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Daxton raised a brow at Avery and his talk of a yacht. “What’s your last name?” He asked. Surely someone with a yacht had money, old money like most of the rich in their town and of course that was a small circle. Everyone knew everyone with money.
“Do you see this group?” Lourdes asked, “Big boat for three people some party.”
“Ah you know I can always wrangle up people Lourdes,” Daxton said defending the young male – shaking up their group with his new ideas. He was quiet when he wanted to be. “I think it’s a pretty good idea, I’m assuming you’ll be renting the boat?” He asked, voice low though as he was distracted by Azuzena going for the bathroom, her ass more than captivating. He knew what she was doing, she was not slick and they had been eyeing each other since they were tossed out of bed by Lourdes and Avery’s presence. Daxton heard the soft whisper of the male, seemingly he would have some competition as he wasn’t the only one who had eyes for her. Clearing his throat he too slid out of the booth, finishing a glass of the mimosa itself.
“I’ll be back, got to take a leak.” He mumbled under his breath as he disappeared after the female, trying to catch up to her in time. He had managed to get a grip on the woman in the hallway, gripping her from the back with a chuckle as he tried to keep her out of the way from the waitress holding a full tray. She probably had been heading to their table. A meal would give them time, knowing the two would be too distracted to think why they were gone.
“You know, you can’t look at me that way,” he growled against her ear. He figured they could head into one of the gender neutral bathrooms, less likely to have anyone barging in and interrupting them. Erection clear, he’d kissed at her neck. “Or do you just take pleasure in teasing me?”
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/3slAeUA.jpg]]
Lourdes had watched as Daxton jumped out of the booth, shaking her head at him before turning her attention to Avery, who watched Azuzena as she walked away before noticing her to ask about her major. “Cinema,” she said to him as though it were obvious. “What about you?” Her phone went off again, her looking at the screen seeing she had messages from her mother’s nurse. She really needed to respond and if Daxton had saw her ignoring them, he would have given her quite the earful.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/cIMUg74.jpg]] Azuzena clapped her hands as Daxton proposed smores. "Oh come one Lourdes! It'll be sooooo much fun, we can watch the stars while listening to Avery and Dax talk about some stellar shit. It'll be great!!!" she begged her roommate, offering Daxton a glance here and there. A reminder that she knew he was watching. "Wh-what do I think?" Avery stumbled once more as he set both is palms on the table. "Well I mean, if it where me and I wanted to end the year right, I'd maybe travel somewhere where bugs weren't ready to feast on my blood." he chuckled a little; his humor dry.
"I mean camping is fun and all, but that's something you can do anytime. I think, if we where to do something for your big bang out, rent a boat head off to some island and party the night away." His families money was starting to seep through, "But um yea, that's just an idea" he recovered his word vomit as she drank away at the water before him.
Azuzena sat up, intrigued by the males suggestions. "I like you Avery, I'm glad you're gonna be hanging around." a bite to her lower lip and nod to confirm she agreed with the mans options. It was then she returned her gaze to Daxton, her eyes almost telling her infatuation with him, even if last night was the one and only time. She wandered if he wanted the same. Loosening herself from Lourdes, Azuzena jumped out from the booth.
"Well guys I need to pee.. I will be right back" before turning on her heal, she gave Daxton a subtle glance, urging him to follow after. Her hopes was that he would pin her in one of the restrooms and lock lips. But again, hope being a strong word considering their morning after conversation.
Avery watched as the girl disappeared into waiters. "She likes me.. " he said with rosy lips. Snapping out of his fantasy he turned back to Lourdes and Daxton. "So Lourdes, what um, what is your major?" a stupid question to ask a senior at this point. But out of pure curiosity, He wanted to know.
At this moment, Avery was so intrigued with both girls. [i One for the way she entered the room, the other for the way she filled it.] He was he kidding tho, he didn't have a chance with either of them. Not as if they'd even look at him in that way. But fantasizing about them in different ways, that didn't hurt. I mean, who wouldn't.
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“Yeah, you are a lot of things,” Daxton mumbled under his breath, a smirk befalling his lips. “One class in doesn’t matter, you know how Lourdes is, I’m surprised she even recommended breakfast. You’re a hermit,” he told the woman who sat in between the two of them. His eyes couldn’t help but to look toward Azuzena, watching her closely. He had to resist sending her a message as Lourdes was right beside him. He wanted to inquire if maybe he could see her again later today, this could be something [I causal]. Besides if they went camping, he figured he would find it hard to not want to lay with her under the stars, though maybe in a more [I intimate] setting different than what she had planned for her and Lourdes.
Lourdes herself had eagerly excepted a coffee that had been delivered, drinking it straight black, as always. She narrowed her eyes at the idea of camping. Daxton knew that it was rare for her to go out and with school starting, it would be harder for her to focus on anything. This was the final year after all.
“Yeah, uhm can’t we do something else, something a bit more non [I outdoors]?” She said with a roll of her eyes. She looked toward Avery, thinking to how he had looked at her in the parking lot. The male to some extent seemed out of place and yet somehow had managed to finesse his way into their little group. He of course was nothing like his friend who had rudely broken off his relationship with Azuzena, who had probably forgotten about the RA. She seemed distracted by someone else though, as she knew the woman was lying to her about who she was texting. Lourdes figured she would let her know in due time, since the woman was known for having an opinion on whoever Zena engaged with.
“What do you think Avery, since obviously you’ll be around” she said with a smirk. Lourdes did admit the male was cute, but she had promised herself no more relationships after Greg.
Daxton had reached for the glass filled with the orange juice and champagne, a hungry gaze upon Zena, eyes zoomed in on her chest.
“Hey, there will be a hot spring, it’ll be fun – a little nudity, some drinking and smoking, smores. Who ca deny smores?”
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/FzhtOzX.jpg]] Avery watched in curiosity as Daxton spoke. His comments on Azuzena a bit vulgar, but accurate. Tho, after spending a night in the girls room, he thought there was something a little bit more intriguing about her than her looks. For example, the pictures laid across her walls. They included a big family, 3 brothers, two sisters and a dad. But no mother. And as you follow the invisible timeline of the photos, you can see one brother disappear. Interesting. That's what crossed his mind, Avery couldn't help but want to dig. It was the journalist in him. Shaking away the thoughts, Avery watched as the two girls pulled up beside him, his eyes first touching Lourdes. He doesn't know if it was the way the sun hit, but in that moment her beauty sort of shinned brighter than the sun. Her silky like skin glistening in the light as she stepped out from her car. It was like one of those cheesy teen movies. "Whoa..." the word slipped from his lips as he was barley able to note Dax and his snickering. "Guy.. what guy? Im texting my sister silly." Azuzena played off her secrets as she rushed out the car, her eyes meeting Avery again.
"You ready to get pampered princesesa?" she teased the male, locking arms with what seemed like the groups new pet. Her eyes somewhat passing over Daxton as they took a seat at his normal booth. Avery couldn't do much but go along with her antics. It was hard to tell whether or not Azuzena was being genuine or just easing the male. She came off a bit condescending, but because of her playful nature it was hard not to smile a long with her.
"I don't think I can drink after last night.." the girl sighed dropping her head on the table. "I'm a lot of things, but a heavy drinker is not one of em." Azuzena whined as she sat up just to lean her head on Lourdes shoulder, her eyes connecting with Dax in secret. "Lourdes, camping? I'd like to see that!" she teased wrapping her arms around the girls waist and squeezing gently. "Imagine babe, just you me and the stars. That would be the perfect night, don't you think?" she laughed into Lourdes ear before releasing her from her grip.
"Plus, thinking of the end already?! We haven't even gone to first day of classes you doof.." the waitress was just bringing out the mimosas a long with some rolls Azuzena quickly grabbed at them digging in to the homemade butter waiting for the rest to chime in. Aver sat quietly, sipping at a water, he could hear the ice melt with how awkward he felt sitting with the semi-strangers. He was very much an outsider and wasn't sure if he should even add anything to such a 'exclusive' sounding trip.
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Daxton had slid into the car, trying to get whatever remained of sleep out of his system. He slicked his hair back, washing down a pill he had in an Altoid can with water, which he practically could’ve drowned in as he drank the whole thing in record time. Clearing his throat, he adjusted the radio, his phone in his hand as he located a station to play. He was not expecting a chatty partner, but there was something interesting about the male. And at least Avery was well Avery and not Zena, which would be a very tempting passenger. Daxton eyed Avery with his question, before smiling largely, a soft chuckle at his words, the high from the weed making it both a funny question and a hard question – seeing how he struggled with deciding if he should answer honestly.
“First off,” he said, “I am not in any relationship with either of the girls, we’re just [I friends].” He mentioned, “Though, if it was anyone it would be Azuzena, don’t tell me you have not noticed that ass.” He closed his eyes for just a brief moment, the thought of her smooth body melting like putty in his hands. “I see the way you watch her, like most people do – of course the girl has a way of making her presence known, there is nothing subtle about Azuzena. And Lourdes, Lourdes and me go way back. She doesn’t think of me that way.” Though Daxton was just assuming, as he sometimes wondered if he had actual feelings for the female and vice versa. Sometimes how she spoke to him, indicated she cared more than as a friend and of course they had made out once, just [I once], but both of them were high on acid. However, he had gotten close to the female that night, under the stars, not caring if what they said was wrong or stupid, the liberated feeling of being honest and true with themselves, expressing all their fears and desires.
“What I’m saying man, is if you want it you have to go get it. They are by no means objects to pluck when you feel like it, but they are fair game.” His phone vibrated in the middle console. Daxton had pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and laid back some as he responded to Zena’s text with a smirk.
[I ‘Let’s not pretend I can’t do that . . . and a lot more ;)’] he chuckled and slipped the phone into is pocket as he got out of the car.
Lourdes on the other hand, found it difficult to keep both her composure, and respond to the texts she was receiving. She had been choosing to ignore the caregiver’s texts about her mother, who was ill. She needed to go home and visit, but she was stressed and she was nervous – she feared seeing her mother in an unhealthy state, the idea of mortality thick and large hanging in the air unspoken.
She ignored those thoughts, focusing on driving and the conversation she had with Zena, who was a bit more chipper, even more than usual.
“Are you high or mental?” She joked with the girl, giving her a look before responding and giggling at the touch to her leg. “We didn’t do anything,” she promised, “Just cuddled.” The end point did seem a bit of a deflation in statement, kind of in a disappointed tone. “What about you? You look like you got lucky, miss texter, who’s the guy?” Lourdes pulled in next to Daxton’s jeep.
“We already have my usual booth,” he mentioned and Lourdes rolled her eye.
“Of course you do.” He smirked and shrugged, leading the group into the restaurant, still a bit early to be busy which Daxton preferred, he hated [I too] much noise. They were led to a corner booth, where Daxton had already ordered the mimosas, sipping from the cold water provided as he reviewed the menu.
“So I’m thinking, we should go camping,” he mentioned. “You know as our last pow wow before the end of the year. The party was more so to benefit the school, my leaving surely will prove to be disastrous,” he sarcastically implied.
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/FzhtOzX.jpg]] Avery simply laughed off Daxtons antics, his attention easily being taken by the Azuzena, his eyes somewhat falling into a familiar trans. "Lourdes said it was ok.." her nervously spoke as he watched the three communicate, still intrigued with the way they interacted. He was almost tempted to pull out a notebook and pen just to record his analizations. But of course, that would be a tad weird. Azuzena took one more hit of the bong, her steps growing close to Avery as Lourdes and Dax argued about breakfast. Eye contact hard to avoid, Avery dropped his head a bit trying to avoid the woman. But Azuzena was like a lioness stalking her pray, she darted her head in comfortable angle to still keep her eyes connected with the male. She then pushed her lips to his and blew. An eye on Daxton to see if she had created a subtle reaction. Pulling back, the girl bit at her lower lip before letting out a chuckle. "If you can hang after that, you're cool A.." not remembering the rest of his name she watched as the male quickly flustered up. Avery blew out what remained of the substance and without any further reaction, turned a heal to follow after Lourdes. Azuzena smiled, ready to pursue her [i friends] when she suddenly felt Daxton's hand touch a very sensitive area.
Lifting a hand to her neck, she was the one now blushing. Her body growing hotter as the male flew past her shooting her a seductive wink. Racing her way out the door, Azuzena hooked arms with Lourdes as the 4 of them split for a minute to hop into the cars. Avery, being the all knowing observer, could tell the brunette's position had changed. Now for what reason, was something different itself.
Jumping into the passenger seat in the luxurious car, Avery at this point had figured out that Daxton was very well off. He wasn't too bad himself, he was familiar with the life of a rich kid, tho you wouldn't know it. His family was made up of what they called old money, they didn't brag too much about their wealth. They just expected perfection.

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/cIMUg74.jpg]] In all walks of life. From academics to love, absolute perfection. [I Azuzena. . ] defiantly was something out of the bounds of what his parents expected, which is why she was even more interesting to him. "A town?" the nick names weren't that creative, the male almost thought he should wear a name tag for the pair, seeing as Lourdes was the only one who could remember. "So question.." Avery began, as the two men began their journey behind the women. "Are you sleeping with both Lourdes and Azuzena?" Avery asked as he watched for any change in demeanor. "Sorry if the question is too forward, its just, she's really something.." Avery touched his lips, sort of losing himself a bit.

Meanwhile, in the more petite car, Auzenea had relaxed a bit after those rifts. Her eyes simple and calm as her hand follwed the wave of the wind outside her passanger window. "Lourde, did anything happen with that guy?" Azuzena smiled as she slithered her head towards her roomate, her obvious high showing through her teeth. "I know you, you need some lovin at night, which is why I always leave my door unlocked. So did you.. yknow.." she teased the girl as she poked at her thighs, Lourdes known weak spot. For both tickles and other things. Azuzena listened to her roomate as she secretly sent a message to daxton, pretending to be upset about his butt squeezing. [i You cant do that... :p]. She teased over text, her attention still on Lourdes.
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“Calm down good boy,” Daxton said with a roll of his eyes toward the male. Though he was surprised that in the condition Lourdes had left that nothing had happened between the two. Lourdes probably would’ve hurt the man or had Daxton do it for her If Avery had tried anything, then again Lourdes could surprise you – she was sometimes a very spontaneous and crazy woman, maybe dulled when compared to Azuzena.
Lourdes was surprised by the hug from the bare chested woman, awkwardly patting her on the back. She watched as Zena confidently walked through Daxton’s room, almost as though she did this every so often. She wondered then what had happened of the two that night, they had seemed very close. Lourdes soon followed after her, sinking on Daxton’s bed, pushing the thoughts of the two coupling out of her mind.
“Yeah, good” she finally said, smiling to make it seem like she wasn’t as distracted and even she could see there was something a bit off about Zena. Maybe she was just tired. Lourdes looked in the mirror, while Zena was away, fluffing her hair some and not sure for who. It was weird then, for some reason she was competing with Zena, for what she didn’t know.
Daxton leaned against the counter, smoking from his bong until it had been taken from him and now lied in Zena’s hands.
“I’m thinking we go to Brio,” Daxton coughed out, only interested in their unlimited mimosas.
“Okay, some of us don’t have money like that. That place is ridiculous expensive,” Lourdes said with a pout as she shook her head at him.
“Do you really think I’d let you pay, I am a gentleman when I choose to be.” He looked over to Azuzena, thinking back to his night with the female. He smirked then, still in disbelief that he finally had sex with the woman and while he had told himself it was a one time thing, he wondered if it was so bad to dabble into again. Lourdes was already heading toward the door and despite trying his hardest, Daxton reached out to grab Zena’s ass, kissing her neck sloppily. He started walking past her then, winking over his shoulder at the female
“Just had to have it for memory’s sake,” he said with a chuckle. He motioned for the female to exit, before locking his apartment up and following the trio out and to the car.
“This way A-town,” he said as he motioned for Avery to follow him toward the black Jeep.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/cIMUg74.jpg]] Avery quickly shook his head to Daxton's forward question, his hands shaking in front of him in denial. "Of course not I would never take advantage of a girl like that. Plus, she sort of feels like the type to punch me right in the dick if I even thought of any funny business." Avery said with a nervous laugh, one hand rubbing at the back of his head. A shiver running down his back as the thought of him using the phrase "funny business" settled in. The fuck, what is this, 1956? Meanwhile, Azuzena was busy trying to suction off her face from the glass shower she'd hit face first after being shoved into the bathroom by the oh so gentle Daxton. An imprint of last nights makeup remaining after she suctioned her face off the surface. "Ow.." she whined before panicking at the sound of Lourdes voice. "Holy shit holy shit, calm down Azuzena, no reason to get nervous. It was a one time thing, didn't mean anything. L doesn't need to know." Azuzena pepped talked herself as she could hear her roommates presence growing closer and closer.
"You knocked out as soon as they left, nothing happened.." it was in that moment, Lourdes swung open the bathroom door to a half naked Azuzena. "BABY!" She shouted as she quickly covered her anxiety with a hug, topless, bare chest and all. "I missed our night cuddles!" Azuzena teased trying to diverge the current scenario. Releasing herself from Lourdes, the girl turned to the sink and proceeded to wash off last nights sins. Her lips where no long stained with that sultry red and the taste of Daxton's lips. Taking a minute to put a finger to her chin, last nights kisses replayed in her min, taking the woman into another world for a second. It was something. Really something. She thought before turning her attention back to Lourdes. "So I heard breakfast???" she exclaimed before walking past the woman in search of a clean T shirt from Daxton.
"I probably won't have time to go home so let borrow something." Finding a simple white tea, the girl tucked in the shirt adding somewhat of a feminine flair to it, her hair not needing too much maintenance. She'd always been complimented on her waves, full and thick with an endless flow. Shaking at her messy bangs, she turned to Lourdes, arms open for approval. "ah? I'm good aren't I??" she tried to keep a quick tongue to not make anything feel out of the norm, though one could say she was doing so by acting in such a manner.
Walking out the bedroom, Azuzena's eyes quickly met with Avery, who already seemed a little uncomfortable. "Well shit, didn't know we where picking up strays." the sass rolled off her tongue as she pushed Daxton aside, taking a hit for herself. Blowing the smoke directly in the males face, Azuzena could still remember last nights events. Specifically this asshole picking her up like some throw pillow and tossing her back. "Since you're here, I guess you can join us for breakfast." she teased, getting out some last hits before finally accepting him into their current circumstances.
  Azuzena De Leon / Avanesa / 159d 5h 57m 5s
It was clear, considering the conversation was brief, that this was a one time situation and he could tell he had dampened the mood some by bringing up Lourdes. Of course, she had to be mentioned she was both of their friends and if they didn’t settle what happened the night before, eventually she would have to know. Though Daxton didn’t have any thought that he and Azuzena would be anything serious. He could hear the door knob jiggling, eyes distracted form Zena’s bare frame which was hard to turn his eyes from. He knew Lourdes had a key, she’d probably forgot it which gave them enough time.
“Daxton!” Her voice yelled through the door after knocking several times. Daxton quickly clambered out of bed, a lean body, surprisingly muscular, in the nude before he managed to find a pair of clean sweats. He’d rushed to find the female’s clothes, strewn in the kitchen, nearly colliding with Zena between the actions.
“Here, clothes – uh personal bathroom is here,” he added as he opened a door in his room, shoving the female in. Daxton sighed out, his heart racing now and he didn’t know why he was so nervous. He finally got to the door, opening it to find Lourdes and that one guy; what was his name again?
“Avery,” Lourdes said as she pushed through. “What took so long to open the door?”
“Lourdes, c’mon give me a break it’s fucking like 8 in the morning.” The female rolled her eyes at Daxton, a yawn escaping her lips and even he could see she could use a good sleep in.
“Yeah yeah well, I came for Zena, figured we could all get breakfast together so I dragged Avery along. You know my car is has literally no room for two tall ass men so . . . you’d have to bum a ride with him.” Lourdes had an old two door Mercedes, with convertible top, the back seat small and with no leg room whatsoever. “Where is she anyways?” She was very accustomed to the male’s home and didn’t even ask as she made her way into his kitchen to grab a bottle of water. The night of being up was definitely not something that Lourdes was used to.
“She’s – you know doing what woman do in the morning, hell I know Lourdes.” Daxton had replied, scratching at his hair before heading toward the bong propped on his counter. He took a riff, looking through the smoke at the female. Pointing toward his bedroom. “She’s in the bathroom.” Daxton finally said. He eyed the male carefully, the condition of Lourdes after. He watched as Lourdes disappeared into his room.
“So what’s your deal Avery?” He took another hit. “You and Lourdes?”
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/FzhtOzX.jpg]] Avery quickly covered his eyes as the girl casually dressed in front of him. "A ride, um yes.. yea. That be cool" luckily for the male, his first class wasn't till noon so he had plenty of time. Lourdes chuckle somewhat found its way into his head, sort of perking some interest. It was cute, almost free like. It certainly didn't match the same girl he'd watch all those years zoom the university grounds. Not to mention, he found it adorable that she'd mindlessly find her way to Azuzena's room. The girls must have been close, otherwise those types of situations would not fly between roommates. "Um if you don't mind, I really gotta use the restroom, then we can head out." offering a warm smile, Avery struggled to maneuver his way through this questionable apartment. "Ah, here you are!" Avery thought to himself as he pushed his way in and handled his business. "Lourdes is gorgeous. Anyone would have been more than happy to wake up to someone like that.." Avery scanned his memory of last night, it was obvious both girls had an affect on his eyes.
Azuzena's movement where the most intriguing, her words as well. She was a spitfire but he could tell there was something beautifully delicate about her. No one has photos of their family like she did and not have some sort of core. Then there was Lourdes, she was a intense mystery, stunning with questions written all over her. The idea of being one person during classes and another when around the people she knows best, that intrigued Avery the most.
"Interesting.." his thoughts continued as he finished washing his hands. Avery was the very definition of a wall flower, he saw things that no one else paid attention to. Which is why the girls, even Daxton, intrigued him so much. Many would see them as polar opposites but truth was, they had more in common then anyone knew. "Alright well I'm ready when you are" Avery said, maybe a bit too enthusiastically. His excitement about his observations leaking through.
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/cIMUg74.jpg]] "Na, that guy really seemed harmless. I mean I don't remember much, but when I was grinding on him, I'm pretty sure he tried to keep his hands in respectable places." Azuzena laughed as she remembered the events. Rolling to her back, a different set of thoughts began to seep in, that is until Daxton ruined her memory with the mentioning of Lourdes. Azuzena loved her roommate to no end, she was more than a roommate at this point. It wasn't like she did this to hurt Lourdes.
It wasn't even an act well thought out. It just happened. Kind of... [i fuck]. "Yea, of course." She quickly responded to Dax. It had been quite sometimes since she'd seen some action and her silver haired friend certainly lived up to his reputation.
"So, this was great, but last and only time for sure. And since its nothing, we don't have to tell Lourdes." She said as she sat up, her back exposed to him, hints of her curves peeking through at ever angle. Azuzena shot Dax a smile as she rolled over him, but not before making a quick stop at his lips. Slipping her feet to the ground, Azuzena comically swayed her way out of the room, her form free and bare.
She struggled to find her clothes, her strip tease wasn't exactly the most well thought out. "Now where did I-" stopping mid sentence, averted her eyes to the front door as I was struggling to be unlocked, familiar voices on the other side. "Shit~" she whispered to herself before hitting the ground and rolling away, possibly hitting Daxton in the way.
  Azuzena De Leon / Avanesa / 166d 1h 37m 33s
Lourdes had managed to head toward the small kitchen in one piece, her hands gripping the handle of the fridge: to both steady herself and open it to see what contents laid inside. She found two remaining bottles of water and placed on the counter.
“Water ‘if you want’,” she mumbled toward Avery as she hungrily drank the cool liquid like a parched man rescued from being lost in the desert. She threw the crushed contents into the recycling bin, already making grabby hands toward the leftover Thai food. Greedily she watched the container spin inside the microwave, ignoring the steam that rose and the roof of her mouth burning as she took a gracious bite of fried rice. She leaned against the counter, eyes narrowing like a cat in between slumber and staying awake. It was obvious which one was winning, and she was way ready to get into her bed.
Already stripping, Lourdes headed toward her room, pointing a thumb toward Zena’s room.
“Zena’s bed,” she called out over her shoulder at least she suspected that’s what she said, the slur made it hard for even her to realize.
[b _]
When Lourdes awoke, she found a very confused Avery, and her herself was confused. She squeezed her eyes shut; it was too early to play Nancy Drew.
“Time,” she asked somewhat forgetting his question and looking over toward the dresser for a clock. It was [I fucking] early, but at least she hadn’t overslept. It all started to register some slowly and Lourdes sat up, briskly covering her bare legs. Her shirt was still on, as well as her underwear and her bra . . . probably somewhere in the living room. She threw her legs over the bed and pressed her head in between her hands, trying to catch her breath some before a chuckle slipped past her lips.
“No,” she finally said, wide brown eyes looking up at the male. He was cute though, pity – even though Lourdes knew that she would regret it in the morning because she wouldn’t have been sober, and she didn’t even really [I know] Avery anyways. “Relax, I must have gotten disoriented and came in here, I do it all the time to Zena when I’m drunk. She stood up some, no longer caring as she didn’t have the strength to do so and dropped the blanket. She wasn’t really expecting anything to happen, so the light green underwear she wore wasn’t exactly the sexy kind.
“Do you need a ride?” she asked, he’d left his car at Daxton’s she was sure. Right, or had she driven herself? She pursed her lips in thought, shrugging on her jeans and glad to see she was smart enough at least to charge her phone. No message or missed call from Zena or Daxton, which was strange. “I can drop you off, might have to give Zena a ride before class.”
[center [b _]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/cnL6bEE.png]]
“Ah c’mon,” a deep groggy voice drawled out, even deeper in the morning than usual. The feeling of a tongue against his neck did feel good, but Daxton was incredibly confused as to the legs wrapped around his waist; this felt familiar. Finally opening his eyes, he watched the dark curtain of hair that fell across his bare chest.
“Azuzena,” he breathed out, chuckling some to play off the shock. His eyes closed again then, flashbacks of the night . . . the morning as well playing in his mind. [I Oh wow]. That’s all the male could think, finding it incredible he had finally taken the dive and actually slept with the female. His friend, Lourdes’ friend and? [I Oh shit.] Sitting up some now, his back against the headboard and hands now situated on Azuzena’s lips, he licked his and tried to formulate words.
“Well this is surprising,” he finally admitted with a crooked smile, hands reaching up against her back. “Definitely not a dream,” he muttered playing with her hair some. It was surprisingly early for him to be up and had Zena not woke him up he would’ve still been asleep. His body still craved sleep to be honest. He rolled his neck some, loosening taut muscles.
“Did I really let Lourdes leave with some random dude?” He asked her as the night was piecing together. It wasn’t like him to do that and had he not been down to entertain Zena, Lourdes would’ve slept with him in his bed. “I can’t believe we did that,” he admitted chuckling. If Lourdes found out this would surely make for an awkward situation. Well awkward for him or for Azuzena? Lourdes was just a friend after all. “I should check on her,” he mentioned then as he reached for his phone, which barely had ten percent battery left. He was too late though, “Ah fuck, she’s on her way. We should uh – you know cause I don’t want her to. . . y’know?” He’d hope she would understand, this was a secret – a onetime thing? He did like Zena, the girl was beautiful and fun, what would be the harm in continuing on with her if no one found out?
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/FzhtOzX.jpg]] [i Goodmorning ! Its the start of a new semester! Lets go ahead and get the gunk out of your eyes put on some fresh fac-] [i "Not this year Stacy.."] Avery groaned as he slammed a hand to the foreign radio. After taking a moment to gather his composure, it only took half a minute for the red head to realize there was an equally foreign body cuddled next him. Blinking once, then twice, the man checked his person to make sure there wasn't any parts of him hanging out. He was shirtless with his pants half way zipped. [i "What in the fuck.."] he mumbled to himself as he gently pulled his arm from Lourdes. Her curls somewhat sticking to him like magnets. [i "No.. we didn't.."] Avery questioned as he quietly removed himself from the bed, his eyes coming into contact with a photo of Azuzena and her family. Six brothers and a dad. No mother, strange. Avery thought to himself as he fixed himself, his eyes stuck on the young woman he remember being very much under the influence. [i "I only had a few beers, nothing major, I could even drive.. what the fuck why don't I remember?"] Avery had a tendency to black out, it was a condition he had been meaning to get checked out over the summer but was too concern with his recent break up, he never found the time to actually make an appointment. A bit flustered, the man quickly redressed himself and looked for the courage to wake up Lourdes. [i "Um, excuse me.. Lourdes?"] he carefully whispered as he leaned into the woman, slightly nudging at her. [i "Lourdes, did I do something ? Did we..?"] he panicked as he nudged her more, the fear of what Daxton would do to him. Its not like he planned this, he'd never take advantage of a woman who was out of it. It went against his basic instincts. But, seeing how beautiful the girl was, he doesn't know a man alive that would reject her. And black out Avery is capable of anything.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/cIMUg74.jpg]]Rolling to her side, a very nude Azuzena smirked as she felt the warmth of her friend. His scent was very distinct, hard to miss whenever close, even after a night of bodies touching and hands in places your mother would not approve of. Looking over her shoulder, she eyed Daxton as he still laid asleep, . After the night the two had, she doesn't know if he'd pretend to be asleep to avoid any awkwardness. Azuzena didn't feel that tho, she didn't see Dax any differently, she just knew she had a good time and a much needed tune up. The only thing that could have ruined this, was Lourdes feelings. Azuzena had no idea what Lourdes would do if she found out, she'd never admit any feelings for Daxton, if there where any to begin with. It was very strange, on one hand there was a hint of something going on between the two, but on the other Lourdes had Gregory and always avoided Daxton in that way. So it was hard to tell, in reality it kind of wasn't fair to Daxton, not to say he was a angel himself. In any case, it wasn't fair to either of the two. All Azuzena knew in this moment, was that she had a much needed night wit Daxton. Impatient to see if the male would wake up on his own, Azuzena rolled over on top of him. She delicately placed her hips in the same position as the night before . [i "Its time to wake up. . ."] she whispered, her hair seductively falling across her face. Biting her lower lip, Azuzena leaned in, her tongue gently caressing his neck. [i "Its time to face the day and the extremely naughty, but satisfying things we did Mr."] the woman played with her words as continued too kiss his shoulders and neck and other fun places.
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Lourdes scratched her head some then, trying to think if she had driven her car here. She had forgotten that in between the shots of whiskey and the beers. Reaching inside the small bag she carried, she rifled through old receipts and loose cards of identification before finally location the two keys, held together by a simple avocado keychain. Handing them over to the male she had walked toward the passenger door. She was already in the mood to sleep once getting in the car, not even caring to think about how she had barely known the guy – this [I technically] being their first meeting and she was now at his disposal. He seemed trustworthy though, at least she assumed so despite how his eyes seemed to follow Zena like a moth attracted to a light.
The Honda was a bit beat up, but it was hers and purchased with her own money, completely paid off. Lourdes rested her head against the seat, playing with the chord hanging from the radio before she managed to get her phone on the charger, finally choosing a soft classical station to play in the background. It would clear her mind some, bring the young woman back to the ground.
“Thank you,” she had mumbled, rolling the window down some for fresh air but not low enough where she couldn’t rest the mop of curls against the cool glass. “If you want you can just take me home maybe, don’t –“ Lourdes hiccupped, “don’t want to put you out. I’m sure I have some leftover Thai in the fridge. You can have Azuzena’s bed.” She wondered if the male even live close to campus. Was true, she was constantly in and out of the class with a determination and his comment about being Flash earlier had made her chuckle. Seeing him made the woman realize just how much she often didn’t pay attention.
“Yeah let’s – my place,” she smirked some, looking over at the male and she knew what she was doing. A part f her wanted to stop, the old her though didn’t care – anything to get over the nagging memory of Gregory.
[center [b _]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/cnL6bEE.png]]
Daxton had waived off Avery, shooting a light hearted ‘welcome’ over his shoulder as he was much more preoccupied with Zena at that point. He had paused though, watching Lourdes carefully and making sure his philandering didn’t interfere with his friendship. She’d be alright and if not, Avery definitely did not want to deal with him if he did hear otherwise.
It was just the two of them then, the lights partially dim save for the one in the kitchen where his eyes lingered, partially on the mess left from the party and seductive female stripping carelessly before him.
She’d danced, well drunkenly strutted over but danced sounded cuter right? Either way, she had made her way toward him, her hands gripping the neck of the green bottle. She was sweet and spicy at the same time, his tongue lapping at Zena’s lips. It would be a lie if a part of him didn’t hesitate some, even though the softness of Azuzena’s plump lips felt good against his. They’d always toyed with the idea of being together and now it was happening, Daxton was trying to think through the haze of non-sobriety whether or not this was a good idea. The longest he had kept, for the most part, his hands to himself not wanting to ruin the dynamic that they had.
It wasn’t like he and Lourdes had ever even made a move on each other, that was just a line they didn’t cross. Right?
Daxton wrapped his arm tight around Zena’s waist, his hand grabbing the bottle to take a much needed swig. If he was drunk he couldn’t be responsible for his actions and that’s what kept him going. He smirked into the kisses he placed at Zena’s neck, nibbling playfully and it’d be a lie if the male didn’t admit he was really good in the pleasure aspect – pure facts based on the many woman he had in his bed.
“Fuck it,” he grumbled, hands cupping her ass as he managed to somehow stumble through the trash that littered his floor to his bedroom. There’s been thoughts of kissing between those thighs and he knew they’d be soft, finally allowing his hands to form lines against that curve in her back, those firm breasts he had more than once ogled. They were adults though, where was the harm? Still, a secret he’d keep it – for Lourdes’ benefit. Right?
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/FzhtOzX.jpg]] Avery watched as the conversations evolved from scattered words to full on thoughts. Drunk people where always interesting, the way their brains worked while under the influence was mind boggling. They could go from insanely belligerent to ridiculously enlightened. Avery liked himself a few cold ones or a glass of whiskey, but he usually like to stay aware; Mr. Reliable. Avery questioned Lourdes as she asserted herself, from stealing someones beer to tugging at his sleeve. His eyes lit up when she somewhat remembered him. [i "Its hard not to remember the girl who was the first one in and the first one out. I use to think you where related to Flash from the DC universe, heh."] his inner comic book nerd surfacing as he gave Lourdes a warm smile. Avery couldn't help but switch his mood as he watched Daxton confidently push his lips to Azuzena's. He'd always wanted to be that bold, that courageous. Stopping himself from staring too much, Avery returned his attention to Lourdes who was already half way out the door.

[i "Um yea no worries man, thanks for the free booze and sorry for the way my friend acted. Hes not always that bad.."] Avery waved slightly as he followed the significantly shorter Lourdes out the door. His heart somewhat unsettled he'd be leaving Azuzena behind. Strange, seeing as he barely knew her and she was obviously very comfortable with Daxton. Still, he couldn't help but worry, though one could say it was just the big brother in him. His thoughts had started to wander to dark times before returning back to Lourdes, who was already half way to her car. [i "Hey why don't you give me those keys, I know this taco truck thats open all night. Nothing better than a quesadilla at 1 a.m. hm?"]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/cIMUg74.jpg]] Feeling the warmth of his lips, Azuzena was now somewhat conscious as she over heard Lourdes linger away with their new friend. A grin perching at the corner of her lips as she dripped from Daxton's arms. [i "Have fun you guys~ Avery she likes it when you nibble the right side of her neck."] Azuzena teased as she finally allowed herself to stand on her own. Slowly walking towards the kitchen, Azuzena maneuvered her way out of her jeans, glancing back at Daxton to see if his eyes would linger. [i "You're always so welcoming with our sleep overs, why wouldn't I dedicate the first night of senior year to you.."] she teased the man, his comment from earlier still lurking. Azuzena had managed to find a half empty bottle of [i whiskey] hiding behind beer bottles and red solo cups. Smirking, the she'd somehow found her way out of her white bodysuit, her chest exposed with hint of cotton to cover her bottom half. Walking over to Daxton like a lioness, Azuzena was still pretty drunk, yet her lips still kissed the bottle as she took a swig before reaching Daxton. She then raised herself on the heals of her feet so that she could connect with him.

The taste of whiskey imprinting on his lips. Azuzena had never gone this far, but after tonight's events, she couldn't help but throw herself at Daxton. She'd felt so alone this summer, craving a mans touch more than ever. She had heard stories form underclassmen of her Daxton's wild bedroom interactions. She just never thought she'd want to experience them herself. But again, tonight left the woman feeling like she n e e d e d to be caressed. Now laid the matter of whether or not Daxton would return the engagement. Azuzena was always curious if it was Lourdes that held him back from her, cause that was definitely the reason for Azuzena. But in this moment, her own selfish needs trumped everything else.
  Avery Shooster / Avanesa / 166d 1h 41m 18s
“Oh is it me this week?” Daxton had commented with a small smile, though his hold on Zena had gripped tighter onto her, protective almost and though all three of them were incredibly different, the friendship that they had built was tight knit. The crowd was dwindling some, the people sated from the free booze and pizza, and the stragglers were struggling to even make it to the door. While he had a love for parties, Daxton had so little room and some, he’d known to be underage. If he was caught in another raid by the cops his dad would have his ass. Daxton reached saluted Avery, the quiet gentleman clearly perceiving the situation correct.
“Don’t mind Lourdes and her mind, the girl doesn’t recognize anyone not in her movies she obsessively watches.”
“Party isn’t over,” Lourdes stated as she grabbed a bottle from someone, stumbling out. It was unopened thankfully. “No freebies,” she mumbled as she had managed to pop the top of sipping graciously from it and trying to not meet Daxton’s eyes. He could read her and was fortunate at least he wasn’t sober to bother dealing with her, though knew a lecture was coming. They swiveled in between big brother and romantic attraction, but any time they bothered to get that close it was shut down – because of her? She didn’t know, just couldn’t fathom a relationship at this point in her life. And maybe that’s why he had bothered to invite Gregory, any type of buffer where he wasn’t considered an option as a rebound.
“Alright,” Daxton finally announced loudly. “Everyone get the fuck out,” he shooed, his hands reaching for his phone to disconnect the music. He was tired anyways and despite his faults, the male had committed to graduating this year and that meant he’d need to show up for class tomorrow. The crowd was thinning until there was the last body out his door.
“Avery,” Lourdes had said finally, slow to the convo and able to think a bit better now that the music had stopped her ears from ringing. “Right, English – how’d you remember me?” She herself was much like a wallflower, keeping to herself and especially so Freshman year, she was that girl that gripped her books to her chest as she eagerly ran to each class. “Zen-“ Lourdes watched as Daxton coddled the female.
“Staying with me,” Daxton said with a smile and shrug. Lourdes had no room to argue, not in the mind to handle a hungover Zena. Carefully she pulled at Avery’s sleeve. Didn’t he come here with someone? The jerk yeah?
“Need ride, need food,” she simply stated, knowing if she didn’t eat class tomorrow would not be fun. Daxton had drunkenly placed a kiss on Zena’s lips.
“Yeah there’s a bed that needs tending to,” he said simply, not sure how much longer he could hold Zena in his state. His apartment was a mess. “Would offer you’s to stay. But unfortunately this is a bachelor pad, no pullout couches.” They’d used to have forts when they were younger during sleepovers.
“Alright, you don’t have to kick us out so nicely,” Lourdes said with a roll of her eyes. “Let’s go-“ she finished the rest of the beer, “Avery?”
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