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James could only hope that things would go by easy with Delilah. He knew she was born prematurely and she would have to be closely monitored. Though, it was reassuring to know that so far things were going well. He smiled at Lexia, glad to see that she was taking this well. Mason, though young, somehow showed some kind of reaction to the small bundled inside the glass cage. His fist reached out some to touch, but instead gripped onto Lexia’s hair. He came behind Lexia, kissing her neck. “Well Gianna chose the name. She’s always liked it.”

“It was her grandmother’s name,” Gianna’s mother said then as she came out of the doorway she had been watching the couple from. Her arms were crossed across her chest then, a look of disapproval on her face. James tried to hide being upset. Pulling her into him almost as though in a defensive manner. “Her and her grandma were extremely close since Gianna was my only child. You must be [I the wife].” She said. “Does my daughter know you’re here?”

“I’m sure Gianna is fine with it.” James said with a sigh. He didn’t want to stress Lexia out, she was doing so well with all that was going on. He figured it would be best that they leave before things got worse. He could always come back the next day and he was getting tired. He was starving too and maybe was what led to how irritable he was becoming.

“Well I think she wouldn’t want anyone but us seeing Delilah until she’s cleared from the hospital.”

“You know, I’m getting –“ James stopped himself then, receiving a look from one of the nurses. “Tell Gianna I’ll be here tomorrow morning alright?” He said as he reached out for Lexia’s hand to lead them out.
  james / SincerelyLily / 182d 5h 44m 37s
Lexia could see the judgement of the nurse as the two discussed what they were going to do about visiting the child. She was obviously forming her own conclusions about what had happened here but Lexia didn't care. People could call her gullible or a push over if they wanted to but she knew that she planned on keeping her family together by any means. She smiled up at him and nodded.

[B "Alright then, let's go and see your daughter."] She said as she took hold of his hand and followed him towards the room where they kept all the babies. She was certainly going to find this difficult but she would try her hardest to not let this get to her. It was bound to make he feel something, especially since she had lost their daughter and since this child was not hers.

When she laid eyes upon her she couldn't believe how small she was. She looked so delicate and she knew that it would take her some time to get to a place which meant she could be discharged. Lexia nodded and looked towards James. [B "She is beautiful James."] She looked back down at her with a smile. [B "Delilah huh? This is your little sister Mason."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 182d 11h 37m 24s
Of course it was hard trying to figure out how to navigate having Gianna and Lexia get along with one another. Lexia was able to fake it until it somehow became an actual lifestyle, while Gianna made it clear that she was not willing to share, but decided to only because she had no other option unless she managed to steal James away. Though he had no intention on leaving Lexia and knew he would have to make that clear. He didn’t want to cause a scene in the hospital, but Lexia was his wife and she deserved to be a part of this moment if they were going to be a blended family. He wasn’t going to hide anything or hinder her from making that step and her face would have to become one that they were used to should be co-parenting. Lexia would be like a second mother, even if Gianna did not like that, but he was not going to have them be separate. He was barely able to function now, James couldn’t imagine actually splitting his life in two.

“You are my wife Lexia and you are going to be a part of this child’s life. I think it only right that you see her.” Though he did worry that it would be a bit too much considering the child they lost. Lexia seemed to be doing well so far, but James didn’t know if she was holding out just to make him feel okay and comfortable.

“Gianna is knocked out anyways, I’m sure there should be no drama.” He told her with a smile as he came to a stand. He reached his hand out for hers so that they could head toward the room that she would be held in. Most of the other babies were peacefully asleep. “Delilah,” was scribbled on a card perched on her box where she was plugged up to machines helping with stabilizing her. She was so small, so peaceful. His heart swelled with pride.

“Beautiful yeah?” He asked, his voice breaking, oblivious to Gianna’s mother in the doorway.
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[b “Me either.”] She said simply. There was never meant to be a baby. Her mother was never supposed to find out about Gianna but the fact of the matter was that they couldn’t really control that now. Fate had other plans and it was clear that they would just have to make things work any way that they could now. She could almost se the worry and the stress already upon his face and she didn’t want him to feel alone in this.

Lexia reached out and took his hand for a moment and offered him a supportive smile. [b “Stop all your worrying for now. You are exhausted already and you will make yourself sick with worry if you are not careful. We’ll figure all of this out in time okay?”] Lexia squeezed his hand affectionately and then let go once she saw the nurse coming towards them.

It was clear that she was confused about their relationship and the dynamic of this family and she could hardly blame her but she wasn’t going to walk out on him, this much she was sure of. Lexia knew they would be here for a few more days now that they said they were keeping them in for monitoring which made perfect sense since the baby had been born so early.

[b “I don’t want to do anything that will upset Gianna or her mother.”] She said cautiously and she adjusted her hold on Mason. She glanced down at him and smiled. [b “If it’s not going to cause too much drama...”
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 187d 12h 54m 2s
“I know what you mean, I didn’t want this to turn out this way.” Though James couldn’t not see that things would turn out badly. Hell, he had cheated on his wife and now was having a child with that woman. There was no one to blame but himself and he knew that he couldn’t be upset with his mother in law because of how she felt about him. For the most part, James was proving her right and showing attributes she found in her husband that led to the end of their relationship. He wanted to believe he and Lexia were different though. She cared about him and loved him and he loved her – he had a moment of weakness, something he would have to live with and constantly apologize for – but Lexia was willing to stay by his side. True to James’ nature he was thinking ahead and freaking out about cost and time and – finding some way to equally distribute it all between the two women.

Luckily, Jenny wasn’t fighting the idea of going back to their family home and sadly there was no room to argue as they would have to stay out here longer and it was just more cost efficient to stay out here and get everything sorted. The nurse came out then and it was clear she was confused as to how James had just been in the delivery room and now all cuddled close with a woman and another newborn child. He had o doubt that Gianna or her mother referred to him as the child’s father.

“Gianna is doing well and resting, if you’d like – you can see the baby? She’s settling well, we want to keep her here for a few days and monitored.” James nodded then, looking to Lexia. “Do you want to see her?” He asked softly, “Mason gets a first peek at his baby sister,” he said with a soft smile.
  james / SincerelyLily / 189d 3h 37m 51s
Of course Lexia had no idea of the conversation that had transpired between James and Gianna's mother and she simply assumed that any stress he was feeling had come from the fact that Gianna had given birth so soon. She was worried about the both of them because she was a good person and she didn't wish anything bad upon Gianna fornwhatbshe had done to their family.

She smiled then as James reached out to caress Mason's cheek and she looked up at him as he spoke. [B "I'm fine James. You don't need to worry about me love."] Lexia sighed then at the thought of going back to her mother's house. They certainly couldn't afford to stay in the hotel for another couple of nights, or however long they needed to be here so it made sense that he was thinking she should go back to her mother's house, which they still owned.

[B "I will go back, see if I can smooth things over with her. I don't want there to be all this conflict in this family. I need everything to be settled for the children."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 189d 8h 31m 48s
“The baby seems to be doing well so far,” James said to her, shoulders sagging at the large sigh. Just being in Lexia’s presence alone was relaxing him, especially so after the tense conversation with Gianna’s mother. He thought about what she said, knowing it would have to be a conversation he would need to bring up with Gianna. Had she told her mother that in a state of high emotion, was her mother trying to put ideas into James’ head? Either way, it had to be said that he had no intentions of breaking up with Lexia now or ever. Her [I putting up] with his affair and now a child payed a role in it, he didn’t think many women could withstand this type of news, let alone so soon after birth.

He caressed Mason’s cheek, the young boy breaking his gaze on Lexia to watch him just carefully, still finding his way around expressing his emotions. “I know I need to be here, I just don’t want you not paying attention to caring about yourself first.” He knew how Lexia could be and it worried him. Her health was very crucial during her pregnancy and stress played a big part in it. He didn’t want any of his [I problems] to effect his family. He knew Gianna was his family too now, but no one needed to be neglected for the other.

“I figure I can stay here for the night and you should go back to your moms. I know she hasn’t heard from you, she’s probably upset or going crazy.” Their recent visit of course hadn’t been pleasant as his mother in law learned of his affair and now a child born of it, but Lexia’s relationship with her mother mattered to James because she was technically the only family she had left and they all couldn’t be mad at one another forever. At least, he suspected he would take most of the blow which he could handle from her mother for the sake of Lexia.
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Lexia just hoped that everything was alright with Gianna and their daughter. She knew that James wouldn’t be able to bear it if he lost another daughter and he would feel a lifetime of guilt if something bad had happened to Gianna. Regardless of the fact that James had an affair, she didn’t wish any ill health on Gianna at all. She wasn’t that heartless.

Some more time had passed, and Mason was awake but seemed happy enough just lying in her arms and looking up at her. She didn’t know why she felt protective of him even more when she was in the hospital, but she didn’t want to put him down. Lexia held him close, periodically places kisses on his head and talking to him in the way she did until she noticed that James was coming into the room.

She offered him a smile and nodded. [b “We’re doing okay. How is the baby? How is Gianna?” She asked, showing sincere concern in her voice. [b “We’re not going anywhere yet. I can tell you are still worried. We will stay here a long as we need to. She is your daughter James. You need to be here.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 193d 14h 34m 58s
The baby had been born premature, but for the most part she seemed to be doing fine. Of course it would take tests before it was determined that she was fine and she would have to stay in the hospital. James knew this meant that they weren’t going to be heading home soon. He hated being away from the restaurant already, a few more days – hell possibly weeks didn’t make it any better. The restaurant was still pretty new and needed his supervision. He didn’t plan on having them staying in a hotel for that amount of time and that would mean staying with his mother in law. James stood by Gianna’s side who was coming close to knocking out after the drugs.

“So you brought your wife?” Her mother asked him. He sighed, regretting not leaving the room earlier when he had the chance.
“Mother, please.” Gianna weakly said, though her pleas fell on deaf ears.
“Yes I did. She is my wife and she will be here along my side this whole journey.” James said, resisting the urge to let his temper rise. Gianna by this time had fallen asleep.
“Well I know she is not going to be around my granddaughter.” James sighed out and scratched at the back of his neck.
“I don’t think that’s your decision. Besides Gianna and I have already discussed this with my [I wife] and we will be co-parenting.”
“I just don’t get it. I don’t see what’s the purpose of keeping up the façade with your wife. Gianna has told me you two plan to get back together.” James raised his brow then. This was certainly news to him.
“I don’t know what you have been told, but I have no plans to leave my wife. I need to go check on her, I’m not having this conversation again.” James grumbled as he left the room, stripping the protective garments as he left and began toward the room where Lexia was located with Mason.

He didn’t look as stressed as before but wouldn’t feel like they were in the clear until he had her safe in his arms as he was not given the chance to hold her.
“Hey, how’re my two favorite people doing?” James sat down beside his wife and kissed her cheek. “I don’t want you sleeping in a chair. Guess we can head back to the hotel, checkout and stay with your mom?”
  james / SincerelyLily / 197d 4h 59m 57s
[B "You can't think that James. We have to be positive okay? Gianna is a strong woman and your daughter is going to make it through this."] Lexia had to be his rock through all of this and she was more than confident that she could be. It didn't matter to her that he had an affair in this moment, all that mattered is that she supported her husband and she would do that no matter what.

When they got to the hospital Lexia help Mason close and allowed James to go wherever he needed. The staff at the hospital led Lexis to a room that was intended for young families and she spent most of the labour in there looking after their son, mostly to stay out of the way because she saw the way Gianna's mother had looked at her for her presence.

When the baby was born one of the nurses came in to the room. [I "Gianna's daughter has arrived. They are going to run some tests and get her cleaned up and then we will give you another update okay?"]

[B "I appreciate that. Thank you."] When she was left alone again she bounced Mason on her knee. [B "Looks like you are a big brother now."]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 197d 10h 6m 45s
James’ mind was racing a mile a minute. He was glad to have his wife understanding enough to stay with him and try to keep him calm. Even more so, James was glad to find that Lexia was willing to come with him. He needed that leveled thinking. As he could only imagine the worst with knowing that his daughter was earlier tan expected. “What if everything isn’t enough?” He asked her as they loaded into the car. James couldn’t imagine losing another daughter.

He sighed out, looking into the rear view mirror and catching Mason’s reflection in the mirror attached to his seat. He had drifted to sleep which eased James’ mind some as he couldn’t imagine managing to be calm if the wakened child threw a tantrum. Lexia was trying to keep him calm though and he had to believe that she was right and that Gianna and his daughter would be alright.

They got to the hospital then, James rushing to the counter to ask for Gianna’s room number. Her mother hadn’t responded to his calls and of course he was having trouble getting in touch with Gianna. They were directed to her room where she was already in the process of labor, her mother at her side and holding her hand while she asked for James.

“Are yo the father?’ The nurse asked as he attempted to enter, eyeing Lexia then curiously. James nodded. “You cant go in unless you suit up.” She said, motioning for him to follow her. James looked to Lexia then, giving her a gentle kiss and ducking his head in shame.

“I’ll be back,” he said.

The labor was intense, Gianna’s mother glaring at him after learning Lexia had come along and Gianna gripping his hand tight – goaded by the doctor to keep on. He was at his breaking point nearly when finally, the sweet small cry of his daughter rang out.
  james / SincerelyLily / 200d 22h 10m 56s
Lexia’s eyes widened a little when he announced that Gianna had gone into labour. It was far too soon for that to happen and she knew instantly why he had looked to panicked about the matter. Lexia didn’t even need to be asked to go with him. Of course she would go with him. When it came to something like this it didn’t matter who Gianna was or what had happened between them, just that this situation had arrived and everything else needed to be pushed aside because it was important that she should be there for him.

Lexia nodded then. [b “Of course I’m coming with you James.”] Lexia placed Mason on the bed and began to get herself dressed so that she could go with him and she did so quickly, not worrying about what she looked like before she grabbed a hold of Mason’s changing bag and out it over her shoulder before she picked Mason up again. [b “Lets go honey.”]

They would worry about the hotel room later. When she had a moment she would call them and extend their visit because she wouldn’t make James go home at a time like this. She followed him out to the car and strapped Mason in and climbed into the passenger seat. [b “Try to remain calm okay? She’s is the best place possible right now. This hospital as a good maternity ward and they will be doing everything they can.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 206d 6m 14s
James huffed out, wiping his eyes once the light was on. He finished pulling on his jeans and shirt and was working toward his shoes. “That was Gianna’s mother,” he told Lexia then. “She says that Gianna is going into labor.” James’ shoulders sunk then and he looked down, trying to relax then. He finally came to a stand. Lexia was holding Mason who had stopped crying and was nuzzling into his mother’s chest. He walked over to them as he grabbed his wallet and phone which was barely charged, but he would make sure to plug it up in the car. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to,” he told her. He knew this would be hard for her and even James didn’t know how he was going to react. He was already nervous. He had one fed then that Gianna maybe wouldn’t ant Lexia to come with, though he wanted Lexia there to calm him down.

He kissed Mason’s forehead, the young boy yawning then. Still Lexia was his wife and since settling everything James didn’t see any reason why she would not allow Lexia to be there for the birth as well. “Please come,” he finally did then, drawing his wife close to him and pressing his forehead against hers. His eyes closed and he was trembling some. “I’m scared Lexia,” he admitted to her then. James could only hope that nothing bad would happen, this was a risky delivery. He free bout his daughter’s safety and also the safety of Giana’s life. He hoped that Lexia didn’t take this as a sign of him taking sides and knowing his care was purely platonic. “I hope everything is okay,” he said making sure then that he had his keys. He knew there was no time to waste and he would have to leave soon enough.
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Lexia wanted to pleasure him but it seemed that he just wanted to go to sleep and hold her close and she was more than happy to accommodate that. She smiled and closed her eyes as they kissed and she sighed happily. He had done a good job of showing her that things wouldn't change and that he loved her. They held each other in bed until they fell asleep only to be awakened by a crying Mason.

She instantly went to him and picked him up, trying to comfort him. At first she didn't take much notice of James, mostly because she had only just woken up and her maternal instincts had kicked in and all she could focus on was Mason until his crying began to calm down.

It was James' cursing that made her look up and she noticed that he looked panicked and was getting dressed. Lexia was instantly concerned. [B "James?" She turned the light on so they could see better. [B "What is it? What happened baby?"
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 207d 8h 5m 38s
“You don’t have to Lexia,” James said in a whisper, though, of course he had grown to excitement at being in her presence and knowing he had excited her so. James caressed her cheeks and smiled, kissing her lips and leaning into her embrace. “Just wanted to love you and I wanted to show you that we aren’t going to change completely. There is still going to be time for us to be with one another and to share moments like these.” He told her with a smile. James kissed her deeply then, his tongue gently caressing the inside of her mouth.

“Don’t worry about me. Just holding you close is all I need.” James said to her. He drew Lexia close, his arm draped across her waist as he nuzzled his nose into her neck. He sighed out then and eventually fell into slumber. He was awakened in the middle of the night then by his phone vibrating on the counter. This alarmed Mason who was now wailing at the disruption. He couldn’t imagine who would be calling him this late – though the unsaved number had called nearly three times before leaving a voicemail. James was surprised to find it was Gianna’s mother who was I distress and blubbering into the phone. It took him a moment to fully wake up before he realized what was being said.

Gianna had gone into labor early. James had to replay the message once more, thinking that maybe he was having a nightmare. He soon realized the message was real though. With Mason crying and the news he was losing his mind it seemed.

“Shit!” He said as he jumped out of bed then. He had started getting dressed. Giving birth at least 2 months early was dangerous. He was worried then.he couldn’t lose another daughter.
  james / SincerelyLily / 207d 8h 16m 57s

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