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Kane held Raelynn as they waited on Jesse, the stroller wa s already in the SUV to go to the private jet so Kane wouldn’t have to carry Raelynn around Disney but they both knew that he would. “I love you.” He said seeing Jesse. The engagement ring was hidden in his suitcase...he was going to ask her to marry him in front of Cinderella’s castle...he had it all planned out. They were staying in the castle. It was reserved for VIPs and celebrities and Kane had requested it. He knew his girls would love it.

Soon they were on the private jet and Bama had his instructions to watch Rambo for the week. “Call me a nerd but I’m excited to see the Avatar world, Pandora, and the Star Wars stuff...maybe that guardians of the galaxy ride.” He said smiling like an excited kid. It was a three hour flight to Disney but Kane was just as excited as Raelynn was. He was just hoping no one said anything about her calling him daddy and he being obviously a different color than she was.
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They all three pilled up in her and Kane’s king bed. They started watching Frozen, but Raelynn was out of it before they even sang let it go. [b “I hate that she had to go through that today. I hate that you had to listen to my story.”] she told him. [b “Hopefully Raelynn won’t remember anything about Jason. She’ll only remember you.”]

Raelynn ended up falling asleep in her and Kane’s bed. Rambo was right beside her, and she had put pillows all around so the little girl wouldn’t roll off. [b “I think we should go put that hottub to use.”] she said as she walked into the closest to find a swimsuit. [b “She’s out for the night. As much as she cried today, I’m sure she’ll sleep in.”] she expained.

After changing into the swimsuit, she stopped to grab a couple beers out of the refrigerator. [b “You just gonna stand there and stare or are you going to join me?”]
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'I don't know but lets get her home." he said sighing. At home he pulled her into his arms. "I love you and I love Raelynn and I know today was a hard day and she will probably end up sleeping with us tonight, so are you against a family sleepover movie night in the theatre room? We can get all the pillows and blankets and make a big sleeping area, Rambo too... snacks and relaxing with each other."

Raelynn didn't want to leave Kane so he kept ahold of her, "Baby girl daddy isn't going to let anything happen to you... your never going to have to see that bad man again and hes never going to hurt you or momma... I promise.. and daddy will never hurt you... daddy loves you more than you'll ever know." It was the truth.. when he and Jesse got married... which he knew would happen... he wanted to make her a Brown too. He was the only father she would grow up remembering and for that he was thankful... since she was still small she would forget all about Jason eventually.
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Jason’s trial was horrible. She didn’t want to include Raelynn, she wasn’t even three years old, but the Lawyers told her and Kane to bring her just in case. She would probably be up with nightmares tonight.

[b “Hey sweetpea. Come here”] she said, pulling the little girl into her lap. [b “Now. You know mommy and daddy kane aren’t going to let anything happen to you right? You’re never going to see Jason again, I promise.”]

The rest of the day was horrible. She had to testify. Raelynn might’ve only been two, but she was smart. She had her mother take her outside of the courtroom while she was telling her story and while her pictures were shown as evidence.

Jason’s rights got taken away, and he was sentenced to five years. Granted, he could always get out early with good behavior, but it was Jason. He didn’t know how to be good. [b “I just want to go home.”] she told Kane as they were walking outside. [b “Why is there so much press?”] she asked as she threw her jacket over Raelynn to shield her face.
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He nodded, “I know what you meant but I’m sorry I didn’t clarify...what are you in the mood to eat? There’s that new place in town that serves wings? It’s kind of like an Applebee’s and they have a kids menu and we can eat and relax...I can call ahead and get a private room to eat...or we can get it to go and take it home.” He didn’t want to risk anyone getting pictures of Raelynn I Tom they were ready to go public with their relationship.

“Jason’s trial is tomorrow...I know we have to go, if you think I’m letting you and Raelynn see him alone, your crazy...I “

The next day at the courthouse Kane held Raelynn who cried seeing Jason. She was so scared of him. Kane kissed her forehead, “it’s alright princess he’s not going to hurt you anymore, daddy won’t let him...” Kane would die for this little girl and her momma and that was a fact. He hated Jason and his blood was boiling seeing him sitting there with a smirk on his face, thinking he was going to get out of this. Kane had hired the best lawyers in Nashville for Jesse and Raelynn.
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Jesse looked at Kane when she heard him say they were just for us. [b “Kane... I didn’t know.”] she muttered. [b “I thought they were going to be published in a magazine or online or something. I just don’t want Raelynn’s face out there, you understand that right? After everything she’s been through...”]

[b “Kane.”] she said as she handed Raelynn up to him and took the plaque from his hand. [b “Get over here and take this picture. Raelynn, you have to smile really big for Daddy’s picture, okay?”] she said as she unwrapped the plague. [b “Martha, can you take one on my phone as well please?”]She looked back at Kane’s drummer and smiled softly. [b “She’s called him daddy since the first night in his house.”]

After they took a couple of pictures, she carried the plaque as Kane had Raelynn. [b “So. I don’t know about you. But I’m hungry. How about we go out to eat, get Rae to bed, and then we have the night to ourselves?”]
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“The pictures were just for us..but okay...I’m sorry.” He said with tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. “Let’s just go home.” He said sighing and Raelynn protested being taken from his arms. He sighed and took a few steps ahead of them and Martha spoke softly to her. “It’s something Kane does when he gets a new single plaque or an award, takes a picture with it, I think he’s just proud to have y’all.never seen him so happy as with you and that little girl...”

Kane got the plaque from the desk and didn’t unwrap it to take a picture..he just started to leave with it. Martha sighed, Jesse had broken him. The happy Kane was gone, replaced by worry and sadness. Worry that she was truly mad at him and worried that she was going to leave him.

“Daddy.” Raelynn said reaching for him and he looked to Jesse as if asking for permission. “Daddy huh?”
The drummer asked Jesse quietly. “He loves y’all...”
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After they watched Kane perform the acoustic version of a few of his songs, she figured they would just leave. She was slightly confused when he began walking toward the labels. She looked up at Kane when he said they needed to go up there and take pictures. She quickly shook her head when he said he wanted both of them to be in the picture. [b “Kane no.”] she said as she took Raelynn from his arms. [b “I told you that I didn’t want Raelynn to be exposed to that. Look at what she’s been through the past few weeks? What if someone with a camera cane up to her on the street? She’d freak out. Rae is not going to be in the pictures.”]

She looked back at Martha, who was standing there pretty awkward like. And it was then that she realized she had just yelled at Kane in front of his manager, who happened to be her own boss. [b “I told you this. And I need you to respect my decision.”]
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“I stay daddy!”
She complained and hugged to Kane and he kissed her forehead, “It’s okay princess I’ll be right out there...we will go and get nuggets after.” He promised. She seemed to love chic fil a and he did too so he wasn’t complaining.

Soon he wa spit onstage and signing and looked over at them and smiled. This was his first thing back since the accident with Raelynn and in that time he had become daddy and accepted the role willingly, he loved Raelynn.

Soon he was done and picked up Raelynn, “so I have to stop in the main offices downstairs.” He said knowing they were in the labels building. “Take pictures and pick up a gold single plaque...I want my girls in the pictures with me.” He said seriously. They were both his world. Jason was still in jail and if Kane had a choice his lawyers would make sure Jason stayed in jail. Kane didn’t like the man and hated him after hearing what he had done to them and to put Raelynn in danger like that was nothing he wanted to do with.
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Jesse smiled up at Kane when he said he wanted to take an extra day so they could take her to Disney. [b “She’ll love it.”] she said. [b “She’s going to love watching you in stage too. She probably won’t know what to think about all the people there, but she’ll love it. Hell. She might try and come on stage with you.”] She knew she’d have to keep a very close eye on Raelynn while Kane was on stage. The past few days, she hadn’t really wanted Kane out of her sight.

Friday came very quickly. Raelynn was feeling a lot better, but that didn’t meant that her leg still wasn’t broken, so she was still be carried. Most of the time, Kane grabbed her before she even had the chance.

She grinned as Martha announced that Pull It Off was number one. [b “Bbay that’s great! Oh my gosh. Congratulations!”] she said. [b “Alright Raelynn. Kane has to go sing and you definitely aren’t going out with him, so come here.”] she said as she took Raelynn into her arms.
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“La was rescheduled for next month and I wanted to take an extra day and take Rae to Disney...and I’ll make a statement, someone very close to me was injured and is healing and I needed to be home.”
He said and kissed her. He smiled wide when she said make it official. “As long as you and I make it official too...never wanted anyone to be Mrs. Brown but you.”
He said holding her close to him.

That Friday he carried Raelynn as Martha talked to them as they walked towards the showcase. “Oh and by the way Kane, your new song, Pull It’s number one.” That was the song he had written about her and he smiled to Jesse..”Number one baby.” Raelynn was leaning her head on his shoulder and sucking her thimb, the little blonde princess was adorable but anyone could see she wasn’t his...she was as white as could be and he wasn’t. He knew it would bother some fans but he couldn’t let that bother him. In his mind she was his daughter and he would do anything for her or her momma.
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Jesse looked at Kane and smiled. She thought for sure that he would be against her going back to work. [b “If I told you that Ed asked if I could come in tomorrow night and close... what would you say?”] she asked. [b “I know we don’t really need the money... But I enjoy bartending.”]

[b “I guess it’s a good thing you decided to put a home office in. I can work while Raelynns naps.”] she said. [b “Had LA been rescheduled yet?”] She felt bad that they had to cancel that show. All the fans had taken to Twitter to tweet their frustration and disappointment. [b “I think you need to make an official statement about what happened.. I don’t want her name or pictures involved. But Kane, the fans are pissed.”] she said bluntly.

[b “That little girl just wants to be loved.. Who am I to deny her of that? After all this is over with Jason, maybe we can make it official with you and her?”]
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Kane smiled to Raelynn, she loved him like he was her father and he could never get enough of that. When the meeting was over he nodded, “Good because Martha called while you were in your meeting, “I have a showcase downstown on Friday a couple acoustic songs, Alex on the guitar, it’s for the children’s hospital that Raelynn was in...and then I will be going into the studio, that’s a lot of interviews but also some working from home.” He said sighing. “Your okay with her calling me daddy?” He asked softly, “I was pretending to be Maui and singing for her and she giggled and called me daddy and when I put her down for her nap she called me daddy...I love that little girl so much Jesse.”

He was being honest, he loved that little girl as much as he loved her. “Rae can come to the showcase you know, there will be a private area for me to be and of course she. And it with you or watch from the side of the stage.0
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The next morning Jesse was in the home office meeting with the Lawyers when she heard Raelynn scream Daddy. [b “Is Jason here?”] she muttered as she quickly stood up and ran into the living room. [b “Kane!”] she said. She looked around. It was just Kane and Raelynn, and they both seemed fine. She looked between the two of the them and realized that Raelynn had called Kane Daddy. She couldn’t help but smile.

The meeting ended up last three hours. But they had gotten a lot down. Jason was pleading not guilty, because he was an idiot. But the Lawyers had told her if she testified that he was abusive in more ways than one, they could get him for everything she had. She had to relive the worst years of her life. [b “I want to go back to work.”] she told Kane as they were making dinner. [b “I love being here with you and RaeRae. But if I don’t get out and actually doing something, I’m going to loose my damn mind, Kane.”]
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“Martha handled it and she’s at home relaxing too, it was only a couple interviews and one appearance, she said it was a family emergency and that I will be back when I’m ready.” He nodded kissing her, “One bottle of wine for my beautiful girlfriend and a wine glass.” He said with a smile, “I’ll be right back.

Kane went down to the kitchen and got the drinks they needed and came back upstairs, checking on Raelynn and Rambo on his way back. “The princess and the snoring pup are both asleep and her leg is elevated like it’s supposed to be.” He said handing her the wine glass and the opened bottle of wince
She could relax.

When it was time for the meeting with the lawyers, the lawyers came to the house and Kane and Raelynn were watching Moana in the living room and pretending to be Maui to make the little girl laugh. “Your welcome.” He dang as she giggled, “Daddy!” She shrieked and Kane froze, she had called him daddy.
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