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[center [size20 [font times [b [i ╟ wrapped in silk╢]]]]]
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[size10 [b He] is an addict, struggling with sobriety after getting out of prison. Straight and narrow, that was the goal. But, with a temper and a penchant for liquor he's not sure if he'll be able to stay out of trouble.
[b She] is a single mother to a little girl, stuck in a tumultuous relationship with a man who's yet to marry her, but treats her like her property.Too scared to get out of the abusive relationship, she enlists the help of her best friend who sneaks them out to live with her.
[b The friend] just so happens to be the fella's sister. Now the house is filled with an ex con, his sister, and a woman trying to piece together a new life with her daughter.
[b Stuck] in a house together, both dealing their own demons, it's no wonder the two find themselves falling for one another. But can he stay on the right track? Can she manage to keep her daughter safe and finally have a happily ever after?
[size10 [b rules.]
-so, yeah it's a pretty loose plot.
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced, but id try to keep it limited to 2-3 depending on how active a role they're playing to the story. im posting as 3 people

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please dont write more than you have to, i get [s bored] easily
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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Harley ran his hand through his hair, thick black strands that were in need of a cut soon. He was waiting at the bus stop for his sister to pick him up. Three years, it'd been three years since he was a free man. It'd been six months since he last saw his sister, they'd had a fight when he last visited him.
[I I don't want you to see me like this anymore Olive,] he remembered telling her through the screen, his hand gripping the scratched black phone tightly. His free hand pinching the bridge of his nose, aggravating the stitches along his knuckles. He'd gotten into a fight a couple of weeks earlier. He was lucky they'd not added any time to his sentence, only after he'd stressed he'd just happened to get caught up in the fight. He hadn't started it, which was a partial lie. Olive, a nickname he'd gave the young female due to the wide green eyes she had, had begged him to stop talking. Eventually he'd manage to get her to acquiesce, promising he'd call more than once a week to make up for it. It was funny some, how much he depended on the younger female. She was six years younger than the twenty-eight year old male, and somehow had manage to get his life together.
Harley admittedly did everything in his best ability to make sure the female was on the right track. He made sure she kept her head in books, focusing on college and not the men in her school. He could recall the many times he'd intimidated a couple of the men that looked her way and still had the audacity to ask her out. Who was he kidding though? The woman was beautiful, she resembled so much of their mother. The short strands of dark brown hair, wide eyes full of innocence. It was a wonder the woman still managed to stay so positive after what they'd been through. They both were left orphaned after their parents had died in a car crash. Had Harley not been somewhat of a decent teen and already of age at that time, they both would've been set into the system. He'd taken guardianship of the young female though, and together they tried to have something of a normal life. School, breakfast, and work. Harley had gotten into some trouble though, finding that his job at the bar wasn't all the way legit and ran by a few shady characters.
This would be different though, he'd promised his sister he wouldn't go back to prison - he'd promised himself the minute he was released. Shoving his hand into his pocket he toyed with the few items he had, small tokens of his time before prison. Luckily, they hadn't tossed out his cigarettes, filtering through the small green box he pulled out one of the smokes, lighting it with the lighter he'd gotten from Olivia on his birthday. It'd been inscribed with his name. Inhaling the smoke, he hissed some at the familiar burning, the way his head swooned some from the tobacco. Eventually he recognized the little head bobbing to the sound of smooth jazz as a black four door pulled up to him.
"Hey jail bird," the sweet voice yelled through the window of the passenger side. He'd missed that smile, carefree and happy.
[center [b ____________]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/XyrcZdt.png?1]] Olivia played with her phone, reading over the text she had sent to one of her good friends. She'd met the woman her last year of college, she'd gone to a bar with some friends and saw the woman standing outside having a very heated exchange with the bartender. Olivia had gotten a taste of the woman's life at that time, watching how tightly the male held the woman's arms in his.
The young female bit at her lips, being careful not to cut through the flesh as she kept back the vicious inclination of vomit.
That was the past. She'd promise to pick the female up and have her stay with her. No more could she sit still while someone she cared for was being thrown about like a rag doll every night, especially in front of her own daughter. It was just but fortunate luck her older brother Harley was being released from prison. She didn't know what would happen if she attempted the escape alone. If her partner was there or even caught them Olivia was sure they couldn't win against him and if anything happened to her, Harley would surely go back to jail. He was protective of her, too protective at times. She understood though, how hard it had been for the men to suddenly become a father of some sorts - even though often she found herself watching out for Harley. She shuddered at the memories, the cuts she tended to and the broken ribs - that one time meeting him in the hospital to find the bullet had barely managed to miss a vital organ.
Pulling to a complete stop, she turned the music down some and smiled at the familiar face. She already could see the spark in his dark brown eyes, even with age difference they were always very close. Losing their parents had made them closer. She watched as her brother flicked the cigarette, shoving his frame into the car. He was tall, having to push the seat back some for long legs. Calloused hands, with feint scars running along them greedily reached out for a hug. She was swallowed in his arms, muscular from days of working out.
"Lil sis," he breathed out.
"Breathe, I can't breathe," she managed to chuckle out. Harley had pulled away, rubbing the top of her head affectionately.
"'s standing out there long enough. Nearly got a cold!" Olivia rolled her eyes.
"You're alive aren't you?" Snorting some she began to pull off, her hands gripping the steering wheel some as she tried to find a way to tell her brother about tonight. She busied herself and filled the car's silence with small talk about work and school. She knew though, eventually, Harley would ask what was keeping the woman so wound up. He could read her easily.
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