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Username: NorthernWolves

Name: Lara Velkas

Guardian: Fenlyk- a tattooed koi on the back of the neck

Personality: quiet, shy, honest.

Bio & History: She was chosen as a guardian from birth, but neither her parents nor herself knew that at all. Her parents were simple fishers, her dad going out to sea for the daily haul and her mom selling whatever fish had been caught in the markets. Everything was pretty peaceful, until Malik took the ruling of everything under his hand. Since the region she lived bowed down peacefully, nothing really bad happened there. But something was up, which came in the form of her house being raided by Malik's forces. She managed to run off, while her parents were nailed to the door of what used to be her house. Now just walks around the provinces, hiding herself from Malik's grasp.

Weapon of Choice: Bow staff

Primary Special Power: Hydrokinesis

Secondary Powers : Soundless steps

Weakness and limitations to your powers: Manipulating water requires some concentration. No concentration, no hydrokinesis.
  Lara Velkas / NorthernWolves / 7d 6h 53m 12s
[b Picture link:] [#9933ff]

[b Puppetmaster:] [#9933ff [b NorthernWolves]] [b -] [#9933ff]

[b Name:] [b [#9933ff Warrington]] [b ,] [b [#9933ff Silvana]]

[b Nickname/title:] [b [#9933ff Pointy Ears]]

[b Rank:] [b [#9933ff 35]]

[b Generation:] [b [#9933ff 4]]

[b Land of Origin:] [b [#9933ff Talmland]]

[b Unique skill:] [#9933ff [b Heightened Regeneration]] [b -] [#9933ff Got a booboo? Maybe a small scratch or someone decided to remove limb or two? Then nothing like an enhanced healing faster to remove a bruise, make a scratch fly away, or regrow a limb. Although reattaching the original limb takes way shorter than regrowing them]

[b Magical ability:] [b [#9933ff Plant Magic]] [b -] [#9933ff Ever wanted plants to grow faster? Maybe have them grow to ginormous proportions to which they usually don’t? Or maybe that one particular guy, or gal, inconvenienced you and want to have some fun with them without taking the blame? Then this is the magic for you]

[b Other information:] [#9933ff [b Self-mutilated ears]] [b ,] [#9933ff [b Not a talker.]] [#9933ff Could be a higher rank but decides to have fun on the job.]
  Silvana Warrington / NorthernWolves / 48d 6h 28m 48s

[b Username: [#9933ff NorthernWolves]]

[center [b General Characteristics:]]

[b Name: [#9933ff Silvana Warrington]]

[b Alias: [#9933ff Sylvanas]]

[b Age: [#9933ff 21]]

[b Gender:] [#9933ff Born a [b female] and [b identifies] as a [b female]]

[b Sexual Orientation:] [#9933ff Is [b bisexual] with a [b leaning to females]]

[b Appearance:] [#9933ff Coming in at [b 5'4"] and weighing in at [b 140 pounds] she's small and easily throwable. The skin is of a [b white color] with a tinge of [b paleness] imbued into it. The medium length [b black] hair is [b braided up], a small part coming up from the back, with symmetrical locations of the [b red/pink] dyed hair. The eyes and lips share a similar color, a mostly [b dark red] imbued with just the slightest of [b dark brown]. A short, single [b scar] runs from the [b top right shoulder] and down to the [b right shoulder blade], this scar covered by a [b black, broken infinity symbol] tattoo.
Nothing special about the clothes. Enjoys wearing a [b light, short sleeved undershirt] under a [b black, no-sleeve jacket], which blends into [b black hiking/cargo pants] before a stark contrast with [b dark brown, composite toed boots]. Above the undershirt wears a singular [b necklace], a [b darkened silver] chain connected to a [b semi-glossed stone] with [b obscure designs] carved into it. The other jewelry she sold off.]

[b Biography:] [#9933ff It is interesting how a [b few small things] can add up into [b something big]. For [b Silvana] it meant the [b bullying] here and there, [b nothing serious] ever happened, no [b fights], [b physical injuries], [b severe punishments], it all had to do with the [b consistency]; Both in [b number of] and the [b reasons]. Bullied for [b her looks], along with some 'odd' habits, due to her being [b eleven] combined with listening to [b anti-human propaganda] eventually led her to joining an [b anti-human anarchist group]. Already having an engineering background [b Silvana] quickly became an [b explosives expert], crafting all sorts of [b improvised explosive devices] and enjoying it to the point of even [b placing and setting of her own bombs to kill humans]. It was all well and good when hitting [b non-civilian targets], but when the explosives began to target [b civilians] began a slow awakening in [b Silvana], especially after encountering humans who didn't [b bully] or [b make fun] of her being different, especially those who had [b survived her bombs].
Now [b Silvana] is trying to turn things back around, [b quitting the anarchist group] and then [b hunting them down] while simoultanouesly avoiding law enforcement [b hunting her down]. ]

[b Personality:]
[b *] [b [#9933ff Humourless]] - [#9933ff The inability to find humour in things, and most certainly in themselves]
[b *] [b [#9933ff Stubborn]] – [#9933ff Unreasonably, often unyielding; bull-headed: Determined; resolute]
[b *] [b [#9933ff Apologetic]] - [#9933ff Apologizes all the time, even when not at fault]
[b *] [b [#9933ff Blunt]] – [#9933ff Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion]
[b *] [b [#9933ff Fortitudinous]] - [#9933ff the courage to stand up for what is right, even in the face of pressure]
[b *] [b [#9933ff Patient]] - [#9933ff remaining calm and not becoming annoyed when dealing with problems or difficult people]

[b Species: [#9933ff Eleven]]
[b Origin: [#9933ff Off Earth]]

[b Occupation: [#9933ff Engineer specializing in explosives]]
[b Rank: [#9933ff N/A]]
  Silvana Warrington / NorthernWolves / 60d 4h 24m 9s

[b Username:] NorthernWolves

[b Name:] Anara Tokesh

[b Age:] 22

[b Gender:] Female

[b Species:] Werewolf

[b What color is your dragon?:] [b [+red Red]]

[b Family:] Her mother was a human, receiving all the werewolf gifts and curses from her father. Does have two younger siblings, both brothers, but is the only werewolf of the three due to them having different fathers.
  Anara Tokesh / NorthernWolves / 88d 3h 7m 41s

[b Appearance:]

[center [i "If you have to sneak to do it, lie to cover it up, or delete it to avoid being seen, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Unless you’re killing criminals, then it’s perfectly alright.”]

[b Name:] Anara Tokesh

[b Nickname:] Twin Bladed Wolf

[b Age:] 25

[b Gender:] Female

[b Sexuality:] Demisexual

[b Title:] She ain’t royalty, so she ain’t got no title.

[b Species:] She’d be a shifting werewolf if I ever saw one.

[b Occupation:] Kills criminal as a side job. No one would ever suspect a smith running a smithy of killing criminals.

[b Likes:] She does like eating the rawest meat possible while sitting at home which is attached to her pride and joy of a smithy. For a werewolf, has a weird fondness for flowers.

[b Dislikes:] She don’t like anyone messing with her smithy, there even be a warning sign a hanging at the entrance. Definitely hates any meat cooked above medium-rare

[b Fears:] Doesn’t want to deal with the day when she wakes up and her home and smithy have been erased out of existence. In werewolf form, she most definitely fears any anti-werewolf things and doesn’t want to wake up somewhere public and naked.

[b Personality:] One heck of an ingenious smith, coupled with a determination to see things through the end as well as being an able sneak.

Although being a loner means she is quite alone and vulnerable if targeted by a large group. Coupled with her intolerance for such groups and rash decisions concerning those types of groups, it makes for one volatile mix of a werewolf.

[b History:] One can always spin the tale of a brave, lone adventurer walking over mountains, through forests, or whatever geographical landmark adventurers like to walk on, in, or through on a quest to slay some werewolves to save a village and getting bit in the process. But in her case, such a tale would be far from the truth. For the truth was quite simple, a human girl raised by two human parents and then getting bit in the ass by a werewolf which caused this little girl to become an outcast amongst humans. Forced to wander alone, this little girl almost vanished from existence until a kind and helping werewolf found her on the brink of death. This werewolf was an old one, and looking for someone to take over his smithy. He taught the little girl, who grew throughout the years to become a mature adult, everything there was to know about smithing any weapon or armor piece as well as how to be a werewolf.
As to this little girl’s, now a mature adult running the smithy while taking care of the invalid werewolf also became a sort of vigilante. Every now and then the dead body of a criminal, whether it be simple thievery or full blown murder, would be found laying somewhere in the street alleyways with twin swords around a wolf’s head traced into the forehead.
This was Anara’s story. Now she runs the smithy ship all alone because her old benefactor had peacefully passed away. While it’s not usually busy, the business is running.

[b Extra:] English is usually an understandable language, that is until you add a heavy Scottish accent and then people have an ear sore deciphering the words.

It seemed despite her heavy accent this Leonides Potenza understood each and every word that had come out of her mouth. If this current trend continued then a future conversation wouldn't be cacophonically torturous for the nervous yet confident male standing in front of her.

Leonides turned to glance around and Anara followed suit. And another reason why she disliked these social parties, she knew nobody. But how about her business? Was there no one knew she from business interactions? The answer, a most definite no! Anara rarely received repeat orders or new orders from the same people, and she never got more personal with business clients. Business meant business, and unless her client made a run at her, which was never, then Anara never pursued.

For what was a social party there were too many commotions for such an event. The latest one being one of the merfolk coming in full nude. Everyone's heads turned to take in the nude beauty, even Leonides via something moving under his clothes, and once again the Fae prince needed to step in with a polite word of advice, aka do it or be thrown out.

[+purple [b Indeed indeed, a fully nude walking, talking fish person."]] Anara felt weird and awkward, and how to make it more weird and awkward? [+purple [b "Want to dance??"]].
  Anara Tokesh / NorthernWolves / 89d 4h 33m 0s
[b Picture Link:] [#9e20a2]
[b PuppetMaster:] [#9e20a2 [b NorthernWolves] -]

[b Name:] [#9e20a2 [b Lydia Valeria Storm]]

[b Age:] [#9e20a2 [b Twenty-One]]

[b Spot You Want:] [#9e20a2 [b Female Two]] [b -] [#9e20a2 Skye's sister]

[b Dorm Room:] [#9e20a2 [b Waiting for Assignment]]

[b Animal:] [#9e20a2 [b Nim]] [b -] [#9e20a2 squirrel glider, two years]

[b What Race Are You:] [#9e20a2 [b Wood Elf]]

[b History:] [#9e20a2 Lydia hadn’t always been a [b Storm], a time had existed where she’d been a [b Lake]. The first seven or eight years of her life Lydia lived in a forest, as her species name suggested, with her parents as a single child. While not having any siblings to play around with there were constantly one forest animal or another available for play. A forest fire brought those joyful, peaceful, frolicking years to a blazing halt. Separated from her parents by a thick chunks of forest fires, Lydia wandered the smoke filled atmosphere with burns across her body. A group of forest firefighters found her later in a somewhat comatose state begging for water and parents. After being hospitalized there was an attempt to find any information about her or her parents, but to no use as Lydia had only lived with her parents and never taken a step outside the forest. She was put into foster care, which didn’t last long as some pair with the last name of Storm adopted her. For whatever reason they adopted her, that was when Lydia first met [b Skye]. Lydia was practically shell, only wanting to keep to herself and keep interactions to a minimal. It was [b Skye] who began to get Lydia out of her shell. Lydia began to feel those joyful feelings she hadn’t felt for what seemed a year. Lydia practically followed [b Skye] everywhere, the two of them always up to something. Even though they weren’t related by blood, for Lydia it felt as if she had an [b older sister] whom she could trust. But then [b Skye] changed, she began to go off by herself without even an invitation and not talk about anything. Lydia worried, not only was she afraid for [b Skye] but didn’t want to lose the sisterly bond that slowly had been forged for over a decade. Now with both of them receiving letters to [i [b The Night School]], Lydia hoped she could get back together with [b Skye].]

[center [b --{|}--]]

[right [pic]]

[b Picture Link:] [#5e8f5b]
[b PuppetMaster:] [#5e8f5b [b NorthernWolves]]

[b Name:] [#5e8f5b [b Chen 'Skips' Yong]]

[b Age:] [#5e8f5b [b Twenty-Five]]

[b Spot You Want:] [#5e8f5b [b Male Two]]

[b Dorm Room:] [#5e8f5b [b Waiting for Assignment]]

[b Animal:] [#5e8f5b [b None]]

[b What Race Are You:] [#5e8f5b [b Dhampir Vampire]]

[b History:] [#5e8f5b Being a vampire brought with it some difficulties. Deadly allergic reactions to garlic, sunlight, various holy items with the addition of oddly specific ways of being killed like being burnt alive, wooden stake through the heart, and beheading added to those difficulties. But those difficulties didn’t matter as much as the last one, for this difficulty was the prime culprit in revealing a vampire: a taste for human blood. For older vampires controlling their insatiable blood lust became pure habit to make sure of their survival, younger vampires had some control but occasionally lost it and went after a human. One solution to this problem involved substituting animal blood, it wasn’t as fulfilling, or delicious, as human blood but humans didn’t complain when an animal or two vanished; Unless it was their pet, which occasionally happened. Another solution involved how one grew up in the household. Chen, being Chinese, grew up in China in a Chinese household. Certain customs, etiquettes, proprieties, and manners were drilled into his head; Like the one [i ‘Any body contact, apart from a simple handshake, may make strangers feel uncomfortable’], sucking blood from a stranger did involve much more than a handshake leading to unconditional uncomfortability. Especially when it involved those older, seniors or in a position of seniority, not only did you make someone older than you feel uncomfortable, it also meant disrespecting them which culturally was a big no-no. Along the way of growing up Chen developed a habit for dancing, hence his nickname [b Skips], which steadily evolved into a passion. And besides, there were plenty of dance gigs which were either inside, at night, or both, which helped him disguise some of his vampiric tendencies.]
  The Night School / NorthernWolves / 141d 10h 2m 25s

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