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[size10 [b you both] are just recently married, only six months into it and finding that the honeymoon period doesn't last very long. he has just opened his first restaurant, busy nights and long weekends seeing how popular it is, the newest hot spot in the city
[b you] work at home, a profitable online jewelry business. this especially benefits you, as you are pregnant and had suffered a miscarriage earlier
[b both] of you are stressed, desperately trying to cling tight to this relationship and it doesn't help that you suspect your husband of cheating.
[b despite] the trials, you both are willing to make it work. will your relationship stand til the end of time, or crumble?
[size10 [b rules.]
-this is a slice of life rp, im kind of actually hoping to do a generation type rp, so if this works out and we finish, id like to continue in a new rp with our characters
-the wife doesnt know hes cheating, she has suspicions and they both still are grieving from the miscarriage. i want this rp to really last, may be a bit slow, but we can throw in different things
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced - but lets try to keep it limited, dont want to have too many names floating about

osting is at least once a day for the love of god please be active, the whole reason i came here was to be back into writing so i would ask that you are able to post at least twice a week.

-real pictures
-mature theme; cursing, sexual content [described and time skipped] and often gore/violence
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily. I'm at this point where I refuse to try to carry the story with each post. i need you to add [i something], dont just use details from my own post - this is [u both] of our world, so get creative !
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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She wanted to believe him. Lexia wanted nothing more than to believe that James didn’t love Gianna and that the woman had been mistaken about everything. That didn’t matter all that much to her then because he had said the words to her and she had felt them and returned such declarations of love. She glanced down at his hand as it gripped her. He was holding on to her with a firm grip, but he wasn’t hurting her, it was just uncomfortable.

Lexia was kicking herself for turning a blind eye to all of the obvious signs, trying to convince herself that nothing was going on. She understood that he hadn’t been in his right mind but she had needed him and to know what he was doing while she was breaking was perhaps just as painful as losing their first child.

He let her go soon after that, disappearing quickly and returning with some sort of gift. She assumed that this was the surprise he had mentioned in his text. She didn’t reach out for them, not yet. Instead she continue to listen to his apology and his desperate attempt to make her believe him. [b “But you told her that you loved her. If you didn’t mean it, if it’s so easy for you to say, how am I supposed to believe that you mean it when you say it to me?”] Her eyes trained on him as he rose from his knees and stood closer to her, almost begging her to stay. [b “You also promised to love and to cherish and remain loyal and faithful. Don’t quote our vows when you clearly have a disregard for them.”] Her eyes were stinging and she brought a hand to wipe her tears. [b “You besmirched our marriage.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 16h 6m 33s
“Lexia I don’t love her,” he said, then, the desperation in his voice emasculating him. He still held her, knowing he wasn’t to touch the woman per her request, but there was no way he was letting her go. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t in my right mind, and you know I’m not good with emotions.” He hung his head in embarrassment. “I didn’t know how to handle the situation and I didn’t want to take my frustrations out on you in such a sensitive time.” He looked her in the eyes then, refusing to release his tight grip on the woman. “Lexia, I love you – I never meant to hurt you.” Lexia was caring, she always made sure that the male was taken care of and had never made a fuss – all those late nights she never questioned and yet even when her suspicions were valid, she still never accused him. “Just stay?” he asked of her as he released his hold and disappeared , only returning with the gift he had bought for her and their son. He bent down then, looking up at her as he offered the gifts. “I’m sorry, I was weak.” James was mentally kicking himself for allowing the affair to go as far as it did, but he head realized how much Lexia mattered to him.
“I love you,” he promised. She had friends and a family to go to if she so chose, but if he lost her he didn’t think he could live. “I can’t lose you. Lexia. I can’t” Still on his knees he looked up at her. “Please, I’ll do whatever you think will make this right.” If it would be right, this another roadblock in their relationship. He knew he was wrong for going outside of their relationship, but he knew he loved his wife. Standing, he drew in close. “For better or worse,” he said with tears in his eyes, “You promised. I promise.” He didn’t know what Gianna had planned but he was not going to lose his wife or his son without a fight.
  james / SincerelyLily / 16h 23m 38s
Lexia fully expected him to deny everything, trying to make out that Gianna had just been drunk and didn’t know what she was saying. God how she wished that were true but she could see the fear in his eyes, only confirming that he had been cheating on her with Gianna. If Gianna hadn’t said anything, she might have remained ignorant to their affair and he might never have told her. Maybe this could have all been avoided and she wouldn’t be feeling all this pain. Although, she still wasn’t sure whether it was truly over or not. Gianna had made it seem like he would go back to her, that he wasn’t happy with Lexia and that was why he had turned to her in the first place.

Her eyes stung as he said her name. It felt as though he was trying to brush everything away as though it didn’t matter, but it did. [i Just] a year. Her lips parted and her tears began again. When she was grieving the loss of their child alone at home, he was with her, having sex. She shook her head and felt the nausea returning. Her eyes were fixated on the floor until her grabbed her, proclaiming he only loved her. [b “How can you say that to me? You have spent the best part of a [i year] telling her the same thing.”] She wanted to scream, she wanted to throw up. [b “I was going through a lot too.”] Her voice was timid then, her heartbreak finding ways to show itself. [b “You can’t possibly tell me she didn’t mean anything. You told her everything you were feeling, you gave her everything I needed from you...”]

Lexia shook her head, a laugh of disbelief escaping her. [b “I know you ended it, she made the very clear, but she also made it clear that you two love each other.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 1d 18h 28m 26s
James knew then that the woman was aware of his relations with the woman and he was fearful then, not wanting the woman to leave him. He reached out for Lexia again, though pulled back as she had recoiled from his touch, requesting – demanding that the man not touch her. He listened to her, his mind running and admittedly feeling upset that Gianna hadn’t given him a chance to deliver the information himself. He shook his head. At first wanting to deny that he had been with another woman. But Lexia knew and he knew that she knew. He tried to figure out what to do, what to say to make this better if that was even possible.
“Lexia,” he said then, not wanting to hear the words out of her mouth but it was proof that the affair had been confirmed. “What does it matter? I love you,” he said to the woman, his heart breaking as he watched her. “Just a year,” he finally confessed. “ But I ended it, I care about you. I [I love] you, no one but you”. He couldn’t help the dominating behavior as he grabbed the woman, willing her to look at him.
“Lexia I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” He held her tight in his hands, not willing to let the woman leave, trying not to hurt her. “Please don’t leave, I promise I ended everything, I was just – I was going through a lot.” He looked into her eyes, seeing the woman he loved in pain drove him insane. James watched her then. “I’m sorry Lexia, please I promise you. I – I don’t want to lose you. That’s why I ended it. You mean everything to me.”
  james / SincerelyLily / 1d 18h 45m 25s
Lexia still hadn’t figured out what she was going to say to him. She felt completely numb and she had no idea what would happen when she laid eyes upon him. Would he pretend that he had done nothing wrong and that she was imagining things? Lexia wasn’t blind, nor was she stupid but she had been hopeful. Gianna has shattered that hope, confirming something that she really didn’t want to know. Just because she has broken things off with Gianna that morning didn’t make anything better. He had told the woman that he loved her and that was shattering her heart more and more by the second.

She had just missed his rage and the breaking of the glass and all she could hear was his movements growing closer. She wasn’t ready to face him but she had to. Lexia turned to face him and she felt her heart breaking even more. She wasn’t even sure if there would be anything left of it by the time the day was over. Lexia let him pull her in for a hug and run his hand protectively over her stomach, if only for a minute. [b “I was driving.”] She said simply in response to his question. [b “I don’t have hands-free in my car.”] She swallowed and tried not to cry. [b “Please don’t touch me.”] Her voice remained calm, she didn’t even sound angry, just completely broken.

[b “All this time...I knew. I knew you were with another woman. I was so naive and blind. How long?”] She looked at him with the heartache so apparent upon her face. [b “I want to know how long you have been sharing that woman’s bed. How long you have been in love with her.”] She swallowed the tears and could barely look at him but she forced herself to.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 1d 20h 1m 6s
She had ignored his text, ignored his phone calls. Where was she and was she hurt? He expected cops at his door any minute, a call from the hospital – his mind was running with many thoughts on the harm that could’ve come Lexia’s way while she was in the car. He couldn’t fathom the idea of having to choose between his wife and his child. The thought made him sick, made him nervous and James didn’t know what to do to relax besides have a drink. He’d poured himself a double of whiskey, hands shaking as he drank the liquid, face scrunching at the feel of it burning his throat. His muscles were loosening but he wasn’t just as relaxed, eagerly pouring himself another shot as he dialed Gianna’s phone.
“James?” She said, almost as if in between shock and relief to hear his voice, at the fact that he had bothered to call her.
“What did you say to Lexia?” He demanded of her, the other side of the phone silent then before a sigh came out.
“I was drunk-“
“What did you say?” He questioned again, voice loud and tight with tension.
“I may have [I implied] of our affair.” Her voice was small then, Gianna not use to his anger and much as everyone, growing fearful of the male.
“Are you out of your mind?”
“I was emotional and drunk, I wasn’t thinking proper – I – James I’m sorry. I love you.” The man had not been thinking when he threw the glass against the kitchen wall, watching as it shattered and fell in pieces to the ground. He didn’t listen to Gianna’s apologies ending the phone call as he was sure Lexia was not in the proper condition to be driving. He had to find her, already dialing 911 and heading toward the front door where he found her just coming in, closing the door as if she didn’t want her presence known. He sighed with relief just knowing she was safe at least, no blood or scars. He knew she probably knew about him and Gianna and maybe would hate him for it, but had hope she knew that he loved her truly. He had meant what he said that night. Exhaling with relief he had walked toward her briskly.
“Lexia, you worried me.” He said as he drew her in for a hug, his hand brushing against her stomach. She was safe, his son safe. He hoped maybe she didn’t mention the affair, he was no longer seeing Gianna and they could put this all behind them. “Why didn’t you answer my call? Gianna said you left and you were upset and I – I was scared I would lose you.” He could tell she had been crying. “Tell me what’s wrong,” he said in a low voice, scared of her answer.
  james / SincerelyLily / 1d 20h 39m 20s
Lexia drove slowly and tried to focus her mind on the road instead of James and Gianna. The last thing she wanted was to get into an accident and lose another child and that was what she had to think about then. Regardless of how upset she was, she needed to be rational so she pulled up at the side of the road and took a minute to gather herself, glancing at her phone when James called her. She didn’t want to answer it, not knowing what to say to him. She had never ignored a phone call from him before but she couldn’t bring herself to answer it. Besides, if she hadn’t pulled up at the side of the road, she would have been driving and unable to answer it anyway.

After taking another sip of water and talking herself down from her upset and anger she felt okay to drive again so she put the car into drive and started back on her journey home. Her mind was entirely focused on her baby and how she didn’t want any harm to come to him so she was safe, her own upset now coming second to the protectiveness she felt towards their unborn child.

Soon enough Lexia was pulling onto their drive way and she could feel the tension in her shoulders as she let out one long shaky breath. She was terrified about what would happen now. She [i knew] that he had been having an affair with Gianna and what made it worse was he came home to her after being with her and slept with her. She felt used and nauseous again. Her eyes were red from the tears she had spent and she tried to bring herself to move out of the car. She knew what she was feeling now would only multiply when she saw him but she couldn’t sit in her car all night, he would eventually realise she was on the driveway and come out to her.

A hand wiped over her face and she worked up the courage to climb out of the car. [b “Be strong Lexia.”] She told herself as she walked towards the door. He was clearly home and has been cooking, the smell of a home cooked filling her nostrils the moment she walked through the threshold. She was careful to close the door quietly and she remained facing it for a moment, head resting against the door.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 2d 3h 2m 25s
Gianna had found an empty bathroom, the waitress counting the bills at the door and telling her that her friend had left after being sick, already paying the bill. She frowned then, cursing to herself and hoping that she hadn’t drove the woman into anything dangerous. She wanted James, but there was really no harm she wanted to Lexia especially after what she had been through with her first child. She was texting James then, not exactly telling the truth but not lying. She let him know that Lexia had left upset.
James had just finished taking the chicken out of the oven, preparing the pasta and vegetables which were simmering in a pan. He looked at his phone which vibrated on the counter, frowning at the message he saw from Gianna.
[I What happened?] He had replied, distracted then and barely managing to get the heat down before the rest of the dinner wasn’t scorched.
[I I didn’t do anything]. Gianna had responded, drunk and not thinking she had gotten into her car, not yet starting the car and trying to sober up.
James was upset then, not wanting or liking the idea of Lexia driving upset. He realized then that she hand even responded to his text, she was usually the type to communicate quickly with him. He wasn’t thinking of Gianna then, hands fumbling to scroll the screen until he found Lexia’s, calling her and hoping he would be able to hear her voice. She had went to a lunch with Gianna and the two had spent hours with each other. What had the woman did to her? What had Gianna said to her? He knew if Lexia knew of the affair it would break her and he didn’t want to lose her. He was not going to let her go without a fight, not with his son. He loved her.
  james / SincerelyLily / 2d 5h 50m 42s
Lexia took another drink from the bottle of water and then she placed it down on the countertop underneath the mirror as she started to root through her bag, pulling out her purse. [b “I can’t stay here.”] She was on the verge of tears, almost ready to break down but she needed to do that somewhere less public. The screen on her phone flashed and she saw his name light it up and the tears filled her eyes, blurring her vision. She closed her eyes for a minute, blinking them back as her hand closed around her purse. She reopened them and dug some money out of her purse and handed it to the waitress who was kindly still waiting with her to check that she was alright. [b “That should be more than enough to cover the meal.”] She had even provided enough to cover Gianna, just so she could get out of there quickly without having to deal with splitting the bill.

[b “Is there another way out of here?”] She didn’t even want to see her. The waitress nodded and indicated for her to follow, letting her out of the fire exit that led straight to the car park. [b “Thank you.”]

[i “Take care of yourself.”] Lexia nodded and almost ran to the car. The moment she closed the door behind her she felt safe enough to fall to pieces and the tears fell freely as she rested her head against the steering wheel. Lexia couldn’t even bring herself to check the text from James. She didn’t know if she could even bear to see him but she had no where else to go. She would have to go home and face him and face that their marriage was potentially over.

Lexia put the key in the engine and started it up, wiping her eyes before heading back towards their home. She didn’t expect him to be home yet, especially since he had been working late so much. Her drive home gave her time to think about what she would say to him but she hadn’t found a way to stop her tears.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 3d 3h 55m 49s
James was going crazy, the restaurant a mess to keep up with considering that Gianna, his right hand, had abandoned him. He was dealing with all the responsibilities he had asked of the woman; the shipments, the kitchen staff, and making sure everything was perfect for the mayor when he finally had arrived.
He could barely keep himself together as he was delivering the meals, trying not to slur his words, as he had been drinking to control his nerves. To his surprise, things were going well and he was finally happy and satisfied to find the mayor and his staff disappearing. This meant that he could close the restaurant, as it had already been closed from civilians for the event. He thanked his staff as they were leaving, the day still young and he figured he would surprise Lexia.
He reached into his phone to text her. [I ‘Hey love, hope to see you soon. I’ll have surprise for you.’] He figured that she was still at lunch with Gianna and that would give him time to get things done. He wanted to make sure that Lexia knew he planned to put their past behind them and make their relationship work. James had closed up the restaurant and headed to his car. He was feeling elated, glad to think that while ending things with Gianna was hard, it would prove to be worth it. He had married Lexia, he had made a mistake, and he was going to finish it. He had driven to a nearby jewelry shop, purchasing pieces he knew would be special to her. Lexia wasn’t necessarily the materialistic type, and of course she could make her own, he wanted to show her he cared. James had purchased a bracelet for his son, his and Lexia’s initials engraved in them with love and a necklace for Lexia, the golden plate engraved with the date that they had met.
He had manage to make a few stops before finally getting to the empty home, where he managed to get everything decorated. Rose petals littered the floor toward the dining room, candles a lit, and he had already started in the kitchen to prepare a meal by his own hands for her. He was ecstatic.
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Gianna watched as Lexia had ran off. It had only took her some time at the table before she decided to head for the bathroom to make sure the woman was okay. She had passed the waitress on her way out. “Are you okay? Did you drive here? I can get you a car,” she told the woman. She wondered if she could contact James, at least she would have the chance to see him since that morning. He hadn’t even texted her
  james / SincerelyLily / 3d 10h 38m 8s
With every word Gianna spoke, Lexia was applying the story she spun to James, assuming now that she was talking about him. There were feelings stirring within her that she had tried to push down before. She started to replay the moments she had watched them exchange looks and how she had seen her follow him into his office several times from afar. Lexia even thought about the texts he had been receiving from her and how he blushed and how he concealed his phone from her in a way he never had before. They had trusted each other implicitly before, never really caring about locking phones or keeping it clutched to him at all time, although he blamed the restaurant for that.

He’s having an affair and the woman he was sleeping with was sitting right across from her. While she was clearly intoxicated she didn’t assume that she was making anything up. Lexia had been deluded to think that she could ignore the signs and the distance and regardless of hearing how he had cut things off with her, she was sickened by the fact that he had been sleeping with her and coming home to Lexia. Her face contorted then, remembering the mark on his neck last night and she pushed back from the table when Gianna apologised for unloading this on her. A hand covered her mouth and she ran to the bathroom, unable to stop herself from purging her stomach.

Gianna had just unloaded her problems on the woman whose marriage she had tainted. There was a knock on her cubicle door then.

[i “Everything okay love?”] She recognised the voice of the waitress who has served her, clearly noticing that Lexia has made a quick exit from the table. She heaved and coughed several times before formulating an answer.

[b “Morning sickness.”] It was a lie but a believable one. [b “It’s not just for mornings.”] She wiped at her mouth and rose from the floor as she tried to gather herself to face the waitress who greeted her with a bottle of water. [b “Thank you, that’s very kind of you.”] Her eyes were stinging red and she was trying to hold herself together, not wanting to cry in front of this stranger but it was something she found very difficult.
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 3d 12h 32m 55s
“Well, when we first started to see each other he spoke of a separation. He wasn’t in his right mind, but he decided to stay with his wife.” James hadn’t known how he could maintain his marriage with Lexia after they had lost their first child. With him spiraling into depression and drinking, he had confessed to Gianna that he would rather leave then put Lexia through the pain of being with him in his darkest hours. They had been arguing too much then. Though, by some strength he had pulled through and while he still had his affair with Gianna, he had decided to stay with Lexia. Lexia ended up getting pregnant again and the chance of a new child, a new beginning made James think things would be better. Now after speaking with Lexia, he had broken up with Gianna and she could not accept it.
Gianna looked at Lexia, how the woman squirmed in her seat, her face clearly expressing she was having trouble keeping down her meal. Everything inside Gianna wanted to tell the woman that sat across from her what her husband did with her every night, every morning, and on certain days even in the afternoon. She wanted to tell her how James had told her he loved her, how she knew every inch of the male’s body. Hell, she had a good bit of It in her mouth earlier. She’d probably break if she let Lexia know the man hadn’t even bothered to use protection with her.
“I’m hoping she’ll have a backbone and will leave him. No one deserves to be cheated on.” It was oddly ironic then, as Gianna would be responsible for breaking up a relationship considering that she was the adulterer along with James. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to unleash this all on you. It’s just, I needed someone to talk to. He ended things with me today, this morning and I just – I don’t think he understands and was pressured into it I feel. You’re right, he has to make a choice.” Gianna sighed and finished the last glass of wine. Both empty bottles mocking her. “I love him, I don’t think I can let him go.”
  gianna / SincerelyLily / 3d 12h 52m 42s
This whole conversation was putting Lexia on edge. There was something about the way she spoke that made her feel like there was something she didn’t know and since she already had her suspicions about Gianna and James having an affair. She had told herself time and time again that she was imagining things and she had to tell herself that now. Lexia wasn’t stupid, of course she saw the signs, but she hoped that she was wrong because if she wasn’t, her marriage was over and she had no idea what she would do then. James was her life and she couldn’t bear the thought that she wasn’t his when they had promised to always put each other first in their wedding vows.

Lexia was quite a traditional woman in that respect, hoping that James would have remained true to his vows. If he had been having an affair, he didn’t love her and that was something she didn’t want to hear, especially since they had conceived a child together. Lexia was slowly losing her appetite but she poked her fork at her food to at least look like nothing had changed. The slip of the tongue made her feel nauseous. Was she about to tell her that she was having an affair with her husband? No such words left her mouth.

[b “You say that he’s separated from his wife? It’s not like he’s having an affair.”] She tried to remain in the conversation before taking a sip from her drink. She was feeling sick now, but it wasn’t morning sickness. [b “What would you tell his wife? I suppose it depends whether your intention is to hurt her. There are a hundred ways you could do it but you really need to think about [i why] you would tell her. Are you hoping that she won’t rekindle her relationship with him if she knows he has been sleeping with another woman?”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 4d 13h 37m 49s
[I Has he gone back to his wife?] It took everything in Gianna to not answer that in all it’s truthfulness. His wife sat in front of him and based on the conversation they had earlier, it appeared James was done with her completely and only wanted to be with Lexia. She was right that he had to make a choice and a part of her believed that James had chosen Lexia, though she didn’t think that he had made the right choice and maybe only feared Lexia was getting suspicious and didn’t want to get caught.
“I think he’s scared,” she said. “J-“ Gianna closed her mouth tight then, distracting herself with another glass of wine, despite her getting slowly drunk evidently making it hard for her to focus. She hoped that Lexia hadn’t noticed her little slip up. “I think he doesn’t want to hurt her, but he had told me he loves me.” Of course those words were most mentioned during the passionate bits of lovemaking between the couple, but there were times when James would text her how he missed her, how he wanted to be with her. The nights he slept at her apartment and how he cuddled her. It felt like love, like wanting and it was a whole different feeling she experienced with him than when she was with Mark.
“I want to tell his wife,” Gianna said then, the waitress coming over with their meals. She had decided to eat, knowing she would have to sober up before she could even drive home, though this would make for a great excuse to have James come and get her. Maybe then she could convince him of the mistake he was making.
“I just don’t know the right way to go about it,” she admitted, looking up from her food as she watched Lexia. Surely the woman wasn’t an idiot. Whether she knew if it was Gianna or not, there had to have been signs of the male cheating on her. Was she deliberately choosing to ignore it?
  gianna / SincerelyLily / 4d 14h 22m 38s
Lexia wanted to be a good friend to Gianna, even if they hadn’t spent that much time together since the wedding but she had grown suspicious of her a few weeks ago when she saw how many texts she was sending James in the evening. He had claimed that it was just about work but she could tell my the sheer amount of them and the way he had blushed a few times that it wasn’t about work at all, yet she didn’t question him about it because deep down she didn’t really want to know that James was having an affair because that would break her and right now she couldn’t afford to break when she had to take care of herself and the baby.

Lexia sipped her water and listened to the woman carefully as she poured herself another glass of wine and started to drink it as though it was soda. This was about a man and she couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad for her since Mark hadn’t exactly been good for her before. It seemed that she had chosen someone else with a bit of a complicated background and she wondered whether there was truth in what she was saying. She let Gianna finish talking before she came up with a reply, not wanting to cut the woman off or interrupt her in any way.

Some time during her confession their food was brought over and she had started to eat. [b “Has he gone back to his wife?”] She asked curiously, looking the woman over as she found herself cautious because she had been drinking. [b “I think it’s hard to say what to do honestly Gianna. I don’t believe you can be in love with two people. He’s either in love with his wife and wants to make things work with her or he’s in love with you. Quite frankly it sounds like he needs to make a choice. He can’t have both of you and you are worth so much more than that. Don’t be second best. You need to make it clear to him what he will be losing if he leaves you and if he still chooses her, I promise you he wasn’t worth it in the first place.”]
  Lexia / d1gn17y / 8d 1h 41m 11s

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