Single Mom at the Bar.

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Ed nodded, "Yeah Kane Brown, I gave him a chance a couple years ago, hes a big supporter of the bar, might do a pop up show here if you girls are nice to him tonight."

When Kane was handed the beer he nodded, "Yeah keep the change.... I worked here the first summer I lived in Nashville, I know ya'll live on the tips... plus tomorrow this place is going to be packed and it'll be my fault so I owe you." He said looking to her, "My friends are Taylor, the tall one, and Bama, the big one.... their wives let them out for the night... didn't tell them I was bringing them to a bar full of beautiful women." He said winking to her.

She was gorgeous and he was single and had been for the past year... he hated it but who wanted to date someone who was always on the road. Up until last week he had been touring and now he had two years home to write another album and recooperate... he just hated being alone in it.
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Madison grinned when she seen Eddie nod. That meant she could get on the bar. She always got the best tips when she was able to dance. [b “Kane Brown?”] she asked. [b “As in the country singer Kane Brown?”] She couldn’t figure out why someone like him would come to their bar. Yeah, they had good drinks and it was a fun atmosphere. But usually everyone went to Coyote Ugly if they wanted to pick women up.

She looked up from bussing when she heard someone ask for a bud light lime. She almost froze when she realized it was Kane Brown. She nodded before she walked over to dig in the cooler. [b “Here ya go darlin’”] she said as she popped the top and handed it to him.

She looked down at the fifty dollar bill, wide eyed. He had just left her a 47 dollar tip. [b “Are you sure? That’s like forty seven dollars..”] she thanked him before she stuck the remaining money in her pocket. [b “Ed said we’re dancing tonight.”] she told Ashley as she went back to bussing the messy bar. Everyone was out on the dance floor at the moment. Everyone except Kane and his friends.
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"Got a special client coming in tonight Madison... you girls treat him well and he might play a pop up show here tomorrow... good business for the bar and good tips for yall." Ed said nodding to Madison about getting on the bar tonight. "Kane Brown, mixed kid, all over country radio."

It was an hour later when Kane walked in with his buddies, Taylor and Bama. He was the only single one of the bunch but the other guys also knew how to have fun. Kane tried to go unnoticed and sat at the end of the bar, "Can I get a bud light lime?" He asked the blonde bar tender who was the closest to him. He put a 50 down on the bar and when she handed him the long neck iced cold beer, he told her, "Keep the change."

Kane had money to burn and he was off tour for awhile and itching to play somewhere and Ed had given him a break a couple of years ago when he was just starting out and had let him played, so Kane owed him.
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Madison Ray was a twenty one year old single mom leaving in Nashville with her son Kaleb. Being a single mom sure wasn’t easy. Being a single mom whose baby daddy was a complete drunk was even worse.

She was going to Nashville State Community College in the morning, she was home with Kaleb during the day and then once he went to bed, she was working downtown at the Wild Horse as a bartender. It was hard, but they made it work. And her neighbors were great, helping out with Kaleb whenever she needed them too really.

It was a Friday night, her weekend to work. Kaleb was at his grandmothers house a few towns over for the weekend, which meant she could pick her extra hours. It would be a long weekend, but next week was spring break, so the more money she made now, meant the longer she could take off and spend time with her son.

She walked in the bar and smiled. [b “Ed. Everyone is already lining up! I thinking tonight might be a good night to let us girls get on the bar.”]

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