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Maki, after receiving the change got up and started to leave the bar. As he left, he began to think about the bartender, trying to remember where he had smelled that scent before. Deep inside him, when he thought of the male, he felt an aversion. Though it wasn’t very strong, he wondered why it was there in the first place. He reached the door, opening it and left the store.
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[center Anri came back to the male eventually. He took the man twenty, as he walked over to the cash register. He put the twenty in the drawer, came back with some change for the male. [+magenta "Sorry for the wait."] he said as he handed the male his change.

Anri fingers brushed against Maki. Maki's skin was freezing. It was odd because normally he was the cold one compared to most humans. Anri smiled softly as he step back after handing he male some change. Something seemed off about that red head.

Anri continue to help around the bar until he seen his coworker arrive. He knew it was time to go once she got there. He smiled softly as he greeted her, normally Anri hated everyone but she was okay. After he said goodbye and punched out he then head out the back door, after throwing on his black wolf hoodie. He then ventured out into the night heading home with a small smile on his face. Tomorrow was the day, the day he could be free.
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The male looked down, pulling out his wallet. His eyes narrowed at it as he opened it and pulled out a twenty. He set it down on the counter in front of him as he waited for the person to come back. As he did, he let his mind wander. He could have sworn he had smelled that type of scent before, though he couldn't remember when.
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[center Anri nodded as he came up with total. [+magenta "That will be $10.50."] he said as he put the glasses in the sink. He waited on a few more people while the red head got the money ready. Something didn't seem right with red head. He was different but Anri couldn't quiet figure it out.

Anri sighed softly as more people came to the bar. He of corse took here orders. Getting them mixed-drinks, beers. Sadly he still had to listen to mindless flirty. It was starting to get on his nerves. He could feel the wolf inside him snarling. Luckily tomorrow was his day off. A day of the full moon. It would be great. He smiled softly as he closed his lavender colored eyes.

The excitement of the full moon. He really couldn't wait. Luckily he only had 20 minute of his shift left.The night was finally dwindling down to an end.
  Anri / Tsurai / 12d 18h 47m 13s
Maki looked up, mildly surprised. Then he let out a small chuckle, shaking his head slightly. “Ah, no. I should probably stop now before I go overboard.” Though he knew that wouldn’t happen, since he was hardly even tipsy then. Unfortunately that was one of the downsides to being a vampire. No matter how much he drank, he could never get to the type of drunkenness he wanted. Maki looked closer at the boy, he felt an odd aura around him, different than a humans, yet not a vampires either. And from what he could tell, he didn’t think that the boys blood would taste very good either. Maki gave him a wry smile. “How much do I owe for all of this?” He asked, quietly.
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[center Anri lavender colored eyes dance around the bar. He really wished it was 10pm. He was just ready to get home, be away from all these people. He then heard the same woman call for him. She was drunk, of corse she didn't know when to stop. He got the woman another drink, only for her to spill it everywhere.

Anri just fake a smile. [+Mangenta "Let me get you some water."] he said
He got the woman a glass of water. He hoped she would leave soon. Her pointless flirting was getting her nowhere. Top that all off she was drunker than a skunk. It really didn't take long for the bar to get busy again.

Anri was running back and forth getting people more drinks, and clearing glasses. It took him a while to come across the red-head who was surround by empty glasses. [+Magenta " Can I get you anything?"] he said dryly as he stack some of the glasses that was in front of the red haired man.
  Anri / TwoSidedFox / 15d 8h 31m 39s
Maki was also at the bar. His hair was a light shade of red, his eyes silver, with an underlying tint of golden brown. In front of him he had already had several drinks, still getting more. Being such a creature as he was, it took quite a bit of alcohol to get him even tipsy.
The male was quite short, only a mere five feet and three inches. Unlike the rest of his kind, he had not been tall when made into a vampire. Maki was sure the transformation was a mistake, as he found himself not attractive at all, nor did he seem to ever seem to get any girls that would go more than just for his body.
Though he was fine with that, as he could drink their blood. The girls never thought of the small marks on their neck, and he had never been caught before.
He sighed yet again, downing his current drink in several large gulps. With a satisfied smile, he realized he was finally getting tipsy, ordering another drink. As he did so, he noticed another guy a couple seats down, turning girls down on their offer to buy drinks, instead getting them drinks. He rolled his eyes, as if he would ever turn away free drinks.
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[center Anri is a very beautiful in the eyes of others, but he is a very violent young man. He easily gets angry, then becomes unstable. When he is in his violent mood swings, he often causes self harm or he harms others around him. He has very hard time getting close to anyone. He often chooses not to be near anyone.

Ever since Anri can remember he has been alone. Anymore being a lone didn't seem bother him. People always seemed like they wanted to get to know him. Anri wanted nothing to do with them, he would coldly push them way. Anri being twenty-four years of age was going to school. Hoping to get a degree involving art. He always enjoyed painting, drawing, and even writing.

Anri sighed softly as bit his bottom lip. He hate being around all these people. None of them seem to have a clue on why he was so bitter. Why he seem to hate anyone who approached him. Perhaps no would ever know. Unless of corse the crossed his path on the wrong day.

Since living didn't come free, he had to work. That meant he had to interact with people. He worked two jobs. He work at the library on the campus. His second job was a bar tender. He hated some of the people that came to the bar. They always trying to flirt with him, when clearly he had no interest in them.

Anri sighed softly as he stood behind the counter of the bar. He could hear people bickering about his hair, or how he was dressed. It was really starting to get on his nerves but he still had a couple more hours before he could leave. He let a small growl out from under his breath. He then heard one of the ladies ask if they could buy him a drink. He turn to face her, he faked a sweet smiled. [+magenta "Sorry but I am working. But I be more than happy to get you another drink"] he said.

Anri was pretty good at acting like he care. When clearly he really didn't give a damn. Anri listen to the woman remarks. Of course she took him up on the offer. He got her a drink and she smiled as she sat down toward the end of the bar. People continued to gather around the bar. Ordering this and that. Anri normally sold a lot of beer but tonight it seemed like everyone wanted mixed drinks.
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