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Lexia loved being close to James in this way and even though she knew that they shouldn't be doing any kind of sexual activity for at least about week or so but they could hardly keep their hands off each other in moments like this when they both felt the need to show their love to each other on a psychical level. Sometimes words just didn't feel like enough and this was one of those moments. As if to drive her further and intensify her orgasm he started to place with her breasts.

Her trembling intensified and she bucked against him, her orgasm ripping through her. It was intense and James didn't relent until he was sure that she had completely reached her heights, making her shudder even more before he pulled away. She twitched slightly with every kiss he placed on her thighs until he reached her lips and she started to chuckle with him.

[b "That was incredible."] She sighed happily and rolled onto her side to look at him as he caressed her face and shifted the hair from it. [b "You don't want me to return the favour?"] She asked as she reached out for him.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 207d 14h 16m 8s
James hadn’t pleasured Lexia in such a manner in a while and he wanted her to know that no matter the distance or if he sometimes became angry, he still loved her. He cared about her and it would be his duty always as her husband to make sure she never forgot that. Her hands worked through his hair and he moaned out. James could sense she was getting close, her thighs caging him in as she trembled. He smiled some as she screamed out his name, his stomach splayed against her stomach then, fingers working with her breasts. James had finally reached the moment, not relinquishing his hold on her as he lapped up whatever was left. He chuckled then and slowly pulled away, kissing her lightly, his breathing ragged and slowing to a normal pace as he began to kiss her gently, lips travelling to the inside of her thighs as he headed upward to her lips, raising and falling from the pleasure. The same stomach that had once been swollen with his child inside.

James chuckled then and continued his journey of light kisses before he reached her neck, kissing behind her war and back along her jawline, his thumb playing over her lips.
“How’s that?” He asked with a chuckle as he rolled to his side, propping himself up by his elbow then. He caressed her face, pushing back those soft and wistful strands of red hair. Today had been a rollercoaster, the whole weekend had actually, but James was able to finally relax for the first time all weekend. This was just one of the many moments they would have just themselves without having to think about all the crap that was going on outside of their marriage and effecting it.

He yawned then, knowing they had to drive home and he had to work the next morning. “we should get some rest, while Mason is asleep.” He said as he kissed her cheek.
  james / SincerelyLily / 210d 11h 4m 6s
[B "I do."] She said softly as she allowed her eyes to close as his lips travelled up her body, removing any clothing that was in the way. This was his way of showing her how he felt when he didn't feel like words would be enough or if he couldn't find the right words to say. She was already moaning with the way his lips graced her skin and it wasn't long before she was lying on the bed naked with him between her thighs.

Her back arched as his tongue worked her and she could hardly control the noises the came from her as he went down on her. It had been a while since he had done this for her and she couldn't deny that the feeling was amazing. She allowed her hand to continue resting in his hair, guiding him slightly. Not that he needed it. He knew exactly what he was doing when it came to pleasuring her and he knew all the places to explore.

[B "James..."] she gasped his name as her back arched further and he didn't show any signs of relenting. Her leg started to shake a little as he pushed her closer to the edge. [B "Fuck...James...I'm so close."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 207d 14h 29m 4s
“And you know I love you.” James said as her fingers ran though his hair. He smiled then as his lips traveled along her frame, finally resting there at her legs as he began to remove her clothing. James meant it when he said priorities and he didn’t really think about it himself truly at that point as he knew whatever pleased Lexia would make him happy. It wasn’t asked for, but he was going to give her what he could to show how much he loved her. The lights were dimmed then, the sun going down to create a beautiful warm glow over the otherwise dark hotel room.

James did everything he could to get Lexia nude, his lips trying their hardest to never lift for longer than thirty seconds from her body. Satisfied finally he found himself between those two thighs. James didn’t want to come off selfish, wanting her ever so badly Waiting for six weeks seemed impossible and they had already slipped up, he didn’t want to overdo it. Still, he suspected Lexia wanted him just as badly by how her body reacted.

James didn’t hesitate as his tongue eased its way in, his hands gripping her thighs to lift them, so her legs rested on his shoulders as he went. James moaned then, his tongue lapping at the delicate flesh like the licking the thin layer of the inside of a peach. James eagerly gripped her close, sucking as though she was the juiciest and the last peach in the world. Air didn’t seem to matter, just Lexia’s hands filtering though his hair, the sounds she made and the gasps that filled the room as he brought her closer with each stroke.

Moments like this seemed to be fading with all that was going on, but it was lack of intimacy that had created the wedge in their marriage in the first place. Despite all that had happened, everything they were dealing with when it came to money and Gianna – he wanted Lexia to know that he would always choose her. He moaned into her then, breathing rapid much like his movements until he knew she was overwhelmingly close to climax.
  james / SincerelyLily / 211d 13h 31m 45s
Things weren't going to be easy but Lexia's vows meant so much to her. She promised to love and support him no matter what and that was exactly what she was doing and it wasn't just because she didn't want to break her vows. She felt like it was the right thing to do for their relationship. She wasn't ready to give up yet and she refused to believe that they were already out of time.

When the kiss came to an end she glanced back down at Mason who had fallen asleep in James' arms and she couldn't stop smiling. It was such a beautiful sight. He rose up then, deciding to settle him into his own bed for the night. It wasn't long before James was edging back towards the bed where she sat and those butterflies that had settled were bursting to life again simply because of the way he was looking at her.

His words filled her with such love but he actions did so much more to here. The way his hands ran over her body and the way his lips graced her skin. Her head fell back a little and she sighed softly as she felt a rush of pleasure from his touch.

Lexia was his then and she knew they were about to share in each other once more, even though they still had a couple of weeks before they were supposed to... but they would be careful. Lexia brought a hand to rest in his hair and out of instinct, she lay back on the bed. [B "I love you."
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 211d 22h 11m 12s
James smiled into the kiss, glad to know that he hadn’t completely fucked up when it came to his wife and his relationship with Lexia. Things of course would be different from this point on, moments like this would become more and more scarce as their son grew older and once Gianna gave birth. James wanted to cherish these moments as much as he could. He looked down at his son once more then, the young fella soon falling into a deep slumber, comfortable once more after his changing as he was held in his father’s arms. He was so perfect, and James couldn’t believe that out of all the mess that he had been through in his life, he managed to still be blessed with a handsome and loving son and a beautiful wife who was willing to stick by his side.

James stood then to place Mason back in bed, watching him carefully as he settled, cuddling onto the blanket he had become attached to since birth, no doubt because it had Lexia’s scent on it. He wondered then if his daughter would be the same. Would she go against Lexia? Would Gianna somehow manipulate the girl through growth not to like Lexia, or would she formulate a decision for herself to see the kind and loving mother, or [I stepmother] that Lexia could be.

He looked over his shoulder then and watched her. She had put up with so much over the course of such short weeks and still somehow managed to have the energy to put up with his and Gianna’s bullshit. “More than anything,” he said then, Mason falling asleep and James edging closer to his wife. “You deserve everything,” he said, knowing that she would disregard such notion as humble as she was. James gently gripped her neck, kissing her as he came to bended knee. He looked up at her then. “I don’t want to hear you protest,” he said softly, hands travelling down her back before resting at her thighs carefully. He kissed at her collarbone, lips travelling down until resting at her stomach as his hands massaged her inner thigh.

He peeled away her shirt, kissing at her delicate flesh, hands tenderly stroking her. This was a tough weekend, but it didn’t have to end on a bad note.
  james / SincerelyLily / 212d 4h 30m 51s
Lexia watched for a moment as James interacted with her son and she couldn't help but fill up with love when she did. This was everything she ever wanted and she didn't want anything to take that away from her. That was what she was afraid of when it came to Gianna. She could be vindictive and she could easily use James' daughter to get what she wanted. She wouldn't put it past her to use the child as a bargaining chip but she hoped she was wrong.

She leaned her head against his shoulder for a moment as she looked down at Mason and then he was clear that Jamrs wanted to kiss her so she allowed him to do so, lifting her head just enough for him to find her lips. When James moaned he always did something to her and she couldnt help but feel that familiar wave of desire come over her.

[B "I love you too James. Both of you, more than anything."] She kissed him again, just as deeply as he had kissed her the first time.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 212d 7h 49m 35s
She was right. He had been apologizing for something that had already happened and there was no going back or pretending that they could do anything to fix it. Apologizing certainly wouldn’t help. Lexia was so optimistic. He didn’t understand how she wasn’t upset or how she wasn’t ready to rip him apart after all that had happened. It worried him if she was really okay or if she was keeping a lot in. He didn’t want Lexia to be dealing with this on her own and as much that she said they were in this together, he knew that she had to have some fear as she expressed before about him having to navigate a double life. He accepted her kiss, wanting to draw her back in but Lexia was flighty and quick and already heading toward the crib where Mason was squirming about.

James took Mason into his arms and held him close, chuckling softly at the young boy as he looked up at him. He was still trying to get comfortable against his father, used to cuddling up against Lexia’s soft bosom. He cooed at the young boy, chuckling as he tickled the young boy.

“Just a little,” he told her. He knew how much that Lexia wanted a daughter and their talk from the day before proved it. He always wanted a big family and Lexia knew that. Now wasn’t a time to think about having another kid, financially they were strapped. However, James wanted to give Lexia the daughter that she wanted. He’d bring that up another time. The whole situation with their finances, the restaurant and Gianna could not be ignored, but James just wanted a moment of ignorant bliss, there holding his son in his arms and Lexia there.

He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist, a picture-perfect couple of you never knew them or what they were going through. James kissed her deep then, moaning out in pleasure. “I love you; you know that?”
  james / SincerelyLily / 213d 3h 56m 46s
Lexia didn’t necessarily want to go back to work yet either but the fact of the matter was they might not have a choice in it. She could work in the restaurant and make jewellery in her free time. It would difficult but she would do it for him, no questions asked. She sighed as he allowed his head to rest against hers and she closed her eyes for a moment, just taking in what their lives were about to become.

[b “You have to stop apologising. It’s already done and it’s something we have to live with and it is we...we are in this together and we will make this work as best as we can okay?”] She kissed him briefly before she moved to pick up Mason and get him changed. As she did, she spoke to him as she usually did and she brought him onto the bed with her.

[b “I think Daddy needs a cuddle for his little man.”] She said with a smile as she looked down at Mason and pressed a kiss to his head and then handed him over to James. [b “We will always be a family...now it’s just a little bigger I guess.”
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 213d 7h 12m 47s
Lexia could see that he was stressed out and James knew that he had come off a bit too strong and he knew that this wasn’t Lexia’s fault. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault; the restaurant just needed a little rebranding. It just so happened that this started around the same time that he was dealing with Gianna. Now that he thought about it, being stressed out didn’t come close at all to what he was actually going through. He wanted Lexia to focus on her career but not because she had to, but because it would be something that she could enjoy. This was supposed to be her time to bond with their son. The new restaurant was supposed to work for them where they would have more time together and they would have a lot more time to enjoy these crucial young years of Mason’s life.

He looked down at their hands, the wedding ring still on Lexia’s finger. How easy for her would it have been to have left him long ago. Still through all this madness she was here as his voice of reasoning, as his wife. James brought her hand up to his lips where he placed a kiss on her ring.

“I don’t want you going back to work,” he admitted. “You already help so much at the restaurant and then there’s Mason. I’d feel terrible.” There was no going around it though as they would definitely need the extra income, especially once his daughter was born. James leaned forward pressing his forehead against Lexia’s. The last thing he wanted was to have to close the restaurant and sell it within its first year. “I guess though we won’t have a choice. I’m so sorry Lexia.” He finally said. He kissed her lips then, there moment of peace disrupted some by Mason who was in need of a change.
  james / SincerelyLily / 213d 7h 26m 33s
Although she knew that James wasn't intentionally blaming her for the struggles of the restaurant but it certainly sounded that way. She frowned a little for a minute and looked down at her hands which were playing with each other. [B "I...I thought it was for the best based in where we were..."] She sighed and then looked up once more. [B "We just need to make some adjustments to make It work. I believe we can make this place a success. I [I know] we can."]

Lexia looked up at him then. He was embarrassed about it not working out the way they hoped but he really didn't need to be. It was trial and error and they would get it right, she had every belief that they would. He brought up the apartment then and she took hold of his hand.

[B "It's a solution to our problem isn't it? If she's here...then the travel time is gone. We will have to figure out how we can afford this...maybe I'll go back to my jewellery business to see if we can pull in any extra money. But...if this is what you want to do then we will do it. If it means you don't have to pay for a lawyer and you can be near your daughter it's the best way forward."
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 213d 8h 6m 49s
James struggled then with being honest and yet he was glad to know that Lexia was willing to help him out. She didn’t care about what was going on and Lexia was willing to keep her head about this situation. They were going to have to hire someone else he knew just to cover the days that Gianna would be gone. Though, he figured he could just up Daniel’s pay since he already knew the business. This was just still money that they didn’t have being spent. James didn’t want to admit it, but the restaurant wasn’t doing very well so far and he knew that it was just a roadblock, but James still felt like he was a failure for some reason.

“We will be fine.” James said to answer Lexia, though he knew that she was not satisfied, and he knew that she was not going to believe any lie he concocted to have her think any different. “Well Lexia I have never done this before. You were the one who suggested the family dynamic –“He sighed then as he wasn’t trying to blame her for anything. “I just, it’s new territory and things aren’t panning out like I thought they would.” He figured though that if they followed Lexia’s suggestions then maybe everything would work out. Though they didn’t as much time to just remarket and expect everything to pan out so easily.

“I wanted to tell you, but I just didn’t know how.” James admitted to Lexia then. He was incredibly embarrassed, it seemed he was failing more and more as a father and husband. “how do you feel about the apartment suggestion?” He asked her then. He knew having Gianna closer would possibly cause issues and he still would have to divide his time, but with her being close then maybe it would make things a bit easier on the couple.
  james / SincerelyLily / 215d 8h 52m 28s
Lexia looked into his eyes and she could see that he seemed nervous about what he was going to say to her. Perhaps he had caved and given in to her and agreed to her terms. She didn't know but she didn't have to wait too long to find out what it was that he had suggested. [b "Go on..."] She encouraged before he cleared his throat and there it was. He had suggested paying for somewhere for them to live. On top of the costs that she knew that would incur with regards to nappies and formula and whatever else she would want help with, this was going to be expensive and she had to take a moment to think.

Lexia kept her hand in his and sighed a little. [b "Well...Mom is paying us rent for the house here and that covers the mortgage on that house and the restaurant here pays for itself but... if Gianna is going to be moving close to us, who is going to run things? Are we going to have to hire someone else and if so what is that going to cost? Is Gianna going to work at the new restaurant?"] There were so many things they would need to figure out and she wasn't sure she knew the answers.

After another brief silence she was spoke again. [b "The restaurant...it's not doing so well is it?"] She looked to him for confirmation and sighed. [b "We need to make changes. I think we are marketing it wrong. It's fine dining and this place...it's supposed to be family friendly. We need to put on family events and have more cost effective prices for them. We are driving customers away."] She still hadn't said anything about the idea of getting an apartment but she hoped that her saying all of this was proof she was willing to try.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 215d 18h 59m 28s
It was a long while from now, but time moved by fast. Before they knew it, their little boy would be all grown up and James knew now that he wasn’t going to know how to handle that. Still Lexia had a point. Mason needed to meet other kids and have a social life, especially if he decided that he didn’t want to go into the family business. While James wanted his son to take over the restaurant, he didn’t want to force his passion onto him. Like James, he wanted Mason to find what made him happy and go for it. No matter what, he was going to support and back his son. He watched as he slowly fades away to sleep, bending over to kiss him as Lexia held him close to her as though he would disappear if she placed him down. He was asleep though, which was the great thing since the last few weeks he had been a bit fussy. Even if the tears and crying drove him wild, James at least could handle it knowing that their son was healthy and here. Losing their daughter had been tough and he struggled with thinking that there was a chance that they could have lost Mason. He thanked God that hadn’t happened.

Lexia returned from putting Mason down then and took a seat beside him, taking his hand in hers. She had brought up the topic that he wanted to avoid completely if not even for a day or two. He used his other free hand to rub the back of his neck. “Ah,” he started. “Yeah. I did manage to come to somewhat of an agreement.” He said. James cleared his throat. “I told her . . . I would get her a place down here. Mason can always come with me and it’s not too much transportation time . . . I can come back home. It works right?” He asked. He hoped Lexia wouldn’t be upset. Two restaurants, two homes, two children and now he was working on getting another apartment; was he saving money overall?
  james / SincerelyLily / 218d 5h 22m 12s
Soon enough Mason had is fill and as per his routine he fell asleep rather quickly but she didn't want to put him down just yet. She loved holding him and she would make up any excuse to continue doing so. He was her world along with James and all she ever wanted was to stop Gianna from tearing that world apart. It didn't even matter to her that she was pregnant with his daughter...well it did...it hurt like hell but she could manage so long as her family remained together.

[b "Oh I really don't know about that. It's such a long time away but I would like to think public school would be fine. He will need to socialise and he can't do that at home. I want him to be able to make friends."] She smiled and kissed his head and decided it was time to place him in the crib that was placed in the family room at the hotel. Once she was sure he was settled and wrapped up war she moved back to the bed and took his hand.

[b "I know you are avoiding...but...did you get through to Gianna at all?"]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 218d 6h 51m 46s

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