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[h3 [b [i [center Alyan - 1654]]]]

Before the orphanage everyone knows and loves, before the supernatural chaos that happens around Alyan, there was a small mountain village that was built in the late 1600's...Or so the legend says. Others say the town just mysteriously appeared there.

The Orphanage, or what was known as The Coven back then was a home to a large group of witches, known as The Incanter Society practically ruled over Alyan.

They were not evil but there were some within the ranks that were, and because of these evil individuals humans feared the Incanters and soon a lynch mob formed and burned most of the Incanters in the town square on stakes.

A little girl named Faye witnesses her parents murder and vows to get revenge on the humans as well as the evil Incanters who went rogue.

Soon Faye discovers that the rogue Incanters plan to perform a ritual to bring an a remnant of an ancient otherworldly god into this world known as Remos.

Can Faye and the rest of The Incanters as well as some trustworthy humans save the world from the evil Incanters? Or will they succeed in bringing Remos back?

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan - 1945]]]]

Alyan is now home to a local mafia family known as the Rivderchis, a group of mobsters who run a smuggling business in the mountain town, they bring in illegal goods from New York to Pennsylvania and they all come to Alyan to their base of operations; What will be known as Thr Orphanage soon

An undercover journalist infiltrates the Rivderchis and finds there's.more than illegal smuggling and the usual human trafficking going on.

Will he be able to uncover the secrets of the mafia family? Or will they find out who he is and feed him to the fishes?

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan - 1984]]]]

The 1980's. The year of government conspiracies and classic horror slashers comes to life in Alyan, the mansion is now owned by two brothers, Lode and Demarko. Not really an orphanage yet but more of a party house.

When the music gets bumping on October 31st, 1984 and things go bump in the night...A body is found stabbed to the wall in the pool house with a note written in blood; [+red [b YOU'RE ALL NEXT]]

Can the party goers as well as the two brothers survive the gruesome night? Or will the succumb to the masked slasher?

And that's not all, a secret lab deep in the forest is testing on human subjects, one little girl named Amy is one of those subjects.

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