didn’t break contact, laying her on her back then with the hopes of gaining a deeper penetration. He ducked his head then before looking up at Lexia with a smile. Gentle, as he promised.
He leaned in to kiss her lips, his tongue pressing against hers, teeth gently hitting her lips as he ground against her. James kissed at her neck, a moan coming from him with each thrust. His suckling at her skin, hips moving at a slightly increased pace. He held her up just slightly, wanting to hold her his hands spread across her back for support. James’ lips caught the soft skin of her breasts, tongue flicking at the hard teat, tugging gently at it with his teeth. He wanted to consume every inch of her and it showed in his actions, his restraint in keeping his actions as soft as possible. James’ eyes found her own, an amused smile playing on his face. He was in heaven and he hoped that Lexia felt much the same pleasure as him. He could feel the light beads of sweat forming on his forehead, him throbbing inside Lexia as he came closer to the edge. “Lexia,” he whispered, words floating in his mind lost from the feeling of delight. He curse, “Shit,” being inside her was intensifying and yet he still tried to keep control. He held her down by the shoulders, excitement getting the best of him as he knew he was reaching his climax. The bed rocked some, his hold tightening and hips moving just a bit quicker. James growled out her name, the hungry growl of a man satisfied as he took her lips again, one final jolt before he released. He didn’t move then, pulling from the kiss and resting his forehead against hers and breathing rapid until every drop of his seed was freed inside Lexia. “God I love you,” he said finally when he could catch his breath, kissing her gently on her jaw. “Gentle enough?” He teases with a light chuckle.
  james / SincerelyLily / 240d 15h 17m 42s
James always seemed to have a certain effect on Lexia and the way he said her name and that way he gasped had her feeling a certain type of way. She wanted him and she was not sure that she could follow the guidance of the doctors to avoid having sex for six weeks. Three was enough right? She knew she would be able to hold back. This wasn’t just about sex though. This wasn’t something they needed because they wanted to satisfy their physical need for each other. This was about their emotional connection and how their love-making always seemed to strengthen that.

Sure enough, his hands discarded the garments she wore and his hands were on her bare skin. Her back arched and a gasp of desire escaped her as his finger left trails of burning desire in their path. She needed him too and simply feeling him pressed against her was enough to send her reeling. Lexia moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, already wet with desire for him.

She looked him in the eye then, her hand coming down to caress his cheek as she nodded. “Then be gentle.” She whispered as she lifted her head to kiss him deeply and lovingly, nothing rushed though. If they were going to be physical it would be slow, gently and passionate.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 240d 19h 35m 42s

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