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[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/7697511d830fc879e3ffeb976b541b0f/tumblr_p9u0k6Lx5f1x4r2rwo1_400.gif]]

[center [size10 yo. i'm zen. this is just your average chat, nothing more, nothin' less! just wanna make new friends or rp partners, maybe.]]

[size11 [b [u rules.] ;]]

[size10 ★ be courteous to others.]
[size10 ✩ if you're nervous to drop in, feel free to PM me and see if you wanna chat or not. it's all cool.]
[size10 ★ feel free to script rp here.]
[size10 ✩ no sexting.]
[size10 ★ talk disputes out through me or each other in PMs.]
[size10 ✩ feel free to discuss roleplay plots here but don't advertise without asking beforehand.]

[center [size10 that's all. have fun!]]

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