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Lexia was promising him things that James knew she would try her hardest to give him. Memories – building a life with his kid and his wife, that’s all the male could ask for and all that he wanted. “I know Lexia, I – I just feel like I should be here more often for you. Around you more often.” He sighed out and brushed his hands against her arm, catching his breath from the kiss he made against his wife. He had missed a good portion of the end of her pregnancy and after she lost the baby, James couldn’t even be there for the first few appointments. He was afraid facing those demons. He didn’t want to be too close and it nearly lost his marriage.
Still, he wanted this to be different. He didn’t really have a father figure in his life – he didn’t want to sacrifice that for work. What f he was gone when his child took their first breath or spoke their first word? James didn’t want to think about how bad he would feel if he missed those moments in person.
“You are perfect, an angel, I d-“ James was cut off then by the woman’s lips. She was distracting him and stopped him from saying those words again. Though he meant it and every time he looked at Lexia, every time he rubbed her stomach where their unborn child peacefully held inside, he knew that he would always be the lucky one. Anyone who could have the female as his wife – the mother of their child would be lucky. There was so much that he had put her through and still she stayed. James couldn’t help but let his hands wander, slipping easily between his wife’s legs as he kissed her again. “You know if we keep doing these baths after baby number one, might have to try again for baby number two.” James chuckled against her ear, kissing and nibbling her neck as his fingers moved with quite vigor. There was no one he thought of – Gianna, his mother in law all distant memories. All he could think of was him and is wife.
  james / SincerelyLily / 24d 2h 22m 35s
Lexia forgot that her mother was in the house for a little while. She had done well to stay out of her way and it didn’t feel like she was trying to be too overbearing although she knew that sometimes she could have an ulterior motive. She could be being nice to her now so that when she tried to come between them later, Lexia might be more receptive but as far as Lexia was concerned their relationship was stronger than even now and she just hoped that there was nothing more to come from Gianna. She hoped to God that they had been careful in their affair too because she didn’t know if she would be able to cope if Gianna turned up at their doorstep announcing that she was too carrying James’ child. Lexia didn’t know if she would be able to deal with that well.

She forced those thoughts out of her mind now though, not wanting to think about that as she lay here with her husband. [b “I won’t let you miss out on our child growing up if that is what you are worried about. I promise you that we will make this work and we will find a balance. You will be here for everything that matters.”] There were not more words needed between the two as he tilted her head to kiss her passionately, desire stirring deep within her and he did so. She didn’t want it to end but the human need for oxygen brought it to an end.

[b “Of course you do James. Stop selling yourself short. I am in love with you and I don’t want to hear you say that you don’t deserve me even one more time.”] With that she kissed him again, showing him how much she meant her words.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 24d 3h 11m 32s
He knew that she had to se the look in his eyes every time that he came home after seeing Gianna or being with her intimately. Yet, she still chose to love him and believe his lies. His eyes told a different story now though, one of love and care for the woman he held in his arms. She would never have to question the look in his eyes ever again for as long as he lived. As she said, they did have their whole lives – forever to be with one another. Lexia didn’t see it the way that he saw it though.
She was sacrificing him and time to make him happy. “I know we have all the time,” he said with a snort. “Just – I really want to start focusing more on our marriage, on our family. Who knows how big this restaurant will get? I don’t want – I don’t want to miss out on the things that matter if you keep allowing me to work as hard as I am.” James sighed, of course getting a bit of anger, but letting it ebb away much the same as the water that gently moved with each of the couple’s subtle movements.
“I don’t want to rile up – relaxing,” he said then with a low voice, holding Lexia close to him, her hair tickling his nose. “I just want to think about you, right now.” James tilted her head up to take her lips for his own. There was so much love he had for the female that he couldn’t even put into words. She would do anything to see him happy when everything was vice versa for him. He wanted Lexia to have everything and anything she could dream of that would make her happy and it was funnily enough that he was all she needed.
James had come up for air then, head dipped low at the emotions he was feeling – heart bursting with love and wanting for the woman he called his wife. “I don’t deserve you,” he growled against her ear.
  james / SincerelyLily / 24d 3h 56m 47s
Lexia’s eyes closed as she allowed the relaxation of the bath to swim over her. James’ voice often manages to bring this sense of calm she couldn’t get form anything else and feeling his warmth behind her and hearing the low tones of his voice made her feel content and comfortable. She chuckled gently, keeping her eyes closed as she ran her hands up his arms. [b “That’s funny because I hope he had your eyes. That’s the first thing I loved about you and it’s the reason I fell in love with you. Your eyes tell so much, perhaps the most emotive part of you. They can’t lie or hide anything and when I see them I know you love me. I really hope our son knows how much we love him now. I hope he can feel that.”] She said with a smile, tilting her head slightly as her fingertips moved rhythmically up and down his arm.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt his hands on his and his lips hit against her skin. [b “Very relaxed. The piece is finished and it turned out just fine. I just needed to stop trying so hard.”] She chuckled and little and tilted her head upwards to look at him then. [b “When are you going to realise that I would do anything for you and that is not at the jeopardy of my own happiness? Knowing that you are happy makes me happy and that restaurant is your life. I’m not going to let you take time off work when you are clearly not ready to do so yet. We have all the time in the world James. We have the rest of our lives together.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 24d 4h 39m 26s
James could see the hurt in her face as he mentioned Gianna, though that was something he couldn’t get away from. Unfortunately he had an affair with the woman he worked with, a friend who lived close to them – there was no getting around the woman. It would take time, but maybe they could somehow find a way to get past it.
His hand gently ran over her stomach, barely a bump now, the bubbles covering over her. This would be their first child, a name meant a lot to someone and sometimes would be how they were perceived in the world. He wanted his son to have a name that would perfectly express the man he would grow to be – a man hopefully who had a different life than James’ a better life from birth. “Well,” he said with a smirk, “Another James would be nice, but confusing eh? Maybe would be better to see when he’s born. His eyes will give a lot of intel. I hope he has your eyes,” he admitted as he kissed Lexia’s neck.
James’ relationship with his father was kind of nonexistent. He had spoken to his mother occasionally, though was pretty estranged from his parents. He carried his father’s name though which maybe quite possibly explained his behavior. His mother had always said he reminded her of his father: quick to temper, passionate, and sometimes a fighter more than a lover. Though, she had admitted he had his moments when he was loving and kind. The two just couldn’t work out, especially when his father ended up draining his mother of money and leaving for another girl.
History truly had a funny way of repeating itself. He promised to be different for Lexia though. He was not going to be like his father. “I’m sure it’ll come to us eventually.” James whispered, distracted now, hands caressing Lexia as he kissed her skin. “Relaxed? I hope that piece you were battling came out right enough. And you know you come before work Lexia – I don’t want you constantly trying to let me get my way. It’s not fair.”
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Lexia was surprised that he had suggested taking some time off as soon as the upcoming weekend and the moment he suggested it she was shaking her head. She didn’t want him to feel like he had to take time off so soon and she certainly didn’t want him to be thinking about Gianna’s stability while they were away together. The dust needed to settle before they went away together and he needed to know that he could trust whoever was left in charge and she had no doubt that person would be Gianna. He even mentioned her then and she tried not to let the hurt show upon her face. It was going to take some time for that to go away.

Lexia was naked now and ready to climb into the bath where James was already waiting for her. She held on to the side of the bath as she climbed over the edge and slid down gently so that her back was pressed against him. She sighed heavily when the water engulfed her, instantly starting to relax all of her muscles. Lexia took hold of his hand and pulled it towards her lips, placing a kiss upon it gently before placed both their hands together on her small bump as they discussed their son. [b “I haven’t even thought about names yet. I feel like it’s one of those things where we will meet him and know what his name should be. Unless...you had an idea about what you wanted to call him. You know it’s not just my decision don’t you? He’s our son and you get just as much say in what his name will be James.”]
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“You know maybe I can get some time off this weekend. When your mother leaves, I mean I have to trust that Gianna can handle two days without me.” Though James was just surmising that despite the mental and emotional state the woman was in when he left. He cared for Gianna, did he love her – maybe. However not to the same amount that he loved Lexia. She was right, they did deserve each other and the fact that she cared for him so much despite his troubles showed that it was fate that had brought the couple together.
James couldn’t tear his eyes away from his wife as she began to undress, though knew she was right it would be easier for him to get in first. James stepped in, it had been a while since he had bathed with his wife. Lately his life had been fast paced – shower and get out. He was trying to make an effort though and to make up for how he had hurt Lexia. He wanted to be around, do the romantic things he had done for her before they were married. Stepping in, he leaned back, eager to have his wife naked and pressed against him, head perfectly fitting in the crook of his neck.
There used to be times when they first dated they would bathe together – shower together, always ending in passionate kisses and at times intimate coupling. He couldn’t keep his hands off of her and much like the first night they met he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She was just as beautiful then as she was now and the fact that she carried his child somehow only added to her beauty. Lately she had been glowing and maybe that was because James was starting to take more responsibility for the marriage and the stress he caused the woman. That was no more at least.
“Have you settled on a name yet, or do you think it will come to you when you see his face?” He asked.
  james / SincerelyLily / 24d 7h 4m 49s
Lexia loved feeling of his hands on her body and she knew that she would never get that kind of thrill from anyone else. This has been all she ever wanted and it truly felt like things were going back to how they were before he opened the restaurant. She knew that they had some hard times but now things were looking up and they were change for the better. He was making more of an effort and he would continue to do so as long as he could resist Gianna. A part of her was still worried about that aspect, knowing that they were working together every day. Lexia wasn’t stupid either, there was no way he had been involved in this affair without developing any feelings because that would have been naive of her to believe and even though she had been the one hurt, she did wonder how Gianna must have been feeling.

Lexia chuckled a little and tilted her head to grant him better access to her neck. [b “We deserve each other, don’t ever doubt that James. We were brought together by fate.”] She kissed his cheek and help onto him as he spoke, caressing his back a little in an attempt to calm him. [b “That would be nice. I think we could both do with a break and it would be nice for us both to have no distractions.”] She looked down at her bump and smiled happily. She couldn’t wait for him to get here.

Lexia started to undress then, keen to climb into the bath with her husband and just lie in his arms for as long as she could. [b “You should get in first otherwise you will struggle to get in behind me.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 24d 8h 56m 26s
The last couple of days had been quite brutal mentally and James didn’t know if he could handle all the stress – more of it caused on his own behalf. Yet, Lexia stayed by his side through it all. It had been kind of like this when he was opening the restaurant. He was too preoccupied with finding the right space, the layout, the interior. He spent countless of nights there and would come home so early in the morning before having to leave again.
He could see how Lexia felt lonely without him and how she missed him – even through those tense months where they argued. More so he yelled and Lexia barely able to get a word in before he was storming out of the house with intent of getting incredibly drunk. Lexia had put up with a lot from him, he couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have her still stay by his side.
James reached up to grab hold of his wife’s hands, leaning back into her embrace. He smiled and kissed her back. “What did I do to deserve you?” He asked with a chuckle in response to her own statement. James stood up then and drew her in. “I love you too - always,” he promised. James’ hands roamed up his wife’s clothing, hands against her bare skin, his nose nuzzling her neck.
“I’ll admit I had a stressful day,” he said. “This will certainly relax me. Sometimes I go mad thinking about you at work, leaving you cooped in here. One of these days maybe we can go on a weekend trip? Just us two – well three,” he said as he pulled back to look at her, hands on her stomach. A getaway sounded nice, though with how Gianna was acting he wasn’t sure if he could trust her alone at his restaurant. Like him, she had been drinking more and James was thinking she was going over the edge.
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Lexis smiled and nodded. She knew that she didn’t have to stay in the house but she was still recovering from something that had caused her to spend some time in hospital. It was exhausting to go out but she didn’t want to worry him by telling him how exhausted she was. Instead she wanted to just enjoy their time together without neither of them having to worry. [b “I spent enough time with her today. I don’t need to spend anymore time with her. I want you.”] Lexia kissed him once more as he made a suggestion about them having a bath together. It was something that they used to do together a lot when they first go together but recently they hadn’t had much time.

[b “Alright, I will finish this piece of jewellery and then I will head on up. Enjoy your shower.”] She said with a smile, kissing his cheek again before picking up the piece and focusing on the piece, trying hard to make sure that the bead on the piece of metal. It took her a few more attempts but soon enough she managed to get it. [b “Yes!”] She celebrates briefly and then continued to work on the piece, finding the rest of it quite easily and once she was done she placed it in the gift box and then made her way upstairs to be greeted by James in nothing but a towel.

[b “What did I do to deserve this treat?”] Lexia wrapped her arms around him and kiss his passionately. [b “I love you baby.”]
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“Only twenty minutes and already frustrated. Maybe i woke you up too soon•
“ Janes said with a smile. Her arms wrapping around him to draw him in close. Janes looked down at his wife with a smile, kissing her back. “I missed you too. You don’t have to be locked up. Ask your mom to take you or something. I don’t want you holed up in here like a hermit.” He admitted with a frown. James ribbed Lexia’s back softly. “I’m filthy your bath is supposed to be relaxing.” He said with a roll of his eyes. He kissed her again, glad to know she missed him and even more glad that he had ignored his desires for Gianna and come straight home to his wife.
Any other time he would’ve felt bad about how he treated Gianna, leaving her alone and would’ve tried to make good with her which usually led to sex. His attention was on his wife though. Lexia meant everything and he almost lost her. He couldn’t risk that again. A woman who stood by him when everyone said he would fail. Someone who had actually chosen to marry him despite his past. And even now, Lexia stayed despite the affair. What had he done to deserve someone so perfect ?
“How about this? I’ll shower, make sure the tub is all clean and ready and run you a bath. I’ll be there – and give you a nice – rub down. Completely innocent and all the way relaxing.” James smirked, knowing he wanted any excuse to touch his wife, though he had access to her whenever he wanted.
“You finish up, take your time and don’t stress. You got this. Come upstairs in fifteen okay?” He said with a kiss to her forehead.
James relinquished his hold on his wife before disappearing upstairs where he undressed and showered. It felt good, standing there with the water pounding away at high pressure to ease the tension from the days events. True to his word he cleaned out the tub, ran the water to a nice temperature and made sure to add the bubbles just for fun. He hadn’t even dressed, towel loosely draped around his waist as he figured now clean a bubble bath with his wife would be a bit fun. Something they used to do when they first met.
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Lexia could hear her husband’s voice over her frustrated sigh and she instantly relaxed a little bit. He always had this calming effect in her and she loved that. She chuckled to herself then, realising just how well he knew her to be able to figure out what it was that she was frustrated at. [b “I know! I know!”] She laughed even more and leaned back in her chair, waiting for him to appear around the door. She couldn’t help but smile up at him and leaned back into him when he started to kiss her head and massage her shoulders. It was all she needed to completely relax.

[b “I missed you babe. I don’t like being shut up on the house, although I must admit I’ve only been doing this for twenty minutes. I’ve been sleeping and your text woke me up.”] She sighed happily and looked up at him. [b “A bath sounds amazing but will you join me? I don’t want to be apart from you any longer.”] She stood up then and kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him. [b “I love you babe.”]
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James had begun on his way home, much too tired and stressed after the conversation – argument he had with Gianna at the restaurant. He had lit a cigarette, knowing Lexia hated him smoking, but the stress was too much. He’d shower it away when home anyways, a bit musky from the long day of work in the kitchen. He didn’t know what Gianna expected out of him – well that was partially the truth. He knew the woman expected him to just get over his wife and marry her or be with her, but that wasn’t possible.
He loved Lexia and he wanted their marriage and family to work, there was no way he was going to give that up for Gianna. She had been a really good friend t them before the affair started and James hated himself for not only going on with it once time, but multiple times. However, he was putting that part of his life in the past and while he hated to say it – Gianna just had to get over it because nothing was going to change his love for the woman he had married. A woman who believed in him so much.
James had parked in the driveway then, sighing out and hoping to relieve any sort of tension he had, not wanting to put his anger out on Lexia for no reason. Finally getting out he entered the home, locking the door behind him. It was pretty quiet, him assuming that Lexia was probably asleep or maybe catching up on work – she wasn’t a busy body but you couldn’t not get the woman to just relax. Her mother, he presumed was maybe asleep as he didn’t hear any noise coming from the living room or even the kitchen. What he did hear, however, was the sound of his frustrated wife coming in a distant from the study.
He headed over, placing his keys in the bowl that sat by the front door. “You can’t force it,” he sad from the entry way. He knew all too well how much work Lexia put into her jewelry. They were the same in how much they cared about their craft and easily got frustrated when things didn’t seem to go as easily as planned. He walked over to her, hands lightly massaging her shoulders as he kissed her neck. “How long have you been going at it? Maybe you need a break.” He didn’t want her stressed out. “How about, a nice bath eh?”
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As soon as the two had eaten their lunch and dessert Lexia was being driven home by her mother who had noticed that she was a little more fatigued than before. Having low blood pressure really did zap her energy and coming out for lunch the day after she has been in hospital might have been a little too much to handle but she had someone looking out for her and she had noticed that she needed to go home. When they got there he mother insisted that she should get in bed and she wasn’t about to argue with her since she was starting to feel dizzy again.

She slept for most the afternoon, waking up when her phone buzzed with a text from her husband announcing that he was on his way home. Lexia yawned and stretched out, pulling a dressing gown around her and made her way to her study, wanting to work on a few pieces of jewellery since it wouldn’t take too much energy to do so. She remained sat at her desk and worked her way through some of the orders that were due to be delivered by the end of the week. She needed to get them done so she didn’t lose money.

When she worked like this she got completely engrossed in the intricate work, looking at every single detail like it was the most important thing in the world but that was why people came back to her for more jewellery because of the attention to detail. Her mother was out of sight and mind and she didn’t even think about the fact that she was here because she was giving her space which she was grateful about but she wasn’t sure how long that would last.

[b “Just...go on there!”] She said as she kept dropping a bead that was too stubborn to go on the wire. She huffed in frustrated and placed all of her items on the desk, her head beginning to sting with a headache.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 26d 9h 43m 10s
James was trying his hardest not to let Gianna and her mood get to him and was glad at least the woman was smart enough not to get Leia upset or tip off his mother in law about the affair they no longer had. James had sent out the dessert, before continuing to help with the other orders. It was a busy day at the restaurant, but it was slowing down by closing and all James wanted to do was see Lexia.
He’d sent the staff home, leaning against the bar then as he sipped from a much needed beer. It was then he heard the back door open, Gianna walking through and trying to pass him. James sighed, reaching for her arm which she briskly tore away from his grasp.
“Hey, where have you been? You can’t just storm off because you’re upset.” He yelled, he was stressed and angry and Gianna knowing she was second in command should have been there.
“Look, I can’t work under these conditions, okay? I can’t be around you if we, I just can’t-“
“Oh Gianna, don’t be a baby. We’re adults – professionals. I don’t expect you to like me, but I do expect us to be able to work side by side.”
“Well I would appreciate a heads up if [I she] is going to be here.”
“I don’t really care much for your tone,” he grumbled drawing her in and it took everything in him to relax. He could see the look in her eyes, how scared she was of him. James sighed out, releasing his hold on her. “Look, I’m tired. I don’t want to argue. If you can’t handle my conditions-“ He stopped then, knowing his next words couldn’t be taken back. He didn’t want to fire Gianna and he didn’t want her to be upset all the time. “Alright, I’ll fix the schedule okay? Until you feel like you’ve gotten all of this out of your system.” James moved away from her then. “Lock up, have a good night.” He muttered as he walked out of the kitchen, leaving the girl all alone.
[I On my way home.] He texted his wife.
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