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[font "Times" [size15 Smallish college town. Nearby city, or connected area outside of said city. Strange things have always sort of happened here. It's got an 'energy' as it were that just sort of leaves open for just crap to go down.

It is autumn. The Veil is thinning with the onset of All Hallows Eve, Samhain is on its way. Things get weird already with any change of the season, especially one so charged with holiday anticipation. And this year it so happens that an already auspicious day, Friday the 13th, is supercharged with a full harvest moon! The air is thick with energy, and as you open your favorite book you're about to accidentally summon your favorite character out of it. The antagonist!

If you've seen the old Teen Titans cartoon where Raven summons a character out of a book, you'll sort of see how I expect this to happen a bit. Be ye witch or warlock yourself, knowing or unknowing of your magicks, a victim of the planets aligning just right, or some form of universal fuckery your character now has to figure out what to do with this situation, especially when it seems that it's not only a one-time thing! Seems not only [i your] book is the one leaking into this realm. And some of these characters are much, much harder to spot than just yours! What's going on?

I'm looking to write our kinda monstery, or magical book character, here, the one that gets summoned to your character, our protagonist. This is sort of supposed to have a kind of [i Hocus Pocus] feeling, gothic, supernatural and/or high fantasy sort of story we're pulling from here.

Characters can be any age over 14, but if you want it to be romantic at all I will require them to be 19+.

Looking for a chill, creative RP. I have some ideas for said book character, but lots of wiggle room once we decide on a character for you and what they like about their book character.

[center [+purple Any Questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM me! Especially if you add in your favorite food/dessert in the title of the message.
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They continued to ask her about if she was ok and if she needed help with the spider. One of her roommates was a sweet guy, but a serious perv. She rolled her eyes and groaned, not in the mood to deal with his libido right now. There were much [i BIGGER] problems to deal with. She started to sigh as they began to leave after she told them several times that she was fine. It was then she heard a noise that caused her to feel a rushed chill down her veins like someone had poured ice water straight into her bloodstream. Looking over, she saw him unlocking the window and trying to pry it open.

[#000580 [b [i "ARE YOU INSANE?!"]]] she whispered yelled at him and ran over to the window to push the inch he got open back closed and quickly locked it again as if that was gonna stop this monstrous, towering being from leaving through the window. She pressed her back against the window and faced him with a stern look of disbelief. [#000580 [b "You can't just leave and go out into my world looking the way you do! Here you would be considered a monster, and many kinds of bad people would try to kill you, capture you, experiment on you..... and let me tell you, they have the money and equipment to do so! No matter how big or strong you are..... The military would be here in a matter of hours if anyone sees you!"]]

She looked over her shoulder through the window and down to the ground below. Did he really intend to make that jump? Sure the grass was plush around this neighborhood, but it wasn't tall or thick, and his size would add to the pull of gravity. There wasn't a tree outside her window, so nothing to climb down. [#000580 [b "You need to understand that you might be very vulnerable here in this world..... you need to be extra careful of what you do and where you go until we can figure out how the hell to send you back home..... I would look in my book for some kind of clues.... but you coming out of the book kind of killed my copy.... By the way.... that was my favorite book...."]] she griped a little with a pout. [#000580 [b "If you go anywhere, I'm coming with you, otherwise, you'll just cause widespread panic....trust me you don't want that here...."]]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c2/9a/b0/c29ab0ba4005d22a0e08b64b89f35e53.jpg]] The creature turned its attention away from the mortal and the others she shouted to beyond the door. The book yet in its hands took precedence. Turning it again it viewed the title... what of it could be seen through blackened edges and a wilted, somehow wetted, peeling cover.

Nothing resonated from this item that it could feel, nothing of interest was in it, the language simple and common for which pages could still be read... but the book remained in its hands. There had to be something with it.

It needed to find Erroll, someone. If indeed they were still reachable on this plane. Thus, Alptraum needed to find a still, shallow pool to scry. It needed to find something to tell it where it was, what had happened, some form of heading and this human woman seemed unable to give him that.

It shifted toward the window in the room, looking down. Second floor. That wouldn't be graceful, but at least it could make it down. Its long fingered hand pressed on the window to lean and look down below. Grass.

It was time to leave. The creature moved back and looked over the window to figure out how it opened. Sash weight, little lock...? Ah, on the upper sill, here. It turned the lock and moved to open it.
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He gave a growl and she felt it resonate through her very being as she watched this large, glorious, and once thought to be fictional creature standing in her bedroom. He let her go, pushing her near the bed where she fell back to sit on the edge as he looked over the book. He seemed almost disappointed with the book as he claimed it held no magic. She was staring at the stain on her floor wondering how the hell she was going to clean that up. She'd only been here a day and already she'd somehow ruined the floor.

He asked her who her patron was as since the book held no power, it had to have been from her. She could only stare at him confused. [#000580 [b "P....patron? I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.... I already told you! I don't know or have any magic..... I'm just a human... Nothing all that special."]] She didn't know how to make things any clearer to him that she held no ideas of what was happening, how he got here, or where this magic had come from.

She froze when she heard noises from downstairs and she felt her stomach nearly drop. Her roommates were home, and they had probably heard the commotion. She had to think quickly as she jumped up from the bed and ran to the door to lock it quickly. [#000580 [b "Nice, Nava, that's not suspicious....."]] she grumbled at herself as she looked around for any way of hiding the creature in her room, but that wasn't going to happen. He was HUGE with spikes, horns, tentacles, and no way of just hiding him under her bed so they didn't see him. They started to call her name and she began to panic.

[#000580 [b "Uuhhh. yeah! Yeah, I'm here! Um..... shit.... D-door's locked! Can't come in!"]] She called out then muttered at herself as they would already know the door was locked, but why is it locked was what she needed to figure out. She wasn't sure how to explain it so she improvised off the top of her head as someone tried to open the door, jiggling the locked doorknob. [#000580 [b "L-like I said, its locked! I um..... I was changing clothes and had to dig through my things, and I saw a spider and knocked some things over, I'm sorry if I worried you guys! Totally okay in here! Can't come in, I'm uh....not decent!"]] she wondered if they would buy that. She prayed they did, and that Alptraum stayed quiet until she could get them to leave. She even looked to him with a pleading look and placed a finger to her lips in a sign of asking him to remain silent.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c2/9a/b0/c29ab0ba4005d22a0e08b64b89f35e53.jpg]] The creature gave a low, distrusting growl as one of he many tentacled appendages of it swept underneath the book and ferried it to the creature's awaiting hand. Underneath the book was the stain on the floor, the center exactly underneath it still without holes somewhat, though burned black as black, and the other parts of the floor spanning away from it were cracked and raised.

"[B This book,]" it said, voice deeper than she imagined especially this close. Resonating in her with its connection still to her shirt. Nava was dropped unceremoniously to her feet again.

It turned the item over in its hands, releasing its hold on her shirt rather roughly and pushed her back toward the bed with ease. Passing a long, spidery hand over the ruined pages, the hole through the center that seemed at once burned away and sodden with whatever magical leavings were all over it.

"[B There is no magic in this book,]" Alptraum informed her, great head turning towards her and gesturing with the book. "[B So it must have magic from another source. And that source is most likely you, human woman. Who is your patron?]"

There was sound from downstairs where once there was silence, and that silence was being broken by those sounds- voices, the voices of her downstairs roommates coming upstairs, sounding confused and concerned.

Her name sounded through the walls. They were coming to check on her.
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He began to ask questions again and she still was unsure how to answer. How do you explain where someone is when it's not on any map he would ever know? He set her on her feet and began to play around at the hem of her shirt, watching the wordings along the front stretching and returning as he crumpled her shirt. She raised an arm to press against her chest to keep him from noticing anything [i beneath] the shirt, except her stomach, but that was fine. He seemed to stop a moment to look to the walls, then the light, blinking away as it seemed to hurt him.

He still held to her, but she tried to move so that she could stand in front of the light to block his brightness from his eyes. He spoke up her name, and it sent shivers down her body in such a suspenseful feeling. His voice was more than she could have ever thought possible, and deeper in tone than she imagined. He asked where she had taken him and she tried to explain to him that she had not done any of this. When she explained he was a fictional character, he didn't seem to grasp the concept. He looked to her and demanded she explain everything to him.

[#39116e [b "I swear..... I've no idea how ANY of this happened..... this kind of thing doesn't ever really happen in my world! We don't have real magic here. We have tricks and illusions. Smoke and mirrors. I was literally laying right there....."]] she pointed to her bed where he found her once before. [#39116e [b ".....and the next thing I know, that book which I have read a million times and it has NEVER done anything but being a book before, all of a sudden starts spilling this..... this... odd black slimy.sludge..... from the center of the pages... Next thing I know my favorite fictional character from my book is crawling up out of my second story floor like this is a new version of Pet Cemetary."]]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c2/9a/b0/c29ab0ba4005d22a0e08b64b89f35e53.jpg]] "[B Here where? Where is here?]"

The little human in his hand was light, warm, her skin soft underneath the shirt, which was like something he had never felt before. A textile he was not familiar with... It stretched underneath his hand, and he felt it slip a bit between his fingers, making him hold tighter for a moment. Soft, odd, [i thin]. The creature dropped her so that her feet could touch the floor again, tugging at the hem of her shirt again, huffing in curiosity, distracted briefly. The weave on this was very fine, and in a pattern he had never seen before, with something like paint across the front of it in a design that stretched and warped long with the shirt that he had crumpled in one long, talon of a hand. He still had her in an arresting grip, but his mind was taken by noise, by [i hearing] something like energy in the walls, and in the glowing, oblong globe in the lampshade.

Its light was harsh and unfamiliar and stabbed at the backs of his eyes, leaving a green- no black- spot in his vision.

"[B Nava Embers,]" the creature addressed her. "[B Where have you taken me?]" The empty, pinpricked sockets of his skullike face turned toward her.

"[B Fictional...]" he repeated, fingers still feeling at that fabric between his fingers. A low growl emanated from the creature's throat, lips curling. He was trying to process this- from a book? How is that possible? A creature of legend, perhaps? And somehow she had torn him from his reality...? Or was it a planar thing?

"[B Tell me,]" Alptraum ordered, "[B tell me everything. Now.]"
  Tweedy / 180d 11h 42m 6s
Nava watched on as the creature seemed to show body language of confusion as he looked himself over and then around the room. The broken lamp cast a harsh light in its jacked position along the floor. She would have to be mindful of the floor, or the broken pieces would cut her foot for sure. She stared on in absolute amazement that not only had what she had imagined was true, but he now stood there right before her very eyes!

Without warning, Alptraum reached out and grabbed her up by her shirt, scratching at the skin beneath and tearing holes in the shirt where he gripped her. Pulling a surprised sound from her lips as he lifted her up out of the corner and off the bed to dangle above the floor. From here she could see the mess along the floor was gone, but there were signs that it had been there. Smears along her hardwood floor, leading to the creature that held to her. She could see where she had thrown the book, but it did not look like the book she cared for so fondly. Alptraum began to speak, drawing her attention back to him and this only made her giddier. He sounded far better than her mind could create. Deep tones, rumbling timbre, and a predatorial, almost animalistic quality that shook her to her toes.

[#000580 [b "I-I..... well..... I'm not sure how to answer those first few questions..... b-but..... my name is Nava..... Nava Embers..... and... dear Gods, you are so much more than I ever thought possible!"]] She gushed as she struggled with hanging in his grasp. She raised her hands to hold at his wrist, at least for some semblance of balance. Her mass of purple curls had been up in a clip, but at some point, the clip had come out and so the bright curls fell down her back, a stark contrast to the black tank and shorts she wore, or the dark makeup along her features. [#000580 [b "I don't know how to tell you this..... but.... here? .... you're not supposed to be real..... I.... you're a fictional character in one of my favorite books. I have no idea how in the hell you got here..... but I have to say, that though this is confusing and scary, its also like freaking amazing!"]] She wondered if it was possible for her little goth heart to give out from too much joy.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c2/9a/b0/c29ab0ba4005d22a0e08b64b89f35e53.jpg]] Alptraum's hand dropped a bit, staring down at the tiny woman in front of him . The long fingers curled, as the creature before her then looked down, that head turning, catching sight of its own hand. Beastly. Grotesque.

He looked along the arm, at the other hand, and around the room. Her words harshly summoned his attention back. It was him. She recognized him. Was this the creature that summoned him? Pulling him from his hearth?

That second hand closed in the front of her shirt, harshly, scratching her skin, and hoisting her up, growling.

"[B Where am I?]" Came a deep, resonant growling voice. Nava could feel it in her chest, as if it radiaded down his arm and into her.

He took in the mess of purple hair, the posters on the wall, the tapestry, the lamp still glaring up at the ceiling, concentrated by the upended lampshade.

"[B How did you do that? Where have you brought me?]"

When Nava looked down at the floor, the mess was gone. Stains still remained- gray smears across the floor. But it was no longer cracked open. It wasn't glowing. The book was there still, pages gone gray and stained, but mostly she could see printing on it. But it had grown. Aged. The binding was thick, old. Different looking.

"[B Who are you?]" He shook her, jostling the young woman to keep her attention. Other, clawed hand gnarled, threatening at his side.
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Nava had started in a sitting position on her bed as she was eating while she would read. Eventually, the food was gone, the wine depleted, and she was dressed down in her tank and shorts. The book started to feel heavy as her arms were tired from the day of moving in. Or at least such is what she thought. Lower and lower she would drop the book until it lay on her bed, and she moved positions to keep reading, not wanting to put the book down yet. Wanting to reach her favorite part first.

On and on and on she read, flipping pages, eyes scanning each memorized line as if for the first time. Flipping a page, finding the darker print, loving the little flaws that helped give life to such an inanimate object. Darker. Thicker. Slowly starting to run along the page. Nava frowned as she wiped at the smear, and it only became worse and worse. She had no liquids near the book, why would it smear? The book was not wet. But then, the book was wet. smearing and coloring her crimson bedding and her pale hands almost like the book was bleeding, and its colors now marked her.

She sat up and tried to wipe the inky looking substance from her hands. It only grew and smeared and stained. Like the nightmare of a guilty conscious spreading proof of death everywhere. She tossed the book off the bed as it began to seep and bubble and spill such a dark mass from its pages. [#000580 [b "What the hell is going on?"]] she asked confused. She looked to her wine bottle, just the single one. And though it was empty, it was a usual choice for her, so she knew she wasn't just a bad drunk.

More and more it covered the floor, causing her to climb back onto her bed out of its way. Her home shook and quaked, cracking her floor and walls, causing her lamp to fall from her nightstand and shattering its casing along the floor in several sized dusty pieces, the bulb burning that odd bright light in odd gleams along the room now as she watched the growing mass along her floor. On one hand, she was pissed as her favorite book was ruined in the goopy mess. On another, she was feeling her anxiety rise as the mass began to form shapes and figures.

She pressed away from the book, backing up into the corner of her bed within the corner of the wall. Bones, monstrous skeletal shapes rose and dipped along the goop before something started to click within her mind. She could only sit there pressed into the corner, her bright green eyes wide in fear, confusion, and panic as things took place slowly forming a monstrous creature in her room.

The more layers that formed, the more she was sure that she was recognizing the figure that hailed before her. Alptraum. She knew this form. The bones, the inhuman attributes, the glimmering bright blue eyes that were not in the usual placements for eyes. It was all here down to his limp tail. Slowly her fear melted, even as the creature reached towards her. Moving softly closer to such a being as it tried to say something. The eye in his hand opening as she looked to meet the gaze of every eye. [#000580 [b "I..... oh holy shit..... it's you..... its freaking you! By the Gods! IT'S YOU! Ohmygods! What are you doing here? Why are you here? Wait... HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET OUT OF THE BOOK?!"]] She called as her mind was starting a roll of panic within herself as she pushed her hair from her face to stare at the imposing creature before her, the mess slightly forgotten at this point.
  Nava Embers / Ravanya / 119d 18h 32m 35s
[font "Times" [size15 The book became heavier as time went along. Tired wrists from holding it towards her face, Nava set it down as she saw herself almost drop it. More tired than she thought. It landed, heavy, on the bedspread.

She kept reading, laving her mind's eye over the details about the haunted castle; inhabited by a creature of myth. Disappearances, magic, monsters, the legends the townspeople told the newcomer into the town, looking for the creature that crept in the dark. Plaguing the town. Preying on one family, driving their last remaining daughter to her wits end with mystery, with wanting...

The writing on the page was darker, when she turned the page. A printing issue. A heavier press on the page, or more ink on the press, looking almost wet. Soggy. Grown fat with energy and magic as the night waxed. The full moon, high in the sky, fed the book, glutting itself on the energy from the hands holding it- her Intent. Feeding, growing fat, and thick. Until the words dropped down the page in front of her. The book bled, smearing over the page where she wiped at it, thinking she had spilt. It got on the bedspread.

From the spine of the book, more inky blackness was spilled. A single drip down where the pages met one another, until the oily, glistening substance ran over Nava's hands.

Tossing it on the empty, wood floor so it wouldn't stain anything else, there was the sound of more coming up. A low, groaning seepage as more of the substance spat forth.

And where the oil slick substance, heady with the tang of water, damp earth and cold air, there was a fuzzyness. A haze over the places where they touched- whatever this was, and the floor. The sound of tearing paper, the binding snapping, filled the room, as a break in the book pulled it apart. The center swelled, like paper soaking up water, and bled, black where the ink ran onto the floorboards.

The book split apart, in two pieces, but the emptyness in the floor showed the hole went deeper. It cracked across the floor, shaking the walls of the room, and knocking her bedside lamp to the floor, throwing up a jagged shadow across the wall, and the rest of the room into partial darkness. Lilac, bright light started in sharp shafts, were thrown up onto the walls, beginning to pour out of this portal. More, and more of the shiny, thick, substance poured out and across the floor, splitting into light, and then closing over it again, bubbling. A great, black spot was spreading across the floor. And from inside of it, something moved. Like a fish underneath opaque water something else disturbed the surface.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/64/ca/7b/64ca7be5381d24d33ef185513cb5cbbb.jpg]] A disturbance on the surface rose, and turned into a dripping, skeletal ridge that pushed out of the water. Points, all in a line, that bent, up, and crackled like knuckles and then sank back underneath it. All was still. Until it pushed out again, as if through a membrane. A spine took shape, ribs extending off of it, and shoulder blades- all briefly clearing the pool of whatever primordial ooze was here.

It rose again, pushing free of the pool and dripping, naked before her. A neck, and then a head pulled out of the pool, skeletal mouth agape, eyes empty. But the face wasn't human. The skull was long, toothy, and had four horns twisting off of it. This body, summoned from the mess- in what looked suddenly familiar.

It pulled out of the spreading, massive mess and solidified in front of her. The ooze crawled back up the body before out of it, or hardening from its clay, crawled fiber, flesh, and organs slithering back up the body and encasing it in flesh. Muscles like tentacles threaded around the naked bones and in between them, blooming connective tissues and cartilage. Skin blossomed over the frame as more of it arched out of the black mass.

Yes, this was familiar. The author of the book had written this sequence- this was exactly how she had imagined the body of the villain forming out of the chaos pool- the portal he had been thrown into as atonement from the old heroes for his black magic.

Now Nava knew what this was. She was witnessing it in front of her as the shoulders cracked, hunching, the neck elongated with each and every bone cackling as she saw the change come uncerway. A ragged, inhuman bellow pulled from the creature's throat as it felt every single bit of it- a voice thrust into the throat now that it had flesh.

The face of the thing had its hard, alabaster flesh now, tracing with veins. In the depths of those sockets glimmered those cold, ember-like pinpricks of light. The teeth, nearly pulled out of the mouth, elongated. Oily, thick fabric slid, as if alive, over the body as it rose now, to its dubious limbs. From the hips down, the body fell into chaos. That was how the author described it. Tentacles, malformed arms, hidden and unfocused by the ragged fabric around the body, cloaking it, flesh. All tapering down to a long dragging something, resembling a kinked, lame tail.

Nava had forgotten the gross detail in the body, seeing it animated before her. Long, stringy black hair fell behind the skull and horns like a mane- two atop the head, and two twisting down like a goat's. Eyeballs- little, bright blue, alive, floated up from the inky ooze and the creature's body itself, suspended in air, and blinking in and out of existence like little, twilit stars.

It stood tall. Six foot. Growing. Seven foot, even hunched like this. Long, spidery arms twisting for a moment as the body solidified and the ghostly, canine face with the empty eyes glittering, leering at her, turned its great head toward her.

The creature stood before her, Alptraum. German for nightmare, she had looked it up, it was a post on the author's blog. And in the slanted light of the lamp, crashed onto the floor, the shadows across his face made him fearsome. Those long fingers spread as the head looked initially around. it gave a low, growling hiss at the harshness of the electric bulb, a hand raising to shielf. And then at Nava was where that head turned now. Bestial, upright ears percked forward. All the eyes turned to her. Something almost words seethed from that throat. Alptraum's voice- a husky, low, breath of a tone in a language she didn't know.

Its free hand reached toward her. From the center of its palm, an eye socket split, and opened, another bright, jaundiced, blue eye rolling to look at her as it reached for her.
  Tweedy / 194d 16h 57m 10s
[#000580 [b "That is the last box! Thanks, guys!"]] Nava smiled as she tipped the two moving guys. They were local boys, and pretty hot, and didn't seem to be bothered by her more eccentric outlook. [#000580 [b "And you did great with the furniture!"]] They each secretly gave her his number from their friend and headed out with a wave. She waved back before closing her door and dropping both numbers in the trashcan in the kitchen. Shaking her head she giggled again as she moved to the thermostat and cranked up the heat. The late afternoon was chilly as autumn was on its way and she couldn't wait for the holiday seasons, as well as to start her classes in the local college.

She looked around to the many boxes and bags that needed to be unpacked and set to work to get as much done as she could. It took a few hours but she managed to get her kitchen set up, her bathrooms - up and downstairs, her living room, and then she was working on her bedroom where she would keep her bookcase, and decided she needed a break from all the work. The guys had given her some take out menus the town had, probably in hopes she would go with them one night. The thought made her smirk softly. [#000580 [b "Pizza..... did that on my way in..... Mexican..... maybe tomorrow. Oh! Cream cheese crab, and sushi rolls! Chinese it is!"]] She smiled and made the call-in order. While waiting for the delivery guy, she was sorting up her books and placing them in proper order on her bookcase. She reached deep into the box and stilled a moment as she gently pulled out an old and worn hardback book. One very familiar to her touch and felt heavier with every read, as if each time she read the book gave it life.

With a gleaming smile, she traced her fingers along the cover and decided there was no better way to break in the new house, than with the reading of her favorite series. The doorbell rang and she smiled to then plan the rest of her night. Some good food, some wine, and her book. She scurried downstairs and paid for her food plus a tip. Before closing her door she smiled noticing the full moon that was rising in the sky. [#000580 [b "Such a perfect night!"]] She giggled and ran back in her house and upstairs to her bedroom.

She laid out her food, set up her wine and glass, and as she took a deep drink of her first glass, she began reading the book that meant so much to her. Falling in love over and over every time she read the story. Though she had read the series os many times, there would be time spent between each reading, so it was like reading it anew all over again. She would eat and drink while she read, flipping pages, and eating sushi, then sipping her wine. A wonderful way to spend the night.
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