The Kingdom Of Voreria

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“Be careful walking up the path. It get slippery at times.” Axel said respecting her wishes. He decided to hang back giving her some space.
  Angel_love94 / 117d 10h 52m 48s
"That's not necessary." Aria said quickly as she quickly slipped her dress back on. "I'll take myself back, thank you." Her voice shook slightly at how nervous she was.
  ashleita_roseita / 117d 10h 57m 31s
“See by the look on your face. I scared you with who I am.. it’s why I don’t tell people.” Axel said. He grabbed his mask and looked at her. He wished he didn’t tell her but he did. “Umm I’ll walk you back to the party.” Axel put his mask on.
  Angel_love94 / 117d 10h 58m 58s
The color drained from her face in an instant. Had she realized who this man was sooner she would've never approached him at the party. Especially with the close association with the witch the prince mentioned. "I see." Her voice was small as her mind wondered, trying to think of the best way to get away from this man without seeming suspicious.
  ashleita_roseita / 117d 11h 4m 23s
“I’m serious Aria, my name Axel William Allard Prince of Voreria. “ he told her. “My dad is the king and my mom passed away from a witch.”
  Angel_love94 / 117d 11h 7m 18s
Aria quirked a brow and turned over her shoulder before laughing softly. "Sure," she began sarcastically. "And I am a duchess." She teased sarcastically.
  ashleita_roseita / 117d 11h 13m 0s
“I’m a prince.” Axel blurred out as he started to get dress himself. He occasionally glanced at Aria and wondered how she would react. He also was a little upset that she thought he was boring.
  Angel_love94 / 117d 11h 15m 45s
"I think this night is over," Aria said simply. "You're boring me." She then stepped over to where her dress was, ready to slip back into the large skirt.
  ashleita_roseita / 117d 11h 18m 31s
Axel’s head came home out of the water and saw Aria on shore. “Hey where are you going?” He asked as he started to swim back to shore. He walked up on the sandy beach of the pond and shook his wet hair.
  Angel_love94 / 117d 11h 20m 13s
As Axel plunged down into the water, Aria scoffed and rolled her eyes. She then decided to cut their swim short. She hurried for the shore line and now was squeezing the water from her hair.
  ashleita_roseita / 117d 11h 23m 35s
“No but It might scare you off if you knew who I really am.” Axel replied back as he took a deep breath and went under water. He didn’t want this night to end but had a feeling if she knew It would ruin the night. He also knew that he couldn’t lie to her.
  Angel_love94 / 117d 11h 25m 24s
Aria continued to start at Axel, her curiosity peaking. "You being at this ball means that you're some kind of nobility right?" She asked.
  ashleita_roseita / 117d 11h 28m 50s
“Yes ma’am.” Axel said respecting her wishes. He lend back and started to float looking up at the dark sky with only the starts and moon to light it up. He was so happy to just relax for once and not have to worry about anything.
  Angel_love94 / 122d 15h 55m 48s
Aria narrowed her eyes at Axel. "Nope, you can't. Just call me Aria." She said sharply.
  ashleita_roseita / 123d 24m 1s
Axel glanced at her. “I like your full name. Can I call you by it?” He asked. He floated on his back as he waited for her to answer
  Angel_love94 / 171d 10h 52m 34s

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