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Kane smiled, “Just posted mine too sweetheart.” He said and kissed her. He was sure this announcement would break the internet. His first biological child was bound to. He had went with a funny caption while she had been more serious but that didn’t change how excited he was. “Rae excited for make home made pizza?” Kane asked putting the rest of the ingredients on the counter. “The dough is rising baby.”

He touched her bump, “Baby Brown alright in there?” He asked smiling. She looked even more beautiful somehow. He didn’t know how that was even possible but it was. They didn’t know the gender yet but had the in elope with it inside laying on the counter and Kane was dying to open it. He really wanted a boy but another princess he would love the same. Something in his gut told him that he was getting a daughter but he couldn’t not hold out hope for the baby boy that he so wanted.
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It had been two months since Christmas, they were well into February, Raelynn was back in her school routine. It took her a few days since she had gotten used to staying home with Kane or herself since the accident. She was loving her big girl room, but didn’t understand why she couldn’t be across the hall from them anymore, but it didn’t matter, she least ended up in the middle of the night.

She and Kane had announced that they were engaged on Christmas, and that blew up. She had gained over one hundred thousand followers in an hour. She had thought about putting her account to private, since she had Raelynn. But she knew the fans were just interested and wanted to know about their life.

They were announcing her pregnancy today, as she couldn’t hide it any longer. She was showing earlier this time around than with Raelynn, which was fine with her. She loved baby bumps. [b “Babe, I just posted mine!”]

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[ Kanes]
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He nodded, "We can wait as long as you want but I want you to know that no matter what happens I love you and I can't wait to show you and Raelynn off and the new baby... honey we're having a baby... I'm so glad Bama and Taylor dragged me to that bar that night... and I'm glad I didn't give up when you told me no." He muttered.

Opening everything he was all smiles until she said he had another. "What else could you have gotten me sweetheart?" he asked following her and his heart nearly stopped seeing the truck. "H...How?" He muttered hugging her tight. "I love you but holy.. baby this is amazing." He kissed her gently and Raelynn ran to open the truck. "Baby girl let daddy help you." He said picking her up and opening the door so she could pretend to drive. She was a daddy's girl even if he wasn't her biological father. He loved her more than anything... well Jesse too."
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Jesse looked at Kane and grinned. She knew he was so excited, and she was too. This pregnancy would be completely different then her first. Kane would actually be there. She knew that for a fact.

[b “We can totally take a picture... But I don’t think that I’m ready to announce it yet. I’m still kind of early, and you know, anything could happen.. I’m not ready for the entire world to know yet. Not about the baby.”] she said. [b “Can we wait a few weeks?”]

They still had so many things to open, so Raelynn got to work. Her favorite thing had to be the Jeep and then her Tiana doll. Kane had gotten them matching Adidas and Nike outfits. Along with Jesse and Raelynn marching outfits and her favorite, marching uggs and converse. Jesse got a lot of jewelry. Her favorite was her engagement ring and her pandora charm bracelet.

They got Kane a lot of hunting stuff and things for his four wheeler. What neither one of them knew though, was Kane was getting a new truck, and the family was getting an RZR. Not that she would get to ride it now.

[b “Rae. Mommy and daddy have a surprise for you upstairs im your room. And then we have daddy another present outside ”]

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[ truck]
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Kane smiled wrapping his arms around Jesse, "I have the best present I could ever have." He kissed her, "Can we take a picture of us holding hands and I'll hold your test? Announce our engagement and Baby Brown, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas?" He asked touching her flat stomach. "I'm gonna be a dad." he had tears in his eyes, 'Thank you." he said and kissed her hard. Raelynn was ripping open a set of disney princess dolls with all of the princesses. "Daddy lookie!" She said pointing to her current favorite princess, Tiana. She loved her because she said she looked like daddy which meant she was dark like he was.

He kissed Jesse again, "Well a dad again... that little girl made me a daddy even when I didn't know I was ready... love her so much... just as much as I love her momma... I can't wait to marry you and see our baby... have more babies." He muttered with a smile.
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[Raelynn is two. She can’t read lol]

[b “I’m ten weeks.”] she said with the biggest grin on her face. [b “Raelynn you’re going to be a big sister! Mommy has a baby in her belly.”] She squealed when Kane picked her up and spun with her. [b “This is the best Christmas ever.”] she whispered. [b “I love you baby.”]

She grinned when Raelynn wanted up to. [b “I forgot. Kane is all yours baby girl.”] she said. She looked at him when he asked if they would make Raelynn a Brown too. She always knew that day would come soorner or later. She kind of wanted that to be Raelynns decision, as she had her grandmas last name. [b “We’ll talk about it.”] she said softly.

[b “Okay. Ready to open all your presents baby girl?”] she asked as she sat back down in the floor. [b “I have two more presents for you and daddy, but I think we’ll save those for last.”]
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Kane smiled and slipped the ring onto her finger kissing her hard and nodded, "Anything you want darlin'... anything." He smiled seeing Raelynn rip hers open and try to sound out what it said, 'Pro..Pro.." She said and started to get frustrated. Kane read it and stopped and then looked at the stocking now in his hand and the test sticking out of it. "Your pregnant? We're having a baby?" He asked smiling wide and picking her up and spinning her around, "god I love you I love you I love you." He said showering her in kisses. Raelynn tugged on his pants and made the signal that meant up. He picked her up and kissed her cheek too. "Your gonna be a big sister baby girl... how do you feel about that?"

He was so excited and happy... they were getting married... and having a baby... he wouldn't want this with anyone else. He was in love with her. "Make her a Brown at the wedding?" He asked Jesse and gestured t Raelynn. Jesse would be becoming a Brown as well.
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Jesse couldn’t help but laugh when Raelynn gave her dad a look that said “what do you mean we open stockings first? I want the big shit”. She tried to wipe the smirk off her face as Raelynn looked at her. [b “Raelynn. Go on.”] she said.

She watched as her daughters eyes lit up as she pulled everything out of her stocking. Kane had gotten her way more candy than she would ever needed as well as little brackets and packs of earrings.

She looked up when Kane told her to go on and look at hers. She just grinned and pulled out the first thing she seen. It was a ring box... a Tiffany ring back. She looked up, her eyes wide, as Kane moved to one knee. She couldn’t hold back her squeal. [b “Yes!”] she said. [b “A thousand times yes.”] She held back the tears as Kane slipped the ring on her finger. [b “Momma, why you sad?”] she heard Raelynn say.

[b “I know you want to do stockings first, but I really have one that I want you and Raelynn to open first. But I need you both to close your eyes.”] She made sure both eyes were closed before she gave them each the box/bag

[ Rae]
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He chuckled, "Alright alright princess first." He said and looking to Jesse, "Then you... we do stockings first here so Rambo doesn't eat the wrapping paper." he muttered and handed Rambo his stocking and he started ripping the snacks out of it. He sat Raelynn's down on her little table, "Show us what Santa brought you princess?" He said putting on a Santa baseball hat. He smiled watching her and then brought Jesse her stocking, the Tiffany's ring box on top. "Open yours baby." He said kissing her cheek.

When she saw the box he smiled and picked it up opening it, "Jesse.... will you marry me?" He had gotten Raelynn a locket too, a promise he would always be there for her... she would open that when she got to it. It was something she could always wear as they could change the chain out. He loved Jesse and Raelynn and was praying that she would say yes.
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She was plum giddy. She faked a smile when Kane said he wanted to make breakfast first. Raelynn and herself always opened presents and then ate, so she about died when Raelynn asked her why daddy was cooking so early. She wanted to open the presents. She knew they would have to come up with their own traditions with Kane, as their family grew.

She kept eyeing the Christmas tree, Kane’s present was dressed as a stocking ornament. The pregnancy test sticking out of it. [b “Raelynns going to have a cow if you don’t let her open presents soon babe.”] she said as she came up and wrapped her arms around him. [b “We can eat later. Raelynn will get tired after playing and she’ll want to eat before her nap.”]

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He chuckled, "Lets wake the princess up and I'll make christmas cookie pancakes and then we can open presents and play and watch Christmas movies all day." They had done Christmas with her mother the day before and Raelynn had loved it but Kane knew she would love her new room and her jeep as well as all of the other toys she didn't know she was getting. Kane had given Jesse free reign on Christmas but he had also hidden her engagement ring in her stocking... he wanted to ask her to marry him today... and he hadn't asked anyone or told anyone... this would be out of the blue for him.

After breakfast Raelynn dragged them both to the living room where the Christmas tree was, "Momma daddy nowwwww." She whined. She was so excited to open presents and it seemed Rambo was too because he was barking and running in circles as well. Kane chuckled, "Okay okay."
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It was finally Chrismas. She had never been so excited for this holiday before. Raelynn and Kane were getting spoiled, but she wouldn’t want it any other way. She just hoped that Kane didn’t freak out to much with his present.

Since Raelynn had been so good lately, Jesse was surprising her with a new big girl room, along with all the toys they had bought and the Jeep that Kane had bought her. The reason behind Rae getting a new room, which Kane didn’t even know about, she was pregnant. The nursery would become Raelynns old room.

[b “It’s Christmas!”] she squealed as she climbed in top of Kane after she had woke up. [b “We gotta go wake Rae up!”]

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Kane smiled, lWe can do that as long as I’m driving it and she wears her helmet...I don’t want anything happening to her.” He said knowing he thought about Raelynn like she was his own. “So Christmas shopping tomorrow? Your momma is taking her for the day?” He asked softly and smirked when she mentioned babies again, “I want to have babies with you too and I’ve never wanted that with anyone...never even thought about it until I met you.”

Rambo ran into the garage, Rawlynn not far behind. Kane scooped her up into his arms, “Come back inside princess, let’s get you some chicken.” He said knowing he had grilled chicken for her and she liked to dip it in bbq sauce like he did.” He was her daddy and he always would be. Everyone else was having a great time and Kane was happy about that. “What do you day we go to the shelter and look for a bigger puppy tomorrow.”
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Jesse just smiled and nodded. [b “You know here in a few years, we’re gonna have to get her one of those mini gas four-wheelers.”] she said. [b “Mayne next time you go riding, if you’re super dupper careful, we can rent one of those RZR’s, that have the seat belt. For a special treat for her, if she’s extra good.”] she said.

[b “I want another one, I want a bigger one definitely, especially when you go on tour and I’m here alone with Rae, but I want one that is good with kids.”] she explained. She wasn’t scared to be alone by any means, but this was a big house. And sometimes it was a little scary at night alone.

She grinned when he said he wanted another one. [b “I’m so glad you said that. I want your babies more than anything, Kane Brown.”] she said. [b “Maybe we could start trying for one tonight?”]

Life with their little family was going so perfect, she honestly didn’t know what could go wrong.
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Kane smiled, “That’s why I got it, she can ride and it looks like yours and I wouldn’t dream of letting her on it without her helmet at least until she’s a little bigger than she is right now...but not sure how to wrap this for Christmas.” He admitted kissing Jesse. He stopped when she asked about another dog and nodded, “I was going to ask you since you and Raelynn are here alone without me sometimes and Rambo isn’t much of a guard about a big dog to protect y’all, guard the house.” He said seriously and was about to suggest going to the shelter when she asked if they could start trying for a baby.

Without thinking about it he nodded, “god I want that, I want to have a family with you...a life together.” He was going to ask her to marry him on Christmas, he had already gotten the ring and that was his plan. He kissed her cheek and smiled, “I want this with you so much.” He muttered.
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