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It was true that Lexia’s mother had never been a fan of James, and this certainly gave her a reason. She knew just like Lexia’s father that James was all charm in the beginning before selfishness would take over and he would make a mistake. She didn’t want that for her daughter, she wanted her daughter to have better. It hurt her to know that Lexia had been stuck in a marriage with a cheater, had a baby by one and now was having another child out of wedlock.
James could hear the commotion in the far room and followed suit then in time to see Lexia holding their son and with a packed bag to go.
“You’re not going to a hotel, not with our son.” He told her then with a raised brow and a tone that definitely made her mother move out of the way. James couldn’t believe Lexia would consider taking his son from him. Was she really over the relationship? The marriage? Had this been the final straw that made the female decide that this was not going to work. James hadn’t meant to make it seem like Lexia was just a girl he kept in the background while he spent his time philandering with women and focusing on his business. A business that Lexia had put effort and money into, and now was using that fact against him. He cared about both of them, but Lexia was his wife and he figured she would know he loved and cared for her more. It would of course be hard to balance the two women and their families, but he had hoped that Lexia would stay true to her word and stay at his side. They were supposed to fight through this.
“Lexia, let’s just talk about this.” He said calming some and maybe it was the liquor finally coming into play. He looked over his shoulder at his mother in law who scowled in his direction. “Alone.”
  james / SincerelyLily / 195d 22h 12m 54s
Lexia had walked away because she didn't want this argument in front of her mother. She hadn't meant that this meant nothing to her, just that she didn't need her mother to get involved. At this point though she had already started packing. Maybe this was the final straw and James would never understand what she was going through. She tried to block out the noise and she was trying to see through her tears but she wasn't alone for long.

[B "Why didn't I tell you? Because you have been looking for an excuse to end my marriage with James for years! Well maybe you got your wish."] She said as she pulled a bag over her shoulder and went to pick up Mason, not wanting to wake him up so she was gentle with him.

[I "What are you doing?"]

[B "I'm going to a hotel."]

[I "Absolutely not. You and Mason are staying here. James can go to a hotel. I can help you through this, we'll be okay...the three of us."] She shook her head and Lexia was on the verge of breaking down.

[B "Mom, get out of my way. Please."]

[I "Lexia..."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 196d 2h 27m 2s
“How many times am I going to have to apologize for fucking her? Gianna’s pregnant by me and I can’t change it okay?1” James wished he could take the words back, much the same as he wished he could take back every moment with Gianna. Lexia had led him to believe that everything was fine and yet apparently, she was suffering; from understanding that his time would be hard to split between both of them. Lexia had never talked to him this way and James was thrown aback some at first. She was right, this was his fault. However, she had stuck by him and while it didn’t eradicate his wrongdoing, he certainly couldn’t see any sign that Lexia had been unhappy until this night. Had he been oblivious? Or were these building emotions that she had tried to fight for so long and this, [I this] one missed date was the straw that broke the camel’s back?
“Nothing?” He asked in shock. Lexia was walking away from the situation. She had said her piece and had no intention of going back on it or continuing this argument and especially more so not too thrilled about doing so in front of her mother. His mother in law who heard the noise and quickly came down to see what was going on.
“What’s this about a – pregnant?” His mother in law was barring him from exiting the kitchen and following Lexia. “This is all nothing? [I Nothing] that I did to push this all aside for you and the baby is nothing? This house, the other house – the restaurant you agreed to buying. ‘m to blame when she gets upset?”
“James you did not cheat on my little girl!” Her mother responded and James could tell she was figuring out why some days things just seemed so tense when it came to the couple. Her mother came after Lexia who was tearing up. “Lexia why didn’t you tell me? And he’s got her pregnant? I cannot allow you to stay.”
  james / SincerelyLily / 196d 3h 10m 45s
She didn't mean to compare but it truly felt like he was in a relationship with two women and she certainly didn't think she could be one of three people in this relationship but she needed this to come out because she had been holding it in for so long now, pretending that her feelings were not hurt when they clearly were. Her eyes widened a little when he slammed the door. She listened to him and watched him take a drink, glancing at his phone in the process.

[B "Don't! Don't make out like I'm the bad guy because you are the one [I trying]. All I ever do is push things aside for you and now I'm going to have to do that for the rest of my life because you couldn't keep it in your pants!"] She sighed heavily and she was shaking a little, usually the one to avoid any confrontation.

[I "What on Earth is going on in here?"] Her mother's voice broke through then and Lexia looked towards her with tears in her eyes. She guessed that she would have heard everything she said.

[B "Nothing...Mom, nothing."] She brushed passed her and avoided looking at James and made her way to the room Mason was sleeping in, hoping that seeing the peaceful state of her son might help her calm down.
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They entered the home then, though it didn’t feel much like home with the argument they were having. He knew this moment would come, a moment when Lexia would try to compare her situation with him as her husband and his with Gianna as his mistress when it came to the pregnancy. “I tried to make up for that Lexia. I am trying to make up for everything,” he told he then slamming the door shut. He was exhausted and it was no surprise to find the male heading into the kitchen and raiding the cabinet for a stashed bottle.
“I feel bad okay? I can’t turn back time you know.” James poured himself a drink then before taking a sip. Lexia was angry enough to raise her voice and he could see that obviously this had meant a lot to her and for the third time in their marriage he had broken her heart. He had not meant to and granted he should’ve made more of an effort to leave on time when it came to the appointment. How was he just to abandon her and especially in front of her mother who he did not expect to be joining them, a mother who didn’t even know that James was still with his wife.
His pocket vibrated then, James eagerly downing the drink and with good purpose once seeing Gianna’s name floating on the screen. He ignored it.
“You want to have this conversation Lexia? Then fine,” he said then as he took another shot. “I am sorry alright? What the hell do I have to do? You think I like hurting you, is that it?” His voice raised and James was getting angry enough, back to how impatient and quick tempered as he used to be.
  james / SincerelyLily / 196d 7h 18m 43s
Lexia had been trying so hard. She stayed with him after an affair and helped him build up a second restaurant and buy a new house along side that. She then decided that she would going to stick with him through this nightmare of Gianna having his little girl, one that she had lost herself before they had started the affair. Would any other self respecting woman have stayed? But God she loved him and she didn't know how she could take Mason and walk away from him.

She swallowed hard and turned away from him as they made their way out to the car, not before handing over a bill to the waitress to pay for the drinks and then they were on their way back to the place thay used to be their home. She didn't say a word. Perhaps it was irrational of her to feel this way because it was an appointment but he had been gone since one in the afternoon and she couldn't imagine why things would take so long, even with Gianna's mother making a surprise visit. She sighed heavily as she got out of the car.

[B "What is there to talk about James? You are already making more effort with her than you ever did with me when I was pregnant and now you are blowing me off for her."] She didn't mean to sound so angry but the truth was, she was heartbroken.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 196d 8h 18m 0s
Lexia could barely look him in the eye and her voice was small – she seemed in between embarrassed and just plain ol’ upset. He could feel the small wriggle of her body against his, almost as though she were uncomfortable. James could of course understand as his tone wasn’t pleasant and he didn’t want them to be embarrassed in such a fancy place. He was mad at himself then, for losing his temper and for ruining what was supposed to be a good night. Lexia was upset and she wasn’t in the mood to eat. There was nothing he could do to change that and certainly no words could make up or better their situation.
He rubbed the back of his neck then, quite pissed iff and nodded.
“Fine.” He said and he didn’t know who to be upset at. Of course himself but so far the women involved in all the arguments and confrontations he had thus far were not necessarily of their own fault. He knew Lexia was feeling self conscious based on the looks they were getting. “Let’s go then.” He said with a sigh, cheeks red from embarrassment as well. This was supposed to be a great night and a chance for them to spend a romantic evening together and it was ending in an argument. He headed out and held the door open, walking toward the valet who retrieved their car. James opened the door for her and once all buckled inside he began toward the house. He was beating himself up and trying not to stress Lexia out more than he knew she was. She was doing a lot for him and handling things well and he had to mess this one thing up for her. A night for themselves.
He parked in the driveway and turned the ignition of.
“You’re going to give me the silent treatment tonight ?” He asked as he was getting out the car. He didn’t want to argue in front of her mother but heading inside the tension was getting too much for him to bear.
  james / SincerelyLily / 196d 15h 26m 43s
Lexia frowned and took a step back from him as he raised his voice and she couldn't help but look around at the few people who turned their head to look at them. She didn't want to be embarrased and she looked to the floor to avoid the looks that they were getting at that moment. This was a nice place and to be swearing like that was not was she envisioned as their romantic evening together.

He was pulling her closer then and she was forced to looked from the floor up to him. There was every chance that people would look at them and see a somewhat controlling partnership but she knew that he was just stressed but it wasn't fair that she had to make all of these adjustments for him and it felt a little bit like he wasn't fully aware of just how much she was pushing aside.

[B "I...I just want to go home."] She sighed and looked back to the floor again. Their night was already ruined and she didn't want to hang around here having people question their relationship on the way that he had acted just then. [B "I'm not hungry anymore."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 196d 16h 43m 21s
James met Lexia on what appeared to be her way out. He sighed out at her words, not as heavily as she had sighed and felt terrible then as he could see the disappointment in her face and definitely in her lecture. This night was important and James was coming to the realization then just how hard it would be to juggle both women and his families.
“I’m sorry love. I tried – Gianna invited her mother. I was thrown off.” He admitted to her then. He didn’t want them to be standing in the lobby of the restaurant arguing. He could tell that she was angry and James was already on edge. “I’m fucking trying okay?” The raise of volume in his voice was enough to turn a few heads. He wasn’t trying to turn his temper on Lexia as she didn’t deserve it. Though he felt like she should know that he hadn’t done this intentionally. A promise was a promise though and showing up over an hour late for a romantic dinner with his wife was not something that could just be forgiven so easily. Lexia had been patient with him a lot and forgiven him for a lot of his mistakes; so kind and understanding when it came to the affair and now the child. Yet he couldn’t even keep his promise to attend their dinner on time. He tried to keep his anger in control. “I’m sorry okay? What more can I do.” His hand reached for her waist time draw her in. “This night is supposed to be about us and I want it to. You want to argue or do you want dinner?” And he didn’t mean for him to sound as passive aggressive as he came off. He was trying to work things out and the conversation he had with Gianna and her mother had made that quite difficult.
  james / SincerelyLily / 196d 17h 26m 47s
Lexia had finished her drink and ordered a second and she glanced at her watch. He was thirty minutes late. It didn't make sense for the appointment to run over that much. He could of course have hit traffic or maybe there was a complication so she would give him the benefit of the doubt for now but by the time she finished her second drink and she started to get looks from the waitress she was feeling really stupid.

[I "You want me to call you a cab?"] Lexia sighed and shook her head.

[B "I walked here. I don't live too far. Thanks though."] She sighed as the woman walked away and she was about to get up and leave but she saw James walking through the door. He smiled and kissed her cheek as though he was five minutes late and she couldn't help but feel a little upset.

[B "Late? Babe it's almost 7:15. You are way more than a little late."] She sighed heavily. [B "You said tonight was about us, that you would be here at 6 sharp. I've been sat here looking like I've been stood up for over an hour an a half."
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 196d 18h 19m 52s
James had arrived at Gianna’s home, texting her to let her know that he had arrived. Imagine the surprise and shock as to see not only her coming out her front door but another woman right after her. Close enough to the car, James could already see the resemblance between the two women.
“What the-“James mumbled before he got out of the car. He tried to not show any sense of confusion though he was definitely upset and sure his stiff actions gave that away. He cleared his throat, eyes staring into Gianna’s. She shrugged then and gave him a taut smile, obviously not wanting to bring this up in front of her mother. Though James had all the right to be angry as this was not the plan.
“Uhm, Gianna. . .” He said then.
“James, this is my mother Margaret.” He turned toward the fair haired woman, fairly young looking for her age and of course he could see where Gianna got her good looks from. The woman extended her hand out, a smile on her face and for some bit that appeased him. She at least didn’t seem pissed ad certainly wasn’t giving him the cold shoulder. James took her hand and gave it a shake.
“So you’re the one she goes on about. I can see why, handsome. Guess she inherited my inability to chose the right man.” She said then. Ah, that’s what he was waiting for.
“Mom, please don’t.” Gianna muttered. James didn’t see how this could go well though. He opened the car door for the women to get in before praying for sanctity as he headed for the passenger seat. Much as he expected, it was an awkward bit of conversation. The only pleasantry being the ultrasound moment and watching his daughter move. Gianna was excited too and at some point she had gripped his hand. He held it, not wanting to upset her or her mother. The appointment was going on longer than he planned though and he was under the wire.
“So,” Margaret asked him then. They were waiting for Gianna to come back from the bathroom and James was impatient. His phone had died which meant he wouldn’t be able to contact Lexia. He hoped that she wasn’t upset as this had been made to be a very important night. Their first date night in a while and he knew that Lexia was really looking forward to it. “James, what is going on between you and my daughter?”
“I’m sorry?” He asked then with a raised brow.
“When do you and her plan to hitch.” James was shocked then, he realized then that Gianna had never told her that he was still with Lexia.
“Margaret, I don’t know how to tell you this. I am still married to my wife.” She gasped then, clearly thrown off. Gianna was returning then and it was clear there was some tension. The car ride wasn’t very nice.
“I will call you tonight,” she said to him in a tone not so kind. James sighed and nodded, not able to look in her direction. Maybe Gianna did still have it in her head that they could be together.
Speeding toward the restaurant, he was still very late. The only saving grace being that he had changed before leaving; grabbing his suit jacket from the trunk before heading inside. He ran his hand through his hair, trying to appear less disheveled. He looked to find Lexia then, heading toward the table. He smiled and kissed her cheek.
“Hey babe, sorry I’m late.”
  james / SincerelyLily / 196d 18h 56m 26s
It was a nice morning regardless of the fact that she knew he would be heading off to meet Gianna shortly. For now, they told her mother that he had some work to do at the restaurant and of course they was believable since he did have a restaurant here that they would occasionally need to check up on. But, sure enough the time came for him to leave and she was nervous. Lexia hid the feeling of course and nodded. [b "I'll see you at six."]

The rest of the day with her mother was nice. She had the chance to at least momentarily forget about Gianna and just focused on being a mother and enjoying that with her own who was loving being a grandmother. Around five she started to get ready for her date night, enjoying the fact that she had a reason to get a little dressed up which was something she hadn't done in so long since they didn't really have the chance.

She chose a nice navy dress, one that gathered at her stomach and she wore some of her own jewellery to match. Her hair was pulled up in a nice up do and she slipped on a pair of heels and for the first time in a long time she felt sexy and she was looking forward to being treated to a special night with her husband. It was hard to leave Mason but her mother promised to call if anything went wrong and after several compliments she was on her way.

Lexia grabbed a table and ordered a drink for her and one for James and waited with a smile on her face, looking forward to seeing him after hours apart.
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James smiles at his mother in law. It was truly great for them to have her in their lives and able to take care of their grandson. James was happy at least that he would be able to take care of responsibilities and still be able to spend time with his wife they all enjoyed a nice brunch together, casual conversation and a little catch up. Eventually it was time for him to disappear for the appointment. James felt bad. He had neglected Lexia for the beginning of her pregnant. He was consumed with his depression from the miscarriage and an affair seemed to make it feel okay. Despite that she still stuck by his side and as he watched her, he couldn’t held but feel overjoyed that someone like her has come until his life. Not only that but Lexia was sticking to him and staying by his side. Every time he looked at her he fell more and more in love.
“I have to be going,” James said as he finished his last bite of food. He waged it down before standing and thanking his mother in law. He leaned over and gave Lexia a kiss.
“6 pm sharp,” he told her with a smile. It was already approaching 1 before the appointment and James figured it would not take too long. He had no clue however that Gianna had invited her mother and figured now was a good time for the two to meet.
James kisses his son goodbye before heading to the car. He sat there for a moment trying to compose himself. It felt weird then, as though he were entering an alternative universe. He was splitting worlds at that point.
He started the car and began toward the doctors office where he would meet up with Gianna.
  james / SincerelyLily / 198d 18h 20m 11s
[B "Brunch sounds perfect."] She said as she followed her mother inside, grateful that James was afoot to get the bags and get them settled. While they waiting for him to come into the dining the two talked, mostly about Mason because she wanted to know how he was getting on. She hadn't seen him since she left and it was clear that she missed him as she was quick to take him out of the car chair and fuss him. Lexia couldn't help but smile at the sight of them. She decided to keep hold of him at the table and reached for food around him when James came back.

Lexia smiled towards him and reached for some food before turning her attention back to her mother. [B "Hey Mom, we were hoping to go on a date tonight, you know get some alone time for a few hours. Do you think you'd be willing to babysit? He's getting into a routine now so he feeds at 5:30 and then doesn't feed again until 10ish. I figured we could go out for 6, have a few hours alone time and then come back in time for feeding."]

[I "Oh my God!"] She sounded so excited. [I "Of course I will. I'd love to take care of this handsome little fellow."]

[B "Thanks Mom."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 200d 7h 30m 19s
Lexia had given him just a bit of confidence that appeased him, but he was still worried. He believed Lexia though. Whatever happened was something out of their control and he was going to accept that as best as he could. End of the day, this was his and Lexia’s marriage and only her opinion mattered. If she remained in love with him and was willing to make it work then that’s all that mattered. Lexia got out first and grabbed Mason out of his seat before hugging her mother who of course was way more excited about seeing her grandson again. James smiled as he got out of the car, waving to say hello to his mother in law. She waved them into them into the house then.
“I just finished making brunch,” she said with a smile. James was happy to hear as he was a bit tired. Work and being a father was definitely wearing on him. He figured they didn’t really need to start off with bad news. They could wait until after James visited Gianna and her mother the next day.
He’d have to be quick with eating though as he had to meet Gianna for the appointment. The next day would be when they had the meeting, which he hoped went smoothly and before they left, then it would be easier to break the news to his mother in law. For now, he just had to worry about the appointment. Though the day wasn’t all stressful. James wanted to take his wife out on a dinner date that night. They had both been working so hard and he wanted them to take advantage of a night together. Back to the restaurant that had become their favorite.
“I’ll get the bags,” James said as he ushered the two inside. He responded to a text to Gianna about the appointment, letting her know he had arrived and would be on time. He slipped his phone in his pocket and began to gather the last of the suitcases. Lexia had really packed a lot. He closed and locked everything up behind him, conversation floating from the kitchen where food was prepared. James made sure to place their belongings in the room before heading into the dining area where there was a light spread placed out.
“James,” his mother in law said as he grabbed a deviled egg. “How’re you? How’s the restaurant.” He took a seat then, his eyes dancing from Lexia to his mother in law before giving her an insecure smile.
“Everything is good, going well. I’m very happy.”
  james / SincerelyLily / 200d 19h 13m 36s

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